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Atlantis / atlantis-mission
Day one of year two opens with a continuation of what has become routine for the stranded Atlantis crew; after yesterday's scouting and scavenging mission, in order to provide some time to rest between the long-range forays exploring the abandoned city, today will be spent tending to the hotel and other nearby affairs. Autumn has firmly established itself with a chill in the air, and after the harshness of the previous winter, we would do well to ensure that we are prepared for the next one's arrival. Aside from her usual duties and teaching Gencodian language classes, Captain Harper has endeavored to keep morale up, even holding the traditional summer party by our indoor pool on what would have been the ship's birthday, now a few months ago. This morning's breakfast, like most, is a combination of ingredients from the fuel-rationed food synthesizers, cooked by whoever feels inspired to be the chef, supplemented with fresh fish from the river, fruit, and whatever game Kuari has been able to bring home lately.
After 06-May-2020 00:00:00
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 21:20:16
MED Lt Acacia 06-May-2020 21:20:26
:: rests cross-legged on her usual rock overlooking the garden, eyes closed as she sits in meditation ::
SCI Lt Jude 06-May-2020 21:21:04
:: she sat away from the rest of the crew, staring at the floor. she wasn't in the mood to eat, which has been normal for her the past few months. ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 06-May-2020 21:21:07
:: is in the garden, checking over the growing plants, making sure to not disturb Acacia during her meditation-time ::
NAV Lt Navarro 06-May-2020 21:21:23
:: in the kitchen, cooking breakfast for everyone ::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-May-2020 21:22:28
:: in the makeshift lab, which is rather expanded by now, trying to synthesize some chemicals from a translated Gencodian elementary chemistry textbook. She blows her bangs out of her face with annoyance, thinking that it's about time to cut them again ::
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 21:22:42
:: emerges from the bathroom after her shower, having already gone for a run this morning ::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-May-2020 21:24:05
:: has no idea what time it is and hasn't slept ::
MED Lt Acacia 06-May-2020 21:24:40
:: cracks an eye open just as Navarro finishes the plate of food he intends for her, grinning at Grey as she gets up to head into the kitchen to retrieve it ::
XO Cdr Kuari 06-May-2020 21:24:58
:: sits on an outer corner of the roof, facing away from the city center. Her flight muscles have strengthened considerably from regular use, and she finds herself perching in high places more often. During her normal morning security rounds of the grounds, she finds herself looking back towards their route into the city long ago, musing on the past briefly ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 06-May-2020 21:25:27
:: returns the grin, straightening from where she was bent over a plant to exit the garden, making her way to Acacia's side for breakfast :: MED: Sleep well last night?
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 21:25:31
:: finds some clean clothes and dresses, then pulls back her hair, which she has not cut and is now almost down to the small of her back, securing it in the silver clasp that matches the hairbrush she's kept for the entire year ::
SCI Lt Jude 06-May-2020 21:26:42
:: sighs, and stands up, and walks out of the supply closet she claimed as her... hiding spot for lack of a better phrase, and leaves the hotel, walking idly with hands in pockets ::
MED Lt Acacia 06-May-2020 21:27:29
:: thinks about it for a moment then shakes her head lightly :: TAC2: Not too well. I think the anniversary of our landing shook me a little bit. :: she admits, not holding much back anymore. She offers a smile to Navarro, taking her plate and handing Grey hers as well :: NAV: Thanks, love. :: she accentuates her thanks with a quick kiss to his cheek, in an effort to not get in the way of his cooking ::
NAV Lt Navarro 06-May-2020 21:28:23
:: offers a charming smile to Emily as he's kissed, then gets back to the cooking :: MED: Enjoy, my dear.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 06-May-2020 21:28:57
:: takes the plate with a quiet thank-you, brushing her hair out of her face with her unoccupied hand before grinning at the lovebirds :: MED: Understandable. I didn't sleep well either... but you know, that's how things are. Breakfast inside or outside?
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 21:29:18
:: heads back downstairs and out into the courtyard, cutting across it and taking a deep breath of the brisk fall air before following her nose into the restaurant ::
MED Lt Acacia 06-May-2020 21:31:08
:: grabs a glass of water then gestures at the door with it, leading the way back into the courtyard to sit in the sun. :: TAC2: I feel ya. Weird how I slept better on a bullet flying through space. :: she chuckles fondly ::
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 21:31:13
:: turns before anyone sees her, deciding to head for the lab instead ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 06-May-2020 21:32:28
MED: It was familiar territory, we were used to it. :: snags a glass of water, following her friend outside to eat :: MED: Besides, we knew we were safe onboard Atlantis versus... being here. ::
SCI Lt Jude 06-May-2020 21:32:33
:: turns towards the direction of the forest, contemplating if she should disappear for another few days, then turns towards the city, walking that way instead ::
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 21:33:38
:: ducks into the lab, unsurprised to find her wife still here :: CSO: Hey... :: slips up behind her, hands on Lexy's shoulders ::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-May-2020 21:34:13
:: startles, fumbling the beaker she's holding :: Self: Gah!
MED Lt Acacia 06-May-2020 21:34:33
:: bites into her breakfast, humming thoughtfully. :: TAC2: The woods are my home. :: she said, not for the first time. A weird translation of a saying her grandmother said, apparently ::
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 21:34:40
:: winces :: CSO: Sorry. Did you get any sleep at all?
CSO Cdr Wright 06-May-2020 21:35:12
:: sets down her work and turns to look at Kate :: CO: Sleep? What ti-- is it morning??
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 21:36:11
:: just nods ::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-May-2020 21:36:39
Self: Shit. :: rubs her eyes :: CO: Sorry. I meant to come to bed.
XO Cdr Kuari 06-May-2020 21:36:55
:: sniffs the air suddenly, then looks towards the vent on the roof leading from the kitchen. She smiles to herself. Breakfast time! Leaping off the roof, she lets the dive gain her momentum before swooping upwards and around in a circle around the hotel before landing back in the courtyard, the wind from her wings efficiently aimed away from its occupants with a year of practice ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 06-May-2020 21:37:20
:: hums quietly in response, taking small bites of her breakfast :: MED: That's true... but still, don't you miss Atlantis?
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 21:38:06
CSO: It is alright, I understand why. :: offers a smile :: Come have some breakfast?
MED Lt Acacia 06-May-2020 21:38:18
:: thinks for a moment, then sighs :: TAC2: Not as much as I miss my sisters.
CSO Cdr Wright 06-May-2020 21:39:12
:: looks at her work :: CO: ... sure, I guess this can wait. Nothing that's going to imminently explode or release poison gases. Breakfast is good. :: favors her wife with a tired smile ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 06-May-2020 21:39:24
MED: Ah. I miss my husband... and pu-doggo. :: corrects herself with a sigh, finishing her breakfast ::
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 21:39:41
:: pulls her up into a hug, then clasps her hand as they walk to the restaurant ::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-May-2020 21:40:16
:: returns the hug and shuffles toward the restaurant ::
XO Cdr Kuari 06-May-2020 21:40:32
:: trots into the kitchen just ahead of Harper and Wright, greeting Navarro :: NAV: Morning!
NAV Lt Navarro 06-May-2020 21:41:26
:: greets Kuari warmly :: XO: Good morning, Commander! What will it be? :: gestures at the food he's preparing and has already prepared ::
MED Lt Acacia 06-May-2020 21:41:41
:: nods solemnly :: TAC2: I miss Ethan, too. :: she takes a deep breath, changing the subject to lift the mood :: TAC2: Any plans for the day?
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 21:43:32
:: enters the kitchen behind Kuari :: NAV: Buenos días, Diego Ricardo!
CSO Cdr Wright 06-May-2020 21:43:59
:: smiles warmly at Kuari and Doc ::
XO Cdr Kuari 06-May-2020 21:44:11
NAV: Fish please, with the eggplant :: uses the word everyone's decided fits the vegetable, being harvest time and they have plenty of it coming in. She reaches for a citrus fruit on display on the counter ::
NAV Lt Navarro 06-May-2020 21:44:12
CO: Buenos días, Capitana! Breakfast is ready!
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 21:44:39
:: smiles at Doc, and then to Kuari :: XO: Good morning, Kuari!
NAV Lt Navarro 06-May-2020 21:45:06
:: takes some fish right out of the skillet and plates it with some eggplant for Kuari, then hands her the meal ::
XO Cdr Kuari 06-May-2020 21:45:08
:: turns her head, smiling warmly at Kate and Lexy :: CO/CSO: Good morning!
:: takes the plate with a courteous nod while stuffing the fruit in her pouch with the other and moves out of the way ::
NAV Lt Navarro 06-May-2020 21:45:57
CO/CSO: And for you lovely ladies? :: waves a hand over all the available food ::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-May-2020 21:47:17
:: looks like she hasn't slept :: NAV: Thank you for making breakfast! I'll take some of this... and some of that.... and a couple of those. :: points at a variety of foodstuffs ::
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 21:47:43
NAV: The deer... and some of those potato things... :: points :: and I do not suppose you have any bacon?
NAV Lt Navarro 06-May-2020 21:48:13
CSO: Of course. :: plates up what Harper and Wright ask for and present them ::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-May-2020 21:48:28
:: accepts her plate gratefully ::
NAV Lt Navarro 06-May-2020 21:48:29
CO: Sadly, no, just like every other time you've asked. :: chuckles ::
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 21:48:45
:: snaps her fingers, but gratefully accepts the plate :: NAV: Thank you.
:: would kill for some bacon ::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-May-2020 21:49:15
CO: There's nothing porcine in this region, I fear.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 06-May-2020 21:49:34
MED: I'm not... quite sure yet. Probably going to report to Wolfe after breakfast, see what he has planned for today. Then... if nothing, probably just doing some physical work. You?
MED Lt Acacia 06-May-2020 21:50:48
:: taps her fingers together as she lists :: TAC2: I have a few cultures maturing today, more chemical testing on those emergency meds.. nothing special.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 06-May-2020 21:51:28
MED: How interesting! Can I help? :: expression eager :: MED: I love working with chemicals and doing testing on mystery substances.
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 21:51:51
CSO: Perhaps I will reprogram the synthesizer. :: smirks as she grabs a glass of water ::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-May-2020 21:52:26
CO: I think I'm getting closer to the chemicals we need for batteries. :: also gets a glass of water ::
MED Lt Acacia 06-May-2020 21:52:44
:: tilts her head :: TAC2: I suppose. When did you last see the lab?
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 21:52:51
CSO: Oh! That would be wonderful. The ones here do not hold a charge well, after so many years. :: heads out to the courtyard table ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 06-May-2020 21:53:20
MED: I haven't yet... I try to avoid the lab area unless I'm helping or actually injured. :: grinning sheepishly ::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-May-2020 21:53:26
:: follows :: CO: I think I can have something to test by tomorrow.
MED Lt Acacia 06-May-2020 21:54:01
:: smirks slightly :: TAC2: Well to be honest, not sure how much you could help. But I’ll show you, if you want.
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 21:54:15
CSO: That gives you time to sleep, yes?
TAC2 1Lt Grey 06-May-2020 21:54:32
MED: I'm smarter than most people think! :: glowers at her friend, expression fixed in a slight protest ::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-May-2020 21:54:39
:: doesn't reply for a moment :: CO: ... maybe the day after tomorrow.
XO Cdr Kuari 06-May-2020 21:55:03
:: hops up onto the broad edge of the fountain and sets her plate down, then lies down, taking her time in eating, gratefully enjoying the fruits of their labor ::
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 21:55:22
:: smiles knowingly, glad she got that in ::
MED Lt Acacia 06-May-2020 21:55:34
:: shakes her head, straight-faced :: TAC2: No, I mean—how good is your Gencodian? The medical textbooks are..
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 21:56:15
:: sits at a courtyard table, the sun warming, but a fall chill is definitely in the air ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 06-May-2020 21:56:28
:: splutters in slight irritation :: MED: Wha-How-I mean... not as good as the captain or yours, probably, but I know the basics!
MED Lt Acacia 06-May-2020 21:57:13
:: smirks again, this time at the indignation. She stands, gesturing for her to follow and heading towards the lab ::
SCI Lt Jude 06-May-2020 21:58:22
:: decides she has wandered enough, and turns around to head back to the hotel ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 06-May-2020 21:58:28
:: is grumbling under her breath at her friend, rising to follow her towards the lab ::
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 21:59:03
:: sees Grey and Acacia stand :: MED/TAC2: Good morning!
CSO Cdr Wright 06-May-2020 21:59:15
MED: Oh, headed for the lab? I left an experiment in progress.... you can just set it aside, I suppose?
MED Lt Acacia 06-May-2020 21:59:43
:: waves to the Captain. She nods :: CSO: Don’t worry, I won’t mess with it. :: she chuckles ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 06-May-2020 22:00:07
CO: Good morning, Captain! :: pauses at the greeting, giving Wright a bright grin. Grey's a morning person... always has been. :: CSO: Good morning!
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 22:00:30
:: is also a morning person, so her greeting was quite cheerful ::
XO Cdr Kuari 06-May-2020 22:00:34
:: yips a greeting from the fountain, when her mouth isn't full ::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-May-2020 22:00:38
:: gives Grey a tired smile :: TAC2: Morning!
TAC2 1Lt Grey 06-May-2020 22:01:35
:: hurries to catch up with Acacia, almost bouncing in her excitement. She loved lab-time... usually. ::
NAV Lt Navarro 06-May-2020 22:02:12
:: finishes all the cooking and thinks just about everyone has been served, so he heads out to the courtyard with a plate ::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-May-2020 22:03:31
:: nibbles on the handful of nuts on her plate, one of her field guide discoveries ::
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 22:04:18
:: in the sunlight, she notices the scar on her arm, quite apparent against her fair skin, but finds herself grateful that she recovered fully from the wound ::
MED Lt Acacia 06-May-2020 22:04:39
:: pulls up a second chair to the table her notes and junk is on off in the corner, opening up a book to where she'd stuck a tab in. She points to the highlighted sections, which appear to be different doses of a medication in Gencodian. :: TAC2: Can you read those off to me? :: She grabs her samples and heads to the microscope, gently moving aside anyone else's things to use the equipment ::
XO Cdr Kuari 06-May-2020 22:04:48
:: tries not to finish her meal quickly, but she has a rather large mouth. She cranes her neck to one side and sucks up water from the fountain ::
NAV Lt Navarro 06-May-2020 22:04:53
:: settles at a table and digs in to breakfast ::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-May-2020 22:05:20
CO: What are your plans for the day?
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 22:06:29
:: snaps back to the present :: CSO: Hmmm. Well, Gencodian class, of course. :: smirks :: I did not expect to end up as a professor.
CTO LtC Wolfe 06-May-2020 22:07:15
:: comes out of his room and into the kitchen area. Over the last year, he's become... not friendlier, but more approachable, perhaps. Yes, that's the word. Approachable. ::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-May-2020 22:07:56
CO: I didn't expect it either, to be perfectly honest, but you do it well!
NAV Lt Navarro 06-May-2020 22:08:16
:: sees Wolfe approach and darts back into the kitchen, knowing he'd forgotten someone ::
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 22:08:41
CSO: Thank you. You get an A. :: grins ::
MED Lt Acacia 06-May-2020 22:08:55
:: takes some notes in a book that had started out empty, but is now about half full. She's taking down notes of how each sample responds differently. When she hears nothing she prompts gently :: TAC2: I think the first one was.. 0.025?
CSO Cdr Wright 06-May-2020 22:09:11
:: almost says something, but looks around the courtyard and thinks better of it ::
SCI Lt Jude 06-May-2020 22:10:02
:: walks back into the hotel, and goes out to the courtyard. she sits on a chair, and waves pathetically to Wright and Harper ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 06-May-2020 22:10:08
MED: Yeah. 0.025 is the accurate measurement. Apologies, I was just looking around... this is neat. And interesting. :: grins at her friend, perching on the extra stool to provide the extra help ::
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 22:10:23
:: returns Jude's wave with a smile :: SCI: Good morning, Linxi!
CTO LtC Wolfe 06-May-2020 22:10:37
:: wanders to the courtyard where everyone is having breakfast, and takes a seat at the end, but closer than he would have sat to anyone else a year ago. ::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-May-2020 22:10:44
:: waves to Linxi :: SCI: Something wrong?
SCI Lt Jude 06-May-2020 22:11:12
:: squints at Wright :: CSO: What is not wrong?
CSO Cdr Wright 06-May-2020 22:12:20
:: sighs, too tired for this ::
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 22:12:57
:: wishes she could do something to help Linxi other than what she has been doing for morale, along with directing their efforts to find a way home ::
MED Lt Acacia 06-May-2020 22:13:14
:: nods, squirting a couple of pipettes into the dish as she peers into the microscope. With the help of her assistant, she doesn't have to look up! :: TAC2: And next to 0.025 it says.. :: there's a pause as she counts :: 13% reaction?
CSO Cdr Wright 06-May-2020 22:13:49
SCI: I could use your help in the lab, you know.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 06-May-2020 22:13:51
:: glances at the numbers :: MED: Yep. Right on track ::
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 22:14:03
:: turns back to Lexy and offhandedly notices that her bangs are getting a bit long, then gets an idea ::
CSO: Hey! We should take another group trip to the hair salon!
MED Lt Acacia 06-May-2020 22:14:50
:: nods dutifully, making a note and then moving on to other samples and repeating the pipette process. She notes down a few things :: TAC2: Mm- you know, I still use your cells as my human culture. :: she chuckles :: TAC2: Next dose?
CTO LtC Wolfe 06-May-2020 22:15:03
ALL: Good morning.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 06-May-2020 22:15:29
:: splutters, not bothering to respond :: MED:... you WHAT? When did you get my cells? :: demands in slight surprise ::
MED Lt Acacia 06-May-2020 22:15:44
:: blinks, amazed that she would even ask :: TAC2: When I swabbed you..?
NAV Lt Navarro 06-May-2020 22:15:55
CTO: Good morning, Colonel! What will you have? :: gestures at the food he has prepared, having becoming a de facto chef ::
SCI Lt Jude 06-May-2020 22:15:57
:: hair salon? hm. maybe she should buzz all her hair off next time ::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-May-2020 22:16:20
CO: Yes, it is getting to be about that time.
CTO LtC Wolfe 06-May-2020 22:16:23
NAV: How about some bacon and eggs? :: smiles wryly ::
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 22:16:43
CSO: Then that is what we shall do after we finish eating!
NAV Lt Navarro 06-May-2020 22:16:55
:: looks over the spread, having neither of those things ::
CTO: I wish.
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 22:17:40
:: in a sing-song voice :: All: Who wants to go to the hair salon??
XO Cdr Kuari 06-May-2020 22:18:25
:: cocks her head at Harper from the fountain, having not heard what preceded that statement over the splashing of water from the fountain ::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-May-2020 22:18:39
:: increasingly just wants to take a nap, but smiles anyway ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 06-May-2020 22:18:48
:: blushes deeply at Acacia's return statement, frowning slightly :: MED: Gah.. I apologize. I kind of pushed those away for a bit... you know, until we return back ::
SCI Lt Jude 06-May-2020 22:19:24
:: she just took a walk, and is already exhausted, so she contemplates ::
MED Lt Acacia 06-May-2020 22:20:20
:: shrugs :: TAC2: Yes, well. I think I explained it at the time, no? I needed Human.. :: she points to her stacks of samples :: TAC2: Betazoid, Rucara.. :: she waves a hand :: TAC2: Et cetera..
XO Cdr Kuari 06-May-2020 22:20:35
:: is still lying on the cold stone of the fountain, an empty plate in front of her, but the sun feels good. She looks over the courtyard at each person in turn, studying her crew, and she contemplates Jude ::
SCI Lt Jude 06-May-2020 22:21:10
:: looks down at the ground, scratching the fabric of the chair in silence ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 06-May-2020 22:21:26
MED: Ah, acknowledged. :: pulls a strand of hair over her shoulder, glancing at the length with a sigh :: Need a haircut... it's too long for my liking. :: tosses it back over her shoulder before returning to helping Acacia ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 06-May-2020 22:21:44
NAV: Ah. Then these berries will do. And this meat. I like this meat.
NAV Lt Navarro 06-May-2020 22:22:16
:: takes the meat out of the skillet and plates it for Wolfe :: CTO: Here you go.
CTO LtC Wolfe 06-May-2020 22:22:52
:: takes it, showing his gratefulness. :: Thank you, Lieutenant
MED Lt Acacia 06-May-2020 22:23:18
:: pats her head absentmindendly, the crown braid she did three days ago starting to fall apart and into her eyes as well :: TAC2: Hm. Yeah, same. Next dose? :: she prompts again ::
NAV Lt Navarro 06-May-2020 22:23:40
:: nods and smiles :: CTO: Yessir. :: some have dropped the military courtesy, some have not ::
:: heads back to his breakfast, thinking he needs a hair cut too ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 06-May-2020 22:25:10
:: hums quietly, glancing over the notebook slowly :: MED: 0.050.
CSO Cdr Wright 06-May-2020 22:26:20
:: works her way through her breakfast with increasing slowness ::
MED Lt Acacia 06-May-2020 22:27:03
:: pipettes some chemicals into her sample dishes. There's another pause as she counts :: TAC2: Hm. I see.. 21% :: the book says 20% ::
XO Cdr Kuari 06-May-2020 22:27:48
:: makes a decision and deftly lifts her empty plate with her tongue, enough to get her jaws around it, and carefully carries it four-legged to Wolfe. She then sits on the ground and takes the plate in one paw, lifts Wolfe's plate and ditches her plate under his in front of him, then leaves him to approach Jude and gently bumps the top of nose against her upper harm ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 06-May-2020 22:27:57
MED: Indeed... was there a miscalcaution somewhere?
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 22:29:35
:: finishes her breakfast and starts spreading the news about a trip to the salon ::
MED Lt Acacia 06-May-2020 22:29:53
:: takes a longer pause, then uses a calculator that she looted a while back :: TAC2: I have, to be exact, 20.764%, which rounds up.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 06-May-2020 22:30:20
MED: Oh! Of course, rounding up... that always impacts measurements
SCI Lt Jude 06-May-2020 22:30:22
:: mumbles :: XO: Not really in the mood...
CTO LtC Wolfe 06-May-2020 22:30:37
:: smiles at Kuari's maneuver, having become used to this, taking another bite without really any pause ::
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 22:30:44
ACTION> A little while later, everyone who wants to has made the short trip to the abandoned hair salon that we found several months ago. We have used it before, but tend to come in groups to maximize the trip.
CSO Cdr Wright 06-May-2020 22:31:20
:: is slowing down significantly, but needs a bang trim, so is present ::
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 22:31:52
:: turns on the lights as they enter, the rooftop solar panels still clean from the work done on the first trip ::
XO Cdr Kuari 06-May-2020 22:32:02
SCI: That's my point. Come on. :: pulls on her shirt sleeve with her teeth ::
SCI Lt Jude 06-May-2020 22:32:32
:: groans, as she gets up and follows Kuari ::
MED Lt Acacia 06-May-2020 22:33:56
TAC2: You make a decent lab assistant. :: she muses ::
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 22:34:17
:: has become a bit of a makeshift stylist, with all the practice :: So, who is first?
CSO Cdr Wright 06-May-2020 22:34:46
CO: Me. :: plops in the chair ::
CMO Lt Tailor 06-May-2020 22:35:35
::has decided she really likes the longer length of her hair, falling down her back instead of the mid-length she started with a few months ago. Is currently picking her way through the forest looking for edible and potentially medicinal plants which she's putting into a bag slung across her shoulders::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 06-May-2020 22:36:06
:: is standing by the door, running a brush through her hair while she waited, needing a hair cut to manage to get her hair back into usual regulation bun ::
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 22:36:13
:: picks up the scissors and makes sure they're still sharp :: CSO: The bangs then, or something else?
XO Cdr Kuari 06-May-2020 22:36:17
:: stops by her room, grabs the saddle Wolfe had long ago fashioned for her, straps it on, then leads Jude to the roof ::
MED Lt Acacia 06-May-2020 22:36:29
:: sits in one of the chairs in the salon to wait her turn, unwinding her braids and brushing her hair idly ::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-May-2020 22:36:47
CO: The bangs, for sure. I need them out of my eyes. And then just a trim.
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 22:36:55
CSO: Alright, let me see what I can do...
SCI Lt Jude 06-May-2020 22:37:11
XO: Is this your way of saying you are gonna fly me somewhere?
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 22:37:28
:: does a passable job of trimming Lexy's bangs, much better at least than the first time she tried ::
XO Cdr Kuari 06-May-2020 22:37:46
SCI: You need to fly. It brings happiness.
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 22:38:06
:: brushes her hair out some more and trims it up as she sees what needs to be trimmed ::
:: turns the chair to the mirror :: CSO: How is that?
CSO Cdr Wright 06-May-2020 22:39:16
:: yawns and looks closers :: CO: Not half bad, actually. You're getting better at this.
SCI Lt Jude 06-May-2020 22:39:41
:: points thumb towards the forest :: XO: I'd rather disappear for another week. But sure.
CSO Cdr Wright 06-May-2020 22:40:01
:: stands and pulls the cape off and shakes it out so someone else can use it ::
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 22:40:10
CSO: Another job I never imagined having, but hey, why not try to improve?
:: turns to everyone else :: Who is next?
XO Cdr Kuari 06-May-2020 22:40:36
:: stands on the roof, and lowers one wing for Jude to mount, motioning with her nose :: SCI: Get on. That's an order. Mind the horn.
NAV Lt Navarro 06-May-2020 22:40:36
:: has also gone to the salon and waits relaxing in a chair ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 06-May-2020 22:41:16
:: is in the courtyard, working on a project. In exploring this city, he's found all sorts of items that turn easily into all sorts of tools and weapons. In the last year, though, the greatest threat he has faced is nothing compared to the hostile peoples he's encountered aboard Atlantis. ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 06-May-2020 22:41:26
:: shrugs, glancing at the others :: CO: I guess... me? :: settles into the chair, putting trust in the Captain to do a trim, nothing really more ::
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 22:41:50
:: capes Grey :: TAC2: So, what will it be, Ryleigh?
SCI Lt Jude 06-May-2020 22:42:03
:: sighs, and climbs on ::
MED Lt Acacia 06-May-2020 22:42:10
:: thinks on the Captain's words, then looks over at Navarro :: NAV: Hm. You know, I'd try doing yours if you want.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 06-May-2020 22:42:32
CO: Just a trim, nothing tricky, Captain :: answers, letting her hair fall over the back of the chair ::
NAV Lt Navarro 06-May-2020 22:42:33
:: chuckles and takes a chair :: MED: By all means.
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 22:42:55
TAC2: How much of a trim?
CMO Lt Tailor 06-May-2020 22:43:06
::continues up a ridge, spotting a few shelf type fungus growing on the side of a tree, and slices one off to bring it back for testing::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 06-May-2020 22:43:35
CO: Probably... two-three inches? :: ventures a hesitant guess ::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-May-2020 22:44:19
:: finds a bench and sits on it, leaning against the wall ::
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 22:44:25
TAC2: I shall give it a try. :: brushes Grey's hair a bit, then starts snipping ::
MED Lt Acacia 06-May-2020 22:45:07
:: grins, getting up and digging through one of the cabinets to get a comb and some scissors ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 06-May-2020 22:45:36
:: perks of having long hair, mistakes can be hidden easily; relaxes slightly ::
XO Cdr Kuari 06-May-2020 22:45:40
:: extends her wings, reminding herself to be very careful with a passenger, her flight dynamics dangerously hampered, but she has grown in strength considerably with regular use. Once Jude is holding on tightly, she walks then runs and flaps powerfully off the edge of the roof. She has to flap constantly to maintain their altitude, but she is confident on her understanding of her route and strength and stamina, giving Jude a tour into the forest from above ::
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 22:46:13
:: gets Grey's hair to about the length she usually seems to have it, having seen it outside of the bun much more during the past year than she did aboard Atlantis ::
MED Lt Acacia 06-May-2020 22:46:39
:: gestures for Navarro to sit in the next chair over, watching Harper as usual ::
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 22:46:43
TAC2: There. :: turns the chair and holds up a mirror to the mirror, so she can see ::
NAV Lt Navarro 06-May-2020 22:46:58
:: already in the chair when Emily gestures ::
SCI Lt Jude 06-May-2020 22:47:17
DEITIES :: holds on tight, not used to being unrestrained in the air ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 06-May-2020 22:47:41
:: grins, looking at the mirror with a satifised nod :: CO: Perfect. Thank you, ma'am. :: removes the cape, hanging it over the back of the chair before standing to go to another mirror, tugging her hair back into the bun she usually kept it in ::
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 22:48:18
TAC2: Of course, always glad to help.
NAV Lt Navarro 06-May-2020 22:49:48
:: has been shaving with a straight razor, but will be glad to not be so shaggy up top ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 06-May-2020 22:49:58
:: feels a lot better once her hair is back to the usual length and tied back into the bun she wears usually, moving to stand at the door again ::
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 22:50:22
:: sees that Acacia is busy with Doc, and takes a moment to regard her own hair in the mirror ::
MED Lt Acacia 06-May-2020 22:51:00
:: begins her attempt at a haircut--it's not so bad, for a first attempt ::
CMO Lt Tailor 06-May-2020 22:51:19
::pulls herself to the top of the ridge after slipping a little in the wet leafy forest litter, despite the sturdy boots that she found in a shoe shop in the city center; looks up, seeing a familiar flying shape passing over far above the trees::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-May-2020 22:51:54
:: watches, a bit drowsy, and sees Kate looking at her own hair :: CO: You want me to do yours?
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 22:52:07
CSO: Please! If you are awake enough, that is... :: grins ::
XO Cdr Kuari 06-May-2020 22:52:10
:: easily finds the first house they found in the woods, soaring above the river, Jude on her back ::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-May-2020 22:52:34
:: takes a moment, then heaves herself up ::
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 22:52:53
:: sits down and dons the cape, thinking ::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-May-2020 22:53:14
CO: Just a trim, I assume?
:: brushes out Kate's hair ::
SCI Lt Jude 06-May-2020 22:54:05
:: looks down at the house, and leans forwards, wrapping her arms around Kuari's neck. she watches below, as she whispers :: XO: ...I just want to go home.
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 22:54:28
:: thinks :: CSO: My hair has not been this long since I was a little girl. :: smirks :: Princess of the kingdom Papá made for me.
CSO Cdr Wright 06-May-2020 22:54:43
:: grins ::
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 22:55:22
:: abruptly :: CSO: But it is time for a change. Take it off to just past my chin.
CSO Cdr Wright 06-May-2020 22:55:36
:: eyes widen ::
MED Lt Acacia 06-May-2020 22:55:48
:: hands Navarro a mirror, chewing one of her nails :: NAV: Not bad..
CSO Cdr Wright 06-May-2020 22:56:08
CO: You're kidding.
XO Cdr Kuari 06-May-2020 22:56:10
:: turns in a wide circle, time to go back. She can only maintain this altitude with heavy exertion, but she hopes it's worth it, and she certainly can't land without stranding them. She doesn't have to speak too loudly over the wind, with Jude's head so close to hers :: SCI: I know. We all do, but we have to appreciate what we have, and we won't get home unless we stay focused ahead on our mission. We need you focused with us.
NAV Lt Navarro 06-May-2020 22:56:10
MED: Heeyyyy, that isn't bad at all. :: nods appreciatively ::
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 22:56:27
CSO: I am not. What, do you not think I should do it?
MED Lt Acacia 06-May-2020 22:56:56
:: lets out the breath she was holding, offering a smile :: NAV: It's strange--how a haircut is almost as stressful as surgery.
CSO Cdr Wright 06-May-2020 22:57:04
CO: It's just... A big change! Are you absolutely certain??
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 22:57:33
:: nods :: CSO: I am. Maybe a change will bring us some better luck?
NAV Lt Navarro 06-May-2020 22:58:19
MED: That is strange, but true, :: Dusts himself off as he stands :: Now, do you want me to cut yours, or would you rather wait for the more practiced hand of la capitana?
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 22:58:44
:: isn't superstitious at all, but sometimes mindset changes can work ::
MED Lt Acacia 06-May-2020 22:59:16
:: shrugs :: NAV: If you want to try, I don't mind being your guinea pig. :: she sits herself down, taking the apron from Navarro ::
NAV Lt Navarro 06-May-2020 22:59:34
MED: I apologize in advance. What would you like? :: raises the scissors ::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-May-2020 23:00:07
:: takes a deep breath :: CO: Okay... if you're sure! But let me do this first. :: quickly looks for two hair ties and braids Kate's hair low in the back ::
CMO Lt Tailor 06-May-2020 23:00:12
::continues along the ridge towards a clearing that she can see up ahead, her feet leaving marks in the soft sandy clay soil::
SCI Lt Jude 06-May-2020 23:00:15
XO: But it's... hard.
MED Lt Acacia 06-May-2020 23:00:58
:: chuckles, running a hand through her shoulder-length hair :: NAV: I'll make it easy for you--just trim the split ends.
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 23:01:09
:: takes a deep breath, having never really had her hair that short, either ::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-May-2020 23:01:36
:: ties off the braid at the bottom and a few inches from the top ::
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 23:02:12
:: waits patiently, but not second-guessing her decision ::
NAV Lt Navarro 06-May-2020 23:02:46
MED: As you wish. :: studies Emily's hair for a moment, then starts trimming the split ends away ::
XO Cdr Kuari 06-May-2020 23:02:56
SCI: Of course it is. :: flaps powerfully towards home, trying to keep from moving too much though :: That's what we signed up for, being Starfleet. We never know what we'll encounter, especially on the flagship, but we have to pull our weight. We can't let our crewmates down.
CSO Cdr Wright 06-May-2020 23:03:02
CO: Okay... here goes. :: using the very sharp scissors, carefully cuts off the braid at the right length and then hands it to Kate ::
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 23:03:30
:: takes in a breath as she's handed a braid of her own hair, then shakes her head before looking in the mirror ::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-May-2020 23:04:00
:: spends a few minutes shaping the bottom to frame Kate's face as well as her limited skills will allow ::
SCI Lt Jude 06-May-2020 23:04:21
XO: But nobody understands... :: she cuts herself off, as though she were about to say something else. instead, she sits back up ::
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 23:04:26
:: almost can't believe the difference, unable to keep from watching in the mirror while Lexy trims ::
MED Lt Acacia 06-May-2020 23:04:27
:: relaxes, looking over at the Captain with an amused grin ::
NAV Lt Navarro 06-May-2020 23:04:48
MED: You're sure you don't want a cut like hers? :: chuckles ::
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 23:06:08
:: marvels at how much lighter her head feels, then weighs the braid in her hand ::
MED Lt Acacia 06-May-2020 23:06:42
:: looks in the mirror and thinks, playing with the side he's not cutting. Her hair is thick and wavy--a bob would be more like a mini-afro :: NAV: You think? :: she muses, holding her hair up where it would poof to ::
NAV Lt Navarro 06-May-2020 23:07:19
MED: Well, I like it the way it is, but it's your hair.
CSO Cdr Wright 06-May-2020 23:07:24
:: is afraid to trim any more without making it look too short, but has finally gotten the sides even :: CO: What do you think?
XO Cdr Kuari 06-May-2020 23:07:46
:: flies silently for a while, thinking, then raises her voice to be heard with Jude's new position :: SCI: You have to tell someone then Linxi, who will it be?
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 23:08:13
CSO: I am... speechless. It has never been this short, but I like it! At least for now. My head is so light!
MED Lt Acacia 06-May-2020 23:08:16
:: begins to shake her head but thinks better of it, answering with words instead :: NAV: No, the.. the braids are sort of a thing. I like my hair long. She looks good, though~ :: she comments, loud enough to hear ::
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 23:08:19
CSO: What do you think?!
CSO Cdr Wright 06-May-2020 23:08:42
CO: I will like it better when a professional does it! But it's actually pretty cute.
NAV Lt Navarro 06-May-2020 23:08:55
:: nods, agreeing with her choice, and finishes off the rest of the split ends ::
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 23:09:25
:: darts a grin at Acacia, then stands as she fluffs it a bit, finding it so weird, but fun ::
NAV Lt Navarro 06-May-2020 23:10:02
:: turns Emily to the mirror :: MED: How's that?
MED Lt Acacia 06-May-2020 23:10:29
:: fluffs her hair, looking at it from different sides. She smiles genuinely :: NAV: I like it!
NAV Lt Navarro 06-May-2020 23:11:32
MED: You look beautiful. :: chef kiss ::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-May-2020 23:11:32
CO: You won't be able to tie it back properly, though.
MED Lt Acacia 06-May-2020 23:11:58
:: wraps her arms around Navarro's neck, pulling him down into a head hug for a moment before she gets up ::
SCI Lt Jude 06-May-2020 23:12:17
XO: I don't know... but not anyone here. Not yet. anyway.
NAV Lt Navarro 06-May-2020 23:13:04
CO: And you as well, capitana. :: normally wouldn't be quite so forward with his CO, but again, military courtesy has fallen away with some ::
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 23:13:11
CSO: Oh well. :: shakes her head again :: I will get used to it.
CSO Cdr Wright 06-May-2020 23:13:39
:: smiles and belatedly puts down the scissors ::
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 23:14:08
:: hands Lexy the silver clasp :: CSO: Would you like to wear this?
MED Lt Acacia 06-May-2020 23:14:38
:: seats herself back in the waiting area to wait for the others to finish, sinking down to rest ::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-May-2020 23:15:30
:: takes it and looks at it for a moment before pulling her own hair back with it ::
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 23:15:35
:: smiles at Doc :: NAV: Thank you, Zorro. You are looking as dashing as ever.
NAV Lt Navarro 06-May-2020 23:15:51
:: dips his head in thanks as he takes a seat next to Emily ::
XO Cdr Kuari 06-May-2020 23:16:20
:: sees the hotel ahead and adjusts her approach, as well as her tone with Jude's decision :: SCI: Your choice then, but as your executive officer, I need you to be a part of our crew, here and now. Can you do that or not, Lieutenant?"
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 23:17:46
All: Well, if everyone is all trimmed up, shall we head back to Solace?
MED Lt Acacia 06-May-2020 23:18:18
:: nods lightly, leaving her hair down for a while since braiding takes time. She rocks to her feet, opening the door for everyone ::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-May-2020 23:19:23
:: nods :: CO: I'm ready for a nap.
SCI Lt Jude 06-May-2020 23:20:16
:: she clenches her teeth, staring at the city :: XO: I'll have to try, I suppose. :: there were times that she felt like staying in the forest, not returning to the crew. but she supposes that is not an option at this point, as much as she would like to ::
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 23:20:21
CSO: I bet that you are! :: heads out the door, still carrying her braid :: MED: Mind getting the lights?
MED Lt Acacia 06-May-2020 23:20:39
:: calls out as she waits for the last person to exit :: CO: Got it!
NAV Lt Navarro 06-May-2020 23:20:52
:: follows the troupe out the door ::
XO Cdr Kuari 06-May-2020 23:22:59
:: gently descends in front of the hotel to the ground, the flat area they had cleared over time a better runway, working hard to slow their forward motion and has to run once they land. It's fairly painless though, and she lowers a wing, turning her head, her voice compassionate :: SCI: We all have to try. It's not easy for any of us. That's all I ask. I want you a part of my pack, but I don't want to leave you behind.
SCI Lt Jude 06-May-2020 23:24:27
:: Linxi silently nods, still not looking directly at Kuari ::
XO Cdr Kuari 06-May-2020 23:24:57
:: turns and noses Jude's arm :: SCI: If you change your mind, I'll always listen.
CO Capt Harper 06-May-2020 23:25:02
ACTION> The salon group makes their way back to Hotel Solace, but pauses to pay their respects at the memorial for Ilaihr, missing and presumed dead.
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