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Lost Harbor
Atlantis / atlantis-mission
The eleventh day dawns with partly-cloudy skies and the hope that the temperature will climb above freezing. While our spirits might be low after last night's revelation that we are stranded twenty thousand years in the past, the priorities of survival remain unchanged. Our away team now gathers in the hotel lobby in preparation for their journey to the hospital that Kuari spotted from the air, while those that stay behind will continue exploring the hotel, no longer impeded by locked doors.
After 29-Apr-2020 00:00:00
CO Capt Harper 29-Apr-2020 21:20:01
:: she emerges from her and Lexy's room, looking and feeling remarkably refreshed ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Apr-2020 21:21:13
:: sits on one of the chairs in the lobby, finishing up her braid, having re-done it for the mission. She has a backpack she's packed with some basic supplies and a med kit, but it's mostly empty to carry things back if she needs to ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Apr-2020 21:21:38
:: heads downstairs dressed warmly and with an empty pack ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Apr-2020 21:21:39
:: follows behind Kate, looking tired but mostly alert - didn't sleep well ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Apr-2020 21:21:59
:: though she has the smaller pack full of snacks and water bottles ::
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Apr-2020 21:22:11
:: walks out from a lower floor hallway into the lobby, having done her rounds checking the grounds ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 29-Apr-2020 21:22:27
:: is up and has been wandering outside the door for a bit now. Armed and ready. ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 29-Apr-2020 21:22:36
:: is sitting on a chair, still bleary-eyed from sleep as she watched Acacia, propping her chin on her hand ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Apr-2020 21:23:22
:: smiles at Grey, noticing her watching :: TAC2: If we're lucky, we may find a dermal regenerator.
CO Capt Harper 29-Apr-2020 21:23:41
:: as she enters the lobby, she calls out, brightly :: Good morning, everyone!
MED Lt Acacia 29-Apr-2020 21:24:04
:: looks up, chirping in reply :: CO: Morning!
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Apr-2020 21:24:14
::has just finished packing a day's supply of things in her pack, leaving plenty of space inside to bring back useful items from the hospital, at the same time trying not to get bogged down in despair over their displaced timeline situation::
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Apr-2020 21:24:22
:: standing by in the lobby, ready for whatever duty he is assigned to ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 29-Apr-2020 21:24:23
:: huffs slightly, adjusting her position before slumping down in her chair :: MED: Don't jinx it. :: glances at Harper with a yawn :: CO: M-M-Morning.
CO Capt Harper 29-Apr-2020 21:24:58
I hope everyone rested well?
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Apr-2020 21:25:00
::schleps her way downstairs with the pack after splashing her face with cold water from the sink to wake up further; she didn't sleep well last night::
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Apr-2020 21:25:06
:: yips in response to Harper's greeting in her usual happy-to-be-alive attitude ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Apr-2020 21:25:13
:: gives a light nod, but she's lying ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Apr-2020 21:25:19
:: smiles at Kuari, that attitude having buoyed her many times now ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Apr-2020 21:25:29
:: carrying an empty backpack and a full canteen, wearing multiple layers of clothing to shield against the cold, looks a bit... worrisome with dark circles under her eyes as she doesn't reply ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 29-Apr-2020 21:26:02
:: does a so-so motion with her uninjured hand to the Captain's question, sitting quietly ::
SCI LtJG Jude 29-Apr-2020 21:26:33
:: is leaning against a wall, yawning ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Apr-2020 21:26:51
ACTION> As the low sun finally rises high enough to strike the solar panels for a few minutes, the hotel's power comes back on.
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Apr-2020 21:26:52
::has layered both sets of clothing after washing them, plus a thick robe for warmth and some complimentary slippers, which are the closest thing she's got to shoes right now::
CTO LtC Wolfe 29-Apr-2020 21:27:37
:: is back on the stairs, having not wandered far, but just assessing any danger outside before they get going ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Apr-2020 21:27:51
:: has an oversized sweater on and furs tied around her legs. She looks around, counting the party ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Apr-2020 21:28:20
Alright then. Commander Kuari and Colonel Wolfe will lead our away team, along with Commander Wright, Doctors Tailor and Acacia, and me.
Those of you staying behind, please find our more about our new home, including the stocks of fuel for the food synthesizers. Explore behind the previously locked doors, try out the kitchen, whatever you think might help.
We will return before dark, hopefully with medical supplies.
MED Lt Acacia 29-Apr-2020 21:29:37
:: takes that as the signal and rocks up onto her feet. She pats Grey on the head and puts on her backpack, following close to Tailor ::
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Apr-2020 21:30:12
:: studies each of the away team's members in turn, judging their state of being, while Harper talks ::
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Apr-2020 21:30:13
:: smiles warmly at Emily, nodding his adiós ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 29-Apr-2020 21:30:23
:: grumbles wordlessly at the head-pat from Acacia before standing with aid from her crutch, heading into the kitchen to start poking around to see what was there ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Apr-2020 21:30:39
:: adjusting the straps on her empty backpack so it doesn't flop around uncomfortably ::
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Apr-2020 21:31:08
::slips the backpack on and settles it around her shoulders, ready to go::
CO Capt Harper 29-Apr-2020 21:31:45
And by the way... I read yesterday that this hotel's name is Solace. I hope it can be some.
SCI LtJG Jude 29-Apr-2020 21:31:52
:: immediately goes to The Door that Refused to Open™️ and tries to open it ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Apr-2020 21:32:02
:: returns Navarro's smile, stealing away to give him a quick peck on the cheek as way of goodbye before they start moving ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Apr-2020 21:32:09
ACTION> That door opens for Jude.
:: triggers the front door, which now opens easily since it's powered, and steps outside ::
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Apr-2020 21:32:50
:: follows Harper out readily, into the cold where Wolfe is waiting ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Apr-2020 21:33:01
:: steps out as well, blinking in the cold morning sunlight ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Apr-2020 21:33:08
:: steps out into the air, taking in a deep breath ::
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Apr-2020 21:33:38
::steps through the door with the others, flipping the robe hood up over her head as the cold breeze hits her face::
CO Capt Harper 29-Apr-2020 21:33:50
:: after everyone is assembled outside, she hooks her thumbs in her backpack straps and looks to Kuari :: XO: So, which way?
CTO LtC Wolfe 29-Apr-2020 21:33:54
:: meets the rest of the team as they leave the building. :: CO: Captain. :: nods curtly ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Apr-2020 21:34:06
:: returns the nod :: CTO: Colonel.
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Apr-2020 21:34:36
:: points her head :: AT: That way. :: hops down the steps, intent on leading the party towards the path she mapped out in her mind yesterday ::
SCI LtJG Jude 29-Apr-2020 21:35:05
:: walks inside the room :: THANK THE FOUR FUCKING DEITIES!
CO Capt Harper 29-Apr-2020 21:35:47
Room> :: is a utility space full of cleaning supplies and tools ::
:: follows Kuari, unhooking the thumb of her injured arm to wiggle her fingers a bit, feeling a bit of a twang there ::
SCI LtJG Jude 29-Apr-2020 21:36:35
:: glares at the cleaning supplies :: Oh screw you. :: walks out of the room ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Apr-2020 21:36:45
Cleaning Supplies> ...
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Apr-2020 21:36:56
:: follows along, glad that the pace that Kuari set feels sustainable ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Apr-2020 21:37:26
:: follows along, looking around at the landscape with renewed interest given the prior day's revelations ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Apr-2020 21:38:17
:: decides to look for points of interest as they travel, particularly anything that looks like an outdoor supply shop or a library ::
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Apr-2020 21:38:38
:: heads into the kitchen to see what might be useful in conjuring up some breakfast ::
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Apr-2020 21:39:14
:: now making her way down the sidewalk, the path overgrown but still the easiest trek ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 29-Apr-2020 21:39:16
:: is already rummaging through the cabinets, attempting to find... somehting. Or anything to cook with ::
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Apr-2020 21:39:26
TAC2: Find anything useful?
CO Capt Harper 29-Apr-2020 21:39:40
:: then digs into the supplies pack for some of the Gencodian jerky, passing it around to the party ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Apr-2020 21:40:02
:: picks at plant leaves and stems, fascinated by them. She gratefully takes the jerky :: CO: Ah! Thank you.
CO Capt Harper 29-Apr-2020 21:40:11
MED: Of course.
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Apr-2020 21:40:34
:: takes the jerky with a nod of gratitude on gnaws on breakfast ::
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Apr-2020 21:41:07
::gratefully takes a piece of jerky and chews it thoughtfully as they walk::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 29-Apr-2020 21:41:20
NAV: Nothing yet... but I just started hunting for anything. Maybe there's spices or something somewhere?
CO Capt Harper 29-Apr-2020 21:41:42
:: follows suit once everyone has had some, and does her best to enjoy the fact that she's walking through a Gencodian city ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Apr-2020 21:41:55
CO: It might be a good idea to look for some kind of library. We could learn a lot more about the local flora and fauna that will help keep us alive.
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Apr-2020 21:42:18
Hmmmm.... :: kneels and starts going through the giant lower cabinets :::
SCI LtJG Jude 29-Apr-2020 21:42:19
:: walks to another closed door, and opens it ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Apr-2020 21:43:01
CSO: Agreed. I will keep an eye out.
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Apr-2020 21:43:21
:: pulls out a nicely-sized pan and places it on the stove ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 29-Apr-2020 21:44:23
:: pops her head up, seeing the pan, before diving back down to keep searching :: NAV: Can you check the top cabinets?
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Apr-2020 21:45:17
TAC2: Sure. :: stands and starts rummaging, finding several large containers of what appear to be spices ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Apr-2020 21:45:50
:: hands the list she and Velina made the previous night to Kate :: CO: Here's Dr. Tailor's prioritized list of medical supplies. I made copies.
CO Capt Harper 29-Apr-2020 21:46:19
ACTION> The door that Jude opens leads to an office, although it appears to have been unoccupied, perhaps for use by guests.
:: grins as she takes the list, it being a very Lexy thing ::
ACTION> The away team presses onward, footfalls crunching on new snow as the sun rises higher.
SCI LtJG Jude 29-Apr-2020 21:48:07
:: perks an eyebrow, and goes behind the desk, and tries to find papers, records, anything ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 29-Apr-2020 21:48:20
:: finds containers of... items, pulling them out slowly one-by-one and setting them on the counter above her before straightening to start looking over their finds ::
NAV: Spices?
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Apr-2020 21:49:20
TAC2: Sí. Though they look old, like the ones mi madre had that came from her mother's kitchen.
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Apr-2020 21:49:20
:: has passed copies of the list to the other team members, the items written carefully in Lexy's lab-practiced hand ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 29-Apr-2020 21:49:32
:: walks alongside the group a couple of arms lengths away, his longest machete sheathed in his belt, but very ready to act. ::
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Apr-2020 21:49:46
::chuckles at 'copies', staring at the buildings as the sun glints off of alien rooftops::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Apr-2020 21:49:52
:: tromps through the snow, quiet and contemplative. She gives the list a once-over, nodding once ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Apr-2020 21:50:27
:: looking at the buildings they pass, trying to discern their purpose ::
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Apr-2020 21:50:58
:: takes a moment to pause at an intersection, looking forward and two the right, deciding which way to go around the building, then chooses forward and moves on :: AT: I think we're almost there.
CO Capt Harper 29-Apr-2020 21:51:05
ACTION> The desk that Jude searches is empty, save for a couple of pens.
:: looks around for a sign that says hospital ::
:: her arm shoots out :: There!
ACTION> Harper indicates a low building, smaller than one might think a hospital would be for a city of this size.
MED Lt Acacia 29-Apr-2020 21:52:48
:: looks, turning to follow ::
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Apr-2020 21:52:48
:: looks to where Harper's pointing :: CO: Yes, that's it! I didn't recognize it from the ground, at first.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 29-Apr-2020 21:53:07
:: whistles in low amusement at Navarro's response, shrugging :: NAV: Let's see if it still smells good. It appears to be sealed still.
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Apr-2020 21:53:31
::looks:: CO: Oh, good. Finally. ::smiles::
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Apr-2020 21:53:33
:: cracks open the jar and sniffs :: Hm. :: offers it to Grey :::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Apr-2020 21:53:38
:: looks at the building being indicated :: CO: What, behind that little building?
MED Lt Acacia 29-Apr-2020 21:54:04
:: doesn't get her hopes up just yet, picking up her pace towards the hospital ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Apr-2020 21:54:09
:: shakes her head :: CSO: No, that is the one, according to the sign.
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Apr-2020 21:54:19
:: cocks her head, confused ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Apr-2020 21:54:30
CSO: It is either that, or a dance hall. The words are similar.
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Apr-2020 21:54:56
:: grins, amused by Harper's statement ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Apr-2020 21:54:58
:: gives Kate a dubious look ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 29-Apr-2020 21:55:21
:: sniffs, face scrunching up in slight distaste :: NAV: That's almost as bad as expired jalapenos!
CO Capt Harper 29-Apr-2020 21:55:23
:: winks, then looks up at the place once they arrive ::
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Apr-2020 21:55:32
:: steps up her pace subconsciously, leaving Rucara prints in the snow behind her ::
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Apr-2020 21:55:37
CSO: I suppose we're used to a bigger building... but maybe they got sick or injured less than we do? ::grins at Kate's statement::
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Apr-2020 21:55:45
TAC2: It might not be so bad, depending on what we use it on.
CO Capt Harper 29-Apr-2020 21:56:01
CMO: It could be, yes.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 29-Apr-2020 21:56:08
NAV: Want to make an attempt to try and get it to taste good?
MED Lt Acacia 29-Apr-2020 21:56:23
:: looks around, touching her chin :: CMO: Maybe they were just super advanced with healing, didn't need space because you could just assembly line it.
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Apr-2020 21:56:24
CMO: Or the patients are healed very quickly.
SCI LtJG Jude 29-Apr-2020 21:56:34
This place hates me. :: grumbles, and leaves the office, and searches for more rooms that were previously locked ::
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Apr-2020 21:56:40
TAC2: Sure, let's see... :: turns on the stove eye, then heads out for some meat ::
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Apr-2020 21:56:44
MED/XO: Good point. Could be...
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Apr-2020 21:56:59
:: trots right up to the door, inspecting it ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Apr-2020 21:57:50
ACTION> The hospital door is similar in construction to the hotel's, seemingly a slider.
ACTION> Jude finds several rooms that were meant for hotel staff, containing various cleaning supplies, toiletries, linens, along with equipment housing rooms.
MED Lt Acacia 29-Apr-2020 21:58:52
:: frowns, looking up at the roof ::
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Apr-2020 21:58:55
:: returns with some wolf meat and tosses it into the pan ::
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Apr-2020 21:59:12
:: takes to one side of the door, her paws flat against it, her claws extending in an attempt to wedge in between the doors, waiting for others to help. They're practiced in this routine by now ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Apr-2020 21:59:42
:: takes position on the other side of the door, bracing her hands against it ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Apr-2020 21:59:47
:: comes up to join the door opening ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Apr-2020 21:59:56
:: forgetting about her injured arm, she grabs the door next to Kuari, as they've done before ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Apr-2020 22:00:06
CO: Kate.
CO Capt Harper 29-Apr-2020 22:00:27
CSO: Hm?
SCI LtJG Jude 29-Apr-2020 22:00:28
:: sighs, and leaves the rooms. she goes to find Grey and Navarro ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Apr-2020 22:00:49
CO: Your arm.
MED Lt Acacia 29-Apr-2020 22:01:08
:: looks at Harper, nodding in agreement with Wright ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Apr-2020 22:01:28
CSO: My arm? :: notes Acacia's attention, then remembers :: Right.
:: gets out of the way ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 29-Apr-2020 22:01:35
:: checks the surroundings, and joins in on the door, adding his power. ::
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Apr-2020 22:01:55
::steps up and grabs the door to help push::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 29-Apr-2020 22:01:58
:: starts working on adding the spices, beginning to hum ::
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Apr-2020 22:02:22
:: opens another thing of spice, sniffs it, then sprinkles some in ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Apr-2020 22:03:07
ACTION> Harper watches as her away team members start to move the door, its protests metallic and screechy until a gap opens large enough for everyone, even Wolfe, to pass through.
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Apr-2020 22:04:05
:: stirs the cooking wolf with a utensil he found in a drawer ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Apr-2020 22:04:08
:: heaves to help open the door, huffing as it budges. She peers inside ::
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Apr-2020 22:04:18
:: flattens her ears at the screeching sound, then squeezes through the doorway's gap, wings up, and takes in the stale air ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 29-Apr-2020 22:04:27
::Wanders alone down the empty streets, searching, mapping each path in his mind as he plods along. He ducks in and out of derelict buildings, feeling the ghosts of the long gone shadowing him, looming over him like a cloud. He sighs and keeps going; this feeling in the back of his mind that he was looking for something more than the transcendance device.::
CTO LtC Wolfe 29-Apr-2020 22:04:49
:: watches around the area until everyone is inside, and then squeezes himself through the door as well. ::
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Apr-2020 22:05:02
::steps into the now open door, letting her eyes adjust::
CO Capt Harper 29-Apr-2020 22:05:04
:: follows her people inside ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Apr-2020 22:05:14
:: steps through the gap, looking around slowly ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Apr-2020 22:05:33
ACTION> Beyond the door is what's easily recognizable as a hospital reception room, similar in design to those on Earth. Some things would seem to be universal.
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Apr-2020 22:05:44
:: looks around, expecting a waiting room and is not disappointed ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Apr-2020 22:06:11
:: gestures to the reception desk and quips :: We should sign in.
MED Lt Acacia 29-Apr-2020 22:06:17
:: smiles slightly as her eyes adjust. She runs a hand over the back of one of the chairs, chuckling ::
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Apr-2020 22:06:50
::grins at Harper::
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Apr-2020 22:06:58
:: looks briefly around the lobby, then darts down a corridor, finding examination rooms ::
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Apr-2020 22:07:28
:: flips the cooking meat, finding it browning nicely, and the smell to be rather pleasant when combined with the spices ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Apr-2020 22:07:41
:: dips down a hallways as well, looking for the office ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Apr-2020 22:07:47
:: pushes past the door into the treatment area ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 29-Apr-2020 22:07:56
:: stands back to watch, perching on the counter, waiting before grinning at the smell :: NAV: Smells really good so far!
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Apr-2020 22:08:27
::looks around, trying to find a main ward, and maybe a supply room::
SCI LtJG Jude 29-Apr-2020 22:08:33
:: finally finds them. after wandering around and peeking in more rooms :: TAC2/NAV: Hey guys. So I checked the previously locked rooms and they are all like. Cleaning supplies, linens, equipment and the whatnot.
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Apr-2020 22:09:02
SCI: That would be what I would expect to find in a hotel.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 29-Apr-2020 22:09:30
:: curses at being startled by Jude, jerking her attention to the doorway :: SCI: Jesus! But... like Navarro said. Expected. What do you think of the smell?
MED Lt Acacia 29-Apr-2020 22:10:24
:: looks around the office, checking different trinkets to try and discern what they do, and seeing if she can get the main computer to turn on ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Apr-2020 22:11:09
ACTION> The hospital contains what one would think a hospital would, including examination rooms, a surgery ward full of technology, medical supply rooms, and offices.
MED Lt Acacia 29-Apr-2020 22:11:44
:: looks for the backup generators by following wiring ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Apr-2020 22:12:09
ACTION> The hospital is completely without power, though.
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Apr-2020 22:13:12
:: within an examination room, finds drawers of tools, but all are unpowered and useless ::
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Apr-2020 22:13:14
::eagerly searches through the medical supply rooms for anything useful::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Apr-2020 22:13:25
:: follows the trail to a back door, peering around outside :: Self: Hm..
CTO LtC Wolfe 29-Apr-2020 22:13:42
:: stays positioned at the door, where if anything decides to squeeze through, he can say hello with any necessary degree of violence. ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Apr-2020 22:13:54
:: joins Velina in her search :: CMO: Anything good yet?
SCI LtJG Jude 29-Apr-2020 22:14:06
:: looks down at food :: TAC2: Seems fine time me.
CO Capt Harper 29-Apr-2020 22:14:12
:: enters a treatment room and looks around ::
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Apr-2020 22:14:13
::and also looks through the surgical tools; even if they're not powered, maybe someone can figure out how to get them working later::
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Apr-2020 22:14:47
:: thinks that the wolf is done cooking, so he finds three plates and divides up his experiment ::
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Apr-2020 22:15:30
:: decides to take one of each tool, slips them into her pouch, then trots out of the room. She assumes the other rooms have the same equipment, and heads back out into the lobby ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Apr-2020 22:15:32
:: opens a cabinet and finds some bandages, so she puts those in her backpack ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Apr-2020 22:15:38
:: looks back and forth between an air conditioning unit and what could be a backup generator, rubbing her chin ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Apr-2020 22:16:54
:: finds a few old-fashioned tools and pockets those ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 29-Apr-2020 22:17:04
::Winces a little as he feels a stabbing sensation in his foot.:: Self: Mmmm. ::Kneels down to examine the trouble, finding small sliver of glass piercing the skin. There's no broken windows that he can see nearby; and he ponders the the journey the shard must have taken, being worn down but still sharp. He sits in the street meditatively, as he pulls the glass out.::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Apr-2020 22:18:01
:: finds a rip-cord on one of the devices, gasping as she dares to hope. She checks it gently first, before taking a deep breath to find her bravery. She gives it a rip! ... ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 29-Apr-2020 22:18:05
:: takes the offered plate, beginning to nibble on her piece slowly :: NAV: This is... actually, really good!
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Apr-2020 22:18:28
:: takes a bite and nods in agreement :: My compliments to the chef. :: chuckles ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Apr-2020 22:18:47
ACTION> The rip cord does nothing.
:: pockets a few other bottles that she finds of interest ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Apr-2020 22:19:25
:: tries it a second, and a third time. She leans in, listening to gears spin without power :: Self: Grr..
CO Capt Harper 29-Apr-2020 22:20:22
:: finds a glass thermometer, and though the units are a mystery, they'll be able to establish what is normal on the scale ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Apr-2020 22:20:31
:: opens a box of what appears to be adhesive bandages and tries one, disappointed that it doesn't seem to be sticky any longer ::
SCI LtJG Jude 29-Apr-2020 22:21:59
:: takes a small bites :: NAV: It’s no gold caviar pizza, but it will do. :: grins ::
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Apr-2020 22:22:22
::finds a stash of small glass bottles with writing, along with some syringes, several opaque bottles that rattle, which might be pills, all in varying states of degradation after 200 years::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Apr-2020 22:22:33
:: sighs, heading back inside through the back door and looking for drug storage. ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 29-Apr-2020 22:22:49
::Flicks the glass away and stands back up, looking around; there is a hard gust of wind, blowing his hood down.:: Self: That way... ::Continues trotting along, his walkig stick echoing through the ghostly streets.::
CO Capt Harper 29-Apr-2020 22:22:52
:: pockets a bottle of pills labeled pain reliever before heading back to the reception area ::
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Apr-2020 22:23:43
:: finds a cabinet of splints and tourniquets and takes a few, stuffing them also in her pouch, but they poke out because they're too long ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Apr-2020 22:24:36
:: stuffs every variety of handheld device she can find in her bag, as well as any pills and vials, not knowing what's what. ::
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Apr-2020 22:24:38
:: pours a few glasses of water from the sink and hands them out as they finish their meal ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Apr-2020 22:24:49
:: looks over at Velina, who still hasn't answered her :: CMO: ...Velina?
MED Lt Acacia 29-Apr-2020 22:26:48
:: keeps an eye out for the non-medical storage, hoping for a can of fuel ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Apr-2020 22:27:00
:: heads down another hallway and finds a room with rows of seats facing an altar ::
:: realizes that she's in a chapel, and wonders if this place was in heavy use before the transcendence ::
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Apr-2020 22:28:10
::is buried deep in a cabinet, inspecting the things on the shelves, and replies with a muffled voice:: CSO: Lots of meds and a few syringes, and... ::pulls an item from the back:: Huh. A bone saw...
MED Lt Acacia 29-Apr-2020 22:28:25
:: rifles through the lower shelves of a maintenance closet, carefully wafting the contents of containers towards herself ::
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Apr-2020 22:28:50
::puts the saw into her backpack and keeps digging::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Apr-2020 22:28:53
:: grabs handheld tools and supplies like swabs and bandages by the handful, stuffing them in her backpack ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Apr-2020 22:29:15
:: leaves, suddenly feeling like an interloper, finding it strange to just now start feeling that way after all this time here, and closes the door somewhat reverently behind her ::
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Apr-2020 22:30:18
:: waits in the lobby, sitting and pulling out the longer supplies from her pouch ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Apr-2020 22:30:19
CMO: I'm going to go look for maybe a surgical suite.
CO Capt Harper 29-Apr-2020 22:30:49
:: returns to the lobby once more, finding Kuari ::
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Apr-2020 22:30:50
::grabs another item off the shelf, resembling a very long hook:: CSO: That would be a good idea.
MED Lt Acacia 29-Apr-2020 22:31:04
:: grumbles, about ready to give up on getting into the computer. She kicks a mop over, going to loot some more medical supplies instead ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Apr-2020 22:31:13
:: looks askance at the hook and goes off deeper into the facility ::
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Apr-2020 22:31:43
Self: Ooh, forceps. ::picks a pair of tong like thingies from a third shelf::
CO Capt Harper 29-Apr-2020 22:32:14
Mop> ...
XO: Find anything good?
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Apr-2020 22:33:00
:: holds out the splints and tourniquets :: CO: Will these fit in your pack? I can trade you some things that fit better.
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Apr-2020 22:33:04
La capitana said to check the food synthesizer fuel levels. Have either of you tried them?
MED Lt Acacia 29-Apr-2020 22:33:13
:: finds the lab and is struck by a strange, eerie feeling. She steps in slowly, walking up to a device that's far too large to bring--she leans in, peering through the lens of their microscope, breathing out with wonder at how familiar it all felt. :: Self: Wow.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 29-Apr-2020 22:34:10
NAV: I haven't yet. But also, I take a bit longer in doing things currently. :: waves her injured wrist clumsily before pushing herself off the counter to land on the floor ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Apr-2020 22:34:20
:: after some searching stumbles upon what looks like a surgical suite! ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 29-Apr-2020 22:35:01
::Waves his cane ahead of himself, closing his eyes and following it like a divining rod, his progress slowing; but he feel a greater sense of connection to somehting. Flashes of "The Last Day" entering his mind, sounds and smells coming to him, the feeling of the air on his skin.: Self: I've been here before... ::Wobbles and stumbles, slumping against a wall, his head spinning he takes a deep breath to regain himself.:: Here.... ::He hammers the cane on the ground.:: This is where it all started...
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Apr-2020 22:35:19
:: rifling through drawers, finds packages of gowns, gloves, and what appear to be sterilized surgical tools, including sutures and scalpels ::
:: shoves them into her bag by the handful ::
SCI LtJG Jude 29-Apr-2020 22:36:16
:: raises a finger, and walks over to the one in the kitchen, and randomly taps at it, hoping something happens ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Apr-2020 22:36:18
:: runs a hand reverently down the side of the microscope as she steps past it, noting the equipment. She starts putting together a lab kit. Beakers, sample plates, her usual fare ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Apr-2020 22:36:37
ACTION> The synthesizer screen turns on, displaying lots of Gencodian words.
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Apr-2020 22:37:25
::grabs a couple more surgical gowns off of another shelf, along with masks, gloves and head coverings::
CO Capt Harper 29-Apr-2020 22:38:18
:: takes what Kuari offers and puts them away in her pack :: XO: Easily.
:: peeks out the door, noting that they've been here a while, searching, and noon has passed :: XO: We should head back soon.
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Apr-2020 22:39:19
:: finishes ransacking the surgical suite and heads back to the lobby area, her bag bulging and full ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Apr-2020 22:39:23
:: fills the top of the lab kit with the containers of sealed chemicals she finds in the lab, sticking a few last pieces of tech in her bag before hefting it back onto her back. She heads for the lobby, wondering how the others are faring ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 29-Apr-2020 22:39:28
:: glances to Navarro, expression slightly hopeful :: NAV: Do we have enough meat to make a dish out of the spiced meat for when everyone gets back?
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Apr-2020 22:40:03
TAC2: Yes, we do! What a great idea. I'm sure they'll be ready for a hot meal.
SCI LtJG Jude 29-Apr-2020 22:40:33
:: starts tapping random genecodian words ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 29-Apr-2020 22:41:03
NAV: But... Commander Kuari's might need to be turned over the fire... knowing her portion size :: grins, offering to help with spicing the meat before handing it over to Navarro for the cooking ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Apr-2020 22:41:16
ACTION> The synthesizer dispenses a plate of some kind of root vegetables, raw.
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Apr-2020 22:41:32
:: heads out to retrieve the meat for the meal ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Apr-2020 22:41:57
:: sets her bag on a chair in the lobby to save energy for the walk back, waiting for the others to finish their search ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 29-Apr-2020 22:42:13
::Presses himself against the wall, crawling up to his feet; but the rush of sensations and emotions treatens to overwhelm him. He falls back to the floor, cradling his head as he tries to concentrate and focus on the moment.::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Apr-2020 22:42:25
:: goes over to Emily :: MED: I found some great supplies!
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Apr-2020 22:42:31
::grabs a few more easy to carry items and closes the top of her very full backpack and heads out to the main lobby::
CO Capt Harper 29-Apr-2020 22:42:57
:: as Tailor arrives, being the last :: I hope everyone found some useful things!
MED Lt Acacia 29-Apr-2020 22:43:02
:: grins at Wright, excited for her :: CSO: Nice! So did I. Tons of good stuff.
CTO LtC Wolfe 29-Apr-2020 22:43:53
:: is still intent on the door, even if he looks at ease ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 29-Apr-2020 22:44:11
:: has mixed up the spices used in a pan she had found, getting everything ready for the dinner preparations with a clean platter opposite the pan for the done meat, ready to help ::
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Apr-2020 22:44:37
:: looks at all the full packs, happy their mission was a success ::
SCI LtJG Jude 29-Apr-2020 22:44:57
:: picks up vegetable and goes over to Grey and Navarro :: TAC2/NAV: Well. Seems to work.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 29-Apr-2020 22:45:42
:: taps her chin in thought at the plate of vegetables :: SCI: Can you get another pan out and possibly cook those up?
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Apr-2020 22:46:07
:: returns with a lot more meat and sees the vegetable Jude is holding :: Ah! Mind chopping it up? With the meat, it could be a stir-fry, of sorts.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 29-Apr-2020 22:46:41
NAV: Even better! :: turns to Jude :: SCI: His suggestion, even better. Let's get it done.
CO Capt Harper 29-Apr-2020 22:46:58
Well, it is after noon, so we should return to the hotel. Is everyone ready to go?
SCI LtJG Jude 29-Apr-2020 22:47:24
TAC2: Cooking isn’t my realm of expertise. Baking, however... :: chef kiss ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Apr-2020 22:47:26
:: nods, though her stomach is growling ::
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Apr-2020 22:47:29
:: nods :: CO: Ready.
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Apr-2020 22:47:45
All: Maybe we can get a quick bite before we head out.
CTO LtC Wolfe 29-Apr-2020 22:47:50
ALL: Need any help carrying anything? Nothing too breakable, mind you.
MED Lt Acacia 29-Apr-2020 22:48:07
:: smiles and nods, shouldering her pack full of gadgets and lab gear :: CO: Ready. :: she ignores Wolfe, since she's carrying glass ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Apr-2020 22:48:09
:: looks guiltily at Velina, wondering if her stomach growling was audible ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Apr-2020 22:48:12
Ah, yes! :: passes out jerky and water for a quick bite ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 29-Apr-2020 22:48:18
SCI: Well, we don't have much in the way of baking. Just chop those and throw it with the meat... Navarro and I can handle the rest, maybe you can scrounge up something to bake in the mean time?
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Apr-2020 22:48:27
:: passes around her canteen ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Apr-2020 22:48:28
:: takes the snack with a smile ::
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Apr-2020 22:48:55
:: finds himself wishing for something a bit spicier, but this'll have to do ::
:: chops up the wolf meat ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 29-Apr-2020 22:49:41
:: is sprinkling the spice mix over the meat, waiting for the vegetables to be handed her way, for the stir-fry kind of thing ::
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Apr-2020 22:49:52
::smiles:: CO/CSO: Thanks! ::gets a sip of water and gnaws hungrily on the jerky::
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Apr-2020 22:50:07
:: takes some jerky and chew it hungrily, and uses one of the water bottles ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Apr-2020 22:50:30
:: eats some as well, as her stomach rumbles while she's passing out the jerky ::
SCI LtJG Jude 29-Apr-2020 22:50:48
:: picks up a knife, and cuts the vegetable thinly ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Apr-2020 22:52:27
:: as everyone finishes eating, she stands :: Shall we head back?
TAC2 1Lt Grey 29-Apr-2020 22:53:03
:: takes the sliced vegetables, adding them into the pan as the meat cooked, being sure to add a little bit more spice mix to the meal in prep. ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Apr-2020 22:53:03
:: nods, getting back up and shouldering her pack with renewed energy :: CO: Yep!
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Apr-2020 22:53:06
:: nods, ready to head out ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 29-Apr-2020 22:53:22
:: steps outside ahead of everyone to survey and clear the immediate area ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Apr-2020 22:53:39
:: slips out the door and shoulders her pack, hooking her thumbs in the straps again ::
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Apr-2020 22:53:48
::hefts her backpack on and stands up::
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Apr-2020 22:55:10
:: heads out the door, her light load hardly noticed, but medical supplies aren't as bulky as some of their fetch missions ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Apr-2020 22:55:35
ACTION> As the afternoon progresses, the away team makes their way back to Hotel Solace, the trip uneventful.
MED Lt Acacia 29-Apr-2020 22:56:05
CMO: Where are we setting up the medical stuff?
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Apr-2020 22:56:29
:: has prepared a meal of stir-fried wolf, with Ryleigh's and Linxi's help ::
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Apr-2020 22:56:58
:: enters the hotel, immediately lifting her nose and smelling the spiced meal ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Apr-2020 22:57:34
:: sniffs the air as they walk in as well, distracted from thoughts of getting a lab space ready.. :: Self: Ooh~
SCI LtJG Jude 29-Apr-2020 22:57:47
:: washes hands ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Apr-2020 22:57:49
:: sniffs :: Hey, that is not our normal fare.
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Apr-2020 22:57:51
:: smells, hungry :: All: What is...
TAC2 1Lt Grey 29-Apr-2020 22:58:10
:: is happy with the meal that the three of them had managed to piece together, emerging from the kitchen with a grin :: CO: We got dinner made?
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Apr-2020 22:58:21
MED: Ground floor, near a water supply... ::thinks::
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Apr-2020 22:58:23
:: follows her nose to the kitchen ::
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Apr-2020 22:58:51
:: emerges with plates of stir-fried wolf with mystery tuber and old spices ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Apr-2020 22:58:59
:: nods, setting her pack down for now and heading towards the food :: CMO: And I'll just put the lab and medical storage next door to the patient room, I think.
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Apr-2020 22:59:23
:: looks at Navarro reverently, as if he is the second coming ::
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Apr-2020 22:59:36
:: grins and happily takes a plate :: NAV/TAC2: Thank you!
CO Capt Harper 29-Apr-2020 22:59:45
NAV/TAC2/SCI: Thank you all so much!
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Apr-2020 22:59:49
All: Did anyone find a first aid room or something like that?
SCI LtJG Jude 29-Apr-2020 22:59:51
:: walks out of kitchen ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Apr-2020 23:00:06
:: looks at Navarro with what might just be love in her eyes. She takes a wolf taco, digging in ::
SCI LtJG Jude 29-Apr-2020 23:00:10
CMO: I found endless rooms of cleaning supplies and linens.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 29-Apr-2020 23:00:21
:: grins, taking the offered plates to hand them off to Harper and Acacia :: All: You're welcome! We tried a piece already, it's really good. Some mystery vegetable, wolf meat and spices found in the back of the cabinet.
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Apr-2020 23:00:30
:: sits and holds the plate, making short work of the savory meal ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Apr-2020 23:00:38
:: shrugs off her backpack and takes a plate ::
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Apr-2020 23:00:49
:: grins as he passes around the plates ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 29-Apr-2020 23:01:22
:: settles down next to Acacia, taking the offered plate with a quiet thank you, also making short work ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Apr-2020 23:01:52
:: devours spiced wolf and mystery tuber ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Apr-2020 23:02:03
:: takes a moment to chew and swallow, then grins :: TAC2/NAV: Wow, this is really nice.
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Apr-2020 23:02:03
:: once everyone has a plate, he settles next to Emily and digs in ::
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Apr-2020 23:02:09
:: licks the plate clean ::
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Apr-2020 23:02:10
SCI: Good, those could be useful.
CTO LtC Wolfe 29-Apr-2020 23:02:17
:: is ready to relax now, none of his crew having died this mission. He plates up and sits down a little ways from everyone ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 29-Apr-2020 23:02:23
All: Find anything interesting at the hospital?
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Apr-2020 23:02:44
:: swallows a mouthful :: TAC2/NAV/SCI: This is really nice, thank you!
MED Lt Acacia 29-Apr-2020 23:02:52
TAC2: Lab toys, chemicals, handheld tech.. I'm hopeful once it's charged I'll have everything I need.
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Apr-2020 23:03:08
:: pulls out a dead tool from her pouch, showing it to Grey :: TAC2: No power, though.
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Apr-2020 23:03:13
:: dips his head to Wright ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Apr-2020 23:03:33
:: nods in agreement :: TAC2/XO: So that's the next challenge.
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Apr-2020 23:03:38
::plops her very full backpack on the ground::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Apr-2020 23:03:48
TAC2: I found scalpels and sutures and some others things that I don't have enough medical training to identify.
CO Capt Harper 29-Apr-2020 23:04:11
:: gratefully eats the plate of stir-fry, feeling heartened by the effort her crew made while they were away ::
SCI LtJG Jude 29-Apr-2020 23:04:17
:: eats her portion :: XO: Maybe there are solar panels on the roof like here? Maybe I could go with y’all next time and try to find the electric.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 29-Apr-2020 23:04:47
MED: That's good at least. :: raises an eyebrow curiously at Wright's response :: CSO: Oh really? Interesting.
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Apr-2020 23:05:20
SCI: Maybe! Thank you for the meal, by the way.
MED Lt Acacia 29-Apr-2020 23:05:31
:: nods in agreement :: SCI: Yeah, I think getting into the hospital's computer could prove useful.
CO Capt Harper 29-Apr-2020 23:06:00
ACTION> The evening is met with a hearty meal and fellowship as the crew is reunited at Hotel Solace.
SCI LtJG Jude 29-Apr-2020 23:06:01
CO: Maybe you can look at the kitchen synthesizer and translate it?
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Apr-2020 23:06:03
MED: If we can get the power going, we might be able to actually use the hospital facilities.
CO Capt Harper 29-Apr-2020 23:06:14
SCI: Of course!
MED Lt Acacia 29-Apr-2020 23:06:15
CMO: Ooh, that too.
:: chows down on her meal happily, listening in as everyone discusses their plans ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 29-Apr-2020 23:07:31
::Regains consciousness, opening his eyes to the floor, before rolling over. Disoriented, his skull feeling like a collection of pistons pushing their way out of his skull. The blur in his eyes finally giving way to the sky.:: Self: How long, have I been here... ::He groans slowly sitting himself up, propping up against the wall.::
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Apr-2020 23:07:35
MED: Ok, so for the first aid room.. there's a pool, so there would be showers and a water supply. Maybe we can use the locker room area.
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Apr-2020 23:07:46
:: sits on the floor, tired but feeling better than she did this morning ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Apr-2020 23:08:03
:: gives Tailor an affirmative thumbs-up, her mouth full ::
SCI LtJG Jude 29-Apr-2020 23:08:07
:: blinks :: Wait. Where’s Ilaihr? I haven’t seen him all day.
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Apr-2020 23:08:19
All: Say, where's Ilaihr?
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Apr-2020 23:08:35
:: looks around uselessly ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 29-Apr-2020 23:08:50
:: leans into Acacia slightly, trying to get her attention :: MED: Find any... pain meds? :: startles with a curse, heaving herself up :: CSO: I don't know. I haven't seen him all day...
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Apr-2020 23:09:00
All: He does tend to wander off.
CTO LtC Wolfe 29-Apr-2020 23:09:08
all: Knowing him? He's sunbathing nude on the roof.
MED Lt Acacia 29-Apr-2020 23:09:23
:: closes her eyes, taking a deep breath and ~feeling~ around the hotel for Ilaihr ::
SCI LtJG Jude 29-Apr-2020 23:09:28
:: sighs and shuts her eyes, trying to ~telepath~ reach him to try and find where he is ::
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Apr-2020 23:09:30
::looks around:: All: Is he asleep somewhere maybe? Does he have a room?
MED Lt Acacia 29-Apr-2020 23:11:21
:: exhales, peeking open one eye to look at Jude :: All: He's.. alive. He's nearby. That's all I got.. :: she defers to Jude ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Apr-2020 23:11:23
:: looks around, wondering about Ilaihr, but not particularly worried, knowing him ::
SCI LtJG Jude 29-Apr-2020 23:11:55
~CEO: Hey man. Are you there? Where are you?~
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Apr-2020 23:12:03
MED: That's good to know. ::looks to Jude::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 29-Apr-2020 23:12:22
::He stares at his hand, the daze having it shift from his usual grayish tone to another colour, foreign to him, before focusing and he could see his own skin again.:: Self: Strrraaaaa...nnnnggge
SCI LtJG Jude 29-Apr-2020 23:13:10
:: scrunches face :: ~CEO: Ilaihr?~
:: stands up and leaves without looking at the crew. she walks out of the hotel and starts wandering around, telepathically reaching out to Ilaihr ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Apr-2020 23:15:04
ACTION> Over the next few days, we firmly establish Hotel Solace as a base, with the rooftop solar power providing electricity that even lasts a fair bit into the night, and the comfortable beds ease the remaining time before sunrise turns the power back on. As the weeks go by, our explorations carry us farther and farther from the hotel, and we find several useful discoveries to boost our quality of life; additional fuel for the food synthesizers, stores that contain almost any material good that we might need, and the pool and spa water even clears up from the automatic cleaners. However, despite eventually locating the arch that the Gencodians once used to transcend, it is nonfunctional with no insight to be found into its operation. No further clues are ever found to uncover why we are here, or how to get home. One year later… PAUSE SIM PAUSE SIM PAUSE SIM
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