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Lost Harbor
On the evening of the ninth day, our away team has returned to the hotel that now serves as our makeshift home, having achieved their mission to gather firewood in the nearby forested area that was once a park. Unfortunately, while they were in the park, our lumberjacks were attacked by horned lupine creatures with whip-like tails, and Captain Harper suffered a bite to her arm.
After 08-Apr-2020 00:00:00
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 21:10:03
:: cradling her injured arm, she does a quick visual survey of the rest of the team that returned with her, making sure they are all unharmed ::
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Apr-2020 21:11:40
:: frets over her wife's injury ::
CO: Fine??
NAV Lt Navarro 08-Apr-2020 21:12:31
:: while concerned about la capitana's injury, he knows she will be well-attended to by las doctoras, so he stays outside after dumping his armful of wood to start assembling the fire-to-be ::
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 21:12:48
:: smiles through the pain :: CSO: Relatively speaking.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 08-Apr-2020 21:13:28
:: she was using Acacia as a pillow, content to not move ::
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Apr-2020 21:13:45
:: tries to look more closely at the wound ::
MED Lt Acacia 08-Apr-2020 21:13:47
:: opens her eyes suddenly, eyebrows furrowing. Why does it feel like someone is in pain...? She looks over at Grey, but it's not her this time. She very carefully slides out from under the marine to head back down the steps and investigate. ::
CMO Lt Tailor 08-Apr-2020 21:13:58
::makes her way out of the kitchen and into the main lobby, seeing Kate gingerly cradling her arm and Wright fretting over her:: CO: Are you ok? What happened?
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 21:15:16
CMO: Wolf-creature-thing attack. :: gingerly offers her arm for Tailor and Wright to inspect, revealing ragged tooth marks that are still bleeding ::
SCI LtJG Jude 08-Apr-2020 21:15:17
:: throws knife to ground and starts very... violently... banging the door :: poSmoH SoH petaQ!
CTO LtC Wolfe 08-Apr-2020 21:15:27
:: watches the doting from a bit of a distance, not interfering in any way ::
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 21:15:27
Door> :: immovable ::
XO Cdr Kuari 08-Apr-2020 21:15:31
:: begins to calm down after being on high alert on their way back from the park, and she takes notice of Harper and Wright, specifically the injury and walks close ::
MED Lt Acacia 08-Apr-2020 21:15:58
:: lands on the ground floor and beelines for Harper as she sees the gathering, before quickly changing course to go grab the backpack full of medical supplies ::
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Apr-2020 21:16:02
:: reluctantly lets Dr. Tailor take the lead ::
CMO Lt Tailor 08-Apr-2020 21:16:29
::inspects the wound:: CSO: My first aid kit is in my backpack upstairs in my room. ::thinks:: Number... 214? I'm going to need the alcohol and bandages that are in there.
MED Lt Acacia 08-Apr-2020 21:17:04
:: pauses and turns, figuring Wright can handle that on her own. She looks around :: All: Is anyone else injured?
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Apr-2020 21:17:22
:: nods and runs up the stairs two at a time ::
CMO Lt Tailor 08-Apr-2020 21:17:33
CSO: And if you can find any sewing kits in the rooms as well, it'd be really useful. ::turns to Kate:: CO: Sorry Captain, I think this wound needs to be stitched.
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 21:18:05
:: the lack of her hand's pressure on the wounds now causing blood to well up and spill over, stark red exclamation marks against her pale skin :: CMO: I do not suppose you have found any rum while we were away, then?
XO Cdr Kuari 08-Apr-2020 21:18:19
:: peeks at Tailor to one side, getting her nose closer to Harper's arm ::
MED Lt Acacia 08-Apr-2020 21:18:29
:: hurries up next to Tailor and helps put pressure on the wound with both of her hands ::
CMO Lt Tailor 08-Apr-2020 21:18:57
CO: Maybe in the restaurant?
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Apr-2020 21:19:00
:: can't read the damn numbers on the door and panics, then stopsto calm herself and remembers that she knows which room Dr. Tailor was in ::
SCI LtJG Jude 08-Apr-2020 21:19:05
:: goes around trying to find skinny things she could use to wedge the bloody fucking door open. if she has to spend the entire plot trying to open the door, she will ::
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 21:19:41
:: sits down, wincing ::
CMO Lt Tailor 08-Apr-2020 21:19:54
XO: Can you go see if there's a bar please? And bring back something that would dull the pain... Not ideal, but I don't exactly have any anesthetic here.
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 21:20:04
:: looks to Kuari :: XO: I am fine, my friend.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 08-Apr-2020 21:20:56
::Wanders around the hotel grounds, scouting for any way of climbing up to the roof easily.::
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Apr-2020 21:21:24
:: paws through the backpack until she finds something that looks like a first aid kit, but second guesses herself and just grabs the whole thing, rushing to bring it back down ::
XO Cdr Kuari 08-Apr-2020 21:21:39
:: peers at Tailor again at her request, but focuses on Harper :: CO: Your wound needs disinfecting. Would you mind? :: she slips her thin tongue out the front of her mouth, as if presenting it ::
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 21:22:47
:: blinks a few times, then remembers a detail from Kuari's file ::
CMO Lt Tailor 08-Apr-2020 21:22:56
::gives Kuari a curious look before remembering the properties of her saliva::
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 21:23:05
:: raises her arm, wiping away most of the blood before presenting it to Kuari ::
SCI LtJG Jude 08-Apr-2020 21:23:23
:: as a second to last resort, she just decides to make a run for the door and jump at it ::
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 21:23:32
Door> :: nope ::
MED Lt Acacia 08-Apr-2020 21:23:33
:: looks between the two, bewildered for a moment. However, sensing they know what they're talking about, she releases Harper's arm ::
SCI LtJG Jude 08-Apr-2020 21:24:23
:: continues to curse at the door in Klingon ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 08-Apr-2020 21:24:56
::Thinks one of the top floor windows may be close enough to reach the roof, but is uncertain.::
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Apr-2020 21:26:10
:: arrives, breathless, with the medical backpack ::
MED Lt Acacia 08-Apr-2020 21:26:39
:: offers Wright a sincere, appreciative smile and digs the sewing kit out of the backpack, handing it to Tailor ::
XO Cdr Kuari 08-Apr-2020 21:26:42
:: turns her head a little to line up with Harper's arm and gingerly draws her tongue over the wound ::
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 21:26:56
:: dragon-licked ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 08-Apr-2020 21:27:17
:: misses having that... skillset? on his tactical team ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 08-Apr-2020 21:28:11
::Trails along up a set of stairs, making a final sweep of the building before he tries anything.::
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 21:28:57
:: expected Kuari's tongue to be cat-like, for some reason, so she's surprised to find it somewhat smoother than that ::
CMO Lt Tailor 08-Apr-2020 21:28:58
::gives an inward shudder, licking the wound is completely the opposite of what she would normally recommend::
SCI LtJG Jude 08-Apr-2020 21:29:17
:: starts wondering if the door is Gencodian voice activated. just only notices the return of the others ::
MED Lt Acacia 08-Apr-2020 21:29:54
:: doesn't even question it at this point ::
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Apr-2020 21:30:48
:: watches, confused ::
XO Cdr Kuari 08-Apr-2020 21:30:56
:: is still licking ::
CMO Lt Tailor 08-Apr-2020 21:31:31
::smiles at Lexi:: CSO: Thank you. ::looks through the backpack and gets out the first aid kit and sewing kit, along with the bandages, spreading them out on the cleanest table she can find nearby::
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 21:31:47
:: the oddity of it all actually distracts her from the pain ::
MED Lt Acacia 08-Apr-2020 21:32:25
:: sits by, not needing to crowd Tailor as she has this handled but still ready to be called upon ::
NAV Lt Navarro 08-Apr-2020 21:32:38
:: has assembled the wood into a pile that will easily burn, so he slips inside to look for something to light it with ::
SCI LtJG Jude 08-Apr-2020 21:32:59
:: walks over to Harper, and momentarily looks at the licking :: CO: Err- quick question. Is there some Gencodian equivalent of open sesame?
MED Lt Acacia 08-Apr-2020 21:33:40
:: chuckles :: SCI: Even if there were, no power.
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 21:33:52
:: looks up at Jude while her arm is being licked :: SCI: With no electricity, what would hear you say that?
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Apr-2020 21:34:41
CMO/MED: Are we sure that whatever bit her isn't venomous?
MED Lt Acacia 08-Apr-2020 21:35:54
:: looks Harper up and down thoughtfully :: CSO: I'm gonna say... no. If it were, we'd be able to tell pretty quick.
SCI LtJG Jude 08-Apr-2020 21:36:01
:: curses to herself again, and goes off to find Ilaihr to resume a search for. whatever turns on the electric ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 08-Apr-2020 21:36:03
::Pauses a moment, stopping at a staircase he had sworn he hadn't seen before; at the far end of the hotel. Starts walking up them, curiously.::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 08-Apr-2020 21:36:13
:: slowly moves to the door, hopping on one foot to keep the other pressure-free, wandering into the hall and to the edge of the stairs, peering down curiously, using the railing for support to make her way down, curious what had happened ::
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 21:36:21
CMO/MED: I do not feel any adverse effects, other than it hurting like hell.
MED Lt Acacia 08-Apr-2020 21:36:32
CO: And the pain is localized?
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 21:36:55
ACTION> When Ilaihr reaches the top of the stairs, he finds a gate blocking more stairs up with a sign on it.
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Apr-2020 21:36:56
:: frowns :: CO: I thought you were "fine"?
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 21:37:03
:: nods to Acacia ::
XO Cdr Kuari 08-Apr-2020 21:37:09
:: finally stops, eyeing the wound cross-eyed for a moment :: CO: It's clean now. :: backs up, as Tailor and Acacia are hovering ::
MED Lt Acacia 08-Apr-2020 21:37:09
:: nods back :: CO: Good.
:: turns to Wright, putting a hand on her shoulder. She lowers her voice a bit, leaning in. :: CSO: She is.
CMO Lt Tailor 08-Apr-2020 21:37:40
::waits for Kuari to be done licking::
MED Lt Acacia 08-Apr-2020 21:37:51
CSO: Want to sit down? :: she gestures to a nearby lobby couch ::
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Apr-2020 21:37:59
:: adopts the "was worried but now is just annoyed" wife pose ::
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 21:38:02
:: smiles at her wife, hoping to soothe her :: CSO: I am in good hands, so yes.
XO: Thank you, Kuari. Yet again, I am in your debt.
CMO Lt Tailor 08-Apr-2020 21:38:08
::looks at the wound for any sign of venom reaction, after swabbing the area with alcohol and a bandage::
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 21:38:23
ACTION> The wound shows no sign of venom.
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Apr-2020 21:38:51
:: fails to take the hint from Acacia ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 08-Apr-2020 21:39:04
::Looks over the writing on the sign, as he noted the font and form of the sign itself, to determine it's meaning; before analysing the gate for a latch or lock.::
CMO Lt Tailor 08-Apr-2020 21:39:07
CSO: Did you see a bar in the restaurant? I didn't look.
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 21:39:26
ACTION> The sign is polite in font, and the gate is latched.
MED Lt Acacia 08-Apr-2020 21:40:05
:: chuckles, grabbing Wright's hand instead and gently tugging her along as she takes a step towards the restaurant :: CMO/CSO: We'll go look!
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Apr-2020 21:41:26
:: is reluctant to follow along, but after looking at Acacia, finally picks up on the hints and allows herself to be pulled into the restaurant ::
XO Cdr Kuari 08-Apr-2020 21:41:54
:: notes the presence of medical supplies and two doctors, and decides she's no longer needed here. CO: Wolfe and I should go get what we can from the wolves. CO/CMO: Do you think they're safe to eat?
SCI LtJG Jude 08-Apr-2020 21:41:57
:: finally finds Ilaihr :: CEO: Anything new?
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 08-Apr-2020 21:42:02
Self: Perhaps... "Please close the gate" I wonder? Or "Employees only."? ::Reaches for the latch.::
MED Lt Acacia 08-Apr-2020 21:42:24
:: releases Wright's hand as she begins following. Knowing the commander is especially stressed and distracted she keeps her eyes peeled for signs of alcohol as they head towards the restaurant. She lets the silence linger for a moment so Wright's pulse can slow down. ::
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 21:42:26
:: sometimes, she really hates having to put on the Captain's face, she thinks as she watches Lexy get pulled away ::
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 21:42:36
:: considers Kuari's question :: XO: I do not know, but we did not know with the other meat, either, so there is only one way to find out.
NAV Lt Navarro 08-Apr-2020 21:43:07
:: nudges into the circle around Harper :: CO: Capitana, sorry to bother, but didn't you find a lighter?
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 08-Apr-2020 21:43:24
SCI: Everyday. ::Chuckles.::
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 21:43:26
NAV: Yes! Front pocket of my pack. :: gestures at it ::
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Apr-2020 21:43:47
:: looks around the area in silence for a few moments before commenting in slightly forced light tones :: MED: relationships are hard in normal times.
NAV Lt Navarro 08-Apr-2020 21:43:55
CO: ¡Gracias! :: heads over to retrieve it ::
MED Lt Acacia 08-Apr-2020 21:44:35
:: smiles warmly, searching what looks to have been a cooler and opening a few bottles to gingerly sniff them :: CSO: Yup.
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Apr-2020 21:45:08
:: looks under countertops and in cabinets for bottles ::
NAV Lt Navarro 08-Apr-2020 21:45:17
:: finds the lighter in Harper's pack, then moves back out to the courtyard to burn stuff ::
CMO Lt Tailor 08-Apr-2020 21:46:27
CO: Hopefully they won't be too long. ::wipes down her hands and the needle with alcohol from the little bottle, to sterilize as much as she can.:: CO: Keep putting pressure on the wound.
MED Lt Acacia 08-Apr-2020 21:46:44
CSO: It's okay to worr- HUGH :: she points out, before gagging as she gets a whiff of a rancid bottle :: Self: Hah, nope.
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Apr-2020 21:47:11
:: finds a few bottles that are interestingly shaped and pulls them out to smell them, though Emily's reaction to hers gives her a moment's pause ::
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 21:47:42
:: presses on the bandage that Tailor applied ::
:: winces and sucks air in through her teeth, wondering why this seems to hurt more than it looks like it should ::
ACTION> As Wright and Acacia search, the bottles becomes more ornate and decorative, and start to smell more pleasant.
MED Lt Acacia 08-Apr-2020 21:49:42
:: tries another of the same bottle and realizes it's whatever that is, pushing all of the bottles with that label to the side and moving on to search another shelf :: CSO: Well, I'm glad we're at least together.
CMO Lt Tailor 08-Apr-2020 21:52:14
XO: Right, wolf meat. It wouldn't be my first choice, but I suppose if we had to eat it, we could.
MED Lt Acacia 08-Apr-2020 21:52:50
:: sniffs something that's definitely alcohol, but she's not sure how safe. She sets it aside :: CSO: Uh, pile for.. things to bring to Kate to read.
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Apr-2020 21:52:55
:: is unsure what she means:: MED: I'm very glad I'm not alone with the Colonel anymore, if that's what you mean. No offense to him. Just.
XO Cdr Kuari 08-Apr-2020 21:53:14
:: nods to both Tailor and Harper, already turning away :: CO/CMO: We'll get going then. The hunt came to us, this time!
CMO Lt Tailor 08-Apr-2020 21:53:14
::wonders why it's taking so long to find a bottle or two of hard liquor::
MED Lt Acacia 08-Apr-2020 21:53:21
:: laugh-snorts :: CSO: I know what you mean.
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Apr-2020 21:53:23
:: nods and adds a couple bottles to the pile herself ::
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 21:53:30
XO: Be careful, in case there are more.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 08-Apr-2020 21:53:54
::Reaches a bit more for the latch.:: SCI: Also, more stairs.
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Apr-2020 21:54:22
MED: Do you want to take these few in, while I keep looking?
XO Cdr Kuari 08-Apr-2020 21:55:03
:: meets up with Wolfe standing nearby, and they both double-time it out of the hotel and towards the park ::
MED Lt Acacia 08-Apr-2020 21:55:16
:: nods, taking one last moment to give Wright a smile and a meaningful look that says it's all gonna be okay. She scoops up the bottles of presumed booze and heads back to the Captain ::
NAV Lt Navarro 08-Apr-2020 21:55:55
:: lights the fire, and nurtures it along until it really gets going ::
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Apr-2020 21:56:05
:: offers a faint smile in return, but redoubles her efforts to keep looking ::
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 21:56:10
ACTION> The sun slips below the horizon, and twilight sets in.
MED Lt Acacia 08-Apr-2020 21:56:24
:: walks up and shows the Captain the bottles :: CO: Alright, time to translate.
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 21:57:47
:: smiles and takes a bottle in one hand, then wipes the dust off the label on her pants before eyeing it ::
Let's see...
I do not know this word, perhaps a brand name, definitely a proper noun...
Ah! This word is alcohol!
CMO Lt Tailor 08-Apr-2020 21:59:03
SCI LtJG Jude 08-Apr-2020 21:59:06
CEO: Brilliant. Think it'll lead up to the power?
MED Lt Acacia 08-Apr-2020 21:59:06
CO: Ooh, promising. It smelled potable to me.
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 21:59:39
I am not certain of this word; it is new to me, but in context, it is the style of the drink, and it is definitely not the word for wine.
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Apr-2020 22:00:01
:: finds a few other colorful, interestingly-shaped bottles that smell promising and sets them aside ::
MED Lt Acacia 08-Apr-2020 22:00:47
:: nods approvingly :: CO: Well, maybe a small sip?
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 22:01:20
MED: Open it for me, please? I am down a hand, at the moment.
CTO LtC Wolfe 08-Apr-2020 22:01:47
:: is glad to have a running mate in getting to the park, the sled dragging quickly behind him, skipping over every bump in the road. :: XO: Were it not for the injury, this would be nice. Moving like this. We're going to need to drag carcasses as quickly as we can.
NAV Lt Navarro 08-Apr-2020 22:01:51
:: nods approvingly at the nice fire he has going ::
CMO Lt Tailor 08-Apr-2020 22:02:07
::unwraps a pair of rubber gloves from the first aid kit and puts them on her hands, and then threads a needle with the available thread from the first aid kit after wiping that down in alcohol as well::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 08-Apr-2020 22:02:12
SCI: I do hope so, if I can wrangle the latch open.
MED Lt Acacia 08-Apr-2020 22:02:17
:: blinks, realizing her mistake :: CO: Of course! :: she takes the bottle, opens it, and takes a small sip herself. She thinks for a moment, then shrugs, handing it to the Captain :: CO: Hm.
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 22:02:37
:: waits a second to see if it's a good Hm or a bad Hm, watching Acacia's reaction ::
XO Cdr Kuari 08-Apr-2020 22:02:59
:: makes it to the overgrown park with Wolfe, the forest in deep shadow with the twilight, the dead wolves patches of pitch black in the dark grey ::
MED Lt Acacia 08-Apr-2020 22:03:16
:: smacks her lips, then scrunches her nose a bit. She smiles :: CO: Bit strong for my taste, but not poison.
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 22:03:35
ACTION> The latch is reluctant, but not locked, and gives way, opening the gate!
CMO Lt Tailor 08-Apr-2020 22:03:54
CO: I'm going to need to do this before it gets completely dark in here. All: If there's some kind of candles or something, that's be a big help.
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 22:04:27
MED: Good enough for me! :: takes a drink from the bottle, and pauses, considering it, tasting it thoroughly as the realization sets in that she's drinking Gencodian liquor ::
:: swallows the liquor after giving it time to present itself properly to her palate, finding it quite pleasant :: CMO: We could go out by the fire. :: gestures through the doors behind Tailor ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 08-Apr-2020 22:05:18
Self: Excellent. ::Smiles to himself, and immediately starts walking up the new set of stairs.:: SCI: Should you not be resting, young one?
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Apr-2020 22:05:18
CMO: I also made several torches before we left.
MED Lt Acacia 08-Apr-2020 22:05:40
:: looks over at Tailor, then Wright :: CSO: Ah, great thinking! Could you grab them?
CMO Lt Tailor 08-Apr-2020 22:06:29
::nods:: CO: That would work, easier to see anyway. ::gathers up the thread and needle carefully, as well as the spare bandages::
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Apr-2020 22:06:31
:: sets down the bottles she brought out :: MED: I'll leave these in your custody then.
MED Lt Acacia 08-Apr-2020 22:07:12
:: nods, taking another one of the bottles and once again sniffing it before taking a tentative sip. This time she bursts out coughing :: All: WHEW these people liked their liquor..
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 22:07:17
:: takes another drink from the bottle and stands, holding the bandaged arm against her body ::
SCI LtJG Jude 08-Apr-2020 22:07:20
CEO: What's resting? :: follows behind him up the stairs ::
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Apr-2020 22:07:34
:: trots off to light a torch ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 08-Apr-2020 22:08:41
:: gets to work quickly, setting one of the wolf carcasses on the sled and another across his shoulders. They do NOT want to face wolves in the dark, even if the two of them would probably be okay. But he doesn't want to chance it. :: XO: Need any assistance?
MED Lt Acacia 08-Apr-2020 22:08:42
:: closes that bottle right back up, satisfied with their haul :: Self: Mm.. nice aftertaste though.
NAV Lt Navarro 08-Apr-2020 22:08:47
:: darts inside :: Did someone say liquor?
MED Lt Acacia 08-Apr-2020 22:09:38
:: looks up as Navarro comes in, chuckling. She offers the bottle of Gencodian Moonshine. :: NAV: Give it a try.
CMO Lt Tailor 08-Apr-2020 22:10:08
NAV: Can you open the door for us please? ::Holding the cleaned needle and thread and bandages::
NAV Lt Navarro 08-Apr-2020 22:10:15
:: takes the bottle from Emily and regards it skeptically, but after this long, he's willing to drink most anything :: MED: Sure, why not? :: takes a swig :: Hm.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 08-Apr-2020 22:10:18
::Laughs a rapturous laugh, that echoes down the staircase.:: SCI: You will learn in time to pick your moments.
MED Lt Acacia 08-Apr-2020 22:10:35
:: nods in agreement :: NAV: Hm.
XO Cdr Kuari 08-Apr-2020 22:10:43
:: quickly loads two heavy wolves onto her back, all the while listening out for sounds or glowing eyes from the bushes, her voice very quiet :: CTO: I've got it. I'll have to move slow, though, they're heavy.
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Apr-2020 22:10:51
:: brings in a lit torch to light the way ::
NAV Lt Navarro 08-Apr-2020 22:10:54
:: steps out fo the way of Tailor and Harper, holding the door ::
CMO Lt Tailor 08-Apr-2020 22:11:49
NAV: Thank you. ::smiles and passes through the door after her patient::
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 22:12:11
:: walks out to the fire :: NAV: Thank you for building the fire.
NAV Lt Navarro 08-Apr-2020 22:12:23
:: nods to the doctor and captain ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 08-Apr-2020 22:12:37
XO: That's fine once we get back among the buildings and out of the woods. Can you drop your load easily if you need to?
XO Cdr Kuari 08-Apr-2020 22:13:04
:: nods to Wolfe in reassurance and starts moving ::
MED Lt Acacia 08-Apr-2020 22:13:28
:: grabs one of the bottles and heads back up to the room she left Grey in, slowly opening the door so as not to wake her if she's asleep :: TAC2: Knock knock..
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Apr-2020 22:13:53
:: follows the group outside with the torch, planning to hold it at whatever angle Dr Tailor needs her to ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 08-Apr-2020 22:13:56
XO: Good, good. Well then... :: adopts his most ludicrous British accent :: Tally ho!
TAC2 1Lt Grey 08-Apr-2020 22:13:58
:: is sitting on the edge of the bed, unsure what's happening below, glancing up at the knock :: MED: Come in. :: sighs ::
CMO Lt Tailor 08-Apr-2020 22:14:28
CO: Ok have a seat and let's get you fixed up.
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 22:14:42
:: takes a seat in one of the chairs by the fire ::
MED Lt Acacia 08-Apr-2020 22:14:54
:: comes in and sits on the edge of the bed next to her, offering the bottle :: TAC2: So, good news bad news.
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 22:15:08
:: regards the bottle in her other hand, debating taking another drink ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 08-Apr-2020 22:15:12
:: raises an eyebrow curiously at the doctor's remark :: MED: What's up?
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 08-Apr-2020 22:15:26
::Climbs the stairs to the top.:: SCI: I was much like you in my youth. ::Smirks.::
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 22:16:06
ACTION> At the top of the stairs, there is a tiny room and a door, far more utilitarian than the rest of the hotel.
MED Lt Acacia 08-Apr-2020 22:16:46
TAC2: Good news, alcohol. Bad news, I don't know what to cut it with. :: she blinks, realizing immediately that her tired brain isn't forming full sentences :: TAC2: Er.. I saw a wooden step ladder in the restaurant kitchen that would probably make a good crutch, but I still don't know what to cut it with. Good news booze. :: she laughs ::
CMO Lt Tailor 08-Apr-2020 22:16:54
::takes a seat next to Harper, keeping a hold of the needle in one hand and unwinding the bandages on her arm with the other, so she can stitch up the wound:: CSO: Ok, raise the torch just a bit.. thank you. ::peers at the wound in the firelight::
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 22:17:13
:: eyes the needle and decides to take another drink after all ::
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Apr-2020 22:17:44
:: dutifully holds up the torch as requested ::
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 22:18:18
:: then she puts the bottle on the ground and leans back in the chair, arm outstretched to Tailor as she closes her eyes ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 08-Apr-2020 22:18:23
:: smiles as he finds himself starting to get almost a little winded. He looks over at Kuari, who has no trouble keeping up. ::
CMO Lt Tailor 08-Apr-2020 22:19:18
CO: I will say, this is so much better than trying to do this with a handmade needle in the middle of the forest. You might want to take a drink though. ::begins carefully stitching up the ragged edges of the wound::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 08-Apr-2020 22:19:36
SCI: Knock knock! ::Chuckles, as he approaches the door::
XO Cdr Kuari 08-Apr-2020 22:19:56
:: walks with her heavy load through the city focusing on putting one foot in front of the other towards the hotel ahead of them, the wild sounds of night all around them. It's strange to see the same night sky from the past week, the buildings in its foreground, the same place they were once lost in the wilderness ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 08-Apr-2020 22:20:05
:: snickers :: MED: Remind me to introduce you to my dad at some point... you two could probably be good drinking buddies. But anyways, interesting about the step-ladder... but are you positive I'm not able to at least start attempting to walk yet? :: reaches for the bottle, wanting to take a sip ::
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 22:20:06
:: sucks air in through her teeth as Tailor begins :: CMO: You could have given me a moment to do so before beginning, but I will be fine.
MED Lt Acacia 08-Apr-2020 22:20:44
:: hands it over :: TAC2: You're restrained to a crutch. Sorry, not sorry. I'll stick with you, though. Somewhere you want to go now?
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Apr-2020 22:21:47
:: winces and looks away, not able to watch her beloved in pain ::
SCI LtJG Jude 08-Apr-2020 22:22:09
CEO: You didn't sleep in your youth? :: fake gasps ::
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 22:22:26
:: she was reluctant to drink any more for fear of getting drunk, which is something she no longer does, so she grits her teeth and bears the pain ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 08-Apr-2020 22:23:12
:: sips the drink, face screwing up in slight disgust at the taste and texture, offering the bottle back to Acacia :: MED: Absolutely... remind me to never drink that again. It's horrible.
CTO LtC Wolfe 08-Apr-2020 22:23:38
:: has a sense of relief as they break the line into the buildings, the more wild sounds more behind them... and it's not far to the hotel now. :: XO: Well, Commander. This has been quite the adventure. I'm interested to see if somewhere around here, there's a store with more protective gear.
CMO Lt Tailor 08-Apr-2020 22:24:24
CO: Sorry about that, I'll try to be quick. ::continues across the tear, about halfway through::
MED Lt Acacia 08-Apr-2020 22:24:49
:: snorts, taking the bottle in one hand and offering her opposite arm to allow Grey to stand while acting as her crutch :: TAC2: I feel like there's gotta be a saw or something.. maybe with enough gumption a good serrated knife would even do it.
XO Cdr Kuari 08-Apr-2020 22:25:36
CTO: Hm, maybe. There's so much to explore, now, so many places to look for supplies.
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 22:25:49
:: closes her eyes harder as a tear squeezes out, and says through gritted teeth :: CMO: Do not worry about being quick, just be thorough.
CTO LtC Wolfe 08-Apr-2020 22:26:18
XO: Indeed. :: they turn a corner and can see the hotel off in the distance and he points. :: That... was a very good find.
XO Cdr Kuari 08-Apr-2020 22:27:28
:: smiles, the load weighing her down uncomfortably, but it is worth it :: CTO: I almost said something like that. Yes, it is our new home, and a good one.
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Apr-2020 22:27:39
:: resists the urge to switch hands to relieve her arm ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 08-Apr-2020 22:28:08
SCI: Is that not the natural order of things? Children rarely do what is best for them. Thinking they have unlimited energy, that will stay that way forever. Only later to realise the fragility of things, and the chaos of others. It takes time to learn the wisdom, of when and when not to act. ::Hopes the door opens.::
CMO Lt Tailor 08-Apr-2020 22:28:16
::nods, concentrating:: CO: I'm not going to lie, this will leave a scar, but I can remove it once we get back to the ship and I have access to my tools again. ::ties off another few stitches::
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 22:28:34
ACTION> The door was not locked, and opens, revealing the roof!
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 08-Apr-2020 22:29:18
::Smiles.:: Self: Excellent!
TAC2 1Lt Grey 08-Apr-2020 22:29:55
:: takes the offered arm, grinning at her friend :: MED: Probably... Let's see if we can find something?
CTO LtC Wolfe 08-Apr-2020 22:29:59
XO: Home... :: his expression slackens slightly :: Hopefully not for too long. Most people hate the recycled air of a starship, but you know what? I kinda like it. Not that this is bad, but I'd rather be facing new threats... up there.
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 22:30:02
:: refuses to cry out in pain, but still sucking lots of air through her teeth, not answering Tailor as a small whimper escapes despite her best efforts ::
MED Lt Acacia 08-Apr-2020 22:30:55
:: acts as one of Grey's feet, helping her along and limiting her speed so she can't exacerbate her injuries. She heads for the kitchen, wanting to show her the ladder she's talking about ::
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 22:30:59
ACTION> The snow starts to fall a bit more heavily as the twilight fades.
MED Lt Acacia 08-Apr-2020 22:31:18
TAC2: Ah, crap, it got so dark though.. :: she notes as they reach the ground floor ::
SCI LtJG Jude 08-Apr-2020 22:31:22
:: runs up to the roof, and kisses the floor of it :: BLESS THE FOUR DEITIES!
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Apr-2020 22:31:31
:: shivers a bit, wishing she could get closer to the fire ::
XO Cdr Kuari 08-Apr-2020 22:31:56
:: thinks about Atlantis, agreeing to enjoying its comforts :: CTO: Yes, but something about the challenge here, the natural's something I've only felt briefly on away missions. I'm not unhappy, but I don't want our people suffering.
:: notices the snowflakes and looks up a moment ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 08-Apr-2020 22:32:25
:: hums in quiet agreement, glancing towards the location of the fire, pausing :: MED: Can we head towards the fire?
CMO Lt Tailor 08-Apr-2020 22:32:30
::gets to the final centimeter of the wound, joining the last ragged edges together, and finally ties the last stitch off:: CO: There, that should do it. You did well. ::smiles, cleaning the wound for a final time before she wraps it up again in clean bandages::
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Apr-2020 22:32:50
:: hears unintelligible yelling up from the direction of the roof :: All: did you hear that?
MED Lt Acacia 08-Apr-2020 22:33:08
:: nods, changing course to head towards the light and the rest of the group ::
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 22:33:26
:: starts taking deep breaths as the pain starts to fade away ::
CMO Lt Tailor 08-Apr-2020 22:33:34
CSO: Hear what? ::had been concentrating too much to hear anything::
CTO LtC Wolfe 08-Apr-2020 22:33:39
:: grins a little :: XO: And if I'm honest, my job is violence. Up there I don't do my job as much as I'm paid for. :: considers that thought. Because... he really, truly enjoys fighting enemies. ::
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 22:33:50
:: opens her eyes, having heard nothing, and blinks away the remaining tears ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 08-Apr-2020 22:33:55
::Lowers his hood, gazing up to the sky, to feel the snowflakes on his skin.:: SCI: We will need to clean these solar panels. ::Indicates further off on the roof.:: But not now. They will be useless now. You should go, and inform the others we have access to the roof.
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Apr-2020 22:33:56
All: I heard someone yelling, but I couldn't make it out...
All: it sounded like it was coming from up above, I think.
MED Lt Acacia 08-Apr-2020 22:35:38
:: brings Grey over to the fire and finds a good place to sit down :: All: Ahh, nice.
CMO Lt Tailor 08-Apr-2020 22:35:48
::peers upwards into the darkness::
SCI LtJG Jude 08-Apr-2020 22:35:54
:: makes a run for it to the first floor, shouting in glee :: SOLAR PANELS! SOLAR PANELS! WE HAVE SOLAR PANELS!
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 22:36:06
CMO: Thank you, doctor. I am certain that you also did wonderfully. :: looks up toward the roof ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 08-Apr-2020 22:36:23
:: settles down, content to lean against Acacia and relax in the warmth ::
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Apr-2020 22:36:39
:: looks down at Kate's arm, dousing the torch to preserve it ::
NAV Lt Navarro 08-Apr-2020 22:36:54
:: hears the yelling and moves outside to see what is going on ::
XO Cdr Kuari 08-Apr-2020 22:37:03
:: arrives at the hotel with Wolfe, at first dragging their loads through the front door single file, then into the courtyard in the center, the fur of the wolves covered in a layer of white snow ::
MED Lt Acacia 08-Apr-2020 22:37:08
:: sits by Grey, looking up at the roof because everyone else is ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 08-Apr-2020 22:37:33
::Shakes his head, as he gets underway, clambering over things so he can clean them; the snow no bother to him.::
CMO Lt Tailor 08-Apr-2020 22:37:55
CO: You're welcome. Now try to stay away from wolves..
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Apr-2020 22:38:13
CMO: Nice handiwork, doc.
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 22:38:21
:: flexes her fingers in a ripple, ensuring that they all work, even though it still hurts to do so :: CMO: That is good advice, in general.
SCI LtJG Jude 08-Apr-2020 22:39:23
:: catches up to the group :: Solar panels! We found solar panels!
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Apr-2020 22:39:36
SCI: !
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 22:39:45
:: sits up and sees Kuari and Wolfe have returned with their assailants ::
MED Lt Acacia 08-Apr-2020 22:39:55
:: perks up a bit, excited :: SCI: Awesome!
CMO Lt Tailor 08-Apr-2020 22:40:04
CSO: Thank you. Just doing my job. ::smiles and looks to Jude:: SCI: That's good news!
CTO LtC Wolfe 08-Apr-2020 22:40:12
:: sets the sled's handles on the ground, and then drops the wolf laid across his shoulders onto the sled with the other wolf. And none too gently, either. :: All: Well. Should we see if these things are safe to eat? If they are, they'll provide food for a good while.
XO Cdr Kuari 08-Apr-2020 22:40:14
:: notices Jude's excitedly running around and smiles while tucking one wing in and pushing with the other, dumping the dead wolves in the courtyard ::
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 22:40:34
:: was pretty sure that Kuari reported solar panels on her flight up there, but smiles anyway :: SCI: That is wonderful news! We will begin cleaning them in the morning.
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Apr-2020 22:40:47
:: blanches when she looks at the size of the beasts that attacked her wife... And others ::
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 22:41:13
:: points at the wolf that Wolfe dumped :: That is the one that attacked me, officers.
MED Lt Acacia 08-Apr-2020 22:41:22
:: glances at Wright, then Harper, then the wolves. She swallows, not letting it show on her face, but.. damn. ::
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Apr-2020 22:41:23
All: ... I wonder if they're crepuscular, given the time of day that they attacked.
:: is terrified, and thus seeking refuge in science ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 08-Apr-2020 22:42:06
:: blinks in surprise at the size of the animals that attacked the logging party, blinking :: CSO: Crepsuscular? What does that mean?
CTO LtC Wolfe 08-Apr-2020 22:42:13
CO: It will be a perfect gerbil. I mean hamster. I mean... :: can't think of the word ::
MED Lt Acacia 08-Apr-2020 22:42:38
TAC2: Awake at dawn and dusk.
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 22:42:49
:: looks at Wolfe, not getting his joke, or whatever it is supposed to be :: CTO: Just, eh, cut me a steak off that one, then?
CMO Lt Tailor 08-Apr-2020 22:43:00
::stares at the huge wolf creatures:: All: Those are huge...
TAC2 1Lt Grey 08-Apr-2020 22:43:09
:: hums in understanding :: CTO: Lab rat, sir?
XO Cdr Kuari 08-Apr-2020 22:43:10
:: stretches and loosens her body after the haul, trotting closer to Wright :: CSO: That's why we were quick to leave with them.
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Apr-2020 22:43:31
TAC2: Crepuscular creatures are most active in twilight.
MED Lt Acacia 08-Apr-2020 22:43:54
:: chuckles :: CTO/TAC2: Rabbit?
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 08-Apr-2020 22:44:15
::Hums to himself, as he wipes away at the panels.:: Self: Perhaps we will get a marginal drip of power. ::Looks to the sky.:: Perhaps that will be unlikely tonight.
CMO Lt Tailor 08-Apr-2020 22:44:22
All: Like bunnies, deer, mosquitoes...
CTO LtC Wolfe 08-Apr-2020 22:44:33
CO: With pleasure, Captain. Absolute pleasure. :: nods slowly, a dark smile creeping across his face. Then hearing Grey... :: TAC2: No, that's not it. A... :: his eyes light up :: Guinea pig! That's the old expression. Guinea pig.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 08-Apr-2020 22:45:03
:: bats at Acacia's leg with her uninjured hand before laughing at Wolfe's exclamation :: CTO: That makes more sense now!
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 22:45:06
:: stares blankly, not knowing the expression, but lets it go ::
MED Lt Acacia 08-Apr-2020 22:45:16
:: nods slowly :: CTO/TAC2: Well I certainly feel a bit like we're all guinea pigs right now..
SCI LtJG Jude 08-Apr-2020 22:45:23
CTO: Wow. Never saw you so excited over a couple of words that weren't "fire" or "destroy".
NAV Lt Navarro 08-Apr-2020 22:46:17
:: moves over to the fire and takes a seat next to Emily while staring at the wolves ::
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Apr-2020 22:46:23
All: When we send search parties out into the city, it should probably be only during broad daylight.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 08-Apr-2020 22:46:29
:: snaps her head to stare at Jude, expression clear :: SCI: He's not all about fire and destruction. Although... technically we have it right. Fire and destruction are fun.
NAV Lt Navarro 08-Apr-2020 22:46:31
:: surprised at how big they are, even though he killed one ::
CMO Lt Tailor 08-Apr-2020 22:46:31
::looks around at the crew, at least three injured or recently injured people. Wonders if there is a proper first aid station in this hotel, and if not, one should be set up::
CTO LtC Wolfe 08-Apr-2020 22:46:33
SCI: To be fair, in making this wolf a guinea pig, we are reducing it to the status of a small rodent, we are going to cut it up and destroy it, and then cook it with fire. So there's that.
SCI LtJG Jude 08-Apr-2020 22:47:13
CTO: Point.
XO Cdr Kuari 08-Apr-2020 22:47:13
CSO: Agreed.
MED Lt Acacia 08-Apr-2020 22:48:15
:: rests her head on Navarro's shoulder, one arm still wrapped around Grey. She closes her eyes, soaking in the warmth of the fire and her peeps :: CSO: Good thinking.
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Apr-2020 22:48:34
:: finally peels her eyes away from the lupine monstrosities :: CO: So what's the plan for tomorrow, working on the solar panels? Search parties into the city?
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 22:48:57
CSO: I agree. The night brings too many difficulties, at least for now.
CSO: As for tomorrow, the solar panels are a priority, yes. As for scouting, we may start with just Kuari, to find the most promising direction to start in.
NAV Lt Navarro 08-Apr-2020 22:50:39
:: puts an arm around Emily to lend his warmth, finding sitting in the snow to be quite nice, all things considered ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 08-Apr-2020 22:51:16
:: is resting her head on Emily's shoulder, content to bask in the warmth from the fire and quietly listening to the plans :::
CMO Lt Tailor 08-Apr-2020 22:51:31
::yawns, starting to be sleepy after the day's excitement:: CSO: I think Doctor Acacia and I need to set up a first aid station in one of the rooms here.
MED Lt Acacia 08-Apr-2020 22:52:14
:: opens one eye as he name is mentioned before shortly closing it again :: CMO: I can get the stuff we have set up tomorrow, and I want to prioritize getting a crutch made for Ryleigh.
All: Which means I need a way to cut wood.
CTO LtC Wolfe 08-Apr-2020 22:52:45
:: is at work dressing the wolf, cuts off the first, most prime-looking meat, and takes it over to the fire. :: CO: How do you like your steaks, Captain?
CMO Lt Tailor 08-Apr-2020 22:52:46
::nods to Emily:: MED: Good thinking.
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Apr-2020 22:53:18
:: nods, thinking a first aid station sounds like a good idea ::
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 22:53:39
:: grins at Wolfe :: CTO: Medium-rare, at least for beef steaks. Who knows for these things?
CMO Lt Tailor 08-Apr-2020 22:53:43
All: Given the rate of injuries lately...
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Apr-2020 22:53:50
CO: I could work on compiling a prioritized shopping list so Kuari has a good idea of what to look for.
MED Lt Acacia 08-Apr-2020 22:53:59
:: chuckles, a bit exasperated :: CMO: Yeah.
SCI LtJG Jude 08-Apr-2020 22:54:02
MED: I would love to go see if theres some sort of... outdoors shop in the city. Or something similar. It would probably have axes or survival tools of sorts.
XO Cdr Kuari 08-Apr-2020 22:54:15
:: sniffs at a wolf and begins tearing it apart ::
MED Lt Acacia 08-Apr-2020 22:54:22
SCI: Ooh, nice. Really any tools might be useful.
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 22:54:41
:: glad to hear her crew putting forth so many ideas ::
CMO Lt Tailor 08-Apr-2020 22:54:51
MED: We still need to find a hospital for proper supplies, but we'll have to make do until then.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 08-Apr-2020 22:55:00
:: grins :: CMO/MED: I can help to my best ability... I want to help in anyway. Even tearing bandages, I just want to help in some way.
MED Lt Acacia 08-Apr-2020 22:55:35
:: nods, patting Grey's shoulder lightly with the hand already resting there :: TAC2: I know. You're stuck with me. :: she muses ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 08-Apr-2020 22:55:40
CO: Mmm. You like your meat properly prepared, but on this one, we should use caution to start. Allow me to select another cut, cook it well-done, and we can work back to see what is best. :: butcher/chef Wolfe gets to work on the wolf, selecting another cut ::
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 22:55:50
ACTION> Some time passes as the wolves are butchered and cooked over the open fire, providing an excellent, hearty dinner for all. Darkness settles in as the snow continues to fall and full night arrives.
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Apr-2020 22:57:21
:: yawns ::
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 22:57:25
:: yawns, the day's exertions having taken their toll :: All: I think that will find a bed.
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Apr-2020 22:57:50
All: I'll go make sure she doesn't get attacked by wolves on the way to bed.
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 22:57:57
:: laughs ::
MED Lt Acacia 08-Apr-2020 22:58:06
:: looks up, blinking tiredly. She slowly rises to her feet, offering her arms to help Grey do the same :: TAC2: Yep, time to get some sleep..
:: yawns a big yawn ::
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 22:58:21
CTO: Colonel, ensure that the front door gets closed for the night.
XO Cdr Kuari 08-Apr-2020 22:59:06
:: is lying near the fire, her eyes closed after her meal, enjoying the rest ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 08-Apr-2020 22:59:14
:: with everyone fed, shuts down Wolfe's Wolves Diner for the night. They turned out to be tasty - at least he thinks so - and they make an excellent source of protein. And... he'd enjoy the fight if it was him hunting them. Being that it's cold out, he covers the wolves, but leaves them in the safety of the courtyard. :: CO: Aye, Captain. :: done with the cleanup, he heads to the main entrance. ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 08-Apr-2020 22:59:14
::Hums to himself in the dark, still wiping down the solar panels.:: Self: Hopefully the sun shall rise in the morning, and will awaken the others to power. Then we can open the locked doors, and finish establishing ourselves here.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 08-Apr-2020 22:59:25
:: grumbles, pushing herself up to lean on Emily for support and humming :: MED: Sharing a bed again? Or separate beds? :: asks as she moves ::
MED Lt Acacia 08-Apr-2020 23:01:14
:: shrugs :: TAC2: Do you have a preference? :: she muses :: TAC2/NAV: I'm a big cuddler. But if you want the privacy, that's alright too.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 08-Apr-2020 23:01:14
::Looks out over the city, flashes in his mind of the device returning, as he searches for it in the blackness of the night.:: Self: Then I shall go to it. And we will discover the truth.
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 23:01:54
All: Good night, everyone, and good job today. It was a tough day, and I am proud of all of you. :: stands, still keeping her arm somewhat cradled, and heads inside with Lexy ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 08-Apr-2020 23:01:59
MED/NAV: I don't mind, though I prefer cuddling... especially in cold states right now.
NAV Lt Navarro 08-Apr-2020 23:02:24
:: chuckles :: TAC2/MED: I am perfectly content to be used as a heat battery.
XO Cdr Kuari 08-Apr-2020 23:03:06
:: gets up and stretches, shaking off snow, then moves to go inside, taking one last look at the food pile in the courtyard's shadowy corner, far enough from the fire to stay cold ::
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 23:03:55
:: crests the stairs with Lexy :: CSO: Pick us a room, love.
CTO LtC Wolfe 08-Apr-2020 23:04:11
:: Gets the door closed much more easily than first opening it, though it's still a haul. With the front entrance sealed, he is comfortable with the idea of making sure the rest of the building is secure, and getting a good night's sleep. ::
MED Lt Acacia 08-Apr-2020 23:04:38
:: smiles, leading the way up the steps. :: TAC2/NAV: Perfect! :: she chirps, leading the way to the room at the top of the steps where she's keeping Grey to reduce her travel time. She stretches, then shamelessly crawls into bed to cuddle up with her crewmates ::
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Apr-2020 23:04:51
CO: I picked one already and put our packs in it. :: leads her to a door ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 08-Apr-2020 23:04:56
::Slowly tilts his head up to the skies again; his brow furrowed and with eyes an empty white.:: Self: We will find the truth, test the limits of this reality, and we will escape this prison. I will find a way to end your game... Whoever you are.
CMO Lt Tailor 08-Apr-2020 23:04:59
::looks up from staring at the fire:: CO/All: Good night! ::stands and stretches, then heads back inside and upstairs to her chosen room::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 08-Apr-2020 23:05:20
:: settles down, content to sigh and relax to conk out, curling around Emily and Navarro to steal their heat ::
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 23:05:36
:: sighs happily, despite the situation :: CSO: What would I do without you? :: enters their room ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 08-Apr-2020 23:06:30
:: with the rest of the crew settled in now wherever they have chosen, he takes a few minutes to check the hallways and ensure there's nothing sneaking around ::
NAV Lt Navarro 08-Apr-2020 23:06:52
:: cuddles up with Emily and Riley, finding himself worrying about Jester as he starts to nod off, the day of dragging Riley and fighting a wolf catching up to him ::
XO Cdr Kuari 08-Apr-2020 23:07:25
:: follows Harper and Wright at a distance, manages to find a room nearby that is unoccupied, then trots in and sniffs around before settling onto the bed ::
MED Lt Acacia 08-Apr-2020 23:07:33
:: falls still quickly but takes much longer to actually doze off, her mind also racing with thoughts of where the Atlantis might be, and how the others are ::
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Apr-2020 23:07:51
CO: Get savaged by wolves, apparently.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 08-Apr-2020 23:08:11
::Lowers his head, to scan the surroundings again, raising his hood up; as he watches vigilantly, resting his hands on his cane.::
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Apr-2020 23:08:21
:: pulls back the bed coverings that are musty yet serviceable ::
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 23:08:52
CSO: It is a good thing Benedict was there with that spear of his. :: sheds some clothing, but not all of it since it's cold in here, and crawls under the covers ::
CMO Lt Tailor 08-Apr-2020 23:09:09
::goes through her evening ablutions and snuggles into her comfy bed, burrowing under the covers::
NAV Lt Navarro 08-Apr-2020 23:09:36
:: provides plenty of heat for Emily and Riley - it must be his spicy Spanish nature ::
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Apr-2020 23:09:52
:: excuses herself to briefly visit the facilities and wash her face and hands before bed, then crawls under the covers herself ::
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 23:09:55
:: sniffs :: CSO: I will start laundry tomorrow.
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Apr-2020 23:10:21
:: drowsily :: CO: A noble task.
CO Capt Harper 08-Apr-2020 23:10:26
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