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Lost Harbor
Late in the afternoon of the ninth day, our journey into the city has us happening on what appears to be a suitable new home. We have gained entry into the lobby of a riverfront hotel just as snow has started to fall. The cavernous lobby has a floor of dusty, polished stone tiles and glass doors on the opposite side of the entry that lead to an inner courtyard. What lies farther within, and can this place be our new base?
After 01-Apr-2020 00:00:00
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 21:22:15
:: looks through the gap between the doors, then to Wolfe :: CTO: After you?
XO Cdr Kuari 01-Apr-2020 21:23:41
:: waits outside excitedly with the other crew members crowded around the door, her tail swaying side to side excitedly ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 01-Apr-2020 21:24:03
:: nods at Harper and then walks into the lobby ahead of everyone else, testing the way to make sure it's safe... looking around every nook and cranny... and rather impressed from a tactical standpoint as to the layout and cover. This place will do nicely. He continues to explore deeper and deeper into the lobby ::
SCI LtJG Jude 01-Apr-2020 21:24:10
:: looks at the outside of the building, and around :: Self: Holy mother of deities. The architecture is amazing!
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 21:24:30
:: nods to Kuari :: XO: Go ahead.
CSO Cdr Wright 01-Apr-2020 21:25:19
:: looks around, inspecting the structure to make sure it's sound after all this time ::
XO Cdr Kuari 01-Apr-2020 21:25:39
:: squeezes through the doors, her wings held narrowly over her body in order to fit, and trots in, sniffing ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 01-Apr-2020 21:25:54
:: is barely glancing through the door, seemingly asleep ::
NAV Lt Navarro 01-Apr-2020 21:26:03
:: still carrying Grey, he waits for the all-clear to get her inside ::
MED Lt Acacia 01-Apr-2020 21:26:18
:: hangs at the back, waiting her turn to squeeze through the small opening ::
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 21:26:21
:: watches the Colonel and Commander through the gap ::
ACTION> The lobby is utterly quiet and undisturbed, with no signs of life.
CMO Lt Tailor 01-Apr-2020 21:28:11
::walks through the doors, just grateful to be in a semi-warm place that has enough beds for everyone::
CSO Cdr Wright 01-Apr-2020 21:28:34
:: looking for cracks and other signs of structural damage ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 01-Apr-2020 21:28:39
::Quietly follows along behind the others, scanning the room from under his hood.::
XO Cdr Kuari 01-Apr-2020 21:28:42
:: can quickly tell no one has lived here in a long time just by the smells, her movements showing less need to be stealthy, and instinctively takes the opposite side of Wolfe to clear the room faster ::
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 21:29:14
:: doesn't say anything as Ilaihr Ilaihrs on in ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 01-Apr-2020 21:29:18
:: has now seen all points in the lobby :: CO: All clear, Captain.
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 21:29:48
:: waves to everyone else :: All: It is clear.
XO Cdr Kuari 01-Apr-2020 21:30:14
:: meets up with Wolfe somewhere in the middle of the lobby, content, then takes a better look at the architecture and amenities themselves, a smile returning to her face ::
MED Lt Acacia 01-Apr-2020 21:30:16
:: follows the group into the lobby, looking around. She sighs with relief, just glad to be out of the snow for now ::
CSO Cdr Wright 01-Apr-2020 21:30:25
:: continues her survey as they move inside ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 01-Apr-2020 21:30:44
:: heads to the glass doors to check out the courtyard, to see if there are any other places from which it could be accessible. ::
NAV Lt Navarro 01-Apr-2020 21:31:12
:: carries Grey through the doors and, after a look around, selects a couch and gently places her on it ::
SCI LtJG Jude 01-Apr-2020 21:31:47
:: walks into the lobby, and guns for the walls, marveling at the details ::
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 21:31:56
:: finally makes her way inside, assessing the situation ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 01-Apr-2020 21:32:15
:: tucks into another ball as she felt herself being settled on a couch, blinking slowly before settling to fall back asleep ::
NAV Lt Navarro 01-Apr-2020 21:32:50
:: discreetly stretches after a day of dragging and carrying ::
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 21:33:13
:: she is immediately drawn to the glass doors and peers through them into the courtyard ::
MED Lt Acacia 01-Apr-2020 21:33:56
:: looks toward the front desk, trying to find the employee areas, where a first aid or medical kit might be.. ::
CSO Cdr Wright 01-Apr-2020 21:34:07
:: nods, trying to be satisfied that the building is not going to collapse on them ::
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 21:34:46
:: she tries the door and finds it unlocked, though a bit hesitant to slide ::
SCI LtJG Jude 01-Apr-2020 21:34:57
:: runs up to Harper :: CO: Have you looked at the detail in this building?! It is absolutely amazing! :: squeaks, and goes back to scurrying around ::
CMO Lt Tailor 01-Apr-2020 21:35:45
::looks around for any local guides or maps, since hotels usually have that sort of information in the lobby::
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 21:35:50
SCI: I have noticed it, yes!
MED Lt Acacia 01-Apr-2020 21:35:58
:: climbs over the front desk to search through it, whistling lowly as she finds a screen and dusts it off :: Self: Cool.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 01-Apr-2020 21:35:59
::The branch that has become his; one with nature cane; echoes as it taps on the floor. He raises his hand up, as if reaching out for something, stopping in his tracks, whilst his hood jostled; showing he was gazing all about underneath it.::
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 21:36:58
:: continues opening the door, then peeks out into the courtyard ::
ACTION> The front desk contains only computer terminals, their screens long dark.
SCI LtJG Jude 01-Apr-2020 21:37:31
:: looks around for stairs ::
CSO Cdr Wright 01-Apr-2020 21:38:15
:: notes the courtyard and approaches Kate :: CO: What do you see?
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 21:38:15
ACTION> There are, however, stairs; a sweeping staircase ascends to the upper level.
CSO: A place to build the fire!
XO Cdr Kuari 01-Apr-2020 21:38:57
:: trots around, taking note of all exits from the room, and stops at the base of a staircase, looking up ::
SCI LtJG Jude 01-Apr-2020 21:39:08
Ooooh, nice. :: takes one step up, and then runs up ::
XO Cdr Kuari 01-Apr-2020 21:39:37
:: watches Jude rush ahead, then bounds up the stairs after her ::
SCI LtJG Jude 01-Apr-2020 21:39:53
XO: Race you to the top!
MED Lt Acacia 01-Apr-2020 21:40:08
:: gives up on the computers and heads out from behind the desk to see what the others are up to ::
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 21:40:21
ACTION> The courtyard is largely a patio with interspersed overgrown greenery, a water feature that stopped flowing long ago, and outdoor furniture.
ACTION> Other entrances to the courtyard are visible, from similar glass doors around the lower levels.
XO Cdr Kuari 01-Apr-2020 21:41:34
:: takes the challenge and uses all four legs to ascend the stairs quickly, feeling Jude's enthusiasm at their fortune ::
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 21:41:52
ACTION> The courtyard's upper level contains balconies, presumably accessible from the upper rooms.
MED Lt Acacia 01-Apr-2020 21:41:58
:: idles out onto the courtyard as well, looking around appreciatively :: All: These people knew how to decorate.
SCI LtJG Jude 01-Apr-2020 21:42:12
:: runs up the stairs, hands gliding against the handrails, and laughing ::
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 21:42:14
MED: This must have been beautiful, not so long ago.
CMO Lt Tailor 01-Apr-2020 21:42:17
::makes a disappointed "poot" noise, looking for some sort of interior layout sketch on a wall so she can figure out which direction the rooms are::
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 21:42:29
ACTION> The second-level hallway is darkened and lined with doors.
CMO Lt Tailor 01-Apr-2020 21:42:44
::tries a door::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 01-Apr-2020 21:42:54
:: stirs awake, pushing herself off the couch and placing her feet on the ground, pushing into a standing position to limp towards the stairs, curious at where it lead up to ::
MED Lt Acacia 01-Apr-2020 21:42:54
:: nods in agreement, pointing to the broken water feature :: CO: That was probably really cool.
CSO Cdr Wright 01-Apr-2020 21:43:40
CO/MED: It's always fascinated me to see how nature reclaims things.
SCI LtJG Jude 01-Apr-2020 21:43:54
:: looks down the dark hallway :: XO: I wonder if there are suites.
CTO LtC Wolfe 01-Apr-2020 21:44:32
:: steps to the middle of the Courtyard, taking stock of the entrances and tactical weaknesses of anyone who might be standing in his current position. Once satisfied that he knows the courtyard well enough, he heads back inside, starts walking the first floor's hallways to find other entrances that might give any threat purchase upon his charge ::
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 21:44:42
:: hands on her thighs, she looks up to the roof, wondering if there are solar tiles up there :: CSO/MED: It may be again, if we restore power. But, that comes later.
MED Lt Acacia 01-Apr-2020 21:45:06
:: nods lightly :: CO: It'll just be nice for everyone to sleep in a bed, for now.
XO Cdr Kuari 01-Apr-2020 21:45:21
:: peers at Jude standing next to her, then moves slowly down the hallway ::
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 21:45:26
ACTION> The door Tailor tries is locked.
CSO Cdr Wright 01-Apr-2020 21:45:55
:: frowns, unhappy at the thought of disrupting what nature has reclaimed, but quickly banishes the thought as silly ::
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 21:46:05
MED: That much is certain. :: makes her way back inside ::
MED Lt Acacia 01-Apr-2020 21:46:55
:: heads back inside as well, rubbing her arms. She rolls her shoulders, looking up :: CO: The others went upstairs.
SCI LtJG Jude 01-Apr-2020 21:47:31
:: starts walking down the hall, testing the doors ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 01-Apr-2020 21:47:38
::Kneels down on the spot, blowing on the ground beneath him and brushing off some dust; merely inspecting it, as he had with their shack in the woods. He lets out a gentle hum to himself, as he stand back up, and begins moving up the stair like a spectre patrolling this haunted house.::
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 21:47:41
ACTION> The doors upstairs are unlocked!
SCI LtJG Jude 01-Apr-2020 21:47:56
:: peeks into one of the rooms ::
CSO Cdr Wright 01-Apr-2020 21:48:05
:: lingers in the courtyard a little while longer, letting her thoughts wander a bit before joining the others inside ::
MED Lt Acacia 01-Apr-2020 21:48:19
:: looks around for a staircase, wondering about the people above ::
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 21:48:29
ACTION> The snow starts to fall just a bit more heavily.
XO Cdr Kuari 01-Apr-2020 21:48:32
:: stops, craning her neck to look in after Jude as she enters a room ::
CMO Lt Tailor 01-Apr-2020 21:48:46
::tries the next door over::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 01-Apr-2020 21:48:51
:: is leaning against the stairway, glancing down to see Harper and Acacia re-entering the building and giving a slight grin to her friend :: MED: Save the lecture until I get into a bed. :: calls down to Acacia :: MED: But I'll take help if you're offering!
SCI LtJG Jude 01-Apr-2020 21:49:04
:: opens door fully, and walks in :: Hm.
CSO Cdr Wright 01-Apr-2020 21:49:14
:: shivers against the cold ::
MED Lt Acacia 01-Apr-2020 21:49:31
:: gives Grey a look that expresses her disappointment, having expected nothing less ::
NAV Lt Navarro 01-Apr-2020 21:49:35
:: stares at Grey ::
MED Lt Acacia 01-Apr-2020 21:49:55
:: walks up to Grey and wordlessly hooks an arm under her shoulder to act as her crutch, or perhaps just drag her around.. ::
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 21:50:21
ACTION> The door Jude tries leads to a darkened hotel room, fairly well-appointed, with a kitchenette and a small living area leading into a bedroom and bathroom.
CSO Cdr Wright 01-Apr-2020 21:50:48
:: frowns at Grey; a tactical officer really should have better judgment ::
XO Cdr Kuari 01-Apr-2020 21:51:04
:: follows Jude in once the door is opened, eyes wide and dilated in the darkness, approving of the accommodations ::
SCI LtJG Jude 01-Apr-2020 21:51:32
:: looks at bed :: XO: Think it'll hold ya?
NAV Lt Navarro 01-Apr-2020 21:51:58
:: sighs and makes his way up to Grey and Acacia to offer help once again ::
CSO Cdr Wright 01-Apr-2020 21:52:25
:: knows how hard Navarro worked to get her here without further injury ::
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 21:52:56
ACTION> The first-floor door Tailor tries is also locked, but it does not appear to lead to a room, either... perhaps an office?
XO Cdr Kuari 01-Apr-2020 21:53:51
:: looks towards the bed :: SCI: Oh, I didn't think about it, I don't usually sleep on one. But yes, it's big enough.
CMO Lt Tailor 01-Apr-2020 21:54:39
::has a thought of looking for something resembling a first aid room... which somehow is not locked::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 01-Apr-2020 21:55:35
::Walks out onto one of the balconies, looking out over the courtyard; his gaze wanders to the skyline, looking at the buildings around them, feeling the emptiness and the silence of the streets.:: Self: Hmmmm....
CTO LtC Wolfe 01-Apr-2020 21:56:00
:: tests some hotel doors as he passes by in the hallway, checking their status to see if they're locked. But what he's really looking for is doors that lead outside the building, both into the courtyard and to the surrounding area. ::
XO Cdr Kuari 01-Apr-2020 21:56:15
:: moves to a set of closed curtains and pokes her head through ::
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 21:56:33
ACTION> Kuari can see into the courtyard through a dirty sliding door.
XO Cdr Kuari 01-Apr-2020 21:56:50
SCI: Nice view!
SCI LtJG Jude 01-Apr-2020 21:56:53
:: sneezes at the curtain dust and walks over :: XO: Ooh. It is.
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 21:57:11
ACTION> Most doors that Wolfe tries as he goes down the hall are unlocked, leading to rooms containing sliding-glass doors to the courtyard.
MED Lt Acacia 01-Apr-2020 21:57:19
:: pulls Grey towards the rooms, trying doors to see if another one opens ::
CMO Lt Tailor 01-Apr-2020 21:57:22
::snaps her fingers and doubles back to the lobby to look behind the desk for keys::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 01-Apr-2020 21:57:30
:: blinks innocently at the two, before relaxing and taking the help, expression apologetic ::
CSO Cdr Wright 01-Apr-2020 21:57:39
:: is too mad to be near Grey because a lecture will ensue, so stays in the lobby until she cools off ::
NAV Lt Navarro 01-Apr-2020 21:58:04
:: gets under Grey's other arm and helps her along ::
XO Cdr Kuari 01-Apr-2020 21:58:10
:: shifts her weight and lifts one paw to pull at the sliding door ::
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 21:58:18
:: lingers near Lexy, thinking about priorities ::
CSO Cdr Wright 01-Apr-2020 21:58:46
CO: Sorry. I'm just... Ugh.
CTO LtC Wolfe 01-Apr-2020 21:59:04
:: finds no doors to outside and is happy with the level of security. One entrance and exit. Good. He continues the rest of the way around the courtyard and back to the lobby, and heads once again out to the courtyard, happy with the security of the building. ::
CSO Cdr Wright 01-Apr-2020 21:59:53
CO: It's like she doesn't understand that when she risks further injury, it puts all of us at risk. It's unbelievably selfish.
:: quietly ::
MED Lt Acacia 01-Apr-2020 22:00:45
:: makes her way into one of the hotel rooms to drop Grey off on the bed. She sighs, rumbling lowly and as threateningly as she can manage :: TAC2: If I have to just sit with you I will, you know.
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 22:01:11
CSO: Marines believe themselves to be invincible, you know. :: smiles and changes the subject, hoping to get her mind moving past it :: We need to try the water here, and then after that, our priority should be a fire in the courtyard. Do you agree?
NAV Lt Navarro 01-Apr-2020 22:01:39
TAC2: I didn't drag and carry you all this way for you to get even more hurt, Ryleigh. Take it easy!
CSO Cdr Wright 01-Apr-2020 22:02:08
:: grumbles something that sounds affirmative , folding her arms across her chest ::
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 22:03:04
:: quietly :: CSO: Acacia and Navarro have it handled, love.
CSO Cdr Wright 01-Apr-2020 22:03:46
:: didn't hear anything that would indicate that, but nods, agreeing to drop it ::
XO Cdr Kuari 01-Apr-2020 22:03:55
:: manages to slide the door open, and the cold air rushes in. She wiggles her way through the opening and stands to brace herself on the railing to look down at the courtyard, yipping to catch the attention of those below ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 01-Apr-2020 22:04:13
:: blinks up at Acacia's grumble, and attention drifting to Navarro, eyes darkening slightly as she dropped her gaze to stare down at her hands, uninjured scratching at the other splint as she nodded :: MED/NAV: Understood. :: there was a verbal struggle to get that one word out, before she slowly laid back on the bed ::
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 22:04:15
:: didn't need to hear anything since she saw the looks they gave Grey ::
CSO Cdr Wright 01-Apr-2020 22:04:28
:: hears the yip and looks outside ::
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 22:04:53
:: also hears and pokes her head out into the snow ::
SCI LtJG Jude 01-Apr-2020 22:04:53
:: shouts out to the courtyard :: YOOOOOOOO
MED Lt Acacia 01-Apr-2020 22:05:07
:: sighs, sitting down on the bed beside her and gesturing for Navarro to leave them alone, her gaze to him apologetic ::
NAV Lt Navarro 01-Apr-2020 22:05:45
:: nods to Emily, gives Grey a look that, below the surface, shows concern under his irritation, then leaves ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 01-Apr-2020 22:05:49
::Has flashes from the crew's time in Gencodian memory banks, of people practically marching, filling the streets as they move en masse to the same destination. The towering majesty of the device looming over them as they entered the grand Colosseum, and then the blinding light of a divine dream scorching their essence away... And he was back again. He shook his head, and turned about, realising he has more pressing matters to attend to.::
CMO Lt Tailor 01-Apr-2020 22:05:57
::hears a faint 'yip' from outside and turns her head to that direction::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 01-Apr-2020 22:06:49
:: hears the yip distantly through the window, attention turning to it before glancing to Acacia :: MED: Did... I just hear Commander Kuari yip? About what?
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 22:07:10
:: spies Kuari and Jude, then waves up at the balcony ::
SCI LtJG Jude 01-Apr-2020 22:07:23
CO: The rooms are all open!
CSO Cdr Wright 01-Apr-2020 22:07:33
:: also waves ::
MED Lt Acacia 01-Apr-2020 22:07:36
:: pauses a moment to gaze distantly at the floor, then shrugs :: TAC2: She's not in pain. Probably just calling someone?
XO Cdr Kuari 01-Apr-2020 22:07:38
:: smiles down at Harper and Wright ::
MED Lt Acacia 01-Apr-2020 22:07:51
:: glances at Grey's wrist :: TAC2: You, on the other hand..
CSO Cdr Wright 01-Apr-2020 22:07:57
CO: in a place this large, we should let the taps run for a few minutes before trying the water.
CTO LtC Wolfe 01-Apr-2020 22:07:58
:: steps up next to Harper to report ::
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 22:08:11
SCI: Wonderful! :: grins ::
SCI LtJG Jude 01-Apr-2020 22:08:30
CO: Plenty of beds and showers for everyone!
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 22:08:32
:: notes Wolfe's giant presence and turns :: CTO: How is the place, Colonel?
CMO Lt Tailor 01-Apr-2020 22:08:57
::gives up on the keys for now and looks up at mention of rooms being open::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 01-Apr-2020 22:09:15
:: hums in quiet acceptance of the other's answer, offering her wrist :: MED: No movement unless someone's here to help me, no overdoing it, etc. :: not hesitating to give her wrist over to Acacia ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 01-Apr-2020 22:09:47
CO: I'm happy with this building from a tactical standpoint. Only one way in or out :: points at the front entrance :: and I'll be able to keep everyone safe here. This is a great base of operations.
XO Cdr Kuari 01-Apr-2020 22:10:10
:: turns her head to Jude next to her :: SCI: We should test if the water runs.
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 22:10:21
CTO: That is great news, thank you. I had hoped that it would be, since it seemed so promising.
MED Lt Acacia 01-Apr-2020 22:10:25
TAC2: Why? :: she asks in tune with the conversation, as if she was genuinely asking--with the tone of 'why bother?' ::
SCI LtJG Jude 01-Apr-2020 22:10:39
XO: Oh! Yes. :: runs back into the room, and into the bathroom, and turns on the sink ::
CSO Cdr Wright 01-Apr-2020 22:11:23
XO: Let it run for several minutes before trying to drink!
TAC2 1Lt Grey 01-Apr-2020 22:11:40
MED: Because I get tired of relying on others. I'm a prideful person by nature, and I prefer to be the one doing the aiding versus needing the aid. :: remarks, turning her gaze to look at Acacia ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 01-Apr-2020 22:11:57
CO: I suggest you and everyone take upstairs rooms. I will take a room at the foot of the stairs, so that I can keep tabs on anyone that might decide to visit.
XO Cdr Kuari 01-Apr-2020 22:12:01
:: leans over the railing to nod at Wright, then ducks back into the room to check on Jude ::
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 22:13:09
ACTION> The faucet shudders and groans, then starts coughing out brown water, ever more steadily as the seconds pass.
SCI LtJG Jude 01-Apr-2020 22:13:22
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 22:13:31
:: nods in agreement :: CTO: That makes sense.
XO Cdr Kuari 01-Apr-2020 22:13:46
:: flinches at Jude's shout ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 01-Apr-2020 22:14:22
::Continues to shade through the halls, quickly checking the rooms as he goes by, building a mental map of the place; again much like he did with the cabin.:: Self: Must locate any power generation. ::Uses his power to appear next to everyone at varying moments, to simply look at the rooms they're standing in, and disappear again.:: Not any of those places. ::Slowly plods back down the stairs again.::
MED Lt Acacia 01-Apr-2020 22:14:38
:: smirks slightly, letting out a slight exhale. It was always a big step with someone started dropping lines a therapist might say. She returns the look a moment later, shrugging :: TAC2: But at least you know that. Here's the thing, though.. :: she wags a finger, looking around the room :: TAC2: There's also the secondary factor that you don't even consider your own pain enough of a problem for you to work on. What if you spent your energy making a crutch for yourself, hm?
XO Cdr Kuari 01-Apr-2020 22:15:49
:: is momentarily startled by Ilaihr's presence, but continues to watch the water until it begins to clear ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 01-Apr-2020 22:16:17
:: blinks in slight surprise at Acacia's suggestion, pushing herself up into a sitting position :: MED: Wait... you'd allow me to do that? :: is startled, swinging herself over the edge of the bed to look at Acacia ::
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 22:16:18
CTO: We are going to need some firewood, Benedict. Perhaps we, along with Kuari and Navarro, could take a trip over to the park next door?
SCI LtJG Jude 01-Apr-2020 22:16:20
CEO: Check the roof!
MED Lt Acacia 01-Apr-2020 22:16:59
:: raises an eyebrow, surprised that she's surprised :: TAC2: If you're careful not to damage yourself further, it's the best thing you could be doing, I think.
:: smiles :: TAC2: And I will help, so you don't need to strain.
CMO Lt Tailor 01-Apr-2020 22:18:35
::has found a comfortable looking room and drops the pack she's been carrying for hours onto the floor, and sprawls backwards in the king sized bed like she's making a snow angel:: Self: Ahh, that's more like it.
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 22:19:58
ACTION> The bedding is quite musty, but the beds are large and comfortable.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 01-Apr-2020 22:20:33
MED: Oh my fucking god... I bloody fricking love you, Emily! :: is happy to hear her agreement, reaching over to pull the other into a tight hug before releasing Acacia and straightening up ::
XO Cdr Kuari 01-Apr-2020 22:21:20
:: sees the water flowing, then moves back out into the hallway to check on other rooms on the second floor ::
CMO Lt Tailor 01-Apr-2020 22:21:25
::musty yet comfy king sized bed suits her just fine and is better than a grass mat on a pile of leaves::
MED Lt Acacia 01-Apr-2020 22:22:42
:: blinks, pauses, and then laughs as she returns the hug :: TAC2: And I love you, Ryleigh. :: she stands, looking around the room at materials, as well as thinking through what she saw on the way in :: TAC2: The hardest part will be the right pieces of wood.. or metal, perhaps?
CTO LtC Wolfe 01-Apr-2020 22:22:46
:: smiles wryly :: CO: Aye. Did you ever dream you'd be captain of a chief firewood-hauler, chief fishing net maker, and so on, Captain?
CO: And do you think they'll mind that we're taking the wood from their park?
CSO Cdr Wright 01-Apr-2020 22:23:58
:: frowns again, not sure that she's chief anything useful ::
SCI LtJG Jude 01-Apr-2020 22:24:01
:: leaves the room to explore other rooms, kind of hoping one is locked ::
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 22:24:23
:: laughs :: CTO: Never! But, it beats the alternative. And, if they do mind, someone had better speak up because we need that firewood.
XO Cdr Kuari 01-Apr-2020 22:24:35
:: checks room after room, finding they look to be exactly the same ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 01-Apr-2020 22:24:44
:: hums, looking around the room before thinking :: MED: Wood would probably be the best bet... It's easy to find, shape, and can be adjusted relatively easy. Unlike metal ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 01-Apr-2020 22:25:01
CO: Indeed. :: begins preparing for the short journey :: We should be back before it gets really cold.
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 22:25:34
CTO: And before it snows even harder. :: looks to Lexy :: CSO: Keep things going here?
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 01-Apr-2020 22:26:03
::Pauses for a moment and takes a deep breath, before plodding along again; walking passed Harper, Wolfe and Wright as he continues searching.::
MED Lt Acacia 01-Apr-2020 22:26:08
:: wags a finger, nodding. She finds a chair and tests resting its back under her arm, but finds it too short :: TAC2: Hm, yeah.. my first thought is there'd definitely be enough wood in one of those couches in the lobby if we broke it down, but I don't even have a saw.
CSO Cdr Wright 01-Apr-2020 22:26:10
:: nods :: CO: On it. :: Takes off up the stairs ::
NAV Lt Navarro 01-Apr-2020 22:26:33
:: has wandered downstairs ::
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 22:26:49
:: calls out from the courtyard for Kuari and Navarro ::
MED Lt Acacia 01-Apr-2020 22:27:11
Self: Would a hotel have.. tools?
CSO Cdr Wright 01-Apr-2020 22:27:20
:: opens the rooms, starting on the left side, and starts the taps running ::
XO Cdr Kuari 01-Apr-2020 22:27:53
:: hears Harper from far away and trots back down the hallway and down the stairs ::
CSO Cdr Wright 01-Apr-2020 22:28:08
:: embarrassed apologies to anyone she walks in on ::
MED Lt Acacia 01-Apr-2020 22:28:35
:: jumps as Wright rushes in, then chuckles and waves :: CSO: Oh, good thinking!
CMO Lt Tailor 01-Apr-2020 22:29:15
::eventually gets out of the bed and starts looking at the water faucets in this room's bathroom, opening them and checking for heat in the hot water tap::
NAV Lt Navarro 01-Apr-2020 22:29:20
:: appears in the courtyard at Harper's call :: ¿Sí, capitana?
CSO Cdr Wright 01-Apr-2020 22:29:23
:: grins at Emily ::
XO Cdr Kuari 01-Apr-2020 22:29:37
:: sees Harper still in the courtyard and goes out to meet her ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 01-Apr-2020 22:29:45
:: startles at the appearance of Wright, glancing up to try and make eye-contact with Wright, before turning back to looking around for materials ::
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 22:29:47
ACTION> The water flows from all the taps, gradually becoming clearer, but never warm.
CTO LtC Wolfe 01-Apr-2020 22:29:48
:: is as prepared as he's going to be and heads to the main entrance to wait for the others ::
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 22:29:57
XO/NAV: We are going to the park for firewood.
XO/NAV: Up for a stroll in the snow?
CSO Cdr Wright 01-Apr-2020 22:30:58
:: makes eye contact with Grey in passing, but says nothing ::
XO Cdr Kuari 01-Apr-2020 22:31:06
:: grins at the prospect of exploring their surroundings, eager to get the lay of the land and help supply :: CO: Ready and willing!
MED Lt Acacia 01-Apr-2020 22:31:29
:: turns back to Grey :: TAC2: So we may need new tools to make good ones, can we make bad ones to work with?
CMO Lt Tailor 01-Apr-2020 22:32:17
::turns off the taps and decides to find an ice bucket or other pitcher like object to heat water in, leaving the room to join others in the hallway:: All: I'd think we'd still be best off boiling water for drinking, in case of bacteria.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 01-Apr-2020 22:32:28
:: raises an eyebrow curiously at Acacia's question before she shrugged :: MED: Probably? You'll have to help me back downstairs again, maybe there's something somewhere?
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 22:32:48
:: heads back in and empties out a pack to carry kindling :: XO/CTO/NAV: Then let us get going.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 01-Apr-2020 22:32:57
XO: Commander... ::Pokes his head from around a corner.:: Would you be able to survey the roof for solar panels? Like we had in the cabin... I would climb up myself, but I feel some people would disapprove.
MED Lt Acacia 01-Apr-2020 22:33:08
:: shrugs, offering her arm. She'd hold under Grey's arm and take all pressure off her bad leg, following her lead for the search ::
NAV Lt Navarro 01-Apr-2020 22:33:38
:: also empties his pack, then stands ready ::
XO Cdr Kuari 01-Apr-2020 22:33:50
:: turns to regard Ilaihr for a moment, then looks to Harper :: CO: I'm sure I can do that quickly.
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 22:34:47
XO: Meet us on the street.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 01-Apr-2020 22:34:48
XO: Being in a city, it is something of a longshot, that they might be there. If they aren't, this building may be on a central grid. Which would be unfortunate for us.
CSO Cdr Wright 01-Apr-2020 22:34:55
:: comes out of a room :: CMO: agreed. But we can at least use this for washing, bathing, and toilet.
CTO LtC Wolfe 01-Apr-2020 22:35:38
:: leads the way ::
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 22:35:47
:: follows Wolfe out the front door ::
NAV Lt Navarro 01-Apr-2020 22:35:52
:: follows along ::
CMO Lt Tailor 01-Apr-2020 22:35:53
CSO: Of course, we may want some warm water to bathe in too.
XO Cdr Kuari 01-Apr-2020 22:36:12
:: nods dutifully as Harper and Wolfe depart, looks up at the roof to judge the distance, then moves far enough away to flap repeatedly without disturbing people and reaches the roof in seconds. She lands gingerly on top of piles of foliage shed by trees and looks around ::
SCI LtJG Jude 01-Apr-2020 22:36:18
:: runs back downstairs, only to see people leaving :: Did I miss something?
CSO Cdr Wright 01-Apr-2020 22:36:43
CMO: That will be challenging, with the stairs. I think our best bet for that is getting the power on.
NAV Lt Navarro 01-Apr-2020 22:37:04
:: yells back at Jude :: SCI: We're going for firewood!
CMO Lt Tailor 01-Apr-2020 22:37:21
CSO: Probably so.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 01-Apr-2020 22:38:05
:: relies on Acacia for support as the two make their way back downstairs, glancing around, she curiously led Acacia towards a closed door. :: MED: Chances are that tools are in an employee-only area... pretty high.
SCI LtJG Jude 01-Apr-2020 22:38:23
NAV: Oh, ok!
CSO Cdr Wright 01-Apr-2020 22:38:35
CMO: Speaking of which, did we find stairs to the roof?
CTO LtC Wolfe 01-Apr-2020 22:38:59
:: continues leading the way to the park, searching out any danger, never letting his attention waver, because that my friends, he thinks to himself, is when tigers attack. ::
MED Lt Acacia 01-Apr-2020 22:39:03
:: holds Grey's speed back so she can't hurt herself, but lets her go where she wants :: TAC2: Correct. But a locked door it just a challenge!
XO Cdr Kuari 01-Apr-2020 22:39:23
:: digs at the foliage and looks down, sniffing, then across the roof. She flies over and digs again, then does so in several other places before landing back in the courtyard. Trotting over to Ilaihr :: CEO: There are solar panels all over! There is a lot of clearing to do, some of the trees very large dropping foliage on them, but they are there.
CMO Lt Tailor 01-Apr-2020 22:39:25
CSO: Not that I know of?
NAV Lt Navarro 01-Apr-2020 22:39:35
:: follows Wolfe, enjoying the walk in the snow ::
SCI LtJG Jude 01-Apr-2020 22:40:20
:: goes back upstairs, looking for perhaps a maintenance door, with a ladder ::
CSO Cdr Wright 01-Apr-2020 22:40:33
CMO: Well, first things first... I'm going to go clear an area in the courtyard for a fire.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 01-Apr-2020 22:40:50
XO: Most excellent. ::Nods his head, his face hidden under his hood still.:: Then there must be a capacitor somewhere. There are some unopenable doors yes?
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 22:41:15
:: also following along, the crunching of their footfalls on what little has built up lulling her attention away a bit ::
XO Cdr Kuari 01-Apr-2020 22:41:55
CEO: Every door I've found so far has opened.
CTO LtC Wolfe 01-Apr-2020 22:42:13
:: loves the snow and how he would be able to hear any approaching footsteps. ::
XO Cdr Kuari 01-Apr-2020 22:42:15
CEO: Well, on the second floor.
SCI LtJG Jude 01-Apr-2020 22:42:45
:: not finding anything else, she decides to go outside and walk around the exterior of the building for a way up to the roof ::
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 22:42:58
ACTION> The away team makes it to the park. It was clearly once home to a planned arrangement of trees, but has now been taken over, almost turning into a full patch of forest in itself.
CTO LtC Wolfe 01-Apr-2020 22:43:35
:: searches through the trees and all negative space, looking for anything that is not plant ::
CMO Lt Tailor 01-Apr-2020 22:43:59
CSO: I'll try to gather up all of the metal pots that I can find to heat water in. I'll meet you downstairs.
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 22:44:22
:: she starts picking up bits of fallen wood ::
XO Cdr Kuari 01-Apr-2020 22:44:53
:: is with the away team now, having easily caught up, sniffing and looking around the trees darkened by overgrowth ::
CSO Cdr Wright 01-Apr-2020 22:45:20
CMO: Sounds great, thanks! :: takes off down the stairs ::
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 22:45:40
ACTION> There is no way up to the roof from the exterior of the hotel.
CTO LtC Wolfe 01-Apr-2020 22:45:51
:: walks through the trees to the other end of the park. It's a nice hike yet not too far. Having been to the other side and seen the clearing and next buildings, he returns to the Captain and begins gathering his own logs. ::
XO Cdr Kuari 01-Apr-2020 22:46:15
:: stops, nose raised sampling the air, confused by a scent ::
SCI LtJG Jude 01-Apr-2020 22:46:20
:: mutters to self, and makes way back inside, shaking the snow off her hair like a dog ::
NAV Lt Navarro 01-Apr-2020 22:46:21
:: starts filling his pack before his arms ::
XO Cdr Kuari 01-Apr-2020 22:47:48
ACTION> Snarling can be heard from within the thick brush of the park in one direction. Another can be heard from the other side, then eventually from all directions.
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 22:48:26
:: looks around warily, drawing the kitchen knife from her belt ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 01-Apr-2020 22:48:37
:: drops his logs at his feet and is instantly ready to fight, one of his spears in his hands before the wood even hits the ground. :: XO: Commander! Join me.
XO Cdr Kuari 01-Apr-2020 22:49:14
:: hears the animal warnings and looks all about. When it's surrounding them, she knows exactly what's about to happen and crouches low, snarling back loudly ::
:: finds her place in a square with the party members, facing outward ::
CMO Lt Tailor 01-Apr-2020 22:49:57
::goes door to door , knocking before entry at the ones that are now occupied so she can please look at the cabinets if the occupants don't mind::
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 22:50:35
XO: Not friends of yours, I take it?
CTO LtC Wolfe 01-Apr-2020 22:50:43
ALL: Anyone need an extra knife?
XO Cdr Kuari 01-Apr-2020 22:50:49
CO: No, I don't recognize them at all!
CSO Cdr Wright 01-Apr-2020 22:50:57
:: shivering in the courtyard, clearing an area for the fire ::
NAV Lt Navarro 01-Apr-2020 22:51:32
:: also has a knife, and raises it, eyes darting back and forth ::
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 22:51:49
CTO: ... how many do you have?
CTO LtC Wolfe 01-Apr-2020 22:52:22
:: takes his hands off the spear and gently tosses two knives from his belt to Captain Harper. They're about 40 cm each. :: CO: Will these do?
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 22:52:51
:: catches one in her left hand, and the other falls to the ground, since she does not have three hands ::
NAV Lt Navarro 01-Apr-2020 22:53:03
:: picks up the knife that fell, adding it to his offhand ::
SCI LtJG Jude 01-Apr-2020 22:53:17
:: walks around the first floor, trying rooms, and kicking at the locked ones ::
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 22:54:09
ACTION> The locked doors stay locked, but other rooms open, revealing conference rooms, what appears to be a gym, and an sadly gross indoor pool.
CTO LtC Wolfe 01-Apr-2020 22:54:16
:: listens to the snarls and realizes what exactly he needs to say. :: GROUP: Sounds like we're gonna eat well tonight.
CMO Lt Tailor 01-Apr-2020 22:54:24
::isn't having much luck finding pots, moves downstairs to wander the hallways looking for a restaurant or a big frickin' storage room with everything we might possibly want or need. One can dream.::
XO Cdr Kuari 01-Apr-2020 22:55:02
ACTION> Horned wolves with snarling faces emerge from the brush. Once they clear it, whip-like tails can be seen flailing about aggressively.
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 22:55:19
ACTION> Tailor does find a restaurant, off to the other side of the lobby!
CMO Lt Tailor 01-Apr-2020 22:55:25
Self: Woohoo!
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 22:55:39
All: Yeah, they look, uhhh, delicious?
:: grips her knives tighter ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 01-Apr-2020 22:55:54
::Goes through checking the doors on the first floor.::
XO Cdr Kuari 01-Apr-2020 22:56:09
:: faces the wolf nearest her and snarles just as aggressively ::
CMO Lt Tailor 01-Apr-2020 22:56:13
::wanders inside looking for the kitchen area with... dun dun dun.... pots and pans! It's gotta be here somewhere! ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 01-Apr-2020 22:56:20
:: glances at the door, then down at her leg, then at Acacia :: MED: Can... I use your leg?
CTO LtC Wolfe 01-Apr-2020 22:56:44
:: watches closely as one of the wolves comes at him, cricks his neck, and waits the moment for the wolf to almost reach him, jump up to attack, points his spear and attempts to drive it into the wolf's chest ::
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 22:56:50
ACTION> The restaurant kitchen does indeed have pots and pans, all in a full industrial kitchen!
CMO Lt Tailor 01-Apr-2020 22:56:59
Self: Yay!
SCI LtJG Jude 01-Apr-2020 22:57:06
:: grunts at herself, and returns to the locked doors, continuing to kick them next to the door handles ::
XO Cdr Kuari 01-Apr-2020 22:57:17
Wolf 2> :: opens its jaws and barks, launching itself at Navarro ::
NAV Lt Navarro 01-Apr-2020 22:57:27
:: ducks and stabs upward ::
XO Cdr Kuari 01-Apr-2020 22:57:45
ACTION> Wolf 1 is expertly speared through by Wolfe!
MED Lt Acacia 01-Apr-2020 22:57:55
:: chuckles, letting Ryleigh go to lean on the wall while she spools up, and gives the door her best kick! ::
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 22:58:07
:: stabs at the wolf that jumped at Navarro ::
XO Cdr Kuari 01-Apr-2020 22:58:30
Wolf 2> :: yelps as the knife pierces its belly, but simultaneously bites for Navarro's neck ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 01-Apr-2020 22:58:34
:: one-legged hops over to the wall, leaning against it to watch Acacia go to work ::
CMO Lt Tailor 01-Apr-2020 22:58:36
::gathers up as many large stock pots as she can carry, for cooking and heating water, then goes back towards the lobby and the courtyard where Wright said she'd be::
XO Cdr Kuari 01-Apr-2020 22:58:45
Wolf 3> :: finds an opening and jumps at Harper!
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 22:59:08
:: is caught off-guard since she was stabbing at Navarro's wolf, but tries to dodge to the side anyway and counter-attack ::
MED Lt Acacia 01-Apr-2020 22:59:24
:: gives the door a second kick, and a third. She pauses to rest, huffing. :: TAC2: Perhaps kicking.. is not going to work.
XO Cdr Kuari 01-Apr-2020 22:59:28
:: jumps as a wolf comes at her, easily gaining height on the wolf and bites its head, carefully avoiding the horns ::
NAV Lt Navarro 01-Apr-2020 22:59:29
:: rolls away from the bite since he went low anyway ::
XO Cdr Kuari 01-Apr-2020 22:59:41
ACTION> Wolf 1 and 2 fall dead.
MED Lt Acacia 01-Apr-2020 23:00:09
:: twinges, looking around for a moment in confusion. Did something just.. die? ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 01-Apr-2020 23:00:37
:: hums briefly in thought before making her way towards the door and feeling around near the door-handle, searching for something... anything. Particularly a keyhole or something similiar? ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 01-Apr-2020 23:00:43
:: turns his attention to that third wolf, glad that they didn't have armored hides or something. :: CO: What, you've never had wolf meat before? :: cocks his head at the wolf as it's attempting to circle back around and resize the situation :: Err, a rhino wolf?
CSO Cdr Wright 01-Apr-2020 23:00:54
:: comes inside, brushing off the snow and shivering ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 01-Apr-2020 23:02:18
:: crouches at the wolf now, singing gruffly and slowly, intentionally at it :: Wolf: Who... let the... daaaawgs.... out? :: begins running at it :: Woof! Woof! Woof woof!
MED Lt Acacia 01-Apr-2020 23:02:31
:: snaps back to reality, following Grey's gaze and returning to her crutch position at the marine's side :: TAC2: Wish we had a good crowbar.
XO Cdr Kuari 01-Apr-2020 23:03:15
Wolf 4 > whips its tail on Kuari, lashing across her wings, but she twists its neck in her jaws, and it goes limp.
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 23:03:47
:: starts to laugh at Wolfe's joke, but her dodge did not come in time, and the wolf tackles her to the ground ::
:: yells and loses one knife as she falls, but starts stabbing with the other as hard as she can ::
ACTION> The locked doors do not budge, no matter how hard they are kicked.
XO Cdr Kuari 01-Apr-2020 23:05:10
Wolfe 5> :: comes out from the brush, late to the party, rushing at the group ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 01-Apr-2020 23:05:22
:: follows the wolf as it takes Harper to the ground, and sees his moment to drive his spear into it under its rib cage and up into its chest cavity. ::
SCI LtJG Jude 01-Apr-2020 23:05:52
:: grumbles, and looks around for something remotely resembling a lockpicking kit ::
XO Cdr Kuari 01-Apr-2020 23:06:18
Wolf 3> :: gets knived and speared and yelps as it dies, but not before biting briefly into Harper's arm ::
MED Lt Acacia 01-Apr-2020 23:06:51
TAC2: Maybe the locks are digital. I saw a bunch of computers at the main desk. We might be stuck until there's power.. or a crowbar. :: she repeats, chuckling ::
XO Cdr Kuari 01-Apr-2020 23:07:13
Wolf 5> :: skids to a stop, seeing its pack dead, then yelps and scampers off into the woods, thrashing tail whipping in all directions ::
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 23:07:14
:: grunts in pain and rolls out from under the dead wolf, swearing elaborately in Risan ::
CMO Lt Tailor 01-Apr-2020 23:07:41
::clanks her way into the courtyard with the large pots and sets them by the area cleared for the fire::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 01-Apr-2020 23:07:44
MED: Oh bloody great. Can you help me straighten up and get back upstairs? :: asks pleadingly, hoping that she can ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 01-Apr-2020 23:07:45
:: has a moment of thinking to himself as he turns to the fifth, now retreating wolf, how fun this would be if no other lives were involved. ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 01-Apr-2020 23:08:10
::Apparates behind Acacia and Jude.:: MED/SCI: I have been looking for such a door.
XO Cdr Kuari 01-Apr-2020 23:08:27
:: stands, surveying the scene, the smell of blood in her nose, panting softly ::
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 23:08:49
:: gets to her feet, clutching her arm and breathing through her teeth as she looks around ::
MED Lt Acacia 01-Apr-2020 23:09:05
:: flinches, this time looking in the direction of the park, but right at a wall with no windows. She begins helping Grey towards the stairs, jumping slightly less when Ilaihr appears :: CEO: Door?
SCI LtJG Jude 01-Apr-2020 23:09:10
CEO: If I could find a bloody fucking way to get into these locked doors.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 01-Apr-2020 23:09:55
SCI: That will be difficult without power. Power which we may very well need, to get through, in order to engage the power.
CTO LtC Wolfe 01-Apr-2020 23:10:07
:: assured that the fifth wolf probably won't be a problem, and certainly won't without warning, turns his attention to the other four to make sure they're not moving. To be totally sure, he stabs each one a few times through roughly where a heart should be ::
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 23:10:36
All: ...are they gone? Is everyone alright?
CMO Lt Tailor 01-Apr-2020 23:10:59
::looks around for Lexy::
NAV Lt Navarro 01-Apr-2020 23:11:13
CO: I'm fine, capitana. :: looks at her arm with concern ::
XO Cdr Kuari 01-Apr-2020 23:11:15
:: keeps watch, her heart pounding and ears tuned, getting used to this feeling with all of her hunting lately :: CO: We're good now.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 01-Apr-2020 23:11:33
:: hesitantly starts to make her way back up the stairs with Acacia's help, shuddering again and staggering slightly :: MED: ...I feel funny... not in a good way. :: shuddering with every step she took ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 01-Apr-2020 23:11:36
:: now done with wolves turns his attention to his crewmates, noticing Harper's arm. :: CO: Are YOU alright? :: points ::
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 23:12:12
:: grins despite the situation :: CTO: Much more alright than I would have been, if not for your spear. Thank you, Benedict.
XO Cdr Kuari 01-Apr-2020 23:12:27
:: looks at each wolf, making sure they don't move ::
MED Lt Acacia 01-Apr-2020 23:12:28
:: nods, letting Grey take her time :: TAC2: Oh, I bet. We need to get a good meal in you, hopefully we can arrange that sooner rather than later..
CTO LtC Wolfe 01-Apr-2020 23:13:01
:: nods, then searches around the park and as far as he can see through the trees, now having proof that there are hostile creatures here. ::
CSO Cdr Wright 01-Apr-2020 23:13:03
CMO: You went looking for pots and found all of this!
SCI LtJG Jude 01-Apr-2020 23:13:42
CEO: We need power to get to the power, to get power. Brilliant.
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 23:14:12
:: her eyes dart about, her arm a secondary concern at the moment :: All: Get all the wood we can carry, quickly. We can come back for the meat.
CMO Lt Tailor 01-Apr-2020 23:14:26
CSO: There's a restaurant with full kitchen by the lobby ::grins:: It's got a full complement of dishes and utensils too.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 01-Apr-2020 23:14:42
::Chuckles.:: SCI: Isnt it a wonderful conundrum? ::Keeps plodding along.::
CTO LtC Wolfe 01-Apr-2020 23:15:20
CO/all: The weather will keep it cool overnight if we need it to.
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 23:15:37
:: nods to Wolfe, handing him her pack ::
XO Cdr Kuari 01-Apr-2020 23:16:33
:: takes one last look at the wolves, then rushes to collect wood ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 01-Apr-2020 23:17:03
::Produces a number of knives and kitchen utensils he took from the cabin, retreating backwards:: SCI: Any of these suitable?
NAV Lt Navarro 01-Apr-2020 23:17:04
:: Gathers up all he can fit in his pack and arms. ::
SCI LtJG Jude 01-Apr-2020 23:17:25
CEO: Hm. Ramming them could work. :: grabs a knife ::
CMO Lt Tailor 01-Apr-2020 23:17:31
CSO: We'll have to set up a cooking area out here by the fire, so we should grab some more things.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 01-Apr-2020 23:17:32
:: groans, stopping halfway up a step before pausing and dropping to her knees with a groan, pressing her face into her hands the best she could :: MED: C-Can I just sit here for a few minutes? I feel... really bloody dizzy.
XO Cdr Kuari 01-Apr-2020 23:17:45
:: scoops up wood in her mouth and and makes a pile ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 01-Apr-2020 23:17:47
:: takes the pack and puts it on his back, and goes back to his pile of dropped wood to pick it back up. Between it and a few more bits he was able to grab, he's got enough now by himself to get them through the night. That said, he's really hoping Ilaihr can have a good conversation with the building at some point in the futrue and get it to cooperate in giving them power. ::
MED Lt Acacia 01-Apr-2020 23:18:37
:: nods sympathetically, sitting beside Grey with an arm still wrapped around her. She silently waits, not making a big deal out of it ::
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 23:19:17
:: grimaces and picks up some wood to carry, since her injured arm isn't useless, it just fucking hurts like hell ::
CSO Cdr Wright 01-Apr-2020 23:20:07
CMO: Oh, wow, jackpot!
XO Cdr Kuari 01-Apr-2020 23:21:19
:: manages to load her share of wood on her back and, nervously looking about, listening and sniffing, she rejoins everyone ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 01-Apr-2020 23:21:32
:: has everything he can carry between the packs on his back and in his arms and is ready to return to the base. Err, hotel. He gets up next to Harper, looks at her with her arm knowing that lifting stuff can't feel good. :: CO: You'd make a decent Marine, Captain. I really should stop joking about you guys being our taxi service. :: winks at her with a strong sense of respect ::
CSO Cdr Wright 01-Apr-2020 23:21:35
CMO: Can you show me? It's freezing out here.
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 23:22:21
:: laughs, despite herself :: CTO: Thank you, Colonel. I cannot think of a higher compliment, coming from you. :: starts off back toward the hotel ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 01-Apr-2020 23:22:23
:: has buried her face into her hands, leaning into Acacia without pushing herself too far, shuddering now becoming visible between deep breaths ::
NAV Lt Navarro 01-Apr-2020 23:22:39
:: helps secure the load on Kuari's back when he sees something wobble ::
CMO Lt Tailor 01-Apr-2020 23:22:40
CSO: Sure. This way... ::heads back inside towards the restaurant::
XO Cdr Kuari 01-Apr-2020 23:23:04
:: walks with the party back to the hotel, thanking Navarro with a smile as he stops wood from toppling ::
CSO Cdr Wright 01-Apr-2020 23:23:10
:: follows, excited that things seem to finally be going their way ::
SCI LtJG Jude 01-Apr-2020 23:23:12
:: walks to a door, and jams the knife next to the door handle ::
NAV Lt Navarro 01-Apr-2020 23:24:10
:: then balances his own load as they move out ::
MED Lt Acacia 01-Apr-2020 23:24:16
:: gently rubs Grey's back, lowering her voice and speaking very quietly to not exacerbate a headache :: TAC2: It's alright, deep breaths. You need to lay down.
CTO LtC Wolfe 01-Apr-2020 23:24:44
:: begins leading the way ::
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 23:25:05
ACTION> The party makes it back to the hotel, without further attack.
XO Cdr Kuari 01-Apr-2020 23:25:05
:: carries her wood in through the lobby and dumps it in the courtyard ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 01-Apr-2020 23:25:28
:: carries his wood in through the lobby, setting it next to that brought by Kuari ::
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 23:25:30
:: dumps her admittedly smaller armload of wood ::
NAV Lt Navarro 01-Apr-2020 23:25:50
:: dumps the wood with relief, since it has been a hard day being a beast of burden ::
CSO Cdr Wright 01-Apr-2020 23:25:57
:: comes out of the restaurant when she hears the away team come in :: All: Guess what Velina found!
SCI LtJG Jude 01-Apr-2020 23:26:03
:: wiggles the knife ::
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 23:26:11
ACTION> The door does not budge.
:: cradling her arm, she looks over at Lexy :: CSO: What?
TAC2 1Lt Grey 01-Apr-2020 23:26:57
:: nods slowly, taking a deep breath before pushing herself back up into a standing position :: MED: O-Okay...
CSO Cdr Wright 01-Apr-2020 23:26:58
:: her excitement turns to ashes in her mouth when she sees Kate's arm ::
MED Lt Acacia 01-Apr-2020 23:27:21
:: helps Grey up, taking it even slower this time as they head for the first room at the top of the stairs ::
SCI LtJG Jude 01-Apr-2020 23:27:32
Self: Ha'DIbaH... :: grabs another type of knife from Ilaihr, and jams that in, and wiggles it ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 01-Apr-2020 23:28:11
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 23:28:37
CSO: We were attacked by... wolf-things, with horns and long tails. I am fine.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 01-Apr-2020 23:28:53
:: she settles down on the bed, once they got into the room, and blinks tiredly at Acacia before tucking herself under the sheets and letting her eyes close slowly ::
MED Lt Acacia 01-Apr-2020 23:29:32
:: sighs, laying down on the other side of the bed. She only means to rest her back from acting as a crutch, but she's also struggling to stay conscious after a long silence. ::
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 23:29:35
ACTION> The sun finally starts to sink below the horizon as late afternoon turns to evening...
CMO Lt Tailor 01-Apr-2020 23:30:16
::Pokes her head out of the restaurant when she hears the voices from the away team::
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 23:30:34
ACTION> The door does not budge.
SCI LtJG Jude 01-Apr-2020 23:30:45
:: rips knife out and shouts at it :: Knife: y'nt yalagochukof!
CO Capt Harper 01-Apr-2020 23:30:53
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