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Lost Harbor
As the rising light ushers in the morning of the ninth day to reveal the cold, gray, overcast sky, we are almost ready to depart from our makeshift home. The fire was stoked only enough for one final burst of warmth before we depart on our journey into the abandoned city, and we have assembled around it to ensure our preparations are complete.
After 25-Mar-2020 00:00:00
CO Capt Harper 25-Mar-2020 21:25:12
:: she hefts her backpack, checking the pocket with the hair brush in it one more time, then smiles at the crew assembled by the fire ::
CSO Cdr Wright 25-Mar-2020 21:25:56
:: makes sure her water bottle is secure for the 7th time ::
CMO Lt Tailor 25-Mar-2020 21:27:08
::slings her bag with first aid kit over her shoulder, and then helps with getting Grey into the sled ::
NAV Lt Navarro 25-Mar-2020 21:27:24
:: standing by the sled, ready to pull it ::
MED Lt Acacia 25-Mar-2020 21:27:54
:: checks that they've got everything, rifling through Tailor's backpack one last time :: CMO: Lookin' good.
:: zips it back up when she's done ::
CMO Lt Tailor 25-Mar-2020 21:28:25
MED: Excellent, thank you for checking.
MED Lt Acacia 25-Mar-2020 21:29:02
:: nods, going to find something to carry to make herself useful ::
XO Cdr Kuari 25-Mar-2020 21:29:03
:: is standing on all fours out on the deck, blankets and other non-breakable items packed on her back, awaiting last-minute additions ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 25-Mar-2020 21:29:13
:: settles on the sled, exhaling deeply, getting comfy and glancing about ::
CO Capt Harper 25-Mar-2020 21:29:24
:: she looks at the house, regarding it with some measure of fondness—after all, it was their first real solace here :: All: I know it is a lot to ask, to leave this place and its relative luxury, but our way home is not here. Now that our basic needs of survival are being met, finding the way back to Atlantis must be our top priority, and if there is anything in this area that can help us get home, it is more likely to be found in the city.
All: It is not my intent to lead you home, because I do not know the way; I depend on all of you, with your diverse talents and perspectives, to provide everything I need to make the decisions that will get us back to our normal lives. This situation, more than any we have faced before, requires contributions from all of us, and I know that my crew is up to this task.
All: So, let us go, but not thinking of it as leaving the comfort of this little house. We are going to find the way home. :: she turns away from the fire and starts walking ::
MED Lt Acacia 25-Mar-2020 21:31:26
:: slings a backpack from the pile over her shoulder and pauses to listen to the Captain, smirking slightly as she's visibly fired up by the encouragement. ::
CSO Cdr Wright 25-Mar-2020 21:31:52
:: walks abreast with Kate ::
CMO Lt Tailor 25-Mar-2020 21:31:52
::nods solemnly, kinda wishing she had sparky red shoes to tap together, like in an old movie she saw once::
XO Cdr Kuari 25-Mar-2020 21:32:17
:: waits for everyone to finish depositing loads on her back, then pins the bundles firmly with her wings and begins to follow Harper ::
CO Capt Harper 25-Mar-2020 21:32:22
:: takes Lexy's hand as they walk ::
NAV Lt Navarro 25-Mar-2020 21:33:54
:: nods to himself, and starts pulling Grey's sled ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 25-Mar-2020 21:34:26
:: grins at the Captain's speech, glancing at the other crew members, adjusting her position slightly and almost yelping in slight surprise at the start of the movement ::
CO Capt Harper 25-Mar-2020 21:34:32
:: lets Wolfe get ahead of them to take point, as he generally does ::
CSO Cdr Wright 25-Mar-2020 21:34:32
:: smiles over at Kate, then glances behind them at their small band moving out in a semi-orderly fashion :: CO: I hope the city turns out to have what we need to figure out what the hell we're doing here ::
CO Capt Harper 25-Mar-2020 21:35:14
:: looks back one more time at the house, then to Lexy :: CSO: It has to. :: she says with total conviction ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 25-Mar-2020 21:35:16
:: scouts the path ahead, because you just never, ever know. ::
MED Lt Acacia 25-Mar-2020 21:35:17
:: idles next to Navarro, smiling at Grey :: TAC2: Comfy?
CMO Lt Tailor 25-Mar-2020 21:35:49
::moves forward with the rest of the group, following along::
NAV Lt Navarro 25-Mar-2020 21:36:12
:: is a pretty good mule ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 25-Mar-2020 21:36:17
:: hums in acknowledgement, glancing up at Acacia and then to Navarro's back slightly :: NAV: If I get too heavy for you, just let me know.
XO Cdr Kuari 25-Mar-2020 21:36:52
:: raises her neck and turns her head to look behind her with one eye, taking one last look at the house. They can come back if they need to, and the thought comforts her ::
MED Lt Acacia 25-Mar-2020 21:37:30
:: nods in agreement :: NAV: And I'll take next shift.
NAV Lt Navarro 25-Mar-2020 21:37:44
:: really has no way to answer this to a lady other than camp :: TAC2: My friends are never too heavy.
CMO Lt Tailor 25-Mar-2020 21:37:55
::almost feels like she's going to miss this little house but is looking forward to seeing the city, maybe finding a hospital::
MED Lt Acacia 25-Mar-2020 21:38:39
:: chuckles ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 25-Mar-2020 21:40:15
:: breaks into laughter at his comment ::
NAV Lt Navarro 25-Mar-2020 21:40:27
:: grins and leans into his duty ::
CSO Cdr Wright 25-Mar-2020 21:40:54
:: looks quietly at Kate, thinking she understands before replying :: CO: I'm sure we'll find at least some of what we need.
CO Capt Harper 25-Mar-2020 21:41:16
CSO: If nothing else, more will be available for our use.
ACTION> A few hours of uneventful travel pass, but the overcast sky does not break, and the temperature barely rises, if at all.
ACTION> As we follow the river toward the city, the little cul-de-sac of houses that the away team from two days ago visited starts to come into view.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 25-Mar-2020 21:42:26
:: she's fallen asleep at the moment, not curling up like she usually did ::
CSO Cdr Wright 25-Mar-2020 21:42:56
CO: Should we take a few minutes for water and scavenging?
CO Capt Harper 25-Mar-2020 21:43:48
:: looks to Lexy, then Kuari :: CSO: I think so. There may be more here that we were unable to carry on the last trip.
XO Cdr Kuari 25-Mar-2020 21:44:35
:: sees the houses in the distance and perks up. Her wings are cramped, and she smiles at Kate's comment :: CO: Agreed. There are things we can add to our packs that we didn't want to take back, I'm sure.
CO Capt Harper 25-Mar-2020 21:45:37
CSO/XO: If nothing else, it is a place to rest for a moment and have a snack!
MED Lt Acacia 25-Mar-2020 21:45:46
:: nods slightly, drifting close to Tailor so she can hear :: CMO: I didn't check all of these houses for medical supplies.
CO Capt Harper 25-Mar-2020 21:45:48
:: grins and walks just a little faster toward the houses ::
MED Lt Acacia 25-Mar-2020 21:46:01
:: points out the ones she did search :: CMO: Just those two.
XO Cdr Kuari 25-Mar-2020 21:46:20
:: picks up her pace, eager for the rest ::
CMO Lt Tailor 25-Mar-2020 21:46:25
::looks to Acacia:: MED: Then we should probably have a second look, might find something.
CO Capt Harper 25-Mar-2020 21:47:19
ACTION> The party arrives in the cul-de-sac, which has not changed since two days ago.
MED Lt Acacia 25-Mar-2020 21:47:34
:: nods in agreement, heading off towards one of the houses she hadn't searched for medical goods ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 25-Mar-2020 21:47:58
:: scouts around, his spear ahead of him, looking for any signs of change that might not be immediately apparent. ::
CMO Lt Tailor 25-Mar-2020 21:48:18
::follows after Acacia, eager to see what they can come up with::
CSO Cdr Wright 25-Mar-2020 21:48:24
:: sets out into a house in search of cups to fill and offer to her crewmates ::
XO Cdr Kuari 25-Mar-2020 21:49:03
:: stops in the middle of the square right next to the sign, crouches and tucks in one wing to carefully tip her load over it onto the ground ::
CO Capt Harper 25-Mar-2020 21:49:28
:: breaks out some of the cooked meat along with the jerky that the synthesizer made, and sets up a little spread on a table in one of the houses ::
MED Lt Acacia 25-Mar-2020 21:49:40
:: lets herself into the house and starts rifling through drawers, cabinets, and under the mattress for anything useful ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 25-Mar-2020 21:50:22
:: is still sleeping at this point, curling up as she felt the movement of the sled slow and stop, blinking half-closed eyes to see the houses around, pushing up from the sled and hesitantly moving off, still limping with every step, glancing around curious ::
CSO Cdr Wright 25-Mar-2020 21:50:32
:: fills cups at the tap and brings them out to the spread that Kate has set up ::
CMO Lt Tailor 25-Mar-2020 21:50:39
::does a similar search in the restrooms, under sinks, in cabinets for things resembling first aid supplies::
XO Cdr Kuari 25-Mar-2020 21:50:49
ACTION> Acacia finds what can only be recognized as electronic currency stuffed under the mattress.
MED Lt Acacia 25-Mar-2020 21:51:09
:: raises an eyebrow, examining the currency. She pockets it to show to Harper, and keeps searching ::
CO Capt Harper 25-Mar-2020 21:52:01
ACTION> Tailor finds a first aid kit!
CMO Lt Tailor 25-Mar-2020 21:52:41
::opens the kit to check its contents::
MED Lt Acacia 25-Mar-2020 21:53:09
:: comes up with nothing medical in the spots she's searched, coming up behind Tailor as she's opening the first aid kit :: CMO: Ooh, score?
NAV Lt Navarro 25-Mar-2020 21:53:21
:: helps Grey up into the central house and pulls a chair out for her from the table with the meat on it ::
CSO Cdr Wright 25-Mar-2020 21:53:38
:: has a snack and some free water ::
CMO Lt Tailor 25-Mar-2020 21:53:43
MED: Hopefully.. just seeing if the medicines are still any good.
XO Cdr Kuari 25-Mar-2020 21:53:49
:: stretches out her wings and finds it helps a lot with the soreness, then just walks around the sign with her wings fully outstretched, thinking she must look ridiculous ::
CMO Lt Tailor 25-Mar-2020 21:54:35
::also looking for bottles of alcohol, hydrogen peroxide or bleach that can be used to sanitize things::
CO Capt Harper 25-Mar-2020 21:55:11
ACTION> There are bottles of liquid, but the labels are faded and in Gencodian anyway.
MED Lt Acacia 25-Mar-2020 21:56:02
:: frowns, examining a bottle of some chemical. She opens it and gives a distant, tentative sniff :: CMO: Ugh..
TAC2 1Lt Grey 25-Mar-2020 21:56:58
:: smiles up at Navarro, glancing around, curious at their current location, reaching for a piece of jerky and gnawing at it ::
MED Lt Acacia 25-Mar-2020 21:57:14
:: shakes her head, putting the bottle back and moving on. She makes her way to the next house she hadn't search and resumes her rifling for medical supplies there ::
CO Capt Harper 25-Mar-2020 21:59:03
:: eats and drinks, enjoying the little break ::
:: then starts rummaging ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 25-Mar-2020 21:59:58
:: sighs, finishing her jerky and just relaxing, glancing over at Harper :: CO: Anything you're looking for?
NAV Lt Navarro 25-Mar-2020 22:00:07
:: also grabs some food and takes a long drink of water after the shift as a pack mule ::
CO Capt Harper 25-Mar-2020 22:00:22
TAC2: Nothing in particular, just anything that might be useful...
CMO Lt Tailor 25-Mar-2020 22:00:50
self: Hm.. ::unscrews the tops of the bottles, wafting the escaping aroma carefully to her nose, and sniffing lightly::
CSO Cdr Wright 25-Mar-2020 22:01:09
:: goes scavenging for more useful stuff after her meal ::
CO Capt Harper 25-Mar-2020 22:01:43
ACTION> Eventually, after enough bottles, the unmistakable scent of high concentration rubbing alcohol wafts from one of them!
MED Lt Acacia 25-Mar-2020 22:02:43
:: rifles through the bathroom in this house. She finds and examines an object she cannot identify--some sort of paste. She mumbles to herself :: Self: Beard oil?
CMO Lt Tailor 25-Mar-2020 22:03:23
MED: Finally, found some alcohol. ::screws the cap back on tightly and stows the bottle in the first aid kit::
CO Capt Harper 25-Mar-2020 22:03:39
:: her attention is drawn to a wooden box in the living room ::
CMO Lt Tailor 25-Mar-2020 22:03:57
MED: I think I'll bring these others with me anyway, maybe the Captain can translate them.
CO Capt Harper 25-Mar-2020 22:03:58
:: it reminds her of the humidor the Admiral used to have in the ready room, so she opens it ::
XO Cdr Kuari 25-Mar-2020 22:04:20
:: finally relaxes her wings, almost dragging them on the ground, and sniffs around from house to house, seeing if she missed anything the first time through, or to see if any smells have changed ::
MED Lt Acacia 25-Mar-2020 22:04:38
:: wanders back to the house Tailor is in just in time for her to be done. She holds up the beard oil, and a small gardening trowel :: CMO: Yeah, I didn't find much here. I'm still hopeful for a hospital later down the line.
CO Capt Harper 25-Mar-2020 22:04:55
:: finds what looks to be some sort of plant that would have been smoked, but they crumble at her touch ::
CMO Lt Tailor 25-Mar-2020 22:05:10
::wraps and stows the other bottles in a separate pocket of her pack, for later identification::
MED Lt Acacia 25-Mar-2020 22:05:14
:: checks the alcohol, sniffing it and appearing relieved :: CMO: Yeah, that's good.
CO Capt Harper 25-Mar-2020 22:05:34
:: but, in the lid of the box, there is a tarnished silver rectangle! ::
:: she takes it and opens it, finding a button ::
:: she presses the button, and a spark appears! ::
:: she presses it again, and a flame leaps forth, a few centimeters high! ::
MED Lt Acacia 25-Mar-2020 22:07:00
:: tucks what she's found in the backpack she was carrying, taking a seat to rest her feet :: CMO: The actual city is much more impressive, by the way.
CMO: This is, uh.. sub-ubz?
CO Capt Harper 25-Mar-2020 22:07:39
:: releases the button and returns to the kitchen :: All: I found a lighter!
CMO Lt Tailor 25-Mar-2020 22:08:04
MED: Suburbs, I think. Yeah, I'm looking forward to seeing the city.
CTO LtC Wolfe 25-Mar-2020 22:08:36
:: scavenges a house he hadn't been in yet. As he enters, it's apparent none of the crew have been in there either.
CSO Cdr Wright 25-Mar-2020 22:09:13
:: is in a different house and doesn't know shit about shit ::
MED Lt Acacia 25-Mar-2020 22:09:27
:: repeats the word, nodding :: CMO: Suburbs, that's it. When we did see the city, the Captain didn't see any signs of a hospital. But with that big of a population center, there's at least one somewhere.
CO Capt Harper 25-Mar-2020 22:12:28
:: pockets the valuable find, then replenishes the spread for any hungry people ::
XO Cdr Kuari 25-Mar-2020 22:12:45
:: doesn't smell anything that attracts her attention as she goes from house to house, taking note of which crew member is where ::
CMO Lt Tailor 25-Mar-2020 22:12:46
MED: Exactly, and it would be difficult to tell from just one section of the city unless you're lucky enough to be near it or right in front of it. We'd need to find a map of some kind.
MED Lt Acacia 25-Mar-2020 22:13:09
:: thinks for a moment :: CMO: I wonder if they had public transit.. heh, subway map?
CMO Lt Tailor 25-Mar-2020 22:13:50
MED: That's a good thought.. could be one in one of these houses even. Unless it's in a wall console that we can't access or something.
MED Lt Acacia 25-Mar-2020 22:14:31
:: hums, disappointed :: CMO: Mm, that's right, most of their maps were likely digital..
CMO Lt Tailor 25-Mar-2020 22:14:39
::looks around for some sort of screen::
CO Capt Harper 25-Mar-2020 22:15:02
:: finds herself wishing that she'd had that lighter nine days ago, since it's a fair bit easier than the bow-drill ::
MED Lt Acacia 25-Mar-2020 22:15:14
:: also gives the house another look with the idea of a map in mind, checking what looks like a work area with a desk ::
CO Capt Harper 25-Mar-2020 22:15:38
ACTION> No maps are to be found.
MED Lt Acacia 25-Mar-2020 22:17:03
:: sighs, rifling through a box of writing by some unpublished author. She shakes her head :: Self: Handwriting? How quaint.
XO Cdr Kuari 25-Mar-2020 22:18:07
ACTION> After about half an hour, Kuari summons everyone outside from the square with a loud call, one she doesn't use to signal danger.
CO Capt Harper 25-Mar-2020 22:18:50
:: having packed up the spread, she's standing by her pack next to Kuari, impressed at the Rucara's vocal range ::
CMO Lt Tailor 25-Mar-2020 22:19:47
MED: Even if there's a computer here, not sure if it would turn on.. ::lifts her head when she hears Kuari's call:: MED: Time to head outside.
CSO Cdr Wright 25-Mar-2020 22:20:20
:: comes out, carting some supplemental supplies she's found ::
MED Lt Acacia 25-Mar-2020 22:20:37
:: perks up, looking out the door. She pauses to load up the backpack and be sure it's zipped, then heads out :: CMO: We'll save fiddling with power for wherever we stop.
NAV Lt Navarro 25-Mar-2020 22:20:46
:: helps Grey back out to the sled ::
XO Cdr Kuari 25-Mar-2020 22:21:27
:: has picked up half her load, now picking up the rest carefully with her tail and depositing it between her wings ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 25-Mar-2020 22:21:29
:: glances up at the call, relies heavily on Navarro for support to get back out to the sled and settling on the sled, sighing ::
CMO Lt Tailor 25-Mar-2020 22:21:37
::quickly packs up any other useful things she's found in the search so far, and heads outside::
CO Capt Harper 25-Mar-2020 22:21:48
:: helps secure the load on Kuari's back ::
XO Cdr Kuari 25-Mar-2020 22:22:06
:: smiles at Harper gratefully ::
CO Capt Harper 25-Mar-2020 22:22:35
All: Ready to get moving again? We have a lot of ground to cover before dark, and we are not as fast as the party two days ago was.
MED Lt Acacia 25-Mar-2020 22:23:52
:: nods, making her way over to the sled. She hands the backpack she's carrying off to Navarro for the switch ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 25-Mar-2020 22:24:21
:: grins at Acacia, content to remain quiet and watchful ::
NAV Lt Navarro 25-Mar-2020 22:24:26
MED: I am fine to continue pulling, unless you really want to.
MED Lt Acacia 25-Mar-2020 22:25:53
:: blinks, then shrugs, putting the backpack back on :: NAV: If you say so. Figured I'd offer.
CMO Lt Tailor 25-Mar-2020 22:25:57
::nods, hefting her backpack around her shoulders::
NAV Lt Navarro 25-Mar-2020 22:26:36
:: smiles and picks up his end of the sled :: MED: Gracias, of course.
CO Capt Harper 25-Mar-2020 22:26:46
:: hefts her pack :: All: Onward!
XO Cdr Kuari 25-Mar-2020 22:27:09
:: turns to follow Harper, her load secured on her back ::
MED Lt Acacia 25-Mar-2020 22:27:29
:: sticks by the sled for conversation nonetheless, having a good time ::
CO Capt Harper 25-Mar-2020 22:27:34
ACTION> The party continues on, now following what was clearly once a road along the river.
NAV Lt Navarro 25-Mar-2020 22:27:53
:: pulls the sled along, chatting idly with both Emily and Ryleigh ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 25-Mar-2020 22:29:26
:: is at the lead once again, ready to watch for the danger that has yet to rear its head. He yawns. ::
CO Capt Harper 25-Mar-2020 22:30:16
ACTION> Hours pass as we follow the river, with the building density around us steadily increasing the entire time.
ACTION> The buildings in this city are not skyscrapers, though. The design almost hearkens back to classical antiquity on Earth, but much more advanced technologically.
CSO Cdr Wright 25-Mar-2020 22:32:24
:: looks around with interest ::
CMO Lt Tailor 25-Mar-2020 22:32:57
::looking at the cityscape as they pass by, wondering if there's any kind of vehicles in this society. Maybe even a small wagon conveniently left by the side of the road that they can grab. Or a kids pushcart or something that they can tie some supplies onto::
CO Capt Harper 25-Mar-2020 22:34:35
:: has been reading signs, but none have been of particular interest yet, other than the mention of a library ::
MED Lt Acacia 25-Mar-2020 22:34:47
:: finds herself idly looking at windows and porches for someone with a gardening habit. When she spots them she's disappointed to note window boxes and porch pots full of weeds, not sure what she was expecting. ::
XO Cdr Kuari 25-Mar-2020 22:35:39
:: studies the buildings as they pass, thinking perhaps they will explore them later, but soon they may have more than they even have time to explore judging by what she saw from the air ::
CO Capt Harper 25-Mar-2020 22:36:15
ACTION> As the afternoon wanes, the party makes it to what would be considered the downtown area, passing what was once a riverside park, now overgrown with trees.
ACTION> The late afternoon light is far more useful here than in a city full of skyscrapers, as well.
MED Lt Acacia 25-Mar-2020 22:37:18
:: whistles lowly, admiring the ways nature has retaken even such an advanced city :: Self: Ooh..
CO Capt Harper 25-Mar-2020 22:37:58
:: squints at the sign on the building ahead, just past the park, her keen pilot's eyes noticing something of interest ::
ACTION> A light snow begins to fall.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 25-Mar-2020 22:39:27
:: starts cursing at the snowfall, shuddering on the sled and tucking herself into a small ball ::
MED Lt Acacia 25-Mar-2020 22:39:28
:: looks up, then around, a smile slowly growing on her face ::
:: senses that Grey is unhappy and wheels around, looking for Tailor. She gestures for Tailor to stop so she can rifle through the medical backpack, from which she retrieves a blanket! She zips back up the bakcpack, and tosses the blanket over Grey ::
CMO Lt Tailor 25-Mar-2020 22:40:51
::nods and stops, waiting patiently while Acacia finds what she needs::
XO Cdr Kuari 25-Mar-2020 22:40:51
:: is surprised when she sees what first looks like ash flecks falling from the sky, then recognizes them as snowflakes. She peers at Harper ::
CMO Lt Tailor 25-Mar-2020 22:41:08
::sticks her toungue out and catches a snowflake!::
CO Capt Harper 25-Mar-2020 22:41:22
:: looks away from the sign, since she can't quite make it out yet, then to Kuari ::
CSO Cdr Wright 25-Mar-2020 22:41:39
:: has been looking around for some kind of inn, but is uncertain how to interpret the unfamiliar architecture ::
XO Cdr Kuari 25-Mar-2020 22:41:56
CO: It's snowing.
CO Capt Harper 25-Mar-2020 22:42:02
XO: Time to find shelter for the night.
XO Cdr Kuari 25-Mar-2020 22:42:49
:: begins to look around anew, focusing on what would make good shelter :: CO: Should I drop my load and get a wider range view?
CO Capt Harper 25-Mar-2020 22:43:01
XO: Not yet... :: looks ahead again at the sign on the building ahead, finally starting to be able to make out the letters ::
MED Lt Acacia 25-Mar-2020 22:43:05
:: looks around, wondering :: All: Well, most of these look like houses..
CO Capt Harper 25-Mar-2020 22:43:29
:: perks up when she can read the sign :: All: Hotel! A hotel is ahead!
CSO Cdr Wright 25-Mar-2020 22:43:54
:: looks, wondering how she missed it :: All: Where?
MED Lt Acacia 25-Mar-2020 22:43:55
:: looks where Harper is looking :: All: Even better.
CMO Lt Tailor 25-Mar-2020 22:43:58
CO: That's good news!
CO Capt Harper 25-Mar-2020 22:45:11
:: points at the building they're approaching, a two story, maybe made from stone or something synthetic like stone that was once white, still retaining some ornate styling ::
XO Cdr Kuari 25-Mar-2020 22:46:05
:: grins, great relief washing through her at their fortune ::
CO Capt Harper 25-Mar-2020 22:46:06
All: I had hoped we would find one. If we can get in, there will be plenty of room for all of us to have a bed.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 25-Mar-2020 22:46:09
:: tucks the blanket close to herself, burying her entire form under the fabric and not moving ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 25-Mar-2020 22:46:17
:: looks at the hotel, considering all the rooms that will have nice, big beds that fit him. He hopes. ::
NAV Lt Navarro 25-Mar-2020 22:46:28
:: pulls the sled with renewed vigor since the finish line is in sight ::
MED Lt Acacia 25-Mar-2020 22:46:40
:: raises an eyebrow. She makes her way over to Kuari to try and nab another blanket for Grey for the remaining time outside ::
XO Cdr Kuari 25-Mar-2020 22:47:29
:: notices Acacia and stops long enough for a blanket to be retrieved ::
MED Lt Acacia 25-Mar-2020 22:47:54
XO: Thank you! :: she trots back over and tosses the second blanket over Grey ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 25-Mar-2020 22:49:03
:: barely shifts at the landing of the second blanket, curling even tighter underneath both, pretty much visible as a lump under the blankets ::
XO Cdr Kuari 25-Mar-2020 22:50:29
:: makes her way purposefully towards the hotel, studying it with particular interest, but she's careful not to move past Wolfe since she is acting as pack mule ::
CO Capt Harper 25-Mar-2020 22:50:33
ACTION> The party approaches the building, which has steps up to an impressive colonnade, in the middle of which is a pair of ornate metal doors.
XO Cdr Kuari 25-Mar-2020 22:52:25
:: ascends the steps carefully, bunching up the base of her tail so things don't slide off her back, then studies the doors ::
CO Capt Harper 25-Mar-2020 22:52:48
:: follows Kuari up the stairs, memories of opening the door at the house coming to mind ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 25-Mar-2020 22:52:48
:: despite the two blankets, she was beginning to shiver, trying to curl even tighter under the fabric with a low grunt of discomfort... reminded her why curling up that tight with a broken wrist and sprained ankle wasn't good. Or fun. ::
MED Lt Acacia 25-Mar-2020 22:53:04
:: pauses to help Grey up. With Navarro on her other side they could easily just carry her.. ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 25-Mar-2020 22:53:29
:: arrives at the doors and they look like they probably open inward. He gives them a good push, lightly at first. ::
CO Capt Harper 25-Mar-2020 22:53:42
Door> :: doesn't budge ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 25-Mar-2020 22:53:57
:: tries pulling the doors ::
XO Cdr Kuari 25-Mar-2020 22:54:21
:: drops her load at the door, unwilling to be weighed down anymore, and stretches her wings upward so as not to push anyone over ::
CMO Lt Tailor 25-Mar-2020 22:55:02
::looks for some version of a 'handicapped' button to open the doors automatically::
CO Capt Harper 25-Mar-2020 22:55:16
Door> :: nope ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 25-Mar-2020 22:55:34
:: alternately, but not quickly, pushes and pulls harder. ::
NAV Lt Navarro 25-Mar-2020 22:55:41
:: scoops up Grey :: MED: I've got her, if you can get the stuff.
CO Capt Harper 25-Mar-2020 22:56:10
CTO: Maybe they slide?
MED Lt Acacia 25-Mar-2020 22:56:15
:: nods, grabbing up the sled and following last up the steps to see the door struggle ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 25-Mar-2020 22:56:30
:: instinctively curls into Navarro, pressing her face into his neck with an audible teeth-chatter to start stealing his warmth ::
NAV Lt Navarro 25-Mar-2020 22:56:38
:: carries Grey up the steps and is used as a heat battery ::
CSO Cdr Wright 25-Mar-2020 22:57:52
:: nods :: CTO: The others did.
CTO LtC Wolfe 25-Mar-2020 22:58:12
:: attempts at sliding the door, even though it looks like it's on hinges. ::
MED Lt Acacia 25-Mar-2020 22:58:12
:: chuckles :: CSO: Do we have a crowbar?
CO Capt Harper 25-Mar-2020 22:58:22
:: joins in the attempt at sliding the door ::
CSO Cdr Wright 25-Mar-2020 22:58:32
:: holds up her hammer :: MED: I just brought this.
MED Lt Acacia 25-Mar-2020 22:58:44
:: gets on the other side of the door and pushes in the same way others are pulling ::
XO Cdr Kuari 25-Mar-2020 22:58:45
MED: We have spears.
CSO Cdr Wright 25-Mar-2020 22:59:05
:: joins in the door effort ::
CO Capt Harper 25-Mar-2020 22:59:21
ACTION> With so many people trying, the doors ever-so-slowly start to slide apart!
MED Lt Acacia 25-Mar-2020 22:59:41
:: heaves! Then grunts :: XO: No, I think a wooden spear would break.
CMO Lt Tailor 25-Mar-2020 22:59:42
::grabs a section of the door and pushes with the others::
MED Lt Acacia 25-Mar-2020 22:59:48
:: keeps pushing! ::
CSO Cdr Wright 25-Mar-2020 23:00:05
:: pushes with all her might, grunting ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 25-Mar-2020 23:00:13
:: once the doors are far enough apart he puts his body between them and begins pushing all the harder, generating serious force. ::
CO Capt Harper 25-Mar-2020 23:00:31
ACTION> After considerable effort, a gap opens up large enough to pass through, revealing what's clearly a lobby with a floor of dusty, polished stone tiles. The cavernous lobby goes straight through to an inner courtyard, accessible through glass doors.
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