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Lost Harbor
It is around lunchtime of the eighth day, a clear, cold day that must be spent preparing to leave the relatively comfortable house with partial electricity in favor of a journey into the unknown city in search of a new base. Make your preparations to carry as much as we can with us, since even though return here is possible, it would represent a significant investment of time.
After 18-Mar-2020 00:00:00
CO Capt Harper 18-Mar-2020 21:15:56
:: on the patio by the fire, hanging laundry that she spent the morning washing ::
MED Lt Acacia 18-Mar-2020 21:17:22
:: has acquired a backpack to accumulate everything that can be used as medical supplies in, puttering around the house to triple check she's not forgetting anything ::
NAV Lt Navarro 18-Mar-2020 21:17:48
:: out at the river, fishing for dinner with the net ::
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Mar-2020 21:17:57
::is busy lashing rope around the saplings that make up the frame of the triangular shaped hammock/sled/thingy that is supposed to carry Grey so she doesn't have to walk on her injured ankle::
CO Capt Harper 18-Mar-2020 21:20:28
:: hums to herself as she drapes various articles of clothing over everything she can ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Mar-2020 21:21:13
:: has washed out and filled her water bottle and affixed it to her backpack, which she is now filling with a change of clothing, bundles of tinder, and other various supplies ::
MED Lt Acacia 18-Mar-2020 21:21:46
:: sits by herself, finishing up fashioning a roll of cloth bandages from a clean sheet ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 18-Mar-2020 21:22:47
:: is sitting on the steps, quiet and watching everything going on, turning attention to Acacia :: MED: Can I help with anything?
MED Lt Acacia 18-Mar-2020 21:23:35
:: thinks for a moment, then hands the sheet over to Grey :: TAC2: Sure, just keep cutting this in the same-sized strips.
SCI LtJG Jude 18-Mar-2020 21:23:55
:: is doing something ::
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Mar-2020 21:24:14
Self: There, I hope that's gonna work. ::eyes her creation, a blanket lashed onto an improvised sturdy-ish frame, meant to carry either Grey, or a bunch of stuff.. And yes, there's supports in the middle so nothing can fall through onto the ground::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 18-Mar-2020 21:24:23
:: uses her uninjured leg to pin the sheet, using her uninjured hand to start cutting ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 18-Mar-2020 21:24:51
:: even though he hasn't seen where they're moving, is thinking about what defense looks like in a formerly-urban environment, where the weapons are of a primitive nature. As he does so, he prepares a couple more spears. ::
MED Lt Acacia 18-Mar-2020 21:25:33
:: leaves Grey to butcher the fabric and keeps looking for anything she could call useful ::
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Mar-2020 21:25:46
MED: Want to test this?
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Mar-2020 21:26:29
:: is hunting a rabbit, refreshing their food stores for the trip while cooking is easier ::
MED Lt Acacia 18-Mar-2020 21:26:31
:: walks up to Tailor, chuckling as she slides the backpack off her shoulder and sits it on the ground. :: CMO: Oh boy... sure. :: she carefully tries to sit in the frame! ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Mar-2020 21:26:39
:: focuses on packing things that didn't seem easy to find in the homes, specifically natural supplies like tinder and furs ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Mar-2020 21:27:12
ACTION> The frame holds Acacia!
MED Lt Acacia 18-Mar-2020 21:27:55
:: holds her breath! Then slowly relaxes as it doesn't collapse :: CMO: Okay. Try it.
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Mar-2020 21:28:37
MED: Excellent. ::grins:: Ok, stay put. ::lifts the frame and attempts to pull it across the ground::
CO Capt Harper 18-Mar-2020 21:29:13
:: finishes hanging the laundry and heads inside, getting a glass of water at the sink ::
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Mar-2020 21:30:23
:: having not needed to hunt much, comes back straight away with the fresh kill and brings it to the back porch to clean and cook, intending to shred it into edible pieces for easy eating while traveling ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Mar-2020 21:30:38
:: poking around outside, and finds the bow-drill made from... is that hair? Red hair? ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Mar-2020 21:30:40
ACTION> The frame holds as Tailor pulls it.
MED Lt Acacia 18-Mar-2020 21:31:14
:: holds her breath again... then slowly relaxes. :: CMO: I think it's working!
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Mar-2020 21:31:43
:: smiles at it, then carefully packs it away in case they need it ::
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Mar-2020 21:31:45
::pulls Acacia in a circle around the garden::
MED Lt Acacia 18-Mar-2020 21:32:19
:: wiggles around just a bit to make sure it can handle it, but doesn't push her luck. She gives Tailor the thumbs-up ::
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Mar-2020 21:33:14
::pants:: MED: I think we're gonna have to have people take turns pulling.
SCI LtJG Jude 18-Mar-2020 21:33:21
:: is watching them test out the... sled thing? :: CMO/MED: Not gonna lie, that actually looks a bit fun.
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Mar-2020 21:33:27
MED: But I'm glad it works. ::smiles::
SCI: Want to try?
MED Lt Acacia 18-Mar-2020 21:34:03
:: carefully contorts herself to stand up without stepping on the sled thing, chuckling and patting Tailor's shoulder :: CMO: You're also probably tired from building. Good job.
SCI LtJG Jude 18-Mar-2020 21:34:20
CMO: Hecking yeah!
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Mar-2020 21:34:28
:: also packs away the three torches she made that morning, intending to make more ::
NAV Lt Navarro 18-Mar-2020 21:34:42
:: heads into the cold water again, finding it more difficult to put up with today, and pulls in the net ::
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Mar-2020 21:34:58
:: discards the rabbit's hide, finding it of little worth since they have several and they don't have time to properly dry it before their journey. She sits upright on the porch near the fire, preparing to put the carcass on a spit ::
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Mar-2020 21:35:18
MED: Thanks. ::grins:: You get to pull it next.
MED Lt Acacia 18-Mar-2020 21:35:42
:: rolls her shoulders back and stretches her legs, getting in front of the sled thing to try it out, waving Jude over ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 18-Mar-2020 21:35:49
:: looks up at Jude's voice, curious and blinks at the sled being pulled around the garden, surprised at the build ::
SCI LtJG Jude 18-Mar-2020 21:35:56
:: carefully sits down on sled thingie, and lays down ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Mar-2020 21:36:10
:: goes digging in the kitchen, looking for any sealable containers ::
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Mar-2020 21:36:17
::sits down next to the fire to watch::
MED Lt Acacia 18-Mar-2020 21:36:18
:: lifts with her legs, and begins trudging along ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Mar-2020 21:37:06
:: finds Kate in the kitchen :: CO: Hi!
CO Capt Harper 18-Mar-2020 21:37:34
:: puts down the glass as she drinks the last of the water, smiling at her wife :: CSO: Hi yourself!
CTO LtC Wolfe 18-Mar-2020 21:38:01
:: finishes his last spear, so that there are enough for everyone to tie onto their backpacks in case there's an attack from the large wildlife that doesn't seem to exist on this planet, and yet... has to. ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Mar-2020 21:38:16
:: smiles back :: CO: I was thinking,... do you think we can synthesize some kind of travel ration with what's left of the fuel in that thing? :: points at the food synthesizer ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Mar-2020 21:38:54
CSO: I can see what is on the menu. Living out here, they must have had some sort of ehhh, trail mix, perhaps?
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Mar-2020 21:39:36
CO: I was thinking more like a bar form that's easy to transport, like a granola bar perhaps. But anything is better than nothing.
CO Capt Harper 18-Mar-2020 21:40:04
:: heads over to the synthesizer and touches the screen, bringing it to life ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 18-Mar-2020 21:40:05
:: grabs the spears, all cut to be impressively close to the same length, and carried them up to the porch for further preparation ::
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Mar-2020 21:40:11
:: finishes skewering the rabbit, then places it on the fire. She watches it a moment, judging how long it will take to cook, then carefully enters the house to wash her paws at the tap ::
MED Lt Acacia 18-Mar-2020 21:40:23
:: drags another full circle in the dirt of the garden before gingerly setting down the sled with a huff and wiping sweat from her brow :: Self: Phew!
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Mar-2020 21:40:26
:: drifts along after, watching Kate work ::
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Mar-2020 21:42:01
:: is drawn to what Kate is doing at the synthesizer, washing at the tap in the kitchen ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Mar-2020 21:42:10
:: her eyes dart over the screen, reading, somewhat slowly though ::
:: starts tapping through the menus, having to translate a few unfamiliar words from context ::
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Mar-2020 21:42:32
MED/SCI: Looks like testing is a success! I think it'll work fine.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 18-Mar-2020 21:42:46
:: has finished the sheet, setting the pile of cloth to the side before turning attention to the sled ::
MED Lt Acacia 18-Mar-2020 21:43:46
:: nods, gesturing for Jude to get up so she can drag the sled over to the house to make loading Grey up easier ::
NAV Lt Navarro 18-Mar-2020 21:44:15
:: shivering, he pulls the net out the near side of the river, then dumps out several fish to kill ::
SCI LtJG Jude 18-Mar-2020 21:44:17
:: jumps up from the sled ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Mar-2020 21:44:28
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Mar-2020 21:44:32
:: enjoys watching Kate getting back to her roots ::
MED Lt Acacia 18-Mar-2020 21:44:43
:: puts the much-lighter sled easily on the porch, in position ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Mar-2020 21:44:58
:: taps a button that she thinks will do the trick, and a plate of what looks to be some kind of meat jerky appears ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 18-Mar-2020 21:45:28
:: with the spears very neatly stacked, walks into the house, ready for some grub. :: CO: Captain. :: nods ::
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Mar-2020 21:45:51
:: is clean and looks over Kate's shoulder ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Mar-2020 21:46:20
CTO: Colonel! Perhaps you would like to give this a try? :: picks up the plate of jerky and offers it ::
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Mar-2020 21:46:54
MED: We'd better gather up all of the medical supplies.
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Mar-2020 21:47:19
:: looks at the jerky, then at Wolfe, waiting for his opinion ::
NAV Lt Navarro 18-Mar-2020 21:47:27
:: gathers up his clothes, not waiting to dry this time, and drags the net full of dead fish back to the fire ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 18-Mar-2020 21:48:25
:: takes the jerky and sniffs it :: CO: With pleasure, Captain. :: takes a bite ::
MED Lt Acacia 18-Mar-2020 21:48:26
:: smirks, retrieving the backpack into which she spent the morning doing just that and offers it to Tailor for inspection :: CMO: You're welcome to make another pass through the house.
CTO LtC Wolfe 18-Mar-2020 21:48:52
:: chews thoughtfully. ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Mar-2020 21:49:11
ACTION> What appears to be jerky is actually jerky, tasting similar to the deer-like animal that Kuari killed a couple of days ago.
CTO LtC Wolfe 18-Mar-2020 21:49:17
:: chews thoughtfully, looking up and to the left ::
:: continues chewing, looking up and to the right ::
:: keeps on chewing, because it's jerky, and it's rude to speak with your mouth full. ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Mar-2020 21:50:07
:: waits patiently for the Colonel's evaluation ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 18-Mar-2020 21:50:11
:: chews, looking Captain Harper dead in the eye... ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Mar-2020 21:50:14
:: waits impatiently ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 18-Mar-2020 21:50:35
:: can't. stop. chewing. ::
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Mar-2020 21:50:49
:: lifts an eye ridge ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Mar-2020 21:50:56
All: Well, he has yet to spit it out...
MED Lt Acacia 18-Mar-2020 21:50:58
:: has gathered up both med kits, all medical supplies from the house, and her new roll of bandages in the bag she hands Tailor ::
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Mar-2020 21:51:12
All: I'm thinking too chewy.
CTO LtC Wolfe 18-Mar-2020 21:51:47
:: chews some more, finally swallowing. :: CO: That is some very good jerky. And I consider myself a connoisseur of such. :: turns to Kuari :: XO: The chewiness is actually nice on this.
NAV Lt Navarro 18-Mar-2020 21:52:13
:: arrives at the fire with the net full of fish, dropping both it and his clothes as he tries to get warm ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Mar-2020 21:52:23
:: nods in approval ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Mar-2020 21:52:31
CO: Seems like that's a winner. Let's synthesize as much as we can.
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Mar-2020 21:52:38
::blinks:: MED: Looks good, that's just about everything.
SCI LtJG Jude 18-Mar-2020 21:52:45
:: walked in, heard his evaluation, and laughed ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Mar-2020 21:52:57
:: tries some of the jerky herself, then nods in agreement with Wright as she chews, and chews, and chews ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 18-Mar-2020 21:53:05
:: touches the sled with her uninjured hand, tracing over the build slowly before pushing herself into a standing position, leaning on the doorframe, listening and watching ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 18-Mar-2020 21:53:12
CSO: Synthesize??!?
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Mar-2020 21:53:16
:: goes back to digging in the cabinets for any kind of sealable container ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 18-Mar-2020 21:53:19
:: looks shocked ::
MED Lt Acacia 18-Mar-2020 21:53:25
:: grins, giving a firm nod :: CMO: Thinking ahead. :: she heads for the house to check out what the others are up to ::
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Mar-2020 21:53:28
:: peers back down at the jerky :: CO: If we can make enough for everyone, then we can just eat what I brought home for dinner.
CO Capt Harper 18-Mar-2020 21:53:40
:: still chewing, she starts the machine on producing as much as it can ::
:: finally swallows the jerky :: XO: Oh, you brought dinner?
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Mar-2020 21:54:17
::puts the bag onto the pile of supplies, keeping it at the top so it's easily accessible::
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Mar-2020 21:56:01
CO: There is rabbit cooking, yes. :: looks out towards the door and spots Wolfe's spear pile, curious ::
MED Lt Acacia 18-Mar-2020 21:56:50
:: peers at the replicated jerkey, deeply inhaling the cooking meats as she passes them :: Self: Mm.
CO Capt Harper 18-Mar-2020 21:57:16
XO: Nicely done! :: keeps taking the jerky off the synthesizer and putting it on the counter as it appears ::
:: tapping the button over and over and over ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Mar-2020 21:59:02
Self: Aha! :: finds a small stash of some kind of resealable plastic-like bags at the back of a drawer ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 18-Mar-2020 21:59:07
:: takes another, small, piece :: CO: This stuff is synthesized?
CO Capt Harper 18-Mar-2020 21:59:15
CTO: It is!
CTO: Pretty good, is it not?
SCI LtJG Jude 18-Mar-2020 21:59:24
CO: Be careful there, captain. Don't want to hurt your finger. :: grins, obviously joking ::
MED Lt Acacia 18-Mar-2020 21:59:25
:: watches the synthesizer, tilting her head :: Self: Neat.
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Mar-2020 21:59:44
:: looks at the replicating jerky one last time, deciding she'll come back to check on the progress later and looks out towards the spears :: CTO: Are those your spears?
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Mar-2020 21:59:51
:: opens one, sniffs it, shrugs, and starts stuffing it full of the synthesized jerky ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Mar-2020 22:00:08
:: with mock gravitas :: SCI: Oh yes, I will take precautions.
CTO LtC Wolfe 18-Mar-2020 22:00:18
CO: I'm impressed, Captain. :: turns to Kuari at the door :: XO: They are. They're for all of us. Everybody gets one before we head out.
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Mar-2020 22:00:43
:: goes outside to inspect Wolfe's handiwork ::
NAV Lt Navarro 18-Mar-2020 22:00:46
:: finally gets warm and dry, and puts his clothes back on before getting the fish out of the net ::
MED Lt Acacia 18-Mar-2020 22:01:04
:: turns, now interested in the spears as well. She follows after Kuari ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Mar-2020 22:01:24
CTO: Wolfe, how... awkward would it be for you to carry a bucket full of water?
CTO LtC Wolfe 18-Mar-2020 22:01:34
:: thinks a moment :: CO: Maybe when we find Atlantis, we can take some of the replicators with us to study.
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Mar-2020 22:02:35
:: notices the net full of fish, distracted momentarily before deciding she can help with that shortly, then sits next to the spears and picks one up to look it over ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Mar-2020 22:03:09
CTO: Believe me, I want to study this tech as much as we can. :: turns back to it as the synthesizer complains about having no fuel ::
Well, that is all unless anyone can find more fuel.
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Mar-2020 22:03:39
:: cramming the bag as full of jerky as possible, shaking it to get it to settle and create more room ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 18-Mar-2020 22:04:25
CSO: I don't think it would be a problem. It would only be so if something attacked us on the way. :: turns back to Harper :: CO: It would move our food replication abilities half a century ahead.
CO Capt Harper 18-Mar-2020 22:04:47
CTO: It does seem to be tastier than our replicators, does it not?
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Mar-2020 22:05:15
:: runs out of space before she runs out of jerky, and begins filling a second bag ::
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Mar-2020 22:05:17
:: notices how straight the spear is, and how sharp the point is, approving with a smile ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 18-Mar-2020 22:06:38
CO: It seems that sometimes our replicators can... misalign? Flavors and textures that just aren't quite right. Passable, but not totally correct.
MED Lt Acacia 18-Mar-2020 22:06:38
:: grabs a spear and gives it a few test-swings, nodding approvingly ::
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Mar-2020 22:06:47
::finishes tidying up inside, looking for anything she might have forgotten; finds one of her pinch pots in the kitchen and wraps it up carefully to add to the pile of supplies::
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Mar-2020 22:07:14
:: nods as she watches Acacia ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Mar-2020 22:07:21
CTO: If their food synthesizers were so good, why is there no general-purpose replicator, I wonder?
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Mar-2020 22:07:49
:: fills the bucket that she meticulously washed out earlier with water from the sink and beckons to Wolfe :: CTO: We need all the drinking water we can carry. I know this is awkward, but do you think you can manage it?
MED Lt Acacia 18-Mar-2020 22:07:50
:: has 4/10 form but spears is not what she is paid for ::
SCI LtJG Jude 18-Mar-2020 22:08:00
CO: Perhaps they invested their time in food replication and hand-made everything else.
CTO LtC Wolfe 18-Mar-2020 22:08:26
:: looks around :: CO: Might be that because we're in what is most likely a house, they might have used a more central unit for non-food items. :: CSO: Of course. Commander.
CO Capt Harper 18-Mar-2020 22:08:27
SCI: It is possible. We certainly appreciate handmade goods despite our replicators.
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Mar-2020 22:09:14
:: grabs a cup or two, some silverware and a large pot as well and makes sure they are included in the supplies, then hands over the remaining three storage bags for cooked meats to be stored in ::
NAV Lt Navarro 18-Mar-2020 22:09:46
:: starts to clean the fish he caught ::
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Mar-2020 22:10:49
:: leaves the spears alone and begins to help Navarro with the fish ::
NAV Lt Navarro 18-Mar-2020 22:11:15
XO: Gracias, Commander.
MED Lt Acacia 18-Mar-2020 22:11:43
:: sets the spear she tried back on the pile and goes to check on the food, maybe grab a bite ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Mar-2020 22:11:49
:: sees if she can get anything else out of the synthesizer with the last bit of fuel, and manages a hot drink ::
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Mar-2020 22:12:15
NAV: Nice catch. We should have a good meal tonight, and be supplied for travel.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 18-Mar-2020 22:12:16
::Searches through the house, giving it a once over, filling his pockets and sleeves with anything he thinks may be useful, or at the very least handy.::
NAV Lt Navarro 18-Mar-2020 22:13:05
XO: ¡Si! Add it to what you caught and it will be quite the meal.
CO Capt Harper 18-Mar-2020 22:13:29
:: picks the hot drink up and sniffs it as the synthesizer grumpily powers down ::
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Mar-2020 22:13:32
:: nods, then looks over at the rabbit to check its progress on the spit ::
MED Lt Acacia 18-Mar-2020 22:13:51
:: finds Navarro cleaning fish and sits down to help him. She grins, impressed by his haul :: NAV: You've become quite the fisherman.
NAV Lt Navarro 18-Mar-2020 22:14:29
:: smiles at Emily :: MED: I had only fished with a pole, but what can I say? I had a good teacher with the net.
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Mar-2020 22:14:35
:: also heads outside and joins Navarro and Acacia with the fish :: NAV/MED: Could you use an extra pair of hands?
NAV Lt Navarro 18-Mar-2020 22:14:45
CSO: More hands make less work!
MED Lt Acacia 18-Mar-2020 22:14:50
:: chuckles, shrugging and gesturing for Wright to sit if she wants ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Mar-2020 22:15:21
:: smiles and sits down, getting to work on cleaning fish ::
SCI LtJG Jude 18-Mar-2020 22:15:28
CO: If the Genecodians valued handmade goods over replicated ones, that says something about them. That they had an eye for detail and a desire to improve on what they make.
MED Lt Acacia 18-Mar-2020 22:15:30
:: makes for light work with the many hands or something like that, slicing up the fish much more easily now that she's been practicing it for days ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 18-Mar-2020 22:15:54
:: moves over to join Navarro, Acacia, and Wright, careful of her injuries, settling down near Acacia, content to just listen :: NAV/MED/CSO:... could I help in some way? I still have one good hand! :: shows her good hand ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Mar-2020 22:15:58
:: sips at the hot drink, finding it almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Mar-2020 22:16:30
:: looks at Grey, then at Emily ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Mar-2020 22:17:09
:: swallows the drink, smiling from the taste, and the warmth :: SCI: That would make sense, from what I saw on Gencodia itself.
MED Lt Acacia 18-Mar-2020 22:17:24
:: glances over, calmly nodding :: TAC2: You can keep us company, if nothing else. How are you feeling?
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Mar-2020 22:18:02
::Looks at the pile of stuff, wondering whether she forgot anything. Snaps her fingers:: Self: Blankets! ::turns go to get the blankets off of the bed she was sleeping in::
NAV Lt Navarro 18-Mar-2020 22:18:08
:: sticks some fish on a stick, then hands it to Grey :: TAC2: You can hold this over the fire while you talk.
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Mar-2020 22:18:21
:: notices there is quite a crowd around the fish now ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 18-Mar-2020 22:19:07
::Hums to himself as he scurries about.::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 18-Mar-2020 22:21:16
:: grins, taking the stick and braces the stick and fish over the fire, propping it against her knee before turning and answering Acacia's question :: MED: I'm feeling pretty well... Tailor checked me over earlier this morning, all good and healing nicely, or, without a scanner to tell. ::
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Mar-2020 22:21:17
:: drops her cleaned fish to the side and picks up another fish ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Mar-2020 22:21:47
:: follows the crowd outside, holding the drink in both hands ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 18-Mar-2020 22:22:23
:: steps outside and joins the crowd as well ::
MED Lt Acacia 18-Mar-2020 22:23:39
TAC2: Yeah, but it still hurts. :: she states simply, ~knowing~ :: TAC2: Good job hangin' in there. :: knowing Grey will not like a shift of attention to her she quickly shifts the topic :: NAV/CSO: Perhaps when we get to the city and I make a better net you can both help me, the more people know how to make it the better.
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Mar-2020 22:23:48
:: listens to the conversation, looking from Grey to Acacia ::
NAV Lt Navarro 18-Mar-2020 22:23:53
MED: Of course.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 18-Mar-2020 22:26:31
:: hums in quiet affirmation :: MED: At times, yes. Though, nothing I haven't experienced before. :: turns the fish slowly, glancing at Acacia as she did so ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Mar-2020 22:26:40
All: We will follow the river into the city and search for a base nearby, so the net will still be useful. Though... the river may be wider there.
MED Lt Acacia 18-Mar-2020 22:27:49
:: nods :: CO: With cloth, that's a little bit less of a limitation. If we find enough real rope, even better.
CTO LtC Wolfe 18-Mar-2020 22:27:55
:: slowly drawls :: We are going to need a bigger net.
MED Lt Acacia 18-Mar-2020 22:28:11
:: nods in agreement, not getting the reference ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Mar-2020 22:28:50
:: also misses the reference :: CTO: Clearly, if the river is wider. But I am certain that will not be a problem for our crafters!
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Mar-2020 22:29:09
::chuckles, having vaguely caught the reference::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Mar-2020 22:29:09
All: Especially if we can find actual rope.
CTO LtC Wolfe 18-Mar-2020 22:29:32
:: plans Jaws for the next movie night on Atlantis ::
MED Lt Acacia 18-Mar-2020 22:29:32
:: gives the ok hand-sign behind Harper as she assures the others, not seeming worried about the net ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Mar-2020 22:31:18
ACTION> The dawn comes, but there is no sun in the cold, grey, overcast sky...
CTO LtC Wolfe 18-Mar-2020 22:31:40
:: is up and preparing his gear as dawn breaks ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Mar-2020 22:32:23
:: was up early enough to get one more lukewarm-ish shower before anyone else could snipe the bathroom ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 18-Mar-2020 22:33:29
:: is actually... not moving from the bed yet, curled up and fast asleep ::
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Mar-2020 22:33:51
:: wakes up happy, having slept well, and is busy surveying the supplies everyone plans to take. She isn't happy about the weather, though ::
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Mar-2020 22:33:52
::is up early, only because she has to, and it's the last night she's had to be scrunched up in this little kid bed. Stumbles out of bed, fully dressed in the grey morning light::
MED Lt Acacia 18-Mar-2020 22:33:54
:: gets up, her hair once again braided into the tight crown braid she uses for travel before she'd gone to sleep. She wakes up early and makes her way quietly to the kitchen, making sure the food is all packed ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Mar-2020 22:34:01
:: is actually awake, sitting groggily on the side of the bed, hoping that if she wishes for coffee hard enough it will magically appear in front of her ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Mar-2020 22:35:52
:: now dressed in fresh clothes that she laundered yesterday, she is back in the bedroom brushing her hair at the dresser ::
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Mar-2020 22:36:01
::lets out a big yawn:: All: Does the synthesizer make coffee?
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Mar-2020 22:36:12
:: blinks blearily up at Kate ::
SCI LtJG Jude 18-Mar-2020 22:36:27
:: is sitting up in bed :: CMO: I thought it was out of fuel.
CO Capt Harper 18-Mar-2020 22:36:30
:: sing-songily :: CSO: Good morning, love! Ready to hit the road?
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Mar-2020 22:36:54
CO: I'm ready to hit the snooze.
MED Lt Acacia 18-Mar-2020 22:36:56
:: suddenly realizes she hasn't had coffee in over a week, that must have been what the headache was... ::
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Mar-2020 22:37:10
SCI: I thought it was low, but we should use it only when necessary. I consider coffee important enough...
CO Capt Harper 18-Mar-2020 22:37:33
CSO: I do not hear anyone in the bathroom. Perhaps a shower will help?
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Mar-2020 22:38:23
::realises why she's been soooo tired the past few mornings. Lack of caffeine. She's even begun dreaming about the brown stuff::
CO Capt Harper 18-Mar-2020 22:38:32
:: pulls her hair back and secures it with the silver clip that matches the brush ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Mar-2020 22:38:34
:: mouths "Perhaps a shower will help?" with whiny mocking sarcasm behind Kate's back ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Mar-2020 22:38:48
:: oblivious ::
MED Lt Acacia 18-Mar-2020 22:38:51
:: snorts into her cup of water ::
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Mar-2020 22:39:55
:: finds Wolfe as he checks over his gear :: CTO: Anything you need me to carry?
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Mar-2020 22:39:59
Self: Ugh. :: makes a disgusted face and disgusted noises as she trudges unwillingly toward what she fears will be a cold, cold shower ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 18-Mar-2020 22:40:51
:: continues looking at what he's working on, then sidelongs Kuari :: Definitely. XO: What are you already planning on carrying?
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 18-Mar-2020 22:40:54
::Stares out at the weather, listening to the movement in the air, and feeling the dampness of the air on his skin.::
CO Capt Harper 18-Mar-2020 22:41:21
:: tucks the silver brush with its enlightening inscription into her belt so that she does not forget to take it along with them ::
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Mar-2020 22:41:30
CTO: I don't know yet. People are still waking up.
CO Capt Harper 18-Mar-2020 22:41:55
:: heads out into the kitchen ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Mar-2020 22:42:00
:: hopes to use that brush after her shower, and will be disappointed that she can't find it ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 18-Mar-2020 22:42:13
XO: I'd like your hands free in case of combat. Even though we haven't seen anything... you can never be too careful. So nothing you can't put down quickly without damaging it.
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Mar-2020 22:42:42
:: nods readily to Wolfe :: CTO: I've thought of that, and whatever I carry will be easily dropped.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 18-Mar-2020 22:43:12
:: finally stirs, sitting up slowly and limps out of the room and into the main part of the house with a yawn, pulling her hair back... in an attempt of her usual hairstyle with one hand avaliable, attempting to use her injured hand to help even for a slight minute :: Self: Goddamnit. :: groans and flops on the nearest furniture piece, waiting with a deep sigh ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Mar-2020 22:43:30
TAC2: Need a hand?
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Mar-2020 22:43:43
:: is still grumpy even though the shower is surprisingly luke-warm ::
MED Lt Acacia 18-Mar-2020 22:43:58
:: finds Grey and sympathizes with her struggle. She silently begins braiding Grey's hair ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Mar-2020 22:44:04
:: grumpily washes her hair ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 18-Mar-2020 22:44:47
:: starts, turning to see Harper before turning to relax into Acacia's skilled hands :: CO/MED: Thank you. I tried... it's just challenging!
CO Capt Harper 18-Mar-2020 22:45:16
:: smiles, seeing that Grey's in good hands, and moves on to the other tasks at hand before they can depart ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Mar-2020 22:45:20
:: dries off, dresses, and trudges back to the bedroom ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Mar-2020 22:45:46
:: heads back into the bedroom, having forgotten something she had set aside ::
MED Lt Acacia 18-Mar-2020 22:46:10
:: nods, defaulting to giving Grey a crown braid like her own, since it's the one she knows well enough to do on her own head :: TAC2: Yeah, and after all this I don't know about you but I need a haircut.
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Mar-2020 22:46:17
:: annoyed, looking for the brush and unable to find it, on all fours looking under the dresser ::
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Mar-2020 22:46:26
::wanders over to the replicator/synthesizer/whatever it is, and looks for a hot drink button::
CO Capt Harper 18-Mar-2020 22:47:15
ACTION> The synthesizer steadfastly refuses even access the menu, having no fuel.
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Mar-2020 22:47:26
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Mar-2020 22:47:27
:: leaves Wolfe and finds Tailor at the synthesizer :: CMO: Doctor.
CO Capt Harper 18-Mar-2020 22:47:28
:: grins at Lexy, watching her for a long moment before piping up :: CSO: Did you lose something?
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Mar-2020 22:47:44
::turns to Kuari:: XO: Yes?
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Mar-2020 22:47:53
:: scowls over her shoulder at Kate :: CO: I can't find the brush anywhere!
SCI LtJG Jude 18-Mar-2020 22:48:15
:: gets up, finally, and has some of the little fruit that is left ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Mar-2020 22:48:27
:: pulls it from her belt :: CSO: Sorry... I did not want to forget it.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 18-Mar-2020 22:48:30
:: laughs quietly at Acacia's comment :: MED: A haircut, I need to shave, and actually... shower after... everything heals :: seemingly relaxes into the touch, happy to have her hair out of her face for the first time ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Mar-2020 22:48:45
:: narrows her eyes ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 18-Mar-2020 22:48:46
::Sighs, as he attempts to predict the immediete future of the weather; whether it will rain, and if - or more likely when, how bad will it be.::
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Mar-2020 22:48:51
CMO: Of your collected supplies, what do you need me to carry? Preferably, not breakable if I have to drop them.
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Mar-2020 22:49:39
:: slowly gets up off the floor and silently holds her hand out for the brush ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Mar-2020 22:49:54
:: offers the brush, feeling somewhat caught off-guard ::
MED Lt Acacia 18-Mar-2020 22:50:45
:: tucks the last of the braid into the first of the braid carefully, the style good for keeping hair up without any fasteners. She tightens the braid, careful not to pull too hard :: TAC2: There we go. Your hair is like my younger sister's, so much smoother than mine. :: she chuckles ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Mar-2020 22:51:04
:: turns to the mirror and begins pulling the brush through her half-dry tangles ::
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Mar-2020 22:51:43
::rubs her head, distracting herself from the beginnings of the headache and the lack of a cuppa:: XO: Let's see, we'll need to keep the medical supplies out and available, but there's blankets and cooking pots that you could carry. I'll tuck the clay pots into my bag, they should be fine.
CO Capt Harper 18-Mar-2020 22:52:25
:: steps up behind Lexy and places her hand over the hand doing the brushing, taking over :: CSO: It was what made me realize this place is Gencodian.
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Mar-2020 22:52:38
:: nods :: CMO: Good, I can do blankets. We could use them to pad other things, too.
CO Capt Harper 18-Mar-2020 22:53:18
:: almost conspiratorially :: CSO: ...and it was the first real luxury I found here.
NAV Lt Navarro 18-Mar-2020 22:53:39
:: testing a bag for carrying balance, adjusting the load as needed ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 18-Mar-2020 22:53:50
:: laughs quietly, turning to look at Acacia :: MED: Am... I younger than you?
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Mar-2020 22:54:08
:: her anger dissolves with the tender gesture, and slowly, tears begin to spill down her cheeks instead ::
MED Lt Acacia 18-Mar-2020 22:54:32
:: tilts her head :: TAC2: Maybe? I'm twenty-nine now.
CO Capt Harper 18-Mar-2020 22:55:43
:: carefully brushes her wife's hair, holding it above the tangles when she finds them ::
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Mar-2020 22:55:52
::nods to Kuari:: XO: That should work.
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Mar-2020 22:56:38
:: the frustration and uncertainty and fear are too much, and she begins to quietly sob :: CO: I wanna go h-home.
SCI LtJG Jude 18-Mar-2020 22:56:46
:: goes up to grey :: TAC2: So, who do you want to drag you along first, today?
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Mar-2020 22:57:04
CMO: I'm sure you have things to tend to before we go. :: glances at the dead synthesizer :: Let me know if you need anything.
CO Capt Harper 18-Mar-2020 22:57:40
:: stops brushing—the job was almost done anyway—and wraps her arms around Lexy, quietly whispering :: CSO: So do I, love, so do I. And we will, I know it.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 18-Mar-2020 22:58:02
:: scowls briefly before remarking :: MED: I'm twenty-six, turning twenty-seven in July. :: turns attention to Jude, thinking quickly before looking at where she could spot Navarro, expression questioning :: SCI: Navarro? If he's okay with it?
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Mar-2020 22:58:40
CO: I wanna go home, Kate. I miss Anna. Is she okay? :: through sniffles and shaking sobs ::
MED Lt Acacia 18-Mar-2020 22:59:04
:: raises both eyebrows, surprised for a moment. She laughs :: TAC2: You're actually the same age as my sister.
CO Capt Harper 18-Mar-2020 22:59:35
CSO: She must be. If Atlantis is looking for us, then I cannot imagine they would forget to take care of our cat. I miss her too, you know.
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Mar-2020 22:59:57
XO: I will. I'm pretty much done packing up I think, though. And the sled is ready to go for Grey.
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Mar-2020 23:00:17
:: turns around and wraps her arms around Kate, quietly crying into her shoulder ::
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Mar-2020 23:00:49
:: nods curtly :: CMO: Good. Everyone should be mostly packed. We leave soon.
CO Capt Harper 18-Mar-2020 23:00:55
:: pulls Lexy to her and holds her tight, finding tears escaping from her own eyes ::
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