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Lost Harbor
Evening of the seventh day has arrived as the sun begins to set. The away team has returned with news of an entire city! Once more reunited, and with power in our little house still on, at least for the moment, we must decide how and when to move our base to the city that will give us access to a great deal more resources.
After 11-Mar-2020 00:00:00
CO Capt Harper 11-Mar-2020 21:15:50
:: turns away from the food synthesizer to take in the room ::
MED Lt Acacia 11-Mar-2020 21:17:09
:: stretches her spine and her legs, watching the others idly ::
NAV Lt Navarro 11-Mar-2020 21:17:34
:: cooking fish over the fire ::
CSO Cdr Wright 11-Mar-2020 21:17:35
Self: Fuel... :: starts looking around for the fuel input ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 11-Mar-2020 21:18:11
:: heads over to the couch and slumps into it for a few minutes, tired from the day, even if nothing in his realm of expertise happened. ::
SCI LtJG Jude 11-Mar-2020 21:18:13
:: looks down at cleaned rabbit, and takes it out to the fire :: NAV: Got this.
CO Capt Harper 11-Mar-2020 21:18:21
All: Alright. We need to move our base to that city.
NAV Lt Navarro 11-Mar-2020 21:18:39
:: offers Jude a stick to roast the rabbit on :: SCI: Here you go.
CSO Cdr Wright 11-Mar-2020 21:18:48
CO: That might be a problem.
XO Cdr Kuari 11-Mar-2020 21:18:50
:: sits on the floor facing Harper, resting after their long walk ::
MED Lt Acacia 11-Mar-2020 21:19:01
:: nods in agreement, then also has to agree with Lexy. ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Mar-2020 21:19:05
All: As nice as it is to have power here...
ACTION> As the last rays of the sun fade from the roof, the power sputters and dies.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 11-Mar-2020 21:19:27
:: yelps in quiet dislodgment at the sudden slump near her ankle, pulling up to straighten, casting a glance at Wolfe, stretching her leg out and listening silently ::
SCI LtJG Jude 11-Mar-2020 21:19:41
:: shoves rabbit on stick and holds it over fire ::
XO Cdr Kuari 11-Mar-2020 21:20:20
:: looks around as the lights to the house turn off, illuminated now only by the crackling fire ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Mar-2020 21:20:31
All: I should have stayed quiet. Sorry.
:: moves over to close the door to keep the heat in ::
CSO Cdr Wright 11-Mar-2020 21:21:10
:: looks over at the yelp ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 11-Mar-2020 21:21:23
:: doesn't even care ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Mar-2020 21:22:41
All: Was anyone able to try the food synthesizer?
NAV Lt Navarro 11-Mar-2020 21:24:04
:: turns some fish, along with some deer he's reheating ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 11-Mar-2020 21:24:11
:: grumbles, turning attention as the lights went out to where she could hear the Captain :: CO: I believe... Navarro and Tailor managed to get soup or something out of it earlier.
CO Capt Harper 11-Mar-2020 21:24:38
TAC2: That is good to know, thank you, Ryleigh.
CSO Cdr Wright 11-Mar-2020 21:24:46
CMO: Did you find where the fuel input is?
CMO Lt Tailor 11-Mar-2020 21:25:53
CSO: No, no idea.
CO Capt Harper 11-Mar-2020 21:26:06
:: gets a glass of water and takes a long drink while she thinks ::
CSO Cdr Wright 11-Mar-2020 21:26:11
CMO: Hmmm. :: keeps investigating ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 11-Mar-2020 21:26:14
:: gives a slight two-fingered salute to the Captain's response before she listened, quiet as usual ::
XO Cdr Kuari 11-Mar-2020 21:26:20
:: looks between Wright and Tailor ::
NAV Lt Navarro 11-Mar-2020 21:27:02
:: cracks the door and announces :: All: Dinner is ready!
CO Capt Harper 11-Mar-2020 21:27:26
NAV: Thanks, Doc!
CTO LtC Wolfe 11-Mar-2020 21:27:40
:: stretches, and a moment later stands. ::
MED Lt Acacia 11-Mar-2020 21:27:41
:: grins, rocking up to her feet to go out and get some food, eager after the long walk ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Mar-2020 21:28:04
All: Shall we discuss as we eat around the fire?
TAC2 1Lt Grey 11-Mar-2020 21:28:17
NAV: Thank you! :: slowly pushes herself off the couch, making sure her ankle and wrist remained unused, hobbling after Acacia ::
NAV Lt Navarro 11-Mar-2020 21:28:28
:: holds the door as people stream out ::
:: even though it's a sliding door ::
XO Cdr Kuari 11-Mar-2020 21:28:41
:: smiles and stands, moving to the fire ::
CSO Cdr Wright 11-Mar-2020 21:28:53
:: frowns, wanting to stay and look for the fuel input longer, but eventually is the last one out around the fire ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Mar-2020 21:28:54
:: tops off her glass of water and heads outside, to sit around the fire with her tribe ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 11-Mar-2020 21:29:37
:: heads out to the fire with everyone else. ::
MED Lt Acacia 11-Mar-2020 21:29:38
:: also grabs a glass of water on second thought, and prepares a plate with small portions from the variety of food available ::
XO Cdr Kuari 11-Mar-2020 21:31:25
:: looks over the selection of food, feeling a sense of wellbeing compared to several days ago, and chooses a fish ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 11-Mar-2020 21:31:31
:: pauses at the table, glancing at her unusable wrist then her only avaliable wrist, then at the others around :: MED: Acacia... mind, uh, helping me? If you can, that is?
CO Capt Harper 11-Mar-2020 21:33:31
:: gets some deer, fish, and rabbit and settles down on a bit of patio furniture ::
CSO Cdr Wright 11-Mar-2020 21:34:22
:: assembles a plate for herself and sits on the ground ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Mar-2020 21:34:27
All: Alright, so we need to move. Tomorrow may not give us enough time to prepare, but it is not off the table.
MED Lt Acacia 11-Mar-2020 21:34:28
:: hums, handing the plate she'd prepared to Grey, and going to make another.. perhaps for Jude, perhaps for herself, with as much varriety as managable ::
CMO Lt Tailor 11-Mar-2020 21:36:03
::sees that Grey is taken care of, and takes a place at the fire to listen to the news from the exploring party::
CO Capt Harper 11-Mar-2020 21:36:10
:: is rather tired from the day's journey, but will not complain in front of her crew ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 11-Mar-2020 21:37:07
:: takes a bit of rabbit and deer, then reclines on an elbow, leaving the other arm free for eating ::
MED Lt Acacia 11-Mar-2020 21:37:29
CO: Well, the most important thing is a new source of food and water in the city.
CSO Cdr Wright 11-Mar-2020 21:37:34
CO: We have no idea what food availability is going to be like in the city.
XO Cdr Kuari 11-Mar-2020 21:38:21
:: chomps on her fish, eyes sidelong at Wright ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Mar-2020 21:38:26
MED: In the worst case, we will be fine on water if we follow the river, since it goes into the city.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 11-Mar-2020 21:38:33
:: takes the offered plate, settling down close to Acacia, listening between bites of the food. :: MED: Thank you. :: says this quietly, resting her head on Acacia's thigh before straightening again and listening ::
XO Cdr Kuari 11-Mar-2020 21:39:19
:: after swallowing :: CSO: I can still hunt. Distance to wildlife won't be a problem for me.
CSO Cdr Wright 11-Mar-2020 21:40:30
XO: Can you be responsible for hunting enough to feed all of us? Not doubting your capabilities at all, just... doesn't seem feasible or fair.
CO Capt Harper 11-Mar-2020 21:40:38
CSO/MED: And I see no reason that we will not be able to find a building there to apply the lessons we have learned here.
CMO Lt Tailor 11-Mar-2020 21:41:23
CO: Hopefully there's a hospital or clinic somewhere with supplies.
MED Lt Acacia 11-Mar-2020 21:41:45
:: pets Riley's hair, muching her own food with her other hand :: CMO: That's what I was looking for, but no obvious signs of one.
CMO: That'll be a priority.
CO Capt Harper 11-Mar-2020 21:42:05
CMO: There must be a hospital somewhere in that city.
XO Cdr Kuari 11-Mar-2020 21:42:33
CSO: I'm not great at fishing, but I can still bring small game and fruits. Who knows what we'll find in the city. There have to be more options than what we have out here in this small house.
CMO Lt Tailor 11-Mar-2020 21:43:14
::nods to Acacia:: MED: Kuari could scout from the air, it'd be much easier than us trying to do it on foot. And we could maybe find maps or a city directory or something. I'm sure there's something.
CTO LtC Wolfe 11-Mar-2020 21:43:17
CSO/XO/CO: Plus, if Commander Kuari finds some bigger game, we can always go on the hunt with her and carry it back.
CO Capt Harper 11-Mar-2020 21:43:19
CSO: And let us not forget the fish from the river, thanks to some excellent netting.
MED Lt Acacia 11-Mar-2020 21:43:36
:: nods thoughtfully :: CO: And with fabric from clothes, or rope, I could make a much better net.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 11-Mar-2020 21:43:52
:: chuckles at the touch to her hair, finishing her food and setting the plate to the side, content to just lean against Acacia and listen ::
NAV Lt Navarro 11-Mar-2020 21:44:06
:: grins as he moves to stand next to Acacia ::
CSO Cdr Wright 11-Mar-2020 21:44:46
CO: Also, Grey doesn't seem to be able to walk.
MED Lt Acacia 11-Mar-2020 21:44:57
CO: She shouldn't.
CO Capt Harper 11-Mar-2020 21:45:23
:: she leans forward and pinches her chin, thinking ::
SCI LtJG Jude 11-Mar-2020 21:46:17
:: noms on food ::
XO Cdr Kuari 11-Mar-2020 21:46:46
:: looks around and notices a fruit someone brought out, takes a few steps and bites it off the deck ::
MED Lt Acacia 11-Mar-2020 21:47:36
CSO: We could probably fashion a.. :: she waves her hand, searching for the word :: sled?
CO Capt Harper 11-Mar-2020 21:48:03
:: nods at Acacia :: MED: We can either devise a way to carry her, or... temporarily split up.
CMO Lt Tailor 11-Mar-2020 21:48:20
All: If we're all going, we can certainly take turns carrying her. We'll manage.
XO Cdr Kuari 11-Mar-2020 21:49:13
:: swallows the fruit almost whole, then sits facing the fire again :: All: It might be easier for me to carry her at first. If she sits, I could still carry other things.
MED Lt Acacia 11-Mar-2020 21:49:36
:: shrugs :: CMO: Yeah, we could definitely manage that.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 11-Mar-2020 21:51:54
:: hums in slight affirmative before turning attention to Kuari , then back to the Captain:: All: I'm pretty light, so I don't think most of you would have difficulty carrying me. :: stands slowly, bending to gather her plate and take it back over to the table, setting it down again before making her limping way back to her previous position ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Mar-2020 21:52:20
:: smiles at Grey :: TAC2: We will manage.
MED Lt Acacia 11-Mar-2020 21:52:34
:: barely resists rolling her eyes as Grey gets up to walk ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Mar-2020 21:55:29
All: Alright, so it would seem that tomorrow is too soon to leave. We must figure out how to carry everything — and everyone — with us that we can, and the morning does not give us enough time.
MED Lt Acacia 11-Mar-2020 21:56:18
:: nods thoughtfully :: CO: Then tomorrow we begin preparations.
XO Cdr Kuari 11-Mar-2020 21:56:52
:: nods at Harper's decision :: All: Think of things we wouldn't find in a more civilized dwelling compared to this, unless the things are lightweight and of use on the journey. Don't bring replaceable things.
CMO Lt Tailor 11-Mar-2020 21:57:09
All: Could we put together a cart of some kind? Although that would require a road... I mean, if there's a city there must be roads.
CO Capt Harper 11-Mar-2020 21:57:42
XO: Agreed. Anything that normal homes would have, we do not particularly need. Though, any clothes that fit those of us that wear them are at a premium.
CSO Cdr Wright 11-Mar-2020 21:57:51
CO: Perhaps we can use the synthesizer to create some kind of packable rations.
CO Capt Harper 11-Mar-2020 21:58:15
CSO: Good idea! We can exhaust that synthesizer's fuel supply and take it with us!
MED Lt Acacia 11-Mar-2020 21:58:31
CMO: Well earlier I said 'sled' because wheels might not even work as well as rudders out here.
CSO Cdr Wright 11-Mar-2020 21:58:42
CO: Especially if we can figure out how to refuel it.
CO Capt Harper 11-Mar-2020 21:58:58
CSO: I will look for anything labeled as such.
ACTION> At twilight sets in and the stars start to come out in the completely clear sky, the temperature starts to plunge, much quicker than it has the past few nights. It would seem that the first frost of the winter will be tonight.
CMO Lt Tailor 11-Mar-2020 21:59:47
MED: Yeah, maybe something more like a travois instead of a cart.
XO Cdr Kuari 11-Mar-2020 22:00:23
:: shivers ::
MED Lt Acacia 11-Mar-2020 22:00:29
:: nods in agreement :: CMO: Yes, precisely.
CO Capt Harper 11-Mar-2020 22:00:53
:: scoots closer to the fire ::
CMO Lt Tailor 11-Mar-2020 22:01:41
MED: Should be easy enough to make with some saplings and a blanket. Plus rope to tie it all together.
CSO Cdr Wright 11-Mar-2020 22:01:44
:: does so as well, rubbing her arms against the chill ::
CMO Lt Tailor 11-Mar-2020 22:02:29
::shivers, scootching closer to the fire::
MED Lt Acacia 11-Mar-2020 22:02:30
CMO: And sheets can be rope quite easily.
CMO Lt Tailor 11-Mar-2020 22:02:38
::Nods to Acacia::
MED Lt Acacia 11-Mar-2020 22:02:50
:: also scoots closer to the fire, making a mental checklist of what to do tomorrow ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Mar-2020 22:04:49
:: slides off the furniture onto the ground next to Lexy and pulls her close for warmth ::
XO Cdr Kuari 11-Mar-2020 22:04:58
:: stands and sniffs some of the cooked deer, then shamelessly rips off a piece with her teeth ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 11-Mar-2020 22:05:02
:: bats at Acacia's shoulder as she settles down in her previous position :: MED: I know, I know, but everyone looked comfortable. :: shivers at the sudden temperature plunge, tucking closer to the fire ::
CSO Cdr Wright 11-Mar-2020 22:05:07
:: snuggles close ::
MED Lt Acacia 11-Mar-2020 22:05:27
:: wraps an arm around Grey, offering the other arm to Navarro ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Mar-2020 22:05:32
All: So, we spend tomorrow in preparation to leave the following day. :: looks to her most senior staff :: XO/CSO/CTO: Any objections?
NAV Lt Navarro 11-Mar-2020 22:05:46
:: sits and snuggles up with Emily, putting his arm back around her ::
CSO Cdr Wright 11-Mar-2020 22:05:57
:: shakes her head ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 11-Mar-2020 22:06:20
:: is content to octopus against Emily and intake the fire warmth happily, close to dozing at this point ::
XO Cdr Kuari 11-Mar-2020 22:06:49
:: turns her head, eyes wide and meat hanging from her mouth, then shakes her head making it swing ::
MED Lt Acacia 11-Mar-2020 22:06:51
:: cuddles up with two of her favorite people, content to let the flames get pretty close to get maximum warmth ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 11-Mar-2020 22:08:16
CO: No objections.
CO Capt Harper 11-Mar-2020 22:08:35
:: can't help but to chuckle at the picture of Kuari, meat swinging in her mouth as she shakes her head ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 11-Mar-2020 22:08:40
:: has dozed off at this point, letting out quiet sleeping breaths in a fully relaxed state, happy to use Acacia as a pillow ::
CMO Lt Tailor 11-Mar-2020 22:11:22
::grumps a bit, she's not included in the senior staff?::
XO Cdr Kuari 11-Mar-2020 22:11:26
:: tries not to wolf down the meat, standing tall on her two feet to get closer to the fire while she grabs the chunk, realizing she has grabbed a bigger piece than she realized ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Mar-2020 22:17:28
ACTION> With our course laid in, we retire to sleep after a hearty meal. As the temperature continues to plunge, the frost does come this night, but the house held the heat of the day reasonably well, though people still might want to have bundled and cuddled up to sleep.
MED Lt Acacia 11-Mar-2020 22:18:20
:: helps someone carry the sleeping Grey inside and settles down to sleep ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 11-Mar-2020 22:19:03
:: sleepily curls up against Acacia once all are settled, content to conk with quiet breaths, seemingly not disturbed by the cold ::
NAV Lt Navarro 11-Mar-2020 22:19:26
:: helped Emily put Grey to bed, then lays down to help keep them warm ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Mar-2020 22:20:26
ACTION> Dawn breaks, though there are no roosters to announce it.
XO Cdr Kuari 11-Mar-2020 22:21:38
:: is asleep in her usual place on the foot of the bed, draped over feet and snoozing ::
MED Lt Acacia 11-Mar-2020 22:21:43
:: awakes somewhat early but is entangled in Grey and Navarro, and chooses not to move for a few minutes ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 11-Mar-2020 22:22:11
:: sleeps soundly in the seat on the couch he took earlier. ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 11-Mar-2020 22:22:26
:: grumbles sleepily, rolling over to curl closer to Acacia, not allowing her to move much ::
CMO Lt Tailor 11-Mar-2020 22:22:58
::is extra bundled in her little bed against the cold, with a pillow on the floor next to it, in case she falls out again::
CO Capt Harper 11-Mar-2020 22:23:11
:: usually an early riser, she was somewhat tired out by the long walk the previous day, so she remains asleep for a bit, curled up with Lexy in the master bed ::
NAV Lt Navarro 11-Mar-2020 22:24:04
:: opens his eyes and also finds himself in a pile of people, so he closes them again ::
MED Lt Acacia 11-Mar-2020 22:25:24
:: eventually begins slowly pulling her limbs free of Grey’s clutches ::
CSO Cdr Wright 11-Mar-2020 22:25:26
:: is fast asleep, as usual at this time of morning, huddled into the covers ::
NAV Lt Navarro 11-Mar-2020 22:26:21
:: opens his eyes again as he feels movement ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 11-Mar-2020 22:26:25
:: stirs at the dislodging of Acacia, opening one eye tiredly and attempting to pull the other back into the warmth of the bed :: MED: N-Nooo... Don't leave the warmth ::
MED Lt Acacia 11-Mar-2020 22:27:15
:: chuckles, settling back down for another minute :: TAC2: It’ll be warm later I bet.
NAV Lt Navarro 11-Mar-2020 22:27:48
:: quietly speaks, but doesn't move :: TAC2: Hopefully, the power will come on soon, and with it, the heat.
MED Lt Acacia 11-Mar-2020 22:29:18
:: grumbles in agreement ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 11-Mar-2020 22:29:28
:: bats at Navarro the best she can from her position, before settling back down to keep sleeping :: NAV: It's cold, Acacia's warm... :: snuggles, soon conking back asleep ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Mar-2020 22:29:31
:: as the room begins to brighten further, her eyes open and she takes a couple of deep breaths ::
NAV Lt Navarro 11-Mar-2020 22:30:40
:: gives a jovial smirk ::
MED Lt Acacia 11-Mar-2020 22:30:43
:: chuckles, patting Grey’s sleeping head ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Mar-2020 22:32:04
:: carefully extricates herself from around Lexy and her feet from under Kuari ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 11-Mar-2020 22:32:25
:: is seemingly not waking for really anything or anyone, content to sleep with the heat from both Acacia and Navarro ::
XO Cdr Kuari 11-Mar-2020 22:32:27
:: settles ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Mar-2020 22:33:04
:: hopes that she's the first awake and can win the race to the bathroom ::
CSO Cdr Wright 11-Mar-2020 22:33:15
:: protests softly, then snuggles deeper into the bed ::
MED Lt Acacia 11-Mar-2020 22:33:34
:: sighs, also starting to doze back off ::
NAV Lt Navarro 11-Mar-2020 22:33:47
:: snuggles up closer to Emily, content in his role as heat battery ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Mar-2020 22:34:12
:: tiptoes out of the bedroom and into the unoccupied bathroom! ::
:: does her morning business and takes a shower that is not entirely cold, with an amazing amount of heat still left in the system, considering ::
XO Cdr Kuari 11-Mar-2020 22:37:23
:: doesn't move, but for one ear perking slightly at the sounds from the bathroom ::
MED Lt Acacia 11-Mar-2020 22:38:40
:: hears water running and allows herself to completely conk back out ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 11-Mar-2020 22:39:24
:: is curled surprisingly tightly into Acacia, injured wrist clenched in her uninjured hand, as she slept contently ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Mar-2020 22:40:17
:: wraps a towel around herself and darts back to the bedroom, entering stealthily and then quietly dressing in fresh clothes ::
NAV Lt Navarro 11-Mar-2020 22:41:00
:: hasn't been able to fall back asleep, but has no delusions that he has any way out of this pretzel ::
XO Cdr Kuari 11-Mar-2020 22:41:01
:: opens her eyes, now sufficiently awake, and watches Harper ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Mar-2020 22:41:18
:: smiles brightly and whispers :: XO: Good morning!
CTO LtC Wolfe 11-Mar-2020 22:41:34
:: begins to stir a bit, a beam of sunlight having climbed up his body and now hitting him squarely in the face. ::
XO Cdr Kuari 11-Mar-2020 22:41:55
:: stands partway and stretches, catlike, across the foot of the bed, probably disturbing Wright ::
CSO Cdr Wright 11-Mar-2020 22:42:28
:: undisturbed aside from a small snore ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Mar-2020 22:42:40
:: unabashedly dresses around Kuari, layering a bit more heavily given the night's temperature ::
XO Cdr Kuari 11-Mar-2020 22:43:31
:: doesn't care at all, except maybe mild fascination with the concept of dressing a bipedal figure, and carefully dismounts the bed, looking back apologetically at Wright ::
CMO Lt Tailor 11-Mar-2020 22:44:02
::wakes up and rolls herself carefully out of the blankets, not even falling off this time::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 11-Mar-2020 22:45:00
:: accidentally squeezes her injured wrist as she gets comfy, and jolting upright, hissing, glancing at Acacia and Navarro before slowly.... attempting to stand and pad quietly out of the bedroom they were in, looking for Tailor hopefully. She didn't want to disturb Acacia, they looked too cute together ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Mar-2020 22:45:12
:: pulls the silver brush that clued her in to the Gencodian nature of their situation through her hair until it looks acceptable, then ties it back with the matching clip ::
NAV Lt Navarro 11-Mar-2020 22:45:44
:: does notice Grey's departure, but finds that Emily is still asleep, so he doesn't move ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Mar-2020 22:46:57
:: quietly opens the door and looks to Kuari ::
MED Lt Acacia 11-Mar-2020 22:47:32
:: sleeps on for several more minutes before the sun finds Acacia’s face, waking her back up. She smiles lightly, untangling from Navarro :: NAV: Ah, good morning.
XO Cdr Kuari 11-Mar-2020 22:47:32
:: follows Kate out of the bedroom ::
NAV Lt Navarro 11-Mar-2020 22:48:24
MED: Buenos días.
CMO Lt Tailor 11-Mar-2020 22:48:36
::sits up, finger-combing her hair out of her face:: All: Good morning.
CSO Cdr Wright 11-Mar-2020 22:49:31
:: sits up with a start when the door closes :: Self: Where did you find a bionic grapefruit? :: looks a bit confused, then plops back down into a snooze ::
MED Lt Acacia 11-Mar-2020 22:49:36
:: lightly stretches before sitting up, conjuring up her mental to-do list ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Mar-2020 22:50:25
:: sneaks into the kitchen and rummages for leftovers ::
XO Cdr Kuari 11-Mar-2020 22:51:00
:: looks around at the people, giving the place a morning sniff as she silently slinks around ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 11-Mar-2020 22:51:05
:: finds Tailor, hesitating before making a very slow approach towards her :: CMO: Can... I ask you to check my ankle and wrist before we leave?
NAV Lt Navarro 11-Mar-2020 22:51:26
:: gives her a hug once he sits up ::
MED Lt Acacia 11-Mar-2020 22:51:44
:: returns the hug before getting up, having a glass of water and some fruit ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 11-Mar-2020 22:53:21
:: stands up, now ready for a bathroom trip himself ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Mar-2020 22:53:31
:: cracks the door and slips out into the COLD morning ::
:: throws some wood on the embers of the fire and gets it going again ::
XO Cdr Kuari 11-Mar-2020 22:54:18
:: smiles at Wolfe before following Harper out the door, immediately regretting it as cold air hits her in the face ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Mar-2020 22:54:47
XO: Nice weather, isn't it?
MED Lt Acacia 11-Mar-2020 22:55:08
:: gets started taking inventory of what’s in the house with her to-do list in mind ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 11-Mar-2020 22:55:34
:: softly walks into the bathroom and does his business, hoping to get to a toothbrush sometime soon. ::
CMO Lt Tailor 11-Mar-2020 22:55:51
TAC2: Of course. ::smiles:: Have a seat. ::gestures to the chair in the room::
XO Cdr Kuari 11-Mar-2020 22:55:53
:: scowls and trots off into the bushes to relieve herself ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Mar-2020 22:56:25
:: has gotten quite practiced at tending fires, and manages to have a respectable one going again in short order ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 11-Mar-2020 22:56:53
:: settles down and offers her wrist first to Tailor. The splint was relatively untouched, as she watched the doctor carefully ::
NAV Lt Navarro 11-Mar-2020 22:58:29
:: lingers around the bathroom, waiting on Wolfe ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 11-Mar-2020 22:59:11
:: finished, and after washing his hands, steps out. :: NAV: All yours.
XO Cdr Kuari 11-Mar-2020 23:00:06
:: comes back, grinning at the fire and draws close, but it's not giving off a substantial amount of heat yet. She goes inside and looks around, deciding where she should start helping out for the day ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 11-Mar-2020 23:00:14
:: goes outside, notes the position of the sun, and realizes just how long he had slept. He guesses he must have been tired. Shaking that thought off, he begins his security rounds around the house ::
NAV Lt Navarro 11-Mar-2020 23:00:14
CTO: Gracias, Coronel. :: takes the bathroom ::
MED Lt Acacia 11-Mar-2020 23:00:48
:: heads out to look for good saplings to make a cart thing out of ::
CSO Cdr Wright 11-Mar-2020 23:01:44
:: groans and finally rolls out of bed, then sits on the edge rubbing her eyes ::
NAV Lt Navarro 11-Mar-2020 23:01:45
:: does his business, takes a quick shower, and quickly vacates for the next person ::
CMO Lt Tailor 11-Mar-2020 23:03:03
::gently removes the splint around Grey's wrist and looks at the injury, taking note of the fluid retention around the broken bone:: TAC2: I know it looks bad, but I don't see any sign of infection or anything like that. I expect it will heal normally.
CO Capt Harper 11-Mar-2020 23:03:26
:: satisfied that the fire will be fine, she follows Kuari inside ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 11-Mar-2020 23:04:38
:: smiles in thanks, attention flashing to where Harper and Kuari were entering, giving them a slight wave in greeting before turning back to offer her ankle to Tailor, knowing that one could be the worst of... since she walked on it like three times :: CMO: Is there, anything I should be concerned about?
CO Capt Harper 11-Mar-2020 23:05:10
:: smiles at Grey, hoping she's feeling better ::
:: gets a glass of water and begins to go over her own preparations in her mind, missing her morning runs where she usually considers the ship's business for the day ::
CMO Lt Tailor 11-Mar-2020 23:06:38
::replaces the splint and bandage and moves on to the ankle, ever so gently palpating the tissue around the torn tendon:: TAC2: Shouldn't be, as long as you stay off of it as much as possible, it should start to feel better in a few days.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 11-Mar-2020 23:07:31
:: turns her attention back to Tailor, sighing at her response :: CMO: Perfect. Can I at least walk small amounts today?
CMO Lt Tailor 11-Mar-2020 23:10:12
::gives a small sigh:: TAC2: As I said, staying off of it as much as possible will help it heal faster. Let us take care of you, we're making a sled so you don't have to walk.
CO Capt Harper 11-Mar-2020 23:10:15
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