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Lost Harbor
Around noon of the seventh day, while our away team searched the cluster of houses, Kuari scouted ahead and found that we are on the outskirts of an entire city! Back at the base, the roof is now completely clean, allowing the solar tiles to power the house, as long as the sun continues to strike them with sufficient strength. What wonders, or at least commonplace things that would now be luxurious, can be discovered with working electrical supply?
After 04-Mar-2020 00:00:00
CO Capt Harper 04-Mar-2020 21:15:52
SCI LtJG Jude 04-Mar-2020 21:16:37
:: goes back to the kitchen for more food ::
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Mar-2020 21:16:44
:: hurriedly pawing through some shoes, looking for a pair that might sort of fit her ::
CO Capt Harper 04-Mar-2020 21:16:46
All: We have some time before we must start back. Perhaps scouting farther ahead to get a look at more of this city would be prudent.
NAV Lt Navarro 04-Mar-2020 21:17:12
:: poking at a computer, but having trouble since he can't read any of this ::
MED Lt Acacia 04-Mar-2020 21:17:27
:: makes her way back to the center of town where the others are, a few odds and ends tucked in her first aid kit ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 04-Mar-2020 21:17:28
:: is rummaging through the house he's in, unsuccessfully looking for anything that would act as a weapon any better than some of the branches he's found so far. ::
CO Capt Harper 04-Mar-2020 21:18:07
All: It is either that, or more thoroughly search here, carry back what we can, and then return later.
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Mar-2020 21:18:45
::has moved on from searching the flower beds for vegetables, to searching cupboards for seed packets, in case they have to stay here long term::
MED Lt Acacia 04-Mar-2020 21:18:47
:: rubs her chin :: All: It's likely better to move our base into the city to reduce that travel time. If we can find a hospital, that'd be ideal..
CO Capt Harper 04-Mar-2020 21:19:20
MED: That is my plan. Available resources will be much greater there.
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Mar-2020 21:19:38
Self: Ah! :: seizes upon a pair of boots that are just slightly too big, and finds some socks to wear with them as well, quickly pulling them on before heading outside ::
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Mar-2020 21:19:54
::mostly to alleviate boredom, since she's probably searched these same cupboards about ten times for various other things::
CO Capt Harper 04-Mar-2020 21:20:18
ACTION> The cupboards only contain dishes and glasses, no seeds.
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Mar-2020 21:20:25
NAV Lt Navarro 04-Mar-2020 21:20:40
:: moves to the food synthesizer, which has booted up ::
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Mar-2020 21:20:59
:: comes out to join the others with her backpacks, clothing, and water bottle :: All: I found some shoes in that house! :: points down at her feet ::
SCI LtJG Jude 04-Mar-2020 21:22:58
:: walks up behind Navarro, food in her mouth :: NAV: Is it working?
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Mar-2020 21:23:02
::looks over to the device Navarro is standing in front of:: NAV: Is that... a replicator?
NAV Lt Navarro 04-Mar-2020 21:23:34
CMO: I think it's just a food synthesizer. SCI: Probably. :: points to a corner :: That looks like a fuel gauge, and it's low.
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Mar-2020 21:24:36
NAV: Close enough... ::grins::
CO Capt Harper 04-Mar-2020 21:24:37
:: grins as Lexy approaches, all geared up ::
XO Cdr Kuari 04-Mar-2020 21:24:43
:: paces around the main square, eager to go, but checking on what everyone is doing to see if she can be of help ::
NAV Lt Navarro 04-Mar-2020 21:24:44
:: presses a button ::
SCI LtJG Jude 04-Mar-2020 21:24:57
:: looks at it intensely ::
CO Capt Harper 04-Mar-2020 21:25:13
ACTION> Something appears on the food synthesizer's output tray. It looks like soup.
CTO LtC Wolfe 04-Mar-2020 21:25:27
:: in the kitchen, opens up a drawer full of various knives. :: SELF: Excellent. :: He separates the useful from those that would be not-so-much in defense, sets the unselected back in the drawer, and goes to find a satchel of some sort ::
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Mar-2020 21:25:53
::stares at the synthesizer as if it's magic:: NAV: I never thought I'd see food on command again...
CO Capt Harper 04-Mar-2020 21:26:07
:: holds up a skirt over her legs and nods :: CSO: I saw this and thought of you!
NAV Lt Navarro 04-Mar-2020 21:26:23
:: tentatively picks up the bowl of soup ::
CMO: I know the feeling...
SCI LtJG Jude 04-Mar-2020 21:26:51
:: goes over to the cutlery and picks up a spoon, handing it to Navarro :: NAV: Well?
MED Lt Acacia 04-Mar-2020 21:26:58
:: takes a seat at the center of the little village, waiting for the others to finish searching so they can head back and giving her feet time to rest ::
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Mar-2020 21:27:00
:: grins at Kate :: CO: Perhaps impractical, but still cute!! :: takes it from her and holds it against her waist, checking the fit ::
CO Capt Harper 04-Mar-2020 21:27:34
CSO: Since we have clothes again, we might as well try to look good. :: chuckles ::
NAV Lt Navarro 04-Mar-2020 21:27:38
:: takes the spoon and tries the soup :
:: swallows :: Hey! Not bad!
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Mar-2020 21:28:32
NAV: Good to know. ::smiles::
NAV Lt Navarro 04-Mar-2020 21:29:06
:: gets a couple of mugs and divides the soup up three ways ::
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Mar-2020 21:29:13
:: pulls the skirt on over her pajama pants, having not found any pants that fit ::
NAV Lt Navarro 04-Mar-2020 21:30:10
:: adding a couple more spoons, he offers the mugs to Tailor and Jude ::
XO Cdr Kuari 04-Mar-2020 21:30:48
:: sniffs the air and, curious, trots into a house ::
SCI LtJG Jude 04-Mar-2020 21:31:28
NAV: Thanks. :: takes the mug, sniffs the soup, and takes a small slurp with the spoon :: Mm. Not bad at all.
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Mar-2020 21:31:52
::takes a mug with a grateful smile:: NAV: Thank you. ::dips her spoon into the soup and gives it an experimental taste::
CTO LtC Wolfe 04-Mar-2020 21:32:10
:: finds a thick satchel made of some sort of heavy material that he does not recognize. He takes it back to the counter and fills it with the knives, saving the largest one, checks its sharpness, and satisfied goes to finding a belt he can use as a holster for it. ::
CO Capt Harper 04-Mar-2020 21:32:55
ACTION> The soup tastes like a vegetable broth base containing some sort of meat, with a hearty umami undercurrent.
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Mar-2020 21:33:30
NAV: It tastes like it's got a shrimp base. Not bad.
NAV Lt Navarro 04-Mar-2020 21:34:27
:: takes a few eager slurps from what's left in the bowl :: CMO: Sí!
CMO/SCI: The fuel gauge on the synthesizer does look low, though. I think we should conserve this in case we run low of other food.
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Mar-2020 21:35:22
CO: How long until we head out?
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Mar-2020 21:35:38
NAV: I'm surprised it takes fuel, given the solar tiles on the roof.
CO Capt Harper 04-Mar-2020 21:35:44
:: looks up at the sky ::
CSO: We have a couple of hours. I am contemplating pressing ahead a bit.
NAV Lt Navarro 04-Mar-2020 21:36:27
CMO: Even our replicators need fuel.
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Mar-2020 21:36:52
CO: Like, do I have time to rifle through another house?
MED Lt Acacia 04-Mar-2020 21:36:55
:: stretches, looking over at the Captain and up at the sky thoughtfully ::
CO Capt Harper 04-Mar-2020 21:37:22
:: nods at Lexy :: CSO: Go ahead. Regardless, we will be taking things back to base.
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Mar-2020 21:37:55
:: nods and bounces off to another house in her new boots ::
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Mar-2020 21:38:02
NAV: Do they? Never thought about it actually. Probably why I'm not an engineer.
MED Lt Acacia 04-Mar-2020 21:38:35
:: rocks back up to her feet, also going off to rifle through another house ::
SCI LtJG Jude 04-Mar-2020 21:39:01
CMO: Yup. They do.
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Mar-2020 21:39:14
NAV: So, we just have to find a recycler. Or a fuel container.
NAV Lt Navarro 04-Mar-2020 21:39:55
:: nods :: CMO: If we can find such a thing. In the meantime, at least we have the river and Commander Kuari's hunting.
SCI LtJG Jude 04-Mar-2020 21:40:29
Oh shit. NAV/CMO: Did anyone check the traps I made?
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Mar-2020 21:40:57
::nods to Navarro then shakes her head at Jude:: SCI: I haven't.. where are they?
NAV Lt Navarro 04-Mar-2020 21:41:02
:: shakes his head at Jude ::
MED Lt Acacia 04-Mar-2020 21:41:59
:: digs through the pantry, cabinets, shelves, and anywhere else she can stick her hands in one of the houses another crewman has already been through. She still doesn't have much luck, it being mostly futile to hope for good medical equipment here ::
SCI LtJG Jude 04-Mar-2020 21:42:13
CMO: Almost straight ahead of the house, following animal prints. I could telepath the path I took to them.
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Mar-2020 21:42:47
:: locates a sturdy canvas shoulder bag, like one would take to the market :: Self: This will probably be useful.
CO Capt Harper 04-Mar-2020 21:43:06
:: shades her eyes as she guesses the time from the sun's position, noticing that it seems to have peaked ::
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Mar-2020 21:43:45
SCI: Sure, I can go look.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 04-Mar-2020 21:44:13
:: hears the voices below, glancing over the edge as she dropped the cleaning materials down after each other, humming quietly as she did so. After finally checking all roof tiles to make sure they're at least majority clear of dirt, she heads to descend. She clambers down, missing two makeshift steps and yelping as she lands clumsily, scolding herself at the missed landing, slowly pushing to her feet and heading inside to see if there's anymore food remaining :: NAV: Any... more food avaliable?
CTO LtC Wolfe 04-Mar-2020 21:45:09
:: emerges from the house he's been in, a belt with a knife on his waist, the satchel of knives for others on his back, and searches to find where the rest of the team is to check in with Captain Harper. Soon, he finds them, and simply walks in on the conversation in progress ::
SCI LtJG Jude 04-Mar-2020 21:45:21
:: linxi ~telepaths~ visual references to Tailor ::
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Mar-2020 21:45:25
::gets to the bottom of her mug and drinks the last drops before setting it by the sink to be washed later::
NAV Lt Navarro 04-Mar-2020 21:45:32
TAC2: There is a food synthesizer, but I believe it to be low on fuel. Still, :: offers her the rest of his soup :: you can have this, if you want.
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Mar-2020 21:45:45
:: keeps searching, but finds no more bags, no more water bottles or canteens, and no pocket knives :: Self: Maybe I should look for tools. :: peers around ::
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Mar-2020 21:46:16
::get a series of images in her head from Linxi:: SCI: Not too far, I should be able to find it now.
XO Cdr Kuari 04-Mar-2020 21:47:02
:: walks up to Kate and sits on the ground next to her, looking at her, then at the surroundings ::
CO Capt Harper 04-Mar-2020 21:47:27
:: nods to Kuari and Wolfe :: XO/CTO: Opinions on scouting ahead farther vs. more thoroughly searching here and heading back?
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Mar-2020 21:48:09
::grabs a bag to bring with her to put any snared creatures into::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 04-Mar-2020 21:48:55
:: settles next to Navarro, thankful of the offer as she takes his offered bowl, sipping at the soup inside delicately :: NAV: Roof's all cleaned, well, at least a lot cleaner. :: winces as she moves her wrist and ankle, trying to find a comfortable spot to sit that wasn't putting too much pressure :: NAV: Thank you, by the way.
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Mar-2020 21:49:20
:: opens what appears to be a utility close :: Self: Yes! :: reaches down and hefts a hammer-like tool ::
XO Cdr Kuari 04-Mar-2020 21:49:22
CO: I would like to scout ahead. I'm curious about the surroundings.
NAV Lt Navarro 04-Mar-2020 21:49:23
TAC2: Not at all. Are you alright, Ryleigh?
CTO LtC Wolfe 04-Mar-2020 21:49:32
CO: I concur with the Commander.
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Mar-2020 21:49:40
::glances over to Grey::
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Mar-2020 21:50:17
:: pulls out a bucket as well :: Self: Might be able to use this for something.
CTO LtC Wolfe 04-Mar-2020 21:50:28
CO: Worst case, if we're out too late to make it back, Commander Kuari could fly back to base and check on them... and let them know our status.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 04-Mar-2020 21:50:52
:: jabs a thumb back out the doorway as she settles down :: NAV: Missed a step... or three on the way down and landed wrongly on hand and ankle. :: rolls her eyes as she sips at the soup ::
CO Capt Harper 04-Mar-2020 21:51:24
:: nods :: XO/CTO: My thinking, as well.
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Mar-2020 21:51:36
TAC2: If it swells or looks purple, let me know and I'll wrap it for you.
XO Cdr Kuari 04-Mar-2020 21:51:56
:: nods at Harper, then looks to Wolfe, still sitting on the ground ::
CO Capt Harper 04-Mar-2020 21:52:11
:: calls out for Lexy and Acacia to return ::
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Mar-2020 21:52:37
:: was already heading back out, weighed down with all of her finds ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 04-Mar-2020 21:52:38
:: gives a thumb's up to Tailor, not taking her attention off the soup she was finishing up :: CMO: Will do.
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Mar-2020 21:52:42
TAC2: Normally I'd run a scan for broken bones...
MED Lt Acacia 04-Mar-2020 21:52:48
:: hears her name and nearly conks her head on a cabinet door, looking out the door and spotting Harper waving. She chuckles, gathering up what few small things she managed to come up with and heading out to join up with the group ::
NAV Lt Navarro 04-Mar-2020 21:53:00
TAC2: You know, I would not have left the roof if I didn't think it was clean. :: chuckles ::
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Mar-2020 21:53:29
All: I'd better go check the traps. I'll be back soon.
CO Capt Harper 04-Mar-2020 21:53:42
All: We are going to push farther into the city and see what we can see. :: eyes their loot :: You might want to leave some of that here, for now. We will come back this way to get it.
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Mar-2020 21:54:09
Self: Actually....
:: empties her backpacks and leaves the clothes in a pile :: CO: The bags and bucket might be useful for carrying back things that we find.
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Mar-2020 21:54:51
::heads out the door, taking the path indicated by Linxi's telepathic directions::
CO Capt Harper 04-Mar-2020 21:55:15
:: nods in agreement with Lexy ::
MED Lt Acacia 04-Mar-2020 21:55:26
:: nods, ditching the particularly nice pillow she found back in one of the houses. Not worth it unless they’re headed back.. ::
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Mar-2020 21:55:52
:: hands Kate a backpack, and keeps the one with the water bottle for herself, then holds out the shoulder back and the bucket to whoever might want to carry them ::
CO Capt Harper 04-Mar-2020 21:56:45
:: is already wearing a backpack that was carrying their food and water :: CSO: I have one, thank you.
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Mar-2020 21:57:43
::gets to the first snare, checking it::
CO Capt Harper 04-Mar-2020 21:58:11
ACTION> The first snare is empty, but Tailor can hear a faint whimpering from the direction of the second.
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Mar-2020 21:58:14
CO: Oh, right, sorry. I don't know what I was thinking.
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Mar-2020 21:58:29
::frowns slightly, moving in that direction::
CTO LtC Wolfe 04-Mar-2020 21:58:31
:: takes a quick run through the current house for anything else useful as a weapon. ::
CO Capt Harper 04-Mar-2020 21:59:08
:: shrugs and smiles, turning toward the faint path ahead, what might have been a road, once upon a time ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 04-Mar-2020 21:59:26
NAV: I check all crannies, making sure there's nothing left. Besides, the major parts were finished. :: grins at Navarro slightly before turning attention to Tailor :: CMO: Stay watchful. :: she settles down, resting her head on Navarro's shoulder hesitantly. :: NAV: Mind? I... I mean, if not, it's okay, I can easily move to the chair ::
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Mar-2020 21:59:36
:: on second thought, stuffs the other pack and the shoulder bag into the first pack ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 04-Mar-2020 22:00:26
Finds a small device similar to a crowbar and stuffs it into the knife satchel.
MED Lt Acacia 04-Mar-2020 22:00:28
:: follows after the Captain, looking around ::
NAV Lt Navarro 04-Mar-2020 22:00:28
TAC2: Not at all. It's the least I can do after running the table on you last game.
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Mar-2020 22:00:34
Self: Boots... Bags... Hammer. I'm ready. Maybe someone else can carry the bucket.
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Mar-2020 22:01:04
::gets to the second snare::
XO Cdr Kuari 04-Mar-2020 22:01:36
:: follows after Harper ::
CO Capt Harper 04-Mar-2020 22:01:48
ACTION> Tailor finds one of the rabbit-like creatures caught in the snare, whimpering.
XO: This is the right way, yes?
CTO LtC Wolfe 04-Mar-2020 22:02:43
:: finishes making his way around the house, and satisfied that he's found all he will, joins the rest of the crew and makes his way to the front of the line where he can watch for the threats that have been so proliferous to this moment. ::
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Mar-2020 22:03:04
:: hands Wolfe the bucket :: CTO: Can you carry this?
CO Capt Harper 04-Mar-2020 22:03:32
:: while they walk, she retrieves some meat from her backpack and passes it around ::
XO Cdr Kuari 04-Mar-2020 22:04:29
:: opens her mouth to receive an offered piece of meat, knowing she has to keep her protein up for the journey ahead ::
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Mar-2020 22:04:53
:: also accepts some meat ::
MED Lt Acacia 04-Mar-2020 22:05:03
:: takes a piece of meat, chirping an appreciative :: CO: Thank you!
CTO LtC Wolfe 04-Mar-2020 22:05:07
CSO: Certainly. :: takes the bucket ::
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Mar-2020 22:05:29
::sighs and weighs their need for food against taking the creature's life.. and decides that it's necessary given their circumstances; takes the creature around the neck and quickly twists it so it doesn't feel the pain, feeling horrible about it as she does so::
MED Lt Acacia 04-Mar-2020 22:05:31
:: also offers hands to carry something for someone, as her load is light ::
CO Capt Harper 04-Mar-2020 22:05:51
ACTION> Tailor successfully kills the bunny.
:: eats some for herself, then takes a drink of water and passes the bottle around ::
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Mar-2020 22:07:03
::puts the bunny into the bag and moves on to the next snare::
CO Capt Harper 04-Mar-2020 22:07:52
ACTION> The third snare is empty.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 04-Mar-2020 22:08:08
:: laughs at Navarro, tucking herself into a small ball and rests, falling asleep quickly ::
XO Cdr Kuari 04-Mar-2020 22:08:30
:: declines the offered bottle ::
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Mar-2020 22:08:54
:: takes a small sip when it comes her way, then passes it on ::
NAV Lt Navarro 04-Mar-2020 22:08:55
:: is now trapped by the sleeping Grey on his shoulder, decides to wait til she's truly out of it before slipping away ::
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Mar-2020 22:09:01
::gives an internal sigh of relief that she doesn't have to do that again for the time being, and brings the catch back to the house::
MED Lt Acacia 04-Mar-2020 22:09:04
:: takes a small sip of water and passes the canteen on ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 04-Mar-2020 22:11:15
:: she shifts, completely conked out, stretching out to continue sleeping. As the minutes passed, her wrist and ankle were beginning to swell up and take on purplish-tints, leaving her attempting to find a comfortable position ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 04-Mar-2020 22:11:52
:: does not notice the canteen or the meat being passed around behind him. ::
NAV Lt Navarro 04-Mar-2020 22:12:21
:: slips away during one of Grey's repositionings, noticing her wrist looks bad ::
CO Capt Harper 04-Mar-2020 22:13:08
ACTION> As the away team presses forward, over the next hour or so, they start to encounter more buildings, just a few at first, but with the number increasing as they continue.
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Mar-2020 22:14:39
::comes back through the door:: SCI: There was one in the snare. ::hands Jude the bag::
XO Cdr Kuari 04-Mar-2020 22:15:45
:: sniffs and looks eagerly around as they pass buildings, feeling frustrated. She looks back and waits for Kate to catch up :: CO: I could easily see what's ahead from the air. The not knowing is driving me crazy!
MED Lt Acacia 04-Mar-2020 22:16:20
:: looks around, studying street signs and layouts. She searched for signs of where a hospital might be ::
CO Capt Harper 04-Mar-2020 22:16:35
:: she smiles at Kuari's eagerness, and nods :: XO: Go! Fly!
NAV Lt Navarro 04-Mar-2020 22:17:08
:: nods appreciatively at Jude and Tailor :: SCI/CMO: Well done.
XO Cdr Kuari 04-Mar-2020 22:18:18
:: grins widely, then gallops twice before beating her wings and lifting up over the trees ::
SCI LtJG Jude 04-Mar-2020 22:19:09
:: takes bag and looks in it :: Poor thing. Will be delicious though.
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Mar-2020 22:20:07
NAV/SCI: I don't think I want to get used to hunting... but we do need to survive.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 04-Mar-2020 22:20:09
:: doesn't realize that she was in danger of falling off, and landed on her injured areas, jolting awake with an impressive set of curse words, blinking as she looked about before pushing herself back onto the couch, stretching out to prod at her swelling wrist, humming slightly before settling back down to go back to sleep. ::
NAV Lt Navarro 04-Mar-2020 22:20:53
:: gestures at Grey :: CMO: Her wrist looks like it's swelling up.
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Mar-2020 22:21:11
:: looks around at the buildings, trying to determine their uses ::
CO Capt Harper 04-Mar-2020 22:21:46
:: looking around, reading signage, amazed to be walking in what was a Gencodian city ::
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Mar-2020 22:22:21
NAV: Oh dear. ::goes to the sink to wash her hands, then has a look at Grey's wrist::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 04-Mar-2020 22:23:26
:: she's half-asleep, eyes half-lidded as she watched and listened to everything ongoing around. She blinks open, focusing specifically on Tailor with a deep sigh and offering the swelling wrist :: CMO: Was... gonna call you over after I napped.
XO Cdr Kuari 04-Mar-2020 22:23:41
:: after disappearing over the trees, is visible above a few minutes later, coming in for a landing ::
CO Capt Harper 04-Mar-2020 22:23:59
:: hears Kuari, then looks up, ready to greet her as she lands ::
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Mar-2020 22:24:13
:: looks at Kuari ::
MED Lt Acacia 04-Mar-2020 22:24:34
:: pauses, also watching Kuari land ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 04-Mar-2020 22:25:45
:: also watches Kuari land, curious what has brought her back so quickly ::
XO Cdr Kuari 04-Mar-2020 22:25:58
:: lands, a little hard so trots a short ways before doubling back, her heart beating fast and her eyes big and round :: All: A city! I big city! It's a ways ahead, but without the trees, you could see it! I went over the first part of it, but I didn't see anyone.
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Mar-2020 22:26:18
:: grins at Kuari's excitement ::
MED Lt Acacia 04-Mar-2020 22:26:34
:: nods, approving. She also smiles :: XO: That’s really good.
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Mar-2020 22:26:51
::takes a few moments to gently examine Grey's wrist and ankle:: TAC2: Did you hear anything pop when you landed?
CO Capt Harper 04-Mar-2020 22:27:02
:: smiles brightly :: XO: That is wonderful!
NAV Lt Navarro 04-Mar-2020 22:27:38
:: slips out through the door to tend to the fire, slightly neglected since the house has heat, but they still need it to cook with ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 04-Mar-2020 22:28:14
CMO: If I did, it wasn't audible enough over my cursing, but it did feel like something did go... wrong. :: winces at the touch, shuddering and tilting her head back to take deep breaths ::
XO Cdr Kuari 04-Mar-2020 22:28:48
:: still grinning with pointy teeth, trots ahead :: All: Come on!
CO Capt Harper 04-Mar-2020 22:29:42
:: holds up her hand and looks at the sun :: All: Wait. As exciting as that is, we need to turn around to make it back before dark.
MED Lt Acacia 04-Mar-2020 22:29:46
:: picks up the pace a bit in the excitement, trotting after Kuari ::
:: stops dead, looking at Harper ::
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Mar-2020 22:30:18
:: stops next to Kate ::
XO Cdr Kuari 04-Mar-2020 22:30:30
:: stops ahead, looking back, then up at the sky ::
CO Capt Harper 04-Mar-2020 22:30:35
All: It is clear that we must move our base into this city. But we cannot do it in a day.
SCI LtJG Jude 04-Mar-2020 22:30:36
:: she gets up to start cleaning the rabbit ::
NAV Lt Navarro 04-Mar-2020 22:31:21
:: retrieves the net, then heads out to the river to fish a bit ::
MED Lt Acacia 04-Mar-2020 22:31:50
:: looks up, nodding :: CO: And we have to start moving Jude as soon as we can.
CO Capt Harper 04-Mar-2020 22:32:09
:: nonetheless, she looks ahead longingly, feeling that whatever they need to find must be in the city ::
:: but, she turns and beckons the party back the way they came :: All: Come on. It will be here when we return.
MED Lt Acacia 04-Mar-2020 22:33:42
:: nods, turning and following Harper the other direction ::
NAV Lt Navarro 04-Mar-2020 22:34:01
:: attaches the net on one side of the river, then leaves his clothes behind to take an invigorating swim to the other side ::
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Mar-2020 22:35:23
TAC2: Your ankle looks like a normal sprain, but you may have a hairline fracture on the wrist. ::gets the first aid kit and rummages through it for something resembling a chemical icepack or two and analgesics::
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Mar-2020 22:35:38
:: looks back at the city wistfully, and then turns to follow ::
NAV Lt Navarro 04-Mar-2020 22:36:26
:: waits by the riverside for fish ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 04-Mar-2020 22:36:43
:: takes his keen sense of direction, and starts leading back toward the house and the other crew members (and unknown to him, their bunny). ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 04-Mar-2020 22:37:31
CMO: Got it. So... no physical work for a few days? :: asks, watching Tailor curiously. ::
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Mar-2020 22:38:41
TAC2: More like a month to about six weeks for the wrist, without an osteoregenerator.
CO Capt Harper 04-Mar-2020 22:39:58
ACTION> Another hour or so passes as the away team makes their way back to the first cluster of houses they encountered. Their loot is still waiting.
MED Lt Acacia 04-Mar-2020 22:40:30
:: scoops up her loot, content to carry back the comfy pillow she found to get a good nights sleep and ditch it afterwards ::
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Mar-2020 22:40:55
:: reallocates the clothing into the backpacks and hands one to Acacia ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 04-Mar-2020 22:41:03
:: exhales sharply at that, settling to press her uninjured hand over her face :: CMO: Great. Okay... So probably two weeks for my ankle and up to six weeks for my wrist?
MED Lt Acacia 04-Mar-2020 22:41:19
:: dons a backpack, tightening the straps ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 04-Mar-2020 22:41:22
:: has taken his sword satchel with him the whole way, and only helps others with their burdens. ::
CO Capt Harper 04-Mar-2020 22:41:22
:: gathers what she found as well ::
:: once they are all packed up, she passes out more snacks as they start the trip back to base ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 04-Mar-2020 22:43:11
:: is in the right place to see some of these snacks and takes a share, now hungry ::
XO Cdr Kuari 04-Mar-2020 22:43:20
:: submits herself to packages being loaded onto her back ::
MED Lt Acacia 04-Mar-2020 22:43:21
:: gratefully accepts the provisions, chugging along with her share of the load ::
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Mar-2020 22:44:36
:: accepts snacks, hungrily ::
CO Capt Harper 04-Mar-2020 22:44:41
:: gives Wolfe extra since he didn't take any the first time around, figuring the big guy must be super hungry ::
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Mar-2020 22:46:09
::gets out what she's reasonably sure is an analgesic and possibly an icepack, given the pictures on the front::
CTO LtC Wolfe 04-Mar-2020 22:46:30
:: graciously and gratefully accepts, then takes to his job of leading the way. ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 04-Mar-2020 22:47:26
CMO: Any... chance we could wait until the Captain gets back? She reads gencodian, not that I don't trust you... just... if it's not an analgesic. :: asks slightly hopefully, reaching for the icepack ::
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Mar-2020 22:48:13
TAC2: Fair enough. And I don't even know if it will work, considering how long it's been here. ::tries to activate the icepack's chemical freezing by bending it to break the inner sealed thingy::
CO Capt Harper 04-Mar-2020 22:48:23
ACTION> The icepack ices.
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Mar-2020 22:48:46
Self: Good, at least that works. ::arranges the icepack around Grey's wrist::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 04-Mar-2020 22:49:23
:: leans back slightly, returning to her previous half-dozing state as she dozes off to return to her nap :: CMO: Thank you.
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Mar-2020 22:51:55
TAC2: You're welcome.
CO Capt Harper 04-Mar-2020 22:51:56
ACTION> The sun sinks lower in the sky as the away team makes their way back to base, and as the shadows grow long and the light wanes, the lighted house comes into view.
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Mar-2020 22:52:22
CO: Are those..... Is that....
NAV Lt Navarro 04-Mar-2020 22:52:30
:: has hauled in the netting, having caught a few fish, and has been waiting by the near side of the river to dry ::
CO Capt Harper 04-Mar-2020 22:52:39
CSO: Lights! The solar roof works!
XO Cdr Kuari 04-Mar-2020 22:53:04
:: resists the urge to fly ahead and instead concentrates on carrying her load, squeezing her wings together to keep things from falling off her back ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 04-Mar-2020 22:53:05
:: has fallen back to sleep by that point, stretched out with the icepack wrapped around her wrist and ankle propped up on the opposite arm of the furniture she'd claimed ::
NAV Lt Navarro 04-Mar-2020 22:53:15
:: puts his clothes back on and carries the net and fish back to the house ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 04-Mar-2020 22:53:17
:: can finally let down his guard a bit as the team is back to familiar territory. ::
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Mar-2020 22:53:24
::goes outside to find a couple of sticks that will work as a splint, and then returns to get the bandages she made earlier and hung in the window; begins bandaging wrist and ankle, and splinting the wrist::
MED Lt Acacia 04-Mar-2020 22:54:28
:: raises an eyebrow, slowing her pace a bit as she realizes how tired her legs are ::
CO Capt Harper 04-Mar-2020 22:55:45
:: they make it to the patio to find Navarro cleaning fish ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 04-Mar-2020 22:55:50
:: startles awake at the splinting, instinctively tugging it away from Tailor's hands and closer to her chest as she blinks awake and looks at Tailor with a sigh. :: CMO: Oh... sorry, you startled me.
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Mar-2020 22:56:02
:: immediately heads inside to look at the tech ::
CO Capt Harper 04-Mar-2020 22:56:06
NAV: Zorro! The power is on!
NAV Lt Navarro 04-Mar-2020 22:56:35
CO: ¡Sí, capitana! Not for long, though. :: looks at the sky ::
MED Lt Acacia 04-Mar-2020 22:56:46
:: pauses on the patio, smiling warmly :: NAV: You went fishing?
CO Capt Harper 04-Mar-2020 22:56:59
:: follows after Lexy ::
NAV Lt Navarro 04-Mar-2020 22:57:16
MED: Of course. They are delicious, after all.
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Mar-2020 22:57:38
TAC2: I'm almost done. ::wraps the last bit of bandage around the splint:: I'll let you get back to sleep now. ::puts the icepack back onto her wrist::
MED Lt Acacia 04-Mar-2020 22:57:44
:: nods, approving. She steps inside to set down her haul from the city, then heads back to the porch with a knife to help Navarro clean the fish. ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 04-Mar-2020 22:58:38
:: cranes her neck back to see the scouting party returning, giving a bright grin :: CO: Glad to see you safe! :: hums in acknowledgement, settling the splinted wrist on her chest and settling down to stare upside-down at the returning party ::
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Mar-2020 22:58:43
:: poking around at the food synthesizer :: CO: Can you read this?
XO Cdr Kuari 04-Mar-2020 22:58:44
:: takes a moment to gaze at the lights on the patio, the warm thoughts of their comfortable Atlantis starship washing through her, before she makes her way into the house to dump her load onto the floor of the main room ::
NAV Lt Navarro 04-Mar-2020 22:58:48
:: offers her a fish :: MED: The net might need a little work, but it still brought home the bacon... er, fish.
CO Capt Harper 04-Mar-2020 22:59:11
:: puts her backpack down, glad to have the weight off her shoulders, then looks at the food synthesizer ::
MED Lt Acacia 04-Mar-2020 22:59:28
:: chuckles, nodding in agreement :: NAV: I can show you how to repair it.. we might not be near the river where we're going, though. :: she looks back at the way the city is thoughtfully ::
CO Capt Harper 04-Mar-2020 22:59:42
:: the unfamiliar screen reflects in her eyes as they dart across it while she reads ::
CSO: Yes. The first thing to know is that it is low on fuel. :: points to the gauge in the top corner ::
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Mar-2020 23:00:13
::smiles, looking up at the returning away team:: All: Glad you made it back safe!
CO Capt Harper 04-Mar-2020 23:00:43
All: Thank you! There is a whole city out there!
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