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Lost Harbor
It is evening of the sixth day and, around the fire, we prepare for dinner and the rest of the night’s activities. In addition to a bountious haul of fish from the river, Kuari has returned from her hunt with an animal resembling a deer, along with a couple of smaller rabbit-like creatures, and the tentative hope for electricity is in the air after the power flickered on as the sun’s last rays touched the partially-cleaned solar roof. Tomorrow’s expedition to the buildings Kuari spotted from the air must be planned, and more cleaning and assorted work awaits, but first, we feast.
After 19-Feb-2020 00:00:00
CO Capt Harper 19-Feb-2020 21:15:31
:: tending to some deer meat over the fire ::
SCI LtJG Jude 19-Feb-2020 21:16:24
:: sick, sick. groan, groan ::
CO Capt Harper 19-Feb-2020 21:17:07
:: then flits about, checking the laundry and finding that it has dried ::
CMO Lt Tailor 19-Feb-2020 21:17:21
::doing basic first aid care, given that there's no possibility to test Jude for exactly what's going on with her, only treat symptoms::
CSO Cdr Wright 19-Feb-2020 21:17:25
:: flitting with her :: CO: Do you think we'll have enough meat left over to dry some of it or something? We can set up racks to dry the pelts.
MED Lt Acacia 19-Feb-2020 21:17:46
:: finishes up work in the kitchen and goes to look for a place to hang up the pelts, taking a moment to eye how the cooking is going ::
CMO Lt Tailor 19-Feb-2020 21:18:54
::plenty of fluids, keeping her warm, watching her for signs of fever, etc::
CO Capt Harper 19-Feb-2020 21:19:53
:: taking the laundry down and folding it :: CSO: Probably! Of course, we will have to set aside some for breakfast, and for the scouting party to take with them, but we have a lot.
SCI LtJG Jude 19-Feb-2020 21:21:07
:: her stomach grumbles, and hearing the conversation about breakfast, pats Tailor on the arm :: CMO: Food.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 19-Feb-2020 21:21:36
::Watches over the fire, doing a meditative hum, as the flames dance in his eyes; he finally understands how the power systems of this house work, but they are damaged, and there must be a solution. He set it aside for now as he searches for emptiness and calm, with the hope that meaning will flicker into his minds eye for a brief moment.::
CTO LtC Wolfe 19-Feb-2020 21:22:15
:: walks up to the camp and house with yet another armload of firewood and sets it a couple of meters from the fire ::
CSO Cdr Wright 19-Feb-2020 21:22:24
:: goes over to the pelts and begins meticulously scraping all the fat and flesh from the hides with a knife from the kitchen ::
CMO Lt Tailor 19-Feb-2020 21:22:40
SCI: That's an improvement. ::smiles:: I'll see what we can do. What are you in the mood for?
CO Capt Harper 19-Feb-2020 21:22:51
:: sees Wolfe return :: CTO: Benedict! That should do us well into the morning, I think!
SCI LtJG Jude 19-Feb-2020 21:23:07
CMO: ...Food.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 19-Feb-2020 21:23:10
:: grumbles as she settles with a knife, reaching for a pelt to start scraping the fat and flesh off, being sure to only touch a select amount of raw meat ::
XO Cdr Kuari 19-Feb-2020 21:23:33
::flies out one last time to grab some fruits from the high trees, then lies down on her side near the fire and falls asleep::
MED Lt Acacia 19-Feb-2020 21:24:47
:: also finds a seat near the fire and her knife, resting a pelt on a tree stump to scrape the inside dry ::
CMO Lt Tailor 19-Feb-2020 21:25:12
::chuckles:: SCI: I'll be right back.
CO Capt Harper 19-Feb-2020 21:25:17
:: realizes she is not quite sure how to properly dry meat, but imagines someone here knows ::
:: takes the clean, folded laundry into the living area and sets it out, up for grabs for the morning ::
:: finds herself looking forward to a clean set of clothes herself, having worn this one for most of the past two days ::
CMO Lt Tailor 19-Feb-2020 21:26:54
::stands, going out to the fire to see what's available for Jude:: MED: Jude's feeling better, she said she's hungry.
CSO Cdr Wright 19-Feb-2020 21:28:08
All: Does anyone know how to cure a hide properly?
MED Lt Acacia 19-Feb-2020 21:29:11
:: hops up, forgetting the hide completely :: CMO: Oh! That's good. :: she grabs a plate and starts picking a variety of food from the selection of what's been cooked. She hears Wright ask, but is distracted. ::
CMO Lt Tailor 19-Feb-2020 21:30:21
::thinks:: CSO: I remember vaguely a school lesson where they said it involved chewing the hide and maybe smoking it? I have no idea what order that goes in... Or why you would chew it.
CSO Cdr Wright 19-Feb-2020 21:30:41
All: I know it involves salt or oils and maybe smoking, but that's all I've got. And I don't know that we have access to salt or oils.
All: Unless.. :: looks over at what's left of the deer carcass ::
CMO Lt Tailor 19-Feb-2020 21:31:18
All: Personally I would skip the chewing.
CO Capt Harper 19-Feb-2020 21:31:38
:: heads back outside, wondering why someone would chew a hide ::
MED Lt Acacia 19-Feb-2020 21:31:44
:: looks up :: CSO: Yeah, I.. don't think we have the stuff to do it right.
CSO Cdr Wright 19-Feb-2020 21:31:58
:: nods at the good doctor Tailor, distracted ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 19-Feb-2020 21:32:05
CSO: Salt can be quite difficult to locate in an area such as this.
CSO Cdr Wright 19-Feb-2020 21:32:16
MED: What about the oils in the brain?
MED Lt Acacia 19-Feb-2020 21:33:45
:: pauses, thinking :: CSO: That.. should work, actually. Did we set the brain aside?
CSO Cdr Wright 19-Feb-2020 21:34:37
:: grunts from the effort of carefully fleshing the hide :: MED: I think it's still with the carcass. But we'll have to boil it with water or something to break it down, and I imagine the hides should be dry first....? :: tries to sound confident, but doesn't know ::
MED Lt Acacia 19-Feb-2020 21:35:49
:: nods, realizing she should just say what she knows. She has to think for a few seconds :: CSO: Uhh.. clean it, like scrape all the goo off. Then yeah, you stretch it out with the ties.
:: thinks for another moment :: CSO: Let it dry, shave it.. brain soup. Soften it and maybe smoke it, we may not even need salt.
CTO LtC Wolfe 19-Feb-2020 21:36:37
:: after spending some time stoking the fire, goes into the house to see if there's anywhere there that he can assist with anything. ::
CSO Cdr Wright 19-Feb-2020 21:37:21
MED: Do we want to remove the hair for leather, or keep it intact for furs?
CO Capt Harper 19-Feb-2020 21:37:37
:: lets her people do what they do best, as there are few topics of conversation that she could contribute less to than this one ::
MED Lt Acacia 19-Feb-2020 21:37:54
:: crosses her arms :: CSO: Does everyone have shoes yet?
TAC2 1Lt Grey 19-Feb-2020 21:38:34
:: glances up at the spoken words from Acacia, making her startle slightly before turning her attention back to the hide she was working on. ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 19-Feb-2020 21:38:42
::Hums aloud.:: Self: We would need an ocean nearby, or we would need to scout some mountainous areas, or find a salt bed. Or we could strain the blood of the animals, and evaporate the liquid after multiple filtrations.
CO Capt Harper 19-Feb-2020 21:39:00
:: grabs a bit of deer off the fire and tentatively bites into it as she walks back into the house ::
MED Lt Acacia 19-Feb-2020 21:39:07
:: realizes she sat down the plate of food she'd made for Jude, getting back on task :: CSO: Leather! :: she goes to bring Jude the food, a little bit of everything they've got ::
CO Capt Harper 19-Feb-2020 21:39:34
:: nods in appreciation at the taste being pleasant as she approaches Wolfe :: CTO: So, tomorrow's journey.
CSO Cdr Wright 19-Feb-2020 21:39:43
Self: Leather it is, then. :: continues scraping the deer hide, messy work ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 19-Feb-2020 21:40:16
:: turns to Harper :: CO: Indeed. I look forward to it.
MED Lt Acacia 19-Feb-2020 21:40:17
CSO: I think you shave it after it dries on the rack. :: she adds, before slipping inside to find Jude ::
CMO Lt Tailor 19-Feb-2020 21:40:26
::smells the venison and realises she hasn't eaten in a few hours; goes and gets a plate::
SCI LtJG Jude 19-Feb-2020 21:40:52
Linxi perks are the sight of food and scoots herself to sit up.
CO Capt Harper 19-Feb-2020 21:40:56
CTO: Kuari leads, of course, and you will be on point with her. You should definitely take one of the doctors, as well.
CSO Cdr Wright 19-Feb-2020 21:41:28
Self: I think it's less of a shaving and more of a pulling out of hair completely, but yeah.
MED Lt Acacia 19-Feb-2020 21:41:34
:: sees how well she's moving and hands it over, seeing if she can eat by herself. She smiles warmly :: SCI: How are you feeling?
TAC2 1Lt Grey 19-Feb-2020 21:41:44
:: glances up, curious if she'd be joining on the group's journey, listening absentmindedly ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 19-Feb-2020 21:43:06
CO: Aye. While this planet hasn't proven to have much dangerous wildlife, save for insects, we shall be cautious. I wish I had Syvek here.
SCI LtJG Jude 19-Feb-2020 21:43:15
:: goes to shove food in her mouth :: MED: Hungry.
MED Lt Acacia 19-Feb-2020 21:44:11
:: nods, seeming pleased by that answer. She goes to the kitchen to get a glass of water, bringing that to Jude's bedside next. ::
CO Capt Harper 19-Feb-2020 21:45:09
:: nodding along :: CTO: If he is not here, then I am certain he would volunteer to be, given the chance.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 19-Feb-2020 21:45:20
::Grabs a small handful of meat, consuming each piece pensively as he looks between the group.:: All: So, the good news and the bad news everyone!
TAC2 1Lt Grey 19-Feb-2020 21:45:45
:: is unsure if she's coming or not, and slowly rises to approach the captain and Wolfe :: CO/CTO: Would... I be able to come along? If that's... allowed? :: asks hesitantly ::
SCI LtJG Jude 19-Feb-2020 21:46:07
:: groans :: MED: Can you tell Ilaihr to think less loudly? It hurts.
MED Lt Acacia 19-Feb-2020 21:46:39
:: chuckles, nodding sympathetically :: SCI: I'd try if I thought it would work.
CO Capt Harper 19-Feb-2020 21:46:50
:: looks to the Colonel, then back to Grey :: TAC2: My inclination would be to leave one Marine here for defense, but I will defer to Mr. Wolfe's tactical judgement.
CMO Lt Tailor 19-Feb-2020 21:47:26
::looks to Ilaihr, chewing her own piece of venison::
SCI LtJG Jude 19-Feb-2020 21:48:00
:: yells out :: CEO: Blue grandpa! Your thinking is too loud mate!
TAC2 1Lt Grey 19-Feb-2020 21:48:41
:: holds her hands up slightly in acknowledgement, glancing slightly to Wolfe, hopeful ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 19-Feb-2020 21:49:04
All: As you have all seen, we have been able to restore power; however we will only have that power available during the day. Whilst the main circuitry of the structure still appears to be sound, the capacitors that the store the energy are damaged... probably heavily degraded by time and the environment.
CTO LtC Wolfe 19-Feb-2020 21:49:32
CO: We should have everyone protected. Someone must stay here.
CMO Lt Tailor 19-Feb-2020 21:50:04
CEO: During the day is better than no power at all.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 19-Feb-2020 21:50:05
:: couldn't help but giggle at Jude's yelled comment, hearing Wolfe's response, she looked disappointed slightly before ducking her head and slipping off to continue scrubbing the hides down ::
CO Capt Harper 19-Feb-2020 21:50:19
:: smiles at Grey :: TAC2: Looks like we are back on roof duty tomorrow, then.
CEO: That is wonderful news, Ilaihr! We can hope that everything comes to life tomorrow, with even if it takes a bit more cleaning.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 19-Feb-2020 21:52:57
::Smiles at Tailor:: CMO: Given enough time, perhaps I could juryrig a fix, or find an alternate power storage solution.
CMO Lt Tailor 19-Feb-2020 21:53:19
CEO: Do you think there would be a way to build new batteries, maybe from existing materials?
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 19-Feb-2020 21:53:24
CO: Indeed Captain. ::Smiles at her as well.
CO Capt Harper 19-Feb-2020 21:53:29
:: eyes the food synthesizer, daring to hope it still works, given how much easier that would make things for her crew ::
CSO Cdr Wright 19-Feb-2020 21:53:32
:: takes a break for some food, enjoying a skewer of rabbit ::
MED Lt Acacia 19-Feb-2020 21:54:17
:: is pleased to see Jude scarfing down her food and finds it reminding her that she should eat as well, and she drifts back outside to pick at some of the meat ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 19-Feb-2020 21:54:37
:: has settled on the opposite of the fire, muttering quietly to herself as she finished with the hide she was working on ::
NAV Lt Navarro 19-Feb-2020 21:54:49
:: reclines by the fire on a bit of patio furniture, eating a fish filet ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 19-Feb-2020 21:55:36
CMO: If anyone has their commbadges available, I may be able to use the internal power cells as the capacitor. But my guarantees are much less, if I were to try and rebuild the capacitors under the house.
CO Capt Harper 19-Feb-2020 21:58:31
:: munches on the deer, putting the thoughts of electricity aside in favor of tomorrow's mission ::
SCI LtJG Jude 19-Feb-2020 21:59:46
:: grumbles and starts complaining :: I just wanna get the hell out of this forsaken placeeeee :: continues to complain ::
MED Lt Acacia 19-Feb-2020 22:01:06
:: finishes the chunk of deer she picked for herself, reclining by the fire and allowing herself to relax a bit ::
CSO Cdr Wright 19-Feb-2020 22:01:28
:: reaches for another rabbit skewer, licking her fingers ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 19-Feb-2020 22:01:45
::Chews more on his food, pondering to himself.::
CMO: I still find myself wondering about the purpose of all this.
CMO Lt Tailor 19-Feb-2020 22:03:21
CEO: I'm not sure if any of us had their comm badges on... Yeah, this whole thing seems like a test, actually.
CTO LtC Wolfe 19-Feb-2020 22:03:40
:: steps over to the table where the food is and takes a few bites. This is certainly much more bountiful than the past days have been. ::
CSO Cdr Wright 19-Feb-2020 22:03:54
:: nods at Dr. Tailor :: CMO: Yes... a test.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 19-Feb-2020 22:04:11
CEO/CMO/CSO: Someone's gonna get their ass kicked when we get back to the ship if this is a damn test. :: grumbles and stalks over to grab a skewer ::
CSO Cdr Wright 19-Feb-2020 22:04:34
:: quirks a brow at her ::
MED Lt Acacia 19-Feb-2020 22:04:46
:: laughs out loud :: All: A test? It's ambitious to hope for so much order in the universe.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 19-Feb-2020 22:05:32
MED: Then what do you think it is? :: turns to stare at Acacia, expression unreadable in the shadows dancing from the firelight over her face ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 19-Feb-2020 22:05:33
::Laughs.:: MED: Oh, you'll find many higher races are fond of tests.
CO Capt Harper 19-Feb-2020 22:05:56
:: follows along with the Colonel, still munching on the deer ::
MED Lt Acacia 19-Feb-2020 22:06:06
:: shrugs, nodding like, okay that's fair ::
CMO Lt Tailor 19-Feb-2020 22:06:14
All: Like we're rats being put through a maze. But it of course could be completely random that we're all thrown down here, in pairs.. each with a sleeping mat and fire that doesn't work.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 19-Feb-2020 22:06:27
CEO: I don't care if it's a bloody-damn immortal race, someone's still gonna get their ass kicked.
CSO Cdr Wright 19-Feb-2020 22:06:33
:: scowls, then tears into her rabbit ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 19-Feb-2020 22:06:43
CMO: I was alone, when I awoke. ::Chuckles.::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 19-Feb-2020 22:07:34
CEO: You're pretty much the best one out of all us to wake up alone, sir. :: jabs her skewer towards Ilaihr as she tore off another bite ::
SCI LtJG Jude 19-Feb-2020 22:07:35
:: groans in exasperation :: I hate to admit it but at this point I just wanna go home. Even my mother is less horrible than this.
MED Lt Acacia 19-Feb-2020 22:07:38
:: looks at Grey, shrugging :: TAC2: My guess was we were tossed here as a distraction so someone could make off with Atlantis.
CSO Cdr Wright 19-Feb-2020 22:07:55
MED: Then why not the whole crew?
MED: Why just us?
TAC2 1Lt Grey 19-Feb-2020 22:08:09
MED: OH that sure as hell makes me feel better! :: grabs another skewer, tearing the meat off viciously ::
CMO Lt Tailor 19-Feb-2020 22:08:56
CEO: So we weren't all in pairs. And I'd almost forgotten, Navarro was alone also.
CTO LtC Wolfe 19-Feb-2020 22:08:57
:: thinks as he chews :: CO: You know, Captain... :: swallows the current bite :: I think we need to have you along. Who else knows Gencodian?
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 19-Feb-2020 22:08:59
TAC2: We are but children's playthings to some of them. They enjoy testing us; either for their own sick amusement, or to teach us something. ::Takes another mouthful, before spotting a bug and catching it out of the air; adding it to his meat full mouth.:: Humility, Respect, maybe they want Fear and Despair....
MED Lt Acacia 19-Feb-2020 22:09:09
:: wags a finger before resting it on her lips, thinking ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 19-Feb-2020 22:10:08
:: plops down unceremoniously on the ground, pulling the skewer out of her mouth boredly :: CEO: Someone's still gonna get their ass kicked. I don't care what fucking lesson they're trying to teach or what the hell they're trying to do with us.
CO Capt Harper 19-Feb-2020 22:10:11
:: pinches her chin, not used to considering herself for away missions :: CTO: That... is a good point. Who else?
NAV Lt Navarro 19-Feb-2020 22:10:32
I swear, if someone made off with Atlantis and they have been flying her like a maniac, I will — :: trails off in Spanish ::
MED Lt Acacia 19-Feb-2020 22:10:49
:: laughs at that :: TAC2: Don't challenge it before you see it.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 19-Feb-2020 22:11:35
MED: Round to the eyeball, bam, someone's got their ass kicked. :: snarks back at Acacia ::
MED Lt Acacia 19-Feb-2020 22:12:00
:: wiggles her fingers :: TAC2: Ooh, I'm a.. sentient dust cloud, I don't even have eyes!
CSO Cdr Wright 19-Feb-2020 22:12:14
:: looks at the fruit, shakes her head, the goes back to scraping her hide while listening to the conversation ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 19-Feb-2020 22:12:43
CO: It has to be you, Captain.
CMO Lt Tailor 19-Feb-2020 22:13:20
All: It would be easier to take a ship if the senior staff wasn't there.. easier to force the lower ranks to do what they want rather than the commanders. They still need people who know what they are doing, but maybe aren't as likely to fight back.
CO Capt Harper 19-Feb-2020 22:13:30
:: smirks :: CTO: I know. I meant, who else should be on the team?
TAC2 1Lt Grey 19-Feb-2020 22:13:44
CO: What if... the people who dropped us here, knew you understood Gencodian...?
CO Capt Harper 19-Feb-2020 22:15:03
TAC2: If such people exist at all, it would be a clever misdirection.
CTO LtC Wolfe 19-Feb-2020 22:15:38
CO: I would have Commander Wright along. Her analysis is unmatched.
CSO Cdr Wright 19-Feb-2020 22:15:49
:: looks up as her name is mentioned ::
:: startles as she realizes Wolfe just complimented her ::
SCI LtJG Jude 19-Feb-2020 22:16:22
CTO: Complement me next!
CTO LtC Wolfe 19-Feb-2020 22:16:43
SCI: You climb things well.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 19-Feb-2020 22:16:52
::Chuckles.:: CMO: I have been contemplating the... boundaries... the limitations of this... ::Looks around.:: Reality. I have tried several methods I know to ascertain whether we are under telepathic assault, but that seems woefully unlikely. Somekind of machine or probe of somekind, one that must be very advanced, which I believe is the most likely... but I have yet to find a... coding error if you will... a glitch in the programming that I can exploit.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 19-Feb-2020 22:17:03
:: gestures Harper's way with her skewer, nibbling off the last bits of meat :: All: Think about it... we end up here, with fires and blankets that vanish, paired up, and ending up finding here... With the language of an extinct race on the planet... This feels more like a test with every passing minute. ::
SCI LtJG Jude 19-Feb-2020 22:17:08
:: happily nods, continuing to eat ::
MED Lt Acacia 19-Feb-2020 22:17:10
:: chuckles, watching the others discuss the party ::
CO Capt Harper 19-Feb-2020 22:17:44
:: tries not to let her relief show at someone else recommending that Lexy be along with her :: CTO: Alright, so, Kuari and you on point, with a doctor, Commander Wright, and me. That seems like a good team. We leave at first light to maximize our time at the site.
CTO LtC Wolfe 19-Feb-2020 22:17:53
CO: I'm torn between taking Commander Ilaihr along. It would be good to have his technical knowledge, but I think he's needed here more.
CO Capt Harper 19-Feb-2020 22:18:35
CTO: I agree. :: lowers her voice :: It is best that we not overextend him.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 19-Feb-2020 22:18:42
CO/CTO: I'd prefer to have Commander Ilaihr here... since it'll be me doing the cleaning of the solar tiles and he knows his way around the systems.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 19-Feb-2020 22:18:47
CMO: Or we are under the thumb of a higher being, and then I really have no experiments that could confirm or deny them. They will only show their faces, if they have them by our conceptions, when they deem it necessary.
CMO Lt Tailor 19-Feb-2020 22:21:46
CEO: If it were a probe, it's apparently only affecting the senior staff. But they could learn that easily from ship's records I suppose. The question is, why...
MED Lt Acacia 19-Feb-2020 22:22:16
:: looks up at the stars, considering the idea of a test. ::
CO Capt Harper 19-Feb-2020 22:22:18
:: turns toward Tailor :: CMO: Doctor, between you or Dr. Acacia, who would you like to join the scouting party tomorrow?
:: very quickly reverting back to the regular command structure when there is a mission to plan ::
MED Lt Acacia 19-Feb-2020 22:23:03
:: hears her name and sits up, looking to Tailor to let her decide ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 19-Feb-2020 22:23:31
CMO/CEO: Technically... it wouldn't even be senior staff alone, it's Alpha Bridge staff. Because... I wouldn't be considered a senior staff member, but I am a member of the Alpha Bridge staff, like everyone else here.
CO Capt Harper 19-Feb-2020 22:23:33
:: is actually honestly relieved to be planning a mission that is not focused solely on survival ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 19-Feb-2020 22:24:14
TAC2: One of many questions, my dear. ::Stares off into the fire again.::
CSO Cdr Wright 19-Feb-2020 22:24:20
:: hurries to finish scraping her hide so she can take a bath and prepare for the early morning ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 19-Feb-2020 22:24:26
CO: That sounds like a plan, Captain.
CMO Lt Tailor 19-Feb-2020 22:24:31
CO: I wouldn't mind finding out if there's anything of medical importance in this new house you've found, but I think either of us can do that. I'll leave it up to your decision, you know each of our strengths.
MED Lt Acacia 19-Feb-2020 22:26:55
:: looks to the Captain, shrugging to indicate that she doesn't mind ::
CO Capt Harper 19-Feb-2020 22:27:05
:: nods :: CMO: Alright, then you stay here, in case Lt. Jude needs further help.
MED: Doctor Acacia, you are with us, at dawn.
CMO Lt Tailor 19-Feb-2020 22:27:16
CO: Understood. ::Nods::
MED Lt Acacia 19-Feb-2020 22:27:44
:: can't help but smile, nodding once firmly. ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 19-Feb-2020 22:27:52
:: sighs as she stands, moving past everyone to slip back into the house and settle down to fall asleep on a chair again ::
CO Capt Harper 19-Feb-2020 22:28:20
All: In the meantime, everyone, enjoy a good, hearty meal!
CTO LtC Wolfe 19-Feb-2020 22:28:40
:: grabs part of a rabbit ::
CO Capt Harper 19-Feb-2020 22:29:12
:: sneaks up to Kuari's sleeping form and retrieves the backpack, then sets it aside to fill later ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 19-Feb-2020 22:29:27
::Sit back, and chuckles to himself.:: Aloud: Perhaps I shall try to communicate with the fish some point tomorrow; ask them where the ocean is. ::Smirks.::
MED Lt Acacia 19-Feb-2020 22:29:28
:: grabs a chunk of fish. When she's done she takes the time to braid her hair into a crown braid and prepare a med kit for the road before bed ::
SCI LtJG Jude 19-Feb-2020 22:30:11
CEO: Maybe ask them where this planet’s lobster equivalent is.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 19-Feb-2020 22:32:29
SCI: I shall see what I can do, my dear .::Smiles at Jude.::
NAV Lt Navarro 19-Feb-2020 22:32:39
:: goes back for seconds, this time trying the deer, and finds Emily :: MED: Don't have too much fun out there tomorrow. :: smiles ::
MED Lt Acacia 19-Feb-2020 22:33:09
:: chuckles, playfully bopping his arm :: NAV: No promises.
CO Capt Harper 19-Feb-2020 22:35:01
:: goes inside for a glass of water, then returns to the food and gets some of the fish ::
CMO Lt Tailor 19-Feb-2020 22:35:26
::is glad to be staying at the house, has had enough of wandering around the wilderness for now::
NAV Lt Navarro 19-Feb-2020 22:35:46
MED: If you find a store, bring me back some Rioja, sí?
CO Capt Harper 19-Feb-2020 22:37:09
:: gets another bit of fish and takes it to Lexy :: CSO: Hey, have you eaten yet?
MED Lt Acacia 19-Feb-2020 22:37:34
:: groans in agreement, she could sure use a glass of wine :: NAV: Sí.
CSO Cdr Wright 19-Feb-2020 22:38:12
:: eyes the fish :: CO: I have, but I'll eat that too, if you're offering.
CO Capt Harper 19-Feb-2020 22:38:48
:: hands it over :: CSO: Please do! We have a long trip tomorrow.
MED Lt Acacia 19-Feb-2020 22:38:54
NAV: We could.. probably.. ferment. :: she thinks ::
CSO Cdr Wright 19-Feb-2020 22:39:13
:: sets down her knife and takes it, happy to finally have enough to eat ::
NAV Lt Navarro 19-Feb-2020 22:39:44
MED: The fruit!
MED Lt Acacia 19-Feb-2020 22:40:23
:: snaps her fingers, looking hopeful :: NAV: Oh! Maybe!
CO Capt Harper 19-Feb-2020 22:40:24
:: settles down next to her wife, glad that they'll both be on the team tomorrow; she could have ordered it, but was worried that it would seem selfish ::
CSO Cdr Wright 19-Feb-2020 22:41:13
:: is too mentally and physically tired to think that far... it's been a long day ::
CMO Lt Tailor 19-Feb-2020 22:41:25
MED: Ohh, and we could also use something that will make pure alcohol.. don't suppose there's anything resembling potatoes or grain here?
MED Lt Acacia 19-Feb-2020 22:41:55
:: shrugs :: CMO: I'll keep an eye out. I haven't seen anything yet, though.
CMO Lt Tailor 19-Feb-2020 22:42:22
::nods at Acacia::
CSO Cdr Wright 19-Feb-2020 22:43:13
CO: I'm almost finished. And then I need a bath.
:: returns to scraping ::
CO Capt Harper 19-Feb-2020 22:43:21
:: sniffs :: CSO: Yep.
:: grins at her ::
CSO Cdr Wright 19-Feb-2020 22:43:32
:: deadpans :: CO: Thanks, love.
MED Lt Acacia 19-Feb-2020 22:43:41
:: nods, grabbing more fish to calorie up while they're here ::
CO Capt Harper 19-Feb-2020 22:43:42
CSO: I do too, I am sure.
ACTION> The night passes, and the first rays of light sneak their way into the house.
:: woke up about twenty minutes ago, and is now stepping out of a cold shower ::
MED Lt Acacia 19-Feb-2020 22:45:20
:: stirs as the light starts to come in, opening one eye and looking around slowly ::
CMO Lt Tailor 19-Feb-2020 22:45:37
::is happily rolled up into the blankets in the child sized bed, blissfully unaware of any rays of sunshine::
MED Lt Acacia 19-Feb-2020 22:46:12
:: sits up, gathering up her things she'd prepared and set by the bed and getting up to get dressed ::
CO Capt Harper 19-Feb-2020 22:46:51
:: dries off and dresses in a fresh set of clean clothes, similar to the outfit she wore the past two days ::
CSO Cdr Wright 19-Feb-2020 22:46:54
:: still in bed as well ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 19-Feb-2020 22:47:13
::Is meditating in the rising sun, listening to the morning chorus; feeling the chill of the night melt away in the warmth of the light.::
SCI LtJG Jude 19-Feb-2020 22:47:25
:: is sleeping, the top of her head against the floor, while her legs are still on the bed and covered with a blanket ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 19-Feb-2020 22:47:37
::is surprisingly up on the roof, cleaning already ::
NAV Lt Navarro 19-Feb-2020 22:47:50
:: feels Emily move and opens his eyes ::
CO Capt Harper 19-Feb-2020 22:48:28
:: heads into the master bedroom to see Lexy still asleep, but is not surprised by it since, of the two of them, she's the morning person ::
MED Lt Acacia 19-Feb-2020 22:48:46
:: looks over at Navarro and smiles, winking. She whispers, :: NAV: Sleep well. :: She has packed one of the first aid kits with a few extra things and tied a ribbon to it to carry it like a purse, wearing some clothes she picked out of the fresh laundry ::
NAV Lt Navarro 19-Feb-2020 22:49:20
MED: Be careful. And don't forget that Rioja. :: smirks ::
CO Capt Harper 19-Feb-2020 22:50:13
:: gently nudges her wife awake as she quietly sing-songs :: CSO: Gooooood morning!
MED Lt Acacia 19-Feb-2020 22:50:16
:: chuckles, making her way out to the living room as quietly as she can, looking for her party members ::
CSO Cdr Wright 19-Feb-2020 22:52:39
CO: Mrrrrgh! :: burrows under her pillow ::
CO Capt Harper 19-Feb-2020 22:53:21
:: pulls the pillow away :: CSO: Come on, Lexy, it is time to go!
NAV Lt Navarro 19-Feb-2020 22:53:49
:: falls back asleep, dreaming of wine and dance ::
CMO Lt Tailor 19-Feb-2020 22:55:27
::is pleasantly warm and snuggly and definitely not going to wake up anytime soon::
SCI LtJG Jude 19-Feb-2020 22:55:50
:: slowly slides off bed with a THWAP onto the floor :: AGH!
MED Lt Acacia 19-Feb-2020 22:56:28
:: gets a glass of water and fixes her hair from her sleep, getting ready to go ::
CSO Cdr Wright 19-Feb-2020 22:56:31
:: whines :: CO: But everything hurts!
CO Capt Harper 19-Feb-2020 22:57:50
CSO: Everything will feel better once you start moving. Well, maybe not, but stretching might help.
CSO Cdr Wright 19-Feb-2020 22:58:43
:: grumbles but gets up and stretches before going off to get dressed, complaining all the while ::
CO Capt Harper 19-Feb-2020 22:59:42
:: heads out to the kitchen, feeling for Lexy, since she knows she must be sore, and staying quiet since she still sees people sleeping all over the place ::
SCI LtJG Jude 19-Feb-2020 23:00:07
:: looks up at the bed, and decides it’s too much effort to climb up, so she pulls the blanket down, and continues sleeping on the floor ::
MED Lt Acacia 19-Feb-2020 23:00:08
:: smiles and waves to the Captain, doing some stretches in the kitchen quietly ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 19-Feb-2020 23:00:35
:: is standing outside , ready to go. ::
CO Capt Harper 19-Feb-2020 23:00:53
:: smiles at Acacia as she gets a glass of water, then heads outside into the brisk morning air ::
CSO Cdr Wright 19-Feb-2020 23:01:39
:: follows a minute or two later, after hydrating herself ::
MED Lt Acacia 19-Feb-2020 23:01:58
:: finishes her own glass of water before following, breathing in the morning air ::
CO Capt Harper 19-Feb-2020 23:02:03
:: sees Kuari is already here as well, rested and ready to go ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 19-Feb-2020 23:02:27
:: is up on the roof, cleaning away before turning attention to glance down below :: All: Good morning! :: is strangely peppy this morning.
CO Capt Harper 19-Feb-2020 23:02:31
:: throws a bit of wood on to the embers of the fire, hoping it will catch so that those here won't have to re-start it ::
:: slides the door closed :: TAC2: Good morning! Sorry that I can not help you today!
Party: Alright, is everyone ready to go? :: hefts the backpack she packed the night before ::
MED Lt Acacia 19-Feb-2020 23:03:29
:: checks her clothes, kit, and mental checklist, then nods once ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 19-Feb-2020 23:03:31
:: nods and starts down the steps off the porch ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 19-Feb-2020 23:04:31
CO: Safe travels. I will watch you're progression for as long as I can; until you are out of my perceptive range. ::Smiles at Kathryn, then to Wolfe.::
CO Capt Harper 19-Feb-2020 23:04:40
CEO: Thank you, my friend.
CTO LtC Wolfe 19-Feb-2020 23:04:53
:: listens to the world around, listening for any and all signs of life :: CEO: Thank you, Commander.
CO Capt Harper 19-Feb-2020 23:05:41
ACTION> Led by Kuari and Wolfe, the away team sets off, in the general direction of downstream.
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