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Lost Harbor
In the afternoon of the sixth day, Kuari has returned with interesting news: while flying reconnaissance downstream, she sighted more buildings! A scouting party to investigate will have to wait until tomorrow, though, because of the time required to walk there and back again. Ilaihr and company discovered batteries in the crawlspace under the house, and dispatched Jude to investigate the roof while they examine the rest of the crawlspace. Preparations for the evening meal are constant, along with the other formerly routine tasks that were once so easy in our usual lives.
After 12-Feb-2020 00:00:00
CO Capt Harper 12-Feb-2020 21:20:12
ACTION> Jude becomes woozy from lingering effects of her spider bite, and must abort her mission to climb on the roof.
MED Lt Acacia 12-Feb-2020 21:21:15
:: has a bowl of bones for broth, and a bowl of inedible guts to be discarded. She stands by the fire, roasting the strips of fish and stacking them on a plate ::
NAV Lt Navarro 12-Feb-2020 21:22:02
:: leaning naked against the tree, waiting to dry while watching the net in the river ::
CSO Cdr Wright 12-Feb-2020 21:22:45
:: returns to camp with another load of raw materials, this time with an armful of lengths of vines for net repair and ropemaking ::
CO Capt Harper 12-Feb-2020 21:23:04
:: under the house with Ilaihr, feeling around the walls for a switch, or anything else interesting ::
MED Lt Acacia 12-Feb-2020 21:23:21
:: sets up the bowl of fish bones to brothify over the fire, whistling happily ::
CSO Cdr Wright 12-Feb-2020 21:23:28
MED: Catch anything good? :: laying out the vines in the staging area outside ::
MED Lt Acacia 12-Feb-2020 21:24:03
CSO: A couple juicy ones! :: she offers Wright a cooked fish stick from the early batch ::
CMO Lt Tailor 12-Feb-2020 21:24:10
::is done with bandage making and heads outside to go see what's up with everyone else::
CSO Cdr Wright 12-Feb-2020 21:24:29
:: licks her lips hungrily :: MED: For me? :: takes it ::
XO Cdr Kuari 12-Feb-2020 21:24:35
:: carries two dead alien rabbits, in her backpack instead of her pouch to favor maneuverability as she continues to hunt. She's currently clinging to a tree, not always finding hidden things from the air and just listens quietly ::
CO Capt Harper 12-Feb-2020 21:24:48
ACTION> Tailor finds a woozy Jude lying down on the grass.
MED Lt Acacia 12-Feb-2020 21:24:55
:: nods, returning her focus to roasting more strips of fish ::
CSO Cdr Wright 12-Feb-2020 21:25:39
:: doesn't hesitate to dig in, hunger making the fish seem more delicious than it already would be ::
CMO Lt Tailor 12-Feb-2020 21:26:14
Self: Uh oh. ::kneels down and checks Jude's pulse::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 12-Feb-2020 21:27:00
::Looks along the wall for an opening of some kind, hoping to finding a maintenance hatch.:: CO: I am certain this is some kind of battery, or capacitor... but we need to find out which, and what is the direct source of the power.
CO Capt Harper 12-Feb-2020 21:27:36
:: nods to Ilaihr, then realizes she may not be able to see him :: CEO: Alright. So what is your hunch about the roof? Solar power?
TAC2 1Lt Grey 12-Feb-2020 21:28:29
:: glances around before muttering and taking to the windowframes, using them to scramble up onto the roof, looking around for any sign of capacitor or batteries, being sure to manage her grip ::
CMO Lt Tailor 12-Feb-2020 21:28:52
::looks around for anyone near by:: All: Jude's down! I'm gonna need some help getting her into the house.
MED Lt Acacia 12-Feb-2020 21:29:39
:: spins around, hearing the call. She blinks, realizing she hadn’t noticed and starts running for where Tailor and Jude are ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 12-Feb-2020 21:29:52
::Smiles as he notes her nod.:: CO: Indeed. It would definitely makes these capacitors then. If there are none, then it's a battery of some kind; and we'll have to work out what kind of chemical process is used to produce electrical energy.
CO Capt Harper 12-Feb-2020 21:30:01
ACTION> Grey makes it on to the roof, but there are no signs of any batteries... just very dirty roof tiles.
CSO Cdr Wright 12-Feb-2020 21:30:05
:: also hears it and follows a second later, half-eaten fish stick in hand ::
MED Lt Acacia 12-Feb-2020 21:31:18
:: arrives to help Tailor carry Jude :: CMO: Did you see her fall?
CSO Cdr Wright 12-Feb-2020 21:31:45
:: clenching the fish between her teeth, also ready to help carry ::
CO Capt Harper 12-Feb-2020 21:32:26
:: tries not to get her hopes up for electricity :: CEO: Or a combination of both, in either case... I think? I was never much of an engineer. :: snickers ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 12-Feb-2020 21:33:24
:: mutters in disappointment, turning to slide down slowly from the roof, trying to avoid injuries or too fast slide ::
CMO Lt Tailor 12-Feb-2020 21:33:48
MED: No, I came outside and she was like that. The venom must have migrated again, she was doing fine before this.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 12-Feb-2020 21:33:57
CO: If this is a battery, then it's a case of getting into it, and finding the necessary metals, and manufacturing the correct acid solutions... ::Chuckles.::
MED Lt Acacia 12-Feb-2020 21:34:19
:: grumbles :: Self: Shit. :: helps carry Jude to one of the beds inside ::
CO Capt Harper 12-Feb-2020 21:34:23
ACTION> Grey's slide cleans away some of the dirt on the tiles she contacts...
CSO Cdr Wright 12-Feb-2020 21:34:46
:: opens doors and clears the way ::
XO Cdr Kuari 12-Feb-2020 21:35:19
:: hears very quiet rustling of brush and she darts her head in an attempt to locate it. It sounds like something small, but it could still be worth hunting ::
NAV Lt Navarro 12-Feb-2020 21:36:44
:: notices that the net has caught a few more nice-looking fish, and gives up on getting dry for the time being, pulling the lines taught and securing them before hopping in the river to retrieve the fish ::
CO Capt Harper 12-Feb-2020 21:37:26
CEO: That seems... prohibitively difficult. But, we will just have to see what we can manage.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 12-Feb-2020 21:39:45
:: notices the dirt on her pants, turning while balancing on the edge of the roof to look and see what the dirt cleared away showed ::
CMO Lt Tailor 12-Feb-2020 21:39:58
::puts a blanket around her to keep her warm:: MED: She's got low body temp and fast heart rate. No fever.. so far anyway. She could be going into septic shock. Search the first aid kit for any kind of corticosteroid.. Dammit, I need a proper sickbay to make a good diagnosis.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 12-Feb-2020 21:40:11
CO: One must always be optimistic, and sometimes a part of that is having a greater goal in mind that is overtly ambitious. ::Smiles at her in the dark, forgetting that she can't see him.::
CSO Cdr Wright 12-Feb-2020 21:40:18
:: looks down at her stricken science officer in the bed and worries ::
MED Lt Acacia 12-Feb-2020 21:40:34
:: rifles through the first aid kit ::
CSO Cdr Wright 12-Feb-2020 21:40:52
CMO/MED: Can I do anything? Boil some water? See to the cooking?
CO Capt Harper 12-Feb-2020 21:41:06
:: her eyes collect at least a little more of the dim light than a human's would, so she makes out the smile :: CEO: Indeed! But I cannot find anything along these walls. How about you?
ACTION> Beneath the dirt, shiny deep blue tiles can be seen, with some clear depth to them, with what seems to be an electronic backing visible through the material of the tile.
CMO Lt Tailor 12-Feb-2020 21:42:20
CSO: Find me a pharmacy? ::sighs in frustration:: Antibiotics and vasopressors would be ideal right now.
MED Lt Acacia 12-Feb-2020 21:43:02
:: nods, still looking :: CSO: Watch over the cooking, boil some water.
XO Cdr Kuari 12-Feb-2020 21:43:04
:: finally sees the source of the rustling and is very surprised to find it's a rather large beast creeping over the underbrush. Its features suggest it's an herbivore, with its camoflauged body, cervide legs and flicking ears ::
CSO Cdr Wright 12-Feb-2020 21:43:52
:: nods, frustrated that this is all she can do, but knowing it will still help the group, and hurries to the kitchen ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 12-Feb-2020 21:44:14
:: feels like she may have just found something, and climbed back up to wipe away the dirt even more, hoping to expose the more tiles. :: CEO/CO: COMMANDER! CAPTAIN! :: calls off the roof to the Captain and Ilaihr, hoping they could hear her::
CSO Cdr Wright 12-Feb-2020 21:44:47
:: rifles through the kitchen looking for a pot, since all the ones outside were in use ::
CO Capt Harper 12-Feb-2020 21:45:08
:: perks :: CEO: Was that Grey yelling for us?
:: starts making her way toward the crawlspace entrance ::
:: thought she sent Jude to the roof, but anyone will do ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 12-Feb-2020 21:47:27
:: is working on clearing off the dirt, grumbling as she had to keep sacrificing parts of her pants, keeping just enough to act as shorts ::
CSO Cdr Wright 12-Feb-2020 21:48:34
:: finds a pot, grabs it, then rushes outside to stir everything that's cooking before it burns ::
CO Capt Harper 12-Feb-2020 21:48:58
:: emerges from the crawlspace, squinting in the light as she looks toward the roof ::
CMO Lt Tailor 12-Feb-2020 21:49:16
::before Wright runs out the door:: CSO: How are you with recipes? Normally we'd give electrolyte fluids along with medications. Broth, maybe to start with.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 12-Feb-2020 21:49:50
:: turns to grin down at Harper and Ilaihr :: CO/CEO: Found something~! :: grins, gesturing for them to make their way up ::
MED Lt Acacia 12-Feb-2020 21:50:19
:: looks up, nodding in agreement :: CMO: I couldn’t find any drugs. We’re on our own.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 12-Feb-2020 21:50:22
::Follows along behind the captain, after searching a while longer, before emerging from the crawlspace.::::
CSO Cdr Wright 12-Feb-2020 21:50:44
:: pokes her head back in :: CMO: I think there's a bone broth in the works out here, will that work?
CO Capt Harper 12-Feb-2020 21:51:06
CEO: I will go and let you know. :: smiles, doubting that the old fellow will want to make the climb ::
CMO Lt Tailor 12-Feb-2020 21:51:18
MED: Great. We'll have to improvise. CSO: Yes, it's a start anyway.
MED Lt Acacia 12-Feb-2020 21:51:37
CSO: Bring that in, cool some off if you can.
XO Cdr Kuari 12-Feb-2020 21:51:51
:: goes into hunter mode, her heart pounding and senses seemingly sharpened, then launches off the tree, her focus on maneuvering just so. The sound of twigs snapping as she drops alerts the deer-like creature, which looks up and immediately begins to run. Kuari's accounted for this, having been ready to catch a bit of air to aim her more forward of the deer ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 12-Feb-2020 21:52:28
:: turns to balance back on the roof, waiting for Harper to join her as she kept clearing away dirt ::
CSO Cdr Wright 12-Feb-2020 21:52:49
:: sets down her empty pot and brings in the hot pot of bone broth, setting it on a surface in the kitchen that looks heat resistant, and rummages until she finds a ladle and a bowl to pull some out to cool ::
CO Capt Harper 12-Feb-2020 21:53:09
:: eyes the windows and sees a way up, then starts climbing, being incredibly careful since a broken bone here could be a death sentence ::
NAV Lt Navarro 12-Feb-2020 21:53:28
:: mercifully dispatches the fish on the other bank, then carries them to the house ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 12-Feb-2020 21:53:38
::Chuckles to himself, looking up at the roof.::
CSO Cdr Wright 12-Feb-2020 21:53:58
:: pours some cool water that has already been boiled into the bowl of broth to cool it off ::
CMO/MED: There's a bowl cooling in the kitchen. I'll go fetch some more water to boil.
CO Capt Harper 12-Feb-2020 21:54:27
:: having occasionally climbed, and being quite athletic, she makes her way onto the roof and looks around :: TAC2: What do you have, Ryleigh?
CMO Lt Tailor 12-Feb-2020 21:54:28
::thinks:: CSO: Don't suppose there's any honey around here?
XO Cdr Kuari 12-Feb-2020 21:54:54
:: misses her target, the creature darting to one side as deer tend to do, and banks sharply to compensate but her wings catch too much air. Growling audibly, Kuari attempts to catch up ::
CSO Cdr Wright 12-Feb-2020 21:55:08
CMO: Not that I know of, and any honey-like substance we find might not have similar properties anyway.
MED Lt Acacia 12-Feb-2020 21:55:50
:: nods in agreement with Wright, visibly frustrated as she checks on Jude again ::
CMO Lt Tailor 12-Feb-2020 21:56:10
CSO: What I wouldn't give for a lab.. or at least a chemistry set.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 12-Feb-2020 21:56:12
:: grins and gestures to the clean patch of tiles :: CO: Look at the tiles... there's electronic stuff underneath them! Is that... anything possible? ::
XO Cdr Kuari 12-Feb-2020 21:57:58
:: easily reaches the deer as it runs flat out for distance, but as she approaches it begins to dart around again. Finally she guesses which direction correctly and snags its hindquarters, not securely enough to stop it but enough to slow it. Kuari manages to then land on its back and fastens her jaws around its neck ::
CO Capt Harper 12-Feb-2020 21:58:02
:: kneels and inspects the tiles, wiping at residual grime, and her eyes widen :: TAC2: These look like solar cells to me.
CSO Cdr Wright 12-Feb-2020 21:58:20
CMO: You and me both. :: ducks back out to grab her pot and fill it inside at the sink, passing Navarro on the way :: NAV: Oooh, nice catch!
:: specifically looking Navarro in the eye ::
:: embarrassed ::
NAV Lt Navarro 12-Feb-2020 21:59:25
CSO: Thank you, but the net certainly was not my idea!
TAC2 1Lt Grey 12-Feb-2020 21:59:55
:: grins brightly at the captain's comment :: CO: Solar cells... think they could be repurposed and brought back into use?
MED Lt Acacia 12-Feb-2020 22:00:22
:: sits by Jude, holding her hand and focusing energy into her as she has few options ::
CO Capt Harper 12-Feb-2020 22:00:54
:: smiles hopefully :: TAC2: I hope so, but we should consult the expert. :: shuffles down to the edge of the roof and calls to Ilaihr ::
CMO Lt Tailor 12-Feb-2020 22:01:09
MED: I'll go check on the broth. We can do that, at least.
XO Cdr Kuari 12-Feb-2020 22:01:11
:: hangs on, and it's only a matter of time before her prey drops to the ground. Kuari breathes hard, her nostrils not enough so she's puffing through the corners of her mouth, her normally large black pupils mere slits and she fights to regain her higher brain functions ::
CO Capt Harper 12-Feb-2020 22:01:11
CEO: I think the roof tiles are photovoltaic!
CEO: They are very dirty though — do you think cleaning them would do anything?
MED Lt Acacia 12-Feb-2020 22:02:04
:: nods, trying not to seem worried :: CMO: Good idea.
CSO Cdr Wright 12-Feb-2020 22:02:19
:: dips water out of the river and carries the full pot back to the fire ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 12-Feb-2020 22:02:29
::Looks up at Kathryn and concentrates his mind, seeming to appear next to her on the roof.:: ~CO~: This looks promising.
NAV Lt Navarro 12-Feb-2020 22:03:12
:: delivers the fish to the counter and then returns to the river to pull in the net and collect his clothes ::
CO Capt Harper 12-Feb-2020 22:03:45
:: blinks, but is no longer surprised by any of Ilaihr's Ilaihr-ness :: CEO: So... we should get cleaning?
CMO Lt Tailor 12-Feb-2020 22:05:17
::goes to get the bowl, and a spoon, testing the outside of the bowl with her hand before picking it up::
MED Lt Acacia 12-Feb-2020 22:05:57
:: helps carefully sit Jude up so she can be fed the broth ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 12-Feb-2020 22:06:31
::Nods.: ~CO~: Indeed. At least, it couldnt help to try that. If that doesnt work, the wiring and the cells will need inspecting.
XO Cdr Kuari 12-Feb-2020 22:07:23
:: finally calms down enough to breathe normally and finally lets go, certain the creature is dead. She licks the blood from her teeth and looks down at it, absorbing the reality of what she's accomplished. It then dawns on her that she has to somehow get this very large kill home, somehow... ::
CMO Lt Tailor 12-Feb-2020 22:07:45
::returns with the bowl after a few minutes, since it has now cooled enough; sets it on the table next to Acacia::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 12-Feb-2020 22:09:08
CO: Is... there rags or towels inside the house?
MED Lt Acacia 12-Feb-2020 22:09:42
:: manages to get enough of a response out of Jude to get her drinking the broth, sitting next to her with the spoon and carefully feeding her one spoonful at a time ::
CO Capt Harper 12-Feb-2020 22:10:18
:: nods to Grey :: TAC2: I will see what I can find. We could use some water up here, too.
XO Cdr Kuari 12-Feb-2020 22:11:24
:: first looks around to get her bearings and judges how far she is from home. After she's decided on a direction, struggles for quite some time to sling the heavy, dead weight onto her back ::
NAV Lt Navarro 12-Feb-2020 22:11:29
:: crosses the river and undoes the net on the far side, then retrieves his clothes, holding them above his head as he crosses back again ::
CSO Cdr Wright 12-Feb-2020 22:12:19
:: doing chores around the fire while waiting for the water to boil ::
CO Capt Harper 12-Feb-2020 22:13:10
:: climbs down from the roof and heads to the back door ::
MED Lt Acacia 12-Feb-2020 22:14:27
:: coos lovingly as Jude manages to swallow broth, slowly but surely. Her focus is occupied by the patient ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 12-Feb-2020 22:14:35
::Walks off the roof, and seems to walk down some stairs in mid air, and into his actual self.::
CO Capt Harper 12-Feb-2020 22:14:40
:: sees Lexy by the fire :: CSO: Hey! The roof appears to be made of solar cells.
XO Cdr Kuari 12-Feb-2020 22:14:41
:: holds the backpack in her mouth since she now has a much larger load on her back and begins her long trek, not knowing if she will find a clear path or not as she traveled here by air. Still, she has no other choice and does her best not to topple to one side, being quite top-heavy ::
NAV Lt Navarro 12-Feb-2020 22:14:59
:: carefully folds up the net ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 12-Feb-2020 22:15:33
::Gets back down on his knees and into the crawlspace again, humming to himself.::
CSO Cdr Wright 12-Feb-2020 22:16:16
:: looks up, shielding her eyes from the sun :: CO: ... They're made of WHAT???
CO Capt Harper 12-Feb-2020 22:16:47
CSO: Solar. Panels. :: grins :: They are very dirty, though. We are going to clean them and see if that helps anything.
CSO Cdr Wright 12-Feb-2020 22:17:14
:: boggles :: CO: What can I do to help?
CO Capt Harper 12-Feb-2020 22:18:00
:: shrugs:: CSO: Cleaning. I am going to get some rags or towels, and a brush if I can find one. A bucket of water would help, too.
CSO Cdr Wright 12-Feb-2020 22:18:52
CO: Let me see what I can find in the house. :: ducks inside and starts looking for cleaning supplies, like buckets, mops, sponges, brushes ::
NAV Lt Navarro 12-Feb-2020 22:18:53
:: carries the folded net and his clothes back to the house ::
CO Capt Harper 12-Feb-2020 22:19:57
:: also heads into the house, and suddenly sees the doctors through the doorway into the smaller bedroom ::
XO Cdr Kuari 12-Feb-2020 22:19:58
:: partway home, empties the backpack and puts the two dead rabbits in her pouch, now carrying the empty pack on top of the deer between her wings. She can pant more easily this way, knowing she has to move quickly in order to make it home before dark by way of land ::
MED Lt Acacia 12-Feb-2020 22:20:08
:: finishes the bowl of broth with Jude. She moves on to a glass of water, ignoring her protests ::
CMO Lt Tailor 12-Feb-2020 22:20:27
::sits watching Jude and Acacia, frustrated at the lack of equipment and medicine, and not even sure who to be angry at for throwing them all into this situation so unprepared... but feels like she should be angry at someone or something. ::
CO Capt Harper 12-Feb-2020 22:20:32
:: ducks in and sees why Grey answered her instead of Jude :: CMO/MED: Is she alright, doctors? :: frowns with concern at her downed officer ::
CMO Lt Tailor 12-Feb-2020 22:21:20
::sighs:: CO: Possible bacterial infection, let's hope it's not septic shock. If we could do proper testing, we'd know more.
MED Lt Acacia 12-Feb-2020 22:21:37
:: nods, letting Jude breathe and lay back down. She sets the water aside, looking up at the Captain. Her look says it’s not good :: CO: She’ll be fine.
CSO Cdr Wright 12-Feb-2020 22:21:59
:: going through cabinets and closets, still looking for cleaning supplies ::
CO Capt Harper 12-Feb-2020 22:22:40
:: looks to both Tailor and Acacia, then kneels by the bed, worry overtaking her face as she places a hand on Linxi's forehead and whispers :: Get better, Linxi. We need you.
MED Lt Acacia 12-Feb-2020 22:23:24
:: tucks in Jude with a few blankets, trying to keep her just a bit overwarm ::
CO Capt Harper 12-Feb-2020 22:24:01
:: lingers a moment, then leaves, needing to work on the things she can do while letting the doctors do their jobs ::
CMO Lt Tailor 12-Feb-2020 22:24:17
::checks Jude's pulse again::
CO Capt Harper 12-Feb-2020 22:25:41
:: grabs a few rags she remembers from the bathroom and goes for the cleaning supplies she used, only to find Lexy there ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 12-Feb-2020 22:26:21
::Scurries through and gets back to checking the walls, for any more clues on how this all works.::
CSO Cdr Wright 12-Feb-2020 22:26:26
:: finds a cache of cleaning supplies, some looking like they've been used recently, and gathers them up quickly and turns around to run and give them to Kate, only to very nearly run face-first into Kate herself :: CO: Gah!
CO Capt Harper 12-Feb-2020 22:28:08
:: catches her wife :: CSO: Hi to you too!
CSO Cdr Wright 12-Feb-2020 22:30:21
:: gathering herself and juggling but not quite dropping what she's carrying :: CO: I-I found the things!
CO Capt Harper 12-Feb-2020 22:30:27
:: sees that Lexy has the cleaning stuff she used while Kuari was out hunting that first day :: CSO: Perfect!
XO Cdr Kuari 12-Feb-2020 22:30:56
:: struggles over a fallen tree, almost losing her load as she has no choice but to climb up the trunk, her tail managing to stop the carcass and pack from sliding off her back. She thinks about how she should excercise more, and wonders if her ancestors would shake their heads if they could see her now ::
NAV Lt Navarro 12-Feb-2020 22:31:01
:: carries the net to the patio and lays it out to dry ::
CO Capt Harper 12-Feb-2020 22:31:29
CSO: Feel like climbing to the roof? :: grins as she heads out the door ::
MED Lt Acacia 12-Feb-2020 22:32:20
:: sits with Jude, keeping a close eye on her. She tries to get her to eat some fish with less success than the broth ::
CSO Cdr Wright 12-Feb-2020 22:32:24
CO: I... :: looks with concern at the things she was supposed to be taking care of at the fire ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 12-Feb-2020 22:32:37
::Hums to himself, mapping out the layout of the electical wiring of the house, in his head, as he pieces together everything they have so far.:: Self: I have all the wiring in the walls is still intact.
CMO Lt Tailor 12-Feb-2020 22:33:09
MED: Let's stick with liquids for now.
MED Lt Acacia 12-Feb-2020 22:33:57
:: sighs, letting Jude lay back down :: CMO: She seems to agree.
CO Capt Harper 12-Feb-2020 22:34:26
CSO: If you were doing something else, how about handing a bucket of water up to me?
CSO Cdr Wright 12-Feb-2020 22:35:13
:: nods and goes inside to fill the bucket ::
NAV Lt Navarro 12-Feb-2020 22:35:32
:: heads in and retrieves the fish and a knife, then back outside to clean them ::
CO Capt Harper 12-Feb-2020 22:36:11
:: heads around the house to where she climbed up and calls up to Grey :: TAC2: Ryleigh!
TAC2 1Lt Grey 12-Feb-2020 22:36:34
:: pops her head over the side of the roof, curious at the call :: CO: Yes ma'am?
CO Capt Harper 12-Feb-2020 22:37:15
TAC2: Catch! :: starts tossing cleaning supplies up to her, everything but the rags ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 12-Feb-2020 22:37:44
:: yelps in a mix of surprise and delight, leaning out to catch the supplies and tucking them onto the roof ::
CSO Cdr Wright 12-Feb-2020 22:38:20
:: brings the full bucket back outside ::
CO Capt Harper 12-Feb-2020 22:38:28
:: once she has thrown everything throwable up to the roof, she climbs up ::
CMO Lt Tailor 12-Feb-2020 22:38:40
MED: If we have to be here long term we're going to need to start testing plants for medications. I don't want to go through this again, not having a way to treat someone properly.
CSO Cdr Wright 12-Feb-2020 22:38:43
:: passes the bucket carefully up to Kate ::
CO Capt Harper 12-Feb-2020 22:39:10
:: turns and accepts the bucket, lying down and hanging her arms down over the eave ::
:: pulls the bucket up and places it on the sloped roof ::
CSO Cdr Wright 12-Feb-2020 22:40:07
:: had to stretch and tippy toe to get it up ::
MED Lt Acacia 12-Feb-2020 22:40:23
:: nods solemnly in agreement. Jude seems stable, and she’s done what she can do, so she stands. She looks to Tailor :: CMO: I agree. I don’t know whose mother to curse, but..
CSO Cdr Wright 12-Feb-2020 22:40:38
:: turns back to the fire to find her water boiling ::
CO Capt Harper 12-Feb-2020 22:40:57
Whew, there. TAC2: Shall we get cleaning?
:: dips a rag and a scrub brush into the water ::
MED Lt Acacia 12-Feb-2020 22:41:17
:: waves a hand, dismissing the thought. She’s too tired even for that. ::
NAV Lt Navarro 12-Feb-2020 22:41:37
:: cleans the fish, adding the bones to the pot of broth ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 12-Feb-2020 22:41:39
:: laughs and copies, settling down to scrub the tiles neatly ::
CO Capt Harper 12-Feb-2020 22:42:01
:: starts scrubbing tiles, breaking up decades of caked-on dirt ::
CSO Cdr Wright 12-Feb-2020 22:42:18
:: carefully pulls the boiling pot off the fire and sets it aside to cool, then returns to the cooking ::
MED Lt Acacia 12-Feb-2020 22:42:20
:: turns to go back to cooking but finds Navarro in the kitchen. She’s pleasantly surprised, then realizes :: NAV: Did you take down the net?
NAV Lt Navarro 12-Feb-2020 22:42:40
MED: I did! And here is our latest catch. :: gestures at the fish he's cleaned ::
MED Lt Acacia 12-Feb-2020 22:43:32
:: melts a little bit, instantly relieved that she didn’t have to take charge on that :: NAV: Oh, my gosh. Good job. You’re turning into a real hunter, eh?
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 12-Feb-2020 22:44:04
::Appears next to the Captain and Grey again, looming over them like a spectre.:: ~CO/TAC2~: How are you doing, my dears?
NAV Lt Navarro 12-Feb-2020 22:44:29
MED: Maybe not so much of a hunter, but I have fished and cleaned my catches before, many times, growing up in the mountains.
CMO Lt Tailor 12-Feb-2020 22:44:46
::checks Jude's pulse again, relieved that it appears to be slowing back to normal, compared to earlier::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 12-Feb-2020 22:45:00
:: yelps at the sudden surprise, turning to glare at Ilaihr :: CEO: Don't do that, you old man!
CO Capt Harper 12-Feb-2020 22:45:01
:: grins at the Ilaihr-projection and splashes a bit of water through him ::
MED Lt Acacia 12-Feb-2020 22:45:55
:: shrugs, making her way outside to see what the others are up to. She peers up at the roof, tilting her head ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 12-Feb-2020 22:46:17
::Chuckles.:: ~TAC2~: I thought you were supposed to always be prepared.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 12-Feb-2020 22:46:55
:: grumbles, turning back to her cleaning :: CEO: mmmh...
NAV Lt Navarro 12-Feb-2020 22:46:56
:: puts the fish on the fire to cook, then stretches himself out by the fire to dry ::
CO Capt Harper 12-Feb-2020 22:48:14
ACTION> The afternoon stretches into evening...
MED Lt Acacia 12-Feb-2020 22:49:11
:: is about to go back to cooking but sees that being handled as well. She takes a few minutes to sit with Jude, rubbing her hand encouragingly ::
XO Cdr Kuari 12-Feb-2020 22:49:14
:: manages to locate the clearing she usually lands in, and bellows loudly to announce her arrival, slowing her pace in order to catch her breath ::
CO Capt Harper 12-Feb-2020 22:50:07
:: tired from hours of cleaning roof tiles, but the two have made a significant dent in uncovering the roof ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 12-Feb-2020 22:50:27
:: groans as she sits back on her heels, rubbing her shoulders slowly ::
CSO Cdr Wright 12-Feb-2020 22:50:47
:: has long-since finished the cooking and is gathering more firewood when she hears Kuari :: XO: Kuari!
CO Capt Harper 12-Feb-2020 22:51:01
TAC2: We will lose the light very soon. Shall we call it a day?
TAC2 1Lt Grey 12-Feb-2020 22:51:18
CO: Sure. :: waits for the captain to make her way down first ::
CO Capt Harper 12-Feb-2020 22:51:54
:: stands and stretches, taking the opportunity to look around from her high vantage point, and sees/hears Kuari landing ::
MED Lt Acacia 12-Feb-2020 22:52:29
:: struggles not to fall asleep where she sits with Jude ::
CO Capt Harper 12-Feb-2020 22:52:49
ACTION> With the last rays of the sun's light on the newly-clean portion of the roof, some parts of the house start to sputter to life... and shortly fall silent again, lacking the power to sustain operations.
MED Lt Acacia 12-Feb-2020 22:53:18
:: jerks awake as she swears she saw lights come on :: Self: The.. fuck?
NAV Lt Navarro 12-Feb-2020 22:53:41
:: now dry, he dresses once again and munches on some cooked fish filets ::
CSO Cdr Wright 12-Feb-2020 22:53:42
:: making her way to where Kuari is ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 12-Feb-2020 22:54:00
::Sees a small light activate on the panel on the wall, and moves to inspect it.:: Self: Hello there.... ::There are a number of different coloured lights; red and green and yellow, with several symbols showing up, before the whole things dies again.::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 12-Feb-2020 22:54:05
:: squeaks in happiness at seeing the flickering lights, sliding down from the roof :: MED: Acacia! Acacia!
CO Capt Harper 12-Feb-2020 22:54:13
:: tosses their rags and such down, along with the empty bucket ::
MED Lt Acacia 12-Feb-2020 22:54:33
:: gets up, running to Grey’s call :: TAC2: Ah! What!?
TAC2 1Lt Grey 12-Feb-2020 22:55:14
MED: There's solar cells on the roof! They're dusty as all get out, but probably by tomorrow or so power'll be back! :: seems really excited ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 12-Feb-2020 22:55:40
::Burns the image in his head, before turning to crawl out.::
CO Capt Harper 12-Feb-2020 22:55:46
:: makes her way to the ground to see what all the commotion is about ::
XO Cdr Kuari 12-Feb-2020 22:56:41
:: is closer to the house now, under the trees, hauling the dead deer thing on her back ::
CO Capt Harper 12-Feb-2020 22:57:02
:: sees Kuari and darts to help her :: XO: Kuari! Wow, look at this!!
MED Lt Acacia 12-Feb-2020 22:58:08
:: seems relieved :: TAC2: Oh, that’ll.. :: she runs a hand over her hair :: That’ll help us a lot, actually.
XO Cdr Kuari 12-Feb-2020 22:58:22
:: grins at the sight of Alexis and Kate :: CO: It's heavy! :: pants :: I've been carrying it for quite a while.
CO Capt Harper 12-Feb-2020 22:58:39
ACTION> As the sun slips below the horizon, the power remains off.
CSO Cdr Wright 12-Feb-2020 22:59:05
:: also arrives at Kuari's location :: XO: Wow!
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 12-Feb-2020 22:59:44
::Pokes his head out of the crawl space, before pulling his tired body out. He sighs.:: All: Good and bad news, everyone!
MED Lt Acacia 12-Feb-2020 23:00:06
:: rests her hands on her hips, taking in the scene outside. She looks to Ilaihr ::
CO Capt Harper 12-Feb-2020 23:00:26
:: pulls at the creature's hind legs, then bends over to put her back at just above the height of Kuari's so that she can get under it and take part of the weight ::
CSO Cdr Wright 12-Feb-2020 23:00:55
:: finds herself yet again unable to directly help ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 12-Feb-2020 23:01:27
MED: Would you give an old man a hand up, please, my dear?
MED Lt Acacia 12-Feb-2020 23:01:42
:: offers a hand to help Ilaihr out ::
XO Cdr Kuari 12-Feb-2020 23:02:15
:: stops and drops the pack on the ground, then pulls the two rabbits out of her pouch onto the ground and steps over them :: CSO: Would you grab these?
CSO Cdr Wright 12-Feb-2020 23:02:40
:: relieved at being able to help, takes them :: XO: Got it!
CO Capt Harper 12-Feb-2020 23:02:45
XO: What a haul!
XO Cdr Kuari 12-Feb-2020 23:03:16
:: grins gratefully :: CO/CSO: Almost home! It will take a while to clean this I'm sure, but I don't know if I have it in me.
CO Capt Harper 12-Feb-2020 23:04:08
XO: After first finding new buildings and now this hunt, you have most certainly earned your rest!
XO Cdr Kuari 12-Feb-2020 23:05:03
:: makes it with help to the back porch of the house and drops one wing, letting the carcass slide off her back with Harper's and Wright steadying it ::
CO Capt Harper 12-Feb-2020 23:05:05
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