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Lost Harbor
Rise and shine on the morning of the sixth day! Hopefully, everyone found a place to sleep — the big bed was first come, first serve for as many that wanted to pile in, along with two smaller beds in the children’s room and various couches and chairs in the living room. As we wake up, we must first attend to the day’s business of survival, then determine how to approach solving the mystery of this place.
After 29-Jan-2020 00:00:00
CO Capt Harper 29-Jan-2020 21:15:55
:: wakes up sitting on the master bed, leaning against the headboard with a crick in her neck and Lexy in her arms; Lexy had fallen asleep while she was brushing five days of survival out of her wife's hair, and she couldn't bring herself to wake her and move to a more comfortable position ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jan-2020 21:17:06
:: cracks open her eyes, tightly bundled in a blanket on one of the couches. She begins working up the will to move. ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 29-Jan-2020 21:17:42
:: is still conked out in her chair, head hanging off the arm as she's twisted herself into a position that doesn't appear comfortable ::
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Jan-2020 21:18:37
:: snoozes peacefully on the floor along the side of the master bed::
SCI LtJG Jude 29-Jan-2020 21:19:57
:: snores, her limbs hanging off the smaller beds ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 29-Jan-2020 21:20:54
::Sits back, up against a tree, listening to the breeze rush through the leaves.::
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Jan-2020 21:21:01
:: feels Emily stir and opens his eyes, blinking away the sleep ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jan-2020 21:22:17
:: cuddles up closer to Navarro for warmth, resenting the morning cold ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jan-2020 21:22:34
ACTION> The morning is overcast and foggy, and the cold begins to creep into the unheated house.
SCI LtJG Jude 29-Jan-2020 21:23:04
:: pulls the blanket on top of her, around her. like. a betazoid burrito ::
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Jan-2020 21:23:21
::is happily curled up in one of the child sized beds, snug as a bug. Pleasantly dreaming about being in her nice warm bed in her own quarters on a nice clean federation starship... ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jan-2020 21:24:03
:: stirs when Kate shifts, still mostly asleep, and mumbles drowsily :: Kate... :: blinks and slowly becomes aware of her strange surroundings, then suddenly sits up, immediately alert and looking around :: Kate?!
CO Capt Harper 29-Jan-2020 21:24:39
:: squeezes Lexy in her arms :: CSO: I am here, my love. Good morning!
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Jan-2020 21:25:33
:: since it doesn't seem like many are stirring, and he's being used as a heat battery, he cuddles Emily to him and enjoys the peace ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jan-2020 21:26:46
:: twists to look at Kate, then collapses in relief :: CO: I didn't just dream it, then.
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Jan-2020 21:26:47
:: perks an ear upwards at voices, but doesn't stir ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 29-Jan-2020 21:27:10
::Grabs his stick and gets to his feet, stretching, having no shame at his continued nakedity; before he starts to wisp through the mist, patrolling the area around the house.::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jan-2020 21:27:25
:: smiles :: CSO: No, it was not a dream... nor was all of the rest of this. But at least we are together again.
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jan-2020 21:28:15
:: turns, mumbling to Navarro :: NAV: I wonder if we have enough to make breakfast.
SCI LtJG Jude 29-Jan-2020 21:28:57
:: she shudders, remembering that she is still shirtless :: Self: Damnit.
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Jan-2020 21:29:14
MED: We might, but I don't know if there's enough now that we are so many.
SCI LtJG Jude 29-Jan-2020 21:29:55
:: groans as she unravels herself from the blanket, and puts Ilaihr's robe on herself, and walks outside to grab her shirt that she cleaned last night ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jan-2020 21:29:58
:: nods thoughtfully :: NAV: We'll have to fish before lunch time.
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Jan-2020 21:30:32
:: smirks :: MED: If only we had some horses to ride, it would be a grand morning, sí?
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jan-2020 21:30:39
:: turned an overly-long tunic into an awkwardly-fitting dress, but fell asleep before washing her clothes :: CO: I suppose we should get up. There's a lot to do today.
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jan-2020 21:31:18
:: smiles warmly, wiping her tired eyes :: NAV: Oh, that would be perfect. Perhaps we'll have to tame the local bears or something.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 29-Jan-2020 21:31:18
:: remains fast asleep, curled in her chair ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jan-2020 21:32:28
:: stretches, cracking her back and getting the blood moving :: CSO: Indeed there is.
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Jan-2020 21:32:54
MED: Ah, yes, we could use a bear around here...
SCI LtJG Jude 29-Jan-2020 21:33:21
:: pulls the robe off, then slips on her own now clean shirt. she spots Ilaihr in the distance, and shrugs, before going back inside. she then places his robe on the back of a chair ::
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Jan-2020 21:33:29
:: opens her eyes and groggily raises her head ::
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Jan-2020 21:33:57
::voices begin to drift into the bedroom she's in, inserting themselves into her dreams, along with a very rhythmic, annoying bird cry that's coming from somewhere outside the ship. And why are all of these people standing in her bedrooom talking? And for some reason there's a horse, or is it a bear... ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 29-Jan-2020 21:34:14
::Senses the others in the house awakening, and starts throat singing to herald in the morning.::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jan-2020 21:34:39
:: begins to unfold herself from the awkward position she slept in and sees Kuari waking up :: XO: Good morning!
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Jan-2020 21:35:05
:: wonders if Amber Sun is here somewhere ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jan-2020 21:35:10
:: raises an eyebrow as she hears singing, and sits up. She keeps the blanket around her shoulders, looking around :: All: Good morning.
SCI LtJG Jude 29-Jan-2020 21:35:34
:: hears the throat singing and audibly sighs, and wishes she could make some eggs right now. mmmmm. cheese eggs. ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jan-2020 21:35:34
:: untangles herself from Kate and stretches :: XO: Oh, good morning! :: stifles a yawn ::
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Jan-2020 21:36:06
:: smiles at them both, reminded that they are all together now, then is distracted by the muffled sound of Ilaihr singing outside ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jan-2020 21:37:07
XO: You did not have to sleep on the floor, you know. The bed has room!
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Jan-2020 21:37:34
:: stands and stretches ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jan-2020 21:38:16
:: wears the blanket as a cape and heads to the kitchen to put out anything that might have been left over from the night before ::
SCI LtJG Jude 29-Jan-2020 21:39:09
:: looks outside, and decides to gather conifer needles for some tea. tea aint coffee, but something is better than nothing ::
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Jan-2020 21:39:26
:: recognizes Ilaihr's voice, somehow, and it comforts her that he's just let her know he's all right out there. She turns her attention to Harper and Wright, standing and stretching cat-like :: CO/CSO: I'm just fine on the floor, really. It's nice to be warm and not be outside, though, with sturdy protective walls around us!
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Jan-2020 21:39:27
::stretches her legs out in her sleep, hitting the end of the bed and subsquently shoving her head into the headboard:: Self: Ow.. ::opens her eyes, remembering where she is. The bird's chirping has turned into some strange singing noise coming from outside, which she isn't sure isn't left over from her dream... ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jan-2020 21:39:51
:: stands and gathers up her dirty clothes :: Both: Sounds like at least some of the others are awake. We should have a group meeting and decide on priorities and tasks for the day.
CO Capt Harper 29-Jan-2020 21:40:41
XO: That much is certain! :: notices the hair brush where it was dropped on the sheet, and places it on the bedside table as she stands, still fully clothed :: CSO: Agreed.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 29-Jan-2020 21:40:44
::Moves around the house like a shaman performing a ritual, tapping the trees with his stick, casting dirt and dust into the air and following where it flows, and swirling his hand within the mist.::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jan-2020 21:40:53
:: finds the scraps of the rabbit creatures, casually ripping out and gathering the bones to boil in a pot ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jan-2020 21:41:36
:: walks around the bed and heads out into the living room to sunnily announce :: Good morning, everyone!
SCI LtJG Jude 29-Jan-2020 21:41:38
:: steps outside and stretches, feeling her back crack. she then continues, gathering the conifer needles from trees ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jan-2020 21:42:14
:: follows behind, still rubbing her eyes blearily ::
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Jan-2020 21:42:18
:: immediately follows Harper out, eager to check in with everyone--their crew! ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jan-2020 21:42:18
:: smiles at the captain, her hands nice and gooey and the counter much the same already ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jan-2020 21:44:10
All: I hope you all slept well? If it was anything like the night before last for me, just sleeping inside for once was a nice change of pace.
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Jan-2020 21:44:17
::Gets out of bed finally, smoothing down the borrowed clothes she's slept in, and pads out of the room, looking for everyone else:: All: Morning, everyone.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 29-Jan-2020 21:44:33
:: grumbles, rolling back over to keep sleeping ::
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Jan-2020 21:44:34
:: notices Acacia's mucky hands, and she can't help but be thankful someone else is handling the corpses for a change. Really, having them all together will make them much stronger, she things, with the division of labor. The thought encourages her ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jan-2020 21:45:07
:: nods enthusiastically, tossing another bone in the pot she's using :: CO: It was refreshing. Give the Gencodians my thanks. :: she jokes ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jan-2020 21:47:39
:: grins :: MED: I would love to. :: looks around at the members of her crew that are here ::
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Jan-2020 21:48:05
:: sees the remains of the fire outside, and notices the bow-drill on the counter, so he takes it outside with him after nodding in greeting to the captain ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jan-2020 21:48:48
All: First off, be polite about the bathroom and shower. I know everyone is eager to be clean.
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jan-2020 21:49:38
:: chuckles at that, very much needing a shower herself ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jan-2020 21:49:53
:: catches a whiff of herself, having worn these clothes for two days now :: Myself included.
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Jan-2020 21:50:22
::finds a seat in the main area of the house, listening to Harper::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jan-2020 21:50:55
Second, I did not wash the larger clothes yesterday, but they are quite wearable, only musty. Please find something that you can stay warm and dry in. The fabric is quite good at shedding water.
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jan-2020 21:51:04
:: casually knifes down the rabbit remains as she listens ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jan-2020 21:51:13
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Jan-2020 21:51:20
:: listens to Harper, the suggestion of the bathroom making her think strategically where to relieve herself next ::
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Jan-2020 21:51:28
:: listening through the door as he stacks the leftover wood and tinder ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jan-2020 21:52:55
MED: Doctor, you brought a fishing net with you, I believe?
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Jan-2020 21:53:27
:: sits on the floor next to Harper, smiling and looking to Acacia ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jan-2020 21:54:07
:: nods, pausing to look at the Captains as she was addressed :: CO: It's stowed in the child's bedroom to be out of the way. I need a few vines to repair it, then we can use it again.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 29-Jan-2020 21:54:12
::Uses his powers to listen in to the conversation from outside; more liberally using his abilities feeling like being able to move an atrophied muscle again.::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jan-2020 21:55:09
CO: Or.. rope? :: she's hopeful ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jan-2020 21:55:25
MED: Wonderful! Please do so and set it up, since those fish were quite delicious! I have yet to find any rope, though.
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jan-2020 21:55:54
:: nods, shaking her slimy hands :: All: Anyone wanna take over cleaning the bones for broth?
CO Capt Harper 29-Jan-2020 21:55:58
All: That does bring me to my next idea, though: An inventory of what we do have. Any volunteers?
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jan-2020 21:56:25
MED: You'll need help with the net, right?
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Jan-2020 21:56:32
:: sets up the bow-drill and notices the curious red braided string, and smirks as he realizes what it is before beginning to spin it on the board ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jan-2020 21:56:49
:: nods :: CO: Yeah, can I have Alexis?
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Jan-2020 21:56:57
:: gets up, knowing she has good practice with animal cleaning and it needs doing, and moves into the kitchen ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jan-2020 21:57:19
MED: I suppose I can spare her. :: grins, but is still loathe to let Lexy out of her sight despite her cheerful presentation::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jan-2020 21:58:03
:: smiles at that :: CSO: Are you ready to go? We only need a handful of vines.
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jan-2020 21:59:28
Self: The laundry will have to wait. :: goes over to stand with Acacia ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jan-2020 22:00:16
:: nods lightly, sympathetic :: CSO: I'll shower after I have to cross the river. Heh.
SCI LtJG Jude 29-Jan-2020 22:00:34
:: comes back inside, carrying a reasonable amount of conifer needles ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 29-Jan-2020 22:00:39
::Appears in the room; still naked, but sporting his cane instead of a stick.:: CO: Is there anything I can assist with? ::His voice strangely muffled.::
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Jan-2020 22:00:46
:: stands up over the counter once she gets to Acacia, towering over her in order to reach the task at hand ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jan-2020 22:01:39
MED: I'm ready. Let's go and get the net fixed before we run out of morning.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 29-Jan-2020 22:01:42
::Disappears. Then walks into the room, with the stick in hand again. Smiles, expectantly.::
SCI LtJG Jude 29-Jan-2020 22:01:47
:: puts them down on the table, and then covers ilaihr with his robe. mainly so it is easier to ignore the... fiddly bits ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jan-2020 22:01:53
:: claps her hands, Ilaihr's nakedness not even registering :: CEO: Of course! This house had power once. I would like you to figure out how it did, and if we could potentially get anything working again.
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jan-2020 22:02:07
:: hands off the bone cleaning to Kuari and washes her hands :: CSO: Alright! :: she heads out the door, towards the woods where she'd seen vines ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 29-Jan-2020 22:02:11
:: finally stirs, rolling off the chair and stretching before looking at Harper :: CO: Grey reporting for duty, ma'am.
CO Capt Harper 29-Jan-2020 22:02:52
:: Smiles at Grey :: TAC2: Good morning, lieutenant! Perhaps you and Doctor Tailor could see what we have around here to work with? Take an inventory.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 29-Jan-2020 22:03:37
:: gives a thumbs-up in acknowledgement and wanders over to join Tailor :: CO: Sure thing, ma'am.
SCI LtJG Jude 29-Jan-2020 22:03:48
:: walks over to Harper :: CO: What did I miss?
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Jan-2020 22:03:56
CO: Will do.
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jan-2020 22:04:33
:: follows Acacia out into the woods :: MED: How many do we need?
CO Capt Harper 29-Jan-2020 22:04:33
SCI: Just the morning duty assignments, as usual. :: chuckles :: Trying to make tea, I assume? :: gestures at the conifer needles ::
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Jan-2020 22:04:53
:: gets an ember going and quickly transfers it into the tinder, blowing to help it along ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 29-Jan-2020 22:05:00
::Rifles through his robe's pockets, before pulling out a small case, revealing his spectacles, which he proceeds to put on.:: CO: I should be able to do that.
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Jan-2020 22:05:11
:: begins separating the rabbit bones from its hide, having to look down cross-eyed at the small corpse in front of her. She's had to use her claws more the last few days than ever in her life, probably, and thinks she's getting better at the task by repetition ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jan-2020 22:05:16
CEO: Lovely, thank you.
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jan-2020 22:05:18
:: looks around, pulling the longest, healthiest vines she can find :: CSO: Three major repairs, six minor. I estimate 20 vines will do.
SCI LtJG Jude 29-Jan-2020 22:05:32
:: nods :: CO: Yep. Plain water in the morning is always a bit boring. It's better when it is either bean juice or leaf juice.
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jan-2020 22:06:18
:: moves to an adjacent tree and starts pulling down long, quality vines and cutting lengths of them with her a knife she borrowed from the kitchen :: MED: Maybe with everyone working together, we'll have time to get beyond survival and start thinking about how to get home.
CO Capt Harper 29-Jan-2020 22:06:18
SCI: Bean juice, preferably, but it will have to do. Would you mind aiding in cooking what we do have, or is there something you believe yourself better suited for?
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 29-Jan-2020 22:07:22
CO: What of this place? Is there a basement? An attic? ::Looks around.:: I would imagine a junction box around, somewhere.
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jan-2020 22:07:48
:: smiles warmly, keeping her cheer getting easier as they're all together :: CSO: I told you we'd be fine. And here we are, each using our strength. :: she pulls vines, laying them over her shoulder. She counts them, and continues looking ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jan-2020 22:07:49
:: looks up at the ceiling, having not really noticed it before ::
SCI LtJG Jude 29-Jan-2020 22:07:55
CO: I could do fishing or trapping.
CO Capt Harper 29-Jan-2020 22:08:40
:: nods to Jude :: SCI: Go see if Acacia and Wright need another set of hands, then.
CEO: I have not found a basement, and it does not look like there is space for an attic with that high ceiling. That said, I have not fully explored every corner for hidden compartments.
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jan-2020 22:09:26
MED: I've always been told I should be more positive. :: draping lengths of vine across the back of her neck like a scarf, and moving to the next tree :: I should work on that.
SCI LtJG Jude 29-Jan-2020 22:10:10
:: nods and heads to Acacia and Wright ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 29-Jan-2020 22:10:11
CO: Under the stairs is always a good place to put things. ::Nods then plods off, to investigate.::
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Jan-2020 22:10:33
::starts looking around for something to write with, or some sort of ancient padd or something to keep records of what they have available::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jan-2020 22:10:37
:: hasn't seen any stairs, but has learned to just go with what Ilaihr says ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jan-2020 22:10:56
:: nods lightly :: CSO: It's hard to be positive. It's almost like a commitment.
CO Capt Harper 29-Jan-2020 22:10:57
ACTION> There is a tablet, but it is long dead.
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Jan-2020 22:11:48
:: moves the tinder into the fire box, and soon has a fire going ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jan-2020 22:12:07
:: sees just approach and waves, then begins counting the vines they have :: All: This may actually be enough for the repairs, but Jude, if you want to keep gathering vines for a trap we could work on that tonight.
CO Capt Harper 29-Jan-2020 22:12:22
:: sends Wolfe out for firewood ::
:: steps up to the counter opposite Kuari's grisly work ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jan-2020 22:12:49
:: greets Linxi :: MED: Ah, many hands make quick work! How long do you think it'll take to repair the net?
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Jan-2020 22:12:53
:: looks up, smiling at Kate ::
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Jan-2020 22:13:06
Self: Hrmph. ::taps the screen:: All: Maybe we can try to scavenge this for parts. Who's good at that?
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jan-2020 22:13:34
:: looks between them :: CSO: Like ten minutes. That's why I'm saying, we get this set up, and we can teach her the weaving while we wait with the net in the water.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 29-Jan-2020 22:13:57
:: looks over Tailor's shoulder curiously, humming in thought. :: CMO: I could give it a shot? Unless someone else is going to do it.
CO Capt Harper 29-Jan-2020 22:14:08
XO: Your unique talents are always helpful. :: impressed at the ease at which she disassembles the rabbit ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jan-2020 22:14:10
:: nods, understanding ::
SCI LtJG Jude 29-Jan-2020 22:14:11
CSO/MED: I was thinking I could set up some primitive traps, perhaps for some more rabbits.
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jan-2020 22:14:38
:: nods, giving her a thumbs-up :: SCI: If you have a method that works for you, that's great. Go for it.
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Jan-2020 22:14:42
TAC2: Knock yourself out.. ::hands it to her:: Maybe there's a toolkit somewhere around here also, to take it apart.
CO Capt Harper 29-Jan-2020 22:14:45
:: calls back over her shoulder :: Please do not disassemble anything yet!
TAC2 1Lt Grey 29-Jan-2020 22:15:14
CO: But! Signals..... :: holds up the tablet over her shoulder to show the Captain ::
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Jan-2020 22:15:34
XO: It's not something I ever thought I would need to do, nor would I get experience doing it in any other way, I suspect.
CO Capt Harper 29-Jan-2020 22:15:40
:: eyes the tablet :: TAC2: If Ilaihr can restore power, that might be useful in one piece.
:: returns to Kuari :: XO: Yet it comes naturally to you.
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jan-2020 22:16:07
:: gestures for Wright to follow and heads inside for the child's bedroom, where she can lay the net out and they can sit on the bed. ::
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Jan-2020 22:16:24
::nods to Harper::
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Jan-2020 22:16:38
:: adds some more wood and hangs around to make sure the fire gets going well ::
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Jan-2020 22:16:48
:: shrugs :: CO: You could do the same with a knife, I just can't hold them very well.
CO Capt Harper 29-Jan-2020 22:17:31
:: nods :: XO: It is another of your abilities that we need today. Have you been downstream in your hunts yet?
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jan-2020 22:18:06
:: follows Emily, carrying her share of the vines and dropping off her knife in the kitchen with a wink to Kate before heading for the child's bedroom ::
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Jan-2020 22:18:36
CO: I haven't yet. That would be a good area to explore today, after I'm finished with this.
SCI LtJG Jude 29-Jan-2020 22:18:38
:: starts looking around the house for any type of cord, wire, or fishing line ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jan-2020 22:18:38
:: her eyes follow Lexy, still so grateful to be with her again ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jan-2020 22:19:24
:: shows Lexy how to repair the net by weaving new threads in where there are torn ones, as well as braiding whole new strands for particularly bad spots. ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jan-2020 22:19:30
XO: Please do. Hunt while you scout, of course, but if we found one house, there must be more.
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Jan-2020 22:20:28
:: confident that the fire can now hold its own, he heads into the master bedroom to see about something to wear ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jan-2020 22:20:28
:: follows along, her repairs clumsy in comparison but ultimately functional ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 29-Jan-2020 22:20:48
::Looks around the house, not having come in last night, and just explores the rooms, measuring them with his eyes, and calculating the internal and external dimensions.::
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Jan-2020 22:21:35
:: nods dutifully and focuses on her task :: CO: Aye, aye.
CO Capt Harper 29-Jan-2020 22:22:24
:: meets Kuari's eyes :: XO: Just be careful out there.
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jan-2020 22:22:53
:: looks the net over, giving it the tug test in different spots :: CSO: It looks pretty good.
CO Capt Harper 29-Jan-2020 22:23:06
ACTION> Jude finds, in a closet, a small hobbyist fishing pole and extra line!
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jan-2020 22:23:40
MED: Yeah? Check my parts again, I'm not confident in them. :: grins sheepishly ::
SCI LtJG Jude 29-Jan-2020 22:23:49
:: claps hands together :: Hot damn!
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Jan-2020 22:24:05
:: on the way there, he notes that no one is in the bathroom, so he ducks in for a quick cold shower before putting on the clothes he selected ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jan-2020 22:24:38
:: smiles warmly, having a weird moment of deja vu in reverse, feeling like her grandmother as she undoes a knot Wright tied and re-ties it the correct way, being sure to show her how the end of the vine tucks into the braid to add strength ::
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Jan-2020 22:24:53
:: returns Kate's sober gaze, nodding again with less of a smile ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jan-2020 22:25:12
XO: I... well, I suppose I will cook and do laundry. :: chuckles ::
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Jan-2020 22:25:49
CO: We all have important tasks!
SCI LtJG Jude 29-Jan-2020 22:26:06
:: takes the fishing pole and extra line out, and goes back to the bedroom :: CSO/MED: I got a fishing pole here, found it in a closet. I'm gonna take the extra line for some snare traps.
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jan-2020 22:26:34
:: nods sagely :: SCI: Good idea. It'll do more as a snare than fishing line in this river I think.
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Jan-2020 22:26:43
:: begins gathering and inventorying all of the tools that everyone's made and collected over the past few days::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jan-2020 22:27:10
XO: Oh, I know, I just find it funny. I am not very domestic. :: laughs a little at herself ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jan-2020 22:27:17
:: rubs her hands together, turning to Wright :: CSO: Alright! Ready to go set it up?
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jan-2020 22:27:23
:: nods, uncertain but unwilling to disagree with Emily ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 29-Jan-2020 22:27:26
::Knocks on walls, sometimes running his hand across them as he does, feeling the vibrations and listening to the differing tones.::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jan-2020 22:27:31
MED: Yep!
CO Capt Harper 29-Jan-2020 22:27:54
ACTION> Ilaihr does find a section of wall that sounds different.
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Jan-2020 22:27:54
:: turns her mucky paws over :: CO: I'm not much of a hunter, but look at me! We all find ourselves doing things we're not used to.
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jan-2020 22:28:03
:: hops up, gathering up the net as best she can, putting most of it on her shoulder. She heads for the door, and subsequently the river. ::
SCI LtJG Jude 29-Jan-2020 22:28:22
:: sets fishing pole on bed, and heads outside, looking at the ground closely for any signs of animal life ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jan-2020 22:28:23
XO: Kuari, you are a wonderful hunter. :: heads out to gather the clean laundry ::
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Jan-2020 22:29:01
:: shrugs, almost arguing with Kate, but smiles to herself at the compliment and gets back to work ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jan-2020 22:29:08
:: takes part of the net so it doesn't drag on the ground and follows along ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jan-2020 22:29:39
:: brings the clean laundry in before the dew sets in and folds it, then heads into the master bedroom to gather what has not yet been washed or picked out ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jan-2020 22:30:15
:: glances back, smiling gratefully to Lexy :: CSO: What a day, huh? :: she muses, looking up and down the river for the right trees. ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 29-Jan-2020 22:30:18
::Taps around the different tone, finding the boundries.:: ~All~: Are there any strapping young fellows around, willing to assist me a moment?
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Jan-2020 22:30:40
:: emerges from the bathroom, clean and wearing musty clothes that are only a bit too long and about right in fit otherwise ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jan-2020 22:30:57
MED: It's only just started! :: laughs :: Want me to take the far side once we find the right spot?
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Jan-2020 22:31:15
:: finishes with the rabbits, looking at the pile of bones in the pot in satisfaction, then cleans her paws in the sink ::
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Jan-2020 22:31:16
CEO: What do you need, Commander?
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jan-2020 22:31:52
:: waves a hand, chuckling :: CSO: Nah, nah, don't worry, I'll do it. It'll make the shower sweeter.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 29-Jan-2020 22:31:57
::Passes his cane to Navarro.:: NAV: I need you to break through this for me. ::Smiles.::
NAV: Be tender, but firm.
CO Capt Harper 29-Jan-2020 22:32:17
:: strips the bed and puts the sheets she washed on it ::
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Jan-2020 22:32:31
:: eyes the wall as he takes the cane ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jan-2020 22:32:53
:: surprised, but doesn't argue :: MED: What about this spot? These trees look pretty good. :: gestures ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jan-2020 22:33:24
:: the sheets are done up on the bed rather sloppily, but they are functional and clean, so she carries the musty clothes to the sink ::
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Jan-2020 22:34:12
:: feels around the wall, thinking that the cane would lose the fight ::
SCI LtJG Jude 29-Jan-2020 22:34:18
:: eventually finds what looks like animal tracks, and starts setting up a ground snare ::
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Jan-2020 22:34:25
:: dries up and, realizing she hasn't asked Acacia what to do with the bones, heads outside past the fire on the back deck and out towards the river ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jan-2020 22:34:49
:: looks, and eyes the spot. She grins, heading towards it :: CSO: Good eye, oha'i. You weren't kidding when you said you were a fast learner.
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Jan-2020 22:35:23
CEO: I don't think your cane will break this wall. Maybe there is a hidden release?
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jan-2020 22:36:04
:: blushes a little bit :: MED: Only because I have a good teacher!
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jan-2020 22:37:00
:: beams, thriving. She tosses one of the nets ropes over the tree and leaves Wright to tie it up, taking the other and carefully beginning to wade across the river ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 29-Jan-2020 22:37:34
::Hums.:: NAV: Perhaps.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 29-Jan-2020 22:37:35
:: glances over, eying the wall :: NAV/CEO: If you need an attempt, I probably can try something. :: heads off to grab a tunic and vanishing into the bathroom. A few minutes later, coming out all clean and newly dressed, hair pulled back using a torn piece of fabric from her new outfit. ::
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Jan-2020 22:37:35
:: gets to the side of the river, finding Acacia halfway across :: MED: Acacia! What do you want me to do with the bones, put them on the fire?
CO Capt Harper 29-Jan-2020 22:38:05
: leaving the pile of clothes by the sink, she spies the now unoccupied bathroom ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jan-2020 22:38:09
:: carefully ties up her side of the net, making sure the branch and the knot are sturdy and secure ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jan-2020 22:38:23
:: calls back :: XO: fill with water 'til it covers the bones, cover the pot, and put it over the fire for a few hours.
:: pulls herself up on the opposite bank with a huff, holding the net rope tightly. ::
SCI LtJG Jude 29-Jan-2020 22:38:55
:: finishes up her snare, and carefully covers the bottom of it with leaves and other debris on the ground ::
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Jan-2020 22:39:07
:: begins feeling around the wall compartment more ::
SCI LtJG Jude 29-Jan-2020 22:39:27
:: walks a bit further, trying to find more animal tracks ::
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Jan-2020 22:39:51
:: nods and darts back towards the house ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 29-Jan-2020 22:40:00
::Looks around the room, studying the furniture and the light fixtures.::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jan-2020 22:40:16
:: selects from fresh clothing from the clean pile and heads into the bathroom ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jan-2020 22:40:52
:: can't help but laugh out loud at her situation for a moment. She gathers herself together afterwards, tying up her side of the net. She slides it down the tree, letting the net sit in the water. ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jan-2020 22:41:17
:: hears the laughter :: MED: Are you okay? :: calls across the river ::
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Jan-2020 22:42:17
:: notes the fire is burning well and goes inside, grabs the pot off the counter and fills it with water, then two-legged walks it carefully out to place on the fire ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jan-2020 22:43:20
:: hands the pull string up to Wright before wading back across to grab her own :: CSO: Oh, no, I'm fine! I just think it's funny.. how many weird little things are coming up. Vine net fishing is an island tradition my grandmother taught me on Betazed, my mom taught me how to make bone broth in Iowa. :: she chuckles a bit again ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jan-2020 22:43:51
:: urinates, dodging the ice-cold water jet, and then takes an... invigorating cold shower, yes, that's the word ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jan-2020 22:44:05
:: takes the pull string in hand :: MED: You have so many useful skills!
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 29-Jan-2020 22:45:09
::Runs his hand over things, tilting or moving pieces of furniture or decorations.:: Self: Hmmmmm
SCI LtJG Jude 29-Jan-2020 22:45:25
:: finds yet some more tracks deeper in the woods and starts another snare ::
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Jan-2020 22:45:25
:: presses against something that felt different in the wall, and the panel springs open! ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jan-2020 22:45:33
:: sits on the opposite bank, holding her string. She smiles :: CSO: I genuinely never thought it would come up. But I think every woman in my family would be ashamed of me if I died because I couldn't survive in the woods. :: she seems amused by this ::
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Jan-2020 22:45:37
Voila! :: gestures ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 29-Jan-2020 22:46:20
NAV: Ah! Excellent. ::Adjusts his spectacles.:: Lets have a look then.
CO Capt Harper 29-Jan-2020 22:46:45
ACTION> The panel contains wiring leading into a box, leading both up toward the ceiling and down into the floor.
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Jan-2020 22:46:54
::does the boring but necessary work of logging as many things as she can, before she realizes just how hungry she is, not haven eaten much since yesterday; wanders out to the fire to see if there's anything left over from the cookout last night::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jan-2020 22:47:14
MED: I thought I knew a lot about wilderness survival from camping with my family when I was younger, but so much of what I know is useless here.
CO Capt Harper 29-Jan-2020 22:47:47
:: she dries off, noticing that she will need to wash some towels soon, and then dons a fresh set of clothes, finding it fortunate that the lady of this house was so close to her size and build ::
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Jan-2020 22:48:22
:: makes sure the pot is secure, then picks up her backpack and eagerly leaves the house, not because she wants to, but she yearns to come back later having accomplished a lot. It would be much more accurate to have scans of the area, but her eyes will have to do. Having everyone fed a good meal at dinner time prodded her onwards without delay ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jan-2020 22:48:59
:: nods thoughtfully, looking around for rocks or logs that might have bugs under them for some bait, leaving her pull vine under a heavy rock so it won't go anywhere. She keeps close, to chat with Wright :: CSO: Yeah, Iowa would not have prepared me for this. Alkorhari didn't either, but confidence goes a long way.
CO Capt Harper 29-Jan-2020 22:49:17
ACTION> There is a bit of leftover food from last night, and the cool outside environment has kept it fresh enough.
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jan-2020 22:50:02
:: does the same re: the rock and the bait :: MED: When I realized we were on an alien world and I had no way to know things here, my confidence went out the window.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 29-Jan-2020 22:51:02
::Sticks his head inside, following where the wires go.:: NAV: This looks like what I'm looking for... ::Opens up the box and examines it.::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jan-2020 22:51:22
ACTION> To Ilaihr's trained eyes, the unfamiliar tech is still obviously a power distribution hub.
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Jan-2020 22:52:09
::grabs a piece of meat and rips into it hungrily, settling onto a stump while she eats, looking around the house's garden in the daylight::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jan-2020 22:52:20
:: nods, sitting back down after retrieving some rabbit guts and tossing them into the net. She shrugs :: CSO: I think.. it's good for everyone, when the Doctors act like nothing is wrong. We practice it, actually.
CO Capt Harper 29-Jan-2020 22:52:29
:: heads out of the bathroom, clean and in fresh clothes, and checks the fire, finding Tailor ::
CMO: Find anything useful?
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jan-2020 22:53:34
MED: What... you mean... it's an act?
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jan-2020 22:54:02
:: shrugs widely :: CSO: All the world's a stage, and its people merely players.
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Jan-2020 22:54:20
:: watches Ilaihr, standing by in case he can help ::
SCI LtJG Jude 29-Jan-2020 22:54:23
:: finishes her second snare trap, and decides to use the remaining line to attempt a deadfall trap ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jan-2020 22:54:33
:: blinks at her :: MED: have no idea how much better than makes me feel.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 29-Jan-2020 22:54:40
NAV: Ooooh, it looks like an old fashioned breaker box... although it certainly has its own... aethetic design; distinct from say... Terran or Vulcan.
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jan-2020 22:55:26
:: smiles at that, actually quite aware of how it makes Wright feel :: CSO: Are you familiar with imposter syndrome?
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Jan-2020 22:55:38
CEO: Well, it's Gencodian, so that makes sense.
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Jan-2020 22:55:45
:: moves out to the familiar clearing she uses to take flight and rises above the trees, immediately orienting herself and begins to follow the river downstream, the brisk cold morning air causing her to beat her wings faster in a hurry to warm up ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jan-2020 22:56:38
:: finds a bit of meat and downs that as she checks to the pot of bones ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jan-2020 22:56:47
CSO: The more people know, the less they think they know. Don't count out your contributions. You're a genius, this just isn't your cup of tea.
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Jan-2020 22:57:05
CO: Umf, mmhhm.. ::munches happily, then swallows:: CO: Sure, I've been making a list of everything I can find, but we can still use more proper knives and work tools.
CO Capt Harper 29-Jan-2020 22:58:01
CMO: Of course, always. Perhaps there is more here. How is everyone looking, medically? Nutritionally?
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 29-Jan-2020 22:58:37
NAV: Interesting... ::Fiddles around with the breaker, checking it's reaction, before he starts to climb inside.:: May need to check the wiring...
SCI LtJG Jude 29-Jan-2020 22:58:53
:: managed to find a thick stick and a flat rock, but is struggling to balance the rock on top of the stick ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jan-2020 22:59:10
ACTION> The breaker does not react; there is no power on either side of it.
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jan-2020 22:59:20
MED: I know about plants. If I had a tricorder, this would be a completely different situation. But... :: sighs :: ...I'm a scientist who can't do science. It's intensely frustrating.
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jan-2020 23:00:48
:: shrugs lightly, watching the net for fish that may find the rabbit guts appealing :: CSO: And I'm an immunologist, so I sincerely hope my expertise isn't needed. :: she smirks ::
CSO: But yeah, its frustrating.
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Jan-2020 23:01:38
CO: I think we're all doing pretty well, considering. Jude also, she seems to be recovering well from the spider bite. If we stay here long term, we're going to have to find a better variety of food if we don't want to have malnutrition problems, but for now we're ok.
CO Capt Harper 29-Jan-2020 23:01:56
:: seizes a leftover fruit and starts to bite into it, but instead cuts it in half and offers half to Tailor :: CMO: That is great news, thank you.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 29-Jan-2020 23:02:05
:: is poking through the cabinets, seeing if she can find anything else that was missed. ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 29-Jan-2020 23:02:21
::Clambers inside the panel, hoping to find the generator if he follows at least one group of these wires.::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jan-2020 23:02:53
MED: I feel very useless.
CO Capt Harper 29-Jan-2020 23:03:07
ACTION> The walls are too thin for Ilaihr to follow from here.
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Jan-2020 23:03:10
::smiles:: CO: Thank you.. ::takes the piece of fruit and takes a bite::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jan-2020 23:04:07
CMO: Of course. :: cheerily :: Back to laundry!
SCI LtJG Jude 29-Jan-2020 23:04:22
:: grumbles, as she continues to work on the deadfall trap ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jan-2020 23:04:58
:: nods sympathetically :: CSO: But you're not, eh? Not even here. You found vines for me. If something happened to me, you could repair the net, or make a new one. And speaking of plants, if we're stuck here for very long, I'm glad you're with us.
CO Capt Harper 29-Jan-2020 23:05:00
:: returns to the kitchen and begins washing the clothes and sheets in the sink ::
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