Lost Harbor
We return to the fourth night of survival in wherever we are, with most of the party reunited at camp. Jude is sick from a spider bite, and some of us are tending to her as best we can with limited medical supplies. For the rest, your preparations to see the night through must be in order as the hour grows late.
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After 08-Jan-2020 00:00:00
CO Capt Harper 08-Jan-2020 21:17:43
SCI LtJG Jude 08-Jan-2020 21:19:14
:: laying down, barely coherent, and singing :: AAAAND IIIIIII WILL ALWAYS LOOOOVE YOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUU
CO Capt Harper 08-Jan-2020 21:19:52
:: sitting by the fire on the house's patio, under the awning, gnawing on roasted animal ::
MED Lt Acacia 08-Jan-2020 21:20:19
:: has taken a shift cuddling up to Jude to give her warmth. She had started to doze, but jerks awake occasionally. ::
NAV Lt Navarro 08-Jan-2020 21:20:37
:: trying to make himself useful by tending to the fire ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 08-Jan-2020 21:20:39
:: is fed up with Jude's obixniousness, pushing herself from the shelter and stalking out into the woods, not sleeping near the group as long as Jude remained awake and singing. ::
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Jan-2020 21:20:41
:: nudging rocks up toward the base of the fire with her nudging stick :: All: We should probably light the torch and keep it under the shelter just in case the rain is too much.
CTO LtC Wolfe 08-Jan-2020 21:20:42
:: ponders what Ilaihr just told him ::
XO Cdr Kuari 08-Jan-2020 21:21:17
:: gnaws on her own portion of the cooked alien rabbit, sitting across the fire from Kate, possibly being less picky about what goes down her throat ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 08-Jan-2020 21:22:20
:: finally shakes his head. :: CEO: No, I don't think it's someone probing our minds. That just doesn't feel right, either. I think this is real. There haven't been any... glitches. :: looks over at Ilaihr ::
CO Capt Harper 08-Jan-2020 21:22:22
XO: I have to say... this is positively luxurious! :: laughs, the conditions still primitive, but a marked improvement over what they had before ::
NAV Lt Navarro 08-Jan-2020 21:22:43
:: nods in agreement with Wright and goes to fetch the torch ::
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Jan-2020 21:24:24
:: darts out from under the cover of the shelter just long enough to set out at least a baker's dozen big leaves cradled in rocks to catch the rainwater, then returns to her spot next to the fire, shivering ::
XO Cdr Kuari 08-Jan-2020 21:24:47
:: swallows, licking her teeth to make sure they're clean before she speaks :: CO: I wouldn't call it that, but it certainly gives much-needed protein. :: takes another bite ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 08-Jan-2020 21:25:18
::Sits naked by the river; listening to the raindrops hit the waters surface, the trees and the ground, letting the sounds entrance him. The shockwave eminating from their impacts, rippling over him, as stronger waves crash into the shores of his mind from afar.:: CTO: Yeeesssssss.... ::Trails off.::
NAV Lt Navarro 08-Jan-2020 21:25:27
:: lights the torch and spirits it to the shelter ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 08-Jan-2020 21:25:41
:: is up in a tree above the campsite, sleeping contently between shivers ::
SCI LtJG Jude 08-Jan-2020 21:25:55
:: grumbles to self, before snuggling closer to Acacia ::
NAV Lt Navarro 08-Jan-2020 21:26:54
:: then returns to the fire with a bit more wood and feeds it, casting a protective eye over Acacia and Jude ::
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Jan-2020 21:27:17
:: also glances over at Jude, concerned ::
MED Lt Acacia 08-Jan-2020 21:27:32
:: starts to doze again, letting the others get to running around and focusing on warm vibes. She wraps her arms around Jude, curling up. ::
CMO Lt Tailor 08-Jan-2020 21:27:37
::starts awake at the singing, uncurling herself from her huddled position next to the fire, sits up and looks Jude over:: Self: Well, the singing is an improvement. I think...
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 08-Jan-2020 21:28:05
CTO: A great predator... New to the forest.... a clearing... devoid of life... instinctual fear... ::Scratches at his anntenae, his hand rumpled into a paw.::
CO Capt Harper 08-Jan-2020 21:28:19
:: grins and polishes off the last bit of meat on the bone before snapping it to get at the marrow ::
XO: It may not really be luxurious, but at least it is dry and warmer.
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Jan-2020 21:29:37
Camp: We'll probably be pretty low on fuel by morning if this keeps up.
CTO LtC Wolfe 08-Jan-2020 21:29:43
:: continues to ponder as Ilaihr speaks. ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 08-Jan-2020 21:30:04
:: is up in the tree right above the fire, muttering slowly as she tried to get comfy and block out Jude's singing, finally flicking a branch down to send it down into the fire :: CSO: I doubt that. There's a lot of sticks up here.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 08-Jan-2020 21:30:48
::Screeches, his lungs exploding in Wolfe's face. Then withdraws and starts chattering his teeth, making unnatural gutteral sounds.::
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Jan-2020 21:31:21
:: looks over at Ilaihr, startled by the sound in the quiet gloaming ::
SCI LtJG Jude 08-Jan-2020 21:31:26
:: suddenly jerks up, staring at Ilaihr :: CEO: Hey? M-m-mind settling down? Some of us are trying to sleep.
NAV Lt Navarro 08-Jan-2020 21:31:30
:: leaves the fire to ease himself down next to Emily, offering his warmth to the effort ::
CMO Lt Tailor 08-Jan-2020 21:31:32
::glances over at the sudden screech:: CSO: Noisy camp tonight...
SCI LtJG Jude 08-Jan-2020 21:32:05
:: promptly flops back onto the ground, continuing to cuddle Acacia ::
XO Cdr Kuari 08-Jan-2020 21:32:22
:: grins at Kate :: CO: Oh, you mean the shelter, too! Yes, all of it...I can only hope if we're not the only ones here, other crew have found houses, too. I wonder how many are there? :: lowers the clutched meal in thought :: CO: It's hard to believe, but...it WAS the C shift aboard Atlantis when we suddenly woke up here, wasn't it?
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Jan-2020 21:32:27
:: nods at the good doctor :: CMO: Truth be told, I'll take it over being alone, but...
MED Lt Acacia 08-Jan-2020 21:32:36
:: glances over and shifts, putting Jude between them. She holds Navarro's hand, her arm still wrapped around Jude. She offers a warm smile, showing only a bit of worry--it'd be fine if no one was sick. ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 08-Jan-2020 21:32:37
:: is mostly unfazed. Until Jude pops up. Now that... that's weird. He stands up to take further assessment of the situation. ::
CMO Lt Tailor 08-Jan-2020 21:33:29
CSO: As would I. ::chuckles:: Well, at least Linxi seems to be feeling better. Although I'd love to get a good blood scan going to be sure that venom is leaving her system.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 08-Jan-2020 21:34:21
::Flares his nostrils and licks his hand, seeming to hyperventilate for a monet, before the colour returns to his eyes, and he lays back on the muddy ground.:: Self: Hhhhhhhhh
CO Capt Harper 08-Jan-2020 21:34:42
XO: I think so. I am not sure what time it would have been, but I was definitely in bed. :: frowns, worrying about her wife ::
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Jan-2020 21:34:46
CMO: I agree, though having worked with Linxi for a while now, I think I can safely say that she's far too stubborn to die.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 08-Jan-2020 21:34:51
:: yelps at the sudden screech, tumbling out of the tree with a string of curses and landing on the ground, cursing at Iliahr :: Self: GODMOTHERFUCKING DAMNIT!
MED Lt Acacia 08-Jan-2020 21:35:41
:: shakes her head, looking at Linxi with a chuckle :: SCI: You're a lot of fun.
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Jan-2020 21:36:19
:: starts when Grey lands nearby, swearing loudly :: TAC: Ack! Are you okay??
NAV Lt Navarro 08-Jan-2020 21:36:30
:: smirks, then looks up with alarm at Grey ::
SCI LtJG Jude 08-Jan-2020 21:36:45
:: pats Acacia’s head and mumbles :: MED: So are you
CTO LtC Wolfe 08-Jan-2020 21:36:59
:: watches it all play out, back to status: unflappable. ::
MED Lt Acacia 08-Jan-2020 21:37:09
:: blinks, glancing over while settling back down. ::
CMO Lt Tailor 08-Jan-2020 21:37:10
Self: Welp, if I wasn't wide awake before, I am now... TAC2: Are you all right?
XO Cdr Kuari 08-Jan-2020 21:37:33
:: sits pondering for a moment, coming to no conclusions, then notes the bones in her paws and decides that she had better finish it ::
CO Capt Harper 08-Jan-2020 21:38:21
:: tosses the clean bone into the fire, watching it silently for a few minutes ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 08-Jan-2020 21:38:29
::Sits back up, and yawns, before immeditely getting to his feet, and bidding Wolfe to follow; as he strides towards the others in the camp; as if nothing happened.:: All: Since you are all awake... ::Smiles.::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 08-Jan-2020 21:38:32
:: dusts herself off, still cursing in irritation at Iliahr's screech that dislodged her from her previous position. :: CMO/CSO/NAV: I'm fine. I WOULD be better if that... insane officer didn't decide to go all... mother-fucking IT all of a sudden. :: glares Iliahr's direction before turning back to return to her previous sleeping position ::
XO Cdr Kuari 08-Jan-2020 21:38:46
:: easily bites into her bones, having to splinter them to reach the marrow ::
CO Capt Harper 08-Jan-2020 21:39:00
XO: Speaking of bed, I think that I am about ready to sleep in one for a change.
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Jan-2020 21:39:13
:: flinches from the over-the-top language ::
SCI LtJG Jude 08-Jan-2020 21:39:15
:: raises arm to correct Ilaihr :: CEO: NOT AWAKE!
NAV Lt Navarro 08-Jan-2020 21:39:53
:: thinks that 'insane officer' helped to unite these camps, but lets it go ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 08-Jan-2020 21:39:58
:: is pissed and clambering to the tree again before settling. :: CEO: NOT EVEN CLOSE TO FUCKING AWAKE!
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 08-Jan-2020 21:39:59
::Gives Jude a stern look.:: SCI: Since you are All awake.
CMO Lt Tailor 08-Jan-2020 21:40:00
::smirks:: CEO: Yep.. definitely awake.
MED Lt Acacia 08-Jan-2020 21:40:22
:: raises an eyebrow, listening without opening her eyes. ::
SCI LtJG Jude 08-Jan-2020 21:40:51
:: gives Ilaihr a nasty glare :: CEO: We are TRYING to
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Jan-2020 21:40:55
:: sits with a grimace on her face, thoroughly uncomfortable with the chaos happening around her and her nude friend addressing her in the firelight ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 08-Jan-2020 21:41:44
::Takes a seat by the fire.:: All: I believe I have found others.
CMO Lt Tailor 08-Jan-2020 21:42:39
::sits up:: CEO: You have? How far?
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Jan-2020 21:42:49
:: immediately gives him her attention, ignoring the nudity :: CEO: The ...others?
NAV Lt Navarro 08-Jan-2020 21:42:59
:: sits up at the news ::
XO Cdr Kuari 08-Jan-2020 21:43:09
:: is cleaning off her paws with her tongue when Kate speaks :: CO: Yes, it will be much more like home, being inside for the night!
TAC2 1Lt Grey 08-Jan-2020 21:43:19
:: splutters, pushing herself up from her position in the tree. :: CEO:... You found others? :: calls down from her perch ::
MED Lt Acacia 08-Jan-2020 21:43:32
:: looks over, but doesn't move to get up. ::
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Jan-2020 21:43:41
:: dares to hope ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 08-Jan-2020 21:44:01
CEO: How many others?
CO Capt Harper 08-Jan-2020 21:44:13
:: smiles a bit :: XO: Musty sheets and all.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 08-Jan-2020 21:44:52
::Catches a bug out of the air, and bites it's head off before continuing.:: All: In fact, I am almost certain. The denizens of the forest are afraid. CMO: It is quite far, I had to trace many interweaving paths of primal thought... CEO: I do not know how many... only an area... much larger than the area of our camp.
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Jan-2020 21:45:17
:: is a bit crestfallen but still hopes ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 08-Jan-2020 21:46:20
CSO: There is something and predatory, that the animals have never encountered before. The are avoiding a particular patch, for this new hunter strikes there.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 08-Jan-2020 21:46:35
:: snorts :: Camp: Sounds like a predator if it has that many forest animals afraid... Commander Kuari perhaps?
CO Capt Harper 08-Jan-2020 21:46:49
:: stands and stretches, the enhanced labors of the past few days causing her to a bit sore, but at least it's a good workout ::
XO Cdr Kuari 08-Jan-2020 21:46:50
CO: Shall I douse the fire? :: finishes cleaning her paws ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 08-Jan-2020 21:46:56
TAC2: My thoughts exactly, my dear.
CTO LtC Wolfe 08-Jan-2020 21:47:10
CEO: New... hunter. Do you have any images of it that come to mind?
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Jan-2020 21:47:21
Self: Kuari...
MED Lt Acacia 08-Jan-2020 21:47:21
:: chuckles at that ::
CMO Lt Tailor 08-Jan-2020 21:47:31
All: Sounds like her.
CTO LtC Wolfe 08-Jan-2020 21:47:47
:: thinks of the time a Gorn head was bitten while it was about to attack him ::
CO Capt Harper 08-Jan-2020 21:47:50
:: eyes the house and the awning, very seriously doubting that they're flammable given how advanced the materials are :: XO: No need, I think. I doubt any of this :: gestures to them :: will burn.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 08-Jan-2020 21:47:53
:: shrugs from her position up in the trees, leaning against the trunk ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 08-Jan-2020 21:47:53
CTO: When you were a child, did you understand the nature of the monsters under your bed?
CMO Lt Tailor 08-Jan-2020 21:48:12
All: The Captain's still missing also.. I wonder if they've found each other?
CTO LtC Wolfe 08-Jan-2020 21:48:27
CEO: No. But then, they were not real.
XO Cdr Kuari 08-Jan-2020 21:48:39
:: follows Kate's eyes, finally nodding in agreement, and stands herself :: CO: Perhaps we will even have embers for morning.
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Jan-2020 21:48:41
CMO: We can only hope. If they are together, that would give them a much better chance for survival.
:: looks simultaneously worried and hopeful; the wistful emotions are plain for anyone to see on her face ::
CO Capt Harper 08-Jan-2020 21:49:29
XO: If we are lucky, yes! :: slides the glass door open ::
MED Lt Acacia 08-Jan-2020 21:50:02
:: mumbles a bit, starting to doze :: Camp: We were in pairs...
XO Cdr Kuari 08-Jan-2020 21:50:09
:: trots in behind Kate, shutting the solid, weather-tight door behind them ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 08-Jan-2020 21:50:11
CTO: That is the realm of primal thought. If you believe the thoughts of sapient beings are complicated, imagine it without true driven consciousness.
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Jan-2020 21:50:15
CEO: Can you get us there? ...As soon as Linxi is well enough to travel?
CMO Lt Tailor 08-Jan-2020 21:50:23
CSO: We'll find them. Especially if Ilaihr can get a sense of which direction.
CO Capt Harper 08-Jan-2020 21:50:44
:: goes to the sink to wash her hands, then fills a glass and drinks some of the water ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 08-Jan-2020 21:51:11
CSO: Yes. If we follow the river, it will represent our most direct path.
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Jan-2020 21:51:28
CEO: Do you have a sense of how many days it will take?
CTO LtC Wolfe 08-Jan-2020 21:51:31
CEO: Upstream or down?
XO Cdr Kuari 08-Jan-2020 21:51:37
:: waits until Kate is done with the sink, then extends her tongue under the tap to drink ::
CO Capt Harper 08-Jan-2020 21:52:05
:: grins at Kuari lapping at the water as she heads into the bathroom, this time dodging the cold bidet ::
CMO Lt Tailor 08-Jan-2020 21:52:43
All: Then we should leave in the morning. I believe Linxi can travel, especially if we have this many hands to help carry her if necessary.
MED Lt Acacia 08-Jan-2020 21:53:57
:: mumbles, now more than half asleep :: All: Adrenaline is good..
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 08-Jan-2020 21:54:38
All: Downstream... not sure how far. Distance and time are different for different creatures...
CO Capt Harper 08-Jan-2020 21:55:28
:: once she's done in the bathroom, she heads into the bedroom and pulls back the covers, musty, as expected ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 08-Jan-2020 21:55:35
CSO: Perhaps a day, maybe two.
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Jan-2020 21:55:41
Self: We'll need to do some preparation... some things we can bring with us. Make more torches. Bring many big leaves. Use vines and vegetation to make some kind of foot covering.
:: nods at Ilaihr, all business :: All: Some preparation in the morning, then, but it shouldn't take long.
XO Cdr Kuari 08-Jan-2020 21:56:10
:: takes one last look around the house before her mind is settled enough that she thinks she can sleep and trots into the bedroom :: CO: We don't even have to keep watch!
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Jan-2020 21:57:51
Self: Bring the net, obviously.
NAV Lt Navarro 08-Jan-2020 21:57:53
All: I agree; preparation and travel in the morning, if it's any hope of finding Kuari and la capitana. :: squeezes Emily's hand ::
CO Capt Harper 08-Jan-2020 21:58:19
XO: See? Luxury! :: grins ::
MED Lt Acacia 08-Jan-2020 21:58:28
:: smiles, happy to be dreaming of knowing which way to go ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 08-Jan-2020 21:59:09
:: snickers as she looks down from where she sits. :: Camp: I can sit watch tonight, if you all want to sleep.
XO Cdr Kuari 08-Jan-2020 21:59:16
:: grins widely, the thought of a full night's sleep very appealing, and studies the bed. She doesn't sleep on one on the ship, not with a mattress, but she decides she'll wait for Harper to settle and then make herself comfortable ::
CO Capt Harper 08-Jan-2020 21:59:59
:: takes the knife out of her belt and puts it on the nightstand, then climbs under the covers, fully clothed ::
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Jan-2020 22:00:31
:: scowls up at Grey :: TAC2: After all that bellyaching about how tired you are?
MED Lt Acacia 08-Jan-2020 22:01:32
:: grumbles in agreement :: All: Make Grey sleep..
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 08-Jan-2020 22:02:15
::Chuckles, gazing over the young ones.::
XO Cdr Kuari 08-Jan-2020 22:02:50
:: thinks she shouldn't go under the covers as Kate did, and carefully pads her way to one side, taking up a good portion and cradles Kate into her side, attempting not to pinch her beneath the blankets ::
CO Capt Harper 08-Jan-2020 22:03:42
:: finds it odd to be in a bed and not naked, but after the past four days, decides that it's perfectly fine—after all, the house is unheated ::
:: snuggles up against Kuari's warmth and adjusts the pillow, finding that it has held up rather well ::
CMO Lt Tailor 08-Jan-2020 22:05:08
::lays back down by the fire and curls up again, trying to go back to sleep::
CTO LtC Wolfe 08-Jan-2020 22:05:31
:: takes first watch ::
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Jan-2020 22:05:51
:: looks over at Navarro, Jude, and Acacia and decides against it :: CMO: ...Do you mind if I join you?
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 08-Jan-2020 22:06:35
::His eyes slowly close as his head begins to droop.:: All: Good night... children. Wake me... if you need me.
NAV Lt Navarro 08-Jan-2020 22:07:02
:: now that their course is set, the helmsman lays back down to rest ::
CMO Lt Tailor 08-Jan-2020 22:07:19
CSO: That's fine. ::scoots over a bit for Wright::
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Jan-2020 22:08:03
:: curls up back to back with Dr. Tailor next to the fire ::
NAV Lt Navarro 08-Jan-2020 22:08:14
:: checks Jude to see that she's alright, then gives Emily's hand another squeeze as he closes his eyes ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 08-Jan-2020 22:08:37
:: snickers as she settles down up in the tree, eyes closing as she drifted off ::
CMO Lt Tailor 08-Jan-2020 22:09:04
::smiles, appreciating the extra body warmth:: CSO: Good night.
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Jan-2020 22:09:55
CMO: Sleep well. :: closes her eyes and tries to calm her internal excitement about maybe seeing Kate again soon ::
XO Cdr Kuari 08-Jan-2020 22:10:10
:: waits until Kate stills and relaxes herself, finally memorizing the part of the room she can see and closes her eyes, familiarizing herself with the muted sounds around them, and it isn't long before she comfortably drifts off to sleep, safe and secure ::
SCI LtJG Jude 08-Jan-2020 22:11:00
:: mumbles :: CEO/NAV: good night... sleep tight... don’t let the spiders bite...
CO Capt Harper 08-Jan-2020 22:11:31
:: falls asleep quickly, since she's on a rather comfortable bed, warm and dry ::
NAV Lt Navarro 08-Jan-2020 22:11:38
:: smirks ::
CO Capt Harper 08-Jan-2020 22:11:40
ACTION> The night passes. Dawn arrives, and with it, a clear sky.
MED Lt Acacia 08-Jan-2020 22:12:35
:: awakes with the sun, checking up on Jude but attempting not to wake her ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 08-Jan-2020 22:12:58
:: has switched out the watch and gone to sleep, slightly separated from the others. With daylight, he finds himself slightly stiff as he sits up, and then stands. ::
NAV Lt Navarro 08-Jan-2020 22:12:59
:: wakes when he feels Emily stir ::
XO Cdr Kuari 08-Jan-2020 22:13:16
:: sleeps past dawn, the room keeping it darker than if she were outside ::
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Jan-2020 22:14:12
:: has been up since the pre-dawn light, too full of nervous excitement to sleep well, gathering materials to make three more pitch-covered torches ::
SCI LtJG Jude 08-Jan-2020 22:14:41
:: feeling the slight disturbance, she lets out a snort, but continues to sleep ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 08-Jan-2020 22:15:41
:: squirms around on the slippery bark, not meaning to slide off. She yelps as she felt herself falling, wincing at the impact of the ground, blinking in dismay, trying to sit up with a muffled curse and wince. :: CSO: I'm fine! Ready to help! :: bounces up, ignoring the soreness and pain she felt ::
CO Capt Harper 08-Jan-2020 22:15:52
:: also sleeps past dawn, the comfort of the bed, covers, and pillows added to that of being curled up with Kuari making her body thoroughly rest itself ::
MED Lt Acacia 08-Jan-2020 22:16:14
:: gestures for Navarro to stay with Jude to keep her warm while she sleeps. She sneaks out and finds Wright, and then Grey. :: CSO/TAC2: Shall we catch some fish to pack for the road, then take down the net?
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Jan-2020 22:16:41
:: nods at Emily :: MED: Good idea.
NAV Lt Navarro 08-Jan-2020 22:16:42
:: nods and settles back down with Jude, but doesn't go back to sleep ::
CMO Lt Tailor 08-Jan-2020 22:16:42
::is happily dreaming of her nice cozy bed on the ship, not a centipede in sight... until the squawk of some unfamiliar bird disturbs her sleep and she begins to wake up::
MED Lt Acacia 08-Jan-2020 22:17:06
:: gestures and begins leading the way to the net site to do just that ::
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Jan-2020 22:18:09
:: hands her torch materials off to Wolfe as they pass by :: CTO: Do you want to finish these while we fish?
:: also pauses to bend down and gulp the contents of a leaf full of rainwater ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 08-Jan-2020 22:19:37
:: takes the materials :: CSO: Sure. :: moves to a good place to work, holding the materials in one hand while he rubs the crick of his neck with the other. ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 08-Jan-2020 22:20:03
:: rises to follow and join the others in the fishing
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 08-Jan-2020 22:20:41
::Awakens from his upright sleeping position, reaching for his stick and finding his feet. Idly scratches his wrinkled body, with no shame, as he plods along.:: All: Good Morning, young ones.
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Jan-2020 22:21:39
:: slips out of her pants again to keep them from getting wet when she wades across the river, quickly turning them into a head wrap instead to keep her hair out of her face ::
MED Lt Acacia 08-Jan-2020 22:22:32
:: comes upon the fishing site and starts stretching. She does something like a quick sun salutation before she reaches for the net so as not to pull anything. She tosses Wright one end of the net, as before, and tosses Grey the other before swinging back down from the tree. ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 08-Jan-2020 22:23:09
:: catches her end neatly, pulling it towards her ::
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Jan-2020 22:23:22
:: takes her end of the net and carefully wades through the thigh-deep water to the other side :: Self: Cold... cold.. cold...
CMO Lt Tailor 08-Jan-2020 22:24:49
::comes fully awake when the bird in question will.not.shut.up; sits up, looking around:: All: Good morning.
CTO LtC Wolfe 08-Jan-2020 22:24:50
:: sits, working to create several torches, now noting the tightness in his lower right back. He obviously did not sleep well. ::
MED Lt Acacia 08-Jan-2020 22:25:05
:: plops into the water, shivering. She calls out a word in the tone of an expletive, :: All: SHA-AK.. Hoo! Nice. :: she sets the net up, placing the corners, throwing dust, then getting the FRACK out of the river to look for bugs. ::
NAV Lt Navarro 08-Jan-2020 22:25:08
:: lifts his head and smiles over at Tailor ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 08-Jan-2020 22:25:14
CMO: Good morning, Doctor.
CMO Lt Tailor 08-Jan-2020 22:26:02
CEO: Hello Ilaihr. Sleep well?
TAC2 1Lt Grey 08-Jan-2020 22:27:50
::sets her side of the net and laughs at Acacia's comment, stepping through the water neatly. :: MED: You don't enjoy the water? :: calls to Acacia, wandering back to the camp ::
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Jan-2020 22:27:51
:: sets her side of the net as they did before and goes looking under nearby forest debris for bugs ::
CMO Lt Tailor 08-Jan-2020 22:28:30
::stretches, standing up, working out the crick in her neck from sleeping on the ground::
NAV Lt Navarro 08-Jan-2020 22:28:58
:: looks down at his charge, making sure that Jude is still alright ::
MED Lt Acacia 08-Jan-2020 22:29:14
:: gets set up with the other side of the net, curling up in a ball to keep warm and waiting. She holds the small animal pelt she has over her chest. ::
SCI LtJG Jude 08-Jan-2020 22:29:20
:: zZz ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 08-Jan-2020 22:29:58
::Nods.:: CMO: I'm not used to normal sleep, I prefer to meditate. But searching for others, has taxed me somewhat. I believe I dreamt. ::Chuckles.::
NAV Lt Navarro 08-Jan-2020 22:30:11
:: sees that she's still asleep, so he settles back down to be a heat battery ::
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Jan-2020 22:31:15
:: scoops up two big handfuls of writhing bugs and worms and tosses them into the bait area ::
CMO Lt Tailor 08-Jan-2020 22:31:17
CEO: Well, hopefully it was restful. ::smiles::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 08-Jan-2020 22:32:25
::Smiles back.:: CMO: As I hope did you.
MED Lt Acacia 08-Jan-2020 22:33:17
:: finds some bugs that are big and juicy and kills them, wrapping them in leaves to save for later. ::
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Jan-2020 22:33:47
:: has a few tasty-looking bugs for breakfast ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 08-Jan-2020 22:35:07
:: settles down by the fire, passing on the bugs for breakfast ::
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Jan-2020 22:35:35
:: tries to keep moving around on her side of the water to stay warm ::
CMO Lt Tailor 08-Jan-2020 22:36:07
::crouches next to Jude, doing a quick exam while she sleeps:: NAV: So far so good.. the wound's looking better today.
NAV Lt Navarro 08-Jan-2020 22:36:27
:: watches Tailor while she examines Jude ::
SCI LtJG Jude 08-Jan-2020 22:36:54
:: opens eyes and grumbles at Tailor ::
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Jan-2020 22:37:16
:: after some light stretching and calisthenics, starts looking for some thick leaves or tree bark that she can tie onto her feet with lengths of vines to make rudimentary shoes ::
MED Lt Acacia 08-Jan-2020 22:38:38
:: also starts sourcing more plants, like bigger leaves to make a sort of sack out of. ::
XO Cdr Kuari 08-Jan-2020 22:39:31
ACTION> While dawn is a great time for fishing, over the course of the morning the net only manages to catch two fish by the time the sun has risen substantially.
NAV Lt Navarro 08-Jan-2020 22:40:28
CMO: That's good news.
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Jan-2020 22:41:24
:: is supremely disappointed by their fishing haul :: MED: Well... it's enough for everyone to have half a filet, I suppose.
CO Capt Harper 08-Jan-2020 22:41:43
ACTION> There are no bigger leaves in the area than what's already been found.
MED Lt Acacia 08-Jan-2020 22:41:55
:: begins taking the net down after the second fish, seeing that the light is now full. She keeps a cheerful tone. :: CSO: We are grateful for what we can do.
CMO Lt Tailor 08-Jan-2020 22:42:22
::smirks at Jude:: NAV: Yep, definitely better...
SCI LtJG Jude 08-Jan-2020 22:42:42
:: glares :: CMO: What are you smirking at?
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Jan-2020 22:42:49
:: wading back across the river with her end of the net :: MED: I imagine we should gut and cook them before we go.
MED Lt Acacia 08-Jan-2020 22:45:05
:: nods, waving as she keeps tugging at knots, huffing :: CSO: Yep! You can head back if you want, I'll be right behind you.
SCI LtJG Jude 08-Jan-2020 22:45:08
:: grunts as she sits up and stretches ::
NAV Lt Navarro 08-Jan-2020 22:45:14
:: chuckles :: SCI: Feeling better then, I take it?
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Jan-2020 22:45:14
:: thirsty, gulps down another couple leaves of rainwater, trying to hydrate well for the journey knowing there is plenty for everyone and they can't take it with them.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 08-Jan-2020 22:45:14
::Begins to follow the river downstream, listening to the various animals calls, and etheral echoes of their chaotic thoughts. And becomes more certain of the area they need to venture to; from the landmarks that he was able to decifer through his dreams. Yet he still doesnt know exactly how far it is.::
SCI LtJG Jude 08-Jan-2020 22:45:49
NAV: Lets say that I am not going to be fighting any alien spiders again.
MED Lt Acacia 08-Jan-2020 22:46:01
:: also gets her fill of rainwater when she finds it, finding the rain more refreshing when it's done ::
NAV Lt Navarro 08-Jan-2020 22:46:04
SCI: That's good advice for anyone, really.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 08-Jan-2020 22:46:39
:: pushes herself up to her feet, limping after Ilaihr. ::
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Jan-2020 22:48:21
:: begins quickly attempting to fashion some footwear out of some tree bark she found, some of the big leaves, and some leftover vines from the netmaking ::
CMO Lt Tailor 08-Jan-2020 22:49:46
::just chuckles, gathering up her things in preparation for the day's travel::
MED Lt Acacia 08-Jan-2020 22:50:13
:: comes back to camp with the net on her shoulder. She sets it down, going to check on Jude. She pulls Grey's slippers from where she hid them from the rain, offering them to Jude for the walk. ::
NAV Lt Navarro 08-Jan-2020 22:50:32
:: satisfied that Jude is okay, he stands and stretches ::
XO Cdr Kuari 08-Jan-2020 22:52:11
:: opens her eyes, her head rising quickly as she takes in the unfamiliar room, and then she remembers ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 08-Jan-2020 22:53:27
::Just stands there, marvelling at the worlds natural beauty, taking the time to appreciate it whilst he can.::
CO Capt Harper 08-Jan-2020 22:54:06
:: Kuari's motion causes her to stir, but only slightly, still mostly asleep ::
XO Cdr Kuari 08-Jan-2020 22:56:05
:: notes Kate sleeping, then lowers her head carefully, content to let her sleep and do some thinking, grateful for their fortune but worrying about how they got here, and if they're the only two ::
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Jan-2020 22:57:57
:: takes a few steps in her makeshift shoes and growls in frustration when they almost immediately fall apart :: Self: Ugh!!
MED Lt Acacia 08-Jan-2020 22:58:05
:: offers to help Jude walk with an outstretched arm, wanting to keep an eye on her, but she seems to be doing much better. She bobs her head, heading back out of the crowded shelter :: All: We're getting going.
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Jan-2020 22:58:59
:: abandons her shoes and collects her big rainwater collecting leaves, making sure at least one of the torches are lit before dousing the fire ::
MED Lt Acacia 08-Jan-2020 22:59:05
:: looks at Wright, sympathizing :: CSO: Try layering mud, :: she calls out, picking back up the net ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 08-Jan-2020 22:59:20
TAC2: I'm not going far Lieutenant. ::Notes her limping toward him.::
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Jan-2020 22:59:35
MED: Wait up. We should all go together.
CO Capt Harper 08-Jan-2020 22:59:39
:: snuggles up tighter against Kuari, mumbling something about just five more minutes ::
MED Lt Acacia 08-Jan-2020 23:00:04
:: nods, looking around. She points at the woods where Ilaihr was :: CSO: I saw--...
CSO: Well, guess he wasn't in so much of a hurry after all.
SCI LtJG Jude 08-Jan-2020 23:00:29
CSO: Just leave your feet be. You'll eventually develop callouses.
XO Cdr Kuari 08-Jan-2020 23:00:56
:: smiles at Kate, having no intention of moving, and thinks she should probably be out of the house most of the day, hunting and searching the outlying area ::
MED Lt Acacia 08-Jan-2020 23:02:13
All: Well, we should get going.
CSO Cdr Wright 08-Jan-2020 23:02:39
:: scowls at that, but ties her bundle of leaves together around the two fish with a vine, then ties the last few vines they have around her waist like a belt :: MED: I'm ready.
CO Capt Harper 08-Jan-2020 23:02:47