Lost Harbor
Morning of the fourth day here has come, bringing fog and steady rain along with it. By mid-morning, the Tailor party is journeying through the forest, following Ilaihr’s telepathic nose toward the Wright/Wolfe camp.
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After 18-Dec-2019 00:00:00
CO Capt Harper 18-Dec-2019 21:20:51
NAV Lt Navarro 18-Dec-2019 21:21:47
:: following along through the forest, using his crude pole-axe as a walking stick ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Dec-2019 21:21:53
:: huddled under the shelter next to the fire, working on the net, which is coming along nicely ::
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Dec-2019 21:22:52
::is tromping through the forest holding her torch for light, following Ilaihr and the others::
MED Lt Acacia 18-Dec-2019 21:23:11
:: sits beside Wright, also working on the net. She admires it, walking Wright through the process as they go. :: CSO: So we'll tie up two ends, then let the rest of the net settle. The best way to do it is have it the width of the river, wait a bit for some fish to gather, then you just yank up the back of the net and you're golden.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 18-Dec-2019 21:23:19
:: is fast asleep, curled into Acacia, using her as a pillow ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 18-Dec-2019 21:23:38
:: wakes up, having taken the previous shift, and then having slept a few hours. He simply opens his eyes, looks up, and mentally assesses the situation. Still out in the middle of - well, since he doesn't know where it is, can't even call it nowhere - wherever he is. And the feeling of the cold comes rushing in, the rain that started during the night finally registering, and realizing just how cold he is now. ::
MED Lt Acacia 18-Dec-2019 21:23:46
:: is sure not to disturb Ryleigh, speaking softly ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 18-Dec-2019 21:24:06
self: Ugh.
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Dec-2019 21:24:34
:: was awakened early by the cold rain :: MED: And that's why we're making the holes relatively close together, so they don't slip through, right? :: also softly ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 18-Dec-2019 21:26:09
:: thinks about the ship, wondering if, since they're wherever here is, Atlantis still exists, and if so in what state. ::
NAV Lt Navarro 18-Dec-2019 21:27:19
: is cold, wet, and miserable, but at least the walking is something to keep his mind off it ::
MED Lt Acacia 18-Dec-2019 21:27:36
:: nods, pushing a fist into each square at the end of the process of tightening the knots :: CSO: Yes, it only catches bigger ones, which is good. You always want to spare the young if you can. :: doesn't even realize she's passed into preaching territory ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 18-Dec-2019 21:28:00
:: is cold and wet and absolutely damn miserable, curling up tighter into Acacia ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Dec-2019 21:28:16
:: nods, thinking that it makes sense from a scientific standpoint ::
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Dec-2019 21:29:21
:: stares at Kate with wide eyes, attempting to process the implications of her statement :: CO: Gencodian? Really? :: looks at the hairbrush, attempting to see what she did ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Dec-2019 21:30:06
MED: How long do you think until this is finished enough to use?
CO Capt Harper 18-Dec-2019 21:30:15
:: angles the writing toward Kuari, knowing that she might recognize the form of the script even if she can't read it :: XO: Absolutely.
MED Lt Acacia 18-Dec-2019 21:32:09
:: looks at the size, pondering on the river :: CSO: We should be good to go soon. It doesn't have to touch each bank of the river, usually being almost as wide is enough. But.. :: she vaguely gestures to Grey :: Just a bit longer, eh?
NAV Lt Navarro 18-Dec-2019 21:33:47
:: starts whistling, quietly ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Dec-2019 21:34:29
MED: It would probably help to throw bugs into the water as bait, right? :: her fingers are starting to ache, but she keeps knotting methodically ::
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Dec-2019 21:35:24
:: studies the writing intently :: CO: I do recognize it...and I trust you can read it. That's...incredible. :: she looked away, observing the walls with a new light ::
MED Lt Acacia 18-Dec-2019 21:35:37
:: shrugs, thinking :: CSO: Sure, worth a shot. Where I've done this.. they're just following the current, but I don't know about these fish.
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Dec-2019 21:35:46
::peers ahead of them, looking for signs of the other camp past the torchlight::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 18-Dec-2019 21:36:04
:: stirs slightly, before settling again with her head pillowed on Acacia's thigh, curled tightly. She was tired, running on very little sleep. ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Dec-2019 21:37:40
:: lets out a long breath, biting her lip as she thinks :: XO: I do not think this is Gencodia. Even if we were on the side of the moon away from the gas giant, it is too... large. The horizon is farther away, and the gravity feels stronger.
SCI LtJG Jude 18-Dec-2019 21:37:52
:: is following behind, groaning ::
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Dec-2019 21:39:00
:: sits on the floor, still looking around :: CO: A Gencodian outpost, then.
CO Capt Harper 18-Dec-2019 21:39:49
XO: This is new. :: gesticulates with the brush while she talks :: We never found any evidence that they left Gencodia, instead choosing to flee by transcending. Also...
ACTION> Jude has a fever and is nauseous.
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Dec-2019 21:40:44
SCI: Are you doing ok? ::offers her an arm to lean on as they are walking::
CO Capt Harper 18-Dec-2019 21:41:49
:: finally continues the thought :: XO: We have never seen anything Gencodian that was not from twenty thousand years ago.
:: looks around :: This is all somewhat newer than that...
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Dec-2019 21:42:17
:: whispers :: They survived...
CO Capt Harper 18-Dec-2019 21:43:08
XO: I hope so. It beats the only other alternative explanation I can come up with...
NAV Lt Navarro 18-Dec-2019 21:43:34
:: moves in to offer Jude an arm on the other side from Tailor ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Dec-2019 21:44:16
Camp: I haven't heard anything from Ilaihr, have any of you?
CO Capt Harper 18-Dec-2019 21:45:32
:: lets that thought fade away as she pockets the hairbrush ::
:: then is relieved to actually have pockets again ::
MED Lt Acacia 18-Dec-2019 21:46:00
:: closes her eyes and clears her mind, but then shrugs and shakes her head ::
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Dec-2019 21:46:51
:: turns and walks towards the main room again, still looking and thinking ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 18-Dec-2019 21:47:13
:: finally sits up, still lost in thought, which is rare for him. But he looks around, taking survey of the situation. :: CSO: He's still not back? Hmm. Old man tends to wander like a cat. Still, it has been a while.
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Dec-2019 21:47:14
::looks Jude over as best she can, wishing desperately for her normal medkit. She's clammy and pale, looking like she's going to pass out.:: NAV: I may need to drain the wound to let the venom out. Ideally, I'd give her an antivenom, but it's not like I can just pull one out of the forest without knowing what I'm looking for. ::sounds frustrated::
CO Capt Harper 18-Dec-2019 21:47:27
:: trails after Kuari, wanting to examine every detail of the house, but that's not the most important task at hand ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 18-Dec-2019 21:47:40
:: jerks awake suddenly, reaching up to rub her forehead tiredly, slowly pushing herself up from Acacia, blinking at the other. :: MED: A-Apologies for falling asleep on you... I just... got really tired.
NAV Lt Navarro 18-Dec-2019 21:48:04
CMO: If I can help, at all, let me know what to do, doctora.
CTO LtC Wolfe 18-Dec-2019 21:48:41
CSO/Camp: His first week aboard Atlantis, he set off so many alarms, but it turned out he was harmlessly exploring, getting to know his vessel.
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Dec-2019 21:48:47
CTO: The last contact was last night at nightfall and he seemed far away, so let's hope he found someplace safe to bed down for the night.
MED Lt Acacia 18-Dec-2019 21:48:57
:: shakes her head, dismissing the notion with a wave of her hand :: TAC2: We all need a little human contact.
CO Capt Harper 18-Dec-2019 21:49:55
:: ducks into the washroom to see what might still be working ::
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Dec-2019 21:50:04
::and holds Jude up from landing on the ground as she teeters forwards:: NAV: She's passed out! Help me hold her up...
NAV Lt Navarro 18-Dec-2019 21:50:29
:: swoops in to catch Jude and support her ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 18-Dec-2019 21:50:33
:: straightens, arching her back to coax a loud set of cracks and pops from her spine and shoulders, almost like a cat ::
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Dec-2019 21:51:07
NAV: Any idea how close we are to the camp?
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Dec-2019 21:51:45
:: after looking around for a moment, notices the light out the windows :: CO: I really should go hunt. I want to stay, but...it will be better with food.
NAV Lt Navarro 18-Dec-2019 21:51:46
CMO: No, I imagine only the Commander knows, but he is in a bit of a trance, it would seem.
CO Capt Harper 18-Dec-2019 21:52:15
ACTION> Noon arrives.
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Dec-2019 21:53:10
:: holds up her section of the net :: MED: I... think I'm done?
MED Lt Acacia 18-Dec-2019 21:53:21
:: claps her hands together :: All: Right, since you're awake, want to give this a go?
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Dec-2019 21:53:36
::examines the site of the spider bite:: NAV: Ok, just put her down, on that mossy bank over there. ::fishes for her sharpest flint knife::
CO Capt Harper 18-Dec-2019 21:54:45
XO: I will work on a fire, then. Help me close the front door before you go, though, and we will use the back. :: she presses a button on what's clearly the toilet, but it's certainly funny-looking, and watches as it floods with dirty water, which clears up quickly, given Kuari's earlier efforts ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 18-Dec-2019 21:54:46
:: is out exploring the land, finding some high ground to get a look around. ::
NAV Lt Navarro 18-Dec-2019 21:55:31
:: eases Jude down onto the mossy bank and gets Ilaihr's attention to pause ::
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Dec-2019 21:56:24
NAV: I don't suppose you'd somehow happen to have a flask with some alcohol? ::Of course he probably doesn't, but it can't hurt to ask::
NAV Lt Navarro 18-Dec-2019 21:57:17
:: chuckles :: CMO: Believe me, if I did, it would not have lasted to the fourth day.
MED Lt Acacia 18-Dec-2019 21:57:21
:: hops up, gesturing the girls to follow her and grabbing a handfull of the large net ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Dec-2019 21:57:44
:: stands up and does so, not relishing going out into the rain but hungry enough to get damp ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 18-Dec-2019 21:58:13
:: slowly stands to follow Acacia, staggering slightly before restoring her balance and following the others ::
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Dec-2019 21:59:06
:: moves to the front door and takes the outside position and waits for Kate before they work to shut it ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Dec-2019 21:59:54
XO: I think this works! Be out in a second!
:: closes the door and lowers the cargo pants to sit on the toilet and urinate, thinking for a moment on the fact that she was unable to find any underwear in the Gencodian clothes ::
MED Lt Acacia 18-Dec-2019 22:01:08
:: leads them to the river. She looks, walks down the river a bit, then points to two trees on either side of the river. She begins stringing up the net by braiding more vines around the tree, tying it to the loose corner of the net. She hands each of them one of the other corners :: CSO/TAC2: One of you has to cross with me.
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Dec-2019 22:01:20
NAV: I know, It was a longshot. I just need something for sterilizing this knife. Less than ideal conditions. ::eyes the spider bite, and how the venom is making the area puff up like a balloon. ::ok, here goes nothing... makes an incision to drain the bite::
NAV Lt Navarro 18-Dec-2019 22:01:47
:: watches, wishing he could do more to help ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Dec-2019 22:02:01
ACTION> Greenish goo spurts out of the incision.
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Dec-2019 22:02:16
:: holds up a finger and goes back to camp briefly, taking off her pants and leaving them in a dry place near the fire ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Dec-2019 22:02:35
:: hits the button again to flush, and shrieks when cold water unexpectedly sprays on her from something similar to a bidet ::
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Dec-2019 22:04:03
:: hears Kate's cry and darts back inside, but is unaware of where it came from and stops in the middle :: CO: Kate!
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Dec-2019 22:04:17
::Lets the pus and venom drain out until most of it seems to be gone:: NAV: Get me some water in a leaf to flush the wound.
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Dec-2019 22:04:52
:: wades across the cold river, holding up her shirt as needed to keep it from getting wet ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Dec-2019 22:05:15
XO: I am fine! :: starts laughing :: Unexpected blast of cold water from the toilet!
MED Lt Acacia 18-Dec-2019 22:05:33
:: grins, kicks off Ryleigh's boots, and wades across to tie up the other corner of the net ::
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Dec-2019 22:06:44
:: points her nose towards the washroom and cocks her head, attempting to understand why the toilet would do that, then grins :: CO: You scared me.
CTO LtC Wolfe 18-Dec-2019 22:06:44
:: has been walking at a mostly-gentle incline for a couple hours since shortly after he woke up, in search of anything that would give him a hint as to where they are. Finally, he comes to a clearing big enough to see some distance over the trees behind him from the far end. Seeing the smoke from the fire that Wright has been stoking, now several klicks away. Beyond it, a thick canopy of trees, and at the horizon a mountain range that would take far too long to reach without vehicles. He takes a short break and finishes the quarter of a fish he had brought with him. ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Dec-2019 22:07:15
MED: Now what? :: shivering ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Dec-2019 22:07:32
:: pats herself dry with a nearby towel and pulls her pants up, still laughing as she opens the door :: XO: Sorry! It was worth it to pee without squatting in the woods!
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 18-Dec-2019 22:08:28
::Sits on the ground, with his eyes closed.::
NAV Lt Navarro 18-Dec-2019 22:09:06
:: returns in a few minutes with a leaf cupped in each hand, a bit of water in each ::
MED Lt Acacia 18-Dec-2019 22:09:46
:: points a bit further upstream, calling :: CSO/TAC2: Walk up a bit.. :: she wades a bit, kicking some loose dirt over the part of the net that sits under its future victims before heading back to where Ryleigh is. All said it would be mostly submerged, but if Ryleigh and Alexis pulled their ends up, it would sweep up all the fish above it. Acacia flops down to sit by the shore, nodding :: CSO/TAC2: We wait for a bit. Did you grab your bait?
CO Capt Harper 18-Dec-2019 22:09:53
:: emerges from the washroom with a dumb smile, finding that way funnier than she otherwise would ::
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Dec-2019 22:10:10
NAV: Thank you. ::takes the water from Navarro as he hands it to her, tipping it over Jude's wound to flush out the remaining green goo and blood::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Dec-2019 22:10:29
:: rolls over a nearby log and looks under it for bugs ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Dec-2019 22:10:40
ACTION> There are bugs under the log.
ACTION> The water flushes out a bit of the liquid, but not much, since what's in there is pretty viscous.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 18-Dec-2019 22:11:43
:: collapses on the shore again, settling next to and resting again on Acacia, tired as can be ::
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Dec-2019 22:11:44
:: grins further, surprised at Kate's mirth ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Dec-2019 22:12:24
:: grabs handfuls of bugs, crunching a couple that look relatively tasty and showing the rest to Acacia before tossing them into the river above the net, knowing some will get swept away but hoping many of them will serve as bait ::
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Dec-2019 22:13:34
::rinses off the flint knife she's using and tries to excise the remaining visible green stuff out of the bite as much as possible.::
CTO LtC Wolfe 18-Dec-2019 22:13:45
:: walks full-circle around the clearing, looking across and over it, not finding anything of note in any direction besides the camp that he's currently calling home, and that the top of the hill is not far, but with the canopy of trees running solidly all the way to the top. Still, he might as well continue to see if there is anything to be spotted. So having fully circled around the meadow and now back at the top, he continues on up the hill. ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 18-Dec-2019 22:14:30
::Hold his hand out and hums, sening out a call like he had done the previous day, hoping something comes to him.::
MED Lt Acacia 18-Dec-2019 22:14:42
:: takes a few to eat for herself, and saves two for Grey when she wakes up, killing them so they won't run away. She watches the water, waiting calmly ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Dec-2019 22:15:07
:: watches for fish to fall into their trap ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Dec-2019 22:15:13
:: almost giggles, feeling a million times better now that she has at least a couple of the small comforts of civilization :: XO: Like I said, better than the woods, right? There is no paper, though... Anyway.
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Dec-2019 22:16:26
::desperately wishes she had a set of normal surgeon's tools.. a laser scalpel would be reaaaaallly nice right about now::
NAV Lt Navarro 18-Dec-2019 22:16:49
:: collects some more rain water while he watches ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Dec-2019 22:17:47
:: moves to the front door and is glad to see that there are recessed decorative inlays on the inside to allow for a better grip ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Dec-2019 22:18:11
:: sets out some leaves cradled between rocks to collect a little rainwater and then stands miserably under a tree near the far bank to try to stay dry while they wait for fish ::
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Dec-2019 22:18:29
:: goes through the doors and begins to pull at them from the outside :: CO: I'll come in through the back door later, right?
CO Capt Harper 18-Dec-2019 22:19:02
:: nods as she leans into the door, pushing against the inlays with both hands ::
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Dec-2019 22:19:42
:: pushes, the mundane task causing her mind to already wander where she should look for wild game ::
MED Lt Acacia 18-Dec-2019 22:19:42
:: lets her head lull back, breathing in the rain as it falls on her face. She pets Ryleigh's hair, resting her hand on her ear to keep the rain out. :: CSO: Waiting is always the fun part.
CO Capt Harper 18-Dec-2019 22:20:12
XO: I will have a fire going when you return. Good hunting! :: as the door screeches closed between them ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Dec-2019 22:20:27
:: calls quietly from across the stream :: MED: so what do I do on this side once it's time?
TAC2 1Lt Grey 18-Dec-2019 22:20:52
:: grumbles, batting at the hand covering her ear slightly before settling again ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 18-Dec-2019 22:22:51
:: finally reaches the top of the mountain, realizing he's at the climax, such as it is. So in the interest of getting the best view possible, he looks around for the tallest tree and starts climbing it. ::
MED Lt Acacia 18-Dec-2019 22:22:52
:: chuckles, lifting her hand and waves a finger, gesturing to the trees the net is tied to :: CSO: So you'll pull the corner towards you, and up. If you were alone you'd tie it up, but if we can hold it you can just grab the fish and toss them onto land. Or a bucket. But heh.. :: she shrugs ::
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Dec-2019 22:23:21
::has cleaned out the bite as best she can by now, and does her best to bind the wound with strips of leaves and a pad of cloth that she's torn from a section of her pajamas:: NAV/CEO: I've done everything I can for now. We need to get her up, so we can get to the camp as soon as possible.
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Dec-2019 22:23:39
:: nods, looking at the net and picturing what she needs to do ::
NAV Lt Navarro 18-Dec-2019 22:24:08
:: slurps the rain he gathered and nods ::
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Dec-2019 22:24:31
:: hurries out to find something for Kate to cook, taking in a deep breath of the cold air, but smiling nonetheless that she would return to a warm home for the night ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Dec-2019 22:24:50
ACTION> Jude regains consciousness and still feels groggy and nauseous, but can walk again.
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Dec-2019 22:25:06
:: sips rainwater collected in one of her leaves before setting it back out to collect more, and looks down into the river, hoping to see many fish gathered over the net ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Dec-2019 22:26:09
:: looks in the closet by the door, and finds a pair of something like Wellingtons, so she puts those on even though they're slightly too small, and a wide-brimmed hat, which she gleefully seizes ::
:: tucks the kitchen knife into her belt and heads out the back door into the rain, closing the door behind her and double-checking that it is not locked ::
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Dec-2019 22:27:20
::smiles in relief at Jude:: SCI: Welcome back..
CO Capt Harper 18-Dec-2019 22:27:34
ACTION> Fish are starting to congregate around the net, attracted by the bait.
NAV Lt Navarro 18-Dec-2019 22:29:04
:: helps Jude to her feet ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Dec-2019 22:30:07
:: scouts the sorts of places that she did during the rain on the second day, under thick canopies of forest, logs, etc, for dry kindling ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Dec-2019 22:30:13
:: quietly tries to draw Acacia's attention to the fish ::
MED Lt Acacia 18-Dec-2019 22:31:28
:: gathers a few handfuls of rain to drink as she waits, nodding and gesturing Wright to give it just a minute more, letting the fish t̸͌͋h̴̛͒i̸̅̅n̷̆͝k̷̈́̊ ̷̊́t̸̽͝ḧ̸̈́è̷̍y̷͛͝'̶̑̈́r̸̛̓ė̶̜ ̶̎̇s̸̑͂a̷̓̀f̷̾̂e̶̎̿ ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 18-Dec-2019 22:31:47
:: blinks as she straightens, finally having regained her contentment/ability to focus now that she had slept for a bit, slowly moving to not disturb the fish ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Dec-2019 22:31:54
:: brings back an armful to the patio outside the sliding glass door and notices a retracted awning above it ::
:: since it obviously has no power, she searches for a manual crank ::
NAV Lt Navarro 18-Dec-2019 22:33:39
CEO: I think we are ready to move again. :: still supporting Jude ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Dec-2019 22:34:30
:: pokes around near the control panel, and finds a stone that is worn far differently than the others around it, because it is fake ::
:: presses against it and it pops open, revealing the manual crank for the awning ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 18-Dec-2019 22:34:57
::Stays quiet for a moment, whilst he attempts to summon something to him.:: Self: I wonder if they understood what I was asking of them the first time. ::Slowly stands himself up.:: NAV: This way. ::Points with his cane.
SCI LtJG Jude 18-Dec-2019 22:35:35
:: mumbles something incoherent about dirt in her shoes, despite the fact that there are... no shoes ::
NAV Lt Navarro 18-Dec-2019 22:35:57
:: slings Jude's arm over his shoulders to help her walk, and moves them along after Ilaihr ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 18-Dec-2019 22:37:10
:: finds himself now at the top of the tree he climbed... looking in all directions from a good few feet above the rest of the canopy and he can see all around. And all around, besides his own camp behind and the mountain range beyond it, he sees... ::
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Dec-2019 22:37:12
::supports Jude's other side:: SCI: Ok, one step at a time.. even if your shoes are dirty. ::somewhat worried about the incoherence, but getting her to a safe, warm place is higher priority::
CO Capt Harper 18-Dec-2019 22:37:31
:: fights against the crank, since it hasn't moved in forever, but finally manages to get the awning out over the patio! ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Dec-2019 22:37:48
:: watching eagerly as fish continue to gather; tosses in some more bait ::
MED Lt Acacia 18-Dec-2019 22:38:00
:: waits until the moment is right, then gets to her feet, leaning over to grab the net a bit further down in preparation. She gestures to Wright to get into position. ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Dec-2019 22:38:14
ACTION> Wolfe sees absolutely nothing of interest.
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Dec-2019 22:38:37
:: gets into position, carefully grabbing the net ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 18-Dec-2019 22:38:52
Self: Shit. :: starts making his way down the tree, and noting the time, back to camp. ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Dec-2019 22:39:02
:: finds that immensely satisfying, and goes out for more wood ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 18-Dec-2019 22:39:56
::Plods along, he stick tapping at the ground beath them, still holding his hand out as he goes.:: ~Aloud~: Come to me.
MED Lt Acacia 18-Dec-2019 22:39:58
:: makes eye contact to be sure Alexis is paying attention then mouths, counting with her fingers three... two... then grabbing the net, yanking up, and stepping towards the trees the other corners were tied to ::
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Dec-2019 22:40:14
:: after making sure she knows the way home--HOME--as she ventures out, she hears a stirring in the brush after a while and crouches down, listening intently for the source ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Dec-2019 22:40:36
:: yanking upward at the same time and performing similar actions ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Dec-2019 22:40:46
:: as she walks through the rain, she notices that her clothes are not getting wet, as they just seem to repel the liquid like water off a truck's back ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Dec-2019 22:41:34
:: watching Acacia and doing what she's doing ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Dec-2019 22:41:36
ACTION> The net captures several fish!
MED Lt Acacia 18-Dec-2019 22:42:09
:: grins, throwing the line on her corner over the tree for a hasty tie and reaching into the net to toss the fish towards Ryleigh on the shore, sealing their fate ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 18-Dec-2019 22:43:02
:: reaches for a rock, prepared to slam the fish dead when they reach her sitting point ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Dec-2019 22:43:06
:: does the same on her end ::
MED Lt Acacia 18-Dec-2019 22:43:45
:: finishes up and rests her hands on her hips, beaming proudly :: CSO/TAC2: Alright. Again?
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Dec-2019 22:44:14
::nods while clobbering some fish dead with a rock :: MED: Again!
TAC2 1Lt Grey 18-Dec-2019 22:44:59
:: hums in agreement to Wright's comment :: MED: Sure.
CO Capt Harper 18-Dec-2019 22:46:01
ACTION> Evening approaches...
TAC2 1Lt Grey 18-Dec-2019 22:47:04
:: starts to shiver as evening approaches, muttering curse words as she hunkers down in an attempt to keep warm ::
MED Lt Acacia 18-Dec-2019 22:47:19
:: looks at their haul, and begins tying up the net so that it is out of the water. She relishes coming to shore for what she hopes will be the last time of the evening, helping Wright carry what fish were on her side back to the correct shore to head back to camp ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 18-Dec-2019 22:47:46
:: arrives back at camp, very quietly, even though he doesn't intend to sneak. He stands and watches Wright and Acacia for a few moments before walking up, though he sees they don't need assistance.
CO Capt Harper 18-Dec-2019 22:48:06
:: by now, she has made several trips foraging for dry wood and has enough stacked by the door to cook their dinner, but it is a smaller haul due to the wet conditions ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Dec-2019 22:48:09
:: glad to be back on the camp side of the river, pushing up her wet sleeves and using her sharp rock to gut the fish in the processing area ::
CTO: Ah, you're back. Can you gather more firewood? Dinner will be ready soon.
CO Capt Harper 18-Dec-2019 22:48:45
:: builds the usual fire box on the patio under the awning, filling it with tinder and kindle, and retrieves the bow drill from inside where Kuari left it on the kitchen counter ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 18-Dec-2019 22:48:59
CSO: I-I can help. :: slowly rises to wander off to go gather more firewood ::
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Dec-2019 22:49:00
::squints into the darkness ahead:: CEO/NAV: Are you seeing a fire? I think I'm seeing a fire.
MED Lt Acacia 18-Dec-2019 22:49:02
:: sits by the fire for just a bit to dry off and relax, supposing she's earned it ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Dec-2019 22:49:43
:: starts spinning the drill on the board, as she's done the past three evenings, but this time, with more gusto ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Dec-2019 22:49:48
:: sneezes into her shoulder, careful not to sneeze on the fish ::
MED Lt Acacia 18-Dec-2019 22:49:51
:: gets up and joins Wright processing fish shortly after ::
NAV Lt Navarro 18-Dec-2019 22:50:02
:: narrows his pilot's eyes :: CMO: I do think I see smoke...
MED Lt Acacia 18-Dec-2019 22:50:16
:: smiles tiredly :: CSO: Thanks for your help.
CTO LtC Wolfe 18-Dec-2019 22:50:17
CSO: Dinner? :: notices the pile of fish :: Very nice. :: heads off to find firewood that's not too damp. ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Dec-2019 22:51:06
:: finally gets an ember and transfers it to the fire box ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Dec-2019 22:51:18
:: shakes her head :: MED: Not at all. Thank you. :: messily fileting a fish and setting it aside before starting on another ::
NAV Lt Navarro 18-Dec-2019 22:52:05
:: his stomach rumbles, but he ignores it as he presses on toward the smoke ::
MED Lt Acacia 18-Dec-2019 22:52:36
:: begins cooking one of the fillets using a forked stick :: CSO: Well, I couldn't have done that in a day on my own. We make a good team. :: she muses ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Dec-2019 22:52:36
:: blows on the ember and the tinder catches, and shortly after, a fire blazes under the thankfully fireproof awning ::
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Dec-2019 22:52:45
NAV: Thank goodness. ::moves forward as quickly as she's able to, still half carrying Jude::
NAV Lt Navarro 18-Dec-2019 22:53:08
:: still on the other side of Jude, supporting her :: CEO: You've done it, Commander!
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Dec-2019 22:53:28
:: grins at her, shivering in the cold :: MED: We do, don't we?
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 18-Dec-2019 22:53:55
::Makes a call, like a bird or a flute, with his hands.::
CO Capt Harper 18-Dec-2019 22:54:07
:: tilts her hat back and claps her hands on her thighs as she appraises the fire :: That will do... but one more thing. :: slides a couple of the patio chairs next to the fire on either side, to serve as a rack to hold their dinner-to-be ::
MED Lt Acacia 18-Dec-2019 22:54:12
:: perks up a bit, suddenly looking towards the trees with wide eyes ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Dec-2019 22:54:22
:: does the same, having heard it as well ::
NAV Lt Navarro 18-Dec-2019 22:54:25
:: calls out :: Hello!
MED Lt Acacia 18-Dec-2019 22:54:42
:: sets what she's cooking aside and stands up, calling out :: All: Hello!?
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Dec-2019 22:55:00
:: pounces on another one of the rabbit creatures she hunted before, desperate to get a grip, and bites it around the head. It immediately goes limp as she kills it instantly. Both relief and disappointment that she must kill go through her mind. They will eat well enough tonight. She was afraid she wouldn't find something before dark, having missed two other chases this afternoon and a lot of waiting in between ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Dec-2019 22:55:02
:: sets down the fish she's processing :: NAV: Navarro??
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Dec-2019 22:55:16
::also calls out:: Hello?
MED Lt Acacia 18-Dec-2019 22:55:34
:: gasps, reaching out as she has the instinct to hug Navarro, but her eye immediately finds Jude instead, her expression changing :: Self: Oh..
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Dec-2019 22:55:35
:: stands up ::
CEO: Ilaihr! :: sees Jude :: Oh no...
NAV Lt Navarro 18-Dec-2019 22:56:15
:: stumbles into camp with Jude and Tailor ::
:: catches Emily's eyes, but their reunion will have to wait ::
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Dec-2019 22:56:53
::stumbles forward towards the fire:: All: We found you! ::smiles in exhausted relief:: NAV: Help me set her down. Gently...
TAC2 1Lt Grey 18-Dec-2019 22:57:05
:: returns to camp, carrying a large bundle of wood that she was almost staggering under, dropping it next to the fire before settling down, almost not noticing Navarro, Ilaihr, Jude, and Tailor, curling up to fall asleep again ::
MED Lt Acacia 18-Dec-2019 22:57:11
:: takes a step back, gesturing them towards the fire, looking at Linxi with obvious worry ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 18-Dec-2019 22:57:23
:: arrives back with an armload of wood just in time to see the other party arriving. He dumps the wood next to the fire and races to assist ::
NAV Lt Navarro 18-Dec-2019 22:57:35
:: eases Jude to the ground :: All: It's so good to see all of you.
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Dec-2019 22:57:48
NAV: What happened?
MED Lt Acacia 18-Dec-2019 22:58:03
:: sidles over to Tailor, mumbling :: CMO: What happened?
NAV Lt Navarro 18-Dec-2019 22:58:04
:: Turns to the commander :: CSO: She was bitten by a spider.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 18-Dec-2019 22:58:12
CSO: I told you I would find them. ::Warms his hand over the fire.::
MED Lt Acacia 18-Dec-2019 22:58:16
:: looks up, frowning ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Dec-2019 22:58:27
:: opens the door and leaves it open as she ducks inside, wondering if any of the fire's warmth will make it in ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Dec-2019 22:58:35
CEO: So you did! Was... was this the hope that you sent me last night?
MED Lt Acacia 18-Dec-2019 22:59:39
:: looks at Tailor, feeling a pang as they exchange the knowing look Doctors have... this isn't good. ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 18-Dec-2019 22:59:44
::Nods, switching hands over the fire.::
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Dec-2019 22:59:51
All: Yes, it's really good to see you all. Med: She was bitten by a venomous spider. I had to drain the wound, but she still has venom in her system.
CO Capt Harper 18-Dec-2019 22:59:55
:: it doesn't, really, but the light is nice as the evening arrives ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Dec-2019 23:00:36
CMO/MED: We... we need to keep her warm, yes? Can we set her over here, by the fire?
:: is trying very hard to mask her immense disappointment ::
MED Lt Acacia 18-Dec-2019 23:01:32
:: runs her hands through her hair, distressed. She tries to think, but without any of her lab equipment, let alone a synthesizer... ::
NAV Lt Navarro 18-Dec-2019 23:01:47
:: watches Emily work ::
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Dec-2019 23:02:07
CSO: Yes, we'll need to keep her warm to keep her from going into shock. Boil some water for cleansing the wound. Ideally I'd have an antivenom, but if we can find some herbs for a poultice, it may help.
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Dec-2019 23:02:07
:: with the kill in her mouth, takes flight in the direction of home, having had to fly further than she had wanted to to find a lead, and lands high up on several trees on the way back to stuff more fruits into her belly pouch, this time stocking up since they would have a place to store them ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Dec-2019 23:02:16
:: is immediately thinking that she should be treated for shock, but forces herself to bite her tongue as there are actual doctors here ::
:: shakes her head :: CMO: I wouldn't trust any of the plants we find here. They're alien plants and there's no way to know what's safe to eat or use as medicine in any way without some method of analyzing them.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 18-Dec-2019 23:03:18
CMO: It will be difficult to locate such herbs with the black of night fast approaching.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 18-Dec-2019 23:03:24
CMO: ... do you know what the spider looked like?
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Dec-2019 23:04:22
CSO: Unfortunately probably true, or I'd have tried to use some by now. ::thinks:: TAC2: I never saw it.
CO Capt Harper 18-Dec-2019 23:04:44
:: pulls one of the outdoor chairs on the patio over and cleans it off a bit, finding it to be constructed from some material that allowed it to stand up as well as the house did, then sits by the fire under the awning ::
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Dec-2019 23:04:57
:: sees the fire Kate has made and gladly makes her way down to it. The trees are somewhat thick and she lands on the trunk of a tree just outside the patio, carefully scaling down it with her claws ::
MED Lt Acacia 18-Dec-2019 23:05:29
:: shakes her head slightly, speaking quietly :: CMO: Our best bet here, now, might be adrenaline. Anything we can do to make her immune system more comfortable.
CO Capt Harper 18-Dec-2019 23:05:39
:: hears the claws scrabbling, but knows that has to be Kuari, so she waits with a smile ::
MED Lt Acacia 18-Dec-2019 23:05:51
:: looks around :: All: Do we have anything like a blanket..?
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Dec-2019 23:05:53
All: We have food, and water, and fire. Please, be at home in our camp. We can all work together to take care of Jude.
MED: We can get some tree boughs to cover her, it's better than nothing.
NAV Lt Navarro 18-Dec-2019 23:08:13
:: has been sitting down a few minutes to rest after the exertion of walking while supporting Jude, but he stands, ready to help gather whatever is needed ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Dec-2019 23:08:19
:: returns to gutting and processing fish, as it seems to be the most useful thing she can do right now ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 18-Dec-2019 23:08:33
:: listens sleepily, curled into the fetal position with her head resting on her hands, she wanted to help but she was just way too damn tired and cold ::
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Dec-2019 23:08:44
MED: If we could just find a plant that has the same properties as Ephedra...
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 18-Dec-2019 23:08:49
::Removes his robe, and stands there stark naked, passing it to Tailor.:: CMO: It is Tholian Silk. ::Nods, before causally walking off.::
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Dec-2019 23:09:10
:: when her tail almost touches the ground, jumps down and trots towards Kate, dropping the rabbit thing gratefully on the patio and stretches her jaws ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Dec-2019 23:09:30
:: beams at Kuari :: Bravo!
MED Lt Acacia 18-Dec-2019 23:09:39
:: shakes her head :: CMO: We can gather herbs. We'd have to test them..
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Dec-2019 23:09:59
::blinks at Ilaihr, taking the robe in surprise:: CEO: Thank you...
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Dec-2019 23:10:07
MED: Test them how? As an exobiologist I strongly advise against this.
MED Lt Acacia 18-Dec-2019 23:10:27
:: mumbles, her tone grave :: CSO: Exactly..
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Dec-2019 23:10:42
:: looks at the awning, then the fire :: CO: Same to you! :: grabs the rabbit and sits, beginning to prepare it for cooking :: I really wanted to find more than this, but I'm not very good at hunting.
CO Capt Harper 18-Dec-2019 23:11:08
:: laughs :: XO: Not very good? You are keeping us alive with your hunting skills!
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Dec-2019 23:11:15
CSO: If we're going to live on this planet long term we're going to need to know plant properties to make medicines. I agree it's dangerous to use them untested though.
NAV Lt Navarro 18-Dec-2019 23:11:18
:: sits back down and looks elsewhere, anywhere ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 18-Dec-2019 23:11:46
:: blinks as she slowly sits up, thinking over the conversation she had caught :: CSO/MED/CMO: I wouldn't mind... offering my arm for testing?
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Dec-2019 23:12:11
CMO: I don't disagree with you, but I see no way to test them that doesn't involve human subjects and that's just too much of a risk.
CTO LtC Wolfe 18-Dec-2019 23:12:33
:: watches the conversation intently, though finding little he can do to help. ::
MED Lt Acacia 18-Dec-2019 23:12:45
:: shakes her head, waving her hands :: TAC2/CSO: I could.. with enough time, enough help I could make basic glass, beakers and stuff, but.. we need something more immediate, is the problem.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 18-Dec-2019 23:15:20
:: blinks as she sighs, frowning. :: MED: Is there anyway any bit of the venom could be extracted from Jude?
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Dec-2019 23:15:27
:: finishes processing the pile of fish and goes to wash her hands in the stream ::
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Dec-2019 23:16:04
MED/CSO: You're right, and testing is more of a long term solution rather than an immediate one. We'll just have to do what we're capable of right now.
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Dec-2019 23:16:24
:: smiles :: CO: Yes, at least I'm good enough for that. :: looks at her pouch, realizing she stuffed it rather full and it's uncomfortable while sitting :: CO: Ugh, I should have got the fruits out before I got my paws all bloody.
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Dec-2019 23:17:08
:: also takes the fish refuse away from the camp in case it attracts any scavengers... leaves it near the bank hoping to use it as bait if it's still there in the morning ::
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Dec-2019 23:17:45
::sits down next to Jude and unbinds her wound to look at it again:: TAC2: I cleaned out the bite earlier, but there is still some oozing. Not as much as before, but enough to get a sample.
MED Lt Acacia 18-Dec-2019 23:17:46
:: puts a hand on Jude's shoulder and says a silent prayer, hoping against hope that she can impart on her body to make more antibodies ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Dec-2019 23:18:36
XO: Want me to get them out? Assuming you do not mind someone reaching into your pouch, that is.
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Dec-2019 23:18:48
:: returns to camp and points out the leaves everywhere that were set out to collect water :: CMO: There's rainwater in those, but we can boil it as well if that would be helpful.
:: starts impaling fish on sticks and handing them to people to cook over the fire ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 18-Dec-2019 23:19:26
::Sit out by the river bank, staring up at the sky, as he washes his feet. He watches the stars more intently before, as he tries to work out where they could be.::
NAV Lt Navarro 18-Dec-2019 23:19:45
:: takes a fish stick and holds it over the fire ::
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Dec-2019 23:19:58
:: moves the rabbit mess to one side :: CO: Go ahead. Where do you think we should keep them? Outside, where they can be colder, or inside away from animals?
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Dec-2019 23:20:02
::realises she's still holding Ilaihr's robe and puts it over her shoulders for warmth while she works, throwing a smile to the old andorian:: CSO: Yes, any clean water would be helpful.
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Dec-2019 23:20:44
:: pauses to carefully pass the doctor a leaf full of rainwater ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 18-Dec-2019 23:21:26
CMO: If a sample can be drawn, can't things be tested on that? :: wonders, wanting to help ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Dec-2019 23:21:34
:: also nudges a couple hot rocks out of the fire and toward Jude ::
TAC2: With equipment, possibly. But not with the resources we have now.
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Dec-2019 23:22:00
::takes the small knife she used for cutting the spiderbite open earlier, and cleans it the water, then scrapes a small venom sample from the wound.:: CSO: Here, do what you can with this. ::hands her the knife::
MED Lt Acacia 18-Dec-2019 23:22:19
:: nods in agreement with Wright, choosing not to elaborate on just how not possible that is ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Dec-2019 23:22:35
:: takes the knife, wondering what exactly she's supposed to do with this without a lab ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Dec-2019 23:23:20
:: reaches into Kuari's pouch, finding the warm, downy feeling of it interesting, and starts pulling out fruit :: Mmm, inside, I think. I cannot imagine they would spoil in less than a few days.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 18-Dec-2019 23:23:39
::Carves in the mud the constellations he sees, meditating on everything that has happened so far.::
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Dec-2019 23:24:28
CO: True. I can always get more, too.
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Dec-2019 23:24:53
:: gently sets the knife down in the lee of the shelter and picks up a an impaled fish and starts roasting, maybe she'll have a stroke of genius if she's not so hungry ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Dec-2019 23:25:33
:: removes the last of the fruit from Kuari's pouch and carries them through the door, using the hem of her sweater as her own makeshift pouch, and puts them on the counter :: XO: Indeed, and I do not think this supply will last more than a few days. :: starts munching on one ::
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Dec-2019 23:26:37
:: resumes cleaning the rabbit thing, removing the guts ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Dec-2019 23:26:46
:: returns with a cooking skewer ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 18-Dec-2019 23:27:42
:: continues working around the camp, cleaning some stuff up, organizing the fire wood to make it easy to add to the fire. Eventually, he works his way toward the river, and eventually finding himself very close to Ilaihr. He looks down at Ilaihr's drawings. ::
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Dec-2019 23:27:43
:: looks up at the skewer :: CO: Ooooooh. Tools!
MED Lt Acacia 18-Dec-2019 23:27:43
:: continues roasting the fish fillet she was working on, sitting beside Jude and Tailor. She offers the other Doctor some fish. ::
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Dec-2019 23:27:57
::checks on Jude's pulse and pupil dilation, testing her skin for clamminess; whether she's going into shock::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Dec-2019 23:28:02
:: also puts her pants back on now that she's out of the rain, happy to have warm dry pants ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Dec-2019 23:28:13
:: almost smacks her forehead :: XO: Tools! We have knives! :: pulls the kitchen knife from her belt ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 18-Dec-2019 23:28:23
:: settles down under the shelter, curling up to fall asleep again ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Dec-2019 23:28:37
ACTION> Jude seems to have improved slightly from when she had to have makeshift surgery.
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Dec-2019 23:28:49
:: stares at the knife :: CO: Oh. Well. :: looks at her messy paws ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Dec-2019 23:29:27
:: offers the knife with a sheepish grin ::
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Dec-2019 23:30:24
:: takes the knife :: CO: I'm done with inside, but I could use this for the hide. Do you want to keep it?
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Dec-2019 23:30:40
MED: She seems better than before, at least.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 18-Dec-2019 23:30:48
::Finishes dipping his feet in the water, giving them a shake, before crossing his legs, and comparing the drawings to the stars he knows. He repeats a mantra as he begins to hum.::
MED Lt Acacia 18-Dec-2019 23:31:20
:: looks at Jude as Tailor works. She exhales shakily :: CMO: Oh, that's a good sign. We should keep her warm.. :: she looks to where Grey is sleeping, and thinks, chuckling wryly :: CMO: Cuddle shifts.
CO Capt Harper 18-Dec-2019 23:32:03
XO: We can hang it up just in case, but I do not know what we will need it for now that we have... well, all of this. :: gestures around ::
ACTION> Ilaihr's only seeing those stars in his mind, since it is still raining.
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Dec-2019 23:33:04
::chuckles at Acacia:: MED: Whatever works...
MED Lt Acacia 18-Dec-2019 23:33:29
:: nods seriously, indicating that would probably work, or at least help ::
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Dec-2019 23:34:05
:: uses the knife, albeit clumsily, to skin the hide off, then skewers the carcass and places it carefully on the stands Kate had made over the fire ::
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Dec-2019 23:34:15
MED: If we ever get back to the ship, I'm sleeping with my medkit from now on.
MED Lt Acacia 18-Dec-2019 23:34:36
:: grumbles, agreeing :: CMO: And pants.
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Dec-2019 23:34:54
MED: And shoes.. ::smirks::
CTO LtC Wolfe 18-Dec-2019 23:35:13
CEO: Any clues yet? Anything familiar?
SCI LtJG Jude 18-Dec-2019 23:35:19
:: mumbles, just barely getting a grasp that they arrived at the camp :: Co...maeen...deurr.?
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Dec-2019 23:35:20
Both: And a tricorder.
NAV Lt Navarro 18-Dec-2019 23:35:21
:: starts eating the fish that he was cooking ::
MED Lt Acacia 18-Dec-2019 23:36:01
:: perks up a bit, holding Jude by the shoulder :: SCI: Hey there. Don't try to get up, relax. You're okay.
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Dec-2019 23:36:11
SCI: Jude? It's okay. You're safe.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 18-Dec-2019 23:36:21
:: shivers, curling up tighter under the shelter, adjusting herself slightly before conking back out ::
NAV Lt Navarro 18-Dec-2019 23:36:29
:: perks up and looks over as he sees Jude wake ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Dec-2019 23:36:58
:: sits back down, watching the meat cook with hungry eyes ::
SCI LtJG Jude 18-Dec-2019 23:37:37
I.... hurt. :: mumbles, before falling asleep ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 18-Dec-2019 23:37:52
CEO: This is a strange world. Some of the stars I have seen here, look familiar, but other's are not. Perhaps we simply saw them from an extreme angle we are unused to seeing them from.... or perhaps we are not when we should be.
NAV Lt Navarro 18-Dec-2019 23:37:56
:: frowns with worry, then looks to Emily ::
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Dec-2019 23:38:29
:: goes to the sink, because she has running water to clean her paws now, and when she's done she has a towel to dry off ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 18-Dec-2019 23:38:43
:: cocks his head at Ilaihr :: CEO: Not where we should be?
MED Lt Acacia 18-Dec-2019 23:39:15
:: exhales sharply, concealing her worry as best she can. She cuddles up with Jude to lend her body warmth. ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Dec-2019 23:39:23
:: brings the knife back in and cleans it, too ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 18-Dec-2019 23:40:09
CTO: No, dear boy. When. Stellar drift. The stars may be in different places, than we know them to be.
CO Capt Harper 18-Dec-2019 23:40:26
:: then takes it back out to carve up dinner ::
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Dec-2019 23:40:40
::takes the robe from her shoulders and lays it over Jude::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Dec-2019 23:40:52
:: wonders how they're talking about seeing stars when it's raining like this ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 18-Dec-2019 23:41:07
CEO: It could be a simulation, but not a holographic one. No hologram could trick my senses, like this. And if that is the case, then we are encased in a machine, with devices probing our minds.
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Dec-2019 23:41:32
:: ducks into the bedroom, looking at the bed she will get to sleep on later. A little light from the fire can be seen through the window, causing a faint flicker across the walls, but otherwise it is very dark now. She then goes by the counter to snatch a fruit with her teeth before trotting outside to enjoy the fire ::
SCI LtJG Jude 18-Dec-2019 23:42:47
:: blinks awake again from the cold, and glances at Ilaihr's direction :: CEO: Whu?
CO Capt Harper 18-Dec-2019 23:43:31