Lost Harbor
Sundown on the second day here, wherever here is, fast approaches. The rain has stopped, but the cold night promises no respite unless your preparations are sound.
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After 04-Dec-2019 00:00:00
CO Capt Harper 04-Dec-2019 21:15:23
CTO LtC Wolfe 04-Dec-2019 21:16:21
:: considers to himself as he eats the fish on his skewer, having not taken it off the end of his spear :: Self/all: At least the food is tasty.
:: looks at Wright as he chews :: CSO: Could use some salt, though.
CO Capt Harper 04-Dec-2019 21:18:22
:: putting the last branches on the A-frame leaf hut that she and Kuari have spent considerable time building ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 04-Dec-2019 21:18:33
::Collects up more firewood and for the night ahead.::
MED Lt Acacia 04-Dec-2019 21:18:33
:: sits close to the fire, leaning back on her hand and chewing wild rodent jerkey. She rests the pelt on her exposed shoulder for the modicum of warmth it can provide, looking up at the sky thoughtfully. ::
CO Capt Harper 04-Dec-2019 21:19:36
:: she would really enjoy a rest from the hard work, but there is no time since they have yet to build the night's fire ::
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Dec-2019 21:20:13
:: huddles next to the fire under her reinforced shelter, still quite wet but at least no longer muddy and with some food in her belly - tries to reply to Wolfe but can't without her teeth chattering, so simply nods ::
MED Lt Acacia 04-Dec-2019 21:20:36
:: sighs, getting up to re-check the top of the canopy, then gather more firewood with the waning light ::
XO Cdr Kuari 04-Dec-2019 21:21:31
:: lands in the small clearing near their camp, her eyes finding Kate and their makeshift shelter ::
CO Capt Harper 04-Dec-2019 21:22:33
:: her stomach rumbles as Kuari lands :: XO: Hi Kuari! Tell me you found dinner?
:: starts building the structure for the fire out of the wood they have already gathered, inside the A-frame ::
XO Cdr Kuari 04-Dec-2019 21:24:48
:: walks on all fours towards the leaf hut as she admires Kate's handiwork, then sits next to her, her back upright as she pulls out several fruits from her belly pouch :: CO: Right here, plenty for tonight since we don't have meat.
CTO LtC Wolfe 04-Dec-2019 21:25:51
:: doesn't really mind the cold, but seeing Wright's reaction to it moves closer, right up against her, doesn't even say, "Nothing personal, Commander," only making sure to place himself so that she is between him and the fire :: CSO: Tomorrow, we definitely should explore. Since Ilaihr stumbled upon us, I have to assume there are other crew members here as well... wherever here is... and probably more of them nearby.
CO Capt Harper 04-Dec-2019 21:27:10
:: brightens :: XO: Well done. :: finishes the proto-fire, the same arrangement as yesterday: a multi-layered box with tinder in the middle and kindling around the outside :: Still have that bow-drill and board, I hope?
TAC2 1Lt Grey 04-Dec-2019 21:27:42
:: stirs awake from her rest, blinking up at Acacia. :: MED: I can take over now... You can go back to sleep.
XO Cdr Kuari 04-Dec-2019 21:28:15
:: looks around and points :: CO: I put them over there, at the base of that tree, to make room for the fruits.
MED Lt Acacia 04-Dec-2019 21:28:38
:: feels Grey stirring and stops mid-stomp, she'd been breaking down branches. She smiles awkwardly :: TAC2: Sorry to wake you.
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Dec-2019 21:28:44
::is throwing another log on the fire, humming an old earth tune of the same name. Because why not?::
CO Capt Harper 04-Dec-2019 21:28:55
:: nods and retrieves them, then puts a little tinder in the groove and starts spinning the drill ::
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Dec-2019 21:29:52
:: hesitates when Wolfe moves closer, but finally decides that she'll get hypothermia if she doesn't do something, and stands up to peel off her wet pajama pants (leaving panties on) and drape them over the side of the shelter near - but not too near - the fire to dry. After a moment longer, turns away and does the same with her shirt, self-consciously folding her arms over her chest before hastily sitting back down, able to warm up much faster next to the fire with her wet clothes off ::
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Dec-2019 21:31:39
::also, chewing on a handful of nuts that she'd found earlier, and keeping an eye on a string made of vines that has been stretched over the water with some fishbone hooks attached, baited with worms, that dangle into the creek::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 04-Dec-2019 21:32:45
::Hums to himself as he potters about, searching for good sticks, branches and any dry bark; wishing he had his smoking pipe.::
XO Cdr Kuari 04-Dec-2019 21:33:04
:: slowly begins to wander the perimeter of their camp as night falls. She finds a spot to relieve herself, then is inexplicably drawn towards urinating in several spots instead of just one and begins to do so. Kuari has found many times it best to rely on her instincts when in survival situations ::
CO Capt Harper 04-Dec-2019 21:33:15
:: reaches up into the wall and pulls out a pliant thin vine, and uses it to tie her hair back, keeping it out of her face as she returns to kneel over the drill ::
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Dec-2019 21:33:44
CTO: S-s-signal f-fires.
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Dec-2019 21:34:37
::checks on the kiln that they managed to build today, currently slow-roasting a few small pots made from the local clay::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 04-Dec-2019 21:35:29
:: chuckles as she slowly sits up. :: MED: It's okay. I'm a relatively light sleeper anyways. You don't need to apologize about that. :: she grinned as she straightened from her previous laying down position. :: MED: I can take over if you want to sleep.
CO Capt Harper 04-Dec-2019 21:35:59
:: after several minutes, she manages to get an ember going, then blows on it until the tinder catches ::
MED Lt Acacia 04-Dec-2019 21:36:51
:: bobs her head, handing the branch over to Grey. She sinks down to sit by the fire, blinking tiredly :: TAC2: Yeah.. that might be for the best.
CTO LtC Wolfe 04-Dec-2019 21:37:01
:: is very careful to not even give the appearance of looking at Wright in her state of dress - easy when her back is to him anyway. Where her skin meets his, he feels nothing but cold, so he presses up against her to warm her up. It's a good thing he'd never do anything to his captain's wife, and that he's just not into her, as the feeling is mutual :: CSO: That's not a bad idea at all. Perhaps tomorrow, we get a nice, smoky fire going here, you and Ilaihr stay here and keep building something of a structure while letting the smoke go, and I'll go out in search of others. Hopefully tomorrow is as warm or warmer than today.
MED Lt Acacia 04-Dec-2019 21:37:29
:: gestures to the cooked rodent meat sitting on a leaf before laying down by the fire ::
CO Capt Harper 04-Dec-2019 21:37:35
:: she transfers the burning tinder into the middle of the fire-to-be, and encourages it to catch further with a few more breaths, finally relaxing when the kindling starts to burn ::
XO Cdr Kuari 04-Dec-2019 21:39:15
:: sees the fire starting and smiles, her excitement causing her to forego rank :: CO: Well done, my friend. :: she approaches and sits carefully across from Kate and looks down with fascination and thankfulness at the tiny flames ::
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Dec-2019 21:40:56
CTO: Sh-sh-should also l-look for m-more sources of f-food. Nuts. B-berries. Tubers.
CO Capt Harper 04-Dec-2019 21:41:20
XO: Thank you. :: sits and leans back for a little rest, the day's work being hard :: Our survival is a team effort, and we do make a good team.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 04-Dec-2019 21:41:28
::Returns to the camp, dropping down some new wood; still humming to himself.:: CSO: I would remain by the fire Alexis...
CTO LtC Wolfe 04-Dec-2019 21:41:36
CSO: I'll catch a few more fish before I head out, but yes. That would be good.
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Dec-2019 21:41:39
CTO: T-Traps. Hunting.
CO Capt Harper 04-Dec-2019 21:41:43
ACTION> Tailor hears some rustling in the forest.
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Dec-2019 21:42:38
:: is somehow less self-conscious around Ilaihr, but still hugs herself for both warmth and modesty.... not to mention security ::
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Dec-2019 21:42:39
::snaps her head in that direction, peering into the darkness past the fire:: SCI: Did you hear something? ::looks down at Jude, who may or may not be sleeping next to the fire::
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Dec-2019 21:43:39
CEO: D-Did you sense anyth-thing?
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Dec-2019 21:43:42
::calls out, picking up a branch from the fire like a torch:: Rustling Noise: H-hello..?
CO Capt Harper 04-Dec-2019 21:44:44
ACTION> The rustling noise answers!
NAV Lt Navarro 04-Dec-2019 21:44:47
CMO: Doctora Tailor?! Is that really your voice?
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Dec-2019 21:45:51
::jumps, then realises it's a familiar voice:: NAV: Navarro?
TAC2 1Lt Grey 04-Dec-2019 21:46:02
:: is getting cold in her own way, rising to take a bite of the meat set aside and staying close to the fire. It seemed to be too cold at the moment and she hated being cold, working on breaking down the branches for more firewood ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 04-Dec-2019 21:46:07
::Breaks up some of the sticks and places them in the fire., and divvies up the rest of what he's collected for later.:: CSO: With the dimming light, I need to use my abilities to navigate. It makes it more difficult to search further. ::Warms his hand above the flames.:: I will endeavour to try again.
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Dec-2019 21:46:33
:: flexes her fingers and toes as feeling begins to return to them ::
NAV Lt Navarro 04-Dec-2019 21:46:39
:: making his way toward the voice :: CMO: Sí! Navarro here!
CO Capt Harper 04-Dec-2019 21:47:34
:: gets up and retrieves more evergreen fronds for the floor of their hut, laying them around as best she can to insulate from the cold ground ::
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Dec-2019 21:47:59
::stands up:: NAV: I'm over here, with Linxi! ::holds up the torch-branch:: Can you see us?
XO Cdr Kuari 04-Dec-2019 21:48:19
:: as Kate works, perks her ears up, listening and watching into the forest, first one direction then another ::
NAV Lt Navarro 04-Dec-2019 21:48:40
CMO: I can! On my way. :: continues through the forest toward their camp ::
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Dec-2019 21:49:13
CEO/CTO: We have reasonable sh-shelter. We have plenty of water after the rain today. So t-tomorrow, our focuses are to find more f-food and m-make signal fires to try to locate the others. Agreed?
CO Capt Harper 04-Dec-2019 21:49:35
:: uses all the leftovers from the hut walls, piling them as high as she can on the ground since they'll compress ::
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Dec-2019 21:50:09
SCI: Linxi, wake up! Navarro's here! ::pokes Linxi, who groans and doesn't move, then starts snoring::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 04-Dec-2019 21:50:38
::Nods.:: CSO: Different types of bark, can alter the thickness of smoke.
MED Lt Acacia 04-Dec-2019 21:50:42
:: watches Grey work for a while before dozing off next to the fire ::
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Dec-2019 21:51:15
CEO: Indeed, as well as w-wet wood.
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Dec-2019 21:51:29
NAV: How did you find us? We haven't seen anyone in days.
CTO LtC Wolfe 04-Dec-2019 21:51:30
:: nods :: CSO: Agreed.
CEO/CSO: And leaves, kindling...
NAV Lt Navarro 04-Dec-2019 21:53:36
:: finally emerges into the camp, wearing only black silk boxers, but brandishing a wooden spear and a large rock, which he relaxes when he sees that he's not being tricked :: CMO: Pure chance, doctora. I have been alone for two days now. You two are a sight for sore eyes.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 04-Dec-2019 21:54:39
:: shivers in the cold, still working on breaking down the branches they had gathered. She hated the damn cold ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 04-Dec-2019 21:54:52
::Crosses his legs, resting his hands palm up on his knees; his eyes going milky, as he begins to sense the area around them.::
CO Capt Harper 04-Dec-2019 21:55:09
:: once the floor is complete, she finally settles down by the fire and eagerly bites into a piece of fruit ::
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Dec-2019 21:55:24
CTO: Do... do we have any more fish?
MED Lt Acacia 04-Dec-2019 21:55:40
:: wanders in the woods in her dreams, running alongside some deer-like creatures ::
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Dec-2019 21:56:14
::holds back a smirk at the boxers, but it's not like she's much more covered, clad in a light top and leggings::
CTO LtC Wolfe 04-Dec-2019 21:56:30
CSO: It's getting dark... that's all I was able to catch. We'll get more in the morning.
CSO: Besides. As cold as you are, you probably don't want more food right now. Not until you've warmed up. I'll fish more before I head out in the morning.
NAV Lt Navarro 04-Dec-2019 21:57:12
:: gratefully approaches the fire and puts down his spear and rock, smiling at Tailor, but then shakes hios head at the question :: CMO: None. I just woke up here after going to bed on Atlantis.
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Dec-2019 21:57:19
NAV: Have you eaten? I think we have some fish left. ::offers him a spot by the fire::
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Dec-2019 21:58:20
:: noticing Ilaihr is busy :: CTO: Would you mind... heating up some of the rainwater for me? :: gestures at the leaves all around, propped between rocks to catch the rainwater :: And maybe a rock or two I can hold on to?
NAV Lt Navarro 04-Dec-2019 21:58:21
:: eagerly accepts the spot by the fire and sits :: CMO: Only some fruit today, but yesterday I killed something with my spear and ate that. Rather gamey.
XO Cdr Kuari 04-Dec-2019 21:59:17
:: carefully inserts her front half into the leaf hut, placing some of the fruit along one side, to store them safely ::
CO Capt Harper 04-Dec-2019 22:00:04
:: sees Kuari coming in :: XO: It may be a bit cozy, even though we left plenty of room for the fire.
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Dec-2019 22:00:38
NAV: I'd imagine. We've caught few fish so far, and found a few nuts and berries. Not much else yet though.
XO Cdr Kuari 04-Dec-2019 22:01:15
:: smiles :: CO: Cozy is good, it keeps us warm. It's enough for us.
CO Capt Harper 04-Dec-2019 22:02:00
:: lets out a small laugh :: XO: Indeed. I must say, after being cold all day, I am looking forward to it. It should even be better than last night.
CTO LtC Wolfe 04-Dec-2019 22:02:22
CSO: Aye, Commander.. :: breaks contact with Wright for the first time to go and make preparations... moving a rock almost into the fire, and some of the leaves into rock crevices they've created for these leaves. While they warm up, he reassumes his position on the other side of the fire from Wright, until they've warmed sufficiently. ::
XO Cdr Kuari 04-Dec-2019 22:03:43
:: carefully sits inside :: CO: Agreed. These walls should keep the heat in well.
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Dec-2019 22:04:52
NAV: Do you have an idea how we got here? Or where 'here' is? I don't recognize any of the stars.
CO Capt Harper 04-Dec-2019 22:04:53
:: munches on some more fruit and leans on Kuari ::
NAV Lt Navarro 04-Dec-2019 22:05:47
CMO: I wish I knew, doctora. :: gazes into the fire ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 04-Dec-2019 22:06:16
::Looks beyond where he's mapped out so far; around the camp, his previous camp, where he awoke... trying to sense any other of the crew. He can feel the flow of life all around him, but nothing sufficient enough to be a sapient lifeform. His head darts side to side awkwardly, as his eyes scan the nothingness ahead of him; as he looks directly at Wolfe and Wright.::
NAV Lt Navarro 04-Dec-2019 22:06:41
:: he had one last night, but this one is nice by virtue of him not having to build it ::
CO Capt Harper 04-Dec-2019 22:07:51
XO: Back in a few, nature calls. :: heads out behind a tree to relieve herself, then to the river to wash up and get a drink ::
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Dec-2019 22:08:09
:: watches Ilaihr while he expands his senses ::
CO Capt Harper 04-Dec-2019 22:09:25
:: washes off in the cold water, shuddering a few times, then drinks deeply before returning to the fire to dry off and warm back up ::
XO Cdr Kuari 04-Dec-2019 22:09:35
:: watches after Kate, then just listens to her sounds from within the hut. Finally, anticipating Kate's return, lies down to make herself comfortable, making sure there's a spot for Kate to fit against her ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 04-Dec-2019 22:10:45
::His lips mumble unaudible words, as he squints his eyes straining to find others.::
CTO LtC Wolfe 04-Dec-2019 22:11:00
:: gets up, pulls the stone from the fire, feels it, and it's just slightly too warm. So he sets it directly in front of Wright. :: CSO: Wait just a moment. :: returns to his spot behind her and watches Ilaihr. ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 04-Dec-2019 22:11:18
:: is shivering, now settling down next to the fire to try and warm up ::
CO Capt Harper 04-Dec-2019 22:11:27
:: bends over to enter the hut, feeling somewhat refreshed just from being cleaner, and then moves around the fire to Kuari ::
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Dec-2019 22:12:07
NAV: If we could build some kind of transmitter, we could maybe get a distress signal out. But we'd need to somehow find the materials and tools first.
CO Capt Harper 04-Dec-2019 22:12:24
ACTION> Ilaihr starts to sense... something near, at the edge of his abilities.
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Dec-2019 22:13:00
:: touches the rock with her toe to see how hot it is ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 04-Dec-2019 22:13:46
::Takes a deep breath.:: Aloud: Red...
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Dec-2019 22:14:07
:: looks at Ilaihr :: CEO: Red?
CO Capt Harper 04-Dec-2019 22:14:09
:: settles down next to Kuari and snuggles up against her, this being far more comfortable than the previous night, which was not even that bad for what it was ::
NAV Lt Navarro 04-Dec-2019 22:15:23
CMO: I think that would be extraordinarily difficult, and since it would not be subspace, could take years or decades to get help. Assuming there is no civilization on this planet, of course.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 04-Dec-2019 22:16:01
Aloud: Phaakh! Haans moor.
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Dec-2019 22:16:01
NAV: We've only seen this forest so far. No other people, or any sign of civilization.
NAV Lt Navarro 04-Dec-2019 22:16:27
CMO: Well, I found you. There may be more of us here, at least...
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 04-Dec-2019 22:16:37
Aloud: Mud, zip?
::Shakes his head.:: Aloud: I think I seee something...
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Dec-2019 22:17:47
NAV: Hopefully. With any luck.
XO Cdr Kuari 04-Dec-2019 22:17:51
:: holds her wing up in preparation, waiting for Kate to finish settling before draping it carefully over her ::
NAV Lt Navarro 04-Dec-2019 22:17:56
CMO: If you want to get some sleep, I'm wide awake.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 04-Dec-2019 22:18:05
::Pushes his hands together.:: CSO: Must look... deeper...
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Dec-2019 22:18:15
:: looks at Wolfe and his spear, nudging him with her elbow :: CEO: :: whispers :: Friend? Foe? Prey?
CO Capt Harper 04-Dec-2019 22:18:36
:: looks gratefully up at her friend :: Thank you, Kuari.
ACTION> The presence Ilaihr can sense is familiar, at least, but distant.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 04-Dec-2019 22:20:15
CSO: Warm... familiar
CO Capt Harper 04-Dec-2019 22:21:14
XO: Would you mind taking first watch? I am quite tired.
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Dec-2019 22:21:16
:: relaxes slightly, then tenses in excitement :: CEO: Whom?
XO Cdr Kuari 04-Dec-2019 22:21:47
CO: That's fine. I didn't expend as much energy today. I will be all right for a few hours.
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Dec-2019 22:21:55
::nods, finding herself starting to yawn.:: NAV: I could certainly use some shuteye. I dunno how she does it, she hasn't budged.. ::looks at Jude, curled up by the fire.::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 04-Dec-2019 22:22:11
CSO: There is a lot of noise.... I must get closer. If only I had my herbs.
NAV Lt Navarro 04-Dec-2019 22:22:26
:: smirks at Jude :: CMO: Lucky her. Get some sleep, I'll keep watch.
CO Capt Harper 04-Dec-2019 22:23:25
:: yawns :: XO: Thank you, wake me when you need me... :: closes her eyes and drifts off, warm and rather comfortable snuggled up against Kuari's side and under her wing ::
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Dec-2019 22:23:51
NAV: Thank you ::smiles, and goes and pulls up her sleeping mat and leaf 'blanket' next to the fire, and lays down, trying to drift off::
NAV Lt Navarro 04-Dec-2019 22:25:08
:: leans back onto his hands and watches the stars a bit, listening for anything amiss and contemplating their situation, but is glad to no longer be alone ::
XO Cdr Kuari 04-Dec-2019 22:26:18
:: feels Kate still and concentrates on the sounds around the tent, being harder to hear within the walls, but she sets a baseline as she lowers her head to the floor and listens for any changes in the sounds as she goes into sentry mode ::
CO Capt Harper 04-Dec-2019 22:26:21
ACTION> The night passes, and the sunrise starts to dapple the forest with touches of gold that slip through the leaves, causing the morning fog and dew to recoil ever so slightly.
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Dec-2019 22:27:04
:: is once again wearing her now-dry clothes, having donned them in the night ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 04-Dec-2019 22:27:17
:: grumbles as she rises to pace around their campsite. She hated being as cold as she was at the moment, actually daring to go nudge Acacia awake :: MED: Come on, get up!
MED Lt Acacia 04-Dec-2019 22:27:59
:: starts, looking around :: TAC2: Uh.. good morning.
CO Capt Harper 04-Dec-2019 22:28:49
:: is awake on the second watch, upright against Kuari's side, and watches the colors come to life in the cold forested morning ::
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Dec-2019 22:29:14
::snores, twitches and starts waking up from her half asleep state, slowly realizing there's a tickly thing crawling up her arm...:: Self: Aaah! ::sits up suddenly, brushing off a large centipede like creature::
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Dec-2019 22:29:17
:: snoozing next to the fire ::
SCI LtJG Jude 04-Dec-2019 22:29:53
:: has already been awake, and is gathering pine needles to make a tea. not as good as coffee, but flavored water is good enough ::
NAV Lt Navarro 04-Dec-2019 22:30:04
:: wakes up at the noise, since Jude relieved him from watch earlier :: What?!
CTO LtC Wolfe 04-Dec-2019 22:30:10
:: wakes up, wrapped around Wright, his back freezing, He takes a moment to assess, and sees Ilaihr keeping watch. Does he ever sleep? He slowly breaks away, and moves closer to the fire for a few minutes, before grabbing his spear and heading over to the river ::
XO Cdr Kuari 04-Dec-2019 22:30:31
:: is passed out, snoozing soundly, curled up against the wall of their hut ::
SCI LtJG Jude 04-Dec-2019 22:30:32
:: looks over to Tailor :: CMO: DEITIES! You shocked me from my totally zen mood!
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Dec-2019 22:30:44
Self: I haaaate centipedes! ::jumps to her feet and stomps the ground as the poor thing crawls away into the groundcover just in time.::
CO Capt Harper 04-Dec-2019 22:31:02
:: decides to let her friend sleep a bit longer, since it was not that long ago that she took over the watch, Kuari having toughed it out for more than half the night ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 04-Dec-2019 22:31:07
CSO/CTO: Good morning, young ones.
NAV Lt Navarro 04-Dec-2019 22:31:39
CMO: That could have been good eating, you know. :: chuckles ::
SCI LtJG Jude 04-Dec-2019 22:31:51
:: gestures toward the bug :: CMO: That was perfectly good protein.
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Dec-2019 22:32:11
:: is startled awake by Ilaihr's voice, sitting bolt upright ::
SCI LtJG Jude 04-Dec-2019 22:32:12
CMO: Could have just ripped its head off.
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Dec-2019 22:32:37
NAV/SCI: It went that way if you want to try to catch it... ::points::
SCI LtJG Jude 04-Dec-2019 22:32:48
:: rips more pine needles before returning to the fire ::
MED Lt Acacia 04-Dec-2019 22:32:52
:: sighs, sitting up and picking at what's left of the rat meat :: TAC2: What's the plan? You wanna set out, or build a signal fire?
SCI LtJG Jude 04-Dec-2019 22:33:55
:: walks over to the bug, picks it up, crushes the head then rips it off. she then tosses it in her mouth ::
CO Capt Harper 04-Dec-2019 22:34:13
ACTION> The bug is leggy, but satisfying.
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Dec-2019 22:34:19
:: scurries off to relieve herself somewhere private, and comes back dragging an evergreen bough that she found on the way :: CEO: I'm going to work on building this signal fire, if you want to join me?
SCI LtJG Jude 04-Dec-2019 22:35:04
:: scrunches face :: NAV/CMO: Remarkably pungent. Texture is not the best. But. Food.
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Dec-2019 22:35:21
SCI: Are you sure you're not part Klingon?
NAV Lt Navarro 04-Dec-2019 22:35:32
:: chuckles :: CMO/SCI: What a way to start the morning. :: sits up ::
SCI LtJG Jude 04-Dec-2019 22:35:43
CMO: If I was, I would have questions for my mother.
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Dec-2019 22:35:57
SCI: I mean, I suppose it could be a good source of protein. But.. all those legs. Ew.
SCI LtJG Jude 04-Dec-2019 22:36:38
CMO: Well, the bug I ate for the promotion ceremony tasted better, more like chicken than this.
CO Capt Harper 04-Dec-2019 22:36:42
:: watches the golden tinge on everything the waxing sunlight touches grow as the dawn fully breaks ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 04-Dec-2019 22:36:49
:: looks in thought before responding :: MED: I'd say let's figure out where anyone else is located.
MED Lt Acacia 04-Dec-2019 22:37:46
:: looks at her for a moment :: TAC2: You.. don't mean me, do you? I don't.. feel anybody around.
CTO LtC Wolfe 04-Dec-2019 22:38:33
CEO: Good morning, Commander. :: concentrates on the water, watching for fish ::
MED Lt Acacia 04-Dec-2019 22:38:37
:: stands up and grabs the spear to use as a walking stick, looking around for any signs of life ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 04-Dec-2019 22:38:38
::Nods.:: CTO: Mr Wolfe. ::Points in the direction he sensed last night.:: I would search in that direction, when you set off.
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Dec-2019 22:38:43
SCI: I just closed my eyes and swallowed. I think mine was more like a beetle though. I remember wings. Probably woulda been better with butter and garlic.
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Dec-2019 22:39:08
:: dragging more boughs onto the pile that she's started near the river ::
NAV Lt Navarro 04-Dec-2019 22:39:24
:: lies :: Mine was a cricket, down the hatch.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 04-Dec-2019 22:39:32
MED: I mean, let's just see what we can find. Or who we can find either way. :: rises to follow Acacia, still bare-footed. ::
MED Lt Acacia 04-Dec-2019 22:40:12
:: lets her gut lead the way, and sets off in a direction! ::
SCI LtJG Jude 04-Dec-2019 22:40:48
NAV: Have you ever tried crickets covered in chocolate? Those are surprisingly delightful.
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Dec-2019 22:41:15
:: holds a pitch-covered limb over their fire to light it and uses it to kindle the pile as it is so far ::
NAV Lt Navarro 04-Dec-2019 22:41:23
SCI: Oh, yes, they are quite tasty. But let's not talk chocolate right now, alright? :: laughs ::
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Dec-2019 22:41:54
SCI/NAV: Chocolate. That might not be so horrible.. Yeah, time to change the subject though. We should do some searching today to see if we can find anyone else.
SCI LtJG Jude 04-Dec-2019 22:42:09
NAV: Oh! And various potato chip flavored crickets. BBQ. Sour cream and onions. Cheddar.
CTO LtC Wolfe 04-Dec-2019 22:42:12
:: follows Ilaihr's direction to the new spot he indicated ::
MED Lt Acacia 04-Dec-2019 22:42:14
:: makes sure not to walk too fast for Riley, grateful still for the boots ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 04-Dec-2019 22:42:44
:: watches for fish ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 04-Dec-2019 22:44:04
::Gets up, to help Wright however she needs.::
CO Capt Harper 04-Dec-2019 22:45:31
ACTION> Glints of light off fish scales catch Wolfe's eye, keeping just out of sight after the light strikes them.
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Dec-2019 22:46:20
::looks over at the fishing line to check on if they've caught anything overnight::
CO Capt Harper 04-Dec-2019 22:46:22
:: quietly reaches for piece of fruit and bites into it, enjoying the changing light and colors of the sunrise ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 04-Dec-2019 22:46:41
:: hones in on the fish sparkles... but then they're not there. Still, he waits, staring at the spot where he had seen the scales, but not so tightly focused that he'd miss a fish elsewhere. ::
MED Lt Acacia 04-Dec-2019 22:47:19
:: eyes the trees and bushes for fruit or berries as they walk, as well as looking for signs of activity in the area ::
XO Cdr Kuari 04-Dec-2019 22:47:59
ACTION> Acacia sees fruit in one of the more leafy trees, but they're growing too high to reach.
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Dec-2019 22:48:18
:: admires the thick smoke rising from her pile for a moment before venturing out to grab more fuel for it
TAC2 1Lt Grey 04-Dec-2019 22:48:35
:: hurries to catch up with Acacia, neatly hopping over the roots nearby :: MED: Were you cold last night?
CO Capt Harper 04-Dec-2019 22:48:49
ACTION> One of Tailor's fish hooks has borne frui—er, fish!
MED Lt Acacia 04-Dec-2019 22:49:35
:: shrugs, careful to keep the animal pelt on her shoulder. She slows down a bit, looking up at the fruit as they pass but continuing her search :: TAC2: Not so bad. I'm glad you got some sleep. :: she smiles ::
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Dec-2019 22:49:37
:: intent on building a big smoky bonfire ::
CO Capt Harper 04-Dec-2019 22:49:57
:: finds herself suddenly powerfully missing Lexy ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 04-Dec-2019 22:50:09
:: continues studying the water in front of him ::
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Dec-2019 22:50:27
Self: Oooh.. ::reaches in and grabs the fish from the water off of the line, removing the hook from it's mouth.:: SCI/NAV: Breakfast!
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Dec-2019 22:50:37
:: determined to stay alive and find Kate... and the others ::
NAV Lt Navarro 04-Dec-2019 22:50:50
:: looks over :: CMO: What's on the menu?
SCI LtJG Jude 04-Dec-2019 22:50:52
:: thinks :: CMO: Well, now that we have established that there are other crew members here, I thinks it would be nice to make a bigger smoke signal. Possibly with sticks acting as arrows to our location.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 04-Dec-2019 22:52:01
::Smiles at Alexis.::
CO Capt Harper 04-Dec-2019 22:52:26
:: in the quiet, she fights away tears, wiping them away with the back of her hand before steeling her resolve to find her wife, her crew, and her ship ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 04-Dec-2019 22:52:48
:: shrugs slightly :: MED: I could've slept better... Is it bad that I felt so cold last night?
XO Cdr Kuari 04-Dec-2019 22:53:00
:: still snoozes ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 04-Dec-2019 22:53:12
:: sees a glimmer from a fish, it comes out in the open close enough to Wolfe and he takes his shot ::
SCI LtJG Jude 04-Dec-2019 22:53:33
:: she appears as though a light bulb has gone off in her head :: Telepathy... TELEPATHY! Of course! Why haven’t I tried that yet?
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Dec-2019 22:53:36
SCI: You want to spearhead that? I'll clean this fish for breakfast.
MED Lt Acacia 04-Dec-2019 22:53:46
:: seems concerned for a moment, but just shakes her head :: TAC2: Of course it's not bad. You're holding up great, by the way.
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Dec-2019 22:54:09
::looks to Jude:: SCI: Or.. you could do that. ::grins::
NAV Lt Navarro 04-Dec-2019 22:54:43
CMO/SCI: I suggest we move, likely downstream. If there are any others here, and they found water, that may be a way to find them. Or telepathy, sure.
CO Capt Harper 04-Dec-2019 22:55:54
:: sits there another half hour or so, thinking and wanting to let Kuari get some more much-needed rest ::
:: is also quite warm and loathe to leave the wing-blanket ::
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Dec-2019 22:56:13
:: ventures further afield now, looking for fuel, since she has that huge column of smoke guiding her back to camp ::
SCI LtJG Jude 04-Dec-2019 22:56:19
:: takes a few calming breaths. all the ideas have very much excited her. perhaps a bit too much. she concentrates, sending out a message of ‘is anyone there?’ to perhaps someone, but primarily thinking of Ilaihr and Acacia ::
CO Capt Harper 04-Dec-2019 22:56:43
:: but, even though she has set her resolve to see her loved ones again, she still finds herself quite lonely in the solitude :: XO: Kuari?
XO Cdr Kuari 04-Dec-2019 22:56:52
:: opens her eyes, raising her head suddenly when she realizes it's quite bright out :: CO: How long as the sun been up?
CO Capt Harper 04-Dec-2019 22:57:27
:: smiles :: XO: A little while. Not an hour, though, by my estimation. You needed some more sleep, so I did not want to wake you right at dawn.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 04-Dec-2019 22:57:39
:: grumbles faintly, moving to stay in line with Acacia :: MED: That's good to hear... I just absolutely hate the fucking cold.
XO Cdr Kuari 04-Dec-2019 22:58:36
ACTION> Wolfe spears a fish, the end of the pole vibrating with the force of the pointy end buried in the river rock ::
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Dec-2019 22:58:53
:: keeps her eyes peeled for any flora that looks potentially edible as she forages for fuel ::
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Dec-2019 22:58:58
SCI/NAV: Whatever we decide to do, we should eat first. And If we move, we probably should take some of these things with us. ::indicates the kiln with pots, and the fishing line, etc that they've managed to build so far::
CO Capt Harper 04-Dec-2019 22:59:03
ACTION> Jude does not fare as well as Ilaihr, and senses nothing.
MED Lt Acacia 04-Dec-2019 22:59:37
:: continues leading the charge, walking generally upstream with spear in hand. ::
SCI LtJG Jude 04-Dec-2019 22:59:59
:: she pauses, and scrunches her eyebrows. she closes her eyes, and tries to reach out specifically to Ilaihr, hoping that concentrating her efforts to one person will help ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 04-Dec-2019 23:00:19
:: dislodges the spear, pulls the fish up, smashes its head with a rock, and then tosses it toward the fire where Wright can pick it up ::
:: turns around and searches for his next fish. It's not long before he spots another, and lunges. ::
CO Capt Harper 04-Dec-2019 23:00:51
ACTION> At the absolute maximum extent of Jude's ability, she senses something familiar that she thinks could be Ilaihr, but it is hard to tell.
XO Cdr Kuari 04-Dec-2019 23:01:21
ACTION> Wolfe's attempt injures a fish, but it swims away, leaving a dark cloud in the water.
NAV Lt Navarro 04-Dec-2019 23:01:27
CMO: Absolutely. :: produces a bit of flint from the pocket of his boxers :: I found this on the first day, too.
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Dec-2019 23:02:12
::waits, watching Jude concentrate on her telepathy, beginning to clean the fish that she caught::
SCI LtJG Jude 04-Dec-2019 23:02:39
:: she tries to confirm :: ~???CEO???: Who are you?~
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 04-Dec-2019 23:02:47
::His antennae twitch a little, and he pauses for a moment.::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 04-Dec-2019 23:03:04
:: mutters, absolutely despising this current area they were in, as she hurried after Acacia :: MED: Do you have telepathy of any kind?
CO Capt Harper 04-Dec-2019 23:03:13
ACTION> Neither Ilaihr or Jude can directly communicate at this range. The presence, however, is enticing.
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Dec-2019 23:03:35
::holds up the flint she's using to scrape the scales off:: NAV: We found some of these yesterday also. They've been really helpful.
MED Lt Acacia 04-Dec-2019 23:03:48
:: sighs :: TAC2: I told you, I don't feel anyone nearby. It's more of a passive thing, usually.
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Dec-2019 23:03:53
:: continues looking down at the ground as well as up in the trees for anything that looks edible as she drags more fuel back to the smoky fire ::
SCI LtJG Jude 04-Dec-2019 23:05:01
:: opens her eyes and grunts :: CMO: I think there is someone. Maybe Ilaihr. A long while away. It’s a crapshoot, but perhaps something I can look into.
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Dec-2019 23:05:24
SCI: That's good news. Can you tell which direction?
CTO LtC Wolfe 04-Dec-2019 23:05:40
:: pulls his spear back, watching for more fish... but it seems they've scattered from this point. So he moves upstream a bit, until he finds more fish and readies himself. Then, when he has a chance, he lunges again. ::
SCI LtJG Jude 04-Dec-2019 23:06:02
CMO: I’m thinking of walking in one distance to see if I can get a ‘stronger signal’, so to speak. If that doesn’t work, the opposite direction.
XO Cdr Kuari 04-Dec-2019 23:06:23
:: smiles at Kate's kindness :: CO: Well, we should probably get moving, shouldn't we? It's too bad we have to leave a camp such as this, but we would get nowhere staying here.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 04-Dec-2019 23:06:44
::Stands up, and starts walking off; the sound of his stick tapping on the ground echoing around him.::
CO Capt Harper 04-Dec-2019 23:07:13
XO: As much as I do not want to leave the warmth, you are right. What do you think, follow the river?
XO Cdr Kuari 04-Dec-2019 23:07:15
ACTION> Wolfe misses a fish!
CO Capt Harper 04-Dec-2019 23:08:19
:: reaches over for another piece of fruit, making sure there's enough left for Kuari's breakfast, then hungrily devours it ::
XO Cdr Kuari 04-Dec-2019 23:08:19
:: stretches her stiff muscles, as well as she can within the confines of their hut :: CO: It seems like a good idea to me.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 04-Dec-2019 23:08:51
~SCI~: I am coming... ::Keeps turning his head side to side as he plods on.::
CTO LtC Wolfe 04-Dec-2019 23:09:00
:: cusses quietly, draws his spear back, and waits for another. When it's in just the right place, he slams the spear into where it (the fish) is going ::
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Dec-2019 23:09:49
SCI: Try to mark your trail in case you get lost.
SCI LtJG Jude 04-Dec-2019 23:09:52
CMO: If I am going to find anyone, I need to get going now.
CO Capt Harper 04-Dec-2019 23:10:03
:: reluctantly extracts herself from the hut and stretches, bracing at the cool morning air ::
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Dec-2019 23:10:25
:: comes back to camp in time to see Ilaihr leaving :: CEO: Where are you going?
XO Cdr Kuari 04-Dec-2019 23:10:26
ACTION> The fish darts expertly to the side, Wolfe missing again.
NAV Lt Navarro 04-Dec-2019 23:10:44
SCI: Perhaps we should all go together after breakfast? I don't particularly like the idea of splitting up.
CO Capt Harper 04-Dec-2019 23:11:05
:: heads off behind a tree for a few minutes, then to the river for a long drink of water ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 04-Dec-2019 23:11:19
:: cusses Britishly, pounds his fist on the rock that he's lying on, pulls the spear back, waits for another fish, and tries again. :: Self: I guess the beginner's luck has run out.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 04-Dec-2019 23:11:25
CSO: I can sense someone.... someone trying to reach me...
SCI LtJG Jude 04-Dec-2019 23:11:57
:: stretches her back, and proceeds to pick up her stabby stick :: NAV: I will be fine. I will mark my trail on trees. I’m going to head downwards. :: points in direction ::
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Dec-2019 23:12:06
CEO: It might be dangerous for you to go alone. Maybe Wolfe should go with you?
CO Capt Harper 04-Dec-2019 23:12:43
:: splashes her face to wake up, then heads back to the hut ::
SCI LtJG Jude 04-Dec-2019 23:13:14
:: also grabs her sharp rock, nods at both, and promptly starts walking, giving off a ‘who is here’ telepathic message as she goes ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 04-Dec-2019 23:13:17
CSO: I shall be fine, my dear... ::Smiles back at her.::
XO Cdr Kuari 04-Dec-2019 23:14:24
ACTION> Wolfe finally stabs a fish! All the activity has caused the others to scatter.
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Dec-2019 23:14:45
::splits open the fish and removes the head and organs and other things they probably don't want to eat:: SCI: Be careful, and good luck.
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Dec-2019 23:14:47
:: starting to panic :: CEO: But... we just found you... please, at least make sure you come back today! :: whispers :: Don't leave me alone with Wolfe!
NAV Lt Navarro 04-Dec-2019 23:15:12
:: furrows his brow, concerned ::
XO Cdr Kuari 04-Dec-2019 23:15:54
:: does some more stretching, outside the hut where there's more space ::
SCI LtJG Jude 04-Dec-2019 23:16:00
:: looks back and shouts :: CMO: EAT ALL OF IT! THE EYEBALLS ARE NUTRITIOUS!
:: continues on ::
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Dec-2019 23:16:28
NAV: She maybe right about not wanting to lose the 'signal', so to speak. We can follow her trail if we need to.
CTO LtC Wolfe 04-Dec-2019 23:16:37
:: dislodges the spear, pulls the fish off of it, clobbers the fish, and then tosses it toward the fire, where it lands almost perfectly next to the first fish. :: ALL: Fish up! :: turns back to the river to find... nothing there. :: CEO: Okay, I'm doing this. Can you sense where the fish are now? I seem to have startled them.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 04-Dec-2019 23:16:43
::Appears closer to Alexis using mind magic. His figure smiling at her, tapping her gently on the hand.:: CSO: I shall return. I must get closer to the source.
MED Lt Acacia 04-Dec-2019 23:17:19
:: continues along the river, scanning the horizon ::
NAV Lt Navarro 04-Dec-2019 23:17:35
CMO: Sí, sí, but it still seems like a bad idea to split up at all.
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Dec-2019 23:18:05
:: impulsively hugs the old man, then reluctantly lets him go, hastily wiping away tears born from a variety of emotions ::
XO Cdr Kuari 04-Dec-2019 23:18:17
:: sniffs around just inside the tent, finding the fruit and gobbling one up at a time ::
CO Capt Harper 04-Dec-2019 23:18:57
:: back at the hut to find Kuari eating breakfast :: XO: About ready to move? :: grabs the bow-drill and board, along with her stick and rock ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 04-Dec-2019 23:18:58
CTO: The fish are in the water, my dear boy. ::Smirks.::
XO Cdr Kuari 04-Dec-2019 23:19:26
:: looks up at Kate, nodding while she finishes chewing the last fruit and looks around to see if there's anything else they should take with them ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 04-Dec-2019 23:19:30
:: turns around and gives an annoyed look at Ilaihr :: CEO: You don't say.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 04-Dec-2019 23:19:50
::Vanishes, having walked further on whilst he communicated with the pair.::
CO Capt Harper 04-Dec-2019 23:19:58
:: hands the bow-drill and board to Kuari to put in her pouch, then double checks their camp for anything of use ::
SCI LtJG Jude 04-Dec-2019 23:20:10
:: cuts part of the bark off a tree, and continues on ::
XO Cdr Kuari 04-Dec-2019 23:20:23
:: takes them and carefully places them as flat as she can in her pouch ::
CO Capt Harper 04-Dec-2019 23:20:52
XO: Be careful with those, I can only grow hair so fast. :: grins ::
XO Cdr Kuari 04-Dec-2019 23:21:07
CO: I am, I am!
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Dec-2019 23:21:10
NAV: I know, it's not ideal.
MED Lt Acacia 04-Dec-2019 23:21:12
:: snaps branches along their path around eye level ::
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Dec-2019 23:21:25
:: sniffs and recomposes herself, then dumps the fuel on the smoky fire and sets out away from camp again, continuing to look for edible flora, ignoring the rumbling in her belly to sate the need to be alone instead ::
NAV Lt Navarro 04-Dec-2019 23:21:33
CMO: No stopping that one, though. :: chuckles, hoping for the best ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 04-Dec-2019 23:21:39
:: shakes his head annoyedly, continuing to walk upstream. He finds another deep spot, and there he camps out waiting for the next catch ::
SCI LtJG Jude 04-Dec-2019 23:22:15
:: loudly whistles a tune, hoping that if there is anyone else out there, they will hear her ::
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Dec-2019 23:22:18
NAV: We'll just have to trust that she'll be fine.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 04-Dec-2019 23:22:48
::Keeps focusing on the direction of the telepoathic contact.::
SCI LtJG Jude 04-Dec-2019 23:23:26
:: continues to telepathically reach out, mark trees, and whistle at the same time ::
CO Capt Harper 04-Dec-2019 23:24:26
:: they head out, following the river downstream ::
ACTION> The morning passes... and after a couple of hours, Acacia and Grey spot billowing smoke in the distance!