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(21:29:11) CaptHarper: BEGIN SIM
(21:29:12) CaptHarper: BEGIN SIM
(21:29:12) CaptHarper: BEGIN SIM
(21:29:16) MED_Lt_Acacia: ::pulls the cart full of medical equipment, trinkets, boxed bugs and such, and more with the help of Tailor. ::
(21:29:32) CaptHarper: :: leading the command party toward the shuttlecraft ::
(21:29:36) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: doesn't let his guard down as his team approaches the shuttle ::
(21:30:28) CaptHarper: :: arrives at the Seraphim and does a once-over on the outside before disengaging the security ::
(21:30:32) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: is silently beating herself up for being so distracted by Venya, even though that was clearly the Orion woman's intent... *especially* because it was her intent ::
(21:30:57) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: boards the shuttle and slides into the second seat, performing normal pre-flight tasks ::
(21:31:35) ENG_Ens_Skovik: :: heads back toward the shuttle, bringing with him the crate of plating that he and the CEO had purchased. ::
(21:31:39) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: will wait outside until the last Atlantis crewmember is on board. ::
(21:32:21) CaptHarper: :: clasps Wolfe on the shoulder as she boards :: CTO: Thanks, Colonel.
(21:32:31) MED_Lt_Acacia: :: hoists the cart up into the cabin, finds a nice corner for it, and begins strapping it down. :: All: Get anything good?
(21:32:42) TAC2_1LT_Grey: :: slips away from Acacia to stand at Wolfe's side, waiting for everyone to board ::
(21:33:29) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: is parched, since he did not have any tea during the meeting. But no one needs to know that. He directs Grey to the other side of the hatch. ::
(21:33:36) CaptHarper: :: slides into her seat and starts her own preflight checks ::
(21:35:01) ENG_Ens_Skovik: :: stows the cargo and quietly gets on board with the others. ::
(21:35:37) CaptHarper: CSO: Go ahead and get us launch clearance from Refuge control.
(21:35:54) CaptHarper: :: glad that no one tried to steal her shuttle ::
(21:36:00) MED_Lt_Acacia: :: shrugs, strapping into one of the seats ::
(21:36:13) CSO_Cdr_Wright: CO: Already on it, Captain. Our clearance just came in. We're good to go.
(21:37:20) CaptHarper: :: turns around and starts counting people, seeing lots of cargo ::
(21:38:11) CaptHarper: :: calls out the hatch :: All aboard!
(21:38:21) TAC2_1LT_Grey: :: moves silently to the other side of the hatch, remaining standing true and in resting position, listening for the call ::
(21:39:00) MED_Lt_Acacia: :: idly checks that her whole groups is there, then settles down into her seat ::
(21:39:54) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: nods Grey into the shuttle, before boarding himself and closing the hatch. :: CO: Aye, Captain. All aboard.
(21:40:12) ENG_Ens_Skovik: :: settles in his seat and looks over at Acacia :: MED: I trust your shopping went well enough?
(21:40:32) TAC2_1LT_Grey: :: settles into the seat by the cargo, resting her head against the headrest before letting her eyes close, dozing ::
(21:41:26) MED_Lt_Acacia: :: nods :: ENG: There was some decent lab equipment we found, and lots of bacteria. :: she seems most excited about the germs, of course ::
(21:42:21) CaptHarper: :: after a few more final checks, she lifts the Seraphim off and out of the shielding, then starts the climb toward Atlantis ::
(21:42:52) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: begins communications with Atlantis, securing landing clearance in the shuttle bay well in advance ::
(21:44:15) CaptHarper: :: arcs the Seraphim gracefully out behind Atlantis to line up with the shuttlebay ::
(21:44:42) CSO_Cdr_Wright: CO: The shuttle bay is waiting for us, Captain.
(21:45:01) ENG_Ens_Skovik: MED: How... quaint. The Commander and I picked up some some new armor plating. Not quite all we were after, but it is sufficient.
(21:45:24) CaptHarper: CSO: Home again... :: smiles over at her ::
(21:45:33) TAC2_1LT_Grey: ENG: Too much gross-looking bacteria. :: contributes from her position at the back, eyes not opening ::
(21:45:41) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: smiles back, somewhat sheepishly ::
(21:46:58) MED_Lt_Acacia: :: chuckles, leaning back in her chair :: Grey: To each their own.
(21:47:20) CaptHarper: :: makes a note to talk to Lexy later, getting the sense that something is troubling her ::
(21:47:27) CaptHarper: :: eases through the shielding and sets the Seraphim gently down on the deck ::
(21:48:46) CaptHarper: :: starts the power down sequence and disarms the hatch :: All: Have your cargo unloaded by the deck crew and resume your stations.
(21:49:30) MED_Lt_Acacia: :: raises an eyebrow at that but shrugs it off, unbuckling and standing up to shuffle out of the shuttle ::
(21:50:27) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: powers down her station as well before standing up to exit the shuttle ::
(21:52:17) ENG_Ens_Skovik: :: gets up out of his seat and organizes the offloading of his cargo. Once that's done, he heads toward the turbolift, making his way to the Bridge. ::
(21:52:36) TAC2_1LT_Grey: :: standing to exit the shuttle, planning on heading up to her rooms unless she's needed on the Bridge ::
(21:53:47) CaptHarper: :: heads out herself and thanks the deck crew as she passes ::
(21:54:20) MED_Lt_Acacia: :: heads for the medical research lab/sickbay with the deck hands pushing the cart now, humming happily. ::
(21:54:45) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: follows the crowd to the turbolift, somewhat dreading seeing the details on this "pirate" ::
(21:55:23) CaptHarper: :: enters the TL with the bridge-bound crew ::
(21:58:40) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: keeps her concerns to herself, for now ::
(21:58:44) CaptHarper: :: exits the TL onto the bridge ::
(21:59:09) MED_Lt_Acacia: :: checks in with the lab crew, updates supply manifests, and makes sure all the stations are stocked. ::
(21:59:41) NAV_Lt_Navarro: CO: Welcome back, capitana. We have received a data packet from Refuge.
(22:00:19) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: exits the TL and makes directly for her station, anxious to see what is in this "data packet" -- nods a greeting to Navarro ::
(22:00:30) NAV_Lt_Navarro: :: nods and smiles at Wright ::
(22:00:45) ENG_Ens_Skovik: :: heads back to the Engineering station on the bridge and takes over his post. ::
(22:00:52) CaptHarper: NAV: Thank you, Mr. Navarro. Put relevant data on the main viewer, please.
(22:01:22) NAV_Lt_Navarro: :: does so ::
(22:01:47) MED_Lt_Acacia: :: finishes up fairly quickly and heads for the bridge as well ::
(22:02:15) CaptHarper: ACTION> A model of a modified Miranda-class starship appears on the screen, along with several details about its known armaments, and the areas of space it likes to frequent.
(22:03:06) CaptHarper: :: stands in front of her chair, hands on her hips, and chuckles ::
(22:03:41) TAC2_1LT_Grey: :: enters onto the bridge, stopping dead at seeing the image on the screen, moving to settle at her station ::
(22:03:57) ENG_Ens_Skovik: :: looks at the display curiously ::
(22:04:09) MED_Lt_Acacia: ::arrives on the bridge and takes her usual station, looking up at the screen. She's pretty out of the loop, just watching quietly. ::
(22:04:20) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: looks back at Kate, brow furrowed, a questioning expression on her face ::
(22:04:32) NAV_Lt_Navarro: :: smiles back at Acacia ::
(22:04:59) MED_Lt_Acacia: :: grins at Navarro, giving a cool shrug. She knew she'd be fine. ::
(22:05:22) CEO_LtCdr_Ilaihr: ::Takes his station, and starts writing up a to-do list.::
(22:06:19) CaptHarper: CEO: Commander Ilaihr, can you make us look like an innocent merchant trader?
(22:07:29) CaptHarper: :: knows the answer, since he's camouflaged them before ::
(22:08:24) CEO_LtCdr_Ilaihr: ::Looks over his shoulder, before turning in his seat.:: CO: The panel beating would take some time, but theoretically, I could do that. ::Stares deadpan a moment, for effect.::
(22:08:39) ENG_Ens_Skovik: MED: The germs are safely... er... Tucked in is the expression I believe?
(22:09:53) CaptHarper: :: laughs :: CEO: Do not dent my ship, Commander! The transponder changes will be sufficient.
(22:10:24) MED_Lt_Acacia: :: purses her lips to keep herself from laughing, giving a nod :: ENG: They're sleeping soundly. They have no idea what's coming.
(22:11:06) CSO_Cdr_Wright: Suzuki> :: also sleeping soundly and has no idea what's coming ::
(22:11:32) CEO_LtCdr_Ilaihr: CO: But I can change our identification codes, and modify our signature output to match a merchant vessel, yes. With some tweaks to the deflector dish, we could also attempt to create a holographic mask.
(22:12:15) ENG_Ens_Skovik: CEO: I can handle the deflector modifications, Sir.
(22:12:21) CaptHarper: CEO: Get the ident and signature changes up first, so that we can depart. The rest can happen en route.
(22:13:40) CaptHarper: All: This pirate is using an old Starfleet ship, which makes us look bad. In her own way, Venya has done us a favor.
(22:14:12) TAC2_1LT_Grey: :: watches carefully, focus on the pirate ship on the screen :: Self: Interesting...
(22:14:31) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: turns back to the main viewer, raising her brows. Venya doesn't seem like the type to do favors for anyone. ::
(22:14:34) CEO_LtCdr_Ilaihr: ::Nods to the captain.:: ENG: Excellent. Have them ready, ensign; and we'll see what kind of signal I can give us.
(22:15:23) CaptHarper: This pirate vessel, for those of you who do not know, is misrepresenting itself as a Free Fleets vessel, which also makes them look bad.
(22:15:34) ENG_Ens_Skovik: :: nods and steps away from the station :: CEO: I'll head to Main Engineering and see what we can come up with.
(22:15:51) CaptHarper: We are to stop their piracy before they inevitably attack Federation-aligned shipping, causing a diplomatic incident between us and the Free Fleets.
(22:16:06) CEO_LtCdr_Ilaihr: ENG: The size and output of Atlantis does give us some hurdles though, we may well have to restrict power to some sections, and dampen and mask it in others
(22:16:47) CaptHarper: The Miranda-class may be old, but there are several known modifications listed here. CTO: Be ready for a fight.
(22:16:47) MED_Lt_Acacia: :: nods thoughtfully, pulling up her files to work on while things are calm ::
(22:17:03) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: CO: Of course, Captain.
(22:19:38) ENG_Ens_Skovik: :: nods and takes notes on his PADD ::
(22:20:23) TAC2_1LT_Grey: CO: Yes Captain.
(22:20:52) CaptHarper: In this case, it would seem that she asked for us because our interests align in a spectacular fashion.
(22:22:43) CaptHarper: While I acknowledge the possibilty that given Venya's... presentation, that she could be misleading us, I have no reason to suspect that.
(22:23:14) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: hopes for very spectacular fashion when it comes to dealing with the pirates ::
(22:23:30) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: keeps her skeptical look private ::
(22:23:32) CaptHarper: Everything she has given us so far in the ten years Atlantis has been visiting Refuge has checked out, so for now, we must act on the assumption that this is true as well.
(22:25:47) CEO_LtCdr_Ilaihr: ::Starts typing away at his console, manipulating the energy grid of Atlantis, lowering power flow to certain areas of the ship, and the overall output of the warp core.::
(22:26:04) CaptHarper: CEO: Mr. Ilaihr, how long until this 'freighter' can depart, with at least the basic ident changes?
(22:27:28) ENG_Ens_Skovik: :: had already made his way to ME and had begun working on the deflector dish, trying to see what he and the engineers could do to make the ship look a little less like the ship ::
(22:31:43) CEO_LtCdr_Ilaihr: CO: Identification changes will only take a couple of minutes; its quite easy to do when you've done it a few times before. ::Mumbles.:: The changes to our signature, are taking longer. I wouldn't say any more than twenty minutes... but we can set off before then.
(22:32:46) MED_Lt_Acacia: :: keeps an ear to the bridge as she goes through her recent files, doing some small edits. ::
(22:32:58) CaptHarper: :: chuckles, knowing Ilaihr has this well in hand :: CEO: Thank you, let me know when we are ready. :: stands and walks up to the main viewer ::
(22:35:41) CaptHarper: :: looks over the map and sees some space that's unexplored, at least by us, as part of the area the pirate likes to frequent :: NAV: Mr. Navarro, set a course for... :: waves at the area :: here. Somewhere.
(22:36:01) CEO_LtCdr_Ilaihr: ::Hums as he changes the ship registry with his left hand.:: CO: We can set off in... now. If you wish. ::Gets back to the signature modifications.:: NAV: I'd recommend flying behind dealer's choice of astronomical body; just to throw of any nearby sensors, as Atlantis vanishes and becomes a Yridian freighter.
(22:36:53) NAV_Lt_Navarro: CO: Yes ma'am. :: notes where she's pointing and gets the coordinate ranges for the area ::
(22:37:20) NAV_Lt_Navarro: :: turns to chuckle at Ilaihr :: CEO: I will find something, I am sure.
(22:38:38) NAV_Lt_Navarro: CO: Course laid in and ready, capitana, but give me a chance to fly misdirection before we go to warp.
(22:39:08) CaptHarper: NAV: Thank you, Zorro. CSO: Obtain departure clearance from Refuge Control, Commander Wright.
(22:39:33) CSO_Cdr_Wright: CO: Aye, Captain. :: calls over to Refuge Control to obtain the necessary clearances ::
(22:42:16) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: receives the clearance :: CO: We are cleared for departure.
(22:42:33) CaptHarper: CSO: Thank you, Commander. NAV: At your discretion, Mr. Navarro.
(22:43:00) CEO_LtCdr_Ilaihr: ::Mumbles to himself as he fine tunes the ships emission signature.::
(22:43:38) NAV_Lt_Navarro: :: smiles to himself :: CO: Aye, capitana. :: pulls Atlantis out of their parking orbit and into the asteroid cloud nearby ::
(22:45:05) NAV_Lt_Navarro: :: engages the warp drive at warp nine in another direction entirely, and maintains it long enough to be be convincing ::
(22:45:16) CaptHarper: :: sits down to see how this goes ::
(22:46:15) NAV_Lt_Navarro: :: drops out of warp in low orbit of Refuge's star, but far enough away to be safe :: CEO: Commander, this should do for a costume change.
(22:47:33) CEO_LtCdr_Ilaihr: ::Changes the ship's signature.::
(22:49:41) NAV_Lt_Navarro: :: engages the warp drive at a leisurely warp five in the direction the captain indicated ::
(22:50:15) CaptHarper: ACTION> Atlantis warps off into the black.
(22:50:18) CaptHarper: PAUSE SIM
(22:50:18) CaptHarper: PAUSE SIM
(22:50:19) CaptHarper: PAUSE SIM