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(21:15:25) KateHarper: RESUME SLACKING OFF
(21:15:25) KateHarper: RESUME SLACKING OFF
(21:15:26) KateHarper: RESUME SLACKING OFF
(21:19:20) BenedictWolfe: :: stands as the attendant helps him into the harness, and then Tira with him. ::
(21:23:30) LexyWright: :: is laying on a floatie in the Harper family pool wearing a teal bikini, her new sunhat, and a pair of sunglasses, and a copious amount of sunscreen, lazily trailing her fingers in the water ::
(21:23:32) EmilyAcacia: :: has fallen asleep on the beach. Fortunately she remembered to wear sunscreen. ::
(21:24:59) RyleighGrey: :: is swimming again, diving every so often to admire the coral and other underwater fishes, near Acacia's position at the moment ::
(21:25:22) KateHarper: :: also floating in her parents' pool, but in a green bikini, no sunhat or suncreen required, but a pair of aviator frames she found on Earth ::
(21:26:06) LexyWright: :: looks over at Kate :: Kate: If I get any more relaxed, I might actually fall asleep.
(21:26:17) Ilaihr: ::Wanders through the corridor's of Atlantis, touring the ship, and sighing to himself.::
(21:26:58) KateHarper: :: languidly :: Lexy: There are worse things, love.
(21:27:20) Kuari: :: sits down on the floor near Wolfe as he and Tira are being harnessed, watching in fascination at ways people have learned to fly ::
(21:27:52) BenedictWolfe: Feels as Tira's body is strapped into the harness against his, as they're cinched together ::
(21:28:14) BenedictWolfe: :: quietly in her ear :: Tira: Well, this is nice.
(21:28:28) LexyWright: Kate: I don't know, the sunburn that could come from that could be worse than you think.
(21:29:14) Tira: :: smiles and lets her hand wander, giving Wolfe's leg a squeeze behind her. :: Wolfe: Indeed.
(21:29:55) LinxiJude: :: is laying down on a dock, eyes shut and feet dangling in water ::
(21:29:56) KateHarper: :: lets out a teasing giggle :: Lexy: I would not know!
(21:31:11) Kuari: :: is oblivious ::
(21:32:23) BenedictWolfe: :: once finished being tied together with Tira, follows her closely as they make their way up the steps onto the platform. ::
(21:32:53) LexyWright: :: mock indignation :: Kate: If you're going to make fun of my sensitive skin, then you don't get to touch it! :: playfully splashes water at her wife ::
(21:32:56) Tira: :: follows the attendant, but this is much more awkward than one would imagine, even for a couple of warriors like Wolfe and herself ::
(21:33:06) EmilyAcacia: :: starts awake, smacking her face on her umbrella pole. She looks around slowly, disoriented. Realizing she's on the beach she sighs, laughing to herself. ::
(21:33:27) Kuari: :: gets up and follows, excited for the promise of flying with her friends ::
(21:33:46) DocNavarro: :: at a beach bar, trying to figure out the rules for a sporting event he's watching while drinking something local ::
(21:36:00) BenedictWolfe: :: makes it to the top of the steps and onto the platform, then waits while the harness is fitted around them, behind him. He turns to Kuari who is also up on the platform and gives her a one-sided grin. ::
(21:36:42) KateHarper: :: splashes back, though still somewhat lazily, and grins :: Lexy: Neither of us would enjoy that!
(21:37:52) Kuari: :: grins back at Wolfe, paying full attention to him and following his lead. She waits nearby to take flight, looking at the contraption to see how it works ::
(21:38:02) LinxiJude: Jan> :: walks out to the dock looking for Linxi and spots her laying down. she takes out a bottle of sunscreen and opens the top, giggling silently. she carefully pours the sunscreen on Linxi's abdomen in a /certain shape/, before running off the dock, laughing out loud ::
(21:39:15) BenedictWolfe: :: takes in the catapult to which he and Tira are now attached. The size is simply incredible. There's no way something like this would be allowed back on Earth, other than perhaps on a holodeck with the safety systems activated. But this is real. ::
(21:40:28) RyleighGrey: :: pops out of the water again, heavily breathing as she slowly swam back towards the beach, moving to steal Acacia's towel and settle down on it ::
(21:40:46) Tira: :: tenses up ever so slightly, before the attendant instructs them to lie back, and so now she is fully lying back on top of Wolfe, staring at the catapult's arm. ::
(21:40:53) EmilyAcacia: :: exhales, sitting up and taking stock of what she brought. She adjusts her umbrella, sitting it upright since it had slid down. She raises an eyebrow, smiling at Grey. :: Grey: Enjoying yourself?
(21:43:06) DocNavarro: :: his attention wanders out to sea, losing focus on the horizon ::
(21:43:28) BenedictWolfe: :: lies back in the basket and waits. Meanwhile, the attendant goes to the safety of his operator's stand and prepares to launch them. :: Kuari: Can you keep up when this flings us?
(21:43:49) RyleighGrey: Acacia: Very much so. Is Navarro nearby? You two don't seem to be too far apart lately. :: sits up, pulling her hair out of the braid and squeezing the water out ::
(21:44:18) Kuari: :: having gotten a grasp of how the thing works, now looks doubtful :: Wolfe: Um....I don't think so. Should I get a head start?
(21:44:46) BenedictWolfe: Kuari: I would.
(21:45:32) BenedictWolfe: Kuari: If I had the ability to fly, that is.
(21:46:13) EmilyAcacia: :: smirks, shrugging as she lays back down on her towel. :: Grey: Not sure where he is. I don't have a tracker on him yet.
(21:46:15) Kuari: :: extends her wings and flaps hurriedly, getting some distance between them ::
(21:47:11) BenedictWolfe: :: takes a guess where their apogee will be ::
(21:47:22) RyleighGrey: :: bursts into laughter at Acacia's response :: Acacia: Yet? Does that mean you'll be putting on on him? :: asks, expression absolutely teasing ::
(21:47:26) KimikoSuzuki: :: mosies up to the bar, looking around while waiting for her drink and catching sight of Navarro staring out to sea; she looks where he's looking, but doesn't see anything, so collects her drink and settles on the stool next to him :: Doc: Looking for someone? Your lady doctor, perhaps?
(21:48:33) LinxiJude: :: opens eyes and looks around. not noticing anyone, she shrugs and shuts them again ::
(21:49:06) LexyWright: Kate: Ah, you have me, there. Still, maybe we should do something more exciting than lazily drifting here in the pool.
(21:49:18) DocNavarro: :: doesn't startle, just looks away from the sea to Suzuki :: Hola, Jester. And I was originally trying to figure out the rules of that game. :: gestures to the holo :: But got lost in thought.
(21:49:47) EmilyAcacia: :: folds her arms behind her head, smirking behind her big round sunglasses. :: Grey: I could. I could have a tracker on you. :: she teases back ::
(21:49:51) KateHarper: Lexy: If we must. But it is so nice to just do nothing. Still, I am game.
(21:50:21) LexyWright: :: sighs :: Kate: We don't have to do anything if you don't want to, it was just a suggestion.
(21:50:29) Tira: :: isn't so sure she wants to do this, but there's no way she can show that to Bennnie. ::
(21:50:32) BenedictWolfe: :: And with that, the attendant releases the catapult. Almost slowly at first, and quickly picking up speed their basket makes its way to the apex of its motion. It's only a few seconds, though it's such a huge catapult that it covers several meters, even though it's only changing angle by about 45 degrees. Soon, they're airborne, quickly catching up with Kuari now. ::
(21:51:15) KateHarper: :: lightly splashes her :: No, it is fine! How much vacation do we get, anyway? What would you like to do?
(21:51:50) Kuari: :: watches Wolfe and Tira approach. Her eyes grow wide and she quickly starts flapping hard, realizing they're quickly going to overtake her ::
(21:52:12) RyleighGrey: :: splutters indignantly :: Acacia: You... don't. Do you? :: recalls all the times she had ended up in the medical bay before she shrugs :: Acacia: Again... maybe not so unrealistic.
(21:52:13) Tira: :: grabs onto Wolfe. After a few seconds, she's had some time to adjust to the fact that she's flying so... laterally. She loosens her death grip, re-evaluates the situation, and starts enjoying herself within a few seconds ::
(21:53:05) KimikoSuzuki: :: noticing how he ignored the topic of Acacia, decides to let it go :: Doc: Oh? Do exotic sports interest you?
(21:54:27) LexyWright: Kate: Well, how about we trade this body of water for a larger one? I haven't had much chance to explore the seas here.
(21:54:31) EmilyAcacia: :: grins, letting it linger for just a moment before reassuring her :: Grey: Of course I don't. I did see him yesterday, though.
(21:54:39) BenedictWolfe: :: rolls them forward so that they are both facing into the direction of travel, watching with an unavoidable grin as they are quickly approaching Kuari, but also starting to slow down... though most people in this situation would not really notice the change in velocity. ::
(21:54:52) DocNavarro: Kimiko: They do, at least trying to figure them out does.
(21:55:12) KateHarper: :: brightens :: Lexy: Sure!
(21:56:18) Tira: :: is enjoying the forward facing flight. As they get closer to Kuari, it appears they're reaching the highest point in the arc, and they're getting closer to matching her speed. ::
(21:57:17) Kuari: :: is still flapping hard, turning her head only slightly to look behind her at the people that have no business being in the air, her breath laboring. She really does need to work out more ::
(21:57:23) RyleighGrey: Acacia: Oh good. :: chuckles as she stretches out on the beach, planning on relaxing ::
(21:58:10) BenedictWolfe: :: notes their approach on Kuari, and waits until they're flying pretty much parallel and the same speed. He makes a rolling-down-window motion with the hand closest to her. :: Kuari: Pardon me, Commander. But would you have any Grey Poupon?
(21:58:38) KimikoSuzuki: Doc: Well. :: sips her drink casually :: I can think of a few exotic... sports I'd like to try, but it seems I may not have a suitable partner available.
(21:59:01) EmilyAcacia: :: doesn't seem to mind, perfectly relaxed. She lets the silence hang for a while, not sure what to say . ::
(21:59:26) DocNavarro: :: chuckles :: I may know someone.
(21:59:54) Kuari: :: is surprised to see their speed decreasing and begins to slow down gratefully. Wolfe's words confuse her, and she tilts her head towards him :: Wolfe: Grey...what?
(21:59:57) Ilaihr: ::Runs his hand along the bulkhead as he walks.::
(22:00:35) RyleighGrey: Ethan Jasper> :: he was also ship-board at the moment, having volunteered to cover a shift so another medical staff could take vacation down on Risa ::
(22:01:14) RyleighGrey: :: curses quietly as she rolls over, forgetting how sand got everywhere, eventually coming up with a face full of sand, spitting out what she could with curses ::
(22:01:27) KimikoSuzuki: Doc: Oh?
(22:01:30) EmilyAcacia: :: chuckles, once again offering her a spare towel from her bag. Prepared. ::
(22:01:35) BenedictWolfe: :: still shouting over the wind :: Kuari: It's a twentieth-century advertisement for a Dijon mustard. I'll show you later. :: looks forward and enjoys the flight. ::
(22:02:38) LexyWright: Kate: This is pretty new to me, so I'll let you lead the way! :: paddling to the edge of the pool ::
(22:03:19) RyleighGrey: :: takes the towel thankfully, wiping her face off, trying to get at pesky sand grains that had gotten into her eyes :: Self: Damnitt..
(22:03:36) Kuari: :: decides to ignore his words and focuses on matching their speed, beginning to enjoy the flight herself ::
(22:05:11) KateHarper: :: was already nearby, so she pops off her float and onto the ladder :: Lexy: We have gear here, much like we used when diving on that planet we discovered, and we can just go right out into the bay.
(22:05:42) BenedictWolfe: :: is definitely starting to be pulled down by gravity now, the forward motion being arrested, withi them way out over the canyon now. It is absolutely beautiful.
(22:05:47) LexyWright: Kate: Did you... I imagine you did this a lot, growing up. You can show me the ropes, right? :: follows Kate ::
(22:06:26) EmilyAcacia: :: exhales slowly, offering her bottle of sunscreen next, assuming Ryleigh to be generally unprepared :: Grey: Did you get everything done you wanted to do on leave?
(22:07:42) KateHarper: :: goes into the storage room and pulls out the gear, finding her breathing mask still as she left it, as her father has meticulously maintained all of this stuff :: Lexy: Of course! I was always in the water here, especially as a teenager. :: hands her a mask ::
(22:08:30) RyleighGrey: :: shakes her head for the sunscreen :: Acacia: Pretty much... No thank you, I got screened before I came down here. Did you get what you wanted to get done?:: chuckles ::
(22:08:31) DocNavarro: Jester: Of course. :: gives her a sly grin ::
(22:08:37) LexyWright: :: looks at the mask, inspecting it before carefully trying it on ::
(22:10:12) KateHarper: Lexy: It has communications, and just breathe normally.
(22:10:14) EmilyAcacia: :: sticks the sunscreen back in her bag, nodding slightly :: Grey: I did. It's nice to just.. do nothing for a while. Relax. Especially after such a hectic few months.
(22:11:07) Kuari: :: grins as they take in the sights. She notices as the wingless ones start to lose altitude. Afraid they'll have less air resistance than she will, she maneuvers herself towards them and grasps the harness so they'll pull her down with them ::
(22:11:34) LinxiJude: :: after a while, she actually gets up, and walks over to the beach, seeing Acacia and Grey :: Acacia/Grey: Ey!
(22:12:16) KateHarper: :: puts on a fancy belt, done up in green embroidery around its techy heart, and hands a plainer one to Lexy ::
(22:12:17) BenedictWolfe: Kuari: You're covering our parachute, get off! br/> (22:12:45) RyleighGrey: :: grins at the sunscreen design on Linxi's stomach, giggling :: Jude: You... may wanna look down. Or find a mirror...
(22:13:25) EmilyAcacia: :: waves, then grabs another towel and offers it to Jude. ::
(22:13:54) KateHarper: Lexy: This is for weighting and bouyancy. One button to float, one to sink, but try to be neutrally bouyant underwater.
(22:14:19) LexyWright: :: nods, paying close attention ::
(22:14:29) KateHarper: Lexy: We did not have these on our previous dives, so it was a bit harder for us to swim down, remember?
(22:14:30) Kuari: :: moves away immediately, quite familiar with parachutes and the forces air can put on their fabrics ::
(22:14:34) BenedictWolfe: :: pulls the ripcord as soon as Kuari lets go, and a moment later there's a large, colorful parachute above their heads... and now more time to enjoy the view from pretty much the middle of the canyon, and with a good 400 meters to go before they touch down. ::
(22:15:34) LexyWright: :: pulls off the mask :: Kate: Yes, I remember, it took some effort. I'm interested to see how these work.
(22:16:10) LexyWright: :: fits the belt around her waist, tightening it as needed ::
(22:16:11) KateHarper: :: grabs two sets of fins, one bright green and the other blue :: Lexy: Then to the water!
(22:16:34) LinxiJude: :: looks down and wipes sunscreen off, noticing the pale /design/ compared to her now somewhat burned skin :: What the hell? Great. Funny. Acacia: You wouldn't happen to be carrying a dermal regenerator, would you?
(22:16:36) Kuari: :: watches as the parachute opens flawlessly and they begin to, in essence, glide alongside her :: Wolfe: There you go!
(22:17:15) KateHarper: :: tucks the fins under an arm along with her mask, then takes Lexy's hand and heads out the door, past the main house to the beach ::
(22:17:32) EmilyAcacia: :: pulls her medical kit out of her bag, retrieving the dermal regenerator and turning it on :: Jude: Would you believe I do?
(22:17:40) RyleighGrey: :: is stifling her giggles still ::
(22:17:55) LexyWright: :: follows along, full of giddy excitement ::
(22:19:06) KateHarper: :: when they get to the beach, she hands a set of fins to Lexy, and walks out into the surf with her ::
(22:19:45) KateHarper: :: pulls the mask over her face and leaps into a wave, still holding her fins ::
(22:20:01) LexyWright: :: follows Kate's lead, putting on the mask when instructed to do so ::
(22:20:09) LinxiJude: Jan> :: runs up to the group, laughing her ass off :: Linxi: Deities, I was wondering how long it would take for you to notice. Acacia/Grey: Hi! I'm Jan. :: holds hand out ::
(22:20:27) Ilaihr: ::Brushes some dust off of a console.::
(22:20:34) BenedictWolfe: Kuari/Tira: What a view.
(22:20:41) KateHarper: :: emerges from the water and floats, putting her fins on, then slicks her hair back ::
(22:21:16) LexyWright: :: follows suit, somewhat awkwardly putting on the unfamiliar footwear ::
(22:21:56) KimikoSuzuki: Doc: You'll have to introduce me, then. :: with an equally sly grin ::
(22:21:58) KateHarper: :: turns on the mask and taps the button so Lexy can see it :
(22:22:24) DocNavarro: Jester: Oh, I will. :: leans back and takes a long pull from his drink ::
(22:22:43) EmilyAcacia: :: waves to Jan, then folds her arms back behind her back. She smiles distantly :: All: I have plenty of towels.
(22:23:04) RyleighGrey: Jan: Ryleigh Jasper, technically. But I prefer Grey. :: shakes the offered hand, standing from her laying-down position ::
(22:24:30) KimikoSuzuki: :: doesn't like playing these games, so changes the subject :: Doc: I got in some excellent climbing. I needed to give my muscles a break today.
(22:24:31) Kuari: :: is looking down at the view, which is indeed beautiful, but she's much more interested in her flight mates. She weaves from side to side in front of them, careful not to let them catch up with her ::
(22:24:42) BenedictWolfe: :: is definitely not taken back to parachute training day at Basic, which was his favorite day. Come to think of it, he loved Basic Training. But parachute day was definitely his favorite. ::
(22:25:13) LexyWright: :: does the same :: Kate: Can you hear me?
(22:25:26) DocNavarro: :: lets out a long breath :: Jester: I'm sure that was fun. I'd like to try it sometime, actually.
(22:25:29) LinxiJude: :: points at Jan :: Acacia/Grey: She has known me for twenty years. Which is the only reason why she is not getting strangled despite the... lovely image.
(22:25:45) LinxiJude: Jan> :: snorts ::
(22:26:30) KimikoSuzuki: Doc: I have some great climbing programs on the holodeck. I could introduce you to them sometime.
(22:26:42) KateHarper: Lexy: I can. You'll see a few unobtrusive readouts toward the top of the mask. The top right is your depth, the top left is how much longer you can stay at that depth.
(22:26:53) EmilyAcacia: :: smirks, and shrugs as she sits up. She gestures Jude over, wielding the dermal renerator and offering to touch up her sunburn. ::
(22:27:14) BenedictWolfe: :: watches as Kuari flies around just below them. It's pretty obvious that she's flying and loving it. ::
(22:27:16) KateHarper: :: rolls onto her back and starts swimming on her back to slightly deeper water ::
(22:27:25) LexyWright: :: looks at the readouts and nods, understanding ::
(22:27:27) RyleighGrey: :: hums in understanding :: Jude: Sounds like me and Ethan.
(22:27:46) LinxiJude: Acacia: I appreciate you removing the d*** on my skin. :: shoots a glance at Jan ::
(22:28:22) EmilyAcacia: :: snorts, covering her mouth briefly before going back to her work. She removes the... graffiti, then gives Jude a thumbs-up ::
(22:28:35) LexyWright: :: follows Kate out to sea ::
(22:28:48) LinxiJude: Jan> You were laying there without sunscreen. I couldn't help myself. :: grins ::
(22:28:50) RyleighGrey: :: manages to get the last bit of sand out of her eye, muttering angrily ::
(22:28:56) KateHarper: Lexy: The mask already has figured out that you are human, and will monitor you to figure out that time. It is pretty easy. :: flips over and pokes her head in the water, looking around :: Ready to go down?
(22:30:21) Kuari: :: does a quick roll in the air, clearly showing off ::
(22:31:35) LexyWright: Kate: :: nods :: I'm ready.
(22:32:50) KateHarper: :: pushes the down button on her belt and it becomes heavier, until she has herself slightly negatively bouyant :: Lexy: Then down we go! I bet a lot of the same highlights are here from my teenage years.
(22:33:14) KateHarper: :: swims down to the bottom, about 8 meters here ::
(22:33:28) BenedictWolfe: :: watches as his XO lets out her playful side, giving a whoop at her roll LL
(22:33:32) DocNavarro: Jester: That sounds good. :: takes another long drink, still trying to figure things out ::
(22:33:34) BenedictWolfe: ::
(22:34:03) LexyWright: :: puts her face in the water and breathes, waiting until she can breathe normally before also descending ::
(22:34:38) KateHarper: :: taps the button to adjust herself to neutrally bouyant, then flips over on her back to watch Lexy descend ::
(22:35:30) EmilyAcacia: :: crosses one leg over the other, enjoying her time on the beach. ::
(22:36:42) KimikoSuzuki: :: glances over at him, feeling uncharacteristically awkward, and also takes a long drink :: Doc: Well, I didn't mean to disturb you, so I'll leave you to it if you'd prefer to get back to your exotic sports.
(22:37:21) Kuari: :: smiles and watches as Wolfe and Tira fall steadily down and ahead. She angles herself closer to them, slowly and carefully, intending for their feet to touch her back, hoping they won't be upset and want their distance ::
(22:37:35) DocNavarro: Jester: No, you're not disturbing me. It's just—
(22:39:26) KimikoSuzuki: :: pauses in the midst of standing up, looking at him in expectation of the rest of his sentence ::
(22:39:50) DocNavarro: :: picks up his drink and moves to the far corner table, beckoning her along ::
(22:40:04) LexyWright: :: joins Kate at the sea floor, looking around with wonder ::
(22:40:19) BenedictWolfe: :: also feels Kuari come up and make contact, and laughs :: Kuari: I don't think I've ever seen that move before.
(22:40:30) KateHarper: :: grins at her through their masks, being reminded of a spacewalk :: Lexy: So what do you think?
(22:40:43) KimikoSuzuki: :: hesitates, but follows ::
(22:41:03) LexyWright: Kate: This is amazing! How have we never done this before!?
(22:42:19) KateHarper: Lexy: We did that time on the Garden of Sweden planet, but this equipment is better, and Risa's oceans are far better than that one was.
(22:43:00) LexyWright: Kate: That's what I mean, like this, with this kind of stuff, here on Risa! This is so cool!
(22:43:57) KateHarper: Lexy: I know! This is why I swim so much!
(22:44:26) DocNavarro: :: sits down, figuring Jester knows him pretty well, so why not talk to her about it ::
(22:45:24) KimikoSuzuki: :: sits across from him, her expression carefully neutral to hide her internal discomfort ::
(22:45:45) KateHarper: :: kicks her legs a few times and glides effortlessly over the white sandy bottom toward a coral formation as tropical fish of all colors and sizes flit about, luxuriating in the warm water moving over her skin ::
(22:46:09) Kuari: :: makes tiny corrections, making sure not to foul the parachute, knowing they couldn't correct if she made a mistake. She rises high enough so that they can bend their legs, and grab onto her if they want to ::
(22:46:19) DocNavarro: Jester: I need some advice. Or at least someone to talk to even if you have nothing to add, I guess.
(22:46:41) BenedictWolfe: :: and they do ::
(22:47:19) KimikoSuzuki: :: cautiously :: Doc: Okay. Go on.
(22:47:40) EmilyAcacia: :: starts to doze off but starts again as the girls around her talk, smiling and engaging with the gossip ::
(22:49:29) LexyWright: :: stops often to look at every fascinating bit of colorful life, but eventually makes it to the coral formation :: Kate: Ooooh!
(22:50:27) KateHarper: Lexy: I love this spot. I have watched the life here for hours. So many tiny creatures in every little nook...
(22:52:12) KateHarper: :: swims lazily around the base of the formation to find the swim-through arch's entrance ::
(22:53:12) LexyWright: :: follows behind Kate, not as graceful with her fins but slowly getting the hang of it ::
(22:54:41) DocNavarro: :: gets right to the point :: Jester: Do you think you could be in a relationship without sex?
(22:54:51) Kuari: :: feels the drag of the parachute as she pulls slightly away from them. They have a good hold on her, so she decides to try steering them a bit off course ::
(22:55:35) BenedictWolfe: :: doesn't notice the change in direction, but this is enjoyable. ::
(22:55:43) Tira: :: also doesn't notice the change in course. It's pretty subtle. ::
(22:55:48) KateHarper: :: gracefully rolls on to her back and raises to the arch's roof as she enters, turning her mask light on as she searches for little creatures ::
(22:56:39) KimikoSuzuki: :: blinks at him, finding herself at a rare loss for words ::
(22:56:42) BenedictWolfe: ::as they're approaching the bottom of the canyon, he sees their landing spot ahead.... ::
(22:58:42) KateHarper: :: points out a tiny seahorse-like animal to Lexy ::
(22:59:19) LexyWright: :: squees at it ::
(22:59:59) BenedictWolfe: :: notices that the landing pad is off to the left instead of straight ahead now, so he goes to steer the parachute :: Kuari: Uh, we're off course, Commander.
(23:00:22) Kuari: :: sees the river ahead. Mischeviously, she hooks her elbows and feet against their ankles, preparing to slow suddenly so that the parachute will carry ahead and not land on them ::
(23:01:12) KateHarper: :: rolls back over and hovers, her underwater movement fluid and practiced, and scans the bottom ::
(23:01:56) BenedictWolfe: :: feels Kuari's feet against his ankles and starts to get a suspicion of what's happening. :: Kuari: Kuari... :: attempts to steer against her, but it's of no use. They're getting really close to the water now. ::
(23:02:44) Tira: :: tries to disconnect her feet, but it's of no use ::
(23:02:55) KateHarper: :: points to what looks like a scattering of rocks on the white sand :: Lexy: She still lives here. That species of fish has excellent camouflage and live for decades.
(23:04:07) Kuari: :: as she flares her wings to slow them down, it also adds lift for a smoother landing, straining them more than they're used to, but it's nothing she can't handle ::
(23:04:53) LexyWright: Kate: Wait, that's a fish? How do you know it's the same one?
(23:05:27) KateHarper: Lexy: The pattern of :: makes air quotes in the water :: rocks.
(23:05:53) LexyWright: Self: ... fascinating. :: swims down to get a closer look ::
(23:06:38) BenedictWolfe: :: feels Kuair flair over the water, and as she comes to a stop the parachute floats uselessly overhead, Kuari taking on the full load of all three which is just too heavy, and into the river they go. Fortunately, it's not terribly deep, but enough that they get wet as they fall off her and into the water, which is about waist deep for Wolfe and Tira. ::
(23:07:15) DocNavarro: :: sees that she's speechless, and wonders if he wasn't clear :: Jester: 'My lady doctor,' as you called her, is asexual. It's a learning experience for me, let me tell you.
(23:07:37) KateHarper: Lexy: I named her Melly. :: swims down and waves to the fish ::
(23:08:29) Tira: :: releases her grip on Kuari as they enter the water and she falls backward and onto Wolfe, who quickly corrects them once he gets his bearings ::
(23:08:32) KimikoSuzuki: :: despite her usual care with emotions, Doc can easily see the wave of emotional change wash over her as she realizes what he is actually asking ::
(23:09:26) Kuari: :: splashes into refreshing water, looking back to make sure her reluctant passengers are okay and hopefully not too upset ::
(23:09:32) LexyWright: :: repeats :: Melly. :: snaps a pic of Kate waving to Melly with her waterproof holocamera ::
(23:09:58) KateHarper: Melly> :: opens one eye, the other buried in sand ::
(23:10:19) EmilyAcacia: :: takes a sip from her water bottle, similarly offering water to the rest of the group before settling back down. She doesn't say much, mostly just enjoying the sun. ::
(23:10:24) BenedictWolfe: :: disconnects himself from Tira so they can move about freely as they're coming up, and then shouts :: Kuari! Damn you, fur lizard... :: grins ::you still got the Marine in you!
(23:11:47) LexyWright: :: snapping more holoimages of Melly ::
(23:11:58) Kuari: :: happy Wolfe isn't angry, she begins to giggle madly, still splashing around ::
(23:12:58) BenedictWolfe: :: splashes back before using the autoretractor on the parachute just before it hits the water. Then he keeps splashing at her, more and more violently ::
(23:13:01) KateHarper: Melly> :: seemingly recognizes Kate and lifts up off the seafloor, shedding sand from her "rocky" exterior, and is revealed to be about a meter long ::
(23:13:19) LexyWright: Melly: Whoaaa!
(23:13:21) KateHarper: :: boops the great fish ::
(23:14:13) Kuari: :: squints her eyes shut to the splashes. She's more concerned about Wolfe reaching her, though, and begins to dart away ::
(23:15:06) BenedictWolfe: :: gives chase ::
(23:15:17) Tira: :: joins the chase ::
(23:15:23) KimikoSuzuki: Doc: ....With /you/?
(23:15:51) KateHarper: PAUSE SLACKING OFF
(23:15:52) KateHarper: PAUSE SLACKING OFF
(23:15:52) KateHarper: PAUSE SLACKING OFF