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(21:15:52) KateHarper: RESUME SLACKING OFF
(21:15:53) KateHarper: RESUME SLACKING OFF
(21:15:54) KateHarper: RESUME SLACKING OFF
(21:17:40) DocNavarro: :: pours two glasses of Risan wine and brings them, along with the bottle, out onto the balcony of the hotel room, just as the suns are starting to set ::
(21:18:28) EmilyAcacia: :: sits on the balcony of her hotel room watching the people on the beach below, reclined deeply into her chair. She grins as Navarro offers the wine, taking it and thanking him. ::
(21:19:10) LexyWright: Suzuki> :: standing on an outcropping halfway up, sipping a sports drink and regarding the cliff face above her impassively ::
(21:20:27) LexyWright: :: having been kicked out of the house for dinner preparations, the couple walks along the beach in the afternoon sun :: Kate: I kind of feel guilty not helping, but they were pretty insistent.
(21:20:27) DocNavarro: :: takes the other chair and reclines :: Emily: That was a good day.
(21:21:51) EmilyAcacia: :: sips her wine, nodding in agreement and regarding her arms. :: Doc: It's nice to finally be under a sun again, Hopefully this tan sticks. :: she laughs ::
(21:21:53) BenedictWolfe: :: is lying on a beach with Tira ::
(21:22:15) KateHarper: :: chuckles :: Lexy: You know my mother. Perhaps she is where my command ability comes from.
(21:22:45) LexyWright: :: inclines her head, considering :: Kate: I can see that. She definitely has a presence.
(21:22:45) Ilaihr: ::Stays in his quarters in solitary meditation, focusing his psionic power on a Salbjorn crystal, contemplating the future.::
(21:22:55) DocNavarro: Emily: Two are even better, especially for tanning. :: regards his ruddy skin :: Not that I know.
(21:23:26) KateHarper: Lexy: That is one way of putting it, yes. :: laughs ::
(21:24:16) Tira: :: watches the waves. Then, she pulls a cooler out of her bag that sits the other side of her from Wolfe, and out of that a bottle :: Benedict: I brought something special.
(21:24:30) BenedictWolfe: Tira: Oh? :: raises an eyebrow ::
(21:25:09) LexyWright: Kate: Well, we've got some time to kill. Ooh, can we stop at that shop over there? I think I might need a sun hat if we're going to be out here until dinnertime. :: laughs, indicating her pale skin ::
(21:26:14) KateHarper: Lexy: Of course! You do catch on fire if in the sun too long, after all.
(21:26:29) Tira: :: pulls two glasses out of her bag as well, uncorks the bottle, and pours the greenish-blue liquid from the bottle into them ::
(21:26:48) EmilyAcacia: :: chuckles, then sighs softly as she deflates. :: Doc: It's nice to finally get some time off. I didn't expect to see so much combat.
(21:27:52) LexyWright: :: bursts out laughing :: Kate: I burn, you mean. Let's hope I don't literally catch on fire.
(21:28:40) DocNavarro: Yeah... :: trails off a moment :: I did not, either. We train and train for that sort of thing, but it doesn't live up to the reality of it.
(21:29:53) KateHarper: :: extends a forearm :: Lexy: Grow up under two suns so you do not have that problem.
(21:30:08) BenedictWolfe: :: takes the glass and sniffs it. The smell is familiar, but he can't quite place it. It's not Andorian Ale, one of his favorites, but it's similar. :: Tira: What... :: takes a sniff :: is this? :: takes a swig, about half the glass ::
(21:30:53) EmilyAcacia: :: sips her wine, musing :: Doc: Is this your first time on Risa?
(21:32:00) DocNavarro: :: with a little smirk and a sip of his own wine :: Emily: No, is it yours?
(21:32:09) LexyWright: :: playfully swats at Kate, then drags her toward a nearby beachwear shop with a display of hats and tries a few on, displaying them for Kate's opinion ::
(21:32:19) Tira: :: grins :: Because my people have been... outside Federation politics, we don't have the same trade embargos that yours did not too long ago. This is a very, very well-aged Romulan ale. It's been in my family for over a hundred years.
(21:32:42) EmilyAcacia: :: shakes her head :: Doc: I've been, as a kid. I didn't remember it all that well.
(21:34:19) KateHarper: :: points emphatically at the third one :: Lexy: This one is perfect! It goes with your dress.
(21:35:05) RyleighGrey: :: both her and Ethan were swimming again, enjoying themselves in the sunset ::
(21:35:17) DocNavarro: Emily: I was here with Atlantis a couple of years ago. Though I must admit, despite its reputation, there is a lot more to Risa than one might think. Our captain makes sure we know that. :: chuckles ::
(21:35:55) LexyWright: :: puts on the third one and regards herself in the mirror, turning this way and that ::
(21:36:54) EmilyAcacia: :: grins :: Doc: Oh, I bet. :: she then tilts her head :: Ah, have you been to Betazed?
(21:37:38) BenedictWolfe: :: enjoys the flavor. It's musty on the nose, but then almost sweet on the palate before a powerful bronco-level kick. The taste reminds him of the flavor profile if you were to combine a fine, Sahara-dry red wine with a twenty-one-year Scotch, and the kick of some straight grain alcohol. After choking it down and slowly swinging his head away at the power - which isn't a reaction he's had to a drink in a very long time ::
(21:37:40) DocNavarro: :: squints, pretty sure he can spot Grey racing her husband again :: I've never had the pleasure, no.
(21:37:47) KateHarper: :: nods her approval ::
(21:37:48) Tira: :: laughs at Wolfe's response ::
(21:40:07) EmilyAcacia: :: follows his eyes, chuckling as she spots Grey. She wonders how that kid has so much energy. :: Doc: I'll have to take you sometime. I understand it can be a bit unnerving for humans, but my extended family is used to being polite.. usually. :: she finishes off her glass of wine, leaning over to pour herself another. ::
(21:40:27) BenedictWolfe: :: it's only been a few moments, but he can already feel the alcohol's effects washing over him. This is some powerful stuff. ::
(21:41:17) LexyWright: :: nods back and purchases the hat without taking it off ::
(21:41:46) DocNavarro: :: polishes off his own glass :: That sounds great. Before or after you see the real Spain?
(21:42:26) EmilyAcacia: :: brushes hair out of her face, going to fill his glass as well. :: Doc: Something tells me we'll make it to Earth sooner.
(21:43:08) DocNavarro: Gracias. Earth does tend to be a common port of call, sí.
(21:44:23) DocNavarro: :: feeling somewhat out of his element, but holding up his end of the conversation, at least ::
(21:45:09) KateHarper: Lexy: Good choice!
(21:46:08) BenedictWolfe: :: lies back against the sand, letting his head fall and the sunlight simply wash over him as he embraces the sweet agony of the burn. ::
(21:47:07) LexyWright: :: strolls out of the shop and through the bustling marketplace with Kate, trying to find a good time to give her gift :: Kate: I know we just ate, but maybe we could get something to drink? I remember there being a cafe around here somewhere...
(21:48:08) KateHarper: :: Lexy's memory being correct, she points out the little café that they've visited before :: Lexy: Yes, a drink does sound good, actually. :: having her own plans ::
(21:48:26) EmilyAcacia: :: grins. She can sense he's trying. She takes a sip of her wine, then rests her hands on the arm rest of the chair so she can lean over even further, this time to plant a kiss on Navarro's lips. ::
(21:50:58) DocNavarro: :: surprised, having wondered if she liked kissing, but quickly regains his usual suave demeanor, smiling at her once their lips part ::
(21:53:47) EmilyAcacia: :: leans back in her chair with a contented sigh, drumming her fingers against her wine glass before taking a sip. She doesn't feel the need to say anything, she just goes back to watching the people below. ::
(21:54:29) DocNavarro: :: also doesn't speak, thinking it might ruin the moment, but also grateful that she answered that question he was too confused to ask ::
(21:56:29) LexyWright: :: the pair wend their way through the crowd, making for the cafe, and taking a table for two outside as they order drinks ::
(21:57:27) KateHarper: :: scoots around the table a bit, closer to Lexy so that they can both see the sea ::
(21:58:47) KateHarper: :: takes her wife's hand and squeezes it, glad to be back here, especially with her ::
(22:00:11) LexyWright: :: smiles warmly, squeezing back, and is looking at Kate and about to speak when a tall, fruity frozen drink is set in front of her ::
(22:01:27) KateHarper: :: had also opened her mouth to speak, but redirects it into a thanks to their server ::
(22:03:19) KateHarper: :: instead of her usual margarita, she receives a local favorite ::
(22:04:02) LexyWright: :: sips her drink :: Kate: Wow. This... is really good.
(22:04:31) KateHarper: Lexy: It is made from the local fruit! Both fresh and fermented varieties. :: snickers ::
(22:04:48) BenedictWolfe: :: takes another sip... the effects now fully washing over him ::
(22:05:01) Tira: :: pours more in Wolfe's glass ::
(22:06:09) LexyWright: :: is about to speak again, but is interrupted when a Risian girl who looked about 10 hesitantly approached their table, looking at Kate with wide eyes ::
(22:07:02) LexyWright: Girl> Kate: Are you... :: glances back at her parents, who gesture for her to continue :: ...Are you... Captain Kathryn Harper?
(22:08:02) EmilyAcacia: :: chuckles as she sees a kid faceplant in the sand, his father running after him. She sips her wine, observing bemusedly aloud as she reflects on her past few months :: Doc: You know, pretty sure I'll have had my hands inside all of my coworkers. Which was exactly what I was trying to avoid. But, I didn't die.
(22:08:19) KateHarper: :: turns to the girl with a smile, leaning a little down to her level :: Girl: Yes, I am! And who are you?
(22:09:40) DocNavarro: :: swallows what he just sipped as she spoke :: And that is what's important, sí? Those hands saved my life, I'm sure.
(22:09:52) LexyWright: Girl> M-My name is Maya. And I want to be a Starfleet captain, just like you! :: looks both embarrassed and excited at the same time ::
(22:10:06) RyleighGrey: :: flops on the beach, exhausted as can be as she settled on the sand, panting ::
(22:10:37) LexyWright: :: smiling, scoots away from the table a bit to give the girl a little room, and finds herself being approached by the parents ::
(22:11:48) KateHarper: :: Grins :: Maya: Well then, Maya, with that determination, I know that you will, and what you have to do to accomplish that is to study hard. And I do not mean that like most grown-ups do. Starfleet only takes the best, so you must get top marks in school, okay?
(22:12:01) LexyWright: Parents> :: quietly :: Lexy: Sorry to interrupt your drink, but Captain Harper is a very big deal to our little girl!
(22:13:01) EmilyAcacia: :: smiles distantly, nodding :: Doc: Yeah. Of course. It is really rewarding sometimes.
(22:13:05) LexyWright: Maya> :: determined face :: I will, Captain Harper! I am first in my year. :: emanates pride ::
(22:13:44) KateHarper: Maya: Well then, Cadet Maya, it sounds like you are well on your way to your own command!
(22:15:11) DocNavarro: I imagine so. Saving lives rather than taking them does sound rewarding, I must admit.
(22:15:25) LexyWright: Maya> Could... Could I maybe have your autograph? :: holds out a pen and a napkin ::
(22:15:53) LexyWright: Parents> :: quietly :: Lexy: She has posters of Captain Harper all over her room. :: chuckles ::
(22:16:01) EmilyAcacia: :: pauses, topping off the two wine glasses once more. :: Doc: So what would you be, if you could be anything? Your ultimate goal?
(22:16:22) KateHarper: :: melts as she takes the napkin and pen, the cuteness overwhelming :: Maya: Of course you can! :: signs the napkin with a personalized message, telling her to reach for the stars, and hands it back ::
(22:16:33) LexyWright: :: smiles awkwardly yet proudly at the unexpected situation ::
(22:17:29) DocNavarro: :: ponders a moment :: Emily: You know, if you had asked me that a few years ago, I would have said that my ultimate goal is to be the helmsman of a Sovereign class. I mean, for a pilot, what is better?
(22:17:58) LexyWright: Maya> :: holds the autographed napkin to her chest, beaming :: Kate: Thank you, Captain Harper! :: scoots away, totally overwhelmed ::
(22:17:58) EmilyAcacia: :: grins :: Doc: You could say you want to be a pilot. I used to say I wanted to be a Doctor.
(22:18:09) RyleighGrey: :: settles on the balcony of their hotel room, relaxing calmly with a glass of sparkling cider in hand. She noticed Emily and Navarro, holding up her glass in greeting slightly ::
(22:18:23) EmilyAcacia: :: wine-salutes Grey ::
(22:18:51) LexyWright: Parents> :: follow after their daughter, thanking Lexy and Kate ::
(22:19:11) KateHarper: :: leans back in her chair, feeling overwhelmingly humble ::
(22:19:42) DocNavarro: :: raises a glass to Grey :: Emily: What do you say now?
(22:20:36) LexyWright: :: scoots back up to the table, grinning :: Kate: How does it feel to be a hero to little Risian girls?
(22:22:08) KateHarper: It is... a reminder of why I do what I do. Not the only reason, of course, but even if Maya were the only girl I inspired to get out there and make a difference, that would be enough for me.
(22:22:33) RyleighGrey: :: sips at her cider carefully, relaxing in the setting sun contently... if she isn't careful, she may fall asleep out there ::
(22:22:52) EmilyAcacia: :: pauses for a moment to think about it, smiling into her wine glass :: Doc: There a few more things I've come up with that I want to do over the years. In Starfleet? I think someday I want to Captain my own medical research ship. There aren't very many, the're really specialized and state of the art--the people who get called in for the weird
(22:22:53) EmilyAcacia: cases. I've always thought that would be fun. :: she shrugs :: At some point I want to be a mother, visit at least half the Federation planets... I guess I just want to experience as much as I can.
(22:23:19) EmilyAcacia: What about you?
(22:23:53) LexyWright: Kate: And Maya is definitely not alone. :: nods contentedly :: It's not such a bad gig, being the wife of a hero.
(22:25:10) DocNavarro: :: nods as he swallows another drink :: Yes, what you said about experiencing as much as possible. That is definitely one of my goals. There's so much to do and see.
(22:26:07) KateHarper: Lexy: No captain stands alone in her accomplishments. I would not be a local hero without my crew. :: meets her eyes to single her wife out ::
(22:26:48) DocNavarro: Emily: Beyond that, though? I cannot be a fighter pilot forever, so I've thought about my own ship. What cadet didn't?
(22:27:14) EmilyAcacia: :: chuckles :: Doc: Not a one.
(22:27:53) LexyWright: :: smiles and waves a hand dismissively :: Kate: The spotlight is not for me. I'm much happier just supporting you from the background.
(22:28:23) KateHarper: :: smiles softly, taking her hand and squeezing it :: Lexy: Lucky me.
(22:30:05) BenedictWolfe: :: takes more of the Romulan ale, now at a point where it doesn't sting to drink anymore. Now he has an entire glass in one swill ::
(22:30:10) DocNavarro: :: leans over on his chair arm, toward her, and flashes a charming smile :: Emily: It has been a good day, but what do you say we make it a good night and go dancing?
(22:30:14) LexyWright: :: is mildly embarrassed by the attention, but squeezes back before returning to her drink ::
(22:31:10) EmilyAcacia: :: is briefly surprised, but immediately excited :: Doc: Ooh, that sounds fun. Did you have somewhere in mind?
(22:32:24) DocNavarro: :: nods :: I ran into a club last time that plays something at least similar to what I know. It's just down the street.
(22:33:08) Tira: :: cackles at Wolfe :: Wolfe: Slow down there... Pilgrim? Is that the word you humans use?
(22:33:42) BenedictWolfe: Tira: Pilgrim? What do you... Oh, no. It's, "Cowboy."
(22:34:03) EmilyAcacia: :: looks down at the now-dry towel over her bathin suit, quickly downing the rest of her wine. She sets the glass down, jumping up :: Doc: I'll get changed.
(22:34:59) DocNavarro: :: eyes her and takes a chance, still not sure what is appropriate and what isn't :: I look forward to it, especially after seeing you in that bikini.
(22:35:41) KateHarper: :: sips at her own drink, still reflecting on the encounter with Maya ::
(22:36:11) LexyWright: :: quietly decides that this is not the place for the gift, especially since people are still looking at them ::
(22:36:47) EmilyAcacia: :: chuckles, seeming to appreciate the comment. She digs through her bag, pulling out the one nice dress she brought, her well-fitted asexual pride flag ::
(22:38:31) DocNavarro: :: from her apparent reaction, he's glad that he took the chance, emboldened by her kiss ::
(22:39:15) LexyWright: :: is very aware that people are looking at them, and finishes her drink fairly quickly ::
(22:39:46) KateHarper: :: sees Lexy's pace on the drink and figures it out, finishing along with her, the drink not being very strong anyway ::
(22:41:22) DocNavarro: :: having already changed out of his board shorts, he sits back and waits, finishing his wine ::
(22:41:36) LexyWright: :: makes a show of casually looking at the position of the suns, which are progressing into the later afternoon :: Kate: Well. Care for a walk on the beach? I think the tide is going out.
(22:42:27) KateHarper: :: nods eagerly :: That sounds delightful!
(22:43:31) EmilyAcacia: :: returns with her hair up in its best attempt at a ponytail after her stint in the ocean, rockin' stripes. She fills their wine glasses for the journey and thus finishes off the bottle, offering a cheers. :: Doc: Alright, lead the way.
(22:45:07) DocNavarro: :: clinks her glass and takes in the dress, having done his homework since their holodeck date :: Emily: The asexual pride flag, sí? You look beautiful. :: leads the way out the door ::
(22:45:37) EmilyAcacia: :: flushes slightly, surprised he got it. She nods, hooking his arm and following after him. ::
(22:46:44) RyleighGrey: ::ironically, both Ryleigh and Ethan were also heading out to get dinner and do a bit of dancing themselves... but it would be funny if it ended up being at the same place ::
(22:47:11) DocNavarro: :: makes his way with her out to the street and down a block to the club, which isn't playing strictly Earth music, but it's at least inspired by Terran touches ::
(22:47:32) LexyWright: :: some time later, the couple find themselves walking down the beach, Lexy occasionally bending down to pick up a bit of pretty shell here and there and showing them to Kate ::
(22:48:55) KateHarper: :: after remarking on a particulary iridescent shell, she sighs contentedly :: Lexy: This beach is one of the most special places in the world to me.
(22:49:21) RyleighGrey: :: it would turn out to be the same place that Ryleigh and Ethan had decided to go to, she looked up and held her hand up in a wave to Emily and Navarro :: Emily/Doc: Hey!
(22:49:56) EmilyAcacia: : chuckles, waving with her free hand. She jokes, :: Grey: Are you following us?
(22:50:24) DocNavarro: :: laughs at Emily's remark a s he greets Ryleigh and Ethan ::
(22:50:49) BenedictWolfe: :: watches as the sun sets, the effects of the alcohol on him, looking over to see Tira doing the same, sipping her drink as well... but definitely not so quickly as Wolfe ::
(22:51:00) RyleighGrey: :: shrugs, smiling slightly :: Emily: Not intentionally... but I mean, if you wanted to say it that way, I'd be fine with it ::
(22:51:10) LexyWright: Kate: And to me, as well. :: stashes some bits of pretty shell in her handbag, mostly to have a pretense to pull out the creamy silken pouch in which she has stashed the gift. Casually, she presents it to Kate. :: Happy Anniversary, my love.
(22:51:50) KateHarper: :: takes the pouch with a grin and stops walking to open it, finding a box inside ::
(22:52:41) LexyWright: :: stops beside her, watching quietly ::
(22:52:47) KateHarper: :: then opens the box to find the bracelet, and she opens her mouth wide in surprise :: Lexy: It is beautiful!
(22:53:43) LexyWright: Kate: The pearls are from right here, Lunat Bay. I commissioned it from Emilaina. She did a beautiful job
(22:53:58) RyleighGrey: Ethan> Doc/Emily: Could I get you something to drink?
(22:54:36) KateHarper: :: gives Lexy a wide-eyed look :: You mean... my home? And Doctor Acacia made this by hand?
(22:54:37) EmilyAcacia: :: shrugs, laughing :: Ethan: Sure! Bartender's choice.
(22:54:58) DocNavarro: :: nods :: Ethan: Sí, gracias.
(22:55:00) LexyWright: Suzuki> :: sits at the top of the cliff with her legs dangling off the edge, enjoying the picnic she packed for herself ::
(22:55:53) LexyWright: Kate: Your home, and the place where I confessed my feelings for you, and all of the reasons this place is special. And yes, she is a skilled craftswoman.
(22:56:17) RyleighGrey: Ethan> Doc: De Nada, Navarro. :: he moved off to retrieve the drinks requested, already knowing what his wife wanted ::
(22:56:28) KateHarper: :: blinks a few times to clear the mist from her eyes, then takes the bracelet out of the box and clutches it to her chest for a moment ::
(22:57:10) RyleighGrey: :: giggles, shaking her head slightly :: Doc: Ethan and I both understand spanish, well, he more than me. :: looks slightly ashamed ::
(22:57:25) KateHarper: :: then wraps Lexy into a long hug before pulling away only enough to kiss her :: Lexy: I love you. And it. Thank you, so much.
(22:57:59) DocNavarro: Grey: That is good, since my use of it while speaking English is generally unconscious.
(22:58:01) LexyWright: :: flushes with pleasure, returning the hug and kiss :: Kate: You like it? Does it fit?
(22:58:38) KateHarper: :: hands Lexy the pouch and box, then undoes the clasp and slips it over her wrist ::
(22:58:45) EmilyAcacia: :: taps her chin :: Doc/Grey: I've started learning some Spanish.. but I didn't know any of it before, heh.
(22:58:53) KateHarper: :: fastens it and presents her arm :: Lexy: Perfectly!
(22:59:39) LexyWright: :: beams happily :: Kate: The year we have been married has been the happiest year of my life, darling.
(22:59:40) DocNavarro: :: turns to Emily, pleasantly surprised ::
(23:00:04) KateHarper: Lexy: As it has in mine... and I have something for you, as well.
(23:00:11) EmilyAcacia: :: returns his look, seeming surprised that he's surprised :: Doc: Well of course, I look up words when you say them. :: she chuckles ::
(23:00:36) LexyWright: :: caught off-guard :: Kate: Oh?
(23:01:25) KateHarper: :: retrieves her PADD from her purse and taps a few times, then looks up with a grin :: Lexy: Check your messages, love.
(23:01:49) RyleighGrey: :: grins :: Doc/Emily: Ethan and I lived in southwest Texas for most of our lives, so we kinda learned how to speak Spanish in school ::
(23:02:13) LexyWright: :: blinks in confusion, then pulls out her PADD and looks at her messages, expression shifting from confusion to disbelief to astonishment :: Kate: You... you....
(23:02:44) KateHarper: :: quietly :: Lexy: You put off asking her for so long, so I took the initiative... I hope you are not mad?
(23:03:19) LexyWright: :: stares at Kate for a moment and then reads the message again ::
(23:03:32) DocNavarro: All: Then it would seem I am in good company. :: takes the drink he's offered when Ethan returns, and raised it :: Salud!
(23:03:35) LexyWright: Kate: T'Kirr... will sponsor me for my PhD?
(23:04:02) KateHarper: :: nods eagerly :: Lexy: She will!
(23:04:26) RyleighGrey: :: raises her own cider :: All: Salud. :: smiles and takes a sip of her drink ::
(23:04:49) LexyWright: :: is frozen for a long moment, then suddenly flings her arms around Kate :: Kate: It's happening! It's really happening! :: bouncing up and down ::
(23:04:52) EmilyAcacia: :: offers cheers with her drink as well, some sort of fruit Risan concoction. She agrees, :: All: Salud!
(23:05:27) KateHarper: :: squeezes her, heartened by her jubiliation :: Lexy: It is!
(23:06:41) LexyWright: :: pulls away with shining eyes :: Self: I have to much work to do! I have to decide on my research parameters, and define my goals... I need to look at the data and determine :: trails off into technobabble ::
(23:07:24) KateHarper: :: tries to follow along, having been out of science for so long, but manages alright ::
(23:09:35) KateHarper: :: interrupts her with a lingering kiss, then after that, meets her eyes again :: Lexy: Happy Anniversary, my love.
(23:09:48) EmilyAcacia: :: dances the night away with Navarro and friends ::
(23:10:12) LexyWright: :: kisses back :: Kate: Thank you, darling. Thank you so much! :: talks excitedly about her research as they resume their meander toward the house and a big family dinner ::
(23:10:47) KateHarper: PAUSE SLACKING OFF
(23:10:48) KateHarper: PAUSE SLACKING OFF
(23:10:48) KateHarper: PAUSE SLACKING OFF