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(21:20:23) CaptHarper: BEGIN SIM
(21:20:24) CaptHarper: BEGIN SIM
(21:20:25) CaptHarper: BEGIN SIM
(21:23:13) CaptHarper: Vance> :: sitting at the bar in the giant cave, staring into a glass of scotch as he contemplates the events of the past several days ::
(21:23:40) AmberSun: ::Guides people from the entrance to the Great Cave; fires lighting up along the twisting paths, and drawing and writing strewn on the wall, until it finally opens the centre of bear culture. A grand cathedral like hall, with strange crystal spires, light cascading from the Central flame to the whole cave.::
(21:24:01) SCI_LtJG_Jude: :: she stands next to Amber Sun, following him closely the entire time ::
(21:25:03) TAC2_1LT_Grey: :: follows, hand in hand with her husband, looking around curiously. :: Self: Amazing...
(21:25:30) CMO_Lt_Tailor: ::is following along with the group, staring between the cave walls and artwork, crystal spires and everything else, mouth agape :: Self: Beautiful...
(21:25:40) CaptHarper: :: takes in the scene, eyes wide, finally getting to see this place for herself ::
(21:25:43) AmberSun: ::Vines and strange glowing foliage growing down from the ceiling. The bar and dance floor set up to the Starfleet's request.::
(21:25:45) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: by now having mostly recovered, enters the party venue following Amber Sun, in this case, home base for a particularly grateful bear race. Looking up at the cavern ceiling, she marvels at its shape and size, and the way the light plays across its texture. She's not wearing her uniform, although she thought about it for the purpose of identification, but her escort makes it not an issue ::
(21:27:23) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: looks around with wonder, following along with the crowd in her skinny jeans and floral blouse, carrying her fiddle case ::
(21:27:43) MED_LtJG_Acacia: :: follows along with the party, seeming bemused when she sees the whole setup. She does take a few scans of the cave, though, intrigued. ::
(21:27:55) AmberSun: <Neme> ::Materialises before the party attendants as they enter.:: All: I welcome those from beyond the veil of the stars, to the Great Cave. ::Nods at Amber Sun.::
(21:28:42) CaptHarper: :: steps forward, a small instrument case tucked under her arm :: Neme: We thank you for opening your home to us. It is a great honor.
(21:30:16) CMO_Lt_Tailor: ::looks around the cave for Ilaihr, hoping that he was able to be healed by the bears::
(21:30:30) NAV_LtJG_Navarro: :: also with the group, and isn't even surprised by any of this any more ::
(21:30:51) AmberSun: <Neme> ::Rattles the quill like hackles on his neck, pulsating their colours.:: CO: We hope this is only the beginning of the journeys we shall take together.
(21:30:55) TAC2_1LT_Grey: Ethan> :: also has his own instrument, carrying Ryleigh's as well, inclining his head slightly to the bear in greeting ::
(21:31:17) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: smiles widely at Neme ::
(21:31:57) AmberSun: All: All is edible, except the crystals. But if you touch them, you shall see images of our collective story, the memories of our ancestors.
(21:32:29) CaptHarper: :: smiles at the great bear :: Neme: As do we! A long and prosperous shared journey of our peoples.
(21:33:27) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: follows along at the back of the group, taking in the cathedral, appreciation for the security aspects constantly growing. It would be very, very difficult for someone to successfully attack this place. Especially going up against bears. ::
(21:33:42) AmberSun: ::A gathering of bears around the Central Flame begin to call out, their roar resonating withing the cave, and vibrating the crystal, to create a strange but relaxing choir of some kind.::
(21:34:14) TAC2_1LT_Grey: :: she jumps slightly at the unexpected noise, getting laughter from her husband at her reaction ::
(21:34:26) CaptHarper: :: listens in, finding that oddly pleasant ::
(21:35:20) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: listens quietly to the tune, focusing on its quality ::
(21:35:24) AmberSun: <Neme> CO: And as a sign of our growth, we have chosen our name. The Eduda gave us new words to experiment with, and we would like to be known as the Salbjorn.
(21:36:18) CaptHarper: :: repeats the word, taking care to get it right :: Neme: Salbjorn. What does it mean, to you?
(21:36:19) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: enthralled by the Salbjorn chorus ::
(21:37:50) AmberSun: <Neme> CO: We did not name our world, but we searched similar languages to fit the name you gave it... that also fit how we see ourselves.
(21:39:45) AmberSun: <Neme> ::Quirks his head.:: CO: It is Ice Landian. It means Soul bears. Because we do not see with only our eyes. ::Rests his monolithic paw on Katheryn's shoulder.::
(21:39:55) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: listens to the sounds of the roars and crystals... and the sound of the voices combining as one. He looks around and spots Tira, who has already arrived with the Kvolir and is looking as gorgeous as ever. He walks over to her and she links her arm into his, and they listen together. ::
(21:40:37) TAC2_1LT_Grey: :: backhands Ethan's chest to keep him from snickering at Wolfe and his lady, hissing quietly at the man ::
(21:40:38) MED_LtJG_Acacia: :: watches Salbjorn with interest, tilting her head ::
(21:40:39) CaptHarper: :: is no longer intimidated by the giant bear, nor the giant paw on her shoulder, but comforted :: Neme: Soul Bears. Salbjorn. It is a good name, and a fitting one.
(21:41:14) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: looks at Kate and Neme :: Neme: This music... is of the Salbjorn? :: the word feels strange on her tongue, but she likes it ::
(21:41:55) AmberSun: <Neme> CSO: They are the songs we have sung for 5000 generations.
(21:43:01) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: draws near Kate and Alexis, listening to Neme ::
(21:43:35) CaptHarper: Neme: The songs are enthralling. :: she smiles up at the great Salbjorn ::
(21:43:53) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: listens, following the tune with her mind :: Neme: What does this song mean to your people?
(21:44:26) AmberSun: <Neme> CSO: They are the sounds of the forests, and the lakes and rivers and mountains. They are the harmony we feel in each others company. They are the Central Flame illuminating our past, and showing us the future.
(21:45:53) CSO_Cdr_Wright: Neme: Would... would it be okay for me to... try to play along with it? :: with a nod to her instrument case ::
(21:46:28) CaptHarper: :: brightens at the thought, then watches for Neme's answer, wanting to join in ::
(21:46:33) AmberSun: <Neme> ::Gives a giant toothy grin.:: CSO: This one is new. ::Nods at Wright.:: Not all have added to it yet.
(21:46:33) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: smiles at Wright and eagerly looks up at Neme ::
(21:46:38) TAC2_1LT_Grey: Ethan> :: oofs at his wife's hit, muttering quietly before turning his attention to the music, offering Ryleigh her violin ::
(21:46:46) CMO_Lt_Tailor: ::finds herself lost in the bears' singing, and sways to the music::
(21:46:52) TAC2_1LT_Grey: Neme: May I join in as well?
(21:47:28) MED_LtJG_Acacia: :: finds herself regretting she never made time to learn an instrument ::
(21:47:35) CaptHarper: Vance> :: still at the bar, contemplating the scene as well ::
(21:49:24) AmberSun: <Neme> ::Gestures Grey towards the choir.:: TAC2: Not all have added to it yet.
(21:50:07) TAC2_1LT_Grey: :: takes steps closer to join the choir, taking a breath before putting the bow to the strings, easily falling into the music. ::
(21:50:11) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: pulls out her violin and subtly adds its voice to the haunting melody ::
(21:50:40) AmberSun: ::A voice softly echoes through the hall.:: Neme: They are still missing something.
(21:51:01) MED_LtJG_Acacia: :: heads over to the bar and orders whatever the bear recommends. She nods politely to Vance, not entirely sure who he is. ::
(21:51:33) CaptHarper: :: she opens the laquered wood case and produces a flute, then listens for a few moments to what the Salbjorn and the two violinists are doing before joining in ::
(21:51:52) SCI_LtJG_Jude: :: looks around, realizing there aren't exactly quadtoms (or similar percussion) around and that she neglected to bring anything ::
(21:52:02) CaptHarper: Vance> :: nods to Acacia, recognizing the doctor from Atlantis :: MED: Doctor.
(21:52:34) AmberSun: <Neme> Self: Of course. ::Simply translocates to the Captain's side, stopping her for just a moment.:: An element of the music is missing. We were told you would not be comfortable with it.
(21:53:00) TAC2_1LT_Grey: Ethan> :: steps closer, pulling out his own saxophone and slipping into the choir calmly, taking usual position at Ryleigh's side ::
(21:53:10) CaptHarper: :: stops playing :: Neme: Oh! My apologies, we thought you meant that we were the missing pieces.
(21:53:56) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: also stops, looking abashed ::
(21:54:05) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: looks to Neme, confused, having walked over with the others ::
(21:54:56) AmberSun: <Neme> CO: We are. But... ::Claps his paws together, lifting a veil from the Captain's mind, to allow her to see what is missing, that the outsiders cannot see, through politeness.:: We were told many would be uncomfortable.
(21:55:28) CaptHarper: :: opens her mouth and lets it hang there for a moment as she tries to process this ::
(21:56:24) AmberSun: <Neme> ::Claps his paws together again, removing the sight.::
(21:57:07) AmberSun: <Neme> CO: Would this be disagreeable to you?
(21:57:12) TAC2_1LT_Grey: :: the two finished with this measure, moving their instruments to their sides before coming to rejoin the group again ::
(21:57:16) CaptHarper: Neme: That was... that was remarkable! :: astonished ::
(21:57:41) CaptHarper: Neme: It is not disagreeable to me, but I can not speak for anyone else about such a thing.
(21:57:45) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: studies Kate's face, confused, then looks to Neme again ::
(21:58:06) TAC2_1LT_Grey: :: looks to her Captain curiously and confused ::
(21:58:11) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: looks at Kate, then at Neme, perplexed ::
(21:58:30) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: watches intently, with Tira at his side ::
(21:58:33) MED_LtJG_Acacia: :: sits down at the bar with her honey ale and spins to watch the Captain ::
(21:58:45) SCI_LtJG_Jude: :: looks over, listening into the conversation, confused ::
(21:59:53) CaptHarper: All: That music fills this room with swirling colors, an almost synesthetic effect.
(22:00:03) ENG_LtCdr_Ilaihr: ::Materialises beside Harper and Neme.::
(22:00:24) CaptHarper: :: then erupts into a grin when Ilaihr arrives :: Ilaihr!
(22:00:59) TAC2_1LT_Grey: Ethan> :: taking full advantage of his wife's distracted attention and moves towards Wolfe :: CTO: Hey, Wolfe! Is that... your lovely damsel in distress..? :: is chuckling, feeling mischeivious tonight ::
(22:01:14) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: jumps half her height, catlike on all fours, as Ilaihr appears ::
(22:01:32) ENG_LtCdr_Ilaihr: CO: Greetings Kathryn. ::Smiles and nods, wearing his usual robes.:: All: It is good to see you all here.
(22:01:40) TAC2_1LT_Grey: :: grins at Ilaihr :: Welcome back, sir!
(22:01:42) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: lets out a small giddy squeal when she sees Ilaihr ::
(22:01:46) MED_LtJG_Acacia: :: blinks, rubbing one eye. Realizing it's real she exhales softly with relief, taking a swig of her drink with a grin. ::
(22:01:49) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: raises his eyebrows ::
(22:01:50) CaptHarper: ENG: How are you feeling?
(22:02:17) SCI_LtJG_Jude: :: blinks twice :: Self: What t-
(22:02:36) ENG_LtCdr_Ilaihr: ::Looks up at Neme, towering leagues above him.:: CO: May we?
(22:03:13) TAC2_1LT_Grey: :: curses at seeing her husband annoying Wolfe and stalks over :: CTO: Apologies, sir. Ethan... never really knows when to fragging stop. :: grabs him by his collar and drags him off ::
(22:03:33) ENG_LtCdr_Ilaihr: All: You may feel... momentary discomfort.
(22:04:02) CaptHarper: :: widens her eyes for a moment as she peers at Ilaihr, asking what he means ::
(22:04:21) SCI_LtJG_Jude: :: starts wandering closer, squinting ::
(22:05:20) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: has ignored Ethan, and watches silently as Grey pulls him away by the ear. The ignorance would not have lasted long. ::
(22:05:28) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: is happy to see Ilaihr, but at his announcement, she sits on the ground, waiting in anticipation ::
(22:05:37) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: Tira> CTO: What was that all about?
(22:06:15) ENG_LtCdr_Ilaihr: ::The Salbjorn and the Aenar close their eyes and focus, before clapping in unison. A pop going off in everyone's heads for a brief second; as forms and shapes and aura appeared all around, the music and emotions of the room in a dazzling technicolour.::
(22:06:35) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: Tira: :: under his breath and totally deadpan :: Doesn't know what's good for him. Mocking a couple warriors is not recommended. Especially a couple warriors who are... a couple.
(22:07:08) MED_LtJG_Acacia: :: shudders, nearly dropping her drink. She quickly sets it back on the bar, steadying herself. ::
(22:07:09) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: Tira> :: laughs and nuzzles Wolfe's face ::
(22:07:23) CaptHarper: :: looks around in awe at the room, seeing the music again ::
(22:07:41) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: and Tira are then overtaken by the imagery being sent to their minds ::
(22:07:55) TAC2_1LT_Grey: :: plops Ethan down at a barstool, hissing at him to stay there unless directly asked for. She re-approached Wolfe and Tira, looking apologetic. :: CTO/Tira: Apologies for my idiotic husband's comments. I'm trying to control him, easier said than done.
(22:08:19) TAC2_1LT_Grey: :: staggers slightly at the pop, looking around with wide eyes at the new decorations ::
(22:08:31) NAV_LtJG_Navarro: :: didn't bring his guitar, but didn't really want to anyway, so he steps over to the bar as the images show up around him ::
(22:08:32) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: looks around anew at the new sights and sensations, in awe :: Self: This...this reminds me of home...but beautiful...
(22:08:48) CaptHarper: :: gets an idea and raises her flute, looking to Neme for permission ::
(22:09:14) ENG_LtCdr_Ilaihr: ::Smiles.:: All: Its is good to see you all. ::Slowly plods towards the bar.::
(22:09:20) TAC2_1LT_Grey: :: catches the Captain's look before she raised her own violin again ::
(22:09:30) MED_LtJG_Acacia: :: smiles and waves as she spots Navarro ::
(22:09:38) ENG_LtCdr_Ilaihr: <Neme> ::Nods, translocating away.::
(22:10:05) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: breaks from the music and visuals to regard Grey :: TAC2: I'll try to avoid giving him the smashing he deserved right then out of respect for you. :: gives her a slight wink of the friendship and comraderie between Marines ::
(22:10:18) CaptHarper: :: joins back in and watches her own music swirl in with the rest, the fascination making it difficult to concentrate on playing ::
(22:10:50) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: reenters the trance of the music. ::
(22:10:58) TAC2_1LT_Grey: :: laughs slightly :: CTO: Oh, feel free. He needs a good smashing every so often. :: keeps her attention on her violin calmly ::
(22:11:41) NAV_LtJG_Navarro: :: returns the smile and sits next to Acacia, still trying to figure out what is going on here :: MED: Hola, Emily! How about... whatever this is?
(22:11:43) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: is stunned by the visuals, but not so much that she doesn't bring her own violin to her chin again and join in alongside Kate ::
(22:11:53) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: now enthralled, but still able to communicate :: TAC2: Any time you feel like having a bring-your-husband-to-work day, we'll make good use of him. Chances are, he'll even survive.
(22:12:33) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: watches Kate testing her music, a big smile on her face ::
(22:13:42) CaptHarper: :: does a little trill and watches the colors change with it, then forces herself to stop trying to figure it out and just goes with it, dropping into melodic harmony with Lexy as they often do playing together ::
(22:14:14) MED_LtJG_Acacia: :: seems a bit dizzy, maybe high, as the swirling emotion on top of so much going on was pretty distracting. :: NAV: It's, ah--... sure somethin'. :: as she sits up straight and looks around to try and steady herself, she grins :: NAV: These bears sure know how to party.
(22:14:47) TAC2_1LT_Grey: :: laughs even louder, gaining a startled look from Ethan in response, attention split between the playing and conversation with Wolfe :: CTO: Oh, chances are that I'll do that at some point in the near future are high.
(22:15:29) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: falls into her usual counterpoint with Kate, their long hours of practice together making it sound effortless ::
(22:15:47) NAV_LtJG_Navarro: MED: That they do... :: waves his hand around :: This is... all telepathic, sí? :: sure it's obvious to her, but he has no experience with this ::
(22:15:50) ENG_LtCdr_Ilaihr: ::The aura around Ilaihr makes him appear like some kind of ghost, flitting around like a bright white pulsating beacon of light, before find exactly where he needs to be sitting.:: CTO: Hello, Benedict.
(22:18:00) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: as she listens to her crewmates play, she stands on all fours, raising her head like a howling wolf, and joins in with her voice, a haunting orca-like sound that serves to somehow amplify the brightness of all the crew's parts, as if strengthening the colorful swirls that connect to those of the bears within the cavern ::
(22:18:30) CaptHarper: :: watches Kuari join in, always loving to hear the Rucara sing, and it's even better in this harmony ::
(22:18:31) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: doesn't really come out of the trance, but rather interacts with Ilaihr through the link... not something he's used to doing what with this being the first time, but it's certainly interesting. :: ENG: Commander. It is good to speak with you.
(22:19:09) MED_LtJG_Acacia: :: nods in the affirmative, watching one of the large looming shapes approach her nose with some concern. She leans back, trying to relax and making quick work of that honey ale ::
(22:20:38) ENG_LtCdr_Ilaihr: ::Gives a genial smile, nodding.:: CTO: You are troubled, my dear boy. Are you not?
(22:20:57) NAV_LtJG_Navarro: :: orders a glass of mead, since when in Salbjorn do as bears do, and leans back to enjoy the show ::
(22:21:39) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: ~ENG~ Troubled? How so?
(22:23:43) ENG_LtCdr_Ilaihr: CTO: You were injured. ::His voice seems to echo, bit only around the pair of them.:: Perhaps more than physically?
(22:25:16) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: transitions fluidly between telepathic and spoken, unaware that he's even doing it. :: ENG: Ah. I see. There's nothing ~I can't handle.~ I'm a Marine, and we'~re trained for such extreme~ situations.
(22:25:40) NAV_LtJG_Navarro: :: tries to figure all of this out as he takes a long drink of the mead ::
(22:26:27) CSO_Cdr_Wright: Suzuki> :: attempting to make her way to the bar through the whatever this is ::
(22:27:20) CaptHarper: :: fades out from the song and lowers the flute from her lips ::
(22:27:55) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: looks at questioningly at Kate but continues to play ::
(22:28:18) CaptHarper: :: smiles and takes a few moments to just watch the show ::
(22:28:23) SCI_LtJG_Jude: :: wanders over to a wall, and slides down it, looking up at the crowd ::
(22:28:24) ENG_LtCdr_Ilaihr: ::Violent imagery flashes in Wolfe's mind, of the battle with the Xovul, his injury... seeing Kuari injured.:: CTO: Always the good little soldier... ~There is more than simply duty, and honour.~ Family... friendship... love...
(22:29:11) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: continues to sing, feeling as if she's her element, a closeness to the music she hasn't felt since singing with her kind on Ruka ::
(22:30:08) TAC2_1LT_Grey: :: keeps her music going, coaxing it from the strings calmly ::
(22:30:45) CaptHarper: :: she waits a few beats and then joins back in, easily finding the melody that feels quite improvised ::
(22:31:51) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: takes in the imagery and senses the presence of the Salbjorn in his mind... supportive... soothing, even as he relives that moment when he wondered if he had failed to protect Kuari :: ENG: Yes, it was ~a tough fight, moreso than most. I~ had a moment when I thought I had failed my duty to protect my first officer... and my former subordinate... and my friend. But ~it is what we do as Marines. The concepts~ combine for a Marine.
(22:32:47) MED_LtJG_Acacia: :: hums along with the music, poking at the shapes that drift up from her. ::
(22:33:10) NAV_LtJG_Navarro: :: notices fleeting voices that aren't sounds, and then focuses on figuring out if there's anything he can do to control the experience ::
(22:34:34) ENG_LtCdr_Ilaihr: ::Swirls around Wolfe like a cloud of mist.:: CTO: I believe you may be beginning to feel it... the onset of the inescapable truth. We are but mere mortals. You feel that deeper inside than you care to admit. The fear of every soldier. What are you when you are no longer a soldier.
(22:36:38) NAV_LtJG_Navarro: :: gets frustrated at trying and almost being able to manipulate what he can sense :: MED: Is this a constant thing for you? Or is it a different sensation?
(22:36:48) ENG_LtCdr_Ilaihr: CTO: This recent 'failure', what if it is the start of the decline.
(22:37:16) CSO_Cdr_Wright: Suzuki> :: finally arrives at the bar, and orders something fizzy and alcoholic ::
(22:37:17) CaptHarper: Vance> :: drains the scotch, the display in the room not really bothering him ::
(22:37:46) SCI_LtJG_Jude: :: exhales, and stands up, making her way to Harper, and waits for a natural pause in the music before speaking :: CO: Captain, when we get back to the ship, may I ask you about something?
(22:38:14) MED_LtJG_Acacia: :: blinks, taking a moment to consider the question. She frowns thoughtfully, :: NAV: No, not.. exactly like this. Similar, but certainly much less, uh... visual?
(22:38:54) CaptHarper: :: lowers the flute from her lips :: SCI: Of course. Is something the matter?
(22:39:29) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: ENG: It will ~not be so. When I am not a Marine, I~ am still a protector of all around ~me. And no matter what I do, that is ~what I am.
(22:39:38) NAV_LtJG_Navarro: :: blinks several times :: MED: I can hear bits of thoughts. Do you hear that?
(22:40:14) SCI_LtJG_Jude: CO: Actually, it's two questions. One's business. The other is more... I need a bit of personal advice.
(22:40:40) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: surreptitiously watches Jude, but says nothing ::
(22:40:53) CaptHarper: SCI: My ready room door is always open.
(22:41:04) MED_LtJG_Acacia: :: raises an eyebrow :: NAV: Oh, yes. That's pretty normal for me.
(22:41:37) NAV_LtJG_Navarro: :: concentrates intently for a moment, thinking he might have figured something out :: ~MED~ Can you hear this?
(22:42:39) MED_LtJG_Acacia: :: is briefly surprised, then laughs out loud, answering naturally :: ~NAV~ Exactly like that.
(22:43:00) CSO_Cdr_Wright: Suzuki> :: spies Diego Ricardo a little further down the bar and starts to head in his direction, but sees him engaged with Acacia and smoothly keeps walking ::
(22:43:01) NAV_LtJG_Navarro: :: looks surprised for a moment, not expecting it to actually work ::
(22:43:30) CaptHarper: SCI: And if that is too formal, I often finish work in Ten Forward.
(22:43:49) ENG_LtCdr_Ilaihr: ::Chuckles.:: CTO: Then you understand; why the old must watch out for the young. It is now up to you to decide what you do with that knowledge. Be weary though, my boy, for there will be truths you discover about yourself along the way that will test your convictions.
(22:44:11) SCI_LtJG_Jude: ::CO: Oh- no. The ready room works fine. Thanks. :: nods politely and shuffles her way back to the wall ::
(22:44:40) NAV_LtJG_Navarro: :: whispers aloud :: Ay, dios mío...
(22:44:49) ENG_LtCdr_Ilaihr: CTO: And eventually, even your strength of will, wont be strong enough to hold back the tide of time.
(22:44:59) CaptHarper: :: shrugs and resumes playing at an appropriate point ::
(22:45:21) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: ENG: I don't know what you mean.
(22:45:57) CaptHarper: Vance> :: orders up another drink and makes a decision ::
(22:47:16) NAV_LtJG_Navarro: :: sees Suzuki walk by being smooth and then furrows his brow to try again :: ~MED~ It is really weird when you have never experienced it.
(22:47:53) ENG_LtCdr_Ilaihr: ::Places a hand on Wolfe's shoulder; now standing behind him.:: CTO: I know. But you will.
(22:48:23) CSO_Cdr_Wright: Suzuki> :: makes her way to the cave wall, sipping her drink and inspecting the rock face ::
(22:48:49) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: is lost in the music, feeling a fulfilling duty to keep her song going, thoughts of refreshments at the bar or anything else far from her mind ::
(22:49:10) MED_LtJG_Acacia: :: smiles softly, spinning around and ordering herself another drink :: ~NAV~ I don't do it much anymore, but it's much like talking for my sisters and I.
(22:50:49) SCI_LtJG_Jude: :: notices Suzuki nearby and walks over to her :: Suzuki: Trippy party, huh?
(22:52:04) NAV_LtJG_Navarro: ~MED~ To me, it is like a superpower, but it is passé to you. Remarkable.
(22:52:18) TAC2_1LT_Grey: :: excuses herself from Wolfe and Tira, moving to rejoin her husband with the acceptance of a drink ::
(22:52:38) ENG_LtCdr_Ilaihr: ::Slowly the Salbjorn stop singing one by one, until only Kuari is left singing.::
(22:52:58) CaptHarper: :: softly fades out as the Salbjorn do, and smiles while listening to Kuari ::
(22:53:00) CSO_Cdr_Wright: Suzuki> :: is surprised to find the Science officer talking to her, but this does not show in her impassive expression :: SCI: I can't say I've ever been to one like it.
(22:53:27) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: lets her violin fade out on a lingering note, and listens to Kuari with a grin ::
(22:54:03) SCI_LtJG_Jude: Suzuki: I'm used to hearing constant voices in my head, but not seeing all of /this/.
(22:55:12) CSO_Cdr_Wright: Suzuki> :: Oh, right. This one is a telepath. :: SCI: It's all new to me.
(22:56:21) CaptHarper: Vance> :: tilts that drink back too, then makes for the cave exit ::
(22:56:37) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: simply listens now ::
(22:57:01) MED_LtJG_Acacia: :: shrugs, spinning back around with her drink and offering a cheeky grin :: ~NAV~ I wonder if it can be simulated, or if this is some kind of one time magic.
(22:57:08) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: notices everyone else has stopped singing, so alters her tune into a finale, doing her best to close the song in a graceful way she hopes befits the Salbjorn's culture ::
(22:58:14) ENG_LtCdr_Ilaihr: ::Pats the tactical officer's shoulder one more time, before whisping away elsewhere.::
(22:58:19) SCI_LtJG_Jude: Suzuki: Soooo, I was kinda wondering what your opinion of the Sharks is? Like- how do ya like it?
(22:58:56) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: stops after the final note, looking around ::
(22:58:59) NAV_LtJG_Navarro: :: chuckles :: ~MED~ I would have to ask mi doctora about that. :: returns the grin before taking another swing of mead ::
(22:59:07) CaptHarper: :: puts her flute down and starts clapping ::
(22:59:09) CSO_Cdr_Wright: Suzuki> :: perks an eyebrow :: SCI: Are you a pilot?
(23:00:18) ENG_LtCdr_Ilaihr: <Neme> ::Claps his paws, closing out the visual with a display like fireworks.::
(23:00:32) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: bounces up and down, energized ::
(23:00:45) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: applauds with the neck of her violin in one hand and her bow in the other ::
(23:01:00) CaptHarper: :: marvels at the visual spectacle ::
(23:01:26) SCI_LtJG_Jude: Suzuki: I er. Not actively. I took a few classes in the Academy. I'm just- thinking some things through.
(23:01:29) TAC2_1LT_Grey: :: applauds politely, content in her husband's arms ::
(23:03:15) CSO_Cdr_Wright: Suzuki> :: looks at Jude appraisingly :: SCI: To answer your question, I like it very much. But I also love the thrill of danger.
(23:03:36) CaptHarper: :: stands and speaks up :: All: Let us hope that is just the beginning of a harmony between all of our peoples!
(23:03:44) ENG_LtCdr_Ilaihr: ::The Central Flame burns bright.::
(23:03:58) MED_LtJG_Acacia: :: raises a glass to that ::
(23:04:32) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: calls out high-pitched agreement ::
(23:04:39) SCI_LtJG_Jude: :: snaps head towards Harper, before looking back at Suzuki :: Suzuki: Not for the weak of heart, I imagine.
(23:05:36) NAV_LtJG_Navarro: :: raises the mead toward the captain ::
(23:05:55) CSO_Cdr_Wright: Suzuki> SCI: Not for the weak of heart or spirit, or anyone who fears death. Not something to do just to run away. :: raises her glass, somewhat absently ::
(23:05:58) ENG_LtCdr_Ilaihr: ::The Salbjorn begin to all call out in unison.::
(23:06:06) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: realizes she never got a drink, so has no glass to raise ::
(23:06:17) TAC2_1LT_Grey: :: raises her drink in acknowledgement, settling against Ethan calmly ::
(23:07:33) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: ponders the evening, pulling Tira closer to his side ::
(23:07:41) CaptHarper: :: surveys the room, a contented and hopeful smile on her face as she takes in the scene of Federation, Salbjorn, and Kvolir all partying together ::
(23:07:52) ENG_LtCdr_Ilaihr: ::Quietly stands beside Amber Sun, looking on at the attendees and smiling.::
(23:07:57) SCI_LtJG_Jude: :: realizes she has no glass to raise ::
(23:08:07) CaptHarper: :: gives a knowing grin to Wolfe ::
(23:08:42) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: narrows his eyes in a not-unfriendly-but-studying way at Harper ::
(23:09:18) ENG_LtCdr_Ilaihr: AmberSun: It seems it is time for me to return to Atlantis.
(23:09:23) CaptHarper: :: puts her flute back in its case, then heads over to the bar for a refreshment ::
(23:09:58) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: dances around, her throat dry, but she'll get a drink later ::
(23:10:21) ENG_LtCdr_Ilaihr: <Amber Sun> ENG: Then I shall go as well. The Neme worries for you. And I must Chase Celestial Trails.
(23:10:57) CaptHarper: PAUSE SIM
(23:10:57) CaptHarper: PAUSE SIM
(23:10:57) CaptHarper: PAUSE SIM