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(21:15:09) CaptHarper: BEGIN SIM
(21:15:10) CaptHarper: BEGIN SIM
(21:15:10) CaptHarper: BEGIN SIM
(21:15:50) CaptHarper: :: wishes she had never requested the helmet-cam feed as she watches in horror as the battle unfolds, and wants to turn it off, but knows what that would look like to the crew ::
(21:16:10) CaptHarper: Vash> ::Aims a brutal spear thrust at Wolfe's gut. ::
(21:16:29) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: pops back and to the side, avoiding the spear, and as soon as it’s clear gets right up next to the Xovul to where a spear can’t be thrust at him again, placing his hand around the Xovul’s throat ::
(21:17:03) MED_LtJG_Acacia: :: sits at her seat on the bridge, hands hovering tensely over the console which can order ground troops be withdrawn from combat. She splits her focus between the viewer and her console. ::
(21:17:06) TAC2_1LT_Grey: :: is in medbay, currently resting, a faint whistling sound heard every time she breathed ::
(21:17:08) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: is greatly relieved that Kuari is okay, and turns her attention to Kate, knowing from the distress on her face what she must be thinking ::
(21:18:01) MED_LtJG_Acacia: :: Meanwhile in sick bay, Dr. Straynj is doing rounds. He arrives at Grey's biobed and checks her chart, eyeing her over to see if she's sleeping. When he hears the whistle he raises an eyebrow, waving a tricorder wand over her chest and checking the output. ::
(21:18:31) TAC_LCdr_TLira: :: has fallen back a bit to take a look at the door herself, to figure out whether it's an encryption keeping it locked or something else ::
(21:19:02) AmberSun: ::Skulks around sickbay, assisting the doctors with simple tasks, and trying now to get in the way.::
(21:19:06) CaptHarper: Vash> :: produces a dagger in his other hand and jams it into the gut of Wolfe's suit, between the armored plates, and starts tearing through its layers with the razor-sharp blade ::
(21:19:24) TAC2_1LT_Grey: :: jerks awake with a muttered curse, eyes blinking at Dr. Straynj, curious at to what he was doing :: Straynj: W-What...?
(21:20:25) MED_LtJG_Acacia: :: Dr. Straynj offers a warm smile, hoping to reassure her. :: Straynj> Grey: It's alright, miss Grey. How are you feeling?
(21:20:27) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: shakes her head, knowing there's little she can do about Kate's situation now, and instead diverts all of her focus to trying to do something about that device ::
(21:20:31) NAV_LtJG_Navarro: :: leaning against the back wall of the bridge, just watching the battle and silently hoping our people make it ::
(21:20:53) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: having caught three of the Xovul off guard with her brash charge, has knocked them to the ground, taking their fire off the rest of the Marines, making the ones standing easy targets for the others to pick off. Unfortunately, the Xovul aren't really hurt, and one aims at her from the floor and she's forced to retreat ::
(21:21:17) ENG_Ens_Chovhahlass: :: After a few beeps the coffee maker that sat attentively on the counter in Engineering produced a pitch black liquid into the mug. Tiredly listening to the chatter around him Aroth pivoted on his heel to look about the department, watching the crew scurry about as he lifted the beverage to his lips and gulped, yuck he'd never get used to the taste ::
(21:21:58) TAC2_1LT_Grey: Straynj: Hurts, but nothing much else :: tries to sit up slowly, trying to pop her shoulders. Every movement brought a louder whistling noise as she winced ::
(21:23:01) MED_LtJG_Acacia: :: Emily watches the lifesigns closely, visibly on edge. She can't help it, not only is the situation actually tense, she's sucking up the energy in the room like a sponge. ::
(21:23:12) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: attempts to scan the device, trying to glean as much information about it as possible ::
(21:24:46) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: spins around the Xovul's body, the blade barely breaking through his skin... just enough to make it smart, but he's got training to deal with that. Once he's partially behind the Xovul, he sidekicks him, not caring at this point if it means that the Xovul budges or if it means Wolfe is going for a bit of a flight. ::
(21:25:27) ENG_Ens_Chovhahlass: :: The taste was bitter as he pushed himself forward, gracefully maneuvering around the department, he couldn't stay holed up here he had to do something. Finding himself in the lift he gripped the handle "Bridge" his voice chimed as it lurched into motion. ::
(21:25:28) CaptHarper: :: as a fighter pilot, she killed many, but it was never face-to-face, and although she's been in hand-to-hand combat before, this battle is particularly brutal, and she steels her jaw as she has to watch it play out ::
(21:26:17) MED_LtJG_Acacia: Straynj> :: his tricorder begins beeping rapidly but he, mature and level-headed, offers another comforting smile to his patient. He mumbles to a nurse who begins running, for the supply closet. :: Grey: We've got a bit of a problem. I'm going to need you to hold still.
(21:26:18) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: ignores the screen and watches her readouts as she gets scan results ::
(21:26:32) CaptHarper: Vash> :: twists the blade in farther as he pivots around, not wanting to let Wolfe get behind him ::
(21:26:51) TAC2_1LT_Grey: :: winces, settling back down in the biobed, skin beginning to take on a faint blue tint :: Straynj: Y-Yes sir...
(21:27:00) TAC_LCdr_TLira: :: this door is more complicated than it honestly needs to be and she debates using an explosive to open it, once they get some room to do so safely ::
(21:28:04) MED_LtJG_Acacia: Straynj> :: The nurse quickly returns with a large hollow needle attached to a syringe. The doctor calmly removes the plunger, places his hand firmly on Grey's ribcage, and stabs the needle right into her collapsed lung to relieve the pressure. ::
(21:28:26) CaptHarper: ACTION> The Xovul reinforcements attacking T'Lira's squad manage to get reinforced themselves, and press the attack.
(21:28:56) TAC2_1LT_Grey: :: winces at the sudden pain, almost jerking up against Straynj's restraining hand :: Straynj: Ow!
(21:28:56) MED_LtJG_Acacia: :: Emily glances at the viewscreen occasionally, her finger hovering over the button to recall Wolfe, but she knows she'd get an earful if she misjudged on that one... ::
(21:29:48) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: skips around, barely missing fire. She's light on her feet and fast, but at the cost of weight. She has no choice but to find cover, and as she closes in on the obvious goal, a Xovul manages to anticipate and scores a glancing shot on her hip, causing her to cry out as she lands hard into her hiding spot ::
(21:30:08) ENG_Ens_Chovhahlass: :: Coming to a stop the doors opened with a whoosh as he stepped out, his gaze immediately falling onto the carnage on the viewscreen. Watching as bursts of flames dotted the screen he found himself a console and began to review systems status. ::
(21:30:38) MED_LtJG_Acacia: Straynj> :: He manages to hold her still enough to get the needle in the right place, but allows to her to flinch--he's used to treating marines. With the needle in place he begins scanning her lung again with his free hand. :: Grey: That should be the worst of it. Take some deep breaths, now.
(21:30:49) TAC_LCdr_TLira: :: narrows her eyes at the newcomers and takes a moment to gather some scans, to see where they're positioned and if there is a way to block more from getting in. After careful consideration, she primes a grenade and rolls it towards the enemy, gesturing for everyone to take cover ::
(21:31:24) CaptHarper: :: hears Kuari call out and fights the urge to spin to look for Acacia ::
(21:32:00) CSO_Cdr_Wright: CO: There's a transport inhibitor on that device, Captain. We can't beam it out. We can't beam out anything in the whole room.
(21:32:04) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: feels the knife go in deeper, but it's not hitting anything vital, just creating a bleed-out scenario. While it's highly uncomfortable, now he knows he needs to keep the knife in, so he grabs at the Xovul's wrist with one hand and holds it tight, placing his other arm across the inside of the Xovul's elbow, creating a fulcrum. The hand on the knife comes loose, so he kicks between the legs - hoping the Xovul are equivalent to 94% of male creatures in where they keep their genitals. ::
(21:32:37) MED_LtJG_Acacia: :: Emily grits her teeth as transporter locks fizzle in and out, her screen displaying warnings. Her trembling fingers still hover over Wolfe and Kuari's names. She swallows her nerves, trying to focus. ::
(21:33:04) TAC2_1LT_Grey: :: does as instructed, realizing that she was able to breathe easier, eyes looking from the needle to the doctor and back to the needle, silently asking ::
(21:33:38) CaptHarper: Vash> :: is, of course, armored there, but it's not exactly comfortable regardless ::
(21:34:33) CaptHarper: Vash> :: steps forward into Wolfe for a takedown, getting his legs behind the Marine's and pulling the choking hand off his throat ::
(21:35:27) ENG_Ens_Chovhahlass: :: With a few delicate presses of the console he runs a level two diagnostic. Everything seemed to be what you'd expect of a ship in the middle of battle. ::
(21:35:39) MED_LtJG_Acacia: Straynj> :: Sets his tricorder aside and takes a dermal regenerator from the running nurse. He carefully slides the needle out and quickly uses the new tool to seal the hole in the lung first, then the entry wound shortly after. As he swabs up the dribbles of blood he answers her silent question, once again scanning her. :: Grey: That was a collaps
(21:35:39) MED_LtJG_Acacia: ed lung, my dear. How's your breathing now?
(21:36:55) TAC2_1LT_Grey: Straynj: Much better. :: flashes a faint grin in thanks, trying to sit up and move from the bed :: Straynj: Do you know how... the attack's going?
(21:38:19) CaptHarper: :: quietly, with a nod in response to Wright :: CSO: Understood.
(21:38:50) MED_LtJG_Acacia: Straynj> :: He gently pushes back against her shoulder, clearly not wanting her to get up. :: Grey: I do not. I can't let you leave quite yet, but if you're antsy, we can roll you into recovery and put the bridge feed on in there.
(21:39:01) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: looks at Acacia and then back to Kate, making a silent inquiry ::
(21:39:04) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: grits her teeth and peeks out from cover to assess the situation when she hears the blasts at her location stop. Since she had dropped her firearm, they would probably assume her not as much of a threat as the marines firing from the other side of the room ::
(21:39:14) AmberSun: ::Keeps plodding around, moving injured personnel to the appropriate wards.::
(21:39:30) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: pulls his hand back quickly, ripping it out of Vash's grip, bringing Vash's right arm up and his now free hand into the crux of his elbow. This motion squeezes and closes the elbow around his arm, which with enough force will cause the elbow to pop apart. ::
(21:40:06) CaptHarper: :: evenly, still looking at the viewer :: MED: Focus your attention on T'Lira's team, doctor.
(21:40:24) MED_LtJG_Acacia: :: Emily exchanges a troubled glance with Wright as she looks over. She gives a solemn, meaningful nod--the transporters can't get to the marines on the viewer, and Kate is screaming internally. ::
(21:41:15) TAC2_1LT_Grey: :: blinks in surprise, settling back down onto the bed :: Straynj: when can I-I leave?
(21:41:24) CaptHarper: Vash> :: laughs at Wolfe, lowering his shoulder into Wolfe's chest for the takedown, legs already in place ::
(21:41:38) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: realizes her glance at Acacia was enough to let her know and frowns, turning back to her console ::
(21:42:03) TAC_LCdr_TLira: :: is finding herself rather disliking the Xovul more and more with each passing moment. Cover is limited, and the enemy appears to be endless. They are, however, not endless, and she fully intends to find where they end. With any luck, she will manage to do it soon ::
(21:42:14) MED_LtJG_Acacia: CO: Understood. :: She already had them up, but now she watches their lifesigns instead. Not a minute after, she hits a few buttons rapidly, more badly injured marines appearing in sick bay. ::
(21:44:24) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: did not manage to pop the elbow apart, but could feel he was close. There's not a lot he can do right this second with the shoulder where it is... so for a moment he's along for the ride. ::
(21:44:29) MED_LtJG_Acacia: Straynj> Grey: At least half an hour, because I don't see any cause of your pneumothorax. Which means it either has no cause, or the scanner isn't catching it. If you turn blue and need surgery it's better if you're here, no? :: he waves over AmberSun to ask him to wheel Grey to recovery for her promised entertainment. ::
(21:45:38) CaptHarper: Vash> :: lands on Wolfe and bears a toothy grin as he gleefully pulls the knife out and starts to make another hole ::
(21:45:46) TAC2_1LT_Grey: :: gives a small salute in acknowledgement, settling down carefully, trying not to dislodge any of the wires or cables she was connected to ::
(21:47:36) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: her wounds hurt, and she can feel the effects of energy disruption in her system, but the Marines need help. The Xovul aren't looking at her, so she makes a split-second decision and runs out from cover. Her light weight and padded footpads make for a quiet charge. As she leaps for the nearest Xovul, one that she had felled before, she feels a zinging pain from her belly, but ignores it ::
(21:48:09) CSO_Cdr_Wright: CO: The size of the device indicates that it would destroy the shipyard, perhaps, but our ships should be safe at this distance. :: still trying to distract Kate with science and maybe get her input ::
(21:48:37) AmberSun: ::Walks on over, sniffing at Grey, before biting her bed and carting it off.::
(21:49:05) CaptHarper: CSO: It certainly could not be a very large device, then.
(21:49:31) CaptHarper: :: is slightly distracted, thinking of that ::
(21:50:04) MED_LtJG_Acacia: Straynj> :: Adds the output of one of the wires--Grey's breathing monitor--to the main viewer in sick bay, then continues his rounds. ::
(21:50:30) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: has moments to stop Vash before the knife penetrates him again. From this current position, things are bleak. He looks for a weak point - anywhere he can cause enough pain to stop so that he can get back to disabling this goon. ::
(21:50:40) CSO_Cdr_Wright: CO: Smaller than our warp core, from what I can tell.
(21:50:52) TAC2_1LT_Grey: :: is horrified to watch the chaos happening on the viewscreen, pushing herself up into a sitting position again to watch in utter horror ::
(21:51:30) CaptHarper: :: but Wolfe's precarious situation pulls her right back in to the horror ::
(21:51:34) MED_LtJG_Acacia: :: tries not to hit her console loud enough to make noise, but she has to quickly pull out another marine from the E team. She stares straight, trying not to give outward signs to the non-empaths while she, too, screams internally. ::
(21:52:54) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: finds himself feeling around the Xovul and gets an idea. He's wounded, so Wolfe will apply acute pressure to the wound. He feels around a bit more... ::
(21:52:56) AmberSun: ::Grumbles at Grey, opening his mouth at her like a bull hippo, trying to distract her. The inside of his mouth actually has strangely vivid colouration and patterning.::
(21:53:12) CSO_Cdr_Wright: Kate: :: quietly :: There has to be something we can do to help them.
(21:53:42) TAC2_1LT_Grey: :: fixes a glare at Amber Sun for his grumble :: Amber Sun: Don't you dare.
(21:54:03) CaptHarper: Vash> :: tearing through Wolfe's suit in another spot with the knife :: CTO: Have some dignity.
(21:54:15) CaptHarper: CSO: Try to get that door open from here.
(21:54:15) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: Wolfe finds the wound and thrusts his hand at it. Or rather, he finds... he thrusts his hand into the wound he had previously created by shooting him. He didn't expect to find his hand IN the chest cavity. Honestly, he’s a little bit shocked ::
(21:54:37) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: jostles the surprised Xovul, taking one more of them out of the firefight, again grabbing for the horns. She knows personally how disorienting that can be and twists, but she doesn't manage to damage the tough being ::
(21:55:02) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: realizing what’s just happened, he sees his chance chance to end this. He twists his hand up and feels for beating, the urge to vomit at what’s going on right now - what he’s doing - long-since trained away back in Basic. ::
(21:55:03) CaptHarper: Vash> :: also pretty surprised at this turn of events, he grasps Wolfe's arm with a hand and pushes ::
(21:55:22) AmberSun: ::Mounts his front paws on the bed, still waving his colourful open mouth at her, as his tail waggles.:: TAC2: MuuuuUuuUUust rest. SleeeeEEEEeeeep.
(21:55:37) MED_LtJG_Acacia: Nurse> :: A nurse sticks her head into recovery to get a glance at Grey, but is distracted by the viewer feed. She pauses, biting her nails, then runs back out of the room when Dr. Straynj yells for her. The flow of injured into sickbay has not stopped. ::
(21:56:54) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: still surprised, his hand does not move. He's got his hand right where it needs to be now, and there's no chance Vash can pull it out without Wolfe's compliance. Finally, he finds the beating and grabs on, lightly, but definitely his hand around the heart. He looks this Xovul in the eye… :: Vash: I’m holding your heart. All I need is one good squeeze. Let’s end this now such that we can all walk away, you can go to your infirmary, and Bob’s your uncle. Sound good?
(21:57:07) TAC2_1LT_Grey: :: flicks Amber Sun in the nose to warn him away :: Amber Sun: Not until I know my team's safe
(21:58:05) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: leans down into her console, tapping furiously as she tries to access the shipyard's computer systems ::
(21:58:06) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: Vash: Let’s end this now such that we can all walk away, you can go to your infirmary, and Bob’s your uncle. Sound good?
(21:58:10) AmberSun: ::Paws at his nose and whines, looking dumbfounded at her; before craning his neck to notice the moving pictures.::
(21:59:00) MED_LtJG_Acacia: :: continues trying to weigh victory against getting the injured out, and the flow is steady. She maintains her blank face fairly well. ::
(21:59:24) TAC2_1LT_Grey: :: gives him the same look she would give her puppy, eyes narrowing faintly :: Amber Sun: No sir.
(21:59:24) CaptHarper: Vash> I have two. :: pushes the dagger on through Wolfe's suit in another place and twists ::
(22:00:24) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: feels the knife go in and knows there's only one way to stop this. He squeezes, feeling the heart in his hands pretty much explode. ::
(22:01:09) CaptHarper: Vash> :: that definitely does not feel good ::
(22:01:21) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: Vash: Very well, then. :: starts fishing around for the second heart, knowing it's a race of time before the Xovul stabs in the right place to make it so he doesn't go back to Atlantis. ::
(22:01:26) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: is surprised when the Xovul manages to grab her forearm, adapting more quickly since her previous pounce. Kuari foregoes balance and wraps her tail around his leg, yanking it out from under him and they tumble to the floor ::
(22:01:31) AmberSun: ::Flicks Grey's nose, but not having the same hand dexterity as a human, more or less mashes her face gently with his paw, before plopping to the floor.:: TAC2: Amber Sun help?!
(22:02:09) MED_LtJG_Acacia: :: twinges, looking up at the viewer briefly, her brow furrowing slightly.. Jesus. ::
(22:02:38) CaptHarper: :: stares in disbelief at the main viewer ::
(22:03:11) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: is still buried in her console, feeling like she can access their computers if she just... tries... a little... harder... ::
(22:03:50) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: finds a lung, realizes what it is he's holding now, and pulls on it, harder and harder, until he feels it disconnect. ::
(22:04:40) TAC2_1LT_Grey: :: yelps at Amber Sun's flick, before attention turning to the viewscreen, eyes horrified ::
(22:05:06) CaptHarper: Vash> :: has some more of those too, so he fights through the pain and starts to tear another hole in Wolfe's suit, but his strength is somewhat diminished ::
(22:06:30) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: knows which way the Xovul is going to fall and comes out on top, quickly grabbing his disruptor and firing it point blank several times in his chest where even she can't miss ::
(22:07:30) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: isn't feeling that second heart anywhere, so he punches down toward the diaphragm. After a few hits, he feels a rupture... and a lot of new liquid
(22:07:47) AmberSun: TAC2: Moooving pictures make you distressed. You must not look upon. ::Shakes head, raising and lowering the hairs on his neck, like a small mane or crest.::
(22:08:50) CaptHarper: Vash> :: saws through the layers of Wolfe's suit in a third place and makes with the stabbing, but finds that he's having trouble breathing, and his opponent is still rooting around in his chest, so he pauses stabbing to grab Wolfe's arm with both hands and try to pull it out ::
(22:09:07) TAC2_1LT_Grey: Amber Sun: It's my commanding officer, Amber. :: tries to stand again to move to the screen ::
(22:10:02) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: frustrated, pushes away from her console - unable to defeat their security - and thinks through her options, pointedly ignoring the main viewer and the gasps around her ::
(22:10:42) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: unfortunately drew the attention of several other Xovul as their comrade went down nearby. The two that also got knocked down before turn, but not before Kuari's on one of them, putting him between her and the one aiming towards her ::
(22:10:46) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: feeling that Vash has finally done some serious damage with that last knifing, he now fights Vash's efforts to pull his hand and lower arm out of the chest cavity. And that's when he feels the beating... just a brush, but definite. He lunges with everything in him and grabs on, and now doesn't ask before providing the fatal pump. ::
(22:11:50) CaptHarper: Vash> :: his eyes go wide, and he slumps, gasping :: CTO: Well fought, heretic... :: falls off Wolfe and dies ::
(22:12:55) MED_LtJG_Acacia: :: grimaces, tapping the button to recall one of the marines who's lost consciousness in the room, but the interference is still there. She keeps tapping it, while also watching the readings from the other teams. ::
(22:13:06) AmberSun: ::Growls aggressively, flexing his powers to make himself seem much bigger.:: TAC2: No move! ::Stands on his hind legs.::
(22:13:58) TAC2_1LT_Grey: Amber Sun: Why the hell not? :: eyes narrowing at the bear ::
(22:14:12) CaptHarper: ACTION> Our Marines, along with the Marines and Security from the other ships, are now gaining the upper hand as the Xovul fighters start to get rather thin in number.
(22:14:34) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: is still holding the fallen Xovul's disruptor, and at close range grasping the one with three limbs, makes short work of the two ::
(22:15:02) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: feels his hand thankfully slip out as the Xovul slides off him. He waits a second, then attempts to sit up and finds it *much* more difficult than he had anticipated. Still, he makes it up to a sitting position, and sees an opportunity. He grabs the spear, looks it over and finds the actuator. He points it at one of the Xovul and fires ::
(22:15:39) CaptHarper: ACTION> A bolt of electricity lances from the spear and fries a Xovul.
(22:16:13) CaptHarper: :: leans forward as it looks like her people are going to come out on top, but at what cost? ::
(22:16:36) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: crouches atop her kills and looks around the room, in time to see a Xovul incinerate. She follows the path of electricity back to a sitting Wolfe, the dead Vash next to him ::
(22:16:36) AmberSun: ::Makes it look like his fur is flashing different colours.:: ~TAC2~: You hurt! NO MOVE. ::Stares her down, right back.::
(22:16:46) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: knowing what it does, and knowing that this weapon killing a Xovul will surprise the rest, takes advantage of the moment, and takes out a few more Xovul before lying back down, spent. ::
(22:16:59) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: hearing that the Marines have the upper hand, looks at the screen :: CO: Can they turn off the transport inhibitor?
(22:17:40) CaptHarper: CSO: It is probably wired into the the bomb and will cause detonation if disabled. We need to get that door open.
(22:18:12) TAC2_1LT_Grey: :: being her stubborn-arse self, Grey mutters quietly, slowly standing with bare feet on the medbay floor, gripping the IV stand and moving towards the viewscreen to watch, balancing herself on the stand ::
(22:18:13) CSO_Cdr_Wright: CO: Perhaps the other squad can make it to the door now. I had no success penetrating their computer security.
(22:18:33) CaptHarper: ACTION> The Xovul fighting against T'Lira's team retreat, but there were only a few of them left anyway.
(22:19:12) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: looks at the ceiling for a bit, not letting go of the spear, pulling it closer to him. He looks around and sees another clear shot at another Xovul and fries him. This spear is pretty impressive indeed. ::
(22:19:12) TAC_LCdr_TLira: :: is satisfied when the enemy retreats, quickly turning her attention from them to the door, deciding to just rig some explosives and use the scientific method to get it open ::
(22:20:45) CaptHarper: ACTION> T'Lira's method scientifically opens the door, with a loud explosion.
(22:21:03) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: feels her limbs go weak and collapses onto the pile ::
(22:21:41) AmberSun: ::Raises his head to the ceiling and calls out.:: Aloud: DooooOOoooooOOOOOOoooctooooooOooOoooOOOOoor!!!
(22:22:13) MED_LtJG_Acacia: Nurse> :: A nurse rushes into the recovery room, then gives an exasperated sigh as she sees Grey walking. She pointedly walks up and wordlessly grabs one of the wires on the IV stand, re-attaching it to Grey's chest. ::
(22:22:27) TAC_LCdr_TLira: :: makes a mental note to just lead with that next time as she gestures for her team to head in and take down anything not wearing Starfleet issued gear ::
(22:22:31) CaptHarper: :: looking at the motionless feed ::
(22:23:00) CaptHarper: ACTION> T'Lira's team storms the room and deletes the last Xovul elite standing.
(22:23:07) TAC2_1LT_Grey: :: brushes the nurse's hands off, attention fixed on the viewscreen, eyes narrowed. ::
(22:23:22) MED_LtJG_Acacia: :: quickly taps ather console, desperately trying to recall the injured. ::
(22:24:14) CaptHarper: :: keys the comm :: *TAC* Commander T'Lira, get the wounded out of that room so that we can evac them, then secure the area!
(22:25:09) TAC_LCdr_TLira: :: glances around, checking to see where everyone is, before heading over to Wolfe :: CTO: It appears our aid was not needed after all. :: if one is a close listener, they might almost get a hint of humor. Almost :: *CO* Understood, Captain. :: starts giving the orders to evac and secure ::
(22:25:23) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: turns his head and notices T'Lira as the last of the Xovul fall. :: TAC: Belay that order a moment. Through that door :: points weakly :: is an explosive device. The Xovul leader said that it would be easy to access and disarm once we were through their forces. For some crazy reason, I am willing to believe him. Then you can take care of us.
(22:26:04) TAC_LCdr_TLira: :: tilts her head, and then nods, moving quickly to the indicated door to run a scan before even thinking about opening it ::
(22:26:30) MED_LtJG_Acacia: :: grumbles something about marines and their priorites, still repeadly issuing transport orders to an error-spitting console. ::
(22:26:31) CaptHarper: :: turns and looks to see who's at the engineering console :: ENG: Ensign Chovhahlass! Do you think you can disarm a bomb?
(22:28:06) CaptHarper: :: is glad to at least see the display on the main viewer moving again ::
(22:28:21) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: CO: Captain, I hope that's alright with you. The explosive is a bit more pressing. Everyone here will survive if the bomb fails to detonate, versus if it does we're all dead.
(22:29:14) CaptHarper: *CTO* Colonel, if you can walk, get out of that room and let others handle the bomb.
(22:29:38) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: dazed, she feels herself picked up by two Marines and is carried ::
(22:29:56) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: *CO* I would love to do that. But I'm slightly disemboweled and not really going anywhere without assistance.
(22:30:50) CaptHarper: *CTO* Then let T'Lira deal with the bomb. The other Marines can get you out of there.
(22:30:51) MED_LtJG_Acacia: :: exhales with relief as Kuari's transport goes through, the XO fizzling out as she's dragged past the threshold of the door. She glances up at the viewscreen worriedly, not sure about this whole Rambo routine ::
(22:30:57) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: laughs, which proves to be pretty painful :: *CO* But I'm doing better than any of the Xovul in the room. I'll make it with the Doctor's assistance.
(22:31:37) ENG_Ens_Chovhahlass: CO: I-I think so sir. :: He fidgets nervousl ::
(22:31:43) MED_LtJG_Acacia: :: mumbles :: Self: 'Slightly disemboweled..'
(22:31:48) TAC_LCdr_TLira: :: the scans appear to indicate that the door isn't rigged, so she goes ahead and checks to ensure there is enough of an empty space around her for minimal damage, and then opens it ::
(22:32:25) CaptHarper: CSO: Transport Ensign Chovhahlass directly from the bridge, as close as you can get him.
(22:33:21) CaptHarper: ENG: Be careful. And Ensign— do not permanently disable that device. We will need it.
(22:33:48) CSO_Cdr_Wright: CO: Aye, Captain. :: locks on to the Ensign's pattern :: CO/ENG: Energizing.
(22:34:07) CaptHarper: ACTION> Chovhahlass appears outside the door to the command center, with Marines going in and out.
(22:34:17) ENG_Ens_Chovhahlass: :: With a nod he took a deep breath and exhaled through his nose, his palms shook slightly, he wasn't expecting this when he was downing coffee this morning. ::
(22:34:18) CaptHarper: *TAC* Commander, be advised an engineer is on the way.
(22:34:35) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: appears in Sickbay, prone upon a biobed, her armor still intact but a burn mark clear atop her hips above her tail, another hidden on her belly against the bed ::
(22:34:57) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: coordinates with a few of the Marines to evacuate him, but first he wants to get a look around the control center. As they lift him, he keeps the spear close, and once he's had his look, nods to the Marines now holding him up. :: ALL: Good work, everyone. First round's on me, but I'm guessing :: looks down at his gut :: that'll be tomorrow night.
(22:35:34) CaptHarper: ACTION> Wolfe is beamed aboard as soon as the Marines carry him out of the room.
(22:35:36) TAC_LCdr_TLira: *CO* Understood. It would appear an engineer is required to disable the device. :: gets a good look at the very dangerous explosive sitting there so casually ::
(22:36:01) TAC2_1LT_Grey: :: hears the transporter rings, turning to exit the recovery ward, moving to Kuari, concerned at the XO :: XO: Looks... nasty, ma'am.
(22:36:05) CaptHarper: :: sees the camera feed shimmer :: CSO: Cut that feed.
(22:36:16) MED_LtJG_Acacia: :: keeps tapping the console rapidly, the injured marines all disappearing in similar manner as soon as they're dragged outside of the interference field. She swallows, giving it a few moments. ::
(22:36:17) CaptHarper: :: turns back to Acacia :: MED: You have both Kuari and Wolfe?
(22:36:20) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: doesn't answer, having passed out ::
(22:36:43) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: wordlessly cuts the feed ::
(22:37:01) MED_LtJG_Acacia: :: watches the console for another few seconds. She deigns to believe it's over, but doesn't want to make a run for sick bay until she's sure.. :: CO: They're both in sick bay now, Captain.
(22:37:11) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: wishing that feed had never been put up in the first place ::
(22:37:21) CaptHarper: :: with a hint of what she's trying to hold back in her voice :: MED: Get down there.
(22:37:39) MED_LtJG_Acacia: :: makes a break for the turbolift as soon as the Captain makes the call. ::
(22:38:00) TAC2_1LT_Grey: :: looks around for any sign of a medical staff who'll force her back to bed, moving to rest a hand on Kuari's paw before adjusting her position ::
(22:38:55) ENG_Ens_Chovhahlass: :: After energizing he blinked his eyes a few times as he got himself adjusted, glancing around as marines dashed past him. Slowly pressing forward he steps through the door where he sees the device sitting patiently. TAC: Ensign Ch'ovhahlass reporting, what's the status of the explosive?
(22:39:14) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: looks over at the bed where Kuari is flopped as he gets taken past her and into a surgical suite. But she's here and alive. That's what counts. ::
(22:39:51) MED_LtJG_Acacia: :: runs full-tilt down the hallway and into the bustling sickbay. She sees a team of nurses removing Kuari's armor and Dr. Straynj quickly attending to her wounds, so she splits off and grabs a dermal regnerator, appearing by Wolfe's bedside to begin operation 'stop the bleeding'. ::
(22:39:55) TAC_LCdr_TLira: :: looks over :: ENG: It appears to be counting down currently, however I am not certain of what precautions the Xovul may have taken to protect it from external interference.
(22:41:44) CaptHarper: :: gets up from the helm and paces a bit, finally settling on the center seat, Kuari's chair next to it being conspicuously empty ::
(22:42:15) ENG_Ens_Chovhahlass: :: Sweat began to form over his brow as he steadies his breathing :: TAC: Are there any proximity triggers to prevent tampering or are we working with a remote diffusal?
(22:43:44) TAC_LCdr_TLira: ENG: I am uncertain. It would be unwise to get closer until I am certain of what we are dealing with. As I am not an engineer, I cannot be certain of what the exact mechanisms would trigger. :: lifts an eyebrow :: I will provide whatever aid you require to disarm the device.
(22:43:56) MED_LtJG_Acacia: :: leaves Wolfe's side for a few brief moments to scrub up then reappears, trying to reassure him as one of the nurses administers anaesthetic. With his bleeding under control, she has to operate quickly to resolve some stab-related internal problems. ::
(22:45:21) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: MED: I saved you the knife he was using too... so you know what you're wor... :: points to the last wound, the knife still in him, and pretty deeply. But then, the anesthetic takes over ::
(22:45:24) NAV_LtJG_Navarro: :: after a few moments, he steps forward to take the empty helm ::
(22:45:38) MED_LtJG_Acacia: Straynj> :: Shouts for Grey to get out of the way, one of the nurses trying to shuffle her off as Kuari is then rushed into the second surgical suite, and she is also prepped for surgery. :: ::
(22:46:36) MED_LtJG_Acacia: :: can't help a small, coarse laugh as the poor man helpfull points out the knife sticking out of him. She and another Doctor begin, and she goes for the indicated wound first, patching up some nasty rips in his intestines. ::
(22:47:38) TAC2_1LT_Grey: :: she wasn't even in the way, but moved to lean against the wall, watching everything, needles and monitors and IV lines still attached ::
(22:48:15) ENG_Ens_Chovhahlass: :: Slowly he begins to pace back and forth his eyes staying on the bomb as his knees shook slightly:: *CO* Captain, Chovhahlass here. Are we able to scan the explosive from the ship, to see what we're dealing with here?
(22:48:19) MED_LtJG_Acacia: Straynj> :: Exhales sharply, glad he took veterinary medicine in school, for what it's worth. He begins as well, needing to repair a serious lighting-like burn. ::
(22:48:30) CSO_Cdr_Wright: CO: I can answer that.
(22:48:39) CaptHarper: :: nods ::
(22:49:04) CSO_Cdr_Wright: *ENG* Ensign, this is Commander Wright. It's a matter/antimatter explosive.
(22:50:00) MED_LtJG_Acacia: :: focuses intently, trying to block out the mental image of Wolfe crushing an alien's heart as she opens new holes in him, patching back together what few of his internals were sliced. ::
(22:50:14) CSO_Cdr_Wright: *ENG* We believe that disabling the transport inhibitor will cause the bomb to detonate.
(22:50:24) CaptHarper: ACTION> The teams from the other ships begin to converge, having mopped up the last of the Xovul resistance. Many are leading civilians that have surrendered.
(22:50:44) ENG_Ens_Chovhahlass: *CSO* Are we reading any proximity tripwires around the radius of the explosive that would prevent direct tampering?
(22:50:58) TAC2_1LT_Grey: :: mutters carefully, trying to watch everything that's going on ::
(22:51:56) MED_LtJG_Acacia: Straynj> :: Carefully pulls the surgical tools through the burned skin, regnerating it and getting closer to the XO's injured organs. He turns to the nurses, needing better access to the large patient. :: Nurses: Lower the bed.
(22:51:57) CSO_Cdr_Wright: *ENG* Scans do not indicate that any such devices are present.
(22:53:09) ENG_Ens_Chovhahlass: :: Leaning his head back he exhaled, that was some good news at least he could find out what he was working with now. :: *CSO* Is the explosive live Commander?
(22:54:03) CSO_Cdr_Wright: *ENG* Scans indicate that the device is armed and counting down. I do not know how much time remains until detonation, but I would advise moving as quickly as you feel is safe, Ensign.
(22:54:31) MED_LtJG_Acacia: :: keeps her focus on her work as Nurses mop up the blood on Wolfe's arm. The chaos of sick bay rages around them, but she blocks it out, focusing on remembering Human anatomy. ::
(22:55:14) MED_LtJG_Acacia: Straynj> :: With the bed lowers, he makes another incision closer to the XO's stomach. The fight for life might just be over, but that's only because they started in time. ::
(22:55:39) ENG_Ens_Chovhahlass: :: There was a tightness in his gut at the news but regardless he could at least get close. His footsteps carried him closer to the device, even without the threat his feet carried him gingerly as if approaching a sleeping beast. ::
(22:55:47) CaptHarper: PAUSE SIM
(22:55:48) CaptHarper: PAUSE SIM
(22:55:49) CaptHarper: PAUSE SIM