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(21:20:14) CO_CaptHarper: BEGIN SIM
(21:20:15) CO_CaptHarper: BEGIN SIM
(21:20:16) CO_CaptHarper: BEGIN SIM
(21:20:46) CO_CaptHarper: :: makes her way back toward the front of the bridge, having hovered around the medical console long enough ::
(21:21:50) MED_LtJG_Acacia: :: sits at her console on the bridge, the display in front of her showing the lifesign and transporter lock readouts of everyone on the ground. Her hands hover over the buttons, and she's staring so intently she rarely blinks. ::
(21:22:16) SCI_LtJG_Jude: :: is at her console, monitoring the locations and life signs of the marines ::
(21:22:24) AmberSun: CMO: Soooo.... ::Wags his tiny little poofy tail.:: Can help?
(21:22:25) NAV_LtJG_Navarro: :: freshly showered and back in uniform, he makes he way out into the assault bay and to the unnamed fighter he's been flying ::
(21:23:10) CMO_Lt_Tailor: AmberSun: You can help push gravbeds back and forth, if we can replicate you a surgical coverup of some kind.
(21:23:12) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: is pinned in place and fighting his way out. He checks his tricorder reading and triangulates the position of one of the Xovul from his direction of fire, directs his phaser toward the target, and fires, while staying totally hidden, using his viewer with the sensor on the front of his rifle for confirmation. It's a clean hit and the Xovul goes down. Eleven or so more to go. ::
(21:23:52) TAC2_1LT_Grey: :: ignores the pain from her hurting arm and shoulder, trying to fire at the Xovul blocking their path. ::
(21:24:05) CMO_Lt_Tailor: ::gives a a grin at the tail waggle::
(21:24:20) SCI_LtJG_Jude: :: also monitors the shipyard ::
(21:24:20) ENG_Ens_Chovhahlass: :: Stares at the electrical conduits as they crackle and wipes his brow. The damage was pretty extensive but with a bit of grit he should be able to patch things up. He reworks some of the circuits and some of the circuits and swears under his breath as a spark jumps out at him. ::
(21:24:43) CO_CaptHarper: Vance> :: being escorted to the brig by T'Lira, grumbling and protesting the whole way ::
(21:25:28) MED_LtJG_Acacia: :: watches the lifesigns that have taken damage extra carefully, but they're still moving... ::
(21:25:31) TAC_LCdr_TLira: :: has tuned this man out, not impressed in the least. Once he's in the brig, he is no longer hers to deal with ::
(21:25:49) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: is also firing from her own position of cover near Wolfe, her concentration in full Marine mode, their first priority to neutralize the hostiles in the room ::
(21:26:22) CO_CaptHarper: :: turns to Ops :: SCI: Lieutenant Jude, put Colonel Wolfe's helmet cam feed on the main viewer.
(21:26:39) AmberSun: ::Shows a toothy grin.:: CMO: Ok.
(21:27:02) SCI_LtJG_Jude: :: is keeping her fire blanket nearby in case any more consoles explode :: CO: Aye. :: taps console, doing such ::
(21:27:07) TAC2_1LT_Grey: :: frowns in dismay, rubbing her hurting shoulder before continuing to fire at the Xovul ::
(21:27:39) CO_CaptHarper: ACTION> Wolfe's view of the firefight dramatically fills the main viewer, giving the bridge crew a great view of the battle, and its horrors.
(21:27:40) CMO_Lt_Tailor: ::thinks:: AmberSun: We're gonna have to take some measurements. We've never outfitted a bear orderly before.
(21:28:24) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: looks across the corridor to where Kuari is holed up, and back across to the next protectivie outcropping to see Grey. She's in obvious pain, but keeping up. He finds his next target and takes aim ::
(21:29:10) ENG_Ens_Chovhahlass: :: His eyes darted across the damage, something wasn't working when it should have been. Scooting back he looked at the open panel and took a deep breath.:: Self: Alright, if I did my homework then these should, SHOULD be rerouting why aren't they?... ::He pushes back a loose strand of white hair.::
(21:29:21) MED_LtJG_Acacia: :: rapidly taps at her console, two more marines from the C and D squads fizzling out and reappearing in sick bay with horrible phaser burns. ::
(21:29:36) TAC2_1LT_Grey: :: takes a breath, catching Wolfe's glance her way before she nodded slightly, continuing to fire ::
(21:29:48) CO_CaptHarper: :: she sits down at the empty helm, but doesn't slide her legs under it, and looks up at the main viewer, her face appearing stoic, but her worries are clear to anyone watching ::
(21:31:27) TAC2_1LT_Grey: :: continues to fire, but her vitals, on the other hand would continue to drop quickly ::
(21:31:56) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: growls under her breath as she ducks behind a crate as her position is suddenly favored by two or three marksmen. These Xovul are well trained soldiers, and they're offering few targets. This battle could take a while, as the Marines are trained well, too ::
(21:31:58) CO_CaptHarper: :: when she sees Wolfe check on Grey, she calls back to Acacia :: MED: Doctor, how is Lt. Grey?
(21:32:30) MED_LtJG_Acacia: :: tears her eyes away for a moment to get a look at Grey through Wolfe's viewer, looking back to her own screen when he looks away. Her hand hovers over the button to send the command to the transporters. :: CO: Losing blood.
(21:33:03) ENG_Ens_Chovhahlass: :: After some contemplating he figures that maybe another conduit must be blocking power flow to this station. Rising to his feet he goes to the display and looks over the lines, his finger following the maze of power relays. :: Self: Riiiight there! :: He pressed his finger against the display with a small smile. ::
(21:33:06) AmberSun: ::Continues wagging his tail, with his ears up, listening and following the doctor.::
(21:33:21) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: is getting a bit better at this blind firing now, but that doesn't make it any fun. He takes aim at a Xovul fighter, and another pops out as he goes down, so Wolfe goes ahead and ends him as well. ::
(21:34:01) TAC2_1LT_Grey: :: takes a deep breath, aiming still and continuing to fire despite the dropping vitals ::
(21:34:14) CO_CaptHarper: :: doesn't answer, leaving the decision to get her out or not up to the doctor ::
(21:35:13) ENG_Ens_Chovhahlass: :: With a new found energy he jumped up and strode with a purpose towards the door, wooshing open as he pressed through and rounding the corner. The relay was located two decks above him so he'd have to take the lift, to his knowledge there hadn't been any issue concerning the lifts, that gave him a slight air of relief. ::
(21:36:04) CMO_Lt_Tailor: ::brings AmberSun to a replicator station, and grabs a scanner type tool for measuring the bear. Takes a few quick measurements and inputs them into the replicator, which spits out a smock like garment to tie around the bear so his fur is contained::
(21:36:31) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: is now wishing she had kept up her marksmanship drills. She never was an excellent shot with a rifle, and she feels like she's just creating noise. Still, if it causes a Xovul to miss their shot on a friendly, she'll have it ::
(21:37:39) TAC2_1LT_Grey: :: her vitals drop into the danger zone, as she leans heavily against the wall, bracing and still continuing to shoot at the Xovul ::
(21:37:44) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: lays down more fire, and suddenly the last few Xovul start charging... which gives him and opening to take them all down one after another. He steps out into the corridor and has dropped all three in a matter of a couple seconds. ::
(21:37:56) CO_CaptHarper: Vance> :: when they arrive in security :: TAC: So, you're just going to toss me in one of those cells? Is that how my service to the Federation is repaid?
(21:38:19) AmberSun: ::Stares at the gown curiously.:: CMO: So that is not you fur. ::Nods his head.:: The fur on top of your head is.... ::Looks excited.:: We do not have... cl.. clothes... on my world.
(21:38:52) MED_LtJG_Acacia: :: glances at the viewer a second time and makes the call, pressing the button to dematerialize Grey. Knowing she may still be shooting, she directs her to be rematerialized in the transporter room, where nurses would bring a hoverbed and crash kit ::
(21:39:18) NAV_LtJG_Navarro: :: inspects the new fighter after the deck crew finished rearming and repairing following the last mission ::
(21:39:44) CO_CaptHarper: ACTION> Grey is yoinked from the battle and appears in the transporter room.
(21:39:44) TAC_LCdr_TLira: :: does not bother to look at him :: Vance: As I said, the captain will speak with you after our current battle is finished.
(21:39:47) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: stops firing and peeks over the crate as she sees what she assumes are the last Xovul to charge and fall by Wolfe's fire. Things get quieter ::
(21:40:08) ENG_Ens_Chovhahlass: :: Pivoting on his heel as he entered the lift, his hand wrapping around the handle. :: Computer: Deck 12. ::The lift lurched to life briefly before coming to a halt and it's doors availing the corridor to the ensign. After a brief walk he stood before a rather unassuming wall, retrieving his scanner. :: Self: This should be it, should be.
(21:40:14) CO_CaptHarper: Vance> :: steps into the cell :: TAC: A fine reward. Hmph. No respect from Starfleet.
(21:40:57) TAC2_1LT_Grey: :: she collapses on the floor as soon as she's materialized in the TR from blood-loss and shock. Her right arm and shoulder were all burnt and damaged from the blast she had taken ::
(21:41:09) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: checks the Xovul bodies to make sure they won't be getting up to bother anyone, and then checks on his Marines, seeing that one is missing. And a second later he recognizes that it's Grey. :: XO: Did you see what happened with Grey, Commander?
(21:41:32) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: turns and looks down the corridor the way they need to go, watching for any surprises ::
(21:41:55) CMO_Lt_Tailor: ::chuckles:: AmberSun: No, this is my uniform. This must seem very strange to you.. but we wear the clothing to protect ourselves, and to keep clean. Especially here in sickbay, where there are injuries and open wounds. We have to be careful of germs and dirt.
(21:42:20) TAC_LCdr_TLira: :: hits the key to reestablish the shield on the cell and turns to leave, silent ::
(21:42:51) MED_LtJG_Acacia: :: Shortly after two nurses arrive in the transporter room and roll Grey onto the hoverbed, rushing her to sick bay. ::
(21:42:59) CO_CaptHarper: Vance> :: huffs and sits on the bed in the brig, wondering why he even bothered... oh, Marines are storming that shipyard, THAT's why he bothered ::
(21:43:16) ENG_Ens_Chovhahlass: :: Readings certainly showed that this was the place alright, dropping to a knee he clasped the scanner back to his belt and detached the panel. A decent amount of smoke acquainted itself with the hall as the white panel dropped to the floor. ::
(21:43:42) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: steps out from cover, and strides over the Xovul bodies on her inverted back legs, peering down at them with a raptor's gaze. She looks up at Wolfe's question :: CTO: I believe I heard a transport. Atlantis must have her.
(21:43:46) AmberSun: CMO: It is like armour, but softer and lighter. ::Stands up on his hind legs.::
(21:44:14) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: XO: Ah. Did she get hit, or was that her previous injury?
(21:44:21) TAC2_1LT_Grey: :: groans quietly before settling again... she was in bad form. ::
(21:44:41) CO_CaptHarper: :: frowns as she sees the confusion on Wolfe's cam :: SCI: If Grey made it aboard, inform the Colonel.
(21:44:51) AmberSun: ::Balances with his arms out, trying to stand like a biped.::
(21:45:04) MED_LtJG_Acacia: :: watching her dot moving into sick bay on her monitor :: All: We have her.
(21:45:05) TAC_LCdr_TLira: :: heads out of the brig and decides to finish her reports on the bridge, where she can at least get an idea of what's happening in the battle on the station ::
(21:45:19) CO_CaptHarper: :: relaxes slightly at that news ::
(21:45:25) SCI_LtJG_Jude: :: nods and taps console, sending a message to Wolfe informing him of Grey ::
(21:45:30) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: shakes her head :: CTO: I don't know. :: looks towards the corridor ahead, getting their bearings, her mind back on the mission ::
(21:46:21) AmberSun: CMO: And Amber Sun get doctoring uniform!
(21:46:22) ENG_Ens_Chovhahlass: :: Circuits were fused together and heat readings were crazy, possible charge build up which if left unattended would create an even bigger problem. He took deep breaths as he lay on his side, getting himself elbow deep into the array. ::
(21:46:48) CMO_Lt_Tailor: ::finishes tying the scrubs onto the bear:: AmberSun: Yes, a bit like armour. ::smiles:: Ok, we'd better get to work, there are alot of patients coming in.
(21:46:56) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: sees the message come through on his HUD :: Thank you, Atlantis. :: stops short of the next turn, and begins scanning. ::
(21:47:48) TAC2_1LT_Grey: :: groans again, almost dangerously pale at this point... all she wanted was to just get this handled. ::
(21:48:00) AmberSun: ::Drops to all fours and follows along.:j
(21:48:23) SCI_LtJG_Jude: :: sends Wolfe the 24th century version of the 👌 emoji ::
(21:50:25) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: forms up behind Wolfe with the other Marines :: CTO: We're close. That way. :: nods ahead towards a door ::
(21:50:46) TAC2_1LT_Grey: :: barely manages to keep her eyes open at this point, blinking to clear her blurry vision as she tried to see what was coming... hopefully it was the medbay. ::
(21:52:02) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: XO: Thank you, Commander. Looks like we have a couple more buddies between us and them. :: shoots across the corridor to a protected spot, firing down toward their target as he crosses, drawing a bit of fire, but also laying down enough cover for himself that he doesn't get hit.
(21:52:19) ENG_Ens_Chovhahlass: ::Something warm was oozing down his arms as he reached up and disconnected something, probably discharge but the sensation made him groan.After reworking a couple of routes, he lay on his back and looked up at the corridor ceiling, his arms still disposed. :: Computer: Computer, status of this relay and percentage of power going through it?
(21:52:33) CMO_Lt_Tailor: ::the main ward is a hive of activity, patients being beamed in, triaged, and shuffled off to various corners of sickbay for treatment::
(21:54:02) AmberSun: ::Looks around, cocking his head.:: CMO: Many people hurt... ::Looks sad.::
(21:55:28) CEO_LtCdrQuinn: Vash> ::Nods as his status display notes the slow but ever-progressing advance of the enemy forces.:: It is time. Soldiers, to your places! And ready the device.
(21:55:37) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: raises her weapon, deciding when to assist Wolfe on his targets or stray to busy another target on the fly ::
(21:56:03) MED_LtJG_Acacia: :: pulls another marine out from the B team, though she relaxes slightly as it seems the injuries are slowing as the ground troops advance. ::
(21:56:56) SCI_LtJG_Jude: :: hums to self as she keeps looking at the various things she is monitoring ::
(21:57:45) NAV_LtJG_Navarro: :: finds everything in order, and few pilots still around, so he makes his way to the bridge to see what's going on ::
(21:57:46) TAC2_1LT_Grey: :: feels herself move from the gurney onto a medberth, eyes opening slowly to try and focus on what, or who was around her ::
(21:58:05) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: scans ahead, and sees that there are only two Xovul between them and the door. So he fires several times before stopping and smacking the wall next to him with his body. The Xovul assume he's now hiding, so they step out. He's not, and blows them away with a center of mass shot for each. He steps up, scans them, sees that they've gone to be with Jesus, and moves on to the door. :: XO: Ready, Commander?
(21:58:43) CEO_LtCdrQuinn: ACTION> Abruptly, the far door leading the command center's final approach opens as if in invitation. However, the tell tale shimmer of transporter shimmering can also be heard off the left, in the corridor leading into the junction the marines are now in the midst of crossing. A heavily armed and armored squadron of Xovul troops are thus deposited.
(21:59:02) CMO_Lt_Tailor: AmberSun: Battles never stop when the fighting ends. They continue on here, the battle between life and death. Some heal, some do not. ::gives a quick sigh of sadness before getting to work, checking on the new round of patients:: AmberSun: Ok, take this one to the burn unit.. ::motions a nurse over to guide the bear to the correct place::
(21:59:22) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: nods at Wolfe, marveling once again at how quick Wolfe is with his aim, ready to follow ::
(21:59:46) ENG_Ens_Chovhahlass: Computer>ENG: Relay 442, deck 12: Operational. Power output: 92%. :: Pulling limbs back from the wall he exhaled with a wave of relied, he'd be able to increase efficiency on a routine maintenance check but for now that should hold. Holding his arms above him he looked upon the results, his beautiful blue skin was completely obscured, just great ::
(21:59:52) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: takes cover as the door opens, knowing that no one on his team did it. :: ALL: COVER!
(22:00:18) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: perks an ear towards the transporter sound, and at Wolfe's command, scatters with the rest of them ::
(22:00:43) CO_CaptHarper: :: stands and paces, then turns to look at the call for cover coming from the main viewer ::
(22:00:59) TAC2_1LT_Grey: :: feels the pain, trying to push herself up one-armed, to look around the medbay ::
(22:01:08) CEO_LtCdrQuinn: ACTION> The leading soldiers charge in a fighting wedge, their bodies covered by tall ballistic shields, the outward facing shield glowing red with the superconductive coils built into it. Anyone not out of their way will pay for it when they close the distance. And with those long legs, they'd better move damn fast.
(22:01:32) TAC_LCdr_TLira: :: after a detour to retrieve her PADD, she makes it to the bridge and takes over the primary tactical station from the officer currently holding it, watching the view from what she presumes is someone's helmet cam ::
(22:01:35) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: thinks for a second, indiscriminately firing some stun-level blasts into the room to see if he can draw anyone to fire back and give their location ::
(22:01:46) AmberSun: Self: Burrrrnnn uuuuuNnniit.... ::Thinks.:: FIRE! ::Sniffs the air, and follows his nose, pulling the cart with his teeth.::
(22:01:53) SCI_LtJG_Jude: :: stares at the view screen :: Self: What the fuck?
(22:02:18) CEO_LtCdrQuinn: ACTION> And immediately behind them come more soldiers, armed with large hip firing grenade launchers, reinforced in turn by the heavy riflemen.
(22:03:16) CMO_Lt_Tailor: ::several medstaff stare curiously at the bear before going back to work again; but then again - there's a dragon on this ship after all::
(22:03:32) CO_CaptHarper: :: also staring at the main viewer in disbelief, then swears abruptly in Bajoran ::
(22:04:04) MED_LtJG_Acacia: :: looks up at the viewer, her eyes widening. ::
(22:04:20) ENG_Ens_Chovhahlass: :: Now he pressed on for the shields, they'd taken a pretty serious hit from the battle but he couldn't leave the power grid on these decks to chance, confident in the ability of his fellow engineer. As he took the lift down lower, lower, watching the decks pass by, closing his eyes for but a moment before getting back into the fray. ::
(22:04:35) CO_CaptHarper: :: sits back down at the helm, close to making the call to get everyone out, but has to trust her people to do their jobs ::
(22:05:14) CEO_LtCdrQuinn: Xovul soldiers> ::Chant their admittedly unimaginative battlecry as they unleash their heavy firepower point blank into the marine formations:: Xov! Xov! Xov!
(22:05:30) TAC2_1LT_Grey: :: finally manages to sit up, one-armed, dizzy from the blood-loss, before she blurrily blinked, looking about the bustling medbay, then down at her injured arm... just now realising the damage ::
(22:05:43) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: doesn't have enough cover in the corridor, so he looks through the door and finds several cases and pieces of heavy equipment that can be used as good hiding spots from whatever is inside. :: ALL: Get inside, get cover now. We're safer in there than out here in the corridor. :: lays down fire so his Marines can pass in some relative amount of safety. ::
(22:06:12) AmberSun: ::Follows the most concentrated scent of burnt flesh, moving the cart into the ward. Looks around, before manoeuvring the cart into a clear space, and plodding back to main sickbay.::
(22:07:01) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: makes herself as small as possible and darts past Wolfe, looking for a good cover spot as Xovul weapon fire opens up ::
(22:07:36) MED_LtJG_Acacia: :: swallows, one hand hovering over Wolfe's button on her screen, the other hand tapping three more names from the B team as the marines take fire. ::
(22:08:28) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: after the last Marine has passed through the door behind him, jumps across behind a large crate, where everything from the command center and everyone who filled in behind them in the corridor will be roughly in the same direction. :: ALL: Everyone make it?
(22:09:59) CEO_LtCdrQuinn: ACTION> Everyone did NOT make it. The Xovul chose their point of attack so as to split the boarding force in two, and thus cut Wolfe off from a large part of his reinforcements.
(22:10:09) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: found a shelf to fly up onto, pushing a container forward to squeeze behind :: CTO: Here!
(22:11:15) AmberSun: ::Looks around for another cart to take.::
(22:12:00) ENG_Ens_Chovhahlass: :: With a stop the lift doors opened to Engineering, a place he was already getting familiar with. Pressing past other engineers as they hurried to and fro to tend to the ship he made his way to the shields. With a few quick taps to the console he brought up the shield readout and it wasn't looking great. ::
(22:15:12) CMO_Lt_Tailor: ::makes her way around the room and finds Grey:: Tac2: How are you doing? ::checks her over, gives her a dosage of pain meds and applies a pressure bandage over the wound to stop the bleeding; flags her for skin grafts and regeneration::
(22:15:29) CO_CaptHarper: :: turns back to tactical and sees T'Lira :: TAC: Commander, do we have any more Marines aboard to send to help them?
(22:15:31) CEO_LtCdrQuinn: ACTION> More grenades and rifle fire continue to rain in past the door, but it's evident that much of the Xovul force is braced to stop the other half of Wolfe's forces from fighting their way to him. Abruptly, however, the fire directed at Wolfe and Kuari halts, as a steady metallic CLANG CLANG CLANG can be heard from the other direction: The com
(22:15:31) CEO_LtCdrQuinn: mand center itself.
(22:17:05) AmberSun: ::Finds more officers with burns and starts herding them, if they can walk to the burn ward, pulling a cart along with him.::
(22:17:40) TAC2_1LT_Grey: :: groans slightly in response, laying back down, eyes heavily blinking at this point. :: CMO: C-C-Could be better... h-hurts still.
(22:18:05) ENG_Ens_Chovhahlass: :: With a few remarks with the staff around him he realized that even if he wanted to he wouldn't be able to bring them back all that much. For the mission at hand they were down but even if he wanted to raise their status it would be near impossible. ::
(22:18:34) CO_CaptHarper: :: then wheels to Jude :: SCI: Lieutenant, find out if Discovery and Sovereign have anyone else to send, and get Endeavour back over here. We need their security officers.
(22:19:00) AmberSun: ::Lets out a grumble, with his mouth wide open as he corrals people into the burn ward; guided by only the smell of their burnt skin.:j
(22:21:38) SCI_LtJG_Jude: CO: Aye. :: messages the two ships ::
(22:21:41) TAC_LCdr_TLira: :: looks down at the console and pulls up the list of Marines currently aboard. It's... not exactly a long list, but it is a list. :: CO: There is a small reserve force aboard. Shall I relay orders for them to prepare for combat?
(22:22:10) CMO_Lt_Tailor: TAC2: You've taken quite a hit to the arm. We'll get you back to good as new again. ::checks Grey's vitals and makes sure she's stable before sending her with AmberSun::
(22:22:16) CO_CaptHarper: :: looks back to T'Lira :: TAC: On the double. How is your training after your department switch?
(22:22:23) AmberSun: ::Trots up to the Doctor and Grey.:: CMO: People in buurrrrn uuunit.
(22:22:58) TAC2_1LT_Grey: CMO: Y-Yes ma'am. :: blinks at the fuzzy brown... bear coming her way, struggling to sit up one-armed again. ::
(22:23:12) AmberSun: CMO: MAaaaAny burns. ::Nods head emphatically.::
(22:23:14) TAC_LCdr_TLira: :: the eyebrow goes up :: CO: It has been progressing well.
(22:23:42) CO_CaptHarper: :: makes direct eye contact with her :: TAC: Lead that team and help get our people back here safely.
(22:23:56) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: gets a reading that half his troops are not in the room. :: self: Shit. :: He settles into position right as the clanging starts, and it takes him a bit to know what to make of it. ::
(22:23:56) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: does her best to get a good firing position from behind the container she's hiding behind, wondering what the noise from the command center is about, but it's more in the back of her mind as she sees them facing overwhelming odds as their team is split ::
(22:24:02) CMO_Lt_Tailor: AmberSun: Thank you ::smiles::
(22:24:22) ENG_Ens_Chovhahlass: ::After conversing with some of the other crew they surmised that it would be best to try and put the shields into a dormant charge state, whereas to be able to come back online to some degree when ready although it would take a good deal of time. ::
(22:24:35) TAC_LCdr_TLira: :: has an instinct that this could go very, very badly, but she nods slightly anyway :: CO: Aye, sir. :: sends out a message to the reserve force to gear up and meet her in the transporter room ::
(22:24:55) TAC2_1LT_Grey: :: blinks, then narrows her eyes at the bear :: Amber Sun: Y-You've got... to be joking
(22:25:53) MED_LtJG_Acacia: :: takes a deep breath, adding tags to the new marines with one hand while the other hovers over the names still on the ground. ::
(22:26:06) AmberSun: ::Stares at Grey, before looming his large head over her.:: TAC2: Are hurt! Doctor can fix. Doctor have magics!
(22:26:23) CO_CaptHarper: TAC: Good hunting, Sehlat. :: turns away, back toward the viewer, hoping that she sees T'Lira again ::
(22:26:30) TAC_LCdr_TLira: :: passes the console back to the officer who had had it previously and heads for the armory to grab what she needed ::
(22:26:48) AmberSun: ::Sniffs the tactical officer with his nostrils flaring.::
(22:27:01) CO_CaptHarper: :: crosses to the helm and sits again, then keys the comm, tapping her into Wolfe's comm loop :: *Wolfe* Colonel, this is Atlantis Actual. Be advised that reinforcements are inbound.
(22:27:57) CO_CaptHarper: ACTION> Discovery and Sovereign are tapped out, but Endeavour returns from out of range. Her shields are still not yet working, but she does have security forces available.
(22:28:02) TAC2_1LT_Grey: :: tries to bat his large nose away with her uninjured arm :: Amber Sun: You better not sniff me!
(22:29:14) TAC_LCdr_TLira: :: reaches the armory quickly and starts gearing up. It takes several minutes, as she has not yet gotten the method entirely down the memory, but she is ready... as ready as she can be, considering the situation. With a last check of her rifle, she heads for the transporter room to meet the reserves ::
(22:29:21) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: takes a breath :: Captain, that's great news. I look forward to their arrival. :: he opens his PADD and picks a spot :: What do you think of... there? :: sends it to the Bridge ::
(22:29:29) CMO_Lt_Tailor: TAC2: He's not going to hurt you. He's been helping us out, shuffling patients back and forth.
(22:29:53) AmberSun: ::Touches her hand with the wet of his nose, then makes a grumble.:: TAC2: Should rest.
(22:30:09) CO_CaptHarper: *Wolfe* As you wish. Hold on, Colonel.
(22:30:25) CO_CaptHarper: :: forwards the coordinates to the transporter room ::
(22:30:35) TAC2_1LT_Grey: :: glowers at the wet nose touching her hand :: Amber Sun: I-I will rest when the rest of the M-Marines are back...
(22:30:53) CO_CaptHarper: :: looks over to Jude :: SCI: Have Endeavour beam their forces in where the Colonel indicated.
(22:31:56) CEO_LtCdrQuinn: ACTION> The rhythmic clanging repeats, but this time it's accompanied by a voice from an overhead speaker. "Come, Kai'falut. I await you. Do not waste the esteem you have earned here by dithering.
(22:32:50) CEO_LtCdrQuinn: Vash> If you await more of your own, you wait in vain. We have sealed ourselves from the reach of your transporters.
(22:33:10) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: gets fired on and backs up behind the container. Unfortunately, she can't tuck her tail in far enough from the other side to be protected, but she's hoping they won't notice as her fire was coming from the opposite side ::
(22:33:45) AmberSun: TAC2: MuuuUUUUUUUUuuUuUuUuUUUUst rest. ::Opens his mouth wide.::
(22:33:48) AmberSun: ~TAC2~: MuuuUUUUUUUUuuUuUuUuUUUUst rest.
(22:34:30) AmberSun: ::Looks up at Tailor.:: CMO: How else can help?
(22:34:37) ENG_Ens_Chovhahlass: :: Readouts started to indicate that the plan was working albeit slowly. They'd start with forward shields and work their way back::
(22:34:46) SCI_LtJG_Jude: :: taps her console, giving Endeavour the deets ::
(22:35:22) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: taps his head above his ear, his Universal Translator not picking up one of those words... so he shrugs. The room seems clear now, so he pushes forward :: ALL: They've cleared the room. Forward.
(22:36:50) TAC2_1LT_Grey: :: struggles to sit up fully, glaring at the bear strongly. :: Amber Sun: Absolutely not... until *All* Marines are safe.
(22:37:54) ENG_Ens_Chovhahlass: :: Another Ensign looked over to Aroth giving his console a focused look and gave a chuckle, telling him that for now it would be nothing more than a waiting game and he should take ten. Aroth of course always liked to keep busy but after an obvious eyeroll he consented and made his way out into the corridor. ::
(22:39:53) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: as they continue it becomes apparent that the way has been cleared ahead of them, so he continues a little more quickly, though he's watching his scans like a hawk on his HUD. He arrives at a door that opens before him, with no fire... just as he expected. ::
(22:39:54) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: peeks out from behind the container, the sounds of battle now distant in another room, but that strange sound is still coming from the command center. The voice is beckoning them, and she sees Wolfe proceed, so leaps off the shelf and catches up ::
(22:40:24) AmberSun: ::Flattens ears and lowers head.:: TAC2: But must get better... rest make better... muUust rest.
(22:40:37) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: sees that he is now looking into the Xovul station's command center ::
(22:41:16) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: knowing he's in the open already now, he steps through the doorway ::
(22:41:57) TAC_LCdr_TLira: :: after doing a brief check of the reserve forces, seeing just how many there were and what gear they had, she comms up the bridge :: *CO* T'Lira to Harper. We are ready for transport and awaiting coordinates.
(22:42:02) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: follows Wolfe without hesitation, leading more Marines through ::
(22:42:14) CO_CaptHarper: *TAC* They're already in the console. Go!
(22:42:16) CMO_Lt_Tailor: ::steps in:: TAC2: Lay back down, Lieutenant. You're going to exacerbate your wounds. The Marines are going to come back whether you've rested or not.. And I'd rather not have to sedate you. ::nods to AmberSun:: AmberSun: I could use a few boxes of hyposprays. Ask the nurse there to show you.
(22:42:51) TAC_LCdr_TLira: :: looks over at the transporter operator and nods once, stepping up onto the pad with the rest ::
(22:43:17) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: is soon flanked on either side by his entire team, save for Grey. ::
(22:44:37) CO_CaptHarper: ACTION> Our reserve Marines, led by T'Lira, materialize at the coordinates provided by Colonel Wolfe. They are joined, seconds later, by a squad of Starfleet security officers from Endeavour.
(22:45:23) AmberSun: ::Wags tail, then plods off to the indicated nurse.::
(22:45:28) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: the door closes behind Wolfe, the teams that just beamed in unable to get to it in time, but they see his back ::
(22:46:06) TAC_LCdr_TLira: :: glances around the area quickly, checking for anything that might shoot them. Upon finding none, directs the Marines and security officers to try and get the door open. ::
(22:46:33) CO_CaptHarper: ACTION> The Xovul forces that are cutting them off advance on T'Lira's position.
(22:46:59) TAC2_1LT_Grey: :: obeys, settling on the berth, she didn't want to be sedated... :: CMO: F-Frick... :: winces ::
(22:47:36) CEO_LtCdrQuinn: Vash> ::Is tall even by Xovul standards, towering over Wolfe by more than a foot. His armor is resplendent, and his helmet is molded to his impressive backward angling horns. Just behind and only slightly less impressive stand his personal guard of ten. ::
(22:47:53) TAC_LCdr_TLira: :: of course, just when she thought there wasn't anything hostile around, some hostiles do indeed appear :: Team: Take cover. Fire on the Xovul forces at will.
(22:48:16) CEO_LtCdrQuinn: Vash> ::Grasps his spear. :: Welcome, and commendations upon you. The prize you seek is nearly yours. Yet even so, nearly lost.
(22:48:19) AmberSun: Nurse: The Great Doctor needs Hyple... Hippo... Hobble squirts. Must take Amber Sun to, so can carry to The Great Doctor.
(22:48:46) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: silently raises an eyebrow at the tall Xovul across from him. ::
(22:48:56) CMO_Lt_Tailor: ::checks Grey's vitals, stable but blood pressure is a titch high.. :: TAC2: I know you'd rather be with your team instead of in here, but I need you to work with us, ok?
(22:49:20) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: stops just behind Wolfe's right, finding herself standing taller as she looks up at the impressive Xovul ::
(22:49:33) TAC2_1LT_Grey: CMO: Y-Yes ma'am. :: settles down, eyes fixed on the CMO standing at her bedside. ::
(22:50:12) CO_CaptHarper: ACTION> The Xovul engage T'Lira's team in a heavy firefight, as they're the only thing standing between them and attacking Wolfe's team from the rear.
(22:50:47) AmberSun: ::Flaps his ears and gives a toothy grin.::
(22:50:48) CEO_LtCdrQuinn: Vash> ::Gestures to a large door behind him, on the other side of the command center.:: Through that door lies a large yield matter/antimatter explosive device. It is not connected to station systems, and so cannot be remotely disabled, nor reached by transporter. And the countdown has already been initiated. Your reinforcements will not reach here before detonation.
(22:50:48) TAC_LCdr_TLira: :: finds some sparse cover and crouches, popping up every so often to fire. Just like the simulations... or so she tells herself. ::
(22:51:43) CEO_LtCdrQuinn: Vash> Yet neither the door, nor the device are protected by any complicated safeguards. If you seek it, you need only kill us all.
(22:51:46) CO_CaptHarper: :: whips her head over to Jude :: SCI: Confirm that!
(22:52:13) CMO_Lt_Tailor: <Nurse> ::tries very hard to hold back a laugh:: Hippo.. I mean, Hypo sprays, yes. ::grins at the Bear:: Right through here. ::brings the bear to the supply closet::
(22:52:24) NAV_LtJG_Navarro: :: arrives on the bridge and sees Harper at the helm, watching the screen with worry and giving orders, so he decides to hang back and lean against the wall ::
(22:53:20) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: twists his neck around to crack his neck. :: Vash: Is that all it takes these days?
(22:53:39) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: offers her mean face to the Xovul, but it goes unseen from beneath her helmet. Rucara fight their hardest when backed into a corner, and she's ready to fight ::
(22:53:53) CEO_LtCdrQuinn: Vash> ::Smiles very subtly:: Indeed.
(22:54:25) CEO_LtCdrQuinn: Vash> Levels the business end of his spear toward the marines with lightning speed, and a big fucking lightning bolt arcs arcoss the space toward them. ::
(22:54:57) CO_CaptHarper: :: gets the confirmation from Lexy, who's at her station, but has been quiet :: All: Stand by for possible mass transport of all our people. Coordinate throughout the fleet.
(22:55:06) AmberSun: ::Doesn't even notice he said it wrong, following along happily; taking the boxes in his mouth, then placing them on his back.:: Nurse: Box smell strange. Potions for The Great Doctor?
(22:55:47) MED_LtJG_Acacia: :: cracks her fingers, her hands steady over the console as she's laser-focused on the lifesign readouts. ::
(22:56:00) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: is alarmed by the sudden flash of light from the spear and instinctively throws herself to the side, one wing splaying and lifting her immediately from the floor into a firing position, aiming at Vash's head ::
(22:56:11) NAV_LtJG_Navarro: :: folds his arms over his chest as he leans against the wall and watches the battle start, not thinking this is good ::
(22:56:33) CMO_Lt_Tailor: Tac2: Good. ::smiles:: You should be ready to move on to the burn unit now, we'll get that arm fixed up.
(22:56:44) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: doesn't see the bolt in time to dodge, but he comes to the conclusion that it was not meant to hit him yet, since it didn't hit him, and he guesses that the Xovul is very good with that weapon. He ducks for a bit of cover behind a console, though it is less than he would like it to be. :: Vash: Very well, then ::
(22:57:44) ENG_Ens_Chovhahlass: :: Doors opening to his quarters he took a seat at his desk and leaned back, closing his eyes and exhaling. He wouldn't remain here for long, he wouldn't allow himself but for the time being he could catch his breath. ::
(22:59:44) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: doesn't get much of an opportunity to shoot as the Xovul guards fire back, and as she's scrambling to dodge fire, she's pretty sure she missed. At the thought that she'll never get a shot to land in such a situation with her sub-par marksmanship, she drops the rifle and begins tearing across the floor on all fours ::
(23:00:03) AmberSun: ::Returns to The Great Doctor, acting as a table, with the boxes held between his shoulder blades.:: CMO: Hobble squirts!
(23:00:38) CEO_LtCdrQuinn: Vash> ::Adjusts his grip on the spear, and suddenly a brilliant gold disc of protective energy can be seen in front of him. He advances under its cover, allowing his own troops to seek the most advantageous firing positions.::
(23:00:45) TAC2_1LT_Grey: :: settles, expression fixed on the nurses and medical staff, giggling in the midst of a coughing fit. :: Amber Sun: H-Hypo-Hyposprays.
(23:00:56) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: makes sure his rifle's on full power, and starts working out his best targeting patterns. That leader is the obvious choice to go after first, but... wait. Kuari's running at them now... he turns and starts laying down some cover fire for her :: Team: Weapons to full power, cover the First Officer.
(23:02:08) AmberSun: TAC2: Yes. ::Nods agreeably.::
(23:02:19) CO_CaptHarper: :: her eyes are locked on the main viewer ::
(23:02:33) AmberSun: CMO: Potions?
(23:02:34) CMO_Lt_Tailor: ::grins, seeing the bear return:: AmberSun: ::laughs at the improvised name:: Yes.. hobble squirts.
(23:03:20) CEO_LtCdrQuinn: Vash> Kill the little lizard! I will see its friends entertained!
(23:03:39) AmberSun: ::Lets out a low rumbling laugh, feeling very proud of himself.::
(23:03:40) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: moves on instinct, knowing she may get shot but she can at least distract the Xovul, hoping the other Marines can get good aim for it ::
(23:03:47) CEO_LtCdrQuinn: ACTION> The good news is that the force field dies out. The bad news is that the lightning is back.
(23:04:08) CO_CaptHarper: :: thinks Kuari, no... as she watches the scene play out ::
(23:04:18) TAC2_1LT_Grey: :: groans as she continues to cough, heavily breathing at the moment ::
(23:04:35) CO_CaptHarper: :: feeling quite powerless at the moment ::
(23:04:56) AmberSun: All: Amber Sun can help.
(23:04:57) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: now that he's up with his team firing hard, he starts using Kuari as a great distraction and gets a few good open shots. He picks one of the Xovul guards, shoots him, realizes that the armor is unsurprisingly pretty damn good, and takes another few shots, dropping his target as his phaser makes it through, and vaporizing the Xovul body inside.
(23:05:37) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: Team: If you get a shot, do not reserve power. That one took me four shots to get through.
(23:05:46) CEO_LtCdrQuinn: Vash> ::Makes a point of taking aim at Wolfe as he concentrates on killing his soldier. ::
(23:07:00) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: until this point has been running, but as she senses several Xovul weapons getting lined up on her, beats her wings powerfully, sending her towards the ceiling, a move she doubts they had been expecting, and lands squarely on the nearest Xovul. Unfortunately, that alien's weapon is essentially hitting the broadside of a barn, and she feels it as her armor absorbs what it can of the energy blast ::
(23:07:15) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: ducks behind the console for a second, and takes a look to the side, moving along the hidden space before popping up again in a new location, starting to lay down fire again ::
(23:07:34) CMO_Lt_Tailor: ::Checks grey over again:: TAC2: Looks like you've had some smoke inhalation. There's some inflammation in your lung tissues. I'm going to put you on oxygen for a bit. ::gives her a mask, and a nurse arrives to swish her over to the burn unit::
(23:08:38) AmberSun: ::Waves his paw at Grey as she's carted off.:: TAC2: Reeesst well.
(23:08:38) TAC2_1LT_Grey: :: gives a slight thumbs-up, breathing heavily under the mask, head rolling to the side as she lets herself drift off. ::
(23:10:23) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: sees Kuari take the Xovul down, but sees her take the blast as well, her suit taking on a bright white glow for a moment before they both fall to the deck. Thinking quickly, he takes advantage of the moment, sending three blasts into the Xovul next to the one she's on top of. ::
(23:11:25) CO_CaptHarper: ACTION> T'Lira's rear guard holds the line, the Xovul fighting against them starting to thin out.
(23:11:30) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: takes a moment looking at Kuari... or maybe her body... it hasn't moved ::
(23:12:18) TAC_LCdr_TLira: :: is satisfied to see the enemy dropping, but there are still enemy soldiers fighting, and a door to get through ::
(23:12:46) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: sees that the guard he shot is still standing, so he sends three more shots his way and this time drops him ::
(23:13:34) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: drops below the console and takes a second to look at Kuari's vitals ::
(23:13:53) CO_CaptHarper: :: following along :: MED: Doctor.....?
(23:14:18) AmberSun: ::Plonks down on the floor looking up at Tailor with a waggling tail.:: More help?
(23:14:19) CO_CaptHarper: :: greatly worried about her XO ::
(23:14:40) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: sighs at what he sees ::
(23:15:05) AmberSun: ::Scratches his neck with his back paw.::
(23:15:13) CEO_LtCdrQuinn: Vash> ::Beginning to get annoyed by the sniping, kicks the console over on top of Wolfe and grabs for his throat. :: Is that how your warriors lead, you cowardly heretic filth?
(23:15:18) MED_LtJG_Acacia: :: has a finger hovering over the button, watching the lifesigns. She glances at the screen worriedly. She gives it a few seconds, not wanting to overreact.. :: CO: She's alive..
(23:16:37) MED_LtJG_Acacia: :: gasps, covering her mouth with one hand, the other still poised. She doesn't want to snatch them out and be the reason they lose, but she's also clearly nervous. ::
(23:17:09) CO_CaptHarper: :: doesn't need to be an empath to sense Acacia's concern, but the call is hers to make, so she stays quiet and watches ::
(23:17:15) CTO_LtC_Wolfe: :: finds his attention drawn away from Kuari, and gets drawn into the moment. With the Xovul's hand just missing, he wraggles out from under the console and a moment later is on his feet, his rifle point blank with the Xovul's chest. He fires twice, knowing it won't kill him but it should smart a bit ::
(23:17:55) CMO_Lt_Tailor: Self: Hmmm.. ::looks around:: AmberSun: I'll need a few more patients moved. There's a couple there that need to go to surgical prep. Follow Nurse T'lek again. And thank you for your help. ::smiles::
(23:18:38) CO_CaptHarper: :: that said, she's ready to override that call in a moment's notice, but generally tries not to second-guess her experts ::
(23:18:50) CEO_LtCdrQuinn: Vash> ::It does smart. Like the dickens. Indeed, if he survives this, the need for medical attention is certain. However, it doesn't stop him from grasping the barrel of Wolfe's rifle and crushing it into uselessness. :: Better.
(23:19:20) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: after a moment of shock, her unmoving body causing several Xovul to turn their attention back to the shooting Marines, gets up. Her belly hurts. Enraged, she runs for three Xovul from the side. They're a lot heavier than she is, though, and plowing through them doesn't work. Once she's on one of them, she forces her wings to either side, knocking the other two off balance and sending them to the floor ::
(23:19:39) CEO_LtCdrQuinn: Vash> ::Aims a brutal spear thrust at Wolfe's gut. ::
(23:20:20) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: Kicking with her back legs off the middle Xovul, she wraps the end of her tail around the Xovul's horns, pulling him down with her ::
(23:20:54) MED_LtJG_Acacia: :: was about a millisecond from transporting Kuari, and swallows her nerves as the XO does actually get up. Her fingers are a hair's breadth from Kuari and Wolfe's buttons on her console. ::
(23:21:01) CO_CaptHarper: :: can see Kuari get up behind the faceful of Vash in Wolfe's helmet cam ::
(23:23:25) AmberSun: ::Smiles back at the Doctor, before following the nurse again.::
(23:25:07) CO_CaptHarper: PAUSE SIM
(23:25:08) CO_CaptHarper: PAUSE SIM
(23:25:08) CO_CaptHarper: PAUSE SIM