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(21:12:43) CO_CaptHarper: BEGIN SIM
(21:12:44) CO_CaptHarper: BEGIN SIM
(21:12:45) CO_CaptHarper: BEGIN SIM
(21:12:58) CO_CaptHarper: :: in her ready room, wrapping up a call with Admiral Blackthorne ::
(21:13:14) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: checking in with operations teams ::
(21:13:24) NAV_LtJG_Navarro: :: at the helm, watching the ship's telemetry ::
(21:14:01) MED_Ens_Acacia: :: in the medical research lab, catching up on lost time and jotting down notes for her research ::
(21:14:20) CO_CaptHarper: :: signs off with a smile, pleased that the Admiral was quite happy with their results ::
(21:15:15) CMO_LtJG_Tailor: ::sickbay now mostly under control, is on the bridge checking on the colony's need for medical supplies::
(21:15:40) CO_CaptHarper: :: checks her PADD and remembers the next thing on the to-do list for today :: *ENG* Harper to Ilaihr.
(21:17:41) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: settles down into her backless seat next to Harper's empty chair. Even when she has the Bridge, she still uses her seat, as it caters to her unusual shape. She looks over reports and sighs, happy to have had some time to rest after recent events ::
(21:19:22) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: *CO*: Ilaihr here.
(21:19:45) ENG2_Ens_Razyn: :: hums Sunday Morning Fever to himself as he taps his foot, sitting at his console on the bridge ::
(21:19:53) CO_CaptHarper: *ENG* Please report to my ready room, lieutenant.
(21:22:40) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: ::Looks over whatever he's working on; filing it away.:: *CO*: On my way.
(21:24:07) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: ::Gets up from his console and slowly plods toward the RR.::
(21:25:28) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: ::Rings the bell.::
(21:25:50) CO_CaptHarper: :: stands and crosses in front of the desk :: Come in!
(21:26:26) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: ::Step inside.:: CO: You called for me, Captain?
(21:26:52) CO_CaptHarper: :: smiles sunnily, feeling quite refreshed after a good sleep and a morning run :: ENG: I did! Lieutenant, I have some great news for you.
(21:27:35) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: CO: I am being brought the head of Yix?
(21:27:52) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: watches Ilaihr cross the Bridge, then looks back at her console ::
(21:28:24) CO_CaptHarper: :: chuckles :: ENG: Alright, maybe not that good, but still good!
(21:29:18) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: CO: One can always dream. So, what is this good news?
(21:29:27) CO_CaptHarper: :: reaches behind her on the desk and grabs something :: ENG: The approval just came through, and this is long overdue...
(21:29:42) MED_Ens_Acacia: :: checks her PADD, smiling to herself. She makes her way over to one of the offices, and puts her name by the door, then begins moving her research materials into her new office! ::
(21:30:26) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: ::Tilts his head curiously.::
(21:30:36) CO_CaptHarper: :: produces a half pip :: ENG: Ilaihr, it is my pleasure to promote you to the rank of Lieutenant Commander, Starfleet. :: pins the pip on his collar and beams :: Congratulations!
(21:31:51) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: ::Smiles.:: CO: Well, this certainly is unexpected.
(21:32:13) ENG2_Ens_Razyn: :: looks around the bridge :: XO: Uh. Love-love-lovely d-d-d-day, innit?
(21:32:35) MED_Ens_Acacia: :: looks around, hands on her hips. She begins putting her things out on the shelves, and adjusts settings on her console to get things to display as she needs. ::
(21:33:18) CO_CaptHarper: :: still beaming with pride :: ENG: You have most assuredly earned it, Commander. Your unique talents have gotten us through some ordeals, so thank you.
(21:35:29) Tac2_2LT_Grey: :: hums briefly as she worked at her console, barely looking up at Razyn's words. :: ENG2: Yeah, lovely day for sure.
(21:35:38) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: ::touches the pip on his collar.:: CO: Tell me... How many objections were there?
(21:35:48) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: perks an ear towards Razyn, then after a moment meets his eyes and realizes he's speaking to her and smiles :: ENG2: Yes, it is.
(21:36:17) NAV_LtJG_Navarro: :: chuckles quietly to himself at the helm ::
(21:37:02) ENG2_Ens_Razyn: Llll-lovely. :: continues to hum to himself ::
(21:37:10) ENG_LtCdr_Ilaihr: CO: Since there are still many objections to my simply serving...
(21:37:50) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: finding the Operations teams are humming along without her interference, decides to check on the Operations needs of the colony ::
(21:39:01) Tac2_2LT_Grey: ENG2: Why do you stutter all the damn time? :: spins in her chair to look at Razyn, intense brown eyes. ::
(21:39:26) CO_CaptHarper: ENG: Objections? If there were any, they were not noted in what I received. :: smiles :: And as they say, do not look gift whores in the mouth, yes?
(21:40:07) ENG_LtCdr_Ilaihr: CO: Horse, my dear
(21:40:10) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: turns and looks at Grey, wondering how someone could be so incredibly rude ::
(21:40:39) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: looks over at Grey, frowning :: Lieutenant!
(21:40:45) MED_Ens_Acacia: :: leans back in her chair, and presses a button on the computer on her desk. The holo-display whiirs, then throws up an image that looks like the blood vessels from a pair of humanoid lungs. She "hm"s, satisfied. ::
(21:40:55) ENG2_Ens_Razyn: :: stares in shock :: Tac2: Ex-ex-excuse me?
(21:41:08) CO_CaptHarper: :: blinks, considering :: ENG: Hm, what I said means the same thing, does it not?
(21:41:19) ENG_LtCdr_Ilaihr: CO: One should look a gifted whore in the mouth, using dental hygiene as a signifier of overall heath.
(21:41:39) CO_CaptHarper: ENG: Ah! That makes sense, thank you.
(21:41:51) ENG_LtCdr_Ilaihr: ::Smiles unashamedly.::
(21:42:17) Tac2_2LT_Grey: ENG2: Rec Room when we get finished with our shift. I'll get that stutter handled in no time. :: shrugs at the officers :: XO: What? I had the same issues as he did once upon a time, I'm just asking so I can contact my speech therapist for any ideas.
(21:43:09) ENG_LtCdr_Ilaihr: ::Nods.:: CO: I shall see you on the bridge, Captain.
(21:43:23) CO_CaptHarper: :: also unashamed by her problems with English idioms, and though she usually ends up frustrated with how little sense they make, this time she isn't :: ENG: Indeed, Commander! Dismissed.
(21:43:56) ENG2_Ens_Razyn: Tac2: Oh hell no! You don’t- you don’t- you don’t get t-t-t-to make that c-c-c-call.
(21:44:28) XO_Cdr_Kuari: TAC2: Ask in a more professional manner on the Bridge, please. It did sound rude.
(21:44:32) ENG_LtCdr_Ilaihr: ::Turns about, returning to the bridge.::
(21:44:32) CMO_LtJG_Tailor: ::finds herself glancing over, surprised by Grey's lack of tact::
(21:44:41) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: looks at Kuari, wondering if she's going to intervene further ::
(21:45:22) Tac2_2LT_Grey: :: salutes calmly :: Apologies
(21:45:27) ENG2_Ens_Razyn: Tac2: I’m-I’m-I’m sorry if-if mmmmmy b-b-b-brain in-in-in-injury ssssomehow offends-offends-offends yyyyyou.
(21:45:53) MED_Ens_Acacia: :: turns off the display and grabs her padd, making a list of the things she still wants to acquire. ::
(21:46:17) ENG_LtCdr_Ilaihr: ::Hums as he crosses the bridge, back to his console.::
(21:46:50) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: wonders if there's something SHE should do to intervene ::
(21:46:53) Tac2_2LT_Grey: :: opens her mouth before closing it, ducking her head in apology. :: ENG2: I-I didn't know... I sincerely apologize for my lack of tact, especially concerning things you can't control
(21:47:59) ENG_LtCdr_Ilaihr: ENG2: Have you every tried teletherapy?
(21:48:51) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: observes Grey's contrite reaction for a moment and nods to herself, considering her reprimand understood, and turns her head towards Ilaihr as he returns to his console ::
(21:48:59) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: cringes, thinking to herself how attacked Razyn must feel ::
(21:49:18) ENG2_Ens_Razyn: All: C-c-can-can-can ev-ev-ev-everyone ssssstop t-t-try-try-trying to FIX-FIX-FIX ME?!
(21:50:00) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: attempts to plead with Kuari with her eyes ::
(21:50:17) CO_CaptHarper: :: sits back down behind her desk with a contented sigh, so happy to get to perform that duty ::
(21:51:55) ENG_LtCdr_Ilaihr: ::Just looks back to his console shaking his head, merely asking a question.::
(21:52:08) CO_CaptHarper: :: notes one of the Kvolir vessels in the distance, and then glances at Jaire's sword, now decorating the ready room wall ::
(21:53:25) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: doesn't notice Wright's look as she's not part of the problem :: All: That's enough. I'm sure Razyn's being well taken care of by Starfleet's finest, as are all of us.
(21:53:42) NAV_LtJG_Navarro: :: finds himself suddenly engrossed in the perfectly normal telemetry coming in while the ship orbits standardly ::
(21:54:21) XO_Cdr_Kuari: All: As you were.
(21:56:08) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: considers sending a quick text note of support to Razyn but decides it's better to bring it up off-duty sometime ::
(21:57:24) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: didn't even notice Ilaihr's promotion in all the commotion ::
(21:57:36) ENG2_Ens_Razyn: :: rapidly bounces his foot against the floor, to calm down ::
(21:58:40) ENG_LtCdr_Ilaihr: ::Hums to himself, working away at nothing in particular.::
(21:59:22) CO_CaptHarper: :: finishes up and exits to the bridge, still quite happy :: XO: Report, Number One?
(21:59:54) Tac2_2LT_Grey: :: turns back to her console, working away calmly and inwardly beating herself up for her... less than stellar behavior barely five minutes ago ::
(22:00:34) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: looks up at Harper, her mood shifting at her happiness :: CO: All is well, Captain.
(22:01:23) CO_CaptHarper: XO: Wonderful. :: takes her seat, unaware of what just transpired ::
(22:02:22) CMO_LtJG_Tailor: ::goes back to whatever it was she was doing.. oh yeah, something about supplies::
(22:02:32) ENG2_Ens_Razyn: :: glances upward at the captain, before hutching back over his console, checking that all systems are operational ::
(22:04:43) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: decides to recalibrate the sensor array for the third time this shift ::
(22:05:08) CO_CaptHarper: ACTION> The last remaining Kvolir ship hails.
(22:05:32) CSO_Cdr_Wright: CO: We are being hailed by a Kvolir vessel.
(22:05:44) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: perks her ears up at the hail and looks to the viewscreen ::
(22:05:58) CO_CaptHarper: CSO: On screen. :: stands, glad she doesn't have to perform this time ::
(22:06:01) CMO_LtJG_Tailor: ::looks up, glad for the distraction::
(22:06:07) MED_Ens_Acacia: :: finishes up her list and makes her way to the turbolift ::
(22:06:10) ENG2_Ens_Razyn: :: turns chair and looks up ::
(22:06:17) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: presses the button and looks up at the screen expectantly ::
(22:06:46) Tac2_2LT_Grey: :: doesn't remove her focus from the console, but knowing of the hail coming through, working away. ::
(22:07:44) MED_Ens_Acacia: :: steps onto the bridge, heading to her usual console to put in an equipment request and check Tailor's list for the colonists ::
(22:07:52) CO_CaptHarper: Jaire> :: appears on the screen, in his usual arms-crossed posture, but somehow less...menacingly :: CO: Captain! We were about to depart, and I wanted to say farewell.
(22:08:28) CO_CaptHarper: :: smiles brightly and nods :: Jaire: Colonel! Thank you for your consideration. We wish you a safe trip home.
(22:08:58) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: wonders, not for the first time, if they'll get a chance to visit to Kvolir homeworld ::
(22:09:19) CO_CaptHarper: Tira> :: standing near Jaire at the ship's tactical station, she finds Wolfe on their viewer and smiles enimatically while keeping her eyes on him ::
(22:10:27) MED_Ens_Acacia: :: digs into the paperwork she needs to get done, idly listening ::
(22:11:20) CO_CaptHarper: Jaire> CO: Thank you, Captain. Safe journeys to you, as well, and we will be in touch.
(22:11:32) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: happens to note Tira's gaze; somehow resists the urge to look back curiously at Wolfe ::
(22:12:21) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: looks on at Jaire, her head high ::
(22:14:40) NAV_LtJG_Navarro: :: also note's Tira's gaze and smiles to himself ::
(22:15:20) CO_CaptHarper: Jaire: We look forward to it. Perhaps even a cultural exchange beyond the trade that will happen here?
(22:18:30) CO_CaptHarper: Jaire> CO: Indeed! I would love to visit one of your worlds someday!
(22:18:58) CTO_Maj_Wolfe: :: raises his eyebrows to Tira, then bows. ::
(22:19:51) CTO_Maj_Wolfe: :: deeply ::
(22:19:57) CO_CaptHarper: Tira> :: grins widely ::
(22:20:26) CO_CaptHarper: Jaire: As we would yours, Colonel. Until then! :: smiles ::
(22:20:28) CTO_Maj_Wolfe: Tira: Until we meet again, safe travels.
(22:21:49) CO_CaptHarper: Tira> CTO: Victory in your battles, Behnehdihkt. :: lowers her head, but still keeps her eyes on him ::
(22:22:47) CO_CaptHarper: Jaire> Farewell, Kathryn! :: has the comm cut ::
(22:23:22) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: reflects over their interactions with the Kvolir as the main viewer changes to that of high orbit, finding the memories to be of a unique experience ::
(22:23:43) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: after her shock at Wolfe recedes, closes the channel :: CO: Channel closed. :: turns slightly and winks at Kate ::
(22:23:46) CO_CaptHarper: ACTION> The screen returns to showing the planet, and the Kvolir ship warps away.
(22:25:05) CO_CaptHarper: :: nods with satisfaction at the screen as their new friends warp away, then smiles at Lexy as she turns :: All: Good job, everyone. Thank you all for everything you did to turn what could have been a bad situation into a great outcome.
(22:25:22) Tac2_2LT_Grey: :: blinks, startled briefly at seeing Tira and Wolfe, before turning her attention back to her console ::
(22:26:01) NAV_LtJG_Navarro: :: is impressed with Wolfe, having danced with Tira, or more precisely, she danced with him ::
(22:26:18) MED_Ens_Acacia: :: blinks, smiling softly at the praise and continuing to tap away at her paperwork ::
(22:28:53) CO_CaptHarper: ACTION> The colony hails.
(22:29:08) CSO_Cdr_Wright: CO: The colony is hailing us, Captain.
(22:29:33) CO_CaptHarper: :: turns forward again :: CSO: On screen.
(22:29:46) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: does the thing again ::
(22:29:50) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: is roused from her memories as the next hail comes through, and she blinks a few times ::
(22:31:54) CO_CaptHarper: ACTION> The colony administrator, a stately-looking Bajoran woman, appears on the screen.
(22:32:21) ENG2_Ens_Razyn: :: quirks eyebrows at the sight of another Bajoran ::
(22:33:10) CO_CaptHarper: Adminstrator> Captain Harper. We detected that the Krolvir have left orbit, and wanted to thank you. I am Ryne, colony administrator.
(22:34:13) CO_CaptHarper: Ryne: It was our pleasure, Administrator Ryne. You will have some new neighbors to the north in the coming months, so we will send everything we have learned on the Kvolir culture to you.
(22:35:17) CO_CaptHarper: Ryne> CO: That is appreciated. Beyond our thanks, we were wondering if we could ask your help with a few matters that could use the resources of a starship to be resolved more expediently.
(22:36:19) CO_CaptHarper: Ryne: Of course, Administrator! We are at your service.
(22:37:57) CO_CaptHarper: Ryne> CO: Thank you, Captain. Of immediate concern are the wildlife intrusions, but we also have some excavation that your phasers would make quick work of.
(22:38:40) CO_CaptHarper: :: thinks she glossed over something there :: Ryne: Wildlife intrusions?
(22:39:34) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: cocks her head slightly ::
(22:40:47) CO_CaptHarper: Ryne> CO: Nothing you could not handle, just large ursine beasts trampling crops and mauling livestock. We have phasers, of course, but were hoping for a more permanent solution.
(22:41:14) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: turns her head towards Harper, eyes wide ::
(22:41:55) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: immediately thinking about ways to relocate or deter large carnivores ::
(22:42:00) CO_CaptHarper: :: taken aback for a moment at how trivial she made that problem seem ::
(22:42:47) CO_CaptHarper: :: answers after a couple of beats :: Ryne: Please, send us the details, and we will see what we can do to help.
(22:43:42) CO_CaptHarper: Ryne> Certainly, Captain, and thank you. Trondheim out. :: cuts the comm ::
(22:44:45) CO_CaptHarper: XO: Well, that was unexpected.
(22:44:48) ENG_LtCdr_Ilaihr: ::Antennae perk up.:: CO: Bears...
(22:45:13) CSO_Cdr_Wright: CO: I may be able to come up with a solution to the wildlife problem, Captain. Permission to run some detailed scans on the surface?
(22:45:40) ENG2_Ens_Razyn: Self: B-b-b-bears are c-cute. :: shrugs ::
(22:45:43) CO_CaptHarper: CSO: By all means.
(22:46:57) ENG_LtCdr_Ilaihr: CO: I would very much like to see these animals up close.
(22:47:11) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: obtains the life sign signature from the colony and runs a detailed scan focused on that type of lifeform, trying to determine things like habit, habitat, and prey ::
(22:47:37) CO_CaptHarper: :: side-eyes Ilaihr :: ENG: How close, exactly, do you mean?
(22:48:28) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: looks to Ilaihr, interested in this new turn of events ::
(22:49:05) ENG_LtCdr_Ilaihr: ::Simply smiles.::
(22:50:49) ENG_LtCdr_Ilaihr: CO: One must experience the wild, before understanding how the wild things roam.
(22:50:59) CO_CaptHarper: PAUSE SIM
(22:50:59) CO_CaptHarper: PAUSE SIM
(22:51:00) CO_CaptHarper: PAUSE SIM