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(21:20:17) CO_CaptHarper: BEGIN PARTY
(21:20:27) CO_CaptHarper: BEGIN PARTY
(21:20:29) CO_CaptHarper: BEGIN PARTY
(21:20:32) CO_CaptHarper: Rolik> :: looks to Jhnal :: Where are our daughters anyway, do you think?
(21:21:19) SCI_Ens_Jude: :: Linxi approaches the bar, and orders a gin, taking it back to the table where Jan is seated ::
(21:21:49) MED_LCdr_Tav: :: stands on the patio in his attire, making casual conversation with people who pass by. ::
(21:21:49) MED_Ens_Acacia: :: pops out of one of the holobooth, having touched up her make-up after crying at the wedding. She makes her way to the bar to order "something fruity".::
(21:23:31) Janasx_Prast: :: Jan stares at Linxi :: ~SCI: You DO realize you don't need alcohol to have fun at a social event, right?~
(21:24:54) TAC_LCdr_TLira: :: has found a table and is sensibly attired in a dress, rather than the object that is referred to as a dress uniform. Currently, she’s watching Taril run about investigating the area ::
(21:24:58) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: follows after Alexis, not that she really has any needs to attend to, but waits on her nevertheless. Kuari's wearing an emerald version of her uniform, darker green than her body, with attractive tassles hanging thickly from its lower edges that give her a slightly tribal undertone.
(21:26:12) HQ1_AdmBlackthorne: :: leaning on the bar, a scotch in one hand, and scanning the crowd, quite happy to see these people again after so long ::
(21:26:41) SCI_Ens_Jude: :: Linxi pauses right before she takes a drink :: ~Jan: ...Yes.~
(21:27:22) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: In the bridal ready room with Kate, freshening up :: Kate: :: swears in some language Kate swears in all the time :: We.... We actually did it. We're married. :: looks at her ring and her wife in astonishment ::
(21:27:24) NAV_LtJG_Navarro: :: enters the gardens in a tuxedo, and makes his way to the bar ::
(21:28:17) CO_CaptHarper: :: her face erupts into a wide grin as she touches Lexy's cheek :: Lexy: We are. We really are.
(21:29:29) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: kisses her impulsively and then almost immediately bashfully pulls away, remembering Kuari :: Kuari: Can you believe it?!
(21:31:08) CO_CaptHarper: :: can't help from giggling ::
(21:31:21) CSO_Cdr_Wright: Bill_Wright> :: has been chatting with his sons and watching his grandchildren play, but is now making his way over to Kate's parents :: R&J: Well! Our little girls certainly made a pretty picture up there. :: obviously happy and proud ::
(21:31:33) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: interrupted from studying Alexis' face, making sure her makeup is right, not that she would know if it is, and makes eye contact with a smile :: CSO: It has been a long time coming. In a way, you got it to happen early, since we didn't experience the last month of the wait!
(21:32:21) CO_CaptHarper: Rolik> :: Beaming :: Bill: That they did! :: claps him on the back ::
(21:33:16) CSO_Cdr_Wright: Bill_Wright> :: laughs heartily and returns the clapping :: R&J: Now.. where did they disappear off too? :: looks around ::
(21:33:34) HQ_Cdor_TKirr: :: walks slowly amongst the crowd, exchanging brief words with those of her crew that would remember her ::
(21:33:39) CO_CaptHarper: Rolik> Bill: I was just asking Jhnal—
(21:34:04) Janasx_Prast: :: Jan reaches over and brings Linxi's hand down, and takes the glass :: ~SCI: How about we participate in this beautiful occasion that /you invited me to/ without rendering out minds dumb?~
(21:34:17) CSO_Cdr_Wright: Jhnal> :: interrupts, grinning :: Bill: I am mother of the brides now, yes? I will go and find them. :: vanishes off through the crowd ::
(21:35:39) CO_CaptHarper: Lexy: You know... they are all waiting on us, darling. We really should get out there.
(21:35:48) MED_LCdr_Tav: Wolfe> :: is miles away, rock climbing. ::
(21:35:54) CO_CaptHarper: :: checks her hair in the mirror and makes a few adjustments ::
(21:36:11) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: ::Is staring up at the sky, thinking silently to himself; sat in his formal robes, far from the notice of anyone at the party.::
(21:36:51) NAV_LtJG_Navarro: :: gets a drink and starts to mingle with the crowd, pouring on his usual charm ::
(21:36:57) CSO_Cdr_Wright: Jhnal> :: marches over to the bridal ready room and lets herself in, spying the brides :: L&K: Girls! :: mock indignation :: You have guests waiting! You all look beautiful, :: noting Kuari :: so let us go. :: grins and beckons them to follow her ::
(21:37:28) CO_CaptHarper: :: smirks :: Lexy: You had better do what your mother-in-law says!
(21:37:43) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: meeps at Jhnal :: Kate: I guess... we'd better go, then. :: smiles nervously and is prodded toward the door ::
(21:38:09) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: assists in the prodding, a newfound duty ::
(21:38:23) CO_CaptHarper: :: shares a look with her mother and pushes Lexy out the door, with Kuari's help ::
(21:39:29) CMO_LtJG_Tailor: ::wanders through the party dressed in a flowy dress and a wrap to ward off the san francisco evening chill::
(21:39:53) SCI_Ens_Jude: :: Her hand twitched as Jan took her drink away :: ~Jan: Alright, fine.~ :: Linxi turns her head to look around at the rest of the crew ::
(21:40:12) CSO_Cdr_Wright: Jhnal> :: In a loud voice that cuts through conversation :: May I present - the brides!
(21:40:39) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: appears behind her, blushing like crazy but still smiling, hand-in-hand with Kate ::
(21:40:41) HQ1_AdmBlackthorne: :: turns toward the voice ::
(21:41:34) CO_CaptHarper: :: appears with Lexy, beaming ::
(21:41:43) Janasx_Prast: :: She grab's Linxi's arm, stands up, and claps ::
(21:41:45) HQ_Cdor_TKirr: :: looks up at Jhnal's announcement ::
(21:41:48) SCI_Ens_Jude: :: Linxi stands with Jan, and looks around for Kate and Lexy, also clapping ::
(21:41:49) MED_LCdr_Tav: :: continues milling around, closer and closer to Wright and Harper. ::
(21:41:50) CMO_LtJG_Tailor: ::turns to the speaker, watching for the Captain and Wright; claps with the crowd when they appear::
(21:42:10) HQ1_AdmBlackthorne: :: applauds, smiling ::
(21:42:35) MED_Ens_Acacia: ::applauds, setting her drink down and once again struggling not to cry ::
(21:42:45) TAC_LCdr_TLira: :: looks over and joins in with the applause, politely clapping and never letting her attention leave Taril, lest he wander off as he tends to ::
(21:42:51) CSO_Cdr_Wright: Bill_Wright> Rolik: There's our girls!
(21:43:15) CSO_Cdr_Wright: Bill_Wright> Rolik: Your wife is... very effective. :: nods appreciatively ::
(21:43:38) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: ::Looks down from the sky, to smile at Alexis and the captain from the distance.::
(21:43:48) CO_CaptHarper: Rolik> Bill: That she is! But just look at them. Our girls are so beautiful together.... :: wipes away a tear ::
(21:46:08) CO_CaptHarper: :: raises a hand :: Thank you all for coming! We could never have imagined doing this without our families and friends here to support us.
(21:47:01) NAV_LtJG_Navarro: :: looks at the Captain and Commander with a warm smile ::
(21:48:44) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: stands at Wright's side, acting as a barrier between her and other people ::
(21:48:58) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: stands there, embarrassed, nervously smoothing the ivory skirt of her tea-length gown that almost matches her wife's, both with bare shoulders and a jeweled belt at the waist, but hers with lacy sleeves that covered her upper arms to the elbow ::
(21:49:36) CSO_Cdr_Wright: Bryan_Wright> :: wanders away from his brother and niblets, smiling and trying to get a better look at his sister and her bride ::
(21:50:01) CO_CaptHarper: :: waves the raised hand, still beaming :: Now please, have some fun and relax! Enjoy yourselves!
(21:50:52) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: smiles and waves as well, somewhat more reservedly ::
(21:51:16) CO_CaptHarper: ACTION> The band strikes up the music and the waitstaff resumes service.
(21:51:39) CMO_LtJG_Tailor: ::makes her way to the bar and gets a strawberry basil martini, settles into a corner to enjoy herself and watch the party::
(21:52:29) CSO_Cdr_Wright: Jhnal> :: gives Kate a firm hug :: Kate: My daughter, you look so beautiful and happy. :: sweeps Lexy into a firm hug as well :: Lexy: My new daughter, I say the same for you. :: gives her a reassuring smile ::
(21:53:11) HQ_Cdor_TKirr: :: resumes her methodical patrol of the crowd and approaches T'Lira :: TAC: It is agreeable to see you, T'Lira.
(21:53:52) TAC_LCdr_TLira: :: is startled slightly :: T’Kirr: I am gratified to see you as well, sir.
(21:53:59) CO_CaptHarper: :: laughs as she receives a mom-hug :: Jhnal: Thank you, Mamá! And for everything you did in helping that ceremony happen.
(21:54:38) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: sniffs at Jhnal, having met her earlier in the proceedings, and remembers that she is family ::
(21:54:42) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: Self: She looks so happy. ::Smiles, exhaustedly resting his back against a tree; proceeding to puff away at his pipe.::
(21:55:00) CO_CaptHarper: Syvek> :: considers joining in the Vulcan gathering, but refrains ::
(21:56:00) CSO_Cdr_Wright: Bill_Wright> :: has closed the distance and pulls his little Rosie into a long hug right when Jhnal releases her :: Lexy: Walking my little girl down the aisle was one of the happiest moments of my life. ::blinks away a tear and takes Kate's hands :: And giving her to her Katie... Valerie would be so, so happy today.
(21:56:16) HQ_Cdor_TKirr: :: bows her head briefly in acknowledgement :: TAC: Is your life aboard Atlantis satisfactory?
(21:57:11) CSO_Cdr_Wright: Bryan_Wright> :: sneaks in and taps his sister on the shoulder while their father talks to Kate, grinning at her ::
(21:57:14) NAV_LtJG_Navarro: :: notices Acacia and approaches her. figuring that he should introduce himself :: MED: Doctor Acacia, I believe? :: smiles charmingly ::
(21:57:35) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: recognizes Bill Wright as well, stepping back as he gets close ::
(21:58:02) CSO_Cdr_Wright: Bryan: Bry! :: jumps into his arms, narrowly missing Kuari's vigilant form ::
(21:58:03) CO_CaptHarper: :: beams at Bill :: I hope that I would have made her proud, sir.
(21:58:47) MED_Ens_Acacia: ::perks up a bit, turning and offering her hand for a handshake :: NAV: That's right, but my friends can call me Emily. Navarro, was it?
(21:58:50) HQ1_AdmBlackthorne: :: notices Tav lingering about :: Tav: Dr. Tav! How the hell are ya?
(21:59:04) TAC_LCdr_TLira: T’Kirr: I find it to be quite satisfactory. I trust your career in Command is equally interesting?
(21:59:09) MED_LCdr_Tav: :: walks closer and closer to where Lexy and Kate are standing, allowing others to talk to them, and talking to others as he gets closer. Along the way, he stops by the bar and picks up a mojito. Then, he takes a few more steps closer, once again talking to people around him - then hears the Admiral ::
(21:59:21) NAV_LtJG_Navarro: :: shakes her hand :: Yes. Diego Ricardo Navarro Caballero de León, Navigation.
(22:00:00) MED_LCdr_Tav: Blackthorne: Admiral! It's very good to see you, sir! Things are going much better for me than the last time I saw you. :: puts his hand out to shake Blackthorne's :: And how are you and T'Kirr? How is life on a planet?
(22:00:30) SCI_Ens_Jude: :: Linxi takes Jan by the arm and makes her way to Kate and Lexi, then releasing her plus-one :: CO & CSO: I'm so happy for you two! That was /really/ a beautiful ceremony, Captain, Commander.
(22:00:32) HQ1_AdmBlackthorne: :: shakes Tav's hand :: We're doing fine, though I can't say that I don't miss Atlantis.
(22:00:48) HQ_Cdor_TKirr: :: places one hand behind her back, but the other is holding a beverage :: TAC: It is. There is a great deal more that I have learned since leaving Atlantis that I would not have learned had I stayed. I am, however, somewhat...envious of your most recent expedition. :: offers T'Lira a slightly raised brow ::
(22:00:49) Janasx_Prast: :: Jan is slightly startled when Linxi suddenly took her by the arm, but went with it. As they approached the brides, she realized Linxi's intention, and grinned, as Linxi spoke :: CO&CSO: She cried.
(22:00:51) MED_Ens_Acacia: ::sips her drink, raising an eyebrow:: NAV: And your friends call you... Leo? ::she jokes::
(22:01:12) MED_LCdr_Tav: :: raises his eyes at what Blackthorne just said :: HQ1: You don't?
(22:01:32) HQ1_AdmBlackthorne: Tav: No, that means that I do miss Atlantis! :: laughs ::
(22:01:14) NAV_LtJG_Navarro: :: chuckles : MED: Doc, actually, from my first two initials.
(22:01:38) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: smiles at Jude :: Jude: Thank you, Linxi! Thank you for coming today, as well.
(22:02:23) CO_CaptHarper: :: also smiles at Jude: :: Yes, thank you so much for coming! It means a great deal. Jan: Most did!
(22:02:24) TAC_LCdr_TLira: :: nods slightly :: T’Kirr: It was certainly intriguing. The data collected was fascinating.
(22:02:59) MED_Ens_Acacia: NAV: Pleased to meet you then, Doctor. :: she grins ::
(22:03:05) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: ::A cloud of smoke drifts up and away, whilst he continues to watch the festivities, silently pondering the future.::
(22:04:02) HQ_Cdor_TKirr: TAC: I look forward to more study of it.
(22:04:11) NAV_LtJG_Navarro: MED: And likewise. The grapevine says that you just received your doctorate as well. Is that a doubledoc?
(22:04:25) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: spots Tav nearby with Blackthorne and steps into the conversation :: Both: Excuse the interruption, but I wanted to say thank you so much for performing the ceremony, Admiral, and to thank my friend Tav for coming and being part of our bridal party! :: smiles shyly ::
(22:04:31) TAC_LCdr_TLira: T’Kirr: I am certain that many are.
(22:05:09) SCI_Ens_Jude: :: Linxi's head jerked towards Jan, her shoulders dropping, making an exasperated facial expression :: ~Jan: Did you /have/ to say that?~ :: she turned her head back to the other two :: CO&CSO: Oh, I don't believe I introduced you. Harper, Wright, this is Jan. Jan- you obviously know who they are.
(22:05:58) MED_Ens_Acacia: :: taken slightly aback, or pleasantly surprised :: NAV: Oh, right. I was uh.. on a research-based medical doctorate track, so I'm a medical research.. medical doctor. But that's wordy. :: she shrugs ::
(22:06:03) HQ1_AdmBlackthorne: CSO: It was my pleasure. Like I said, it's the best part of my job. :: smiles, deepening the lines at the corners of his eyes ::
(22:07:18) CO_CaptHarper: Jan: Pleased to meet you!
(22:07:44) MED_LCdr_Tav: :: smiles and turns to Wright :: CSO: I wouldn't dream of being anywhere else. Congratulations! :: gives Wright a friendly hug ::
(22:09:10) NAV_LtJG_Navarro: MED: Well then, I think we are fortunate to have you aboard. How are you finding working with Dr. Tailor?
(22:09:17) HQ_Cdor_TKirr: TAC: I'm aware of your career adjustment. While I find it unexpected, I wish you well in your efforts.
(22:09:47) TAC_LCdr_TLira: T’Kirr: Thank you. I find it a much needed change and I endeavour to excel.
(22:10:22) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: looks around at other people as Wright and Harper are surrounded by friends and family, those Kuari trusts mean them no harm ::
(22:10:51) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: ::Thinks about going over and talking to the couple, specifically Alexis; but can see them busy with everyone else, a decides to stay put, smoking away at his pipe.:j
(22:11:33) HQ_Cdor_TKirr: :: bows her head again, accepting T'Lira's words ::
(22:12:04) CO_CaptHarper: HQ1: Yes, thank you so much, Admiral. It meant so much coming from you.
(22:12:39) HQ1_AdmBlackthorne: CO: Of course, Kate. I am honored that you chose me.
(22:12:52) MED_Ens_Acacia: :: beams :: NAV: Well thank you. I find her... agreeable. She's sensible, reasonable... doesn't really bother you unless she needs to. :: she shrugs, laughing quietly :: NAV: Do anything interesting since we landed?
(22:12:59) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: feels a little overwhelmed surrounded by so many lovely people ::
(22:14:19) NAV_LtJG_Navarro: MED: I immediately went to Spain to visit my family. How about you?
(22:15:35) HQ_Cdor_TKirr: TAC: Live long and prosper. :: offers T'Lira the familiar gesture before leaving ::
(22:16:05) TAC_LCdr_TLira: T’Kirr: Peace and long life. :: returns the gesture ::
(22:16:18) CO_CaptHarper: :: leans down to whisper to Kuari :: XO: They are all fine, relax and have a little fun.
(22:16:23) MED_Ens_Acacia: NAV: I immediately went to Iowa to visit my family. :: she laughs ::
(22:17:39) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: lowers her ears at Kate's words, displeased, and thinks about how she can do what she says and still watch after them ::
(22:18:37) NAV_LtJG_Navarro: :: chuckles :: NAV: Iowa? I can't say I've ever been. Do you have a big family?
(22:19:11) CO_CaptHarper: :: smiles in greeting at Tav :: Tav: Hi, Spots. Thanks again.
(22:20:41) MED_LCdr_Tav: :: smiles back at Harper :: CO: Captain. :: bows his head slightly ::
(22:21:04) TAC_LCdr_TLira: :: Taril has found some amusement by finding a lone science officer and badgering them with questions about the recent expedition. She notes that the science officer doesn’t seem to be bothered by Taril’s questions, so leaves them be ::
(22:21:19) MED_Ens_Acacia: :: sips her drink :: NAV: It is... the middle of nowhere. I've got a huge family... mom, dad, two sisters and we're half Betazoid so I have two planets worth of aunts and uncles. You?
(22:21:45) HQ1_AdmBlackthorne: CSO: And Lexy... well done. :: nods in approval ::
(22:22:27) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: blushes :: HQ1: I did promise you I would keep an eye on her...
(22:22:39) SCI_Ens_Jude: :: after talking with Kate and Lexy, Linxi drags Jan again, pointing out and naming various crew members to her ::
(22:22:52) HQ1_AdmBlackthorne: CSO: Someone has to, but you clearly went above and beyond the call of duty and kept both on her!
(22:22:57) NAV_LtJG_Navarro: MED: Ah! Yes, a big family as well, but without the other planet. I have three brothers and four sisters, along with my parents.
(22:23:25) CMO_LtJG_Tailor: ::finds herself at the bottom of her glass, and decides to get up and wander the garden paths for a bit, heading towards a particularly fragrant cluster of flowers down a curved path going towards the bay::
(22:23:44) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: a long, lingering look at her gorgeous wife :: HQ1: ...How could I not?
(22:24:36) HQ1_AdmBlackthorne: CSO: Fair enough! Keep it up. Support each other and you'll continue to excel.
(22:25:07) MED_LCdr_Tav: :: is pretty much done talking, but is happy to hang around with the Admiral who, the last time he spent any quality time with him, he'd given some very bad news and immediately and gone on an indefinite leave. ::
(22:25:22) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: smiles at Ian and fiddles with her bouquet ::
(22:26:42) MED_Ens_Acacia: :: nods :: NAV: And what do you do for fun?
(22:28:01) HQ_Cdor_TKirr: :: finds her way to Blackthorne's side ::
(22:28:48) MED_LCdr_Tav: HQ: Commodore.
(22:29:17) HQ_Cdor_TKirr: :: nods :: Tav: Doctor.
(22:29:21) HQ1_AdmBlackthorne: :: hands his wife a cup of tea from the bar that he'd ordered when he saw the Vulcan salutes exchanged ::
(22:30:23) HQ_Cdor_TKirr: :: takes the tea, having abandoned her previous empty glass on the way over, and threads a hand behind Ian's elbow ::
(22:30:24) NAV_LtJG_Navarro: MED: Mostly riding horses, but I play a few pickup games of various sports in the holodeck. How about you?
(22:30:33) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: whispers to Kate :: Kate: Is there anything I'm supposed to be doing...?
(22:31:07) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: ::Another billow of smoke floats above him like a signal, he smiles again at the couple, feeling strangely out of place at this most joyous of festivities.::
(22:31:18) CO_CaptHarper: ::: whispers back :: CSO: You are already doing it, just talking to everyone who has come to see us.
(22:32:01) HQ1_AdmBlackthorne: :: takes his wife's arm :: T'Kirr: It's so good to see them all again, especially at such an occasion.
(22:32:22) HQ_Cdor_TKirr: Ian: Yes, it is. :: sips her tea ::
(22:32:37) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: whispers again :: Kate: It's tradition on my world for the couple to dance first, but if you don't want to, I'd like to go dance with my father.
(22:32:55) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: in an effort to relax, rubs her head along Tav's side in greeting ::
(22:33:21) MED_Ens_Acacia: :: shrugs :: NAV: Well, a lot of old tv shows, research... I like to make things. I've recently dabbled in glass blowing, but just on the holodeck for now.
(22:33:22) CO_CaptHarper: Lexy: Well.. when in Nome! Shall we dance, my dear?
(22:33:44) Janasx_Prast: :: Linxi eventually let Jan go off, so Jan walked over to Ilaihr, as he was away from the crowd :: ENG: Hi there, I'm Jan. Ilaihr, I believe?
(22:33:56) CSO_Cdr_Wright: Kate: Lets. :: smiles warmly ::
(22:34:13) CO_CaptHarper: :: takes Lexy's hand and walks with her to the dance floor ::
(22:35:23) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: Janasx: Greetings young one. ::Gives a genial smile.:: How may I assist you?
(22:36:05) NAV_LtJG_Navarro: :: blinks :: MED: Glass-blowing! That's fascinating, and a rare hobby.
(22:36:41) MED_Ens_Acacia: :: rubs her cheek :: NAV: Metal casting, more often.
(22:37:35) NAV_LtJG_Navarro: MED: Also quite rare! What do you make from metal?
(22:38:05) MED_LCdr_Tav: :: feels Kuari's head and naturally, absently brings his hand up in an almost petting motion on her back :: XO: Commander, good evening.
(22:39:07) MED_Ens_Acacia: :: seems to relax at his interest, smiling a bit more genuinely :: NAV: Oh, well... jewelry, usually. I've also made trinkets, art... a few components for my sister who's an engineer and wanted to :: air quotes :: ''try new things''.
(22:39:55) MED_Ens_Acacia: ::realizes, pulling up her necklace, a silver pendant shaped like a leaf, cast in silver with intricate details :: NAV: I made this.
(22:39:56) Janasx_Prast: ENG: Ah, trying to strike simple conversation with Linxi's co-workers. :: she held out her hand, in a general greeting :: ENG: My name's Janasx.
(22:40:13) SCI_Ens_Jude: :: while Jan is occupied, Linxi goes over to the bar for another gin ::
(22:40:33) CO_CaptHarper: ACTION> The band leader sees the brides take the dance floor together, and breaks into "I Don't Want to Set the Word On Fire" by The Ink Spots.
(22:41:25) NAV_LtJG_Navarro: :: looks at the necklace with interest, taking in the detail of the leaf :: MED: It is quite lovely. I'm always impressed at those who choose to make such things in an age of replicators. It seems so much more personal.
(22:41:39) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: lays her head on Kate's shoulder and closes her eyes, partially so she doesn't have to see people looking at them, and follows Kate in the steps ::
(22:42:16) CO_CaptHarper: :: pulls her wife close and begins to sway with the music, having picked up a few of Earth's dances in her time as a Terranophile ::
(22:42:35) MED_Ens_Acacia: :: shrugs :: NAV: I'll admit to being sentimental.
(22:43:09) NAV_LtJG_Navarro: MED: It certainly means more when you did not just will it into being with a few words to a computer.
(22:43:19) CSO_Cdr_Wright: Bill_Wright> :: throws an affectionate arm around his son Bryan's shoulder and smiles at him, as they watch the couple dance together ::
(22:43:28) CMO_LtJG_Tailor: ::eventually circles around back toward the party and sits at the bar to get another drink, humming along to the music::
(22:43:38) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: sways with the music ::
(22:44:07) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: ::Nods.:: Jan: I am Ilaihr of Andor.
(22:44:34) CO_CaptHarper: Rolik> :: wipes away a tear as he watches his daughter and new daughter dancing together, pulls Jhnal close ::
(22:45:16) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: ::Puffs at his pipes.:: Jan: And who are you to Ensign Jude?
(22:46:01) HQ_Cdor_TKirr: :: watches the dancing couple, pleased they made it back from their mission and have found contentment ::
(22:46:37) CSO_Cdr_Wright: Jhnal> :: smiles at the girls :: Rolik: This makes me think of our wedding. You were a terrible dancer!
(22:47:04) CSO_Cdr_Wright: Jhnal> :: laughs ::
(22:47:16) CO_CaptHarper: Rolik> :: would laugh uproariously, but even he has some discretion, so he laughs quietly instead :: Jhnal: I still am!
(22:47:22) MED_Ens_Acacia: :: has finished her drink, setting her glass down on the bar :: NAV: Well this was really lovely. I haven't been to a wedding in years, I didn't even know the Captain was getting married until I got the invitation.
(22:49:17) Janasx_Prast: :: she pulls her hand back to her side :: ENG: Yes, indeed. I pegged you for Andorian. :: Jan grinned :: ENG: Best friends of twenty years. What is it you do on Atlantis?
(22:49:20) NAV_LtJG_Navarro: MED: I have only been aboard a year, but I do know that she means what she says about the crew being a family. So welcome aboard.
(22:50:40) CO_CaptHarper: ACTION> The song ends, and the band leader calls the fathers of the brides to the floor.
(22:50:52) MED_LCdr_Tav: :: applauds as the music ends ::
(22:50:54) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: Jan: Actually, I am an Aenar. ::Smiles.:: Only partially Andorian.
(22:51:15) CO_CaptHarper: :: lets her gaze linger on Lexy's as the song ends, before turning to the crowd and waving ::
(22:51:25) CSO_Cdr_Wright: Bill_Wright> :: moves to the floor as requested ::
(22:51:37) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: wants to kiss Kate, but there are so many people watching...! ::
(22:51:43) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: Jan: And I am one of many engineers aboard Atlantis. ::Grimaces momentarily as he sits up.::
(22:51:56) CO_CaptHarper: Rolik> :: steps up, unfamiliar with the tradition, but gets the idea ::
(22:52:48) Janasx_Prast: ENG: Ahh, I see, interesting. Well, I am not as well-versed in various species as I would like to be. Do you possess telepathy, then?
(22:53:08) SCI_Ens_Jude: :: Linxi quickly downed the gin, before asking for another, turning to look at the dance floor ::
(22:53:18) CO_CaptHarper: :: smiles at her father as he comes to dance :: Rolik: Hi, Papá.
(22:54:19) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: squeaks when her daddy swoops her up in a hug before releasing her and asking if he may have this dance, takes his hand ::
(22:54:53) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: Jan: Indeed. I have extensive telepathic and psionic abilities. But engineering and Atlantis in general seldom require them. I have written several books on the subject.
(22:54:54) CO_CaptHarper: Rolik> :: sweeps Kate up into a bear-hug, dwarfing her, before looking at Bill out of the corner of his eye and mimicing him ::
(22:55:48) CO_CaptHarper: :: Grins :: Rolik: Of course, Papá! :: although she leads, knowing that he doesn't know any Earth dances ::
(22:56:30) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: Jan: As well as archaeology, linguistics, interspecies diplomacy, entheogenics... and cookery.
(22:56:51) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: is spun around the floor by her father, who is a surprisingly good dancer even with the prosthetic legs ::
(22:57:56) CO_CaptHarper: Rolik> My little girl... Well, not so much anymore.
(22:58:00) MED_Ens_Acacia: :: smiles :: NAV: Well thank you. :: she flushes slightly, not sure what to say next ::
(22:58:39) CSO_Cdr_Wright: Bill_Wright> Lexy: Are you happy, my sweet Rosie? :: smiles at her ::
(22:58:45) Janasx_Prast: ENG: Ahh, archaeology! That is- :: she clears her throat, it becoming more uncomfortable to speak :: ENG: Linxi's major, actually! :: she clears her throat again :: ENG: I apologize, but would you mind speaking telepathically? My voice is getting quite tired.
(22:58:59) CO_CaptHarper: Rolik: I would have thought being captain of a starship would have done that, but I suppose I had to get married to grow up? :: grins in jest ::
(22:59:52) SCI_Ens_Jude: :: Linxi downs her second gin, and steps away from the bar, swaying slightly as she walks away from the crowds to an empty table, still watching the events on the floor ::
(22:59:53) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: ::His eyes go milky.:: ~Jan: Of course. I do not often get the chance.~
(22:59:55) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: tears spring to her eyes :: Bill: Happier than I ever dreamed, Daddy. It sounds completely irrational to say that, but... well, love doesn't seem to be a very rational thing. It doesn't make sense to me at all. I'm just... guessing.
(23:00:33) NAV_LtJG_Navarro: :: smiles disarmingly, seeing the blush :: MED: I mean that she would want everyone here, even the newest among us.
(23:01:12) CSO_Cdr_Wright: Bill_Wright> :: chuckles :: Lexy: You're right, it's not rational at all. But don't worry... everyone is just guessing. I'd say you're doing a pretty good job. :: smiles reassuringly ::
(23:01:13) CO_CaptHarper: Rolik> Well, yes, but... you know how fathers can be. At least this one.
(23:02:06) CO_CaptHarper: :: wraps her arms around her father's neck :: I know, Papá.
(23:02:36) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: looks over at Kate and smiles to see her smiling at Rolik :: Bill: Yeah. I guess so. :: smiles at him ::
(23:03:11) Janasx_Prast: ~ENG: Cookery? As in... food?~
(23:03:51) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: ~Jan: Yes. I am over 200 years old. I have had time to gain many interests.~
(23:04:42) CO_CaptHarper: ACTION> The song ends.
(23:05:03) CO_CaptHarper: :: nudges her father into a bow as she curtsies beside him ::
(23:05:14) MED_Ens_Acacia: :: blinks :: NAV: Oh, yes. That was nice of her. I, uh.. People are really nice on the Atlantis. I'll admit I was a little surprised by just how nice.
(23:05:20) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: doesn't stand on ceremony and just hugs her dad ::
(23:07:00) Janasx_Prast: ~ENG: 200 years old?! Fascinating! I can't imagine the planets and scenery you have seen throughout all that time!~
(23:07:45) CO_CaptHarper: :: heads off the floor with her dad, Lexy, and Bill to where they left the bouquets ::
(23:08:10) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: sees where Kate is heading and realizes what it's time for ::
(23:08:23) CO_CaptHarper: Lexy: It is time to throw flowers and underwear at them, yes?
(23:08:44) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: follows ::
(23:09:10) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: ~Jan: A great many things, both wondrous and terrible. I have bore witness to incredible acts of kindness and the darkest depravities the universe has to offer.~
(23:09:53) CSO_Cdr_Wright: Kate: Bouquets and garters... garters. Not underwear! :: whispering loudly ::
(23:10:00) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: ~Jan: But this... this does bring a smile to my face.~ ::A tear rolls down his cheek as he stares over at the party.::
(23:10:07) CO_CaptHarper: Lexy: Oh! Right!
(23:11:09) CO_CaptHarper: Rolik> :: finds these Earth traditions to be strange, but goes with it ::
(23:11:23) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: ::Gives a most humbled smile, as he sits back against the tree again.::
(23:12:10) NAV_LtJG_Navarro: MED: A crew works better that way.
(23:13:13) CO_CaptHarper: :: speaks up :: I am told it is time to throw these bouquets at you! Ladies, gather round if you want to try to catch them!
(23:13:34) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: somewhat louder than normal :: Single ladies.
(23:13:51) CO_CaptHarper: Oh is that what it is for.
(23:13:54) Janasx_Prast: :: she nods :: ~ENG: Yes well-~ :: she turns towards the voice, and shrugs
(23:13:59) Janasx_Prast: :: *
(23:14:01) TAC_LCdr_TLira: :: remains seated, finding this particular human tradition to be an overly emotive and frankly clumsy deal ::
(23:14:10) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: thinks she is considered a lady, and single, so she trots out to the crowd, thinking she can win this game ::
(23:14:19) CSO_Cdr_Wright: Kate: Yes, remember? It's supposed to predict who will get married next. :: grins ::
(23:14:33) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: ::Sighs exhaustedly.::
(23:14:40) MED_Ens_Acacia: :: looks up, raising an eyebrow. She nods to Diego :: NAV: Well, about me being sentimental. :: she plods her way over to the commotion ::
(23:14:52) SCI_Ens_Jude: :: Linxi looks up, raising an eyebrow, before stumbling over ::
(23:14:55) HQ_Cdor_TKirr: :: watches, amused ::
(23:15:04) NAV_LtJG_Navarro: :: grins as Acacia heads to the gathering ::
(23:16:15) Janasx_Prast: ~ENG: Hm. Human traditions are amusing. ~ :: Jan crosses her arms and watches from a distance, then scrunches her eyebrows as she sees Linxi stumbling :: ~ENG: Does Linxi seem a little... drunk to you?~
(23:16:20) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: takes her bouquet in hand and turns her back to the crowd of women, gesturing for Kate to do the same ::
(23:16:35) CO_CaptHarper: :: does likewise ::
(23:17:07) CSO_Cdr_Wright: Kate: On the count of three, throw it behind you. One.. Two... THREE! :: tosses the bouquet into the melee ::
(23:17:43) CO_CaptHarper: :: throws her bouquet into the air behind her, and has a good arm, so it sails a bit... ::
(23:18:49) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: ::Closes his eyes.:: ~Jan: Indeed. I believe you should go assist your friend.~ ::Smiles.::
(23:19:22) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: ~Jan: Before she stumbles and hurts herself.~
(23:19:34) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: turns to look and sees Dr. Tailor come up with her bouquet, claps excitedly ::
(23:20:04) SCI_Ens_Jude: :: Linxi, standing in the back, has her arms casually out, not expecting to catch anything ::
(23:21:03) NAV_LtJG_Navarro: :: laughs as Dr. Tailor makes the catch ::
(23:21:03) Janasx_Prast: ~ENG: Oh trust me, she has hurt herself plenty of times before. It's not that, but more of- preventing her from embarrassing herself in front of the rest of her crew.~
(23:21:10) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: watches Harper's bouquet sail high, so she backs away for wing space and leaps, catching it in her mouth. She lands on two legs, her ears poised, showing everyone she won the game ::
(23:21:14) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: ::Shows his age, patting the young girl on the hand, nodding towards ensign Jude.::
(23:21:52) MED_Ens_Acacia: :: stands in the back and doesn't even come close. She laughs, enjoying the game, then goes off to find her +1, her sister ::
(23:22:10) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: blushes crimson about the next part ::
(23:22:20) CO_CaptHarper: :: cheers at Kuari! ::
(23:22:50) TAC_LCdr_TLira: :: Taril watches the bouquet toss with wide eyes and then begins asking questions of the science officer he’s been pestering about the purpose of such an activity ::
(23:23:40) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: wonders if she should just do this part with her hands and hope no one will call her on it ::
(23:24:01) MED_LCdr_Tav: :: laughs and claps at Kuari ::
(23:24:16) Janasx_Prast: :: Jan runs towards Linxi, as she starts to stumble away from the scene, nearly tripping. She catches Linxi, and pulls her up, hoisting her away from the crowd and towards the empty area where Ilaihr is ::
(23:24:47) CO_CaptHarper: :: looks quizzically at Lexy :: It is time for the garter, yes?
(23:24:52) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: wonders what she's won, if anything ::
(23:26:36) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: nods, blushing somehow harder, and puts the chair she is handed in front of her, chickening out on going first, putting her foot up on the chair :: Kate: Now you have to take it off of me, with your hands :: mumbles softly :: or your teeth.
(23:26:44) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: thinks maybe she gets to eat the bouquet, but considering most people here wouldn't want to, it's probably not the prize. She wants to approach Harper and ask, but they appear to be ready for something else ::
(23:27:38) CO_CaptHarper: :: grins and licks her lips, then kneels in front of Lexy and bites the garter, never breaking eye contact as she pulls it off ::
(23:27:53) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: becomes a human blush ::
(23:28:54) CO_CaptHarper: :: lets her gaze linger as she stands, figuring out the next bit :: Single men, come on up!
(23:29:29) MED_LCdr_Tav: :: shrugs, and makes his way into the middle of the room with the other single guys ::
(23:29:31) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: covers her face, decides she can't get any more embarrassed and gestures for Kate to put her leg up :: Kate: Let me do this before I just go ahead and die...
(23:29:40) NAV_LtJG_Navarro: :: heads into the gathered crowd of men ::
(23:29:52) CO_CaptHarper: Syvek> :: raises an eyebrow and joins them ::
(23:31:23) CO_CaptHarper: :: puts her leg up on the chair with a wild grin at Lexy ::
(23:32:17) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: covers her face as it disappears under Kate's skirt, repeats the same maneuver and comes up with a garter in her teeth to the sounds of hooting and hollering ::
(23:32:40) CO_CaptHarper: :: claps for her wife, knowing that was hard for her :
(23:33:21) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: stands up, all exposed skin flushed, and twirls the garter on her finger, clearing her throat and trying to look more confident than she feels :: Kate: Ready?
(23:33:32) CO_CaptHarper: Lexy: Definitely.
(23:34:13) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: holds it in slingshot fashion :: Kate: On three ... One, Two, THREE! :: whips it out into the crowd of men ::
(23:34:24) CO_CaptHarper: :: snaps the garter back over her shoulder into the gathered men ::
(23:35:40) MED_LCdr_Tav: :: catches one of the garters and holds it up for everyone to see ::
(23:35:57) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: turns around and claps excitedly for Tav ::
(23:36:36) NAV_LtJG_Navarro: :: catches the other with one finger, like in a ring toss ::
(23:36:51) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: bounces up and down for Tav, thinking his prize even stranger than hers. She would rather have something that smells more like them and wonders if he'll trade ::
(23:36:58) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: cheers for Navarro as well, glad the attention is not on her ::
(23:37:15) CO_CaptHarper: :: turns around and cheers for Tav and Navarro ::
(23:38:09) MED_Ens_Acacia: :: can't help but laugh, muttering something conspiratorial to her sister ::
(23:40:44) CO_CaptHarper: :: as the cheering dies down :: All: Thank you all again. :: clasps Lexy's hand and smiles at her :: I thought that I would just be married to Starfleet, until Lexy came along.
(23:41:21) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: flushes again and says quietly :: No one in particular: I was content to be married to science.
(23:43:23) CSO_Cdr_Wright: Jhnal> Thank you, everyone! And now it is time for, how you say, to boogie?
(23:43:50) SCI_Ens_Jude: :: Linxi is seated on a chair, humming, eyes shut ::
(23:44:06) CO_CaptHarper: All: But here she is, and here I am. That, well... :: wipes at her eyes, then is saved by her mother's interruption :: Yes, as my mother says! Boogie!
(23:45:40) NAV_LtJG_Navarro: :: chuckles as he finds Dr. Tailor, and offers the garter to her - tradition is tradition, after all ::
(23:47:14) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: trots up to Tav and sits so she can take the bouquet out of her mouth :: Tav: Want to trade?
(23:47:57) MED_LCdr_Tav: XO: Um... That's... not how it works. However, it *is* traditional for me to put this on you.
(23:48:30) MED_LCdr_Tav: :: kind of looks at Kuari's hindquarters, not sure how it works with a non-human. ::
(23:48:40) XO_Cdr_Kuari: Tav: Oh. :: ponders, confused :: So if I don't give this to you, I keep both? Why?
(23:49:31) Janasx_Prast: :: Jan sits next to Linxi, her head resting on the other's shoulder, already tired from social interaction ::
(23:50:17) MED_LCdr_Tav: XO: It's a kind of tradition. The idea is that whoever catches the bouquet is the next woman who will get married, and the man who catches the garter will be the next to do so as well.
(23:50:19) CSO_Cdr_Wright: Kate: Well.. shall we... to boogie?
(23:51:00) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: stares at Tav with huge eyes, unmoving, thinking she's made a big mistake ::
(23:51:16) CO_CaptHarper: :: laughs a bit at the phrasing her mother used :: Lexy: Yes!
(23:51:59) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: ::Stands up, nodding to Jan and Jude, before slowly ploding down a path closer to the party. Looks over the group again, thinking Wright sees him he waves, but is mistaken and continues plodding on.::
(23:52:20) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: looks to the side, her next thought of guilt at having robbed someone of catching the bouquet ::
(23:52:32) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: but he wasn't mistaken... she was looking for him, actually, and waves back ::
(23:53:51) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: forces a smile :: Tav: Well, congratulations, I hope you get married soon! Um...can I throw this and it will still work for someone else? :: presents Tav the bouquet ::
(23:54:22) MED_LCdr_Tav: XO: Nah, you should keep it. It's simply a tradition.
(23:55:11) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: looks at the bouquet, cross-eyed, wondering if she should eat it after all ::
(23:55:37) MED_LCdr_Tav: XO: But again, it's tradition for me, um, to put this on you.
(23:56:39) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: eyes the garter, distracted momentarily from the bouquet :: Tav: Where, my leg?
(23:57:25) MED_LCdr_Tav: XO: That is the tradition... but I could just hand it to you, too. Or use one of your forelegs.
(23:58:23) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: thinking she at least should so something right, stands on all fours again and sticks out her back left leg at Tav, making it as straight as she can ::
(23:58:55) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: puts the bouquet back in her mouth ::
(23:59:22) MED_LCdr_Tav: :: grins and begins putting the garter onto her leg, pushing it up to past her ankle. Then, he backs up. :: XO: There!
(00:01:22) CO_CaptHarper: :: as they're dancing, she sees Kuari wearing the garter, and she nudges Lexy and points it out with her eyes ::
(00:01:31) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: drops her leg back to the floor and peers down at it, feeling a little bit better. She takes the bouquet out of her mouth and again presents it to Tav :: Tav: Are you sure I can't just throw this again?
(00:01:43) CSO_Cdr_Wright: :: giggles, covering her mouth with her hand ::
(00:01:57) MED_LCdr_Tav: XO: It's yours. Enjoy it!
(00:03:57) XO_Cdr_Kuari: :: looks down at the bouquet, thinking on Tav's instructions and assurance it can't be thrown again. Knowing the flowers are going to never be as good as they are now, opens wide and stuffs the bouquet into her mouth, munching on it until she can swallow ::
(00:05:02) CO_CaptHarper: :: drops her jaw as Kuari eats the bouquet, and then buries her head in Lexy's shoulder, squeezing out tears as she tries not to laugh so hard that Kuari notices ::
(00:05:06) MED_LCdr_Tav: :: has become as accustomed as you can to be to seeing stuff like this and stifles a laugh ::
(00:05:16) CO_CaptHarper: ACTION> The party continued late into the night...
(00:05:17) CO_CaptHarper: PAUSE PARTY
(00:05:18) CO_CaptHarper: PAUSE PARTY
(00:05:18) CO_CaptHarper: PAUSE PARTY