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(21:30:59) CO_CaptHarper: BEGIN SIM
(21:31:00) CO_CaptHarper: BEGIN SIM
(21:31:01) CO_CaptHarper: BEGIN SIM
(21:32:47) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: finally stands up and stretches, looking around for her sample case :: CO: So... I'm thinking it's time for some snorkience.
(21:33:14) CTO_Maj_Wolfe: :: stands up at the edge of the cliff, still looking at the sliver of star over their heads through his eclipse goggles. ::
(21:33:49) CO_CaptHarper: CSO: Snor.. ki... ence? :: tries to decipher that one ::
(21:34:14) CSO_LCdr_Wright: CO: Snorkeling ... and science? I've never been very good at that sort of thing. :: grins ::
(21:34:44) CSO_LCdr_Wright: Suzuki> :: stands up and dusts off her backside, turning to regard the rest of the climb ::
(21:35:35) SCI2_Ens_Jude: :: she slowly stands up, and takes off her eclipse glasses and turns around, looking up at the second portion of the cliff ::
(21:36:06) CO_CaptHarper: :: the light goes on :: CSO: OH! Alright, yes, that will be fun.
(21:38:10) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: locates the big sample case, wondering why she didn't bring the one that floats as she opens it, and pulls out the smaller, floating kit that she uses for this sort of thing along; taps the glasses into clear goggle mode and clips her snorkel to the side ::
(21:38:25) CEO_LtQuinn: :: Sits folded into one of the ship's innumerable jeffries tubes, and hands off his hydrospanner to his hovering toolbox robot, a parting gift from his predecessor. The tool is immediately snatched up in a tiny tractor beam and pulled back into the robot's interior. ::
(21:38:32) CEO_LtQuinn: Flux capacitor.
(21:39:25) CEO_LtQuinn: :: Instinctively assumes a fetal position as the robot lobs the requested tool like a bullet, and somehow manages to avoid the subsequent ricochets. :: Christ! How many times do I have to fix that?
(21:39:42) CSO_LCdr_Wright: Suzuki> :: takes a long pull from her water pouch before putting it away, then adjusts her ponytail and re-chalks her hands, not paying attention to the others on her ledge ::
(21:39:44) CO_CaptHarper: :: already has her mask on, and turns it back clear as she looks away from the growing sliver of the sun :: CSO: You did not bring a breather? :: holds hers up and waggles it ::
(21:40:52) XO_LCdr_Kuari: :: still on the cliff with Wolfe and Jude, having caught her breath and excitedly looking around at the new planet ::
(21:41:56) CSO_LCdr_Wright: CO: It's been a while since I used the traditional gear, I thought it would be kind of fun to stay in practice. But I did bring one, just in case. :: indicates a pouch attached to her belt ::
(21:42:08) CEO_LtQuinn: :: Thanks God he has the robot turned slightly away from him at all times, just in case. After one last glare, he retrieves the tool and is relieved to find it seemingly undamaged. A few adjustments later, he slaps his comm badge. ::
(21:42:46) CEO_LtQuinn: *Engineering* This is Quinn. I think that did it. Initiate power flow through junction 17-B.
(21:43:02) CEO_LtQuinn: :: Closes the hatch, of course. Just in case. ::
(21:44:26) CO_CaptHarper: :: with a mischievous grin, she eyes the water, then Lexy :: CSO: Good, then... last one in has a rotten leg? :: bolts for the water ::
(21:44:45) SCI2_Ens_Jude: :: she covers her hands in chalk, and begins climbing up the cliff, which is leaning outwards ::
(21:47:34) CSO_LCdr_Wright: CO: ....No fair! I have... stuff! :: starts running, considers correcting the idiom but figures.... close enough ::
(21:48:00) CO_CaptHarper: :: looks back over her shoulder, laughing as her feet start to splash in the surf ::
(21:48:38) CEO_LtQuinn: :: Fortunately, a quick scan with his holo-tricorder confirms his hopes.::
(21:51:13) XO_LCdr_Kuari: :: watches Jude and Suzuki continue to climb above her for a moment ::
(21:51:23) CSO_LCdr_Wright: Suzuki> :: steps back to the edge of the ledge, looking up at the cliff face appraisingly, and then springs up in a smooth motion to grab her selected handholds, using her legs sparingly to avoid disrupting her center of gravity ::
(21:53:26) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: splashes into the surf a moment after, bending down to splash water at Kate :: CO: You're gonna pay for this rotten leg!
(21:54:24) SCI2_Ens_Jude: :: she uses her upper body strength to keep close to the rockface, in order to avoid falling ::
(21:54:49) CO_CaptHarper: :: snickers :: CSO: Perhaps Dr. Tailor can fix it for you! :: pleased with herself for getting the idiom right ::
(21:55:19) CTO_Maj_Wolfe: :: stops looking at the sky, takes off his goggles, and looks up the side of the cliff where Suzuki and Jude have stared up and are well along the way. He begins climbing quickly behind them ::
(21:57:11) CSO_LCdr_Wright: Suzuki> :: continues up the rock face at a steady pace, her glasses slightly tinted against the glare but ultimately not very necessary as she's moving mostly by intuition ::
(21:59:30) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: still doesn't correct her; who says idioms can't change! laughs and continues to splash water at Kate for a moment before being distracted by what appears to be a bivalve shell revealed by the surf :: Self: Oooh. :: lets kit float and pulls out her supplies, leaning down to inspect the shell without disturbing the setting ::
(22:00:50) XO_LCdr_Kuari: :: watches over the climbers from below, ready to help, but she's fascinated by their abilities to climb steadily without a tail and decides to join them instead. She claws up the wall and stays generally in pace with them ::
(22:02:27) CO_CaptHarper: :: splashes back until she sees Lexy found something interesting, so she pops the breather in her mouth and submerges ::
(22:04:43) CO_CaptHarper: :: creeps along the shallow bottom as she's pushed and pulled by the surf, approaching Lexy's feet ::
(22:05:00) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: ::Is still rummaging through the jeffries tubes, replacing damaged EPS modules and isolinear chips; progressively getting closer to the bowels of the ship.::
(22:05:44) CTO_Maj_Wolfe: :: catches up to Jude and matches pace, not looking over. ::
(22:06:53) XO_LCdr_Kuari: :: has been watching the behavior of the climbers and thinks they really must be focused ::
(22:07:56) CSO_LCdr_Wright: Suzuki> :: sees an unexpected shape in her peripheral vision and notes Kuari climbing next to her with mild surprise ::
(22:08:20) CO_CaptHarper: :: now just barely underwater as she reaches Lexy's ankles, she grabs them! ::
(22:08:33) XO_LCdr_Kuari: :: looks back at Suzuki, smiling and having fun ::
(22:09:16) SCI2_Ens_Jude: :: she has mildly notices Kuari, but otherwise ignores her, as she grunts, to keep on climbing ::
(22:10:25) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: carefully labeling a sample container and almost drops it when she is grabbed, jumping with a start and immediately suppressing her flash of annoyance ::
(22:12:34) XO_LCdr_Kuari: :: notices Jude must be really concentrating so she doesn't disturb her and pauses to take in the view behind her ::
(22:13:27) CEO_LtQuinn: *Engineering* Okay, power flow is stable. And that's the last of the bad junctions. Bring fusion reactors to full power, and re-initialize the core containment field. I'll be there in five.
(22:14:02) CO_CaptHarper: :: surfaces, laughing as the breather falls into her palm ::
(22:14:29) CTO_Maj_Wolfe: :: continues blazing his own trail, silently working to get himself to the top ::
(22:15:04) CSO_LCdr_Wright: CO: I'm trying to do science, here! You almost made me drop it! :: attempts to give Kate a stern look, but can't keep it up against the laughter ::
(22:19:52) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: Atlantis: Did I ever tell you the time, I first sought an audience with the Organians? Highly evolved race, wanted to test my resolve. So they flung my ship over three hundred light years. Of course, you could have made the journey in a few hours... took me six months to return to Organia aboard Betty.
(22:20:37) CO_CaptHarper: :: watches the stern look quickly disintegrate to laughter, happy Lexy didn't seem actually mad about it :: CSO: Sorry, but I could not resist! Good thing the famously-motive bivalve did not run away, yes?
(22:23:00) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: Atlantis: Gave me my first contact with the Sheliak in fact. They weren't best pleased with us appear in orbit of one of their Corporate worlds.
(22:23:14) XO_LCdr_Kuari: :: would normally take flight into the inviting panorama, but instead looks up and begins climbing after the others ::
(22:27:06) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: laughs :: CO: Yes, yes, but give me just a moment, I need to collect environmental data before I remove the specimen... :: slowly growing absorbed in her work again ::
(22:27:06) CEO_LtQuinn: :: Strides into engineering, tossing the robot a hand towel that he's used to wipe the stress from his brow. A weird contradiction. He's always hated crawling around in those cramped ducts, but he hates the idea of not having a hands on role in fixing his ship even more. :: Okay, report!
(22:27:18) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: Atlantis: It made for a tense time during the Tholian-Sheliak trade negotiations the following year...
(22:27:26) SCI2_Ens_Jude: :: Linxi climbs over to the portion of the cliff hovering over the water, and looks downwards, and continues to climb outwards ::
(22:27:49) CEO_LtQuinn: Lt. Gant> Containment field is holding steady at 20%. Fluctuations well within the acceptable range.
(22:28:13) CO_CaptHarper: :: slides into the water, ending up floating on her back, rocking back and forth in the surf :: CSO: Of course, love. There is no hurry.
(22:29:03) CEO_LtQuinn: :: Nods :: Okay, great. Bring it up to 50%. If all signs still look good after 20 minutes, we'll crank it up to full. An hour of that, and we can begin transferring the anti-matter back onboard.
(22:29:52) CEO_LtQuinn: :: Scowls at the somewhat skeptical look. :: There is literally no such thing as paranoia when you're handling antimatter, Gant. You can quote me on that. No such damn thing.
(22:32:04) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: Atlantis: Both the Tholians and Sheliak are extremely difficult races... but I would like to match wits with them again.
(22:32:38) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: ::Sighs.:: Atlantis: Perhaps visit Organia one last time...
(22:33:17) CSO_LCdr_Wright: Suzuki> :: the sound of the wind at this height is louder than the sound of the surf, and her careful, steady climbing is bringing her ever closer to the top of the cliff, though the angle makes this slow going; her deltoids are beginning to burn from the effort ::
(22:34:09) CO_CaptHarper: :: thinks that red sun in the sky is just lovely, as is the subtly different hue it gives everything ::
(22:35:56) SCI2_Ens_Jude: :: she takes off the rope hanging around her shoulders, and her climbing equipment, and quickly tosses them towards the solid ground, before continuing to climb outwards over the water ::
(22:36:30) XO_LCdr_Kuari: :: picks her own way up the cliff face, her muscles much more used to this sort of exercise from her Marine training that she still keeps up as she can, moreso than having to use flight muscles, and is enjoying the climb. She keeps an eye on the other climbers ::
(22:37:38) CTO_Maj_Wolfe: :: gets out a little bit ahead of everyone, so far not having any issues with places to put his hands. He continues moving steadily, smoothly, feeling as though one with the cliff face. ::
(22:38:17) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: Atlantis: There are still some things, that I wish to discuss with them. Such as the afterlife. How do they conceive of one, with an essence beyond normal life. Do they believe in one at all? The concept, fascinates me.
(22:39:00) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: measurements complete, finally collects the shell and carefully places it into a container :: CO: Would you like to scout for interesting things I might want to sample, perhaps? :: smiles and puts the mouthpiece in her mouth ::
(22:39:29) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: ::Crawls further down the tube, replacing more chips along the way.::
(22:39:38) SCI2_Ens_Jude: :: her muscles are hurting at this point, and her arms are beginning to twitch, and the sweat making it harder to grip the near-horizontal portion of the cliff ::
(22:39:49) SCI2_Ens_Jude: :: Linxi looks downwards, seeing both Harper and Wright, and she takes a deep breath, before letting go of the cliff and shifting her body into a diving position mid-air ::
(22:40:42) CO_CaptHarper: :: having drifted into a bit of reverie, she starts a bit and lifts her head up when Lexy speaks :: CSO: Hm? Oh! Yes, of course.
(22:42:19) XO_LCdr_Kuari: :: sees Jude fall and immediately dives after her, panicked, but after a moment she can tell Jude did it intentionally and her current posture should make for a safe landing in the water. She stops beating her wings and falls more slowly, watching ::
(22:42:31) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: wades deeper into the water, transitioning into a swim ::
(22:42:36) CO_CaptHarper: :: instinctlvely goes for her pockets, then remembers her bikini doesn't have any, then finds her breather clipped onto her mask ::
(22:42:55) CO_CaptHarper: :: puts that into her mouth and submerges, heading into deeper water ::
(22:43:43) SCI2_Ens_Jude: :: she lands in the water, with minimal splash, and holds her breath, looking around in the water, before swimming upwards ::
(22:43:50) CSO_LCdr_Wright: Suzuki> :: notes when Jude drops away into a dive, and then looks up at the top of the cliff. Just another ten meters... keeps climbing ::
(22:44:08) CTO_Maj_Wolfe: :: just keeps climbing ::
(22:44:28) CO_CaptHarper: :: hears a splash somewhere, looks around a bit but can't find the source ::
(22:44:42) CO_CaptHarper: :: surfaces for a minute to see if anyone was in trouble ::
(22:44:43) CTO_Maj_Wolfe: :: pulls himself over the edge of the cliff, stands, and takes in the view, massaging his hands between one another ::
(22:45:44) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: ::Hears a deep metallic groan echo through the whole tube.:: Atlantis: Oh, I'm quite alright, my dear. Just pondering the future.
(22:46:30) CTO_Maj_Wolfe: :: hears the splash and looks down to see only Suzuki on the cliff and Kuari slowly descending. :: Hmm.
(22:46:39) XO_LCdr_Kuari: :: soars halfway up between the cliff and the water's surface, noting Jude come safely to the surface and looks up at the other two still on the cliff ::
(22:47:08) CSO_LCdr_Wright: Suzuki> :: pulls herself up a few moments later, politely declining any assistance that may be offered to her ::
(22:47:25) SCI2_Ens_Jude: :: she gasps for air and shakes the water off her face, and shivers slightly from the temperature difference ::
(22:47:49) CO_CaptHarper: :: waves at Jude from some distance away ::
(22:48:45) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: has her face in the water, and didn't notice the splash ::
(22:49:17) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: too busy looking at the underwater life show ::
(22:49:31) SCI2_Ens_Jude: :: sees Harper at a distance and shouts :: CO: HEY!
(22:49:33) CEO_LtQuinn: :: Orders in place out in engineering, he's down in the maintenence bay a few minutes later, shrugging into an emergency light EV suit before getting behind the wheels of a worker bee. ::
(22:50:00) CO_CaptHarper: ::: yells back :: SCI2: Everything alright? That was quite a dive!
(22:51:16) CSO_LCdr_Wright: Suzuki> :: takes a long drink of water, legs dangling off the cliff, the words that Jude and... is that the captain? ... are yelling lost to the wind and the waves, but she watches the exchange anyway ::
(22:53:52) CEO_LtQuinn: :: After obtaining launch permission from the bridge, he begins an exterior inspection of the ship's hull, measuring the newly patched sections with instruments, the naked eye, and in some cases a low powered phaser beam to test the stress. ::
(22:53:54) XO_LCdr_Kuari: :: flies back up to the top of the cliff and lands lightly ::
(22:53:54) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: ::Hears another metal creaking sound.:: Atlantis: I simply want to retrace and reaffirm certain things, perhaps finish writing my current book. Merely because I wish to.
(22:54:39) CSO_LCdr_Wright: Suzuki> ::lifts her hand in greeting to Kuari ::
(22:55:14) SCI2_Ens_Jude: :: she swims closer to Harper, so she doesn't have to yell as loud :: CO: Good! The water feels great!
(22:55:18) XO_LCdr_Kuari: :: tosses her head once back :: Suzuki: Quite a climb!
(22:55:44) CO_CaptHarper: SCI2: It does! :: points down :: Check out the sights below!
(22:57:06) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: ::Gives a long drawn out sigh to the ships uncomfortable silence.:: Atlantis: My time grows short, and there is still so much I still have to do.
(22:57:07) CSO_LCdr_Wright: Suzuki> XO: Indeed. :: pauses, and decides she's feeling very chatty today :: Better than most I have had on shore leave recently.
(22:57:09) CTO_Maj_Wolfe: :: turns to face Kuari and Suzuki. :: Quite a view.
(22:57:27) XO_LCdr_Kuari: :: nods and looks out at the view herself ::
(22:58:12) CSO_LCdr_Wright: Suzuki> :: nods her agreement to Wolfe :: All: I will dive when I am done enjoying it. :: doesn't usually speak this many words in a row to people ::
(22:58:24) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: Atlantis: And I fear little of that time, will be spent in service to Starfleet.
(22:59:02) CTO_Maj_Wolfe: Suzuki: That sounds like a plan. :: keeps looking out ::
(22:59:33) XO_LCdr_Kuari: ACTION> Time passes at the top of the cliff.
(22:59:47) CO_CaptHarper: :: puts the breather in her mouth and submerges again, catching up to Lexy with a few strong fin kicks ::
(22:59:52) CTO_Maj_Wolfe: All: Well. That water is looking nice about now.
(23:00:06) SCI2_Ens_Jude: :: Linxi takes a deep breath (thanks, band breathing exercises) and sinks down into the water, and looks around ::
(23:00:07) XO_LCdr_Kuari: CTO/Suzuki: Let's jump! Ready?
(23:00:09) CSO_LCdr_Wright: Suzuki> :: backs up, preparing to take a running leap ::
(23:00:42) CSO_LCdr_Wright: Suzuki> :: runs.... and jumps! ::
(23:00:47) CTO_Maj_Wolfe: :: looks down off the cliff, and takes several steps away, then walking back further away before turning back around to face the cliff from about ten meters away. :: XO/Suzuki: Ready.
(23:01:12) CTO_Maj_Wolfe: :: runs, picking up steam, faster and faster, until he reaches the edge, then leaps out as far as he can ::
(23:01:16) XO_LCdr_Kuari: :: jumps from the spot and begins beating her wings furiously to keep up with the denser people ::
(23:01:36) CTO_Maj_Wolfe: :: watches as the water gets closer... and closer... and closer... and closer...
(23:02:04) CSO_LCdr_Wright: Suzuki> :: forms her body into a streamlined pose and slices into the water, spreading out to keep from slicing all the way to the bottom ::
(23:02:12) CO_CaptHarper: :: impishly tugs on Lexy's bikini bottom as she catches up ::
(23:02:52) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: swats playfully at Kate's hand and points to some fish excitedly ::
(23:02:55) XO_LCdr_Kuari: :: hits the water, diving a ways with effort before she's pulled back onto the surface ::
(23:03:01) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: Atlantis: I do not know how much longer I will be in Starfleet, at all.
(23:03:08) CTO_Maj_Wolfe: :: forms a diving position and enters the water unsure what his splash looked like, and flays his arms and legs to bring himself to a stop.
(23:03:51) CTO_Maj_Wolfe: :: a moment his head pops up out of the water. He shakes it off. :: Self: What a rush!
(23:04:12) SCI2_Ens_Jude: :: notices the splashes, and returns to surface, swimming towards the three :: Suzuki/CTO/XO: Hey!
(23:04:14) CSO_LCdr_Wright: Suzuki> :: surfaces with a shadow of a smile on her face ::
(23:04:16) CO_CaptHarper: :: checks out the splendidly-colored fish ::
(23:04:33) XO_LCdr_Kuari: :: bellows out happily and flicks the water from her head ::
(23:05:55) CO_CaptHarper: PAUSE SIM
(23:05:56) CO_CaptHarper: PAUSE SIM
(23:05:56) CO_CaptHarper: PAUSE SIM