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(21:23:39) CO_CaptHarper: BEGIN SIM
(21:23:44) CO_CaptHarper: BEGIN SIM
(21:23:45) CO_CaptHarper: BEGIN SIM
(21:24:00) CO_CaptHarper: :: sitting in the center seat, reading a PADD full of the latest reports ::
(21:24:28) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: running a third and completely redundant check on all science and operations systems while reviewing reports ::
(21:25:15) CdorTKirr_HQ: :: sitting in her lounger on their patio at home, looking out at the view. Blackthorne is seated in his next to her :: HQ1: I have a suggestion for a scientific mission, if you would like to hear it.
(21:25:27) CMO_LtJG_Tailor: ::is busy doing a walkthrough of sickbay making sure all systems are back up and running again after the infestation::
(21:26:28) CTO_Maj_Wolfe: :: running through system diagnostics, checking that all tactical systems have rebooted and reset properly and safely - that second concept being just as important as the first. He runs all systems that could not fire a weapon at something through a cycle to watch them work. ::
(21:26:36) XO_LCdr_Kuari: :: has returned to the Bridge and is lying across the backless seat at her station next to Harper's, just off center to her right and in front of Wolfe's station. Many reports are coming in, and she's sorting them out at her one-legged console in front of her ::
(21:27:31) HQ1_AdmBlackthorne: TKirr> Most certainly.
(21:27:42) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: ::Is surprisingly absent from the bridge.::
(21:29:06) SCI2_Ens_Jude: :: she is at a science console, whistling Bohemian Rhapsody, as she taps the console to the beat of it ::
(21:29:23) SCI_Lt_TLira: :: in Science Lab One, looking over the data from the infestation in an attempt to determine a method to prevent future attacks in a similar vein ::
(21:29:52) CMO_LtJG_Tailor: ::seems that everything is working but the office replicator, which only seems to want to make a thick sludge resembling the bottom of a day old coffee pot::
(21:31:18) CMO_LtJG_Tailor: ::sighs and puts that into the report, sending it both to the bridge and to Engineering::
(21:31:52) CO_CaptHarper: :: peers over to Kuari's console :: XO: Have anything new and good there?
(21:34:55) CdorTKirr_HQ: HQ1: With more quantum slipstream-capable vessels now available and recent talks in the scientific community concerning central-galactic phenomena, it would be an ideal time to explore further than we have so far.
(21:36:46) HQ1_AdmBlackthorne: TKirr: Indeed, but... central-galactic?
(21:36:56) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: reviews the unsurprising results of her redundant scans, compiles her reports, and sends to the XO/CO ::
(21:37:46) XO_LCdr_Kuari: :: glances at Harper momentarily when addressed, but looks back to her console :: CO: How does the holo-imager in Science Lab One displaying Christmas ornaments instead of molecular diagrams sound?
(21:37:59) CTO_Maj_Wolfe: :: is satisfied that Tactical will respond when necessary and sends his report to Kuari's station. ::
(21:38:46) CO_CaptHarper: XO: Interesting and new, but not good.
(21:39:07) SCI2_Ens_Jude: :: she starts nodding to the rock section of Bohemian, that is playing in her head ::
(21:40:50) XO_LCdr_Kuari: CO: Hardly a critical system, so it can be overlooked for now. :: peers back at Harper :: CO: We are fortunate to be in Vinland and have access to replacement main computer files.
(21:41:40) CO_CaptHarper: XO: Quite. Still, what a mess to clean up. :: sighs ::
(21:43:08) CMO_LtJG_Tailor: ::gives up trying to find a decent cuppa in the office, and heads up to the Bridge, where there is probably a higher priority replicator that is working.. ::
(21:47:24) CMO_LtJG_Tailor: ::swishes off the turbolift onto the bridge, humming the 'lonely goatherd' from Sound of Music.. the music du jour in the turbolift today::
(21:48:02) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: frowns, continuing attempts to get clean results for sensor and communications arrays ::
(21:48:42) CO_CaptHarper: :: turns as the doctor enters :: CMO: Doctor, how is si- wait, what is that you are humming?
(21:49:00) CdorTKirr_HQ: HQ1: The gravitational forces at the center of the Milky Way galaxy have been a mystery for centuries. We understand them as humans once did the human brain in the early twenty-first century. Our ships are fast enough now that observing that far out in a timely manner is possible.
(21:49:41) HQ1_AdmBlackthorne: :: considers her words for a moment as he sips his drink :: TKirr: Are you proposing sending a ship to the center of the galaxy?
(21:50:12) CMO_LtJG_Tailor: Self: Yodelahi yodelih.. Hmm? Oh, just an old Earth tune..
(21:51:03) CMO_LtJG_Tailor: CO: Someone programmed it into the turbolift..
(21:51:51) CO_CaptHarper: CMO: What a strange tune... anyway, how is sickbay?
(21:52:54) CMO_LtJG_Tailor: CO: There's still a malfunctioning replicator.. but other than that, most of the systems are up and running again.
(21:54:04) CdorTKirr_HQ: HQ1: I am. :: sips at her own drink, knowing Ian has a ship in mind ::
(21:54:05) CO_CaptHarper: CMO: Mm... come up for coffee, then?
(21:54:56) HQ1_AdmBlackthorne: TKirr: That's... fascinating. It's been a mystery for centuries, and you're right, it's within our reach. I trust you already have a mission proposal drawn up?
(21:55:17) CSO_LCdr_Wright: CMO: Are you able to replicate the necessary medical supplies? :: over her shoulder, concerned ::
(21:56:18) XO_LCdr_Kuari: :: listened with interest to Tailor's song as she entered, distracted and already attempting to commit the song to memory ::
(21:56:24) CMO_LtJG_Tailor: CO: Yep, thought I'd do exactly that.. ::steps over to the Bridge replicator and requests a raktajino. ::CSO: The only one not working is in the staff break room.. The rest are testing fine though.
(21:57:43) CdorTKirr_HQ: :: picks up a PADD from the floor next to her chair and hands it over to him ::
(21:59:11) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: looks relieved and turns back to her work, anxious to get the remaining kinks out of those two important systems ::
(21:59:17) HQ1_AdmBlackthorne: :: smiles since he knew the answer to that, and takes the PADD to read it over ::
(22:00:54) CO_CaptHarper: :: smiles and turns back to her report ::
(22:03:49) CO_CaptHarper: :: remembers something she needs to do :: XO: You have the bridge. Have Lieutenant T'Lira report to my ready room.
(22:04:24) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: glances up at Kate as she crosses to the RR ::
(22:04:58) XO_LCdr_Kuari: :: watches Harper leave the Bridge :: CO: I have the Bridge.
(22:05:39) CO_CaptHarper: :: returns the glance as she enters the RR ::
(22:06:05) XO_LCdr_Kuari: *SCI* Bridge to Lieutenant T'Lira. Report to the captain's ready room, please.
(22:06:07) CO_CaptHarper: :: as the door closes, she notices the empty spot where Blackthorne's bar once stood, and thinks she really needs to put something there ::
(22:06:17) SCI2_Ens_Jude: :: after many minutes of silence from Linxi :: All: So... Uh. How is everyone today?
(22:07:17) SCI_Lt_TLira: :: looks up from her work :: *XO* On my way. :: saves her current files and proceeds to the TL, ordering it to the bridge ::
(22:07:44) CO_CaptHarper: :: heads to the desk and sits behind it to rummage through a drawer ::
(22:08:24) HQ1_AdmBlackthorne: :: finishes and looks from the PADD to T'Kirr :: I approve.
(22:08:30) CMO_LtJG_Tailor: ::sits down with her rak at her station; signs in, still humming as she sips her drink::
(22:08:43) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: looks over at Jude :: SCI2: Ah, Ensign. If you're not busy, I could actually use a hand with something.
(22:09:05) CTO_Maj_Wolfe: :: notices a minor anomaly in the data from the Armory, and sends a Marine to take a look. ::
(22:09:14) SCI2_Ens_Jude: CSO: Name it.
(22:09:26) SCI_Lt_TLira: :: the TL arrives at the bridge and she quickly tugs down her jacket before making her way to the RR and pressing the chime ::
(22:10:06) CO_CaptHarper: Door: Come in!
(22:10:13) CdorTKirr_HQ: :: nods casually and sips the last of her tea, actually very excited inside at the prospect of this mission, but doesn't show it :: HQ1: Anything new from your office today?
(22:10:19) CMO_LtJG_Tailor: SCI2: Oh, hello Ensign. You're new here aren't you? I'm Dr. Tailor.
(22:10:42) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: moves over to Jude :: SCI2: I'm still getting some weird voice modulations and hiccups in the comm system. Do you think you can track down and correct the problems?
(22:10:45) SCI2_Ens_Jude: CMO: Doctor? Oh crap.
(22:11:04) SCI_Lt_TLira: :: steps in :: CO: You requested my presence, Captain?
(22:11:21) XO_LCdr_Kuari: :: watches T'Lira cross the Bridge and goes back to the reports on her console, eager to be done with them but she has to sort them out first ::
(22:11:40) CMO_LtJG_Tailor: ::cocks her head; thinking "oh crap" is a strange response to an introduction.. ::
(22:12:30) HQ1_AdmBlackthorne: TKirr: Just the usual—like attempting to stop the Section 31 purge from becoming an all-out inquisition. But this... :: taps the PADD :: is the first interesting proposal I've read in a while.
(22:12:41) SCI2_Ens_Jude: CSO: Sure. CMO: Sorry, it is just I don’t really like. Err. Doctors.
(22:13:29) CMO_LtJG_Tailor: ::chuckles:: SCI2: You wouldn't be the only one.. don't worry about it.
(22:13:59) CSO_LCdr_Wright: SCI2: Let me know how it goes, then. I'll be working on the sensor array. :: gives what she hopes is an encouraging smile and moves back to her station ::
(22:14:31) CO_CaptHarper: :: smiles and places something on the desk as she stands, fingertips resting on its surface :: SCI: Yes, lieutenant, thank you for coming. I have some good news.
(22:15:03) SCI_Lt_TLira: :: lifts an eyebrow, but remains silent, unsure of whether their definitions of “good” match ::
(22:16:43) CO_CaptHarper: SCI: Over the past few years that you have served aboard Atlantis, you have demonstrated competence, capability, and have taken on greater leadership responsibilities, culminating in your new role as CAG.
(22:17:15) CO_CaptHarper: SCI: Your performance leading the Wing on that last sortie was exemplary.
(22:17:51) CdorTKirr_HQ: :: is secretly pleased Ian returned to the topic on her own, her eyes brightening :: HQ1: It is interesting, isn't it? There is much to learn there, and an in-depth study would be invaluable.
(22:18:30) HQ1_AdmBlackthorne: :: meets her eyes, sensing how she perked up :: T'Kirr: This didn't come out of the Science building, did it? This is your proposal.
(22:19:20) CO_CaptHarper: :: takes something from the box she left on the desk, then circles around it to face T'Lira ::
(22:20:56) CO_CaptHarper: SCI: I recommended you for promotion, and the Admiral approved. T'Lira, I hereby promote you to the rank of Lt. Commander in Starfleet. :: produces a half pip with a proud smile and pins it on her collar ::
(22:21:05) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: sighs to herself, incredibly frustrated at the ghosts that are intermittently showing up on sensors for a split second ::
(22:21:31) SCI_Lt_TLira: :: blinks, processing what just happened :: CO: Thank you, Captain. I am... honored.
(22:22:03) CO_CaptHarper: SCI: As are we all. Keep it up, Commander.
(22:22:34) CdorTKirr_HQ: :: looks back at Ian, answering vaguely :: HQ1: It's...certainly a point of interest of mine, but it's not without discussion among my peers.
(22:22:55) SCI2_Ens_Jude: Self: damn. :: she runs a check on the communications system ::
(22:25:22) HQ1_AdmBlackthorne: :: nods knowingly :: TKirr: So... knowing Atlantis's science staff, do you think they're the ship for the job? Not to mention the rest of the crew, considering the challenges they may face on such a trip.
(22:25:59) CO_CaptHarper: :: steps back and nods :: SCI: That is all. Try not to celebrate too hard tonight, Sehlat. :: grins ::
(22:27:32) SCI_LCdr_TLira: :: lifts an eyebrow as the joke goes completely over her head :: CO: Aye, sir.
(22:28:08) SCI2_Ens_Jude: :: she finds a setting in the comms system, that seems odd. ::
(22:28:12) CO_CaptHarper: SCI: Dismissed. :: leans back against the desk ::
(22:28:53) SCI_LCdr_TLira: :: nods and turns to leave ::
(22:32:01) CdorTKirr_HQ: HQ1: I do. In addition to Wright and T'Lira, she's recently been assigned Ensign Jude, who appears to have a promising career ahead of her. The entire crew is ready for this mission.
(22:32:43) SCI2_Ens_Jude: Self: Il’l be damned. :: she reverts said setting to it’s original state, and runs a check again ::
(22:32:53) SCI_LCdr_TLira: :: heads for the TL, still processing this turn of events and not entirely focused on her surroundings ::
(22:33:04) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: looks up, having anticipated T'Lira's exit, and stands, smiling :: SCI: Congratulations, Commander T'Lira! On behalf of the Science department, we're very proud to have you.
(22:33:30) SCI_LCdr_TLira: :: blinks, slightly startled :: CSO: Ah, thank you, sir.
(22:34:00) HQ1_AdmBlackthorne: TKirr: Well, then. :: chuckles :: I may be biased, but I can't think of a better option either.
(22:34:25) CMO_LtJG_Tailor: ::turns as Wright announces the newly minted Commander :: SCI: Congratulations! ::smiles::
(22:34:39) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: ::Suddenly appears on the bridge, seemingly from no where, as usual; wearing a thick robe, with the hood up.:: XO: Excuse me Commander... Is the Captain in her ready room?
(22:34:39) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: smiles more broadly :: SCI: It's well-deserved. We'll have a little gathering in the lab later tonight.
(22:35:30) CO_CaptHarper: :: still leaning against the front of the desk, drumming her fingers in idle thought ::
(22:36:23) XO_LCdr_Kuari: :: stands to greet T'Lira, a happy distraction from her console work, and makes a rather loud happy sound for T'Lira, something she reserves for celebration ::
(22:36:55) XO_LCdr_Kuari: :: after a moment, looks to Ilaihr :: ENG: She is.
(22:37:02) CO_CaptHarper: :: knows some congratulations are likely happening on the bridge, but she stays out of it as to not dampen them ::
(22:37:31) SCI2_Ens_Jude: :: jerks head up, after staring at console :: SCI: Oh, congrats.
(22:37:34) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: ::Smiles at T'lira, noticing her new pip, before nodding to Kuari and ringing the RR door bell.::
(22:37:48) CO_CaptHarper: :: looks up, not expecting anyone :: Door: Come in!
(22:39:11) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: ::Enters.:: CO: Greetings, my dear Captain. ::Nods curtly from under his hood.::
(22:39:50) SCI_LCdr_TLira: :: briefly thanks everyone before heading into the TL, her mind having returned to her current project ::
(22:40:19) CO_CaptHarper: :: smiles in greeting while wondering what is going on with his attire :: Ah, lieutenant, welcome. To what do I owe the pleasure of your visit?
(22:40:28) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: has always felt good about every promotion recommendation she's given for T'Lira, and is actually quite proud, though T'Lira herself would likely not understand ::
(22:41:09) SCI2_Ens_Jude: :: the comms system check appears to be normal, and she compared
(22:41:43) SCI2_Ens_Jude: compares* the settings from nanobot-time to post-nano. ::
(22:43:04) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: ::Lowers his hood, before plodding over and taking a seat.:: CO: I would like to ask for leave for the next few weeks.
(22:43:39) CO_CaptHarper: ENG: Oh? Is everything alright? :: with some concern in her voice, she takes the other seat in front of the desk and turns it a bit to face him ::
(22:46:31) SCI2_Ens_Jude: :: she assumes that whatever was used to wipe out the nanobots also, accident
(22:46:33) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: CO: Everything is quite alright, my dear. ::Smiles.:: My presence has been requested by Starfleet Command.
(22:46:54) SCI2_Ens_Jude: oh screwed with the comms systems settings also ::
(22:47:29) XO_LCdr_Kuari: :: returns to her chair, the happy moment passing but a smile remains on her face ::
(22:48:44) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: has been working the problem, getting nowhere ::
(22:48:46) CO_CaptHarper: ENG: It has? Hmmmm... it is strange that I was not notified. :: reaches over the Boudica model to get her PADD ::
(22:49:45) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: CO: I am not certain of the nature of the request. But, I am but a humble servant.
(22:51:08) CO_CaptHarper: :: checks her messages looking for the notification :: ENG: Can you forward me a copy of that? I must have missed it. Just for the record.
(22:52:34) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: ::Retrieves a PADD from his large pockets, with a simple transmission asking him to attend a meeting at SFHQ.::
(22:55:22) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: CO: There are potentially dozens of reasons. Perhaps something as mundane as a status report, or something as severe as it being a pretense for my arrest.
(22:56:01) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: CO: It has been many years since I have received such a non-descript transmission from Command.
(22:56:29) SCI2_Ens_Jude: CSO: I think the issue was that whatever-it-was that shut down the nanobots accident
(22:56:45) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: CO: How exciting. ::Smiles.::
(22:56:55) CSO_LCdr_Wright: SCI2: Oh? What did you find?
(22:57:02) SCI2_Ens_Jude: oh changed a frequency setting on the comms system. P
(22:57:39) CO_CaptHarper: :: isn't surprised at the mention of arrest as she eyes the message, since she's aware of Ilaihr's background and has even benefitted from his skillset :: ENG: Alright. But Ilaihr... be careful. It looks legit, but we have been targeted lately.
(22:57:39) CSO_LCdr_Wright: SCI2: A frequency setting......... that's it! :: turns back to her console and starts working furiously ::
(22:59:48) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: completely forgets about Jude as she works ::
(22:59:59) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: ::Smiles.:: CO: I will be fine, my dear.
(23:00:42) CO_CaptHarper: ENG: I will hold you to that. :: stands :: Have a good trip.
(23:00:46) CSO_LCdr_Wright: Self: YES! :: runs another test to be sure, then notices Jude :: SCI2: Ah, Ensign... sorry. Nice work! Please include the details in your report.
(23:00:52) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: CO: So long as there is an Atlantis to return to.
(23:01:19) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: ::Nods and stands.:: CO: Safe travels, Captain Harper.
(23:01:31) CO_CaptHarper: ENG: And to you, Lt. Ilaihr.
(23:01:47) SCI2_Ens_Jude: :: blinks twice :: CSO: Alright.
(23:02:13) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: smiles at Jude, trying to look friendly and positive, since Jude seems a bit confused ::
(23:02:19) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: ::Leaves the RR, and almost floats across the bridge to the TL like some kind of shade.::
(23:02:44) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: glances at Ilaihr, wondering ::
(23:02:47) CO_CaptHarper: PAUSE SIM
(23:02:49) CO_CaptHarper: PAUSE SIM
(23:02:50) CO_CaptHarper: PAUSE SIM