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(21:20:41) IanBlackthorne: BEGIN PARTY
(21:20:41) IanBlackthorne: BEGIN PARTY
(21:20:42) IanBlackthorne: BEGIN PARTY
(21:20:54) Zaxiven: :: wakls into the holodeck, steps up to the bar and begins setting it up. He starts by placing the shaker tins on the rail, pondering them a moment. There are other, more efficient ways to shake a cocktail today, but they just aren't authentic. Moving on, he continues his work of setting up. ::
(21:22:37) IanBlackthorne: :: buttons up an authentic Hawaiian shirt and steps out of their bedroom :: T'Kirr: Are you ready?
(21:24:47) TKirr: :: looks up at Ian from the table where she was standing and surveying her mid-thigh length burgundy dress :: Ian: I am.
(21:25:19) TLira: :: is finishing up a draft of a letter before heading to the holodeck ::
(21:25:39) IanBlackthorne: :: flashes a winning smile :: T'Kirr: You look stunning as always, love. :: offers an arm :: Shall we?
(21:26:17) TKirr: :: takes Ian's arm :: We shall.
(21:27:23) VelinaTailor: ::puts the finishing touches on a dark purple dress that compliments her pale blue skin tone::
(21:27:24) AlexisLexyWright: :: sneaking a quick canoodle alone in the TL with Kate, then steps back to smooth the lavender fabric of her classic sundress :: Kate: Sorry, but I'm not sure what you expected, dressed like that... :: grins ::
(21:28:19) IanBlackthorne: Off we go then. :: the creases at the corner of his eyes linger with his smile as he escorts T'Kirr to the holodeck ::
(21:28:26) Ilaihr: ::Plods into the holodeck, wearing his Victorian looking suit, hat and spectacles, carrying a small box under his arm. He throws a wide smile at the bartender.:: Zaxiven: Ah... dear. I bring wondrous news! ::Pats the box.::
(21:28:43) VelinaTailor: ::leaves her quarters and grabs a turbolift, directing it trowards the holodeck::
(21:29:13) RodneyQuinn: :: Ambles into the holodeck in a loose, button down shirt and flip flops. The very first thing he does is stop by the Arch and program himself a floating lounge chair into the pool. Complete with a pina colada in a coconut cup. ::
(21:29:17) KateHarper: Lexy: How positively... Risan of you! :: smooths her own embossed white-on-white floral dress ::
(21:29:30) Ilaihr: <deae boy>
(21:29:31) Zaxiven: :: stops his puttering about a moment with a big Denobulan grin :: Ilaihr: And what is that?
(21:30:16) TLira: :: finishes up the draft of the letter and saves it, standing and heading for the door, pausing for a moment and glancing down at her sundress, unsure about it, before pushing that aside and heading out ::
(21:30:40) BenedictWolfe: :: has finished changing into a pair of swim trunks and the loudest Hawaiian shirt he could find on the replicator's plans. He leaves his quarters and heads for the holodeck. ::
(21:31:00) Kuari: :: flies around "outside" in the holodeck setting roughly in the area over the pool ::
(21:31:04) Ilaihr: ::Places the box on the counter.:: Zax: With things improving, a little... I was able to secure... ::Opens the box, revealing bottles of a green liquidish substance.::
(21:31:32) AlexisLexyWright: Kate: What can I say? You're rubbing off on me, but perhaps not as often as I'd like. :: playfully pinches her bottom just before the door opens ::
(21:31:50) VelinaTailor: ::steps into the holodeck, patting down her dress as she enters and looking around with a smile::
(21:31:53) KateHarper: :: feigns a surprised gasp as they exit the TL ::
(21:33:32) IanBlackthorne: :: enters the holodeck with T'Kirr and pauses to take in the scene, having missed this one last year ::
(21:33:43) Ilaihr: ::Grins at the Denobulan as he checks out the contents.::
(21:33:49) Zaxiven: :: pulls one of the bottles out and holds it to the light as he listens to Ilaihr. Then, he pops the top and sniffs its weird fruity and mossy, jammy smell. He then pulls up a snifter and pours some in to give to Ilaihr. :: Ilaihr: Ah, Breen Lifebringer.
(21:33:56) RodneyQuinn: :: Throws off his shirt, and in a total breach of pool etiquette, does a running cannon ball into the water. It's almost like he's excited about not being a felon on the run anymore! ::
(21:34:25) TLira: :: enters the holodeck in time to see that cannonball and lifts an eyebrow, wondering if that's some form of human custom ::
(21:34:39) IanBlackthorne: :: chuckles at the cannonballer ::
(21:34:52) Ilaihr: ::Nods in gratitude.:: Zax: Only for the hardy!
(21:35:08) TKirr: :: looks around the holodeck as they enter, approving of the appearance, and especially the temperature ::
(21:35:22) Zaxiven: Ilaihr: Indeed! :: pulls out another snifter and pours a shot for himself ::
(21:35:48) Ilaihr: ::Raises his glass.:: Zax: To the future, dear boy!
(21:35:53) Kuari: :: attracted by the big splash in the pool, descends from the air and flaps a few times before alighting on the edge of the pool to watch Quinn ::
(21:35:59) IanBlackthorne: T'Kirr: Looks like they took care of the party without us fairly well.
(21:36:36) Zaxiven: Ilaihr: To the future! :: grins Denobulanly, raises the glass, and takes the shot along with Ilaihr ::
(21:36:56) RodneyQuinn: :: Surfaces again after a few moments and throws his head back. If his hair wasn't so short, it'd look a lot more dramatic, but he's still pretty visibly happy anyway. :: Wooo!
(21:37:09) TKirr: :: brings one hand to connect with the other around Ian's elbow :: Ian: Well, I *did* have to sign off on it in one of my reports. Nothing important enough to concern you with. But yes, fairly well.
(21:37:45) Ilaihr: ::Chuckles.:: Zax: I wonder home many of the others will dare to partake.
(21:37:47) TLira: :: shakes her head slightly and finds a seat near the edge of the pool, out of splash range, but still close enough to observe and take part in the party ::
(21:37:53) AlexisLexyWright: :: strolls :: Kate: I'll follow your lead at the party, if you like, love... honestly I'd follow you pretty much anywhere right now. Especially if it's back to... :: whispers as they reach the holodeck, unapologetically insatiable now that the stress is finally gone, and doesn't notice if she's being obnoxious ::
(21:38:24) Zaxiven: Ilaihr: It is quite the experience. This one has an extra minerality to it, and is slightly peety.
(21:38:44) KateHarper: Lexy: Well, perhaps later for that. :: snickers :: Now we must be sociable!
(21:38:52) Kuari: :: replies to Quinn's exhalation with one of her own and dives into the water, the splash fairly subtle for such a large body ::
(21:39:00) IanBlackthorne: :: starts toward the bar now that he's taken in the scene ::
(21:39:19) AlexisLexyWright: :: briefly gives Kate a mock pout and then a wide smile as they enter the party ::
(21:39:50) TKirr: :: follows Ian ::
(21:39:57) JorvanTav: :: enters the Holodeck with a festive yet subdued shirt, swim trunks, and not a whole lot else. He's ready for a party ::
(21:40:21) Ilaihr: Zax: Like a Breen ship, it has a very petrichor air.
(21:40:41) VelinaTailor: ::wanders over to the bar and sits down, grabbing a multicolored glass with the umbrella from a tray::
(21:42:04) BenedictWolfe: :: enters the holodeck and takes a seat at the end of the bar. He is so ready for some Scotch. ::
(21:42:06) AlexisLexyWright: :: makes for the bar :: Zaxiven: Heya, Zax! Can I get a margarita rocks when you get a chance?
(21:42:29) Kuari: :: slithers through the deep bottom half of the water, finally surfacing on the far end, bobbing at the surface like a duck and shaking the water from her face ::
(21:42:30) KateHarper: Zaxiven: Make that two! :: smiles, the drink choice perfect ::
(21:42:50) IanBlackthorne: :: arrives at the bar and greets the crowd ::
(21:43:16) Zaxiven: Harper/Wright: You want that on ice or slushy? :: begins mixing the ingredients ::
(21:43:27) Ilaihr: ::Gives Zax a wide eyed expression then looks to Wolfe and the others approaching the bar.:: All: Can we interest you all in a Breen beverage?
(21:44:02) AlexisLexyWright: Zax: Oh, I'm sorry, I thought rocks meant over ice? :: gives Kate a quizzical look ::
(21:44:23) KateHarper: :: nods to Lexy in affirmation ::
(21:44:36) RodneyQuinn: :: Notes the splash all the same, and hurriedly kicks off the wall, making his way to his floating chair so as to hold it down, just in case it might otherwise get flipped over, and his drink with it. ::
(21:45:51) Zaxiven: Wright: Sorry, it's loud. I missed that. Coming right up! :: finishes with an orange zest and adds the garnishes before handing Wright and Harper their Margaritas ::
(21:45:57) TKirr: :: greets everyone at the bar with Ian, but in a silent fashion ::
(21:46:27) AlexisLexyWright: :: turns back to Zax with renewed confidence :: Zax: Oh, no problem! :: plucks a cherry from his garnish tray and pops it into her mouth ::
(21:46:28) IanBlackthorne: Zax: I think I'll start with a gin and tonic, the good English stuff, of course. Breen drinks later. :: smirks at Ilaihr ::
(21:47:42) Zaxiven: Blackthorne: Of course, Ian! :: seconds later has a G+T made up and hands it to Blackthorne ::
(21:48:00) Ilaihr: ::Cackles like a Klingon General, and takes a sip of his drink.::
(21:48:13) IanBlackthorne: Zax: Thank you, sir! :: sips the drink, finding it has just the right amount of lime ::
(21:48:39) KateHarper: :: licks salt from the glass rim ::
(21:48:54) AlexisLexyWright: :: does the same, then takes a sip ::
(21:48:58) Kuari: :: looks towards the bar, sniffs the air specifically for the scent of rum or chocolate, then dives back under the water ::
(21:48:59) VelinaTailor: ::looks over at the pool with a grin as someone splashes her.. probably Kuari, and heads in that direction with her drink; setting it down on a side table, unwraps her coverup and runs and barrels into the pool with her own cannonball!::
(21:49:20) IanBlackthorne: :: looks up with a mirthful grin as another cannonballer hits the water ::
(21:49:28) TLira: :: the eyebrow goes up as another person cannoballs. Clearly it is not just a human custom... ::
(21:49:40) AlexisLexyWright: :: peers at her drink with a confused expression ::
(21:50:01) Zaxiven: :: watches Wright with a knowing smile, but a subtle one ::
(21:50:03) KateHarper: :: winks ::
(21:50:17) Kuari: :: quickly zeroes in on Velina and meets her underwater! ::
(21:50:20) VelinaTailor: ::surfaces, shaking the water from her eyes, with a big smile on her face::
(21:50:51) AlexisLexyWright: :: takes another sip ::
(21:51:05) TKirr: Zax: Just an iced tea for me, please.
(21:51:19) AlexisLexyWright: Kate: Does yours taste.... weird?
(21:51:30) Kuari: :: tickles Velina's feet and darts away ::
(21:51:33) IanBlackthorne: T'Kirr: You should try the cannonball that they're doing. :: gestures to the pool ::
(21:51:49) KateHarper: Lexy: No, you are supposed to drink it with the salt.
(21:52:06) VelinaTailor: ::lets out a little shriek and turns around to see the dragon slithering away under the water. Dives under and gives chase::
(21:52:07) TKirr: :: gives Ian a Vulcan look of death ::
(21:52:13) Zaxiven: TKirr: Coming right up! :: turns around and pulls from the unsweetened tea tap before turning around and handing it to T'Kirr ::
(21:52:24) AlexisLexyWright: :: holds her drink out to Kate :: Kate: Taste this.
(21:52:40) VelinaTailor: ::quickly realises that Kuari's waaay faster than she is::
(21:52:51) KateHarper: :: takes the drink and tastes it :: Heyyyyy, that is...
(21:53:10) IanBlackthorne: :: smirks, wondering if it's about time :::
(21:53:26) AlexisLexyWright: Kate: It tastes funny to you, too?
(21:53:29) Kuari: :: feels Velina's disturbance of the water with her tail, looks back to see she's being chased and attempts to speed up, running out of oxygen and not expecting this ::
(21:53:41) KateHarper: Lexy: I taste chocolate in yours!
(21:53:55) TKirr: :: takes her drink and ignores Ian's suggestion ::
(21:54:19) AlexisLexyWright: Kate: ...I knew it tasted familiar! But... :: looks askance at Zax :: ...Chocolate!?
(21:54:49) KateHarper: :: slides the drink back over to Lexy :: Not bad.
(21:55:09) Zaxiven: :: turns his smile into the grin :: Ah, yes! The chocolate Margarita. One of my signatures, actually. People the quadrant over love it!
(21:55:16) VelinaTailor: ::almost runs into the side of the pool and turns a 90 degree angle, then surfaces, looking around, getting her breath again::
(21:55:21) Randen: :: Arrives at the holodeck fashionably late. Looks around and makes his way to the bar. ::
(21:56:02) AlexisLexyWright: :: takes another sip and peers at it again :: Zax: Oh, I can certainly see the appeal, it's just... not what I was expecting...?
(21:56:48) Zaxiven: Wright: Now, I make mine with a bit more subtlety than do most bartenders. It's fun to live a little, is it not? To have a bit of culinary adventure?
(21:56:50) IanBlackthorne: :: shares a long look with T'Kirr, then stands ::
(21:57:16) TKirr: :: takes a deep breath, and a swig of her tea ::
(21:57:29) VelinaTailor: ::casually treads water like nothing happened::
(21:57:45) Kuari: :: surfaces and catches her breath, looking around and spotting Velina ::
(21:57:52) IanBlackthorne: :: raises his voice to that command-tone that cuts through a din :: All: If I may have your attention, please?
(21:58:12) Zaxiven: :: is in the middle of shaking a beverage and doesn't hear ::
(21:58:13) AlexisLexyWright: :: isn't really the adventurous sort when it comes to things like this, but nods and smiles :: Zax: Right, of course... :: turns to look at Blackthorne when he calls out ::
(21:58:17) TLira: :: turns, curious as to what the admiral has to say ::
(21:58:25) KateHarper: :: turns to look at the Admiral ::
(21:58:51) Kuari: :: perks her ears towards Ian, becoming still in the water so as not to make noise ::
(21:58:55) VelinaTailor: ::hears the Admiral and looks over, moving to the side of the pool to listen::
(21:59:02) Zaxiven: :: is still shaking ::
(21:59:13) IanBlackthorne: We come together today in celebration of our ship's twentieth birthday. Not just our ship, but our home.
(22:00:03) Ilaihr: ::Palms one of the Lifebringer bottles, and watches on at the admiral.::
(22:00:15) IanBlackthorne: It's also a collective sigh of relief, I can tell, at getting the Starfleet we signed up for back, and not being on the run anymore. You have all made this possible through your heroic actions.
(22:00:19) Zaxiven: :: pours the drink and notices that Blackthorne is speaking, and quiets down ::
(22:00:21) DougMcKnight: :: Enters the holodeck with almost magical timing, and makes his way to the bar with a chuckle so as not to interrupt his moment. ::
(22:01:27) Kuari: :: quietly as possible floats to the near side of the pool to listen ::
(22:01:35) IanBlackthorne: So, you have all certainly earned a party, and a vacation, and time to just unwind these months, if not years, of stress. Live it up.
(22:02:31) AlexisLexyWright: :: lifts her glass in a small salute, takes a sip, makes a face ::
(22:02:47) Ilaihr: Blackthorne: I do believe we've never met. ::Drinks his drink with a chuckle.::
(22:02:50) Zaxiven: :: quietly lines up enough shots on the bar that if no one has a glass, they can grab one for the toast ::
(22:03:08) IanBlackthorne: Starfleet Command is in a bit of turmoil right now, yes. But that will stablize and things will return to normal.
(22:03:29) TKirr: :: listens at Ian's side, occasionally watching him but mostly surveying those assembled ::
(22:04:06) IanBlackthorne: And it is my duty, and T'Kirr's as well, to ensure that stability in the wake of uncertainty and vacuum.
(22:04:50) IanBlackthorne: Atlantis has been the best home we could have ever asked for, and it always will be, really.
(22:05:25) IanBlackthorne: That said, T'Kirr and I have accepted promotions and will be working at Starfleet Headquarters.
(22:05:39) AlexisLexyWright: :: gasps ::
(22:05:40) TLira: :: the eyebrow goes up again ::
(22:06:05) IanBlackthorne: I am the new Director of Starfleet Operations. Commodore T'Kirr is an Assistant Director. We will help ensure that nothing like this can ever happen again.
(22:06:06) DougMcKnight: :: Freezes in the middle of attempting to quietly order a scotch. :: Well, I'll be a son of a bitch.
(22:06:20) KateHarper: :: eyes go wide ::
(22:06:23) Kuari: :: perks her ears upward. Did she hear that right? ::
(22:06:53) AlexisLexyWright: :: ventures a glace over at Kate, then looks back to Blackthorne ::
(22:06:56) TKirr: :: meets Kate's eyes ::
(22:07:16) KateHarper: :: suddenly feeling rather conspicuous, especially as T'Kirr finds her ::
(22:07:21) IanBlackthorne: And, after all, the ship was getting a bit top-heavy anyway; I'm surprised she can even fly with all this brass. It's time to pass the torch. :: turns to face Harper ::
(22:07:41) DougMcKnight: :: Snaps out of his half-daze, and turns to the bartender. :: Zaxiven: Something single malt, please. Once you've had your processing time.
(22:08:17) JorvanTav: :: is both happy for the - now - Commodore and Assistant Director, but also sad and shocked, as much as anything shocks him these days, at the news ::
(22:08:21) VelinaTailor: ::floats over to where she left her glass, making sure it's within arms reach::
(22:08:54) Kuari: :: ignores Velina's movements, attuned to Ian's speech from the side of the pool ::
(22:09:13) IanBlackthorne: Captain Harper, please join me.
(22:09:34) AlexisLexyWright: ::squeezes Kate's hand before she walks away ::
(22:09:35) Zaxiven: :: gives McKnight a warm smile and gives him a glass of his private stash of Macallan 18-year Scotch. ::
(22:09:56) KateHarper: ::: takes a quick swallow of her drink for liquid courage and stands, leaving it behind on the bar as she walks up to Ian :: Sir.
(22:10:04) RodneyQuinn: :: Stops trying to get the water out of his ears. His eyes aren't lying to him, at any rate. Wow, this was actually happening. ::
(22:10:56) Kuari: :: as Harper moves, climbs out of the pool and walks a few steps closer, beads of water running off her short stiff fur. Her wings continue to drip for a while, however ::
(22:11:19) IanBlackthorne: They finally got that fourth pip on my collar, so it's really time to step aside and let the next generation gallavant around the galaxy. You are the logical choice to succeed me, since you already have done so once before.
(22:12:00) TKirr: :: nods from Ian's side in agreement ::
(22:12:20) AlexisLexyWright: :: smiles at Kate with pride, supporting her from over by the bar ::
(22:12:21) DougMcKnight: :: Takes a sip and nods appreciatively to the proprietor, but saves most of it. It seems there'll be a toast coming up. ::
(22:12:37) IanBlackthorne: :: gestures to the scene :: You made this party, an Atlantis tradition, with your own personal touch. Atlantis had already started becoming your command when you rescued us. It's only fitting that this continue, given the job you did.
(22:13:31) KateHarper: :: swallows :: Sir—I was more than happy to turn it back over to you, though.
(22:14:11) IanBlackthorne: I know. And you did, and we :: gestures to T'Kirr :: had a job to do. But it's done. Starfleet as a whole needs dependable leadership. As does Atlantis.
(22:14:39) AlexisLexyWright: :: nods in agreement, still smiling proudly as tears spring to the corners of her eyes ::
(22:14:40) IanBlackthorne: I know she'll be in good hands since I've already seen the results of your work.
(22:14:55) IanBlackthorne: So now you have the opportunity to accept command of Atlantis, not as a burden thrust upon you out of tragedy, but instead as a well-earned reward, given freely. What do you say?
(22:15:45) KateHarper: :: swallows again, finding her mouth dry and the words hard to say ::
(22:16:32) TKirr: Kate: It's clear you're more than ready for leadership by how you've handled Atlantis. :: sets her tea down on the bar and folds her hands behind her :: All: You all have proven yourselves.
(22:17:11) KateHarper: :: nods in thanks to T'Kirr, then turns back to Blackthorne and exhales before speaking :: I accept, Admiral. Thank you, sir.
(22:17:11) AlexisLexyWright: :: swipes a way a tear and smiles encouragement at Kate ::
(22:18:14) JorvanTav: :: considers moving back to Earth for a moment. There is plenty he could do for medicine there at Starfleet HQ ::
(22:18:15) TKirr: :: perks an appreciative eyebrow at Harper, perhaps a slight upturn of one side of her mouth visible ::
(22:18:16) IanBlackthorne: :: smiles :: Good choice, Captain. This time, I won't be far. As CO of a flagship, you report directly to me. I will retain command of Third Fleet.... for now.
(22:19:13) KateHarper: :: finally lets her face erupt into a wide grin :: Aye, sirs!
(22:19:56) IanBlackthorne: In that case... Computer, transfer command of this vessel, effective immediately, to Captain Kathryn Harper. Authorization Blackthorne Omega Mu Gamma Four Two.
(22:20:08) AlexisLexyWright: :: really wishes she was the type to break out into impulsive applause ::
(22:20:15) IanBlackthorne: Computer> Captain Kathryn Harper is now in command of Atlantis, so noted in the ship's log.
(22:20:45) Ilaihr: ::Is the type to break out into spontaneous applause, and does.::
(22:20:47) IanBlackthorne: :: raises his drink :: To Captain Harper!
(22:21:02) BenedictWolfe: :: raises his drink and sips ::
(22:21:10) TLira: :: claps politely, not having a drink to toast with ::
(22:21:14) Kuari: :: notes the emotional state of Ian, T'Kirr and Kate, and bellows loudly with celebration and flaps her wings dry, perhaps not in the best directions. This is a good thing! As much as she will miss them, it's for the greater good of Starfleet and the Federation.
(22:21:17) AlexisLexyWright: :: raises her drink as well! ::
(22:21:22) JorvanTav: :: raises his drink ::
(22:21:50) TKirr: :: grabs her tea from the bar and toasts towards Kate ::
(22:21:57) VelinaTailor: ::grabs her drink and raises it, toasting the new Captain with a smile::
(22:22:00) DougMcKnight: :: Raises his glass and breaks his relative silence. :: Captain Harper! I guess you'll need to take up chain smoking cigars now that it's official!
(22:22:01) KateHarper: :: looks around at all the people—her people–and tears of happiness escape the corner of her eyes ::
(22:22:14) Zaxiven: :: picks up his own snifter of whisky ::
(22:22:42) VelinaTailor: ::breaks into happy applause with everyone else::
(22:22:44) KateHarper: Thank you. Thank you all. As the Admiral said, this moment would not be possible without your heroics... and your courage to stand up for what is right.
(22:23:59) TKirr: All: That being said, this does not give you permission to mutiny again. :: deadly serious ::
(22:24:38) AlexisLexyWright: :: laughs at T'Kirr while swiping away another tear ::
(22:24:58) KateHarper: :: chuckles :: Understood, Commodore.
(22:26:17) IanBlackthorne: Now, she's your ship, Captain, lead the party. :: grins ::
(22:27:06) KateHarper: :: quickly retrieves her glass from the bar with a lingering smile at Lexy, then raises it :: To Atlantis! Our home! Our family!
(22:27:41) TKirr: :: raises her glass to that ::
(22:28:02) BenedictWolfe: :: calls back :: To Atlantis!
(22:28:04) DougMcKnight: :: Drains the glass to that. He has to admit, it always feels good to come back to this ship, and presumes it always will. ::
(22:28:04) AlexisLexyWright: :: steps a bit closer to Kate, lifts her glass :: Hear hear.
(22:28:31) KateHarper: May she sail for twenty more years, and decades longer!
(22:28:35) TLira: :: nods in response, regretting not having gotten a drink earlier, this would have been far less awkward ::
(22:28:39) Kuari: :: scurries to the bar, finds the shots on top and sniffs them for chocolate. She finds one, then raises it to imitate the others ::
(22:29:23) Ilaihr: ::Closes his eyes and feels the ship around him.:: Harper: She will.
(22:29:28) Zaxiven: :: is glad to see Kuari found one of the Giradeli shots ::
(22:29:44) VelinaTailor: ::raises her glass once more:: All: To Atlantis! ::drains her glass::
(22:29:46) RodneyQuinn: ::Raises his coconut:: Engineering's good for it!
(22:30:41) Kuari: :: tosses back the shot and immediately hangs her thin tongue to its full length, not used to the concentration of the strong stuff ::
(22:30:59) KateHarper: Now, as for the party... swim! Dance! Drink! Live it up! You have earned it.
(22:31:29) VelinaTailor: ::grins over at Kuari:: Kuari: Too strong?
(22:31:43) Zaxiven: :: tips back a bit more of his Scotch and gets back to drinkmaking ::
(22:31:57) JorvanTav: :: slowly sips his drink, pondering ::
(22:32:15) Kuari: :: shakes her head until it vibrates, her tongue wobbling :: Velina: Yeffth.
(22:32:20) Randen: To Atlantis! :: Randen chimes in with the crowd as he downs his drink. ::
(22:32:50) AlexisLexyWright: :: sets her empty glass on the bar, hoping for a refill, and smiles proudly at Kate :: Kate: Congratulations, love.
(22:33:07) KateHarper: Lexy: Thank you. It feels so much better this time.
(22:33:15) VelinaTailor: ::giggles:: Kuari: Looks like it..
(22:33:18) TKirr: :: shares a look with Ian, now that his job is done ::
(22:33:21) Zaxiven: :: sees Wright's glass :: Wright: Well? What's your verdict?
(22:33:49) AlexisLexyWright: Zax: Oh, I'd like to try it again sometime, but perhaps just straight up for now?
(22:34:01) IanBlackthorne: T'Kirr: So I found a house in Cabo San Lucas that you might like... it is nice and warm down there.
(22:34:16) Ilaihr: ::Decides to finally go take a seat, nurse this bottle of green stuff. He plods off to a nearby chair, chuckling to himself.::
(22:34:45) AlexisLexyWright: Kate: Well... I told you a few minutes ago that I would follow you anywhere, and now I'll have another chance to prove it. :: gives her a small smile ::
(22:34:48) Zaxiven: Wright: A straight Margarita on the rocks. You got it. Coming right up. :: has a Margarita shaking and then on the rail a few moments later. ::
(22:34:55) TKirr: Ian: Sounds...promising. :: sips at her tea, pondering ::
(22:35:14) KateHarper: Lexy: I... would not want to make the journey without you.
(22:36:20) BenedictWolfe: :: turns back to the bar and stares down his drink, wondering who the first officer will wind up being. ::
(22:36:23) AlexisLexyWright: :: murmurs words of gratitude to Zax when she picks up her drink :: Kate: That's probably a good thing, since you'd have a hard time getting rid of me. :: grins and takes a sip, enjoying the flavor :: Do you want to go mingle with your crew, Captain?
(22:37:31) KateHarper: I did tend to be a bit of a.. how do you say.. social butterfly, yes?
(22:38:01) IanBlackthorne: :: approaches Harper and Wright around the bar, but his attention is on Wright this time ::
(22:38:14) AlexisLexyWright: :: smiles :: Kate: It's part of your charm, my dear.
(22:38:58) Kuari: :: sees Tav in his loud shirt for the first time and romps urgently up to him :: Tav: Tav!
(22:39:15) IanBlackthorne: Commander Wright... I've known Kate on a first-name basis for years. May I call you Alexis?
(22:39:41) TKirr: :: follows Ian, as usual ::
(22:40:05) JorvanTav: :: hears Kuari's musical voice and turns :: Kuari: Hello, Kuari!
(22:40:23) KateHarper: :: smiles as the Admiral approaches ::
(22:41:26) AlexisLexyWright: :: looks up, belatedly noticing Blackthorne only after he speaks to her :: Ian: ...Oh.. Sir, excuse me, I was.. :: glances briefly at Kate :: Of course you are welcome to call me Alexis, Sir, it would be my honor.
(22:41:34) Kuari: :: stops and sits, looking him in the eyes :: Tav: Are you staying aboard? I know you left and came back...but I thought you might follow them home again.
(22:42:57) AlexisLexyWright: :: somewhat nervously notes T'Kirr's presence as well, acknowledging her with a nod :: TKirr: Commodore. :: looks back to Blackthorne ::
(22:43:09) IanBlackthorne: Good. I am so glad for you two, and especially glad that you were able to rely on each other's strengths to get through the ordeal that you did. Use that going forward if you need it. That shared strength could come in handy.
(22:43:16) JorvanTav: Kuari: I'm not sure yet. My posting here was kind of as a favor to me. I really don't know.
(22:43:48) TKirr: :: bows her head back to Alexis ::
(22:44:28) KateHarper: :: nods in agreement, reflecting on the turbulent emotional rollercoaster that Lexy helped her through ::
(22:45:19) VelinaTailor: ::decides to lounge in the water a bit more, not getting to swim very often.. floats around on her back for a while::
(22:45:34) Kuari: :: drops her ears expressively at Tav's indecision :: Tav: I would hate to see you leave. You're useful here, right?
(22:45:43) AlexisLexyWright: Ian: Kate is a wonderful leader, Sir, I think the whole crew would agree. I'm happy to support her in whatever way that I can. Would it be presumptuous to say that I took inspiration from the partnership between you and your wife? Sir? Congratulations to both of you, by the way.. :: realizes she's rambling and shuts up ::
(22:46:12) TKirr: :: perks an eyebrow at Alexis and looks to Ian ::
(22:47:39) IanBlackthorne: :: chuckles :: Thank you. And no, that's not presumptuous; it was, in fact, why I brought it up. Watch Kate's back, give her honest council when she asks it of you, and be that support that a CO needs but rarely admits to. I know from experience now much it helps. :: smiles at T'Kirr :;
(22:48:31) KateHarper: :: glowing at Lexy ::
(22:50:19) AlexisLexyWright: Ian: Oh, no, Sir, that's actually not what I meant, I meant that I took inspiration from your personal relationsh... :: blinks at him :: wait, what?
(22:50:45) TKirr: :: just peers back at Ian ::
(22:50:47) JorvanTav: :: thinks a moment before responding :: I... I'm just not sure. I am useful here, but I could also be useful in San Francisco. I'm just not sure yet. I love it on Atlantis, but there's some great research happening at Starfleet Medical.
(22:50:48) IanBlackthorne: That's what I meant, Alexis. Our personal relationship has been a great advantage. Use it.
(22:52:27) Kuari: :: frowns imagining Tav working with her mother, which wouldn't be all bad because she could find excuses to meet up with him. She remains frowning for too long, though, and schools her features :: Tav: Oh. Well, I suppose so, yeah. But...Atlantis!
(22:52:41) AlexisLexyWright: Ian: Of course, Sir. Watch Kate's back, give her honest council and support... That has always been my plan and my goal.
(22:53:18) IanBlackthorne: :: nods :: Good. You two are good for each other. :: smiles and drifts away ::
(22:53:35) JorvanTav: Kuari: Atlantis is a wonderful place, no matter where we are. A truly amazing vessel.
(22:54:03) TKirr: :: drifts with him, watching Alexis as they go ::
(22:55:23) AlexisLexyWright: :: lets out a breath and looks at Kate :: Kate: I'm not really sure what just happened, but those were all things I was planning to do anyway.
(22:55:24) Kuari: :: stares at the holographic floor texture in thought, her ears bobbing as she comes to an idea and looks back up at Tav :: Tav: I'll come in for my physicals...twice as often!
(22:55:46) AlexisLexyWright: Self: I guess maybe he just wanted to be sure?
(22:55:57) Ilaihr: ::Sips his beverage cheerfully, watching the excitement at the party.::
(22:56:04) KateHarper: He was just reassuring you that it is alright for us to be together, and even an advantage.
(22:56:45) DougMcKnight: :: Falls silently into step behind the brass. Kate's got an entire crew to mix with just now, and he doesn't wish to crowd her moment. :: Sirs. So how how long have you known you were moving in across the street from my office?
(22:57:36) IanBlackthorne: Doug: Oh, a couple of days now.... you know, as Ops director, you're in my chain of command again.
(22:57:41) TKirr: :: turns her head towards Doug as they walk ::
(22:59:25) KateHarper: I am going to need another drink after that. :: slides her now-empty glass in ::
(22:59:29) DougMcKnight: ::Chuckles:: IanBlackthorne: I can think of a couple Generals who may take issue with that interpretation, Navy.
(22:59:40) AlexisLexyWright: :: smiles :: Kate: Good. You were made for this, and I'm happy to support you.
(23:00:24) IanBlackthorne: Doug: They may take issue with it, but the SF in SFMC stands for Starfleet. And speaking of Generals, I need a Brigadier General to handle Marine border presence and defense. Know anyone?
(23:01:02) AlexisLexyWright: :: drains her glass and sets it next to Kate's :: Kate: Is it weird that I find him so intimidating? I much prefer to not be noticed.
(23:01:23) KateHarper: Lexy: Flag officers can have that effect.
(23:01:49) KateHarper: :: gestures to Zaxiven for a refill ::
(23:02:09) JorvanTav: Kuari: I guess that means you want me to stick around? :: smiles slightly coyly ::
(23:02:12) VelinaTailor: ::drifts back to the edge and lifts herself up out of the water, deciding to be on land for a while::
(23:02:13) DougMcKnight: :: Frowns:: Yeah, I knew a damn good one. But at this point, I think General Tariq might have paid the ultimate price for helping me get clear of Earth with my ship. For real.
(23:02:40) Zaxiven: :: pulls Harper's glass to oblige :: Harper: Same thing?
(23:02:50) IanBlackthorne: :: frowns :: That's... unfortunate. I hope your reports are inaccurate.
(23:03:26) KateHarper: Zax: Yes, for both of us.
(23:03:38) DougMcKnight: IanBlackthorne: It's possible. We'll keep up the search, of course. In the meantime...they'll find somebody. Hearings over this mess are scheduled to wrap up any century now.
(23:03:43) Kuari: :: without any sort of hesitation, wide-eyed and honest :: Tav: Yeah, I do. You're my friend.
(23:04:14) IanBlackthorne: Doug: But anyway, I said I needed a Brigadier General. He's already too high for that posting.
(23:04:44) DougMcKnight: IanBlackthorne: Oh, yeah. Then what...oh. Oh!
(23:04:50) AlexisLexyWright: :: nods her gratitude to Kate :: Kate: So... Are you perhaps considering working with Vallero again? :: carefully keeps her expression neutral ::
(23:05:02) IanBlackthorne: :: just smiles ::
(23:05:15) TKirr: :: perks an eyebrow, again ::
(23:05:39) KateHarper: Lexy: This time I actually get to choose my XO... and yes, I would be foolish not to consider him.
(23:05:46) Zaxiven: :: pulls down Wright's glass as well :: Harper/Wright: Of course! :: makes two margaritas in fresh glasses and puts them up on the rail :: Harper/Wright: There you go!
(23:06:59) KateHarper: :: offers Zaxiven a grateful smile :: Thank you!
(23:07:29) AlexisLexyWright: :: raises her glass in thanks to Zax :: Kate: Regardless of who you choose, I've been thinking... I misjudged Vallero, Kate, and I'm sorry. I think perhaps I should try to clear the air with him, if you're considering adding him to the crew.
(23:08:00) JorvanTav: :: stares into Kuari's eyes :: Kuari: Physicals twice as often?1?
(23:08:36) KateHarper: :: turns to Lexy :: Thank you. I think Daniel would welcome that, if for no other reason than to tell you it is not necessary.
(23:09:19) DougMcKnight: :: Frowns some more, though in thought this time. :: IanBlackthorne: Christ. Not the way I'd have wanted to earn a promotion, early or not. But no sense in bull shitting with false modesty, I guess. I know that job.
(23:09:40) Kuari: :: pulls her ears back at Tav's emphatic response :: Is...that too often? Maybe...just donate my saliva, then?
(23:09:55) AlexisLexyWright: Kate: I'm not often wrong :: with no hint of arrogance :: but I can admit when it is the case. I've been working on a letter since the hearings... perhaps it's time to send it.
(23:10:18) JorvanTav: Kuari: I just don't know what it would accomplish. We always like your saliva in Sickbay.
(23:10:32) IanBlackthorne: It wasn't the way I wanted to earn mine, either, Doug. But there are jobs to do and we need people like us doing them. So, congratulations, General?
(23:11:03) Kuari: :: perks up :: Tav: No extra physicals, then, just donations! It's a deal! :: extends her paw ::
(23:11:30) KateHarper: If you want to, then please do. I think it will be welcome in what must be a turbulent time for him.
(23:12:09) AlexisLexyWright: :: smiles :: Kate: I will, then, with your blessing. :: picks up her drink :: Shall we mingle?
(23:12:35) KateHarper: Yes, we shall. It is time to get those butterfly skills back. I am not even sitting on the bar!
(23:12:45) KateHarper: :: takes her drink as well ::
(23:12:58) JorvanTav: :: looks around and doesn't see much choice in the matter, that Kuari's just not going to take no for an answer, and puts his hand in her paw :: Kuari: Deal.
(23:13:41) AlexisLexyWright: :: gestures out toward the bulk of the party :: Kate: I've got your 6, Captain. :: grins ::
(23:14:54) Kuari: :: shakes Tav's hand with a big, toothy grin ::
(23:15:19) KateHarper: :: leads on :: Lexy: It is so good to be absolutely certain that you do.
(23:16:18) DougMcKnight: :: Hesitates, feeling like he really ought to say no, or at least object for some reason. But he can't think of it. :: Yeah, I guess so. I hope you'll understand if I don't get all gushy with my thanks. The mess we have to sort through...I'm gonna miss checking under my bed for Jem'Hadar after the first day.
(23:16:26) DougMcKnight: And...thanks, sir.
(23:16:43) IanBlackthorne: :: shakes his hand :: You're welcome. Now...
(23:17:09) IanBlackthorne: :: looks around, then takes off his Hawaiian shirt, and handing it to T'Kirr, breaks into a run and cannonballs into the pool! ::
(23:17:22) TKirr: :: blinks, holding the shirt ::
(23:17:32) Ilaihr: ::Chuckles to himself.::
(23:17:45) AlexisLexyWright: :: sees this while taking a sip and nearly spits our her drink with laughter ::
(23:18:13) KateHarper: :: looks up in delight to see the Admiral cannonball! ::
(23:18:23) IanBlackthorne: PAUSE PARTY
(23:18:24) IanBlackthorne: PAUSE PARTY
(23:18:25) IanBlackthorne: PAUSE PARTY