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(21:15:55) VAdmBlackthorne: BEGIN SIM
(21:15:56) VAdmBlackthorne: BEGIN SIM
(21:15:56) VAdmBlackthorne: BEGIN SIM
(21:16:54) VAdmBlackthorne: :: in the TR, awaiting the signal from the Council ::
(21:17:20) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: managing communications and logistics ::
(21:17:39) NAV_Capt_Harper: :: on the bridge, sitting at the helm although she's in command, trying not to think about the orders that Blackthorne sent her in hopes that she won't have to follow them ::
(21:18:38) MED_Ens_Tailor: ::is sitting in sickbay mulling over her letter to her family, after having written several drafts and deleting them.. ::
(21:19:00) XO_Capt_TKirr: :: stands next to Blackthorne in the TR, tugging slightly on her dress uniform, and mentally going through scenarios of their immediate future to make sure they're ready for anything ::
(21:19:08) SCI_Lt_TLira: :: keeping a close eye on the sensors, wondering if any of the ships still opposing them will make a very... illogical move ::
(21:20:29) CTO_Maj_Wolfe: :: sends a message to Randen's console to prepare to be on an away team to Earth, and to prepare to be on a security detail in a meeting with the President of the United Federation of Planets, and that they'll be leaving for Transporter Room 1 at any moment. ::
(21:21:31) VAdmBlackthorne: XO: I imagine most of them will be quite surprised to see us alive and well.
(21:22:10) MED_Ens_Tailor: ::finally bangs out a fresh first paragraph and presses on with the body of the letter..::
(21:22:32) CSO_LCdr_Wright: NAV: The Council sends word that they're ready to receive transport, Captain Harper.
(21:23:03) NAV_Capt_Harper: CSO: Thank you, Commander. *CO* Harper to Blackthorne.
(21:23:13) VAdmBlackthorne: *NAV* Go ahead, Captain.
(21:24:00) NAV_Capt_Harper: *CO* The Council has indicated that they are ready to receive you and Captain T'Kirr. :: pointedly :: I look forward to hearing from you soon, Admiral.
(21:24:30) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: a small ache in her heart at the notes of anxiety she imagines hearing in Kate's voice ::
(21:24:41) TAC_1LT_Randen: :: Randen acknowledges Wolfe's message and calls a reliefe officer to the bridge. ::
(21:24:53) MED_Ens_Tailor: ::saves and sends it off.. doesn't worry about perfection since she doesn't know how much time they have.. ::
(21:25:09) VAdmBlackthorne: *NAV* Message received, Captain. Keep the seat warm for me.
(21:25:42) NAV_Capt_Harper: *CO* :: doesn't mention that she's not sitting in it :: Aye sir. Good luck.
(21:25:58) VAdmBlackthorne: *NAV* Thanks. Blackthorne out.
(21:27:06) CTO_Maj_Wolfe: :: nods to Randen and turns to the Turbolift behind him ::
(21:27:24) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: ::Is uncharacteristically nervous, rattling off and seemingly conversing with an imaginary figure; shaking his finger at either agreement or otherwise.::
(21:27:44) TAC_1LT_Randen: :: Returns the nod to Wolfe and heads to the turbolift. ::
(21:27:45) NAV_Capt_Harper: :: turns to Wolfe :: CTO: Take care, Major.
(21:28:17) CTO_Maj_Wolfe: :: pauses a moment and turns to Harper :: NAV: Thank you, Captain. And you, as well.
(21:28:39) CTO_Maj_Wolfe: :: speaks with the gravity of the situation apparent in his voice ::
(21:28:52) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: focuses on the comm board, wholly uncomfortable ::
(21:29:02) NAV_Capt_Harper: :: turns forward again with a nod :
(21:29:07) MED_Ens_Tailor: ::swishes out of her office into the main ward. Staff scurrying around with casualy prep and setting up triage centers. Checks off a few lists and makes sure everything's ready to go. Tries not to think about the potential consequences if things don't go well down there..::
(21:29:40) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: CTO: Keep your eye on Yix... Mister Wolfe. ::Turns back to his previous 'conversation'.::
(21:30:20) CTO_Maj_Wolfe: :: takes a moment and looks around the Bridge as though... he quickly works to dismiss the thought, then turns to continue to the turbolift ::
(21:31:54) CTO_Maj_Wolfe: :: is in the TR a moment later and ready for transport
(21:31:55) CTO_Maj_Wolfe: ::
(21:32:24) VAdmBlackthorne: CTO: Ah, Major. :: nods to him and the rest of the Marines :: I was beginning to wonder if we had to do this alone.
(21:32:52) CTO_Maj_Wolfe: :: nods curtly, the Marines except Kuari behind him :: CO: Aye, sir.
(21:35:15) CTO_Maj_Wolfe: :: stands on the transporter pad, awaiting transport on the Admiral's orders. ::
(21:35:58) VAdmBlackthorne: :: steps up on to the pad ::
(21:36:57) TAC_1LT_Randen: :: Steps onto the pad, following the Major's lead. Trying to keep the anxiety he's feeling in check. ::
(21:37:19) VAdmBlackthorne: :: showing no trepidation, having dealt with it earlier, he's all command right now ::
(21:39:12) CTO_Maj_Wolfe: :: looks to Randen and Kuari at his left and right, backing up the Vice Admiral and Captain, wondering if this will be the time he will have to lay down his life with and for them, and for his and their Federation principles. ::
(21:39:42) VAdmBlackthorne: :: to the TR chief :: Energize.
(21:40:49) VAdmBlackthorne: ACTION> The party leaves Atlantis and reappears in the antechamber to the Council's meeting hall.
(21:41:11) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: watching the transporter logs :: Bridge: Transport away.
(21:42:19) VAdmBlackthorne: ACTION> No hostile forces await us; just a harrowed steward who seems to have been running solid for the past hour since the President's announcement.
(21:42:22) CTO_Maj_Wolfe: :: looks around for threats, not that he can do a whole lot about it, since shooting anything here would end the talks before they begin. Talk about a security chief's worst nightmare. Being on a detail where you can't really protect the person you're there to protect until it's probably too late. ::
(21:43:15) VAdmBlackthorne: Steward> Admiral, Captain, yes, excellent. We've been expecting you, of course. Please, the entire Council is in session, right this way. :: gestures to the grand doors ::
(21:43:57) VAdmBlackthorne: Steward: Thank you. CTO: Anything out of the ordinary on scans in there?
(21:44:17) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: ::Stand ups, and plods over to just outside the command circle, staring at the viewscreen. He sighs with a resounding uncertainty.::
(21:44:24) NAV_Capt_Harper: CSO: Understood. Keep an eye on their life signs... and see if there is news coverage.
(21:44:52) CSO_LCdr_Wright: NAV: Understood, Captain. :: pours all of her intense focus into her work ::
(21:44:56) CTO_Maj_Wolfe: @ :: finishes his visual and turns to Kuari who has her tricorder out. When she shakes her head at him, he responds :: CO: No, sir.
(21:46:01) VAdmBlackthorne: @ All: Then let's proceed. :: leads the way into the hall as the steward activates the doors ::
(21:47:02) MED_Ens_Tailor: ::is more or less satisfied that things are under control in sickbay and heads up to the Bridge::
(21:47:39) CTO_Maj_Wolfe: :: follows his commanding officers ::
(21:47:42) VAdmBlackthorne: ACTION> The away team enters the Council's meeting hall. Everything seems to be in order; all of the ambassadors are assembled, and President Yix is presiding, weilding Ilaihr's cane.
(21:48:07) CSO_LCdr_Wright: NAV: News chatter is substantial, Captain.
(21:49:03) TAC_1LT_Randen: :: Follows those above him in the clear chain of command. ::
(21:49:08) NAV_Capt_Harper: CSO: Any video from the chamber?
(21:49:38) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: tap tap :: NAV: I have what appears to be a live stream, Captain.
(21:49:47) NAV_Capt_Harper: CSO: Put it on the main viewer.
(21:50:04) MED_Ens_Tailor: ::steps onto the bridge and signs into her station, looking up at the main viewer as the live stream is activated::
(21:50:07) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: taps and looks up ::
(21:50:16) VAdmBlackthorne: @ :: looks around, noting his mother among the assembled ambassadors, then nods to Yix :: Sir.
(21:51:27) President_Yix: Welcome, Admiral, Captain, and to your assembled Marines.
(21:52:07) NAV_Capt_Harper: :: looks up to watch the news :: All: This is the 'hail mary', yes?
(21:52:11) XO_Capt_TKirr: @ :: stands at Blackthorne's side, greeting Yix with a nod ::
(21:52:32) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: blinks in surprise that Kate got one right ::
(21:52:41) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: ::Inspects the footage intently, his gaze constantly drawn to Yix and his cane.:: Self: This is not good. ::Hopes Major Wolfe took his words to heart.::
(21:53:10) CTO_Maj_Wolfe: :: is totally expressionless as he enters the chamber, looking straight forward, using his peripheral vision to watch in all directions for anything. ::
(21:53:47) MED_Ens_Tailor: NAV: Indeed. I hope everything goes well down there..
(21:54:56) SEC_Cpt_Kuari: @ :: in her full Marine gear, surveys the room critically and stands by respectfully, positioned on the other side from Wolfe ::
(21:56:00) VAdmBlackthorne: @All: Our evidence to support our claim has been broadcast to the world. There is too much of it to expect all of you to have fully reviewed it in the hour you had to prepare, but it is my hope that enough has been seen to warrant a full investigation.
(21:57:09) NAV_Capt_Harper: All: Then let us hope this 'hail mary' hits the bullseye. Then the rest of the dominoes should fall like a house of cards. Checkmate.
(21:57:31) TAC_1LT_Randen: @ :: Slightly nods at the President and follows Wolfe's lead to take professional marine's stance at Wolfe's side. ::
(21:58:21) President_Yix: It is a bold claim, Admiral. You are brave to risk everything to bring it to us, and I admit that you have me intrigued.
(22:00:46) VAdmBlackthorne: :: finds 'intrigued' to be a strange choice of words from someone he's sure is in on it :: @ Yix: Then will the Council consider our evidence?
(22:01:33) NAV_Capt_Harper: :: bites her lip in anticipation of the answer ::
(22:01:56) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: ::Reaches out, almost as if to pat Harper on the back, but is too far away, and goes weak halfway through the gesture; fixating all of his energy at the proceedings.::
(22:02:50) President_Yix: I am inclined to say yes, but as with all things, we must vote. Ambassadors, how do you say on the question as to whether or not to consider the Admiral's evidence that a group known as Section 31 has taken over Starfleet?
(22:03:33) VAdmBlackthorne: ACTION> With a din of hushed murmuring in various languages, the ambassadors cast their votes.
(22:04:05) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: is unconsciously holding her breath ::
(22:04:19) MED_Ens_Tailor: ::is glued to the screen, chewing her lip with butterflies in her stomach::
(22:04:40) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: ::Watches Yix's eyes, his focus, and the cane.::
(22:04:44) NAV_Capt_Harper: :: ditto on the breath-holding and lip-chewing ::
(22:04:45) CTO_Maj_Wolfe: @ :: works really hard to keep his hand from twitching near his phaser ::
(22:05:58) SEC_Cpt_Kuari: @ :: forces herself to remain calm as activity in the room increases and tenses, ready for anything ::
(22:06:37) VAdmBlackthorne: ACTION> The votes tally on the scoreboard, and are overwhelmingly YES.
(22:07:35) TAC_1LT_Randen: :: Randen's hand urges to grasp the handle of his phaser to be ready for anything. He fights the urge. ::
(22:07:41) XO_Capt_TKirr: @ :: notes the scoreboard and shuts her eyes in relief, but only for a moment as her attention returns to Yix ::
(22:08:20) President_Yix: The 'ayes' have it. We will consider your evidence, Admiral. Hearings will begin immediately, and I am certainly curious to the extent of their findings.
(22:08:39) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: under her breath :: Self: I'll bet you are.
(22:09:47) MED_Ens_Tailor: ::stops chewing her lip before she wears a hole in it, lets out a breath::
(22:09:54) VAdmBlackthorne: @ Yix: Thank you, Mr. President, Ambassadors. We have additional evidence to enter beyond what we have transmitted, as well.
(22:10:18) SEC_Cpt_Kuari: @ :: would naturally bellow with happiness to show everyone her feelings, but she resists, knowing this would be totally inappropriate and she would never hear the end of it from half a dozen people ::
(22:12:49) President_Yix: I don't doubt it. Now, if you would, a statement to introduce what you have brought us?
(22:13:41) VAdmBlackthorne: @ Of course. What I bring you all is evidence of a slow, systematic erosion of the values and principles that we all hold dear, those that the very Federation was founded upon.
(22:14:10) CTO_Maj_Wolfe: @ :: keeps his attention on Yix, his distrust not fading even slightly. ::
(22:14:34) VAdmBlackthorne: @ Section 31 is a group that was founded as an intelligence organization, and originally served that goal. Over many decades it grew in power and diminished in accountability. Few even knew of its existence beyond hushed rumor.
(22:15:01) NAV_Capt_Harper: :: watches the Admiral's opening argument, silently cheering him on ::
(22:15:38) SEC_Cpt_Kuari: @ :: attempts to return to looking imposing and staying vigilant, making her tail stop swaying ::
(22:16:51) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: listening with great interest ::
(22:17:01) VAdmBlackthorne: @ Section 31's aim, at this point, is to put the Federation first in all things, the consequences be damned. While some of you might even embrace that mission statement, I assure you that any temporary benefit you gain from it will be lost in the long run as our moral compass vanishes.
(22:18:46) VAdmBlackthorne: @ Not to mention that our allies will ultimately forsake a Federation that thinks only of itself. Since our founding, we have attempted to share a common moral high ground, even when it hurt. Especially when it hurt.
(22:19:55) TAC_1LT_Randen: @ :: Keeping his head straight, Randen's eyes glides from side to side to keep a lookout for their Commader's backs. ::
(22:20:42) VAdmBlackthorne: @ Given that their mission is ultimately incompatible with the values we built ourselves upon, then it should be even more of an outrage to learn of some of the techniques Section 31 has used to slowly gain control of Starfleet... and perhaps even some members of this very Council.
(22:21:11) VAdmBlackthorne: ACTION> Shocked murmurs of outrage spread throughout the chamber.
(22:22:07) CTO_Maj_Wolfe: @ :: lets his attention wander around the room watching for any threats while also keeping enough attention on Yix to see if he orders anything funky ::
(22:22:08) XO_Capt_TKirr: @ :: diverts her attention from Yix momentarily to eye the assembled ::
(22:22:24) TAC_1LT_Randen: @ :: Whispers to Wolfe :: That struck a nerve...
(22:23:35) SEC_Cpt_Kuari: @ :: looks to each within the chamber, focusing on anyone who might not be acting surprised, but nervous instead ::
(22:23:46) VAdmBlackthorne: @ :: getting empathic vibes of encouragement from his mother, he raises his voice over the din :: Forcing senior members of the Admiralty into retirement through telepathic brain-washing. Abduction, torture, and ultimately exile under the pretention of faked deaths for myself and Captain T'Kirr. Outright murder of others with no fa├žade of civility beyond a staged terrorist attack.
(22:24:42) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: feels the words like a punch in the gut, they sound even more serious in this context ::
(22:26:14) VAdmBlackthorne: @I know for a fact that majority of you find that reprehensible. It's those who do not that I speak to now, when I say that it is you that weakens the Federation, not those that you consider to be naively idealistic.
(22:26:44) President_Yix: Mind your decorum, Admiral. :: frowning ::
(22:27:02) CTO_Maj_Wolfe: @ :: gets ready, because as the Vice Admiral states these facts, if anyone who doesn't like it is going to come out of the woodwork, it's going to be very soon. He does not touch his weapons but he makes sure he'll be ready to defend his party within half a second. ::
(22:28:57) VAdmBlackthorne: Yix: Mind yours, Mr. President! Or would you claim ignorance to the fact that your predecessor, President Aennik is alive and in exile as I once was, and that the murder of his entire cabinet save for you was an accident?
(22:29:14) VAdmBlackthorne: ACTION> The chamber erupts into cacophony.
(22:29:31) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: gasps, covering her mouth with her hand ::
(22:29:36) CTO_Maj_Wolfe: @ :: prepares to cover Blackthorne and T'Kirr ::
(22:29:55) NAV_Capt_Harper: :: blinks several times in surprise, even she didn't know that ::
(22:30:04) SCI_Lt_TLira: :: turns her full attention to the screen, one eyebrow going very, very high ::
(22:30:12) MED_Ens_Tailor: ::jaw falls open.. President Annik is alive?::
(22:30:23) XO_Capt_TKirr: @ :: wasn't expecting Blackthorne's response to Yix in this way, and feels slight apprehension at the increase in the room's emotional state ::
(22:30:25) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: quickly searches for composure, ready to beam them out if necessary ::
(22:30:26) President_Yix: :: looks surprised for one moment, but then regains his composure :: Order! ORDER IN THE CHAMBER!
(22:30:52) NAV_Capt_Harper: :: looks at the din erupting on the news :: CSO: Be ready to get them out of there...
(22:31:39) CTO_Maj_Wolfe: @ :: steps up very, very close behind his commanding officers and almost imperceptibly gesture to Randen and Kuari to do the same, just in case ::
(22:31:45) SEC_Cpt_Kuari: @ :: watches everyone she can, looking for weapons, but takes a moment to measure Yix's response ::
(22:31:49) VAdmBlackthorne: ACTION> The President continues to call for order, and eventually succeeds in quieting everyone down.
(22:33:49) CTO_Maj_Wolfe: @ :: is now not-so-secretly searching for any threats ::
(22:34:02) President_Yix: :: with a subtle hint of irritation in his voice :: Yes, Admiral, I was, in fact, unaware that President Aennik lives, along with the nature of the attack that day. However, we will give this serious consideration, assuming the evidence supports your weighty claims.
(22:35:25) ENG_Lt_Ilaihr: ::His eyes haven't moved, concentrating on every movement the president makes, every glance and expression.::
(22:36:55) VAdmBlackthorne: @ Then that concludes my opening statements.
(22:37:17) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: snorts lightly at "opening statements" ::
(22:37:49) NAV_Capt_Harper: Damn. :: can't even find a burst of exotic profanity ::
(22:39:50) President_Yix: A schedule of hearings and interviews will be sent along shortly. You are, of course, free to return to your ship in the meantime. This session is adjourned!
(22:40:52) VAdmBlackthorne: ACTION> The room bursts into noise again as the ambassadors come to terms with what just transpired.
(22:41:00) XO_Capt_TKirr: @ :: looks to Blackthorne ::
(22:41:08) SEC_Cpt_Kuari: @ :: wants to be relieved, but training tells her the bustle to follow is a moment someone may choose to strike, and remains vigilant ::
(22:41:25) CTO_Maj_Wolfe: @ :: steps back to a slightly more comfortable distance, but still not a full forearm's length away ::
(22:41:31) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: wonders if he can just adjourn like that with no motion... decides it doesn't matter ::
(22:42:26) VAdmBlackthorne: :: nods to T'Kirr in encouragement, then taps his commbadge :: *Atlantis* Blackthorne to Atlantis; beam us up.
(22:42:53) CSO_LCdr_Wright: *CO* Acknowledged, Sir. :: sends the orders to beam up ::
(22:43:17) VAdmBlackthorne: ACTION> The away team shimmers out of the Council chambers and returns to Atlantis.
(22:45:14) XO_Capt_TKirr: :: reappears on Atlantis, relaxing a little, but also energized what just has occurred ::
(22:45:40) VAdmBlackthorne: :: glad to be back aboard Atlantis and not dead, after what he just did ::
(22:45:42) CTO_Maj_Wolfe: :: is glad he doesn't need to be intimate distance from anyone again for a while ::
(22:45:49) TAC_1LT_Randen: :: Reappears on the Atlantis and makes his way to the bridge to keep a look out for retaliation in the form of an attack. ::
(22:45:54) VAdmBlackthorne: PAUSE SIM
(22:45:56) VAdmBlackthorne: PAUSE SIM
(22:45:58) VAdmBlackthorne: PAUSE SIM