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(21:19:07) CO_Capt_Harper: BEGIN SIM
(21:19:08) CO_Capt_Harper: BEGIN SIM
(21:19:09) CO_Capt_Harper: BEGIN SIM
(21:20:01) Ian: ... and that's the whole place. :: gestures grandly at the home they'd made for themselves, almost wistfully taking it in one last time ::
(21:20:27) XO_Cdr_Vallero: :: sits back in his seat on the Bridge, reveling in the success of their mission ::
(21:20:41) SCI_Lt_TLira: :: continues to run scans of the surrounding area, pushing her... excitement away for now, while there's work to be done ::
(21:21:41) CO_Capt_Harper: Ian: It would seem like you had settled in as well as you could have... and what is that? :: gestures at the pile of planed boards, a few fastened together ::
(21:21:45) TKirr: :: stands next to Ian, looking over everything they had put work into, things they thought they would be using for a long time ::
(21:21:50) MED_Dr_Tav: :: scans Sickbay and everything going on there, still not used to being back... but so glad to be ::
(21:22:30) Ian: CO: It was to be a ship, to sail to the the other continent, in hopes of joining up with the culture that lives there.
(21:22:34) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: looks around at all the work the couple has done during their exile ::
(21:23:01) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: is surprised at such a violation of the Prime Directive, but supposes it would be a lonely life otherwise ::
(21:23:56) CSO_LCdr_Wright: Both: You have both shown amazing initiative. I was not aware that I could possibly have more respect for either of you.
(21:24:28) TKirr: CSO: How did you find us? :: looks from Wright to Harper ::
(21:24:46) CTO_Maj_Wolfe: :: stands at Tac 1, always at the ready. Because he's not really connected to anyone, and as he only served for a short time under the command of Blackthorne and T'Kirr, he doesn't feel all that much. Still, it is good that they are returning to the Federation... Whatever there currently is of it, anyway. ::
(21:24:57) Ian: :: smiles and chuckles :: CSO: Well, it's amazing what being put in such a situation will do for your initiative.
(21:25:43) CO_Capt_Harper: T'Kirr: That... is a story best saved for when I can tell it aboard Atlantis, but know that our old friend Doug McKnight was personally involved.
(21:27:19) CO_Capt_Harper: Both: It is long and complex, though, so shall we save it until after we get you back aboard?
(21:27:53) TKirr: :: bows her head :: CO: Please.
(21:27:57) Ian: :: nods to Kate :: Yes, that sounds more like a briefing than a story anyway.
(21:28:41) CSO_LCdr_Wright: Both: Have you gathered everything that you wish to bring? Do you want to destroy this place to maintain Prime Directive?
(21:29:04) CO_Capt_Harper: CSO: Good thinking. We will need to clean up the site, one way or another.
(21:29:57) Ian: :: holds a few handmade tools in his hands, one that T'Kirr had fashioned for him, and gestures with them :: Both: These are my most important mementos.
(21:31:14) TKirr: :: looks at the tools, reminded how important they seemed not long ago and what technology they will be instead going back to ::
(21:31:36) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: leans forward to look more closely :: Ian: Well-crafted, by appearances... you made these, Sir?
(21:32:04) Ian: CSO: I made two of them, and she made this one. :: gestures ::
(21:32:40) MED_Dr_Tav: is standing next to the door as Morsby enters :: MED: Oh, good, you're here. Crewman Yonkers over there - yes, that's actually her name - broke her arm on the Holodeck. Can you reset it for her?
(21:32:59) TKirr: CO/CSO/Ian: I don't think there is danger of our place being discovered for quite a while. We could have a team sent to remove our signs of staying here later.
(21:33:38) CSO_LCdr_Wright: Ian: I'd love a chance to inspect them more closely, but it can wait until there's nothing else pressing.
(21:34:14) MED_Ens_Morsby: MED: Of course, but isn'tresetting the holodeck a job for Scoence? I kid, have her delivered to Sickbay and I'll have her back, good as new.
(21:35:01) CO_Capt_Harper: T'Kirr: Our presence here is not exactly official. Both: At any rate, assuming you wish it, once you're medically cleared and reinstated to active duty, I will return command to you two. In the meantime, well... :: breaks out into a mirthful grin :
(21:35:28) TKirr: :: eyebrows Harper ::
(21:35:40) MED_Dr_Tav: :: blanches a touch at Morsby before he gets the joke. :: MED: Yeah. She's in pain. And she's right over there. :: points ::
(21:35:57) MED_Ens_Morsby: MED: Oh wait, we are in Sickbay. Silly me, ::walks over to Yonkers, Yonkers: So, how exactly did you the injured
(21:35:58) CO_Capt_Harper: Both: Before anyone else gets a chance to, just let me say how overjoyed I am that you are alive and well, and back with us!
(21:36:01) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: glances at all of the assembled party ::
(21:36:28) CSO_LCdr_Wright: All: I think Ka.. Captain Harper speaks for the whole crew.
(21:37:31) Ian: :: catches the correction but makes no comment, merely a smirk before his smile :: Thank you, both.
(21:37:59) CO_Capt_Harper: :: hugs Ian again :: Welcome home, sir.
(21:37:59) TKirr: :: bows her head again slightly ::
(21:38:21) Ian: :: hugged :: Good to be home, Kate.
(21:38:27) CSO_LCdr_Wright: Both: But be warned, aside from the crew of the Atlantis and the Minuteman... and Section 31... everyone thinks you are both dead. Your families... everyone.
(21:39:07) Ian: CSO: Until not long ago, so did you. Things will change.
(21:39:11) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: kind of just spoiled the moment, and is sorry, but felt it needed to be said ::
(21:39:50) CO_Capt_Harper: :: lets go of Ian and then hugs T'Kirr, Vulcan-ness be damned ::
(21:40:25) TKirr: :: surprised as she's hugged, but is not at all against the idea and hugs back ::
(21:40:38) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: smiles a small smile :: All: Well then. Kate: Atlantis is ready to beam up four on your orders, Captain.
(21:40:54) MED_LCdr_Tav: :: walks into his - err, Doctor Kymar's - office to pick up a PADD before returning to work on Lieutenant Grissom who was injured while fixing a plasma conduit ::
(21:40:58) TKirr: CO: It is good to see you both again. Thank you for finding us.
(21:41:28) CSO_LCdr_Wright: TKirr: Thank you for... not being dead. :: slight grimace at how weird that sounds ::
(21:42:22) CO_Capt_Harper: :: lets go of T'Kirr :: Sorry, I could not help it—those illogical emotions, you know. And you are welcome, but it was the only thing we could do.
(21:42:40) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: still sometimes hears that last transmission before the shuttle exploded in her mind when she closes her eyes ::
(21:42:58) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: wonders if maybe now she can finally let that go ::
(21:43:13) MED_Ens_Morsby: ::listens to exact nature of injury and nods, then sets to work setting the cast on Yonkers, but not before giving her a hyposray painkiller::
(21:45:01) MED_LCdr_Tav: :: looks up, then steps over to Morsby and Yonkers and looks at the work. :: MED: You reset the bone, right?
(21:45:29) TKirr: CO: It's quite all right. It...suits the situation.
(21:45:54) CO_Capt_Harper: :: nods to T'Kirr, then steps back and nods to Lexy :: Four to beam up, then.
(21:46:58) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: signals Atlantis that they are ready to beam up, expecting to energize right away ::
(21:47:16) CO_Capt_Harper: ACTION> The four beam up.
(21:47:58) Ian: :: smiles, bringing out the crow's feet around his eyes, as their new home vanishes around him, replaced by the familiar transporter room ::
(21:48:06) MED_LCdr_Tav: :: looks over Morsby's work :: That's a very nice cast. It really is. But... um... well, it's... uh... it's quaint. :: picks up the osteogenic stimulator which quickly knits the bones back together and makes eye contact with Yonkers. :: Yonkers: There. How does that feel?
(21:48:46) TKirr: :: takes in the transporter room, simply pleased at being back ::
(21:48:59) Ian: :: turns to look at T'Kirr :: Now we're home.
(21:49:06) CSO_LCdr_Wright: CO: I believe the Admiral and Captain are expected in Sickbay, Captain Harper.
(21:49:57) TKirr: Ian: Agreed. :: slightly fond expression ::
(21:50:14) CO_Capt_Harper: CSO: You are correct. Would you care to take them there while I check in on the bridge? Not that they do not know the way, but the computer will not yet recognize them.
(21:51:24) CSO_LCdr_Wright: CO: Gladly, Captain. :: looks at the rescued pair :: If you'd care to follow me? As soon as we get you checked out, we can get you some clean clothes and refreshments.
(21:52:01) TKirr: CSO: Thank you. :: now that they're back aboard, just that quickly it's as if the past experience on the planet was just a dream, and it feels strange to be out of uniform and have Harper in command ::
(21:52:02) Ian: :: steps down off the pad, almost going to tunic-tug out of habit but isn't in uniform :: CSO: For once, I am actually looking forward to visiting sickbay.
(21:52:33) CSO_LCdr_Wright: Both: I'm sure you know the way, so I'll let you set the pace. :: smiles and escorts them out to the corridor ::
(21:53:36) Ian: CSO: Assuming it's where we left it... :: heads on out toward the TL ::
(21:54:01) CO_Capt_Harper: :: watches them go, almost giddy, knowing the overall situation is still grim, but this is a ray of hope ::
(21:54:25) TKirr: :: walks with Ian and Wright out into the corridor ::
(21:55:04) CO_Capt_Harper: :: also heads out into the corridor but to a different TL :: Bridge.
(21:56:08) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: laughs :: Both: It is, I promise the ship hasn't changed THAT much.
(21:57:12) Ian: CSO: Smells the same. I had rather gotten used to fresh air.
(21:57:22) CO_Capt_Harper: :: arrives on the bridge and enters ::
(21:57:27) TKirr: Ian: And natural gravity.
(21:58:01) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: nods :: Both: Those are the hardest things to give up for shipboard life, I think. And weather.
(21:58:18) Ian: Both: Indeed. But, I'll take it.
(21:58:33) TKirr: Ian: So will I.
(21:58:54) Ian: :: enters the TL and directs it to sickbay, out of habit, but it ignores him ::
(21:59:18) CO_Capt_Harper: :: crosses to the center of the bridge :: XO: We did it.
(21:59:51) CSO_LCdr_Wright: TL: Sickbay. Ian: Sorry, Admiral. Are you familiar with an Admiral Smith at Starfleet Command?
(22:00:19) XO_Cdr_Vallero: :: grins widely upon seeing Harper and at her comment :: CO: That's good news!
(22:01:31) Ian: CSO: Yes. Bit of a disagreeable sort. I think he was in line to fill Zuriyev's chair.
(22:01:57) CO_Capt_Harper: XO: Incredibly so.
(22:02:48) CSO_LCdr_Wright: Ian: More disagreeable than you know. If we weren't about to arrive at Sickbay, I'd tell you all about it right now.
(22:04:05) Ian: :: empathically picks up on a few choice emotions :: CSO: There will be time. I wish you all didn't have to go through what you did.
(22:04:42) CSO_LCdr_Wright: Both: Sorry. I'm just so... angry about what's happened to you, and to us, and to Starfleet. I will help however I can to make it better. :: the TL arrives ::
(22:05:27) Ian: CSO: I know you will. :: smirks :: You're a far cry from the Ensign Wright that joined us.
(22:05:37) XO_Cdr_Vallero: CO: :: leans on his chair arm :: What's the next step?
(22:06:09) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: exits the TL and escorts them down the corridor, trying not to blush at Ian :: Both: Thank you, Sir. Oh, and we have a new doctor... he's... interesting.
(22:06:20) CO_Capt_Harper: XO: Depends on whether or not they wish to retake command. In the meantime, we need to clean up that site. Have everything beamned up to the cargo bay.
(22:06:42) TKirr: :: just listens to Wright and Ian's conversation ::
(22:07:12) Ian: Ahhh, interesting doctors... :: remembering Slade as he enters sickbay ::
(22:07:46) XO_Cdr_Vallero: CO: On it. :: begins by looking over the scans of the site and communicates with the transporter rooms ::
(22:08:10) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: looks around Sickbay :: Both: I was told they had an exam area prepped for you...
(22:08:20) MED_LCdr_Tav: :: turns to see who's coming through the door this ti- he stops dead cold. Here they are. Flashbacks hit, of the last time he talked to Blackthorne, of telling his CO he was going on an extended leave to bury his family, only to return for his CO's and XO's funeral. For a moment, it's too much and his eyes well up, before he brings it barely under...
(22:08:32) MED_LCdr_Tav: :: ...control. :: Ian: Adm... Admiral. It is so good to see you. :T'Kirr: Captain. :: finally he can't hold back. A starfleet officer, now reduced to someone about to be a pile of Trill on the floor. He steadies himself on the biobed between them as the history and moment prove to be overwhelming and heaves. ::
(22:08:35) TKirr: :: looks curiously around Sickbay as they enter ::
(22:09:00) Ian: :: blinks :: Dr. Tav!
(22:09:26) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: rushes over to Tav :: MED: Tav! How can I help you? :: tries to remember her medical training ::
(22:09:33) MED_Ens_Morsby: Tkirr: Hello, how can we treat you today?
(22:10:38) Ian: :: rushes over, then remembers this is sickbay ::
(22:11:14) CSO_LCdr_Wright: MED: Dr. Morsby, these are the two crew members that we just rescued... you know, the rescue we've been working on for the past ... while?
(22:11:38) Ian: Tav: Are you alright, doctor?
(22:11:59) TKirr: :: sees Tav, surprised, but is distracted by a voice. For a moment she looks back to Tav and, seeing Ian engaging him, distractedly responds to Morsby :: MED: You clearly know who I am. Ian and I have just arrived from the planet.
(22:12:00) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: patting Tav on the back while she explains to Morsby with exasperation ::
(22:12:01) MED_LCdr_Tav: :: looks up :: Ian: Sir. It is so very good to see you.
(22:12:18) MED_Ens_Morsby: CSO: Yes of course, they were held captive by Section 31
(22:12:53) Ian: Tav: And you, my friend. When last I saw you, it was not under the best of circumstances.
(22:13:05) CSO_LCdr_Wright: MED: Correct. And so they are here for the medical examination that the Captain ordered?
(22:13:34) TKirr: :: approaches Tav :: MED: It's very good to see you again, Doctor Tav.
(22:14:08) MED_LCdr_Tav: Ian: No, sir. And then to come back so we could all launch empty caskets for you. I saw the DNA samples from the shuttlecraft and... :: embraces Ian and T'Kirr ::
(22:14:37) Ian: :: hugged again :: I'm told it was quite the ceremony.
(22:17:10) MED_LCdr_Tav: Ian: It was. Even that Chief Tactical Jerk was good. :: ain't holding much back ::
(22:17:16) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: signals for cleanup now that Tav seems okay, and turns back to Dr. Morsby :: MED: Dr. Morsby. Is there an examination area set up for the Admiral and Captain, or not?
(22:17:51) Ian: :: notes that Tav seems to be OK, the heave was just from a powerful sob :: Tav: I'll have to watch it. After all, how often does one get a chance to watch that.
(22:18:34) MED_LCdr_Tav: :: composes himself :: Ian: Not often, sir. : CSO: We've prepared an area, right over here. :: points ::
(22:20:23) Ian: :: dutifully follows along to the exam area :
(22:20:37) CSO_LCdr_Wright: MED: Thank you, Dr. Tav. :: leads the exiles both to the exam area ::
(22:20:52) XO_Cdr_Vallero: :: gets the transports going and monitors the situation on his arm chair, conversationally :: CO: So...I guess with the Admiral and Captain work here is done.
(22:21:04) MED_Ens_Morsby: ::remembers to go to exam area too::
(22:21:23) CO_Capt_Harper: XO: How do you mean?
(22:21:48) TKirr: :: follows Wright through Sickbay ::
(22:22:26) XO_Cdr_Vallero: CO: I'm assuming they wish to be reinstated to their positions...well, our positions.
(22:23:37) MED_LCdr_Tav: :: now composed and feeling much better also follows into the exam room, not ready to let them be in a different room just yet. ::
(22:24:02) CO_Capt_Harper: XO: Likely, yes. Ah, forgive me, I had not considered what there would be for you to do.
(22:24:19) CSO_LCdr_Wright: MEDS: Doctors, I will leave this to you. Ian/T'Kirr: If you'll pardon me for a moment, I will replicate clothing for you. Would you prefer uniforms, or something else?
(22:25:11) Ian: :: looks to T'Kirr then back to Wright :: CSO: Civilian attire would be fine, for now, since we are technically dead.
(22:25:31) XO_Cdr_Vallero: CO: :: grins :: Oh, don't worry about it. This is for the best...after all... :: lowers his voice so that only Harper can hear :: I only got this assignment to influence you, didn't I?
(22:25:49) CSO_LCdr_Wright: Both: I'm fairly certain the computer should still have your clothing preferences on file. I will return shortly.
(22:25:58) CO_Capt_Harper: :: eyes him :: XO: Yes... should we move to the ready room?
(22:26:39) XO_Cdr_Vallero: CO: We can do that.
(22:27:37) CO_Capt_Harper: SCI: You have the bridge, Lieutenant. :: enters the RR ::
(22:27:42) XO_Cdr_Vallero: :: follows ::
(22:28:27) SCI_Lt_TLira: :: looks over :: CO: Aye sir. :: looks around the bridge and decides that no one will notice if she remains here to run scans to satisfy her own mildly paranoid nature ::
(22:29:09) CO_Capt_Harper: :: once the door shuts behind them, doesn't even bother to go to her desk, she turns to him :: XO: Alright...?
(22:29:52) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: crosses to the larger Sickbay replicator :: Computer, please replicate one set of casual attire... :: ponders for a moment :: ...according to the size and specification of deceased Captain T'Kirr, and a set of casual attire according to the size and specifications of deceased Vice Admiral Ian Blackthorne.
(22:31:11) XO_Cdr_Vallero: CO: I have no problem giving up Executive Officer. Really, I'm lucky to even still have it. No...I think at this point I would be more useful elsewhere.
(22:31:53) CO_Capt_Harper: XO: Well, I imagine there are plenty of places we can use you. I remember some of your skills from our old days.
(22:33:08) aCMO_LCdr_Tav: :: is glad he has nurses and doctors working around him, and he can just, um, supervise. Yeah. One of the nurses catches his eye who he hadn't yet seen since he returned. She gives him a nod and a concerned look. He looks away from Ian and T'Kirr long enough to give a small smile and nod back ::
(22:34:05) Ian: :: hops up on a biobed as directed and gets scanned ::
(22:34:15) XO_Cdr_Vallero: CO: I think my skills and position within Section 31 would best be used helping to turn things around, but not from on board Atlantis, if you get my meaning. :: eyes steady on Harper's :: I have a lot of making up for things to do.
(22:34:45) CO_Capt_Harper: XO: You... you are asking to leave?
(22:35:03) XO_Cdr_Vallero: CO: I am.
(22:36:38) CO_Capt_Harper: :: takes a long breath :: XO: What would you intend to do? And... :: a tinge concern creeps into her voice :: You are most certainly a marked target.
(22:37:18) aCMO_LCdr_Tav: :: picks up a tricorder and begins scanning. :: Computer: Computer. Run a Level Three scan on Admir... Ian Blackthorne and T'Kirr.
(22:38:05) Ian: Computer> Error. No patient by that name found.
(22:38:44) aCMO_LCdr_Tav: :: sighs :: Computer: Computer, run a Level Three scan on the two patients who are in the room with me.
(22:39:11) Ian: Computer> :: begins scanning ::
(22:39:12) XO_Cdr_Vallero: :: smiles forcibly :: Oh, it's probably best if you don't know the details, what with commanding officers being kidnapped for information and all...just know that I'm on your side.
(22:39:14) Ian: :: scanned ::
(22:40:12) CO_Capt_Harper: XO: What you are asking requires serious trust...
(22:41:12) XO_Cdr_Vallero: CO: Is it asking any more trust than keeping me as your executive officer?
(22:42:16) CO_Capt_Harper: :: meets his eyes again :: XO: No. What I would not give for Blackthorne's empathic ability. But... you are not asking him.
(22:43:45) XO_Cdr_Vallero: :: sighs and looks fondly at Harper :: CO: We would have made a good team in another life. :: shrugs :: Just let me go. I'm thinking about contacting this McKnight officer of yours, to start with. I'm sure I'll find my way from there.
(22:44:46) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: finds that the Computer appears to have replicated the casual clothing she remembered seeing Ian and T'Kirr wear in the past, picks up the packets of folded clothing and walks back toward the exam room, attempting not to invade privacy ::
(22:45:29) CO_Capt_Harper: XO: Alright, Daniel. Perhaps I will be proven an idealistic fool by history, but your actions lately have convinced me. We can not risk taking you anywhere, but I can spare a runabout.
(22:47:58) XO_Cdr_Vallero: CO: :: nods, sighs with finality and sobers from his mock-casual attitude :: Captain. I hereby officially resign from Executive Officer of Atlantis and request a leave of absence from any further duties within Starfleet.
(22:49:12) CO_Capt_Harper: XO: Granted. Stay in touch with what you find, and please, be careful.
(22:49:52) XO_Cdr_Vallero: :: smirk returns to one side of his face :: CO: You'll see me again, Kathryn.
(22:50:24) CO_Capt_Harper: XO: I had better. :: permits him the use of her first name again :: And Daniel—
(22:50:43) CO_Capt_Harper: XO: We -did- make a good team, despite it all.
(22:51:35) XO_Cdr_Vallero: CO: :: grins widely again, genuinely touched :: We did. Thank you for that.
(22:53:06) CSO_LCdr_Wright: aCMO: Dr. Tav? How's the examination coming?
(22:53:33) CO_Capt_Harper: :: smiles back at him, eyes moistening :: XO: You are welcome. Now go, and help fix the rest of this mess.
(22:54:16) XO_Cdr_Vallero: :: simply nods and excuses himself from the RR, not stopping as he passes through the Bridge, but does take one last look ::
(22:54:31) SCI_Lt_TLira: :: lifts an eyebrow, wondering where Vallero is going ::
(22:54:37) aCMO_LCdr_Tav: :: looks up at Ian and T'Kirr :: All: The two of you are in surprisingly good health. Whatever you've been eating down there is exactly what your bodies need. You've obviously been working out, as you've increased your muscle mass 23% since your last scan. No sign whatsoever of malnutrition.
(22:55:24) Ian: aCMO: Not so much working out, as just hard work, but yes, it was strenuous.
(22:55:26) CSO_LCdr_Wright: aCMO: Permission to enter the exam room?
(22:56:36) TKirr: :: eyebrows and appraises Ian's musculature ::
(22:56:50) Ian: :: flexes a bit, here and there, while he sits ::
(22:57:32) XO_Cdr_Vallero: :: enters his quarters, takes a quick look around, and begins packing what little is actually his ::
(22:57:48) CO_Capt_Harper: :: wipes at her eyes, but doesn't remove his XO status just yet, waiting for the runabout to depart ::
(22:58:29) aCMO_LCdr_Tav: CSO: Come in, please.
(22:59:11) CO_Capt_Harper: :: exits to the bridge ::
(22:59:26) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: enters the exam room and smiles at Tav, then at Ian and T'Kirr :: Both: Your clothing preferences were still on file. :: hands them the packets of folded clothes :: aCMO: Are they cleared to leave Sickbay, Doctor?
(22:59:33) SCI_Lt_TLira: :: looks over at Harper, the eyebrow going up again, but to a lesser degree this time ::
(22:59:40) TKirr: :: takes the clothing gratefully ::
(23:00:05) Ian: CSO: Ah, these are indeed my usuals, thank you.
(23:00:34) aCMO_LCdr_Tav: Computer: Computer. Based on DNA and the scans you just took, who would you say are sitting in front of me?
(23:00:45) XO_Cdr_Vallero: :: takes his small bag and makes for the shuttlebay, thinking to himself how well this turned out, considering he should be dead, and with his new resolve begins making preparations in his mind ::
(23:01:05) CO_Capt_Harper: SCI: I have the bridge. Anything to report?
(23:01:10) CSO_LCdr_Wright: Both: Once you are cleared to leave, then please dress and meet me by the exit, and we'll proceed to the next step.
(23:01:35) aCMO_LCdr_Tav: Computer: The scans of these patients most closeley resembles those of Ian Blackthorne, deceased, and T'Kirr, deceased.
(23:01:38) SCI_Lt_TLira: CO: Nothing has occurred in your absence, Captain. It appears as though no one knows of our presence in this system.
(23:02:01) aCMO_LCdr_Tav: Computer: Computer, these are Ian Blackthorne and T'Kirr. Please reinstate their medical records.
(23:02:16) aCMO_LCdr_Tav: Computer> Medical records reinstated.
(23:02:23) CO_Capt_Harper: :: begs to differ, much has occurred :: SCI: Thank you, Lieutenant.
(23:05:22) aCMO_LCdr_Tav: Computer: Register and grant access to Ian Blackthorne and T'Kirr, same shipboard clearances they had while still the commanding and executive officers of the ship. Authorization, Tav Theta Alpha Gamma 47..
(23:05:44) Ian: I feel more alive already.
(23:06:06) aCMO_LCdr_Tav: Computer> Ian Blackthorne and T'Kirr have been registered and now have access to all areas of the ship and all computer systems.
(23:06:52) TKirr: :: reaches for Ian's hand and squeezes it ::
(23:07:19) Ian: :: returns the squeeze :: Thank you doctor.
(23:07:24) CO_Capt_Harper: PAUSE SIM
(23:07:26) CO_Capt_Harper: PAUSE SIM
(23:07:27) CO_Capt_Harper: PAUSE SIM