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(21:19:04) CO_Capt_Harper: BEGIN SIM
(21:19:04) CO_Capt_Harper: BEGIN SIM
(21:19:05) CO_Capt_Harper: BEGIN SIM
(21:20:20) CO_Capt_Harper: :: pauses a moment, considering :: Doug: We will need the Atlantis.
(21:20:56) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: blinks a few times and turns to Kate just as she speaks, instead turns back and says nothing ::
(21:21:55) ColDougMcKnight: :: Frowns :: Kate: Well, then we need a plan. Because it's going to take a lot more than the three of us for a grab and dash.
(21:22:46) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: gets that determined set to her jaw and turns back to Kate :: CO: I know there are others who can be trusted.
(21:22:49) MED_Ens_Morsby: ::in the lounge, making an egg at a replicator::
(21:23:43) MED_Ens_Morsby: ::egg appears, whole and unboiled. Morsby enters in, Prepared Egg. Egg returns, boiled, but still in its shell.::
(21:24:05) CO_Capt_Harper: Both: We likely do have people aboard that are in on this, but if I tell the crew the truth, I have to believe that the majority of the crew would help us.
(21:24:28) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Sits in the big chair, sighing, knowing something is going on, onboard either the ship or the station... maybe both.:: Self: What... and why? ::He murmures to himself.::
(21:25:05) ColDougMcKnight: :: Shakes his head. :: Kate: That may be, but it's still not going to get you clear of Vinland.
(21:25:24) SCI_Lt_TLira: :: in her quarters, reading by the window with a mug of tea nearby, slowly cooling ::
(21:25:34) MED_Ens_Morsby: ::Enters new command, Chicken Egg, Prepared, Sunny Side Up. Egg comes back, boiling hot.::
(21:26:28) CO_Capt_Harper: Doug: Mmm... and after that incident with the Enterprise, security was tightened considerably...
(21:28:12) XO_Cdr_Vallero: :: on the Bridge, since Harper is not ::
(21:28:21) CSO_LCdr_Wright: Both: Any possibility we could... ah, create? Some orders?
(21:28:40) MED_Ens_Morsby: ::Sighs, Chicken Egg, Prepared, Sunny Side Up, chilled to 25 degrees. Egg comes back, chilled to 25 degrees fahrenheit.::
(21:28:49) ColDougMcKnight: :: Begins pacing in thought. :: We DO have some assets I haven't mentioned yet. I came here by ship. It's a small, experimental Marine Corps vessel. It's not designed for a fight, but, uh...huh?
(21:28:58) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Turns noticing Vallero.:: XO: Hello, Commander. How long have you been there, my boy?
(21:28:59) ColDougMcKnight: :: That last bit directed at Wright, naturally. ::
(21:29:18) CO_Capt_Harper: Both: Yes, of course, all that is holding us here is a lack of clearance, so if we could forge departure orders we could appear to leave legitimately.
(21:29:30) CSO_LCdr_Wright: McKnight: You know... some orders for us to leave that will hold up long enough for us to get out?
(21:29:53) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: talking with her hands ::
(21:31:26) CO_Capt_Harper: :: considers the Marine vessel as well, now that he mentioned it :: Doug: Perhaps your ship could depart and send those orders, if possible to forge them.
(21:36:06) CSO_LCdr_Wright: CO: We'd need to recall the crew somehow... casually...
(21:37:25) CO_Capt_Harper: CSO: If the orders were urgent, perhaps not.
(21:37:26) ColDougMcKnight: Wright: No need for casual if we've been ordered away. And...yeah, the Minuteman could send the message without giving itself away. It was pretty much designed to lawyer its way around the Treaty of Algeron.
(21:38:00) XO_Cdr_Vallero: ENG: Just checking in. How's she doing?
(21:38:05) ColDougMcKnight: Wright: So...can you? Forge orders like that? Or failing that, enlist someone who could?
(21:39:07) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: XO: Something is wrong, commander. I am unsure as to what.
(21:39:26) CO_Capt_Harper: :: running through that mental chain of people everyone has that knows someone that might know someone that has less-than-legal methods ::
(21:39:31) CSO_LCdr_Wright: McKnight: I, uh... :: looks at Kate, then back at Doug :: ...Er, I can't say that I've ever... :: gets a sudden sly look :: Buuuut I think I know who might have some experience in this arena.
(21:39:53) CO_Capt_Harper: CSO: Ilaihr.
(21:40:07) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: grins and nods at Kate ::
(21:40:31) XO_Cdr_Vallero: ENG: :: frowns, having not checked in for some time and hearing this for the first time, not knowing what Ilaihr's talking about :: What makes you say that?
(21:41:14) CO_Capt_Harper: Both: Think we should call him down now, or let the.. Minuteman, you said? -depart now while we work on it.
(21:41:57) CSO_LCdr_Wright: CO: I think now is good, he might need some time or additional input. But it's up to you two.
(21:42:43) CSO_LCdr_Wright: CO: I was just talking to him a short while ago, so it wouldn't seem odd for me to summon him.
(21:43:23) CO_Capt_Harper: CSO: It would seem odd for you to summon him to my quarters though, yes? I could ask to speak to him in the ready room without issue. I am still the Captain, at least for now.
(21:43:39) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: XO: The main computer is malfunctioning... I do not believe it is an error.
(21:44:01) CSO_LCdr_Wright: CO: But McKnight...?
(21:44:20) CSO_LCdr_Wright: CO: We should probably keep his presence as secret as possible.
(21:44:29) CSO_LCdr_Wright: CO: Until we know who can be trusted.
(21:44:44) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: XO: Diagnostics will not initiate... even after a full AI core shutdown.
(21:45:15) ColDougMcKnight: Both: Ilaihr, Ilaihr...the old guy? The one who wanted to step out and play pilot while everyone was working on those crush can things? Can't say I really know the guy, so I'll leave that to you. But dispatching the Minuteman doesn't do us much good until it has something to transmit.
(21:45:25) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: XO: Something is happening, that someone does not want us to see.
(21:46:38) CSO_LCdr_Wright: CO: We were working on the AI core, so I could summon him to some obscure Jeffries tube... depending on how clandestine you wanna get.
(21:46:42) CO_Capt_Harper: Doug: Yes, him. His background would make him likely to be able to do such a thing, and I am fairly certain he can be trusted with this. And if he is not with us then this will be a short trip.
(21:47:10) CO_Capt_Harper: Both: Let us cut to the base, shall we?
(21:47:11) XO_Cdr_Vallero: ENG: :: gets a chill at Ilaihr's words, but keeps a calm facade :: ENG: You're sure Vinland isn't bypassing something? Maybe they're working on it?
(21:47:38) CO_Capt_Harper: *ENG* Harper to Ilaihr.
(21:47:45) ColDougMcKnight: Kate: I...actually missed that. Sure. Cut away.
(21:48:45) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Notices something off about Vallero but is interrupted in his thought by the comms.:: *CO*: Come in captain. How may I be of assistance.
(21:49:03) XO_Cdr_Vallero: :: listens ::
(21:49:48) CO_Capt_Harper: *ENG* Lieutenant, the computer terminal in my quarters is behaving strangely, and Lt. Quinn is occupied with more pressing matters. Please come down and check it.
(21:50:23) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: runs through her crewmates in her mind, weighing the trustworthiness of each - obviously trusts Vallero the least, but is willing to admit that she could be biased on account of not liking him even a little ::
(21:51:18) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Feels uncomfortable leaving the bridge right now, but has been summoned by the Captain, so must obliged.:: *CO*: I shall be there momentarily, Captain.
(21:52:10) CO_Capt_Harper: *ENG* Thank you, lieutenant. Harper out. Both: Here we go.
(21:52:54) CSO_LCdr_Wright: Both: If anyone is resourceful enough to pull this off, I believe it's Ilaihr. Otherwise... :: shrugs ::
(21:53:01) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: XO: I must leave you commander... do call if anything else is amiss. ::Walks to the turbolift, but pauses.:: Is everything alright, commander?
(21:53:20) XO_Cdr_Vallero: ENG: Maybe you'll get a clue down there. Keep me advised. I'll wait here if you need me.
(21:53:42) XO_Cdr_Vallero: ENG: Yeah, just fine. See you later.
(21:54:29) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Enters the TL reluctantly, and instructs it to the Captain's Chambers.::
(21:54:30) ColDougMcKnight: :: Fishes an isolinear chip out of his jacket's breast pocket, and hands it to Harper. :: Both: Okay. Well, I'm going to make myself scarce, and get to working on Plan B. But when you have something for me, plug this in and fire up your comm terminal. There's a message hidden in static that we'll be able to decode.
(21:55:17) CO_Capt_Harper: :: takes it :: Doug: Alright... and thanks.
(21:55:39) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: smiles at McKnight ::
(21:57:01) ColDougMcKnight: :: Grins. :: Kate: Hell, you think I haven't wanted to raise the blood pressure of a few dickhead Admirals over the years? This is going to piss off quite a few. Good luck, all of you.
(21:57:23) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Steps off the TL, and walks down the corridor, before coming to Harper's door. With a ratatattat, he knocks with his cane.::
(21:57:38) CO_Capt_Harper: Doug: And to you.
(21:57:43) CSO_LCdr_Wright: McKnight: And to you, Sir.
(21:57:49) ColDougMcKnight: :: Steps into the closet at Ilaihr's knock, and shuts the door behind him. ::
(21:58:12) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: looks at Kate :: ...
(21:58:16) CO_Capt_Harper: :: stares at the closet, making a note to check into that later, then answers the door :: Come!
(21:58:50) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: gives Ilaihr a little waist-height wave when he walks into the room ::
(21:59:13) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Enters.:: CO: Good day Captain. CSO: Commander Wright. ::Nods.::
(21:59:50) CO_Capt_Harper: ENG: Lieutenant. Please, right this way. :: gestures into the bathroom, where the water is still running and the fan is on :: Humor me.
(21:59:52) XO_Cdr_Vallero: :: sits pensively on the Bridge for a minute, then busies himself attempting to find whatever problems in the computer Ilaihr mentioned ::
(22:00:22) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: walks into the bathroom first ::
(22:01:05) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Arches an eyebrow.:: CO: Of course, Captain. ::Follows.::
(22:01:17) CO_Capt_Harper: :: follows and closes the door :: Lieutenant...
(22:01:31) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: CO: You wish to ask me something?
(22:02:01) CO_Capt_Harper: Ilaihr, what I am about to tell you may sound unbelievable, but know that I have it from the most reliable of sources. An organization known as Section 31 has taken control of Starfleet and the Presidency. They staged the deaths of Admiral Blackthorne and Captain T'Kirr. They are alive, and we need your help.
(22:02:28) CSO_LCdr_Wright: ENG: You were the first and only person I thought of that might be able to pull this off.
(22:04:04) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: CO: They have renewed their efforts then. ::Sits down at the side of the bath, taking in the information, with a smile.:: I am glad they are alive though.
(22:05:01) CO_Capt_Harper: :: blinks, then finds herself unsurprised :: ENG: What we need from you, and I realize what I am asking here, is to know if you can forge departure orders for Atlantis so that we can go after them.
(22:06:10) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: Self: Hmmm.... they will need to be good forgeries. I assume Atlantis is being watched.
(22:06:14) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: leans forward, waiting eagerly for his answer ::
(22:06:29) CSO_LCdr_Wright: ENG: Only good enough to get us out and a little bit away.
(22:07:06) CO_Capt_Harper: :: nods at Lexy :: ENG: Exactly. Once we are no longer trapped in here, we will be alright.
(22:07:38) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: CO: How much doing you know about Section 31 captain?
(22:08:21) MED_Ens_Morsby: ::12 attempts later, he is seated ona comfy recliner, eating his eggs, and reading::
(22:08:23) CO_Capt_Harper: ENG: I had only heard rumors before. Ilaihr, please, can you do this forgery?
(22:10:03) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: CO: Very well... but to fool the eyes of their operatives. It will need to be the best... It can be done.
(22:10:52) CO_Capt_Harper: ENG: How long do you need?
(22:11:09) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: CO: When do you require it?
(22:11:18) CSO_LCdr_Wright: ENG: The sooner, the better.
(22:11:30) CO_Capt_Harper: :: nods emphatically ::
(22:12:45) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Nods.:: CO: I used to have a 'guy' for this sort of work... it should take no more than 2 hours.
(22:13:38) CO_Capt_Harper: ENG: Then go, get started, and work quickly. And thank you.
(22:13:51) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: gives him an encouraging smile ::
(22:14:04) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: CO: We will need to talk about Section 31 at a later date, Captain.
(22:14:36) CSO_LCdr_Wright: ENG: When the timing is less urgent, perhaps? :: hinting heavily ::
(22:14:37) CO_Capt_Harper: ENG: Certainly. With what I have learned, they will also be talking about us quite a bit more, very soon now.
(22:14:55) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Smiles at the pair, nodding, and takes his leave.::
(22:15:20) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: turns to Kate :: CO: What do you need from me?
(22:16:29) CO_Capt_Harper: :: exits the bathroom once he leaves, cutting the water and fan :: CSO: Merely everything.
(22:17:12) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: follows :: CO: I love it when you're so specific. :: sarcastic grin ::
(22:18:01) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Disappears with his Ilaihr magic, to a place he can work undisturbed.::
(22:18:58) CO_Capt_Harper: CSO: What we are about to do... well, it is unprecedented. It will mean, at the least, the loss of our careers, but what good are they now anyway? It will take every bit of skill everyone aboard has. So yes, I need everything from you. Because you I can trust.
(22:20:40) CSO_LCdr_Wright: CO: Then trust that I am at your disposal, darling, because we're in this together. :: grins ::
(22:21:18) CO_Capt_Harper: :: pulls Lexy into a tight hug ::
(22:21:23) CO_Capt_Harper: ACTION> Two hours pass...
(22:23:14) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Another knock comes at the Captain's door.::
(22:23:35) CO_Capt_Harper: :: jumps from her cup of tea :: Come in!
(22:23:37) CSO_LCdr_Wright: CO: Right on schedule.
(22:24:12) MED_Ens_Morsby: ::In his quarters, reading, his stomach full::
(22:24:18) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Enters.:: CO: I believe your terminal should now be functional, Captain. ::Smiles.::
(22:24:40) CO_Capt_Harper: :: quirks the corner of her mouth up :: ENG: Indeed? Thank you, lieutenant.
(22:24:48) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Places a PADD on the table.::
(22:25:28) CO_Capt_Harper: :: nods and picks it up ::
(22:26:26) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ~CO/CSO~: The metadata was challenging. But it should be successfully authenticated.
(22:26:53) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: puts down her own PADD and stands, moving to the terminal ::
(22:27:16) CO_Capt_Harper: :: crosses to the terminal and inserts the isochip McKnight provided ::
(22:27:18) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Smiles, hoping the voice in their heads isn't unsettling.::
(22:28:03) CO_Capt_Harper: :: narrows her eyebrows, forgiving the intrusion given the circumstances, but has been around enough presumptuous Betazoids in her time to be used to it by now ::
(22:28:26) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: still finds that unsettling, but tries not to let on, and reminds herself not to answer out loud ::
(22:28:55) CO_Capt_Harper: ENG: Thank you, lieutenant. My terminal does appear to be working again.
(22:29:04) CEO_LtQuinn: ACTION> Roughly a minute later, the tell tale chirp indicates an incoming message.
(22:30:14) CO_Capt_Harper: ENG: You may return to your normal duties.
(22:30:54) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Nods:: CO: You are very welcome, Captain. ~CO~: Do not hesitate to call, should you require my assistance again. CSO: Always a pleasure, Commander.
(22:30:54) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: stepping out of frame from the terminal video, just in case ::
(22:31:02) CSO_LCdr_Wright: ENG: Likewise, Lieutenant.
(22:31:07) CO_Capt_Harper: :: nods to Ilaihr ::
(22:31:32) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Disappears in the blink of an eye again, like he does.::
(22:31:42) CO_Capt_Harper: :: once Ilaihr leaves, she answers the call ::
(22:31:53) ColDougMcKnight: Audio only> *CO* Flyboy get it done?
(22:32:12) CO_Capt_Harper: *Doug* Indeed.
(22:32:27) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: seeing that the video was not activated and recognizing McKnight's voice, steps closer again ::
(22:35:13) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Returns to the bridge, no longer as concerned about the computer issues. But wonders when someone will be sent to finally kill him, but laughs unconcerned.::
(22:35:37) ColDougMcKnight: *CO* Well, this may not be a fever dream after all. In...4 minutes, on the dot, Vinland's sensor array goes into a diagnostic cycle. You'll have less than a minute unobserved. I'm transmitting very precise transporter coordinates.
(22:37:28) CTO_Maj_Wolfe: :: steps aboard Atlantis, on his way to his quarters, after some heavy synthehol usage ::
(22:38:37) CO_Capt_Harper: :: eyes the PADD, then gets his meaning ::
(22:38:43) ColDougMcKnight: *CO* Get me that recording, and we'll do the rest.
(22:39:06) CO_Capt_Harper: *Doug* Understood.
(22:40:09) CSO_LCdr_Wright: CO,quietly: Run to the Transporter Room, or site-to-site? I guess there will be a record either way.
(22:40:57) CO_Capt_Harper: CSO: No time to get there, has to be site-to-site... :: constructs a S2S request with precise coordinates and an exact time and forwards it directly to Ilaihr ::
(22:41:36) CO_Capt_Harper: :: puts the PADD on the table with nothing around it ::
(22:41:39) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: frets, since there's nothing else for her to do for the time being ::
(22:42:02) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Takes up the ENG console.:: XO: Hello again, Commander. I trust there have been no further issues since I have been gone?
(22:42:05) CO_Capt_Harper: CSO: Get to the bridge. We are expecting an incoming transmission, after all, and should our Ops officer not be there to receive it?
(22:42:26) CSO_LCdr_Wright: CO: I guess I could wander up there... casually...
(22:42:50) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: pecks Kate on the cheek and dashes out to the TL ::
(22:42:58) CTO_Maj_Wolfe: :: finishes stumbling his way to his quarters and steps inside, his mind on his bed
(22:42:59) CTO_Maj_Wolfe: ::
(22:43:03) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Notices the communique at his console, quietly sets up it parameters, casually conversing with the commander.::
(22:43:15) CO_Capt_Harper: :: thankful that they changed into uniforms in those two hours instead of the dresses they had on in the museum ::
(22:43:37) XO_Cdr_Vallero: :: having pored through the computer, looking up from his concentration :: ENG: Nothing I can be sure of. You'll have to be more specific on what problems you were seeing. How did it go down there?
(22:44:27) CO_Capt_Harper: ACTION> A few minutes later, the site-to-site transport happens, on schedule, and the PADD disappears from Harper's quarters.
(22:45:40) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: XO: Oh, it was a simple issue, with a simple piece of technology... I was however called away, by my own interest with the ship's issues, and visited the main computer for answers.
(22:46:04) CO_Capt_Harper: :: watches the space where it was, hoping it's now where it needs to be ::
(22:46:42) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: practices acting natural as the TL rises, then walks out fairly normally when it arrives at the bridge shortly after the transport and realizes immediately that Vallero is here, but feigns ignorance :: ENG: Lieutenant, I never heard from you after rebooting the AI core, how... :: double-takes convincingly at Vallero :: XO: Excuse me, Commander, my apologies.
(22:47:31) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: XO: I could not ascertain where the problem lay. ::Turns to Wright.:: CSO: Ah, Commander. I was just informing the Commander.
(22:47:38) CO_Capt_Harper: :: realizes that those orders could come in any minute and she could be summoned to the bridge, she puts her hair up in the updo so she looks like she normally does ::
(22:47:53) XO_Cdr_Vallero: CSO: No need. Go on.
(22:48:29) CSO_LCdr_Wright: XO: Very well. ENG: Then, the problem was corrected by the reboot?
(22:49:06) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: CSO: The reboot did nothing to alleviate the issue at the time. ::Begins another diagnostic, for show.::
(22:49:37) ColDougMcKnight: ACTION> The result isn't immediate, as the hidden Marine ship needs to put some distance between itself and Vinland so as not to immediately give itself away by the transmission. But some fifteen minutes later, Vinland gets a transmission, ordering Atlantis to the neutral zone to monitor a buildup of Romulan Star Empire forces.
(22:49:59) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: XO/CSO: I am hopeful however... Atlantis and I had a pleasant conversation...
(22:50:42) CSO_LCdr_Wright: ENG: Well, I'm a bit perplexed by the situation.
(22:52:26) CO_Capt_Harper: ACTION> After verifying the orders, Vinland forwards them on to Atlantis.
(22:54:32) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: looks over when her console chirps :: Both: Huh... has it been doing that before now? :: walks over and wakes up her console ::
(22:55:29) XO_Cdr_Vallero: :: watches Wright, still pondering the situation ::
(22:55:35) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: CSO: That is a new noise.
(22:56:16) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: leans down and looks at the message :: XO: Commander, we are ordered to depart immediately for the neutral zone to monitor a buildup of Romulan Star Empire forces. Permission to recall the crew?
(22:57:31) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: Self: That hardly seems out of character for the Star Empire of late.
(22:57:56) XO_Cdr_Vallero: :: straightens, surprised :: CSO: Where is the order from?
(22:58:17) XO_Cdr_Vallero: :: can't help but want to know specifics, considering ::
(22:59:37) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Gets that strange feeling from Vallero again, but contiues listening to his handy work.::
(22:59:40) CSO_LCdr_Wright: XO: From... Star Fleet Command? :: looking at him like "who else?" ::
(23:00:21) XO_Cdr_Vallero: CSO: Right.
(23:00:39) XO_Cdr_Vallero: *CO* Harper to the Bridge. We have new orders.
(23:01:02) CO_Capt_Harper: *XO* Understood, on my way.
(23:01:07) CO_Capt_Harper: PAUSE SIM
(23:01:08) CO_Capt_Harper: PAUSE SIM
(23:01:08) CO_Capt_Harper: PAUSE SIM