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(21:19:25) CO_Capt_Harper: BEGIN SIM
(21:19:26) CO_Capt_Harper: BEGIN SIM
(21:19:27) CO_Capt_Harper: BEGIN SIM
(21:20:08) CO_Capt_Harper: :: in the center seat, reviewing the terms of the proposed treaty on her PADD, so she knows what to offer the Romulan Prelate ::
(21:20:30) CTO_Major_Wolfe: :: tacks back and forth from one foot to the other at his post ::
(21:20:35) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: checks the transporter locks on the away team for the five-thousandth time while coordinating everyone moving back and forth, her deep scan of the area behind the flotilla stull running out of paranoia ::
(21:20:45) XO_Cdr_Vallero: :: on the Bridge with a slightly troubled expression, doing a good job at hiding it to the common glance ::
(21:21:02) SCI_Lt_TLira: :: scans the refugee flotilla occasionally, making sure all is still good over there ::
(21:22:36) NAV_2Lt_Suzuki: :: running through possible maneuvers for every possible combat scenario, both defensive and offensive with regard to the flotilla ::
(21:22:49) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: @::Is essentially running around the Romulan ship, fixing things as he goes, occasionally bleating something about the teaching of Surak.::
(21:23:34) TAC_2LT_Randen: :: Continues to escort the medical aide team on one of the Romulan ships. ::
(21:24:09) SEC_1Lt_Kuari: @ :: follows Illaihr around, guarding him and ignoring his occasional outbursts in favor of watching Romulans closely ::
(21:24:46) CMO_Cmdr_Kymar: @::kneels down next to a small Romulan child, his mother sitting close by with a worried look on her face as he gently runs the tricorder probe across the boy's chest::
(21:27:00) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: @::As he and Kuari walk through the corridors, he can't help but notice the state of the people.:: SEC: They are not quite the same Romulans I remember.
(21:27:48) CO_Capt_Harper: :: finally believes herself to be ready for this important diplomatic negotiation, takes a deep breath :: CSO: Commander, get me Proconsul Voresh again. Perhaps we can make some friends today.
(21:28:25) CSO_LCdr_Wright: CO: Aye, Captain. On the main viewer, or...?
(21:28:30) SEC_1Lt_Kuari: @ :: blinks at Ilaihr through her helmet, considering his comment, then asks :: ENG: What do you mean?
(21:28:38) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: tips head toward RR ::
(21:30:15) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: @SEC: This is more like the tales of old; The Sundering, I believe they called it.
(21:30:23) CO_Capt_Harper: :: ponders a moment ::
(21:31:24) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: @SEC: A terrible point in their history, it was very nearly the end of their people, before they had even really begun.
(21:32:11) SEC_1Lt_Kuari: @ :: ponders Ilaihr's words, easily keeping pace alongside him ::
(21:32:14) CO_Capt_Harper: CSO: I want everyone to see this. On the main viewer, please.
(21:32:16) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: @SEC: However, like then, they shall prevail now. ::Smiles.:: You watch, my dear.
(21:32:36) XO_Cdr_Vallero: :: looks up to the main viewer, having been listening, and pauses his perusing of reports ::
(21:33:13) CSO_LCdr_Wright: CO: Aye, Captain. :: hails the flotilla, puts the video on the main viewer ::
(21:34:45) SEC_1Lt_Kuari: @ ENG: I appreciate your optimism. I will watch.
(21:35:47) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: @SEC: They are a people who strive under great adversity. Much like their Vulcan brethren.
(21:37:13) Proconsul_Voresh: @::looks up, tired and haggard, but giving off the confident aura of someone used to leadership:: *CO*: Captain HarperI'd like to start off with our gratitude for your help, we had heard of a different Federation that this one as children, and I am glad to see that some things aren't true.
(21:38:51) CO_Capt_Harper: :: leans forward in her chair and clasps her hands, offering a smile :: *Voresh* And with the reports I have received on how our people have been received, I am certainly glad to hear what we are told about your people is also not true.
(21:39:27) Proconsul_Voresh: @::offers the Captain a brief touch of a smile:: *CO*: A good start to this relationship, then. A base of truths.
(21:40:25) CO_Capt_Harper: *Voresh* And from that grows mutual understanding, yes? Proconsul, I have good news.
(21:40:58) SCI_Lt_TLira: :: watches the discussion with interest, wondering if this will indeed resolve peacefully with minimal conflict ::
(21:41:28) XO_Cdr_Vallero: :: watches Voresh, inwardly surprised by what he's hearing but squints suspiciously, studying Voresh easily as he's supposed to be paying attention ::
(21:41:33) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: wishing she could somehow casually turn around and observe Vallero ::
(21:41:47) Proconsul_Voresh: @::sits back in her chair, arms cushioned by the rests as she looks over at Captain Harper across the vastness of the neutral zone:: *CO*: You have found space for my people, I hope?
(21:42:28) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: @::Stops at a damaged power conduit. Kneels down, placing his cane against the wall, he begins the job of repairing it; still mindful of those around him.::
(21:43:59) CO_Capt_Harper: *Voresh* I have been in contact with our diplomatic corps, and while I regrettably could not get a place for you here just yet, I was able to secure official Federation aid for all Republic worlds.
(21:44:17) CMO_Cmdr_Kymar: @::loads a hypspray of the baseline Federation vaccination kit for Romulans and presses it to the boy's arm with a smile:: Romulan Mother: There. The swelling should go down in a few hours, and he'll be back to his usual self by tomorrow. Make sure he gets plenty of fluids, okay? ::he nods to his security contingent to make sure they dole out enough water rations to her, clasping her hand briefly before getting up::
(21:44:42) SEC_1Lt_Kuari: @ :: stops with Ilaihr, studies the power conduit briefly to make sure it's safe as far as she can tell, but the engineer is a better judge in this case, and cranes her neck to watch people critically ::
(21:45:48) Proconsul_Voresh: @::she tilts her head slightly, holding Harper's gaze:: *CO*: What aid does that entail, Captain, and what timescale? Most of my people have no home to go back to.
(21:46:26) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: @SEC: You must relax, my dear Lieutenant, they can sense your trepidation.
(21:47:34) CO_Capt_Harper: *Voresh* The time frame would be immediate; as soon as a signed treaty makes it to our diplomats, ships would be dispatched. They are well-aware of the urgent need of your people, since I made that point clear. We want to help you establish a strong Republic that can be a valued friend.
(21:48:33) SEC_1Lt_Kuari: @ ENG: Oh I'm not afraid...I'm just doing my duty.
(21:50:54) CO_Capt_Harper: :: raises her clasped hands in front of her mouth and leans a bit on them, watching the Proconsul ::
(21:51:41) Proconsul_Voresh: @::taps her fingers lightly on the arm rests of her chair, looking at the viewscreen:: *CO*: Is that a week, a month, six months? I hope you understand my urgency as well, Captain Harper, but this fleet is no home for any length of time and going back without aid would be a death sentence.
(21:53:07) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: @SEC: I know. ::Smiles.:: But your appearance affords you some of their caution; you are afterall, a dragon. That caution will stand out greatest in potential attackers.
(21:53:20) CO_Capt_Harper: :: tilts her head up a bit from her hands :: *Voresh* Days for the initial ships to arrive, with quantum slipstream drives. Then the warp ships follow. We are pledging food, medical aid, and infrastructure rebuilding.
(21:54:07) CEO_LtQuinn: :: Pokes his head out from a service tunnel on one of the larger Romulan ships and calls out to one of the beleagured technicians. :: Okay, let's give it a test fire!
(21:54:14) Proconsul_Voresh: @::she watches Harper's face for truth, looking into her eyes:: *CO*: What does the Federation ask for in return?
(21:54:26) SEC_1Lt_Kuari: @ ENG: If anyone wants to attack you, they'll think twice. I won't have to do anything.
(21:55:26) CEO_LtQuinn: :: Has been working to correct a destructive resonance pattern in the impulse drive, owing to some damaged mountings. It's been putting an awful strain on the structural integrity field. ::
(21:55:27) CO_Capt_Harper: :: with sincerity and concern in her voice :: *Voresh* Merely a trade agreement, once the Republic is on its feet... and friendship. After all these years of distrust.
(21:56:43) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: @::Chuckles.:: SEC: I am not quite as helpless as I appear, my dear. ::Smiles at her, as he finishes up with this conduit.:: But the company is certainly appreciated.
(21:57:06) Proconsul_Voresh: @::she spreads her hands:: *CO*: The Federation has been discussing trade with Republic worlds for months, I cannot speak for each individual world, or sign away the product of hard working Romulans in the space of a heartbeat.
(21:58:53) SEC_1Lt_Kuari: @ :: glances down at Ilaihr :: ENG: I'm sure you are. But really, we're trained to be this way. I would be watchful for anyone. It's my job.
(22:02:03) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: @::Laughs, reaching for his cane as he stands up.:: SEC: You are much like the Twins... a better conversationalist though. ::Begins trotting off, in an arbitrary direction.::
(22:03:11) CO_Capt_Harper: *Voresh* I understand that, Proconsul; this treaty does not require immediate agreement to the trade clause. Just that your Proconsuls meet with our diplomats to actually try to make this work.
(22:03:28) CO_Capt_Harper: :: is barely breathing, with the pressure of making history on her shoulders ::
(22:04:22) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: has definitely picked up on Harper's tension by now, but again can do nothing for the moment ::
(22:04:23) SEC_1Lt_Kuari: @ :: follows Ilaihr, wondering if she should ask who the twins are, standing on two legs to watch over Ilaihr's head as the walkable area in the corridor narrows ::
(22:05:07) Proconsul_Voresh: @::she nods slightly, finding those terms more agreeable:: *CO*: I will agree on the condition that the Federation relief vessels return with the fleet, we will remain here until they arrive. not know if all of the vessels could make it back to the home systems in tact.
(22:05:40) CEO_LtQuinn: @Romulan technician: One eight quarter...half impulse! No sign of build toward destructive resonance.
(22:06:23) CEO_LtQuinn: @:: Nods :: Okay. Time to run, then. Bring it up to full, and run a few wide laps around the fleet for a few minutes while we monitor.
(22:07:32) CO_Capt_Harper: :: forces herself to refrain from jumping out of her chair, but instead offers a wide smile, dropping her hands :: *Voresh* That is wonderful news, Proconsul. We will transmit the treaty to you immediately for your scrutiny. If it is agreeable I will relay it at the highest priority so that the aid ships can make it here as soon as possible.
(22:08:17) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: @SEC: They were my bodyguards. ::He blurts out, as he gazes around the corridor wondering what shall take priority.::
(22:09:09) Proconsul_Voresh: @::nods, holding herself up regally in her chair:: *CO*: I look forward to reading the documents through with my aides, Captain. With luck, they will be returned to you very soon.
(22:09:43) CO_Capt_Harper: *Voresh* Then until we speak again, Proconsul. And I hope this to be the beginning of a long friendship.
(22:10:12) XO_Cdr_Vallero: :: straightens a bit, understanding the importance of the situation, if the Romulans are actually being genuine, and glances at Harper a couple of times ::
(22:10:49) Proconsul_Voresh: @::she nods, smiling briefly once more:: *CO*: As do I, Captain Harper. Voresh out. ::she waits for the viewscreen to shut off before she lets out a long breath and collapses, even more tired that before from holding up the necessary visage::
(22:11:06) CO_Capt_Harper: :: sits back into her chair with a sigh of relief ::
(22:11:21) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: closes the channel and turns to Kate with a wide smile :: CO: Well done, Captain.
(22:11:38) XO_Cdr_Vallero: CO: Well done, Captain.
(22:11:41) SCI_Lt_TLira: :: nods very slightly in approval and returns to her scans ::
(22:12:05) CO_Capt_Harper: CSO,XO: Thank you. :: would rather be back in a Mustang, diplomacy is hard ::
(22:12:16) CO_Capt_Harper: CSO: Transmit that treaty we received to them.
(22:12:51) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: transmits as requested :: CO: Transmission complete.
(22:13:06) Proconsul_Voresh: @::makes the necessary preparations, alerting her aides to go over the documents once received then getting reports from each ship and notifying them of what's happening::
(22:15:21) CO_Capt_Harper: XO: Now we wait. History may have very well been made today.
(22:16:03) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: @::Laughs to himself. It is actually the Romulans who say, "Never turn your back on a Breen.:: SEC: They would have liked it here.
(22:16:09) XO_Cdr_Vallero: CO: It will certainly be difficult to wait to find out.
(22:16:16) CO_Capt_Harper: XO: I know it.
(22:16:24) CSO_LCdr_Wright: Self: Hopefully history remembers us fondly.
(22:17:09) CEO_LtQuinn: :: Several minutes and an all stop later, Quinn is handing over a repair report with a grin. :: Okay! We muscled the thing back in place, welded the supports, and reinforced the unit with duranium struts. So long as you don't go that long again without real maintenence, it'll still hold up twenty years from now.
(22:18:05) CTO_Major_Wolfe: :: does not express it, but he respects the way Harper handled the situation ::
(22:18:07) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: @::Stumbles across a malfunctioning environmental control unit; a slight mist of water vapour surrounding it.::
(22:19:04) Proconsul_Voresh: @::sits with them, these people she's known for over a decade, poring over the documents from the Federation. After much deliberations, clarification and struggle, they finally sign the documents and set them to be transmitted back to the Atlantis::
(22:19:12) CO_Capt_Harper: :: eyes the RR door, knowing that Blackthorne's bar is just beyond, but restrains herself ::
(22:20:36) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: @Self: This will take a bit more... ::Plods into the work, sleeves up and all.::
(22:21:04) XO_Cdr_Vallero: :: checks over the latest report from Wolfe, scans of the fleet compared to earlier's scans ::
(22:21:21) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: receives the transmission and looks at it with surprise :: CO: ... they've returned the signed documents already, Captain.
(22:21:50) CO_Capt_Harper: CSO: Forward them immediately to the Diplomatic Corps, Priority One!
(22:22:57) CSO_LCdr_Wright: CO: Do you wish to review them first?
(22:23:59) CO_Capt_Harper: CSO: Of course, yes. :: calms herself ::
(22:24:26) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: sends them to Kate's console ::
(22:24:36) CTO_Major_Wolfe: :: still stands at the ready at Tactical, even though the chances of an altercation have hopefully been reduced. ::
(22:24:50) CO_Capt_Harper: :: brings them up on her PADD, and scrolls through, looking at the highlighted changes, which boil down to only the signatures ::
(22:26:11) CO_Capt_Harper: CSO: The documents are as they say, a signed treaty. Forward them along, Priorty One.
(22:27:25) CSO_LCdr_Wright: CO: Right away, Captain. :: sends the documents via encoded Priority One transmission to Starfleet Diplomatic Corps, attn: Ambassador Blackthorne ::
(22:27:44) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: @::Hums to himself, as he fiddles with buttons and wiring.::
(22:28:37) CO_Capt_Harper: :: can't stop a smile from spreading across her face as the realization sets in that they succeeded :::
(22:30:03) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: is happy that Kate's happy, but skeptical that things seem to be proceeding so quickly and smoothly... but keeps that thought to herself for now ::
(22:30:31) XO_Cdr_Vallero: :: despite his suspicions, he can't help but appreciate Harper's delight :: CO: Can I prepare the documents for you so you can admire the signatures?
(22:31:05) CO_Capt_Harper: XO: No need. Just look what we have accomplished today, Daniel. :: gestures at the scans he was perusing :: Not just with the treaty.
(22:31:10) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: @SEC: Tell me of your people, Lieutenant. I am always curious to know more.
(22:31:36) Proconsul_Voresh: @:;lets out a breath as they get confirmation of the documents being certified by Atlantis and forwarded to the Diplomatic Corps. She nods to her friends, watching as they depart, leaving her along in the room to realise the weight of her actions and the hope it might bring for the tens of thousands of souls in the fleet::
(22:32:30) XO_Cdr_Vallero: :: arches an eyebrow at use of his first name on the Bridge, but doesn't personally mind, and looks to where she's pointing, considering ::
(22:33:03) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: the word "Daniel" didn't escape her notice, either, for the record ::
(22:39:31) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: @::The mist around the unit begins to dissipate, but does noticeably seem to be moving down the corridor.:: Self: Another one appears to be malfunctioning. ::Continues on the repair crusade.::
(22:40:46) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: watches for incoming transmission from the Diplomatic Corps, not sure what else to do ::
(22:41:45) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: @SEC: What is your homeworld like? I imagine, high mountains and great plains.
(22:42:19) CO_Capt_Harper: :: also waits, absently looking at reports from the flotilla ::
(22:43:25) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: reads incoming message :: CO: We've received an acknowledgement from Blackthorne's office and a notice that arrangements are being made to dispatch ships.
(22:44:08) CO_Capt_Harper: CSO: Wonderful news. XO: We will remain here providing aid until they arrive to relieve us.
(22:44:49) SEC_1Lt_Kuari: @ ENG: A lot like that last planet we were on, and some of Earth, too. The gravity is stronger where I'm from, though.
(22:45:51) XO_Cdr_Vallero: :: nods at Harper's indirect orders and begins making preparations for duty rosters ::
(22:46:16) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: looks down at her deep scan, assuring herself that healthy paranoia is healthy ::
(22:46:25) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: @::Chuckles.:: SEC: Alot more habitable than where I'm from, then.
(22:47:52) SEC_1Lt_Kuari: @ ENG: A lot of ice, right?
(22:49:15) SCI_Lt_TLira: :: hopes nothing untoward happens that would ruin this peace ::
(22:49:28) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: @::Nods:: SEC: As far as the eye can see. Which is why I must stop off at Antarctica everytime I visit Earth.
(22:50:24) CO_Capt_Harper: PAUSE SIM
(22:50:25) CO_Capt_Harper: PAUSE SIM
(22:50:26) CO_Capt_Harper: PAUSE SIM