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(21:26:20) CO_Capt_Harper: BEGIN SIM
(21:26:21) CO_Capt_Harper: BEGIN SIM
(21:26:23) CO_Capt_Harper: BEGIN SIM
(21:27:27) SEC_1LT_Syvek: :: crawling his way toward the cave mouth with a broken leg, tapping at his comm badge regularly, trying to get through the rock ::
(21:29:46) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: having successfully collected samples of the glowing fungus and a number of other interesting things in the cave, Lexy and Kate have packed out their haul and retired to the cobalt-blue sands of the beach for a well-deserved break ::
d(21:29:48) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Gazes around the Alpha site, looking for someone to talk to about the tremor. Earthquakes make Aenar and Andorians... uneasy.::
(21:30:16) XO_Cdr_Vallero: :: trudges into the main beam-down site with a conflicted expression, a frizzy purple goat following him ::
(21:30:17) SEC_1LT_Syvek: :: stumbles out the cave's entrance and onto the ground and slaps his commbadge again and says for what seems like the fiftieth time :: *comm* Syvek to Atlantis. Medical emergency!
(21:31:49) CMO_Cmdr_Kymar: ::looks up from his console on the bridge as the communication comes through, standing up and overriding the Ensign with the conn:: *Syvek*: This is Atlantis! Hold on - Syvek, is T'Lira with you, what's your situation?
(21:32:24) CMO_Cmdr_Kymar: ::snaps his fingers at the person manning science:: aSCI: Quickly, see if you can find where that's coming from and get a transporter lock. Should be three lifesigns.
(21:33:37) SEC_1LT_Syvek: *CMO* Lieutenant T'Lira was caught in a rockslide while in a cave, caused by a quake. She is mostly buried and I am unable to free her due to my injuries. We could not use our commbadges from inside the cave, so transport may not be possible.
(21:33:39) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: has deposited her field gear in a pile near the jungle next to Kate's, runs giggling into the surf ::
(21:34:57) CO_Capt_Harper: :: drops the last of her clothing into the pile and chases Lexy into the water ::
(21:35:30) XO_Cdr_Vallero: :: stops and half-turns, desperately waving off the alien goat he's not supposed to touch :: Goat: Shoo!
(21:36:16) NAV_2Lt_Suzuki: :: beams into Alpha site, looking a bit banged up but not seriously injured ::
(21:36:33) CMO_Cmdr_Kymar: ::keeps a calm head and nods, looking over the results from the close-range scan:: *SEC*: We'll try and get your out of there, Lieutenant - what was her status, is she conscious?
(21:38:19) SEC_1LT_Syvek: *CMO* She is not conscious, but I was able to dig enough free her head, so she is breathing.
(21:38:27) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Continues and gaze around and pace, noticing Suzuki and her injuries just beaming in. Waves down the lieutenant.:: NAV: Are you alright, my dear?
(21:38:38) XO_Cdr_Vallero: :: fumes as the goat just stops and stands some distance away, not backing off ::
(21:38:49) CMO_Cmdr_Kymar: ::curses the results:: *SEC*: The heavy-metal content in the rocks is interfering with transporters and communications, we'll need to send a party down to you. ::he switches comms quickly, looking for the nearest person on the planet:: I'll be there with a team shortly, Syvek. See if you can get back to her, try and bring her around.
(21:39:12) SCI_Lt_TLira: :: is indeed breathing at the moment, despite the heavy rocks ::
(21:39:24) TAC_2LT_Randen: :: A fish is happily swimming across the lake, minding it's own business when suddenly a spear head bursts through it's side. On the other side of the fish it's revealed that Randen is holding the spear. He stands breaking though the surface of the water and holds the speared fish high in the air giving a primal 'This is Sparta' kinda yell. :: AAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!! :: He then walks out of the lake to his camp to uncere
(21:39:28) SEC_1LT_Syvek: *CMO* Yes, doctor. :: stoically crawls back into the cave, pain etching new lines into his face with every movement ::
(21:42:31) NAV_2Lt_Suzuki: :: notices Ilaihr when he speaks to her :: ENG: Hello, Lieutenant. My injuries are minor, I believe. :: walks over to him and dumps her gear on the ground :: There was an earthquake while I was climbing that rather suddenly dislodged me from the cliff face.
(21:43:33) CMO_Cmdr_Kymar: ::opens up comms:: *XO/SEC_Randen*: Commander Vallero, Lieutenant Randen, prepare for emergency transport. There's a medical situation involving Lieutenants Syvek and T'Lira.
(21:43:38) SEC_1LT_Syvek: :: manages to make his way back to T'Lira and finds that she is still breathing, and there's not much else he can do with his limited field medic first-aid type training ::
(21:43:58) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: NAV: I felt it... it was a bad omen... ::Looks at her with concern.:: You must sit, catch your breath a moment...
(21:44:02) XO_Cdr_Vallero: :: turns from the stubborn goat and looks at the people at the Alpha site, wondering if anyone's watching that would have a better idea than shooing ::
(21:44:26) TAC_2LT_Randen: to unceremoniously prepare and cook the fish for supper that night. ::
(21:45:35) CSO_LCdr_Wright: CO: I can honestly say I've never snorkeled in the nude. :: pulls on her mask and fins ::
(21:45:49) SEC_1LT_Syvek: SCI: Lieutenant? T'Lira, can you hear me?
(21:46:30) CO_Capt_Harper: CSO: :: puts on her own :: I do not know how anyone even lives without nude snorkeling.
(21:46:31) XO_Cdr_Vallero: *CMO* :: sobers :: Standing by.
(21:48:38) CMO_Cmdr_Kymar: ::gives the OPS officer on duty a nod:: aOPS: I want my surgical kit down there with me, Commander Vallero and Lieutenant Randen. Energise.
(21:49:25) SEC_1LT_Syvek: :: getting no answer, he puts a hand on her face and reaches for her mind once more ::
(21:49:44) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: takes a moment to fix the picture of Kate nude in the surf (aside from snorkeling gear) in her mind before grabbing the sample case bobbing atop the water nearby :: CO: Shall we head south along the coast?
(21:50:14) SEC_1LT_Syvek: ~SCI~ T'Lira.
(21:50:58) CO_Capt_Harper: CSO: Sounds great! :: lunges forward into the water, and once horizontal, effortlessly kicks foward as she stretches out ::
(21:51:46) SCI_Lt_TLira: :: takes a moment to respond :: ~SEC~ Syvek? What... what happened?
(21:52:08) CO_Capt_Harper: ACTION> Commanders Vallero and Kymar, along with 2LT Randen, appear at the cave mouth, with the doctor's surgical kit.
(21:52:18) XO_Cdr_Vallero: PurpleGoat> O_O
(21:52:37) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Looks over her injuries.:: NAV: Do you know of any others who may have been injured?
(21:52:52) SEC_1LT_Syvek: ~SCI~ A rockslide. You are unconscious. I cannot free you, but have managed to contact the ship for help. Can you wake up?
(21:53:54) XO_Cdr_Vallero: :: looks around upon landing and sees he's with Kymar and Randen :: CMO: Which way?
(21:53:58) SCI_Lt_TLira: ~SEC~ If I could, I do not know how. I will try.
(21:54:01) NAV_2Lt_Suzuki: ENG: I was alone, so no. You say you felt it as well? What were your coordinates?
(21:54:19) CMO_Cmdr_Kymar: ::looks around at the other two and grabs his kit:: XO/TAC: Rockslide, Syvek and T'Lira are injured. ::he points towards the mouth of the cave, green blood stains on the rocks trailing inside:: Through there.
(21:54:59) SEC_1LT_Syvek: ~SCI~ Focus on me, and follow. :: starts to bring himself toward consciousness ::
(21:55:12) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: NAV: I was by the waterfront, a few miles away; the ocean flattened for a moment.
(21:55:23) XO_Cdr_Vallero: :: nods and removes his tricorder from his hip, scanning the structure of the cave ::
(21:55:35) SCI_Lt_TLira: :: struggles to focus, but manages to follow ::
(21:56:15) SEC_1LT_Syvek: :: opens his eyes and blinks a couple of times, then watches her face as he pulls the hand away ::
(21:56:16) XO_Cdr_Vallero: CMO, TAC: It's stable, for now. Let's go. :: leads the way down into the cave, following the blood ::
(21:56:27) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: sweeping her fins through the water as she swims next to Kate, points out an interesting formation a few meters further away from shore ::
(21:56:48) CMO_Cmdr_Kymar: ::follows along with, slinging his kit across his shoulder and pulling out his medical tricorder:: XO: Hopefully they're not far
(21:57:07) CO_Capt_Harper: :: takes a breath and dives down to get a closer look, a few kicks down and she's there ::
(21:57:24) SCI_Lt_TLira: :: struggles to consciousness, noting the pain first. Not wanting to make a sound, as that would likely bring more pain, she settles for wincing and trying to open her eyes ::
(21:57:28) TAC_2LT_Randen: :: Follows the pair into the cave. ::
(21:57:40) SEC_1LT_Syvek: SCI: T'Lira.
(21:57:42) NAV_2Lt_Suzuki: ENG: The ocean flattened? Interesting, I did not think it that large of a tremor. Perhaps the epicenter was a significant distance out to sea.
(21:58:31) SCI_Lt_TLira: :: nods :: SEC: Syvek... :: coughs slightly, but regrets that. These rocks certainly aren't very forgiving ::
(21:58:43) CMO_Cmdr_Kymar: ::spots them up ahead, gesturing: XO/TAC: There! ::dashes forward and slides to his knees beside the two Vulcans, assessing their condition visually as he opens up his medical kit on the ground::
(21:58:55) CO_Capt_Harper: :: takes several pictures of the formation and nearby fish with the camera in her mask ::
(21:59:08) SEC_1LT_Syvek: CMO: Doctor.
(21:59:23) CMO_Cmdr_Kymar: XO: Commander, see to Syvek's wound. ::he looks up to Randen:: TAC: See if you can move some of these rocks, and get some light in here. ::he turns back to his patients:: SEC: Well done, Syvek, it'll be alright.
(21:59:36) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Nods.:: NAV: It is possible... If it is the case there may be aftershocks.
(21:59:58) CMO_Cmdr_Kymar: ::starts running a medical scan of T'Lira, moving the probe across her with a surprisingly steady hand:: SCI: T'Lira, can you hear me? It's Doctor Kymar...
(22:00:02) SCI_Lt_TLira: :: winces again :: CMO: Doctor?
(22:00:39) XO_Cdr_Vallero: :: kneels next to Syvek and scans his wound ::
(22:00:56) CMO_Cmdr_Kymar: ::he lets out a very quiet breath of relief at hearing her voice:: SCI: I'm here, it's okay. Don't try to move, you've got multiple fractures, some internal heamorraging - the pressure from the rocks is helping to stem the internal bleed, I can fix it.
(22:01:01) SEC_1LT_Syvek: CMO: Thank you, doctor. :: turns over and lies on his back, finally giving out from exhaustion and pain ::
(22:01:13) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Notices in his haste to return to camp, he forgot his equipment.:: NAV: Do you have a tricorder?
(22:01:21) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: the pair swim down to a curious structure, several cubic meters in size, not unlike coral reefs in Earth's oceans, a microhabitat harboring a wide variety of oceanic organisms :: CO: :: signals that she's going to take samples, then does so ::
(22:02:22) SCI_Lt_TLira: CMO: That may... explain... why it hurts... to speak. :: has no intentions of trying to move with these unfriendly rocks ::
(22:03:09) CO_Capt_Harper: :: files the mental image of Lexy floating nude underwater away for herself, then goes back to cataloging ::
(22:03:25) XO_Cdr_Vallero: CMO: Syvek's leg's broken. You didn't bring a splint in that bag, did you?
(22:03:55) CMO_Cmdr_Kymar: ::puts his tricorder to one side now that he has the information he needs, prepping a hypospray of Rexalin, just a small dose to ease the pain before pressing it lightly to T'Lira's upper arm:: XO: There's a mobile osteotractor in the kit, the flat thing, looking like a...a shoe horn.
(22:04:40) NAV_2Lt_Suzuki: ENG: There is one in my pack. :: rummages through her gear and produces a tricorder with a large crack down the side :: Ah. It seems I was not the only one that was injured in the fall. :: tries to get it to respond, but to no avail :: It's broken, I'm afraid.
(22:05:11) XO_Cdr_Vallero: :: careful not to disturb Syvek's leg, gets up and moves to Kymar's kit, finding the flat device and returning to Syvek, along with a hypo of pain reliever ::
(22:05:17) CMO_Cmdr_Kymar: ::sets up the tricorder to do internal scans of the bleed, keeping one eye on the readout as he gabs a nanosuture, knowing exactly where everything is in his personal kit without the need to turn and look::
(22:06:22) CMO_Cmdr_Kymar: ::gently he starts to make small repairs to her spleen, closing the tear millimetre by millimetre:: SCI: Talk to me, T'Lira. Tell me where it hurts.
(22:06:28) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: NAV: Its quite alright, my dear. I shall acquire another. You should tend to your injuries, and most importantly the shock you will most certain be experiencing.
(22:06:48) CMO_Cmdr_Kymar: ::his eyes flicker to the tricorder, the baby's lifesigns in the corner getting a little stronger as the internal bleed is repaired::
(22:07:16) SCI_Lt_TLira: :: manages to lift her eyebrow :: CMO: At the moment... it is quite... difficult to determine... exactly where... it hurts.
(22:07:53) CMO_Cmdr_Kymar: ::smiles lightly:: SCI: Just start listing off body parts, that'll work too.
(22:08:18) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: carefully places the samples in the case and snaps it closed, letting it bob to the surface on its tether, rising to the surface herself and blowing water from her snorkel, popping out the mouthpiece while she waits for Kate ::
(22:08:47) XO_Cdr_Vallero: :: carefully sets Syvek's leg after administering the anasthetic, thinking he really should go through the first aid course again soon ::
(22:08:51) SCI_Lt_TLira: CMO: As I said... it hurts... to speak. I find... it illogical to continue... to do so... excessively.
(22:09:08) CMO_Cmdr_Kymar: ::finishes his work and does a scan of the area, not liking the hurried suture but noting blood pressure starting to rise:: SCI: Your child is doing okay, but we need to get you back to the ship as soon as possible. ::looks over at Randen::
(22:09:12) NAV_2Lt_Suzuki: :: looks around :: ENG: Do you know where I might find a medkit?
(22:09:14) CO_Capt_Harper: :: watches her swim up with a smile, then kicks once and arcs to the surface ::
(22:09:24) CMO_Cmdr_Kymar: TAC: Lieutenant, any luck? Can we get some of this rock moved?
(22:09:34) SEC_1LT_Syvek: XO: Thank you, Commander.
(22:09:44) CMO_Cmdr_Kymar: ::smiles back down at T'Lira:: SCI: Talking keeps you awake, awake keeps you alive.
(22:10:07) SEC_Lt_Kuari: :: looks down at the box in Wolfe's hands, then looks back up at him, eyes wide and expectant ::
(22:10:27) CSO_LCdr_Wright: CO: That was a great find! Did you get good images?
(22:10:30) SCI_Lt_TLira: :: nods very slightly :: CMO: That's... that's good. Very good. But... while life is... certainly nice, I... do not believe... I wish... to be awake... at the... moment.
(22:10:44) TAC_2LT_Randen: :: Struggles to lift the heavy rock for the Doctor, getting results if slowly. ::
(22:11:16) CO_Capt_Harper: :: crests the water and floats :: CSO: I did indeed!
(22:11:33) XO_Cdr_Vallero: SEC: You're very welcome. Thank *you* for your service to Lieutenant T'Lira.
(22:11:55) TAC_2LT_Randen: :: Holds it in place. :: CMO: Now try.
(22:12:00) SEC_1LT_Syvek: :: shakes his head :: XO: She is the one that saved my life, Commander.
(22:12:16) CMO_Cmdr_Kymar: ::preps a hypospray of Inaprovaline to improve blood flow, wanting the child to get as help as possible:: SCI: Well, tough shit. ::presses the hypo to her arm then puts it back in his kit::
(22:12:26) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Looks into Suzuki's eye's closely, to gauge whether the question was actual, or a absent minded utterance; a possible indication of the extent of her injuries.:: I shall find one for you. ::Smiles in that genial manner of his.::
(22:12:31) CMO_Cmdr_Kymar: ::nods to Randen:: XO: Commander, give me a hand, we're going to try and move T'Lira.
(22:12:42) CSO_LCdr_Wright: CO: See anything you want to check out next? Or shall we just keep heading south?
(22:12:44) SCI_Lt_TLira: :: the eyebrow lifts again :: CMO: I do not... see how... ah, a metaphor...
(22:13:26) CMO_Cmdr_Kymar: ::smiles down at her and nods:: SCI: Exactly. Now relax, utterly okay? I know you Vulcans are good at that. ::gently takes hold under her arm, waiting for Vallero to get her other side so that they can pull::
(22:13:29) CO_Capt_Harper: CSO: Keep going, I think. Though I can watch some of these little places, teeming with life, for hours.
(22:13:48) XO_Cdr_Vallero: :: finishes up with Syvek and moves to help, crouching down next to Kymar and carefully tries to get a grip on T'Lira ::
(22:14:11) SCI_Lt_TLira: :: doesn't think she's going to like this next part very much ::
(22:14:35) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: nods in agreement :: CO: Me too, honestly. I'm quite torn between trying to see as much of this world as possible and spending quality time with each small wonder she has to offer.
(22:14:36) SEC_1LT_Syvek: :: lies still, the pain dulling somewhat ::
(22:14:51) CMO_Cmdr_Kymar: ::nods to him:: XO: Okay. One...two...three and pull! ::gently, smoothly, tugs on T'Lira to pull her out from under the rocks::
(22:14:52) CTO_Maj_Wolfe: :: keeps his eyes locked on Kaari's as best he can :: SEC: I've read your personnel file, and I can't help but wonder why you didn't receive this earlier. :: opens the box to reveal a small silver bar :: SEC: You have shown exemplary performance in just the time I have been here, harkening to the days of your previous commanding officer. Congratulations, First Lieutenant. :: pulls out the bar as he speaks and... not having an
(22:15:33) XO_Cdr_Vallero: :: pulls with Kymar, trusting his decision to move T'Lira, and concentrates on getting her out without harming her further ::
(22:16:48) CO_Capt_Harper: ACTION> T'Lira is pulled free, but not without difficulty.
(22:16:54) NAV_2Lt_Suzuki: :: is in more pain than she may be letting on, and settles gingerly on the ground, grateful that the old Andorian seems to know his way around the site and is willing to assist her ::
(22:17:18) CO_Capt_Harper: CSO: Exactly! But in this case, swim on, I think! :: bites her snorkel and kicks onward ::
(22:17:35) SCI_Lt_TLira: :: was indeed not thrilled with that, but wasn't willing to make a sound that would worsen the pain, so again settles for wincing and biting the inside of her cheek ::
(22:17:56) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: reinserts her mouthpiece and follows just behind ::
(22:18:31) CTO_Maj_Wolfe: :: ... not having anything to which to pin it, hands it to her. ::
(22:18:40) CMO_Cmdr_Kymar: ::bites his lip and grabs his tricorder, scanning her now that she's pulled entirely out:: Self: Dammit, the some of the sutures popped. Come one....
(22:19:10) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Darts off and around the camp. Is surprisingly sticky fingered for an old geezer, and it doesn't take long until he acquires what he needs.::
(22:19:27) XO_Cdr_Vallero: :: sighs with relief as T'Lira is free, and looks her over, waiting to see how he can help ::
(22:19:34) CO_Capt_Harper: :: lazily kicks along, coasting from momentum just as much as kicking ::
(22:20:01) SEC_1LT_Syvek: :: turns on his side and looks ::
(22:20:47) SEC_Lt_Kuari: :: shifts her weight to receive the pin in her big paw, knowing from experience that people don't generally like handing things into a mouth full of teeth, and looks up in surprise at Wolfe. It wasn't the time or place she was expecting this would happen :: CTO: Thank you, sir!
(22:21:40) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Kneels beside the young woman, taking a few scans of her injuries.
(22:21:41) CMO_Cmdr_Kymar: XO: We need to get her back to the ship. Now. ::get grabs another hypo and loads it with a cartridge of netinaline, setting the dosage small and injecting the stimulant into T'Liras stomach::
(22:22:04) CMO_Cmdr_Kymar: ::briefly ponder the how gravid she looks, then gets back to doing his job::
(22:22:17) SCI_Lt_TLira: CMO: I would agree... with that... assessment.
(22:22:18) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: NAV: I'm no doctor... but you wont be climbing cliffs for a few days.
(22:23:22) CMO_Cmdr_Kymar: SCI: Okay T'Lira, we're going to move you to the mouth of the cave. The painkillers should be kicking in and i've fortified the child.
(22:24:10) NAV_2Lt_Suzuki: ENG: How bad does it look? May I see?
(22:24:28) CMO_Cmdr_Kymar: TAC: Lieutenant, help Syvek to his feet and walk with us. ::looks over at Vallero:: XO: Commander, mind giving me a hand? ::quickly shrugs off his heavy lab coat, the length of it more than adequate to contain the smaller Vulcan woman, to use it as a stretcher::
(22:24:29) XO_Cdr_Vallero: :: motions for Randen :: TAC: Come, you take her feet. She needs the most support we can give her.
(22:24:35) CO_Capt_Harper: :: takes a breath and dives a meter or so down, just to swim underwater for a bit ::
(22:25:10) SCI_Lt_TLira: :: just nods slightly, still feeling the pain, albeit dulled. ::
(22:25:26) XO_Cdr_Vallero: :: moves opposite Kymar, taking the other corners and tests her weight in the makeshift stretcher gently ::
(22:25:39) CEO_LtQuinn: :: Still working on his short story about irritating aliens of the week getting fucked up by some Klingons. If you can call that work. ::
(22:26:01) CMO_Cmdr_Kymar: ::looks across as the Commander, grabbing his own side, knowing that the stitches will hold - he's sewn them up enough times:: XO: And again. One, two, three...::he lifts::
(22:26:48) CTO_Maj_Wolfe: :: nods at Kuari, then eyes the gun sitting next to her :: SEC: Want to fire off a few more rounds?
(22:27:00) XO_Cdr_Vallero: :: lifts T'Lira, checking her face, but knowing as a Vulcan she's less likely to give clues to her pain, and carefully walks with Kymar towards the cave mouth ::
(22:27:46) SEC_1LT_Syvek: :: gets to his feet with help from Randen and shuffles along behind the entourage ::
(22:28:11) CMO_Cmdr_Kymar: ::walks carefully, his kit banging against his side as he moves, heading for the short walk up to the mouth of the cave::
(22:28:26) CO_Capt_Harper: :: rolls on to her back to wave at Lexy, then rolls back over to surface ::
(22:28:38) SCI_Lt_TLira: :: winces slightly every now and again. This isn't exactly the height of comfort, obviously ::
(22:29:38) SEC_1Lt_Kuari: :: looks at the gun, then back up at Wolfe :: Actually, not really! I don't like it, it's loud!
(22:29:44) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: NAV: We're going to have to amputate....
(22:30:03) NAV_2Lt_Suzuki: :: looks at him in shock ::
(22:30:25) CMO_Cmdr_Kymar: ::gently lays T'Lira and the stretcher down on the soft grass as they exit the cave, then hurriedly taps his comm badge:: *Atlantis*: Kymar to Atlantis. Emergency transport to Sickbay, five to beam up.
(22:30:33) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: laughs into her snorkel and wonders how Kate can hold her breath that long ::
(22:30:39) CTO_Maj_Wolfe: :: smiles :: SEC: Nah, that's okay. There's a stream just 500 meters that way if you want to go for a swim. It's getting kind of warm. :: points ::
(22:30:44) CO_Capt_Harper: ACTION> The medical party beams directly to sickbay.
(22:31:12) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Grins, before showing her the actual results. A number scrapes and sprains and bruises to be, and a small hairline fracture in her wrist.::
(22:31:35) SEC_1Lt_Kuari: :: brightens and pulls out her large earplugs :: CTO: That sounds like fun!
(22:32:21) NAV_2Lt_Suzuki: :: none of her relief shows on her generally expressionless face :: ENG: That is more what I was expecting. Is there a dermal regenerator in that kit?
(22:32:23) CMO_Cmdr_Kymar: ::quickly moves around the biobed where T'Lira gets transporter, switching on the diagnostic equipment and dragging a table across, calling out order to his medical team:: MED: Prep for surgergy, I need an osteotractor, medical transporter and 4 litres of Vulcan blood along with a blood-gas infuser.
(22:33:44) XO_Cdr_Vallero: :: stands off to one side, slapping his comm badge :: *CO* Vallero to Harper.
(22:33:53) CTO_Maj_Wolfe: SEC: Well, let me go in and change to my trunks :: turns and heads into the yurt ::
(22:34:30) CO_Capt_Harper: :: her commbadge was left behind on the beach with her clothes ::
(22:34:35) SEC_1Lt_Kuari: :: waits impatiently for Wolfe, silly clothes ::
(22:34:45) SCI_Lt_TLira: :: looks around the Sickbay as much as she can without turning her head and feels immensely grateful to be out of that cave ::
(22:35:14) CMO_Cmdr_Kymar: ::looks up at the life signs of the child and mother, one much, much stronger than the other, with a stoic detachment as he grabs his equipment, his team pulling everything around them:: SCI: T'Lira, I'm going to have to perform an emergency ceasarean, your body is going through something called crush syndrome - it's easier to filter bad blood out of you than it is the child. Do I have your consent? ::he looked down at the
(22:35:14) CMO_Cmdr_Kymar: young Vulcan girl::
(22:35:23) XO_Cdr_Vallero: *CO* Harper, come in. :: gives up after the second try and watches the doctors tend to T'Lira for a few moments ::
(22:35:38) TAC_2LT_Randen: XO: Aye. :: Grabs Syvek and helps him to his feet. Helps him out behind the rest of the group. ::**
(22:35:48) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Can sense her relief anyway. Rummages through the kit, before handing her the dermal regenerator.:: NAV: How do you feel?
(22:35:58) SCI_Lt_TLira: CMO: What... of course... do it.
(22:37:13) CMO_Cmdr_Kymar: ::nods, turning to another nurse:: Wotesh: I need a life support unit, quickly. ::grabs his nanosuture while the other peopleon his medical team start to prepare the blood gas infuser and load up the blood for transfusion::
(22:37:23) SEC_1LT_Syvek: :: rolls onto a biobed and watches the doctor work ::
(22:37:51) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: watches with cautious wonder as a large assortment of what she mentally names Sea Clouds comes drifting out of the deeper water and floats alongside them, a few meters away ::
(22:37:54) CTO_Maj_Wolfe: :: steps out of the yurt in swim trunks with a towel over his shoulder and begins walking toward the stream. ::
(22:38:00) XO_Cdr_Vallero: CMO: Keep me apprised, Harper's not availabe. I have command, I'll be on the Bridge.
(22:38:11) CO_Capt_Harper: :: no answer, she instead focuses on what Lexy's looking at ::
(22:38:28) CMO_Cmdr_Kymar: ::begins making quick, professional cuts, removing the internal attachments to the placenta:: XO: Of course, Commander ::he answers distractedly as the team preps the surgical transporter unit::
(22:39:20) XO_Cdr_Vallero: TAC: You're welcome to return to the planet, if you wish.
(22:39:45) NAV_2Lt_Suzuki: ENG: I have definitely felt better. :: passes the dermal regenerator over the cuts and scrapes on her limbs before focusing on the spot on her shin that she knows is going to bruise badly ::
(22:40:12) SEC_1Lt_Kuari: :: walks by Wolfe's side towards the water ::
(22:40:49) CMO_Cmdr_Kymar: ::turns his head as the sensors start wailing:: Wotesh: Her heart rate is spiking, hit her with 8ccs of Impedrazine!
(22:41:13) CMO_Cmdr_Kymar: <Nurse_Wotesh> ::quickly grabs the hypo and sets the dosage, hitting T'Lira with it and looking at the monitor:: CMO: No effect, Doctor
(22:41:23) TAC_2LT_Randen: XO: Thanks! :: Heads out to the transporter room to resume his shore leave. ::
(22:42:43) CMO_Cmdr_Kymar: ::quickly finishes making his inscisions, caught between saving mother and child, desperately trying to do both:: Nurse: Begin transport procedure! ::he grabs a hypo on Chlormydride and adjusts the dosage:: Wotesh: 4ccs. ::he presses the hypo to her neck and looks at the monitor, waiting for a change::
(22:42:56) XO_Cdr_Vallero: :: leaves Sickbay, heading up to the Bridge ::
(22:43:15) SEC_1LT_Syvek: :: watches, stoic, but obviously concerned ::
(22:43:58) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: Watches the tribe of Sea Clouds scatter as three dark, streamlined shapes splash into the surf and dart into their midst... slows down, wary of potential danger ::
(22:44:35) CMO_Cmdr_Kymar: ::dials up the dosage:: 6ccs! ::he hits her again, letting out a breath as her vitals begin to normalise:: Wotesh: Inaprovaline drop, 1cc and grab a cardiostimulator. ::he looks down at T'lira briefly, then turns to the life support unit::
(22:45:03) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: NAV: But, luckily, you shall make a full recovery. ::Smiles.::
(22:45:19) CO_Capt_Harper: :: manages to snap a picture of the scene with her mask-cam, then taps Lexy and signals for shore ::
(22:45:25) CMO_Cmdr_Kymar: ::looking inside, he sees the small Vulcan child, a few weeks too early. The monitor blips slowly, too slowly, and he grabs his medical tricorder and begins scanning::
(22:46:13) CTO_Maj_Wolfe: :: comes to the embankment of the river, a short, semi-steep slope, and works his way down. He realizes he hasn't said a word to Kuari since he left the yurt, and isn't sure what to say next. :: SEC: So, uh, I've always been curious... Why are you here?
(22:46:34) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: nods agreement and turns toward the shore, removing her fins when the water gets shallow enough to stand in because she still hasn't mastered the art of walking in them ::
(22:47:30) NAV_2Lt_Suzuki: ENG: Indeed. :: not smiling :: Thank you for your assistance, Lieutenant. I am grateful.
(22:47:38) CO_Capt_Harper: :: sits down on the beach and removes her fins, having walked backwards to that point in them :: CSO: I did not trust those things.
(22:47:57) TAC_2LT_Randen: :: Arrives back at his camp site to find a charcoled burnt fish above his camp fire. He just grabs his spear and heads back out to the lake. :: No good deed goes unpunished...
(22:48:11) XO_Cdr_Vallero: :: reaches the Bridge and relieves Ensign Nobody :: Bridge: Get me Harper's beam down coordinates and her current location. She's probably just busy being happy, but after recent events, I'd like to just make sure.
(22:48:49) CMO_Cmdr_Kymar: ::he shakes his head...he wasn't fast enough. The tricorder shows higher levels of potassium, T'Lira's failing kidneys being unable to fitler it out properly, passing on to the child. He watches as Hyperkalemia begind to affect the nerve and muscle cells::
(22:48:53) CSO_LCdr_Wright: CO: I was concerned as well. But on the other hand, amphibious creautures! I wonder if they were mammalian?
(22:49:02) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Nods.:: NAV: Of course. Do call if you require anything. ::Starts to wander off, taking geological scans.::
(22:49:22) CMO_Cmdr_Kymar: ::he looks up and shakes his head at one of the doctors standing by:: Wotesh: Wake her up.
(22:49:23) CO_Capt_Harper: :: takes off her mask and taps it :: CSO: Perhaps the picture will tell.
(22:49:51) SEC_1Lt_Kuari: :: consideres Wolfe's words, gripping the mud of the embankment and extending her wings slightly to either side for balance :: CTO: Why am I on Atlantis?
(22:50:25) CMO_Cmdr_Kymar: <Nurse_Wotesh> ::just finishes setting the broken bones, repairing what she can and redoing the sutures to T'Lira's insides, making her comfortable at least...then hits her with a higher dosage stimulant to bring her around::
(22:51:05) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: follows suit :: CO: I can hardly wait to look at all of the pictures! :: pulls her tethered sample case to her out of the bobbing surf ::
(22:51:07) CTO_Maj_Wolfe: :: continues down the embankment :: SEC: I guess. More, in the Alpha Quadrant. So far from your homeworld in the Delta Quadrant.
(22:51:22) CMO_Cmdr_Kymar: ::the Sickbay is dead quick as he pushes the life support unit next to the biobed, the side opened up to allow access. He looks down at T'Lira as she comes around, resting a hand lightly on her shoulder:: SCI: T'Lira, can you hear me?
(22:51:38) SCI_Lt_TLira: :: everything is groggy at first, but then she blinks and winces, noting the medical personnel standing around her :: CMO: Doctor...?
(22:52:05) XO_Cdr_Vallero: ENS_Nobody> XO: She and Lieutenant Commander Wright flew down by shuttle. :: brings up an orbital view with several blinking dots on it ::
(22:52:43) CO_Capt_Harper: CSO: I wanted to take one of you, for, well, reasons, but did not.
(22:54:05) CMO_Cmdr_Kymar: SCI: He looks down at her with sympathy in his eyes, his voice level and calm, quiet:: SCI: There were some complications, T'Lira...We...there's nothing more I can do. The trauma was too much, and the placenta was unable to filter out the toxins in your blood.
(22:54:07) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: laughs, blushing :: CO: I wanted one of you for probably the same reason. We could, though, if nobody else would ever see it... :: winks ::
(22:54:47) CMO_Cmdr_Kymar: ::he turns his head and looks at the child laying there on the life support unit, breathing shallowly:: SCI: She doesn't have much time left.
(22:55:32) SCI_Lt_TLira: :: blinks, taking a moment to process exactly what that means :: CMO: Doctor... are you saying...that... that...? :: looks over, reaching for that small part of her mind that the ghost-image of Bril had told her about while she was unconscious in the cave ::
(22:57:03) CO_Capt_Harper: :: Grins :: CSO: I am willing if you are!
(22:57:03) CMO_Cmdr_Kymar: ::he nods gently:: SCI: You have a couple of hours. You're stable for now, you should be awake. ::he stepped to the side, allowing her to reach out to the child if she needs to::
(22:57:52) SCI_Lt_TLira: :: struggles to tamp down on her emotions, her control not being the strongest at the moment :: CMO: May I? Please...
(22:58:13) CSO_LCdr_Wright: CO: You have to swear to me that no one would ever see it but you and me! :: removing the tether strap from her wrist ::
(22:58:48) SEC_1LT_Syvek: :: grimly turns from watching the scene to laying on his back and looking at the ceiling out of respect, his face its usual mask ::
(22:58:53) CMO_Cmdr_Kymar: ::he nods:: SCI: Of course. We'll give you a moment. I'll...I'll be right here for you, if you need me. ::he gives her shoulder a gentle squeeze, then moves away, pulling the privacy curtain around to leave her alone with her child::
(22:59:37) CO_Capt_Harper: CSO: I swear! You have to do the same, not out of any modesty, but I do have to maintain some decorum as CO.
(22:59:58) NAV_2Lt_Suzuki: :: passes the dermal regenerator over the bruise forming on her buttocks when she's sure Ilaihr isn't watching ::
(23:00:42) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: blushing, but smiling :: CO: ...Okay. Deal. Let's do it.
(23:01:38) SCI_Lt_TLira: :: looks over, reaching out tentatively to gently touch the baby, managing to lift the baby out of the unit and to her. Refuses to let any trace of emotion show and bottles it up. ::
(23:03:01) CO_Capt_Harper: PAUSE SIM
(23:03:01) CO_Capt_Harper: PAUSE SIM
(23:03:02) CO_Capt_Harper: PAUSE SIM