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(21:10:43) CO_VAdmBlackthorne: BEGIN SIM
(21:10:44) CO_VAdmBlackthorne: BEGIN SIM
(21:10:45) CO_VAdmBlackthorne: BEGIN SIM
(21:11:16) CMO_Cmdr_Kymar: ::stands on the bridge, resting his hands on the railing as he watches the viewscreen with a smile on his face. He loved these moments::
(21:11:19) CO_VAdmBlackthorne: :: walks briskly onto the bridge from the ready room ::
(21:11:51) MED_Ens_DrSlade: ::Walks through sickbay loving that new surgical bay smell and making sure everything is in order after the new refit::
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(21:12:12) XO_Capt_TKirr: :: looks up from the first officer's chair on the Bridge as Blackthorne enters ::
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(21:12:37) CO_VAdmBlackthorne: XO: Status, Captain?
(21:12:44) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: at her station on the bridge, busily running last-minute checks ::
(21:13:18) SCI_LtJG_TLira: :: in the main science lab, taking notes on an experiment ::
(21:14:23) NAV_Cdr_Harper: :: enters the bridge, having inspected the newly-delivered Mustang Mark II fighters - all three of them ::
(21:14:28) XO_Capt_TKirr: CO: Awaiting all departments check in.
(21:14:37) CO_VAdmBlackthorne: XO: Have all of our crew been recalled, at least?
(21:15:01) XO_Capt_TKirr: CO: Yes, they are all on board.
(21:15:36) CO_VAdmBlackthorne: :: sits down in the new center seat ::
(21:15:49) XO_Capt_TKirr: :: watches him, thinking it creaks a bit too much ::
(21:15:54) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: reviewing the latest operations report :: Self: :: muttering :: Yes... yes... okay.
(21:16:40) NAV_Cdr_Harper: :: takes the helm and checks it out :
(21:16:52) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Is hopping around engineering with the childlike delight he had been lacking of late. He struck his stick on the floor to gather everyone's attention.:: All: Everyone... ::Looks around with a serious look upon his face.:: Congratulations. ::Smiles.:: Atlantis is well again. You have brought her back from the brink, with tireless work and determination. I want to extend the gratitude of The Admiral and Lieu
(21:17:46) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: - and Lieutenant Quinn... and I would like to say I am proud of you all. Welcome back.
(21:17:57) CTO_Maj_Wolfe: :: stands at his position on the Bridge, waits, then sends notification to the XO when he receives word from his department that all is in order ::
(21:18:18) CO_VAdmBlackthorne: XO: While we wait for the final reports, announce our departure. Anyone not leaving had better get off the ship.
(21:18:25) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Taps his stick again, and makes his way to the bridge.
(21:18:36) TAC_2LT_Randen: :: Performing a last inspection of the Torpedo control room. Reports the results to Wolfe's console. ::
(21:18:46) XO_Capt_TKirr: :: nods and switches the comm ::
(21:19:14) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: submits her latest reports to the XO, with a note and Science and Operations are Go. ::
(21:20:00) NAV_Cdr_Harper: :: satisfied with all the propulsion, navigation, and maneuvering systems, and sends a Go to the XO ::
(21:21:25) CO_VAdmBlackthorne: :: adjusts the chair ::
(21:22:38) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Steps out of the TL onto the bridge.::
(21:22:57) CMO_Cmdr_Kymar: ::taps his fingers on the railing:: XO/CO: Sickbay is standing by. Everything and everyone is onboard and accounted for, we're ready for those scraped knees to come flooding in.
(21:22:57) XO_Capt_TKirr: *Shipwide* Attention all aboard. Please prepare for departure. All starbase maintenance crew still aboard are to report immediately to the docking bay to exit the ship or communicate with the Bridge if unable to do so. All Atlantis crew, report to your department heads if you have not done so. Welcome back.
(21:23:11) NAV_Cdr_Harper: :: finishes up and glances over at Lexy with a smile ::
(21:23:31) XO_Capt_TKirr: :: notes the reports that just came in ::
(21:23:34) CO_VAdmBlackthorne: CMO: Let's hope that's the worst of it this time.
(21:24:35) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: CO: Admiral, sir...
(21:24:38) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: looks up and notices Kate, flashes an excited smile at her in return ::
(21:24:45) CMO_Cmdr_Kymar: CO: I always keep my fingers crossed, Admiral.
(21:25:00) XO_Capt_TKirr: :: notes that everyone has checked in but Engineering and looks up at Ilaihr ::
(21:25:50) SCI_LtJG_TLira: :: well, it has only been seventeen hours and this experiment has already failed. It seems that this mineral had no intentions of being friendly with that compound... fascinating. ::
(21:25:50) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: pesters T'Lira AGAIN, re-checking for the 15th time that everything looks good down in the labs ::
(21:25:56) CO_VAdmBlackthorne: ENG: Lieutenant, your report on our status?
(21:26:46) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: CO: Engineering is prepared and ready, sir. There will be some creases to iron out, but we shall be able to see them once we ge underway. I hope you do not mind, but I voiced your thanks for their effort.
(21:27:46) SCI_LtJG_TLira: :: the console pings and she looks over, noting another message from Commander Wright. Tries not to make the reply too terse. Not entirely sure if she succeeded in that endeavour. ::
(21:28:12) CO_VAdmBlackthorne: ENG: They've certainly earned it. Check in with Captain T'Kirr and we'll be underway.
(21:28:31) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: CO: Also, the Station Engineers prepared what they lovingly refer to as the 'bottle cannon', and I took the liberty of preparing a Chateaux Picard 2367. ::Smiles.::
(21:28:48) CEO_LtQuinn [] entered the room.
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(21:29:49) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: reads T'Lira's response with a slight grimace and sends back a note thanking her for her patience. Apologizing in a leadership kind of way that doesn't actually involve an apology. ::
(21:30:16) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Nods.:: CO: Aye, sir.
(21:30:21) CO_VAdmBlackthorne: ENG: A good year.
(21:30:50) SCI_LtJG_TLira: :: hears another ping and notes that it is not another status request, so is content to let it be for the moment while she finishes compiling the results ::
(21:31:14) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: CO: It shall fire at the command of a button of your seat console sir.
(21:31:41) CO_VAdmBlackthorne: :: smiles and looks down to find the command, presses the button ::
(21:32:14) XO_Capt_TKirr: :: watches the screen expectantly ::
(21:32:31) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: looks up at the screen as a hush falls over the bridge ::
(21:32:51) NAV_Cdr_Harper: :: also looks up from the helm and its readouts ::
(21:33:17) CTO_Maj_Wolfe: :: watches the screen in his normal deadpan way. ::
(21:33:33) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Looks up at the viewscreen.::
(21:33:37) CO_VAdmBlackthorne: ACTION> The aforementioned bottle of Chateau Picard shoots out from one of the interior starbase walls, toward us.
(21:33:41) CMO_Cmdr_Kymar: ::watches and waits::
(21:34:46) CO_VAdmBlackthorne: ACTION> It crashes precisely on the leading edge of the saucer and explodes into ice crystals. A perfect shot!
(21:35:14) XO_Capt_TKirr: :: looks on in satisfaction ::
(21:35:30) CO_VAdmBlackthorne: All: Bravo!
(21:35:46) NAV_Cdr_Harper: :: waste of good wine, in her opinion, since she does not know this tradition ::
(21:36:17) CEO_LtQuinn: :: Is unable to resist surreptitiously extrapolating from that small impact to run one last hull stress analysis. ::
(21:36:18) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: claps her hands excitedly ::
(21:36:27) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Turns to Captain Tkirr, retrieving a PADD from his pocket.:: XO: My full report on engineering's status ma'am.
(21:36:43) XO_Capt_TKirr: :: reaches to take it :: ENG: Thank you.
(21:37:38) XO_Capt_TKirr: :: looks over the summary at the top briefly, then nods to Blackthorne :: CO: All departments have checked in and are ready, Admiral.
(21:37:51) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: looks around self-consciously when she notices no one else is clapping, nonchalantly stops clapping like that's what she meant to do ::
(21:38:46) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Looks around the bridge with a small glisten in his eye.:: Self: It is wonderful to be home...
(21:39:44) CO_VAdmBlackthorne: XO: Thank you. Captain, since you have yet to do so since obtaining the appropriate rank... take us out.
(21:40:13) NAV_Cdr_Harper: :: already contacting Vinland control for departure clearance ::
(21:40:30) XO_Capt_TKirr: :: perks an eyebrow in surprise ::
(21:40:42) CO_VAdmBlackthorne: :: leans back in the chair ::
(21:40:50) XO_Capt_TKirr: CO: Very well.
(21:41:09) SCI_LtJG_TLira: :: decides to run the experiment again, but with different concentrations of the mineral and the compound ::
(21:41:36) XO_Capt_TKirr: NAV: Commander Harper, obtain departure clearance.
(21:41:53) NAV_Cdr_Harper: :: gets it in right on time :: XO: We have it, Captain.
(21:42:08) XO_Capt_TKirr: :: nods ::
(21:42:13) TAC_2LT_Randen: :: Watches the christening of the ship on a screen with the torpedo loading techs. The room explodes in applause as the bottle hits the hull. ::
(21:42:45) XO_Capt_TKirr: NAV: Transfer to internal power, clear all moorings, and thrusters out.
(21:43:43) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: if only she knew that elsewhere in the ship, people had applauded along with her... but alas, she knows this not ::
(21:43:54) NAV_Cdr_Harper: XO: Aye, Captain. :: cues the power transfer and subsequent mooring detach once Atlantis picks up the load, then backs out of their berth ::
(21:44:27) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Takes up a seat at the secondary engineering console.::
(21:44:33) XO_Capt_TKirr: :: shares a look with Blackthorne to make sure she did okay ::
(21:44:33) CO_VAdmBlackthorne: :: watches on the viewer as they turn toward the spacedoors ::
(21:45:10) MED_Ens_DrSlade: ::Completing the first of many physicals as the ship hums to life and starts to move:: Self: this should be interesting
(21:45:18) NAV_Cdr_Harper: :: hits the thrusters once they're lined up with the doors ::
(21:45:31) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: watches Kate while she works at the helm ::
(21:45:44) CO_VAdmBlackthorne: ACTION> Hundreds from the Starbase crew are watching Atlantis depart, applauding the ship, and their own hard work.
(21:45:51) CMO_Cmdr_Kymar: ::watches the viewscreen along with everyone else, humming quietly and tapping his fingers on the railing::
(21:46:36) SEC_Lt_Kuari: :: in the main Security locker room, feels the ship moving and starts to bounce in excitement, making a nearby marine shake his head with a smile ::
(21:47:02) NAV_Cdr_Harper: :: guides the ship through the spacedoors, then gains a little distance from Vinland before speaking up :: XO: We are clear and free to navigate, Captain.
(21:47:11) CO_VAdmBlackthorne: :: nods in satisfaction ::
(21:47:35) XO_Capt_TKirr: CO: Where to, Admiral?
(21:48:09) CO_VAdmBlackthorne: XO: I believe we have some unfinished business at Gencodia. Don't you?
(21:48:38) SCI_LtJG_TLira: :: having altered the concentrations, lets the experiment run, but monitors it closely ::
(21:48:50) CEO_LtQuinn: :: Stands in engineering, watching his display, nodding in satisfaction. ::
(21:49:17) CEO_LtQuinn: Lieutenant Price, it seems to me from this readout that Atlantis is underway. You concur?
(21:49:34) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: hears the Admiral and excitedly starts bringing up her extensive analysis on the scans they did at Gencodia ::
(21:49:45) CEO_LtQuinn: Price> Um...yes, sir.
(21:49:47) XO_Capt_TKirr: :: just perks an eyebrow in agreement :: NAV: Commander, set a course to Gencodia at slipstream and engage.
(21:49:48) NAV_Cdr_Harper: :: sets a course for warp and starts the computer plotting a slipstream solution ::
(21:50:03) CEO_LtQuinn: Then...the refit is well and truly done, yes?
(21:50:13) CEO_LtQuinn: Price> Yeah...that would also follow.
(21:50:52) NAV_Cdr_Harper: :: engages at warp and waits for the computer :: XO: Slipstream solution incoming.
(21:51:03) CO_VAdmBlackthorne: ACTION> Atlantis warps off into the black for the first time in months!
(21:51:17) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: cheers silently, in her heart ::
(21:51:27) CEO_LtQuinn: In that case, I'll be in my office, enjoying the crash I've been holding at bay after the past few months of regular double shifts. If anyone calls looking for me, make up something that sounds important, tell them I'm doing it.
(21:52:16) SCI_LtJG_TLira: :: feels the vibrations in the deck plating as the Atlantis goes to warp. A rather refreshing sensation ::
(21:52:27) NAV_Cdr_Harper: :: smiles, unable to keep herself from thinking of the Gencodian language as she waits, then the computer dings :: XO: Slipstream solution plotted.
(21:52:46) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Taps the console, before hooking his stick on the railing.:: Self: How are you feeling my girl? Better?
(21:53:07) XO_Capt_TKirr: CTO: Shields up, Major Wolfe.
(21:53:33) CTO_Maj_Wolfe: :: raises shields :: XO : Aye, Captain.
(21:53:43) CMO_Cmdr_Kymar: ::decides that there's nothing more for him up here, the excitement being over, and walks off the bridge::
(21:53:57) XO_Capt_TKirr: NAV: Take us into slipstream, Commander.
(21:54:26) MED_Ens_DrSlade: *CMO*: Sickay to Commander Kymar
(21:54:52) CMO_Cmdr_Kymar: ::taps his comm badge, recognising the voice:: *MED: Go ahead, Ensign.
(21:55:12) NAV_Cdr_Harper: XO: Aye, Captain. :: engages the slipstream drive, and they seamlessly transition, although the slipstream itself is still visible on the main viewer before they enter ::
(21:55:54) MED_Ens_DrSlade: *CMO*: Sir, with your permission I would like to send the department heads the lists of departure physical appointments.
(21:56:07) NAV_Cdr_Harper: :: finds herself just as impressed as she was with the Odyssey ::
(21:57:32) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Looks over the hull stress measurements, as well as power flow regulation, and a number of other systems that would normally change due to warp.::
(21:57:57) CO_VAdmBlackthorne: NAV: How does she fly?
(21:58:59) NAV_Cdr_Harper: CO: I am impressed, sir. The slipstream threshold transition was the easiest I have seen.
(21:59:16) SCI_LtJG_TLira: :: notes another ping on her console, checks it, confirms the sender, and files it away into a folder labelled "To Be Viewed Later" before returning to the experiment. ::
(21:59:17) CTO_Maj_Wolfe: :: monitors the shields and finds that they are responding better than anything he's seen so far when it comes to Slipstream flight. The upgrades to Atlantis are proving to be remarkable. ::
(21:59:19) XO_Capt_TKirr: :: sighs having done the duty she's so far unaccustomed to, decided it satisfactory, then returns to her reports, but distractedly ::
(22:00:35) CO_VAdmBlackthorne: :: pats the chair arm :: Attagirl.
(22:00:49) CMO_Cmdr_Kymar: ::shakes his head for a moment:: *MED*: Yes, go ahead. We've still got almost two hundred crewmen to get through, though - how're we coming along there?
(22:01:32) CSO_LCdr_Wright: XO: Captain, during our extended downtime, I performed an extensive analysis on the scans we obtained from our last visit to Gencodia and identified a few sites with exceptionally high potential, if you're interested...?
(22:02:02) XO_Capt_TKirr: :: looks up and turns :: CSO: I am.
(22:02:07) MED_Ens_DrSlade: *CMO*: I have begun the Science and Enginering stations and the bridge crew last as alwyas. They are coming along well sir, and following all of the starfleet mandated regulation physical practices
(22:03:07) CMO_Cmdr_Kymar: *MED*: Good, keep it up, Ensign. Was there anything else? ::steps off the Turbolift, walking along the corridor::
(22:03:51) MED_Ens_DrSlade: :: Types out a message on his console to the Admiral, XO, CSO, CTO, and all other Dept heads about their crewmen that who have pendidnt appointments and their appointment times as well.
(22:04:16) CO_VAdmBlackthorne: CSO: As am I, actually. That is the entire point of our return, considering the value of that enhanced sensor data we were able to get.
(22:04:38) MED_Ens_DrSlade: *CMO* No sir, that is all just wanted to send out the list to get them through so we can bee on full operating capability sir.
(22:04:47) SCI_LtJG_TLira: :: decides to multitask and has the computer run a simulation of the same experiment, but with different concentrations than those that are currently being tested. ::
(22:05:11) MED_Ens_DrSlade: :: Pushes the button and sends the list and message::
(22:05:24) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: ships the 3d globe model with prioritized location tags over to T'Kirr's console :: XO: I've sent my analysis to your console, Captain. I'm interested in your feedback.
(22:05:49) NAV_Cdr_Harper: :: monitoring the slipstream flight, but listening in ::
(22:06:10) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Is excited to be exploring and making contact with new races again.::
(22:06:44) XO_Capt_TKirr: :: brings up the scan between her and Blackthorne ::
(22:06:55) CO_VAdmBlackthorne: :: looks at it with interest ::
(22:08:18) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: NAV: Commander... Am I right in hear that you too are something of a passionate polyglot?
(22:08:25) XO_Capt_TKirr: :: notes the scan density :: CSO: Very thorough, Ms. Wright.
(22:08:48) CMO_Cmdr_Kymar: ::steps into one of the nurses stations, nodding to Claire:: *MED*: Understood, Ensign. Kymar out.
(22:09:01) NAV_Cdr_Harper: ENG: That is correct, Lieutenant.
(22:09:29) CO_VAdmBlackthorne: :: points at an area of interest in the southern hemisphere :: XO: That looks promising.
(22:09:42) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: blushes faintly :: XO: I was very excited to play with the new enriched sensor output, Captain. And I happened to have a... little bit of free time.
(22:10:28) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Smiles.:: NAV: I would find it most agreeable to study the Gencodian language with a skilled linguist.
(22:10:55) XO_Capt_TKirr: :: studies it a moment :: CO: Agreed.
(22:11:16) NAV_Cdr_Harper: ENG: I literally wrote the book on it, Lieutenant. It is all in the computer and the universal translator data is based on my original work.
(22:12:45) CO_VAdmBlackthorne: NAV: On approach, target a stationary orbit above that site. CSO: Send the coordinates to the helm.
(22:14:23) NAV_Cdr_Harper: CO: Aye sir. Exiting slipstream in one minute.
(22:14:28) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: swells slightly with pride... my girlfriend wrote the book on that shit :: CO: Aye, Sir. ::sends the geolocational coordinates for what happened to be her top priority site to the helm ::
(22:14:45) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Suddenly becomes quite excited.:: NAV: I was unaware, I would most enjoy studying it.... At some point, I simply must show you my notes on Tholian and Breen...
(22:15:25) NAV_Cdr_Harper: ENG: Please, feel free to. CO/XO: Thirty seconds.
(22:16:29) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: NAV: And... I must say I have made limit trade in the past to the Children of Tama... the study of their language is something of a hobby of mine.
(22:17:12) NAV_Cdr_Harper: CO/XO: Exiting slipstream in five...
(22:17:16) NAV_Cdr_Harper: :: counts down :
(22:17:42) CO_VAdmBlackthorne: ACTION> The Atlantis pops into normal space, at warp, far more smoothly than she ever did before.
(22:18:14) NAV_Cdr_Harper: CO/XO: Drift is just under five AU.
(22:18:48) SCI_LtJG_TLira: :: notes the transition out of warp and approves. Now, to see what planet they are near so that she can study any and all scans... this experiment suddenly seems far less interesting ::
(22:19:48) NAV_Cdr_Harper: :: drops from warp as they approach the Xothos planetary system, and calculates an orbit insertion at impulse to a genostationary orbit above the site of interest ::
(22:20:25) CO_VAdmBlackthorne: ACTION> A great purple gas giant with a spectacular ring system fills the screen, looking much as it did when we were just here in the Odyssey.
(22:21:28) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: initiates deep scans of the Site of Interest below as it comes into range ::
(22:22:03) CO_VAdmBlackthorne: ACTION> The purple comes from bands of purple clouds, offset by smaller bands of red, above an orange base layer. However, the purple dominates the reflected light.
(22:22:06) CMO_Cmdr_Kymar left the room (quit: Quit: ).
(22:23:06) SCI_LtJG_TLira: :: the planet seems to be Gencodia, which is quite familiar, unfortunately. However, reviewing the scans would be quite prudent. ::
(22:23:13) CEO_LtQuinn left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
(22:23:56) NAV_Cdr_Harper: :: inserts the ship into genostationary orbit around Gencodia :: XO: Orbit achieved.
(22:24:20) XO_Capt_TKirr: NAV: Thank you.
(22:25:06) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: checks her messages and sees the note about the physicals, dashes off a reminder to her staff with checkups pending... frowning at her own name on the list. Why didn't they remind her when she was wandering around bored during the refit? Sigh. ::
(22:25:09) XO_Capt_TKirr: CSO: Ms. Wright, a new scan, please.
(22:25:18) NAV_Cdr_Harper: :: checks the residual readings from the slipstream, warp, and impulse drives after their first uses :::
(22:28:02) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Keeps an eye on the systems still, impressed by how well Atlantis seems to be faring.::
(22:28:29) NAV_Cdr_Harper: :: gets that note as well and checks on the status of her few remaining pilots with respect to physicals, while the systems checks completes ::
(22:29:27) CSO_LCdr_Wright: XO: I am almost finished with a deep scan of the site we've chosen... here we are. I see... evidence of what may be vast subterranian ruins at this location. Surface scans indicate a dense jungle biome. I'll get a new scan of the whole moon next. :: initiates ::
(22:30:34) XO_Capt_TKirr: :: finds herself feeling rather old with this incredible new technology ::
(22:31:41) CO_VAdmBlackthorne: :: leans forward in his chair, looking at the moon on the viewer ::
(22:31:56) SCI_LtJG_TLira: :: notices updates to the scans and assumes that the bridge is running more ::
(22:32:10) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: is indeed running more ::
(22:32:54) XO_Capt_TKirr: CSO: Gencodia has not discovered this location yet?
(22:35:26) CSO_LCdr_Wright: XO: Doubtful, Captain. It's not in their records. They don't have the sensor power to scan at this resolution, and the terrain is difficult for ground teams to navigate.
(22:36:18) XO_Capt_TKirr: CSO: I think it prudent that you should share your findings with them, then. :: checks with a look to Blackthorne ::
(22:36:43) CO_VAdmBlackthorne: XO: I'm thinking more along the lines of we check it our ourselves.
(22:37:26) XO_Capt_TKirr: CO: I did not intend to suggest we would not be the ones to investigate.
(22:38:12) CO_VAdmBlackthorne: XO: Of course not. Where would be the fun in that, eh?
(22:38:51) XO_Capt_TKirr: CO: It would be good form to at least let them know what we're doing.
(22:39:15) CO_VAdmBlackthorne: XO: Indeed. Let's share, and of course let them know we're here and give all the usual pleasantries... and then, prepare an away team.
(22:39:46) SCI_LtJG_TLira: :: sees the scans and wishes she weren't confined to ship duty, because those ruins would be absolutely fascinating to explore ::
(22:40:02) XO_Capt_TKirr: :: looks to Wright ::
(22:40:27) CSO_LCdr_Wright: XO/CO: Shall I try to find a suitable landing site, or are you thinking transporters? The terrain might make the former challenging.
(22:40:41) MED_Ens_DrSlade: *CMO* Sir the Admiral can come for his physical whenever or we could come to him. At his convenience sir.
(22:41:01) CSO_LCdr_Wright: XO/CO: And I will contact them now.
(22:41:01) MED_Ens_DrSlade: :: Making sure not to make the same mistake twice::
(22:42:01) CO_VAdmBlackthorne: CSO: Can you find the opening of the complex so that we could beam to it?
(22:42:11) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Hand shakes slightly, but shakes it off at the prospect of exploration.::
(22:42:23) CSO_LCdr_Wright: *Gencodia* Federation Starship USS Atlantis to Gencodia base... :: introductions and pleasantries, shares site sensor data and our intentions to investigate ::
(22:43:48) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: quite proud to be able to say the Atlantis bit again ::
(22:43:51) NAV_Cdr_Harper: :: checks herself off the physical list and sends her list of pilots down ::
(22:43:58) TAC_2LT_Randen: :: Goes to the lounge since he'll be off until 2nd shift on the bridge. He orders a synthahol and looks out the window. ::
(22:45:18) CSO_LCdr_Wright: :: scrutinizing the scans :: CO: I think I've found an entrance, Sir, but it's hard to say for sure until we get down there. :: sends him the specific coordinates ::
(22:45:40) XO_Capt_TKirr: :: notes Slade's latest report of physical appointments and stashes it away to read later ::
(22:45:55) CO_VAdmBlackthorne: PAUSE SIM
(22:45:56) CO_VAdmBlackthorne: PAUSE SIM
(22:45:56) CO_VAdmBlackthorne: PAUSE SIM
(22:46:40) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr left the room.
(22:46:48) CTO_Maj_Wolfe left the room.
(22:46:58) XO_Capt_TKirr left the room.