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(21:30:39) VAdmBlackthorne: BEGIN SIM
(21:30:40) VAdmBlackthorne: BEGIN SIM
(21:30:43) VAdmBlackthorne: BEGIN SIM
(21:31:17) CSO_Lt_Wright: :: keeping a worried eye on the fighter wing ::
(21:31:46) VAdmBlackthorne: :: at the helm, attempting to bring the ship about to put some more fire on a Dreadnaught ::
(21:32:13) SCI_LtJG_TLira: :: trying not to get blown to hell by the decidedly unfriendly Tzenkethi fighter creeping up behind her. It is a most difficult endeavour ::
(21:32:17) aCMO_Dr_Slade: :: takinh a long look aroiund at the missionf roomin full bustle
(21:32:42) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Bouncing excess and secondary power between the various shield facing and the weapons.::
(21:32:47) XO_Cdr_TKirr: :: after an hour of intense combat, has relieved TAC and is using Blackthorne's expert flying to rotate through the phaser banks and pewpew whatever gets in range ::
(21:32:52) CAG_Cdr_Harper: :: in the middle of a giant dogfight, putting her fighter through acrobatics to try to get hit as little as possible while managing the attacks of her pilots ::
(21:35:49) VAdmBlackthorne: :: looks over the tactical overview that he has conveniently overlaid on the helm while he flies :: CSO: Get Discovery to close in with us. I'm not liking our exposure here.
(21:35:59) VAdmBlackthorne: ACTION> The ship rocks with a large hit right as he finishes that sentence.
(21:36:40) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Taps his commbadge.::*Engineering*: Ilaihr to Engineering. I'm going to need you to start redirecting power from non-essential decks and holographic systems, and dumping it into the secondary batteries.
(21:36:43) XO_Cdr_TKirr: Ash> :: comes around near the edge of the fight, the only reason nothing's on her tail, and looks for her squadron ::
(21:37:09) SCI_LtJG_TLira: :: now in a full blown fight as the fighter tailing her makes a move and opens fire. This is exactly why she needs to work on her evasion tactics ::
(21:37:22) aCMO_Dr_Slade: :: Pulls the bench out on the Brige console to review how medicl is fairing as a whole::
(21:37:35) CAG_Cdr_Harper: :: notes T'Lira's problem and rolls in behind the fighter tailing her and locks on with a microtorpedo ::
(21:38:35) CSO_Lt_Wright: :: struggles to remain in her seat :: ...Aye, sir. *Discovery* Atlantis to Discovery. Orders are to close to our position, repeat, close to our position.
(21:38:48) XO_Cdr_TKirr: Ash> :: doesn't get a chance to pinpoint her companions as she's noticed and plays chicken ::
(21:39:04) CAG_Cdr_Harper: :: lets the MT fly and connects, blowing the fighter away ::
(21:39:33) VAdmBlackthorne: Discovery's Ops> *Atlantis* Understood!
(21:39:34) SCI_LtJG_TLira: :: finds her new "friend" is now a cloud of dust and spots Harper's fighter :: *Sharks* My thanks, Commander.
(21:41:11) CAG_Cdr_Harper: *Sharks* Stick to my wing, Sehlat,
(21:41:21) CAG_Cdr_Harper: :: eyes her stores list with concern ::
(21:42:01) CSO_Lt_Wright: CO: Discovery is closing with us, Admiral.
(21:42:12) SCI_LtJG_TLira: *Sharks* I will certainly try my best, Firefly. That may prove a problem with all of the enemy flying about. :: checks shield and weapon status ::
(21:42:15) VAdmBlackthorne: :: manages to get Atlantis into a pretty good position on that dreadnaught :: CSO: Good, have them join us on this target.
(21:42:49) XO_Cdr_TKirr: Ash> :: wins the game of chicken and torps its tail once it spins away, then moves further into the battlefield ::
(21:42:50) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Sends a team to repair a plasma junction that has overloaded from extensive energy transfer.::
(21:43:08) aCMO_Dr_Slade: NAV; how are you doing ma;am
(21:43:15) CSO_Lt_Wright: *Discovery* Atlantis to Discovery. Direct fire toward our current target. I am transmitting the coordinates. :: tap tap taps ::
(21:43:30) XO_Cdr_TKirr: :: peppers the dreadnaught with fully charged phasers and a quantum torpedo ::
(21:44:19) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Swears in mandarin. UT picks it up as something about Cranberry Bicycles, and gets confused.::
(21:44:58) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Begins redirecting power through tertiary channels to relieve stress on the EPS conduits.
(21:44:59) VAdmBlackthorne: :: sticks with the target, having found a weakness in their weapons coverage ::
(21:45:17) VAdmBlackthorne: ACTION> Another dreadnaught moves to cover its friend though, peppering both Atlantis and Discovery with fire.
(21:45:58) CAG_Cdr_Harper: :: takes an incidental phaser hit and winces, but her shields are holding ::
(21:46:49) aCMO_Dr_Slade: :: Turns to the console to make sure the medics and the Nurses have set up for mass casualtytriage
(21:47:18) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: *Engineering*: Redirect secondary power to the starboard and ventral shields.
(21:47:40) XO_Cdr_TKirr: :: concentrates on firing her exhausted phaser arrays on the dreadnaught while the shot lasts ::
(21:47:51) CAG_Cdr_Harper: *Sharks* Spitfire, Sehlat, with me - concentrate on the raider that I am targeting.
(21:48:07) CAG_Cdr_Harper: :: shoots toward the heavy fighter ::
(21:48:10) aCMO_Dr_Slade: *Computer* Activate EMH Program in sickbay
(21:48:55) VAdmBlackthorne: And that's about all of that we want for now... :: pulls Atlantis up hard, straining the inertial dampeners :::
(21:48:58) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: XO: I'm sorry commander. The phaser banks are over-saturating. I'm working on it.
(21:49:01) SCI_LtJG_TLira: :: catches sight of the target and takes off after Harper, opening the throttle just a tad bit ::
(21:49:02) CSO_Lt_Wright: :: wonders if the EMH is the best use of power, but keeps it to herself ::
(21:49:02) XO_Cdr_TKirr: Ash> *Sharks* Spitfire, copy. :: breaks free from her latest tail and homes in on Harper's target ::
(21:49:41) SCI_LtJG_TLira: *Sharks* This is Sehlat, I copy. En route now.
(21:49:49) XO_Cdr_TKirr: ENG: There's nothing to apologize for. The phasers can only do so much from limited angles. It is the nature of the weapon.
(21:49:58) CAG_Cdr_Harper: :: locks on with a microquantum as the raider tries to evade, but it really is too large and slow vs. the Mustang ::
(21:51:27) VAdmBlackthorne: :: dives back toward the dreadnought that assisted the first one, wordlessly letting T'Kirr know his intentions ::
(21:51:41) aCMO_Dr_Slade: *Computer* have the EMH implant the indepemdent holoemeter so he can move around the shp
(21:51:53) CSO_Lt_Wright: CO: Shall I advise Discovery of a change in target?
(21:51:56) XO_Cdr_TKirr: Ash> :: catches up to Harper and fires a volley at said raider :: One fighter, two fighter...
(21:52:16) SCI_LtJG_TLira: :: speeds closer to the raider and locks on with cannons ::
(21:52:42) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: XO: The damn things need a helium superfluidic coolant pumped into them somehow....
(21:52:43) CAG_Cdr_Harper: CSO: Yes, and have flight group gamma move into section 027 - the ships there are losing.
(21:52:57) VAdmBlackthorne: CSO: Yes, and have flight group gamma move into section 027 - the ships there are losing.
(21:53:19) XO_Cdr_TKirr: :: takes Blackthorne's hint and opens fire once in range ::
(21:53:44) CSO_Lt_Wright: *Discovery* Atlantis to Discovery - switch fire to Atlantis active target.
(21:54:02) VAdmBlackthorne: :: glances as the tactical overview ::
(21:54:07) CAG_Cdr_Harper: :: smirks as the raider pops from three Mustangs' worth of fire ::
(21:54:30) CSO_Lt_Wright: *Flight group gamma* Flight group gamma, you are ordered to immediately reinforce section 027.
(21:54:45) XO_Cdr_TKirr: Ash> ...three fighter, BOOM!
(21:54:46) VAdmBlackthorne: ACTION> Several of those raiders start to harass Atlantis. Individually their torpedos don't hit that hard, but they WILL add up if unchecked.
(21:55:46) CSO_Lt_Wright: CO: Sir, we're being harassed by a small group of raiders. Their torpedoes don't hit that hard, but they WILL add up if unchecked.
(21:56:03) VAdmBlackthorne: CSO: Relay that to Firefly and have the Sharks assist.
(21:56:26) CAG_Cdr_Harper: *Sharks* Nice shooting, now - :: swears in her native tongue as she takes a hit ::
(21:57:03) CSO_Lt_Wright: *Firefly* Atlantis to Firefly. We are being harassed by a small group of raiders. Sharks are requested to assist.
(21:57:21) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: *Engineering*: Ensign Valdez rig up a number of canisters of helium cryoplasma and use them on the phaser banks. We need to lower the saturation level anyway we can.
(21:57:36) SCI_LtJG_TLira: :: targets the fighter taking potshots at Harper and targets it with a microquantum torpedo, letting loose a volley of cannon fire as she does so :: *Sharks* I believe we are even, sir.
(21:57:52) CAG_Cdr_Harper: *CSO* Atlantis, Firefly, Sharks copy and are on our way.
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(21:58:35) CAG_Cdr_Harper: *Sharks* Thanks, Sehlat, I owe you one. All pilots form up on Atlantis and give her some relief from those raiders. Stick with your wings and combine fire on those heavies.
(21:58:58) VAdmBlackthorne: CSO: Keep the Sharks' comm chatter in the background.
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(21:59:36) CSO_Lt_Wright: :: smiles slightly at hearing Harper's voice, glad that she's still okay out there :: CO: Aye, sir, I'll keep an ear on them.
(21:59:46) SCI_LtJG_TLira: :: adjusts course heading to compensate for new orders and sees that Atlantis is indeed being harried by the enemy raiders :: Self: This should be interesting.
(22:00:10) CAG_Cdr_Harper: :: shoots toward Atlantis and paints an unfortunate raider in her sights ::
(22:01:06) XO_Cdr_TKirr: Ash> :: heads towards Atlantis, ready to defend ::
(22:02:00) CAG_Cdr_Harper: :: fires a microquantum at that raider ::
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(22:03:04) XO_Cdr_TKirr: :: takes some defensive shots at the raider ::
(22:03:39) SCI_LtJG_TLira: :: gets a raider in the crosshairs and blows it straight out of the sky ::
(22:04:30) VAdmBlackthorne: ACTION> An hour passes. Our shields are down to 50% and we've started suffering assorted problems throughout the ship. Nothing major, just annoyances that add up. The original wave of harassing raiders has been dealt with.
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(22:06:23) VAdmBlackthorne: ACTION> A new wave of raiders rolls in though, since they are helping make headway against Atlantis's shields, and a few Sharks have been lost in the meantime.
(22:06:38) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Reverses the magnetic polarity of the hull to try and help keep enemy fighters off.::
(22:06:51) CAG_Cdr_Harper: *Sharks* More raiders targeting Atlantis! Stay close and defend.
(22:07:26) CSO_Lt_Wright: CO: The Sharks are moving to intercept the new raiders, Sir.
(22:07:43) SCI_LtJG_TLira: :: checks her shields and doesn't like the number it displays :: *Sharks* Copy that. Defending will commence now.
(22:07:53) VAdmBlackthorne: CSO: Good, one less thing to worry about. Have Discovery join us, let's finish off this dreadnought.
(22:08:16) CSO_Lt_Wright: :: Relays orders to Discovery ::
(22:09:09) VAdmBlackthorne: :: comes back to the original dreadnought that had slipped away in the scrum and gives T'Kirr a good shot ::
(22:09:33) XO_Cdr_TKirr: Ash> :: gets hit hard and squeals as she thinks she's going to explode :: Ohh, my heart. You're gonna die, now!
(22:10:17) XO_Cdr_TKirr: :: sets her phasers to the dreadnought's weak point and makes it count with a couple of torpedoes ::
(22:10:24) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Blown EPS manifold and plasma relays are starting to mount up. Is moving repair teams, and trying to compensate by rerouting power around, but the whole grid is starting to feel the strain.:j
(22:10:38) VAdmBlackthorne: ACTION> Discovery's quantums shoot by and join in ours, and the dreadnought explodes!
(22:10:55) CSO_Lt_Wright: CO: Sir, the enemy vessel has been destroyed!
(22:11:16) VAdmBlackthorne: CSO: 999 more to go!
(22:11:37) CAG_Cdr_Harper: :: fires a microquantum at the raider that hit Ash and then realizes she's out of torpedos ::
(22:13:09) CAG_Cdr_Harper: *Sharks* I am out of torpedoes. Attempting combat landing on Atlantis to re-arm.
(22:13:15) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Angry Andorian mumbles and swears.::
(22:13:21) MED_Ens_DrSlade: CAG* T"Kirr is in a tight spot needs help
(22:13:57) VAdmBlackthorne: :: finds another nearby dreadnought to annoy ::
(22:14:04) SCI_LtJG_TLira: :: drops her fighter below an enemy raider and dusts its underbelly with a volley of cannon fire, trying to save her last two torpedoes for something bigger ::
(22:14:51) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: XO: Commander, would it be feasible to vent excess warp plasma and use it like a hyperstatic veil?
(22:15:50) CAG_Cdr_Harper: :: sends the signal to Atlantis's deckhands to expect a combat landing, and closes in on the assault bay - while Atlantis is looping and rolling in her own combat maneuvers ::
(22:16:17) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: XO: As long as our ships don't enter it, we could use it to damage their ships a fighters, possibly even ignite it around them.
(22:16:30) CSO_Lt_Wright: CO: The Sharks are running low on torpedoes and are approaching the assault bay to rearm.
(22:16:52) VAdmBlackthorne: CSO: Understood. :: makes an effort to keep a liiiiittle steadier ::
(22:16:53) XO_Cdr_TKirr: ENG: We can't guarantee our fighters wouldn't enter it.
(22:16:56) SCI_LtJG_TLira: :: the enemy launches a volley of its own and her shields drop by another five percent. :: Self: That was truly a poor choice. :: gives the enemy a torpedo up the rear ::
(22:16:58) MED_Ens_DrSlade is now known as aCMO_Dr_Slade
(22:17:23) XO_Cdr_TKirr: Ash> :: has lost comm but can't really get out of the fight, so keeps shooting ::
(22:17:28) CAG_Cdr_Harper: :: narrows her eyes as she matches the movement of the bay ::
(22:17:47) CAG_Cdr_Harper: :: and phasers the hell out of a passing raider ::
(22:18:43) CAG_Cdr_Harper: :: touches down hard in the assualt bay and hits the brakes, skidding to a stop ::
(22:18:44) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: XO: Understood. But we are starting to build up more plasma than we can handle. It's like lactic acid within the ships muscles and tissues.
(22:20:31) CAG_Cdr_Harper: :: opens the canopy and a deckhand tosses her a Future Gatorade, which she eagerly drinks ::
(22:21:27) VAdmBlackthorne: ::: breaks off as a hapless light cruiser wanders by ::
(22:21:37) XO_Cdr_TKirr: ENG: We would have to find a place to dump it then that wouldn't be in the way. The larger ships would be able to navigate around it, but the fighters might not as they're also firing weapons.
(22:21:52) CAG_Cdr_Harper: :: waits as the deckhands hurriedly rearm the Boudica ::
(22:21:59) aCMO_Dr_Slade: CAG* how are you feeling commander
(22:22:00) SCI_LtJG_TLira: :: with the current enemy disabled, but unfortunately not destroyed, there are more targets to choose from ::
(22:22:43) VAdmBlackthorne: :: brings Atlantis to bear on the light cruiser ::
(22:23:01) CAG_Cdr_Harper: :: closes the canopy as she gets the ready signal from the deck chief ::
(22:23:13) CAG_Cdr_Harper: :: lifts off the deck and shoots out the bay ::
(22:23:40) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: XO: I'll try to the redirect the plasma for now, but if you see an opportunity to use it commander, it will be available to you.
(22:23:52) CAG_Cdr_Harper: *Sharks* Sharks, Firefly - I am rearmed. Perform combat landings as required when you run out.
(22:23:55) XO_Cdr_TKirr: :: finds a weak spot on the light cruiser then phasers and torps it ::
(22:24:11) VAdmBlackthorne: ACTION> The light cruiser didn't stand a chance and explodes.
(22:24:11) XO_Cdr_TKirr: ENG: Thank you, Lieutenant.
(22:24:21) SCI_LtJG_TLira: ::finds a pair of raiders tailing her and swings around behind their disabled friend, using it as a shield as she gets her bearing for a moment ::
(22:27:06) XO_Cdr_TKirr: Ash> :: gets confused as her targeting system goes down :: Damn it. I'd better not run into anyone on the way back.
(22:28:24) VAdmBlackthorne: ACTION> Three more hours pass...
(22:29:31) VAdmBlackthorne: ACTION> Our shields are hovering around 35% and damage is starting to accumlate as electrical systems get overloaded from power surges. Injuries start to get heavier in sickbay as well. The Sharks have likely performed a couple of combat landings each to rearm.
(22:30:26) XO_Cdr_TKirr: Ash> :: managed to make it back to Atlantis, but her fighter's toast, so she's sitting on the sidelines kicking a bulkhead ::
(22:30:41) SCI_LtJG_TLira: :: has already run two combat landings, but is still heavily unsatisfied with the 20% her shields are at or the 57% the cannons are at ::
(22:30:56) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: XO: Commander I can no longer shunt plasma around. We're venting minute amounts whether we like it or not at the moment.
(22:31:16) CAG_Cdr_Harper: :: frowns at the Boudica's condition, but keeps flying ::
(22:33:06) VAdmBlackthorne: :: finds that dreadnought again as he looks at the overall picture ::
(22:33:10) XO_Cdr_TKirr: ENG: Do what your training tells you to do, Lieutenant. Work out with Helm when to release it.
(22:33:47) CAG_Cdr_Harper: :: after five or so hours of this, finds herself getting tired, and hits the button on the ECLSS system for a combat stimulant ::
(22:34:53) SCI_LtJG_TLira: :: destroys yet another enemy raider and is really starting to get weary of the ongoing battle, but fights on anyway ::
(22:35:39) VAdmBlackthorne: ENG: I'm starting to get worried about our shield situation, Lieutenant.
(22:35:59) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: CO: Admiral, we coat the dreanought and any of it's surrounding fighters in the warp plasma if we vent it.
(22:36:14) aCMO_Dr_Slade: ;; Monitors sickbay from the console on the bridge::
(22:36:27) VAdmBlackthorne: ENG: And potentially our fighters as well. Do what you can about the bloody shields!
(22:37:23) CAG_Cdr_Harper: :: finds herself more alert quite quickly as the stim takes effect, and takes out another raider :: *Sharks* Do not forget that you have stims available to fight fatigue.
(22:37:28) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: CO: We need to dump some at some point, sir. Doing so will release strain on the ESP manifolds, and we will be in a better position to reinforce the shields.
(22:38:18) VAdmBlackthorne: ENG: I am well aware of the warp plasma requirements, but your button is stuck. Move on to another problem!
(22:40:21) SCI_LtJG_TLira: :: takes a heavy hit from another raider and spirals out of control for a few moments before she can regain control... only to find a small pack of raiders now surrounding her :: Self: This may be one of those days in which I dislike my job.
(22:40:50) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Begins cycling the shield polarity, and modulating the frequencies as he goes, trying to get every ouch of power on the shields.
(22:41:06) XO_Cdr_TKirr: Ash> :: is approached by an engineer that tells her a figher's been repaired and is ready for flight and jumps towards the bay floor ::
(22:41:10) CAG_Cdr_Harper: :: joins in with a few other Sharks at the raiders giving T'Lira hell ::
(22:41:24) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: *ounce
(22:41:51) SCI_LtJG_TLira: :: puts a torpedo in one raider's cockpit, but gets a sharp hit from another. ::
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(22:43:18) CAG_Cdr_Harper: :: puts herself between a couple of the raiders and T'Lira while maneuvering to get shots off ::
(22:43:30) VAdmBlackthorne: :: comes about on that dreadnought he found ::
(22:43:32) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: *Engineering*: Try to drain the plasma conduits. See if there are any empty torpedoes casings. If we can't vent, maybe we can make some impromptu plasma torpedoes out of them.
(22:44:10) SCI_LtJG_TLira: :: tries to maneuver out of the squad of enemy raiders, but is blocked by one, so she responds with a friendly volley of cannon fire and a torpedo to finish it off. ::
(22:44:58) CAG_Cdr_Harper: :: her fighter takes a beating, but she manages to take one out in the meantime ::
(22:45:18) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: *Engineering*: Because we need more power to the shields! So free the the EPS manifolds to the shield emitters up any way you can.
(22:45:59) XO_Cdr_TKirr: Ash> :: launches out into space in a repaired fighter :: +Sharks+ Back in the fray, girls.
(22:46:25) CAG_Cdr_Harper: *Sharks* Welcome back - we can use the help! :: as something random pops in her cockpit, filling it with an acrid smell ::
(22:47:29) SCI_LtJG_TLira: :: catches about half of that exchange, as her comms are on the fritz. Knowing it's risky, she reaches down with one hand to tug a few wires to clear the feed a bit. It works, somehow ::
(22:47:51) XO_Cdr_TKirr: :: runs TAC like a machine, charging phaser banks, firing as she acquires her target, rinse and repeat ::
(22:47:57) CAG_Cdr_Harper: :: fires her last microquantum and takes out another of that flock of raiders :: *Sharks* Buuuuuut I have to rearm again. Spitfire, find Sehlat and form up.
(22:48:16) CAG_Cdr_Harper: :: shoots toward the assault bay ::
(22:48:41) XO_Cdr_TKirr: Ash> *Sharks* Understood, I'll keep the spot warm for you.
(22:48:55) SCI_LtJG_TLira: :: spins the fighter and disengages from the current mess she managed to get herself into ::
(22:49:17) VAdmBlackthorne: :: notes a bit of unusual battle damage near the engines of the dreadnaught :: T'Kirr, look.
(22:49:35) XO_Cdr_TKirr: Ash> :: shoots at some enemy things around T'Lira ::
(22:49:45) CAG_Cdr_Harper: :: skids to a combat landing and opens the canopy, taking the Future Gatorade and a towel gratefully ::
(22:50:00) XO_Cdr_TKirr: :: glances at sensors :: I see it.
(22:50:07) CAG_Cdr_Harper: :: wipes the sweat off her face as she breathes heavily from the exertion of constant G-strain ::
(22:50:23) SCI_LtJG_TLira: *Sharks* Thank you. I believe they have seen the error of their ways. Do we have another target? :: dusts one last raider ::
(22:50:30) VAdmBlackthorne: :: maneuvers for a good firing chance ::
(22:50:52) XO_Cdr_TKirr: :: sends her fully charged volley and as many torps she can let go in the pass ::
(22:51:25) XO_Cdr_TKirr: Ash> *Sharks* There's always another target!
(22:51:28) VAdmBlackthorne: ACTION> BOOM goes the dreadnought as those torpedos hit a weakness, bypassing the majority of its defenses.
(22:51:53) CSO_Lt_Wright: Bridge: Enemy vessel destroyed.
(22:51:56) CAG_Cdr_Harper: :: arms up and gets what quick repairs the deck gang provides ::
(22:52:08) VAdmBlackthorne: Bridge: THAT was a good one.
(22:52:28) CAG_Cdr_Harper: :: closes the canopy and shoots back out into space :: *Sharks* Firefly is back - what did I miss?
(22:52:48) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: CO: It should give us enough respite to recharge the shields a bit.
(22:52:49) XO_Cdr_TKirr: Ash> *Sharks* Just a couple of explosions. Nothing new.
(22:52:53) SCI_LtJG_TLira: *Sharks* Absolutely nothing. The enemy is still as ceaseless as ever.
(22:53:08) CAG_Cdr_Harper: :: hits another stim and dives back into the fray ::
(22:54:44) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: XO: And commander, engineering will be adding a compliment of plasma torpedoes for you to use a some point soon.
(22:54:46) VAdmBlackthorne: Bridge: Hm. There are no more dreadnoughts in this area. Well done!
(22:55:18) XO_Cdr_TKirr: :: allows herself a sigh of relief and takes a look at the ships in the area ::
(22:55:52) SCI_LtJG_TLira: :: is starting to understand the human saying "There ain't no rest for the wicked" ::
(22:55:57) VAdmBlackthorne: PAUSE SIM
(22:55:58) VAdmBlackthorne: PAUSE SIM
(22:56:00) VAdmBlackthorne: PAUSE SIM.
(22:56:19) XO_Cdr_TKirr left the room.
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