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(21:28:48) VAdmBlackthorne: BEGIN SIM
(21:28:49) VAdmBlackthorne: BEGIN SIM
(21:28:50) VAdmBlackthorne: BEGIN SIM
(21:29:37) VAdmBlackthorne: :: sitting in the center seat, taking just half a second to admire the scene on the main viewer, a stream of tiny moons hitting the ship and scattering, along with the ethereal plume coming from the moon ahead replenishing the ring ::
(21:29:57) MED_Ens_DrSlade: :: After checking through sickbay to make sure all areas are properly stocked and confirming wit the shift doc and charge nurse Dr. Slade makes his way to the CMO office to deliver the reports::
(21:30:15) SCI_LtJG_TLira: :: monitors the shield geometry in case any of the impacts damage the shields ::
(21:30:44) NAV_Cdr_Harper: : at the helm, keeping an eye on the engines since Newton is driving, and feeling an irrational need to be quiet ::
(21:31:17) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Looks around engineering as everyone listens to the cascade microimpacts along the hull, whilst standing at his post monitoring the hull.::
(21:31:36) TAC_Cadet_Randen: :: mans the Tactical console, keeping his consentration on the read outs. Not feeling entirely comfortable with the shields down. ::
(21:31:49) CSO_Lt_Wright: :: watching the bad guys come closer on the scanners ::
(21:31:56) CEO_LtQuinn: :: Staring with rapt attention at his console, fingers flying over the keyboard as he crunches some numbers. ::
(21:32:03) VAdmBlackthorne: :: quietly :: Time to their arrival?
(21:32:45) CSO_Lt_Wright: CO, quietly: 5 minutes, Sir.
(21:32:49) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: CEO: Now this.... this reminds me of something.
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(21:34:04) CEO_LtQuinn: ENG: Uh huh.
(21:34:12) VAdmBlackthorne: :: turns to the FNG at Tac :: Cadet Randen.
(21:34:17) CEO_LtQuinn: :: Tap tap tap. ::
(21:34:49) TAC_Cadet_Randen: Sir?
(21:34:57) Captain_Tchzkun: @::sits in the centre chair of the command centre, tapping his fingers on the armrest, his battle-sharpened claws making a pleasant *clickclickclickclack* sound:: Helm: Time?
(21:36:11) MED_Ens_DrSlade: :: Seeing that Lt Tav is not in his office, looks around to see if anyone is watching and moves to take a seat at the CMO desk::
(21:36:12) SCI_LtJG_TLira: :: skims reports from other ships and stations involved in any skirmishes with the Tzenkethi. Surprisingly, several of the names mentioned in various reports are familiar ::
(21:36:41) Captain_Tchzkun: @<Tzenkethi_Helmsman> Tchzkun: Three minutes, sire! Nothing on sensors still, we've made it here first.
(21:36:49) VAdmBlackthorne: TAC: I realize this is asking a lot for a recent arrival to this crew. I am confident that you'll perform to the highest standards.
(21:37:22) TAC_Cadet_Randen: CO: Thank you, Sir.
(21:37:30) CEO_LtQuinn: ENG: Sorry. I just think I may have a way to cut down on their warning time.
(21:38:03) Captain_Tchzkun: @::smiles a rather horrid reptilian smile then stands:: Tactical: Signal the raiders to begin an attack run on the facility as soon as we drop out of warp, then load our long range plasma warheads!
(21:38:27) VAdmBlackthorne: All: Stand by for battlestations.
(21:38:45) SCI_LtJG_TLira: :: stands by ::
(21:39:02) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: CEO: That will be useful... I sense that are getting quite near by now.
(21:39:24) Captain_Tchzkun: @<Tactical> :signals the wing of raiders then passes the message down to the torpedo magazines to begin loading::
(21:39:28) CEO_LtQuinn: ENG: That's what the screens are telling mee.
(21:40:08) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: CEO: What do you require sir?
(21:40:33) VAdmBlackthorne: ACTION> One minute until the enemy fleet will be warping past.
(21:41:52) CEO_LtQuinn: ENG: Just a second pair of eyes, to make sure it's not just my ego talking. I've run a simulation, to determine the minimum power required to initiatiate a brief warp burst. I THINK it'll stay hidden. I've manually plotted a course to intersect with their projected vicinity of arrival.
(21:42:31) Captain_Tchzkun: @::watches the viewer with a smile, knowing that this little sortie against the Federation supply facilities is going to earn him a promotion::
(21:42:36) TAC_Cadet_Randen: :: watches the enemy fleet like a hawk on his Tactical console ::
(21:42:54) VAdmBlackthorne: TAC: Red alert! NAV: Break cover and go to warp for a quick intercept.
(21:42:55) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: CEO: That sounds like an attempt at the Picard manoeuvre. ::Walks over to Quinn's console.::
(21:43:20) TAC_Cadet_Randen: :: engages the ship's Red Alert :: Aye.
(21:43:40) NAV_Cdr_Harper: Aye sir! :: pulls Atlantis out of the ring plane, with Discovery following, and they both go to warp ::
(21:44:04) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Stares at the calculation, trying to visualise the trajectory in his mind.::
(21:44:10) SCI_LtJG_TLira: :: switches her focus to enemy strengths and ship statuses. ::
(21:44:11) Captain_Tchzkun: @<Tactical> ::blinks rapidly as his sensors flash:: Tckzkun: Sire! Federation ships on sensors, they just appeared out of nowhere!
(21:44:13) VAdmBlackthorne: ACTION> The Galaxy and Sovereign get right in behind the attacking fleet.
(21:44:17) VAdmBlackthorne: TAC: Fire!
(21:44:21) MED_Ens_DrSlade: :: Feels the ship jump to warp at the moment the Red lights flash over head:: Self: Here we go again
(21:44:34) Captain_Tchzkun: @::jerks, standing up straighter:: Tactical: What!? Raise shields! Alert the raiders, turn and attack those ships!
(21:44:41) TAC_Cadet_Randen: CO: Yes Sir! ::opens fire::
(21:44:43) CEO_LtQuinn: :: Frowns and signals Ilaihr back to his console. :: Looks like the bridge beat us to the punch this time!
(21:45:05) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: CEO: This is going to be close. ::Runs back to his console.::
(21:45:08) CEO_LtQuinn: :: But the calculations were totally solid. ::
(21:45:53) VAdmBlackthorne: ACTION> Atlantis and Discovery manage to catch the enemy fleet by surprise and inflict some damage before they can respond and get their shields up.
(21:45:57) Captain_Tchzkun: @::strumbles slightly before catching himself as the first few shots smash into his ship, consoles sparking while the crew work to bring them for an attack run::
(21:46:03) CEO_LtQuinn: :: Is determined to at least be on top of the next one, and stands ready to throw warp power into forward weapons and shields as soon as the warp field collapses. ::
(21:46:44) Captain_Tchzkun: @Tactical: Fire disruptors! Order the raiders to give us some cover and attack those ships! ::turns down to the conn:: Helm: Moves us away and turn us about, get us out of range of those phasers!
(21:47:51) VAdmBlackthorne: TAC: Quantum torpedos at the heavy cruiser.
(21:48:04) Captain_Tchzkun: @<Tactical> ::panics a little and starts hitting the console, getting a lock on the lead ship and returning fire with full power to disruptors::
(21:49:19) TAC_Cadet_Randen: CO: It would be my pleasure. :: fires a few Quantum torpedos at the heavy cruiser as ordered ::
(21:49:35) Captain_Tchzkun: @::raises the comm himself from his seat, holding on securely as they return fire:: *Raiders 3, 4, 5, 6*: Attack leaders, move around the left ventral flank and draw their attention!
(21:50:46) VAdmBlackthorne: ACTION> The scrum drops from warp, just because it should have by now to do these kinds of maneuvers.
(21:51:55) VAdmBlackthorne: CSO: Signal Discovery to focus on the raiders on our flank.
(21:52:31) Captain_Tchzkun: @Helm: Move us out further and get weapons a firing solution for our torpedos!
(21:52:35) CSO_Lt_Wright: *Discovery*: Orders from Admiral Blackthorne are to focus on the raiders on our flank.
(21:52:36) SCI_LtJG_TLira: :: tries to match current enemy attack patterns with patterns seen by other ships ::
(21:52:59) VAdmBlackthorne: CptSantiago> *Wright* Understood Atlantis, we have your back.
(21:53:02) Captain_Tchzkun: @<Helm> ::complies, putting full power to the engines and moving away, using the remaining raiders as a screen::
(21:53:15) VAdmBlackthorne: NAV: Don't let that heavy get away.
(21:53:37) NAV_Cdr_Harper: Aye. :: pursues ::
(21:53:54) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Fluidly modifies and maintains the shield facings for maximum efficiency.::
(21:54:10) Captain_Tchzkun: @<Tactical> ::waits with bated breath, watching the distance tick away until he finally gets the solution he needs, slamming his clawed fist down on the fire button:: Tchzkun: Torpedoes away!
(21:54:25) VAdmBlackthorne: Discovery> :: falls in behind Atlantis, phasers lancing out and quantum torpedos seeking raiders ::
(21:55:17) VAdmBlackthorne: ACTION> Those torpedos do hurt, slamming into our shields and totally destroying the coffee-maker in the VIP lounge.
(21:55:18) Captain_Tchzkun: @<Sensors> Tchzkun: The raiders are under fire!
(21:56:03) Captain_Tchzkun: @::wonders when his ship become crewed by incompetents, then flicks on his comm:: *Raiders*: Spread out! They only have so many firing arcs, don't let them use all of them against you fools!
(21:56:30) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Grumbles:: Self: That will just not do, ruining my perfect shield levels! Who do they think they are....?
(21:57:26) VAdmBlackthorne: Steady as she goes, keep pressing forward to the heavy.
(21:58:31) Captain_Tchzkun: @<Tactical>: Tchzkun: Shields are dropping, sire! ::continues to return fire while the Helmslizard tries to move them further away::
(21:58:31) VAdmBlackthorne: TAC: Fire when we get back in range.
(21:58:55) TAC_Cadet_Randen: CO: Yes Sir!
(21:59:04) NAV_Cdr_Harper: :: charges forward, the raiders really not enough to bar a Sovereign's passage ::
(22:00:05) VAdmBlackthorne: TAC: Now.
(22:00:37) TAC_Cadet_Randen: :: fires at the enemy target ::
(22:00:38) Captain_Tchzkun: @::slams his fist into the console, raising the other two raiders on the comm:: *Raiders 1 and 2*: Target the second ship's shuttlebay, and prepare boarding parties! ::turns to his tactical:: Tactical:: Focus fire on the shields in that section!
(22:00:56) Captain_Tchzkun: @::rocks hard as another barrage of fire slams into his beautifully patina'd vessel::
(22:02:55) VAdmBlackthorne: ACTION> Discovery does start to have a hard time, the big Galaxy unable to shake the raiders on its rear.
(22:03:54) Captain_Tchzkun: @::pulls away Raiders 4, 5 and 6 to start harassing the Atlantis again, moving them in to help screen the larger Tzenkethi vessel::
(22:05:44) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Notices the drop in shield levels as the raiders attack.:: CEO: They are desperately trying to keep uso
(22:06:02) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: us off that heavy cruiser.
(22:06:05) Captain_Tchzkun: @<Tactical> ::hears a muffled comm signal right before one of the raiders disappers from sensors, replaced with fragments of debris:: Tchzun: Sire, they're destroyed one of the raiders!
(22:06:09) CSO_Lt_Wright: CO: Admiral, Discovery is having a hard time shaking the raides on its rear.
(22:06:53) VAdmBlackthorne: Alright. Let's give them what they want then. NAV: Come about and give us a firing solution on the raiders harassing Discovery.
(22:07:00) VAdmBlackthorne: TAC: Fire at will on the raiders.
(22:07:41) CEO_LtQuinn: ENG: Not our department, Lieutenant. Trust that they know. You just keep on those shields, and let me know if I need to find somewhere to scrounge more power for you.
(22:08:03) TAC_Cadet_Randen: CO: Aye! ::fires at the raiders and watches them pop like popcorn ::
(22:08:04) Captain_Tchzkun: @::watches the Atlantis turn on the viewscreen with a grin, the constant rocking slowing down now:: Tactical: Target the lead vessel and hit them with every torpedo we've got!
(22:08:26) VAdmBlackthorne: TAC: Aft quantums, fire on the heavy cruiser.
(22:08:35) Captain_Tchzkun: @<Tactical> ::does just that, ordering the crew in the magazine to load everything as fast as they can, firing as soon as it's available::
(22:09:43) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: CEO: Its merely nice to see how many ships are attacking where. Shouldn't need extra power at this moment... just need to cycle available shield power to where it's needed most.
(22:10:00) TAC_Cadet_Randen: CO: Aye! :: targets the heavy cruise with the aft torpedo launchers and fires a few more quantums at it::
(22:10:01) Captain_Tchzkun: @<Helm> ::sees the torpedoes coming in but can't do anything to get away, her heavy ship moving too late::
(22:11:25) VAdmBlackthorne: ACTION> Atlantis's shields take a beating, rocking things and exploding a few random things, like usual.
(22:11:37) CEO_LtQuinn: ENG> Got a feeling that's gonna be our ass.
(22:11:38) Captain_Tchzkun: @::is taken by surprise, the torpedoes smashing into the ship making console spark and pop around him, flipping him straight out of his seatbelt-less chair::
(22:12:18) CEO_LtQuinn: :: Grimaces as he watches the power spikes. He's become an old hand at knowing what the seemingly subtle ups and downs mean, and a few consoles just exploded. He's not sure WHERE, but they did. ::
(22:12:50) Captain_Tchzkun: @::stands up with a grunt:: All: Damage report!
(22:13:23) MED_Ens_DrSlade: :: Hears the woosh of sickbay doors open as two crewmen enter with burns and small lacerations from exploded consoles:: Nightengale: Nurse get me some anesthetic and a dermal regenerator
(22:13:26) NAV_Cdr_Harper: TAC: That raider on Discovery, I have a good line for you. :: brings Atlantis to bear ::
(22:13:31) Captain_Tchzkun: @<Tactical> Tchzkun: Shields are offline! Two torpedo tubes are fused shut and our disruptors are at 60% effectiveness!
(22:13:39) SCI_LtJG_TLira: :: is extremely grateful that her console didn't explode despite its best attempt to. This will most certainly need to be rewired slightly. Reaching for a toolkit someone left nearby, she patches a few frayed wires ::
(22:14:02) CEO_LtQuinn: All in vicinity: Gant! Track down those overloads, and dispatch damage control teams. Ilaihr! I'm showing a minute drop in shield efficiency. Confirm?
(22:14:07) Captain_Tchzkun: @::growls, wiping the blood from his lip with the hell of his hands, sitting down again:: Helm: Helm, move us abou-...::looks down at the remains of his dead helmsman::
(22:14:14) TAC_Cadet_Randen: NAV: Thank you. ::fires on the raider ::
(22:14:25) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Sees the exploding console:: Self: Well that wasn't very nice was it. ::Starts reinforcing the shields again.::
(22:15:02) VAdmBlackthorne: ACTION> That raider has a very bad day indeed.
(22:15:15) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ENG: They did take a hit, I'm attempting to compensate.
(22:16:16) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: <CEO>
(22:16:30) CEO_LtQuinn: :: Frowns as the power consumption from the deflector continues to rise out of proportion to output, and begins trying to chase it down. :: ENG: Let me worry about that. Just take what you need, and hope nobody up there notices.
(22:17:56) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: CEO: We'll see if the relay modifications you made to the holodecks can help eh? ::Starts tapping power away from the hologrid.::
(22:18:11) Captain_Tchzkun: @::slams his fist against the chair again, growling:: Tactical:: Keep our strongest hull sections turned to the lead ship and fire on the second! Have those raiders making boarding runs as soon as the shields are weak enough, ram them!
(22:18:47) Captain_Tchzkun: @<Tactical> ::dazedly, he begins doing just that, opening fire with their last torpedo tube and odd disruptor blast while the raiders make their runs::
(22:18:58) CEO_LtQuinn: ENG: If they don't, remind me to yell at whoever I had running the simulations.
(22:20:49) MED_Ens_DrSlade: :: Finishes patching up the two injured crewmen allowing them to rest in bio beds::
(22:21:08) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: CEO: Oh, I will. ::Keeps redistributing power within the shield grid.:: Self: Can't leave any holes....
(22:21:10) VAdmBlackthorne: NAV: Bring us in between the heavy and Discovery. They're trying to board her.
(22:21:37) SCI_LtJG_TLira: :: the rewiring should hopefully hold together long enough to last the battle so that actual repairs can be made. Now, to continue monitoring enemy attack patterns ::
(22:21:54) CEO_LtQuinn: +Blackthorne+ Engineering to bridge! Be advised, we're showing diminishing returns from shields. We seem to have suffered burnouts at several EPS junctions from that last barrage. I'm working on bypasses now, but evasive action may be key for the next minute or two!
(22:22:36) VAdmBlackthorne: *CEO* See what you can do in the meantime, because we're trying to take the heat off Discovery.
(22:22:48) Captain_Tchzkun: @::steps down and takes the helm himself, moving them in towards the Atlantis, using thrusters to keep swinging the strongest sections forward:: Tactical: Keep firing!
(22:22:54) NAV_Cdr_Harper: :
(22:23:03) NAV_Cdr_Harper: :: brings Atlantis between the heavy and Discovery ::
(22:23:52) VAdmBlackthorne: ACTION> Discovery does manage to pop another raider with aft torpedos in the meantime.
(22:24:05) VAdmBlackthorne: TAC: Turn everything against the heavy.
(22:24:18) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: CEO: We might be able to reverse shield polarity for a moment... see if we can bleed any shield power from enemy weapons fire....
(22:24:43) CEO_LtQuinn: :: Stares up at the ceiling for a moment, desperately praying to the gods of BS for something to placate him with. :: +Blackthorne+ How fast can you deploy the Sharks? If you have them take up positions around the ship, set their shields to maximum extension, and slave their vavigation to the bridge console, that's basically a second layer or shields
(22:25:15) TAC_Cadet_Randen: CO: Gladly! :: trains all weapons on the heavy cruiser and opens fire, lighting her up ::
(22:25:15) CEO_LtQuinn: right there.
(22:25:22) VAdmBlackthorne: *CEO* We'll see what we can d- :: is cut off as... ::
(22:26:26) VAdmBlackthorne: ACTION> The heavy's latest barrage of fire scores a lucky hit, causing a cascade through the EPS relays and creating exactly the sort of failure Quinn predicted.
(22:26:38) VAdmBlackthorne: ACTION> Consoles and walls explode all over the place.
(22:26:59) NAV_Cdr_Harper: :: is knocked out of the chair as the helm explodes, hits her head on the deck, and is rendered unconscious ::
(22:27:04) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Covers himself and duck.::
(22:27:07) Captain_Tchzkun: @<Tactical> ::leaps up in his chair:: Tchzkun: Sire! We scored a hit against the lead ship, heavy damage!
(22:27:54) SCI_LtJG_TLira: :: the semi-repaired console was most certainly not expecting a full blow-out, so it promptly explodes. Right in T'Lira's face. What a shock. ::
(22:27:59) VAdmBlackthorne: :: shakes his head to clear it and sees the empty helm, gets up and sits down there, finding it at least still partially functional ::
(22:28:00) CEO_LtQuinn: :: Leaps back from his console, hurriedly brushing burning sparks away from his uniform. ::
(22:28:14) VAdmBlackthorne: TAC: In what area are shields strongest?
(22:28:29) VAdmBlackthorne: :: looks down at Harper on the ground, bleeding a bit from her head ::
(22:28:35) Captain_Tchzkun: @::laughs maniacally, his scalp bleeding quite heavily as he orders one of the remaining three raiders to begin a boarding pass at the Atlantis:: Tactical: Keep firing and prep the boardining parties, begin transport as soon as there's an opening in their shields!
(22:28:36) CSO_Lt_Wright: :: jumps back as her console explodes, part of it bursting into flame in her face ::
(22:28:46) CEO_LtQuinn: :: Rushes over to one of the consoles that was spared that massive surge, and begins calling up a damage report. It's...not pretty. ::
(22:28:57) SCI_LtJG_TLira: :: at least the deck is somewhat comfortable, but the newly acquired burns are not. She moves to another console and keeps working anyway, practicing standard Vulcan stubborness ::
(22:29:15) CEO_LtQuinn: Jesus. The sheer fucking odds...
(22:29:24) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Shouts and swears in various languages simultaneously before getting back up and trying to salvage some shield power from somewhere.::
(22:29:36) TAC_Cadet_Randen: CO: Port side, Sir.
(22:29:54) VAdmBlackthorne: ::: looks around a bit as he gets Atlantis under control and sees the injuries :: *Sickbay* Medical emergencies on the bridge!
(22:30:14) VAdmBlackthorne: :: turns her hard to port :: TAC: Everything we have left against that heavy.
(22:30:21) CEO_LtQuinn: +Blackthorne+ Sir! Are you in one piece up there?
(22:30:45) TAC_Cadet_Randen: :: fires EVERYTHING at the Heavy ::
(22:30:46) MED_Ens_DrSlade: *CO* On my way admiral :: Grabs a trauma kits and runs out of sickbay to the TL:: TL: Bridge
(22:30:59) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Sets up the calculations to see if the shields can be reinforced to any degree by enemy weapons.::
(22:31:32) VAdmBlackthorne: *CEO* It's been better! Tell me you can keep the shields up.
(22:31:50) NAV_Cdr_Harper: :: bleeds ::
(22:32:06) SCI_LtJG_TLira: :: is really not liking the enemy deployments or readouts. ::
(22:32:10) CEO_LtQuinn: :: Stares hard at Ilaihr. :: +Blackthorne+ We can keep the shields up.
(22:32:11) VAdmBlackthorne: :: in a constant turn to keep Atlantis's port side facing the heavy cruiser ::
(22:32:25) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: CEO: Tell the Admiral we're working on a solution sir.
(22:32:28) MED_Ens_DrSlade: :: The TL doors open on to the hectic bridge:: CO: Sir who is hurt the worst?
(22:32:38) VAdmBlackthorne: *CEO* Good to hear, because I don't have the mindwidth to spare to sense if you're lying.
(22:32:47) MED_Ens_DrSlade: :: Runs on to the bridge looking at the surrounding officers::
(22:32:49) Captain_Tchzkun: @<Tactical> ::pushes as much power as he can to the disruptors, sending bolt after bolt of screaming energy at the lead Federation ship::
(22:32:56) CEO_LtQuinn: +Blackthorne+ Give the word, and I think I can also conjure power for the battle bridge. The lights were all off when that surge hit, so it should be unaffected.
(22:33:57) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Computer struggles with the calculation, the console being damaged.::
(22:34:01) VAdmBlackthorne: ACTION> It is, in fact, not good for the heavy cruiser, as Atlantis's weaponry is superior and she really can't duke it out blow for blow.
(22:34:19) VAdmBlackthorne: Slade: You're the doctor, you figure it out! I'm a bit busy.
(22:34:53) MED_Ens_DrSlade: Tlira: Here this should help :: Tosses a dermal regenerator::
(22:34:56) VAdmBlackthorne: ACTION> And about then, Discovery pops another raider.
(22:34:58) CEO_LtQuinn: ENG: Okay, technically that wasn't a lie. See how they're trying to keep the hostile to our port side? Shunt everything over there, even if it means a failure in another section. Wide enough coverage on that side, and it should still block transporter beams.
(22:35:14) TAC_Cadet_Randen: CO: The only explosive left on the ship is the self-destruct.
(22:35:24) CEO_LtQuinn: ENG: The good news is that if they outmaneuver us, the Admiral will blame himself. He's too much of a hotshot not to.
(22:35:33) SCI_LtJG_TLira: :: catches :: MED: Thank you. :: turns to working on the burns. They are most unpleasant, it seems. ::
(22:35:35) Captain_Tchzkun: @::covers his face as consoles explode everywhere, his own sparking and dying so that he can stand back, pushing himself away:: Tactical: Keep firing, keep firiiiiiiing!
(22:35:46) Captain_Tchzkun: @<Tactical> ::lays across the burning console, dead::
(22:36:10) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: CEO: Oh... I am. I'm giving the port emitters everything we've got.
(22:36:15) VAdmBlackthorne: CSO: Hail them.
(22:36:43) MED_Ens_DrSlade: :: See's Cdr Harper on the deck, runs over by her side scanning with a tricorder:: *Transporter* Dr Slade to transporter room one Emergency beam Cdr Harper to sickbay
(22:36:45) VAdmBlackthorne: :: still circling to port :::
(22:37:06) CEO_LtQuinn: ENG: And I'm trying to get you more. Christ, it's like finding my way through a maze.
(22:37:06) Captain_Tchzkun: @::steps over to the only working console, bringing the engine readouts up and beginnign an overload in the impulse injectors, aiming them at the Atlantis with the one (correctly placed) working thruster::
(22:37:22) NAV_Cdr_Harper: :: is beamed ::
(22:37:40) CSO_Lt_Wright: :: Hails them ::
(22:37:59) TAC_Cadet_Randen: CO: Collision Course, Sir!
(22:38:14) MED_Ens_DrSlade: Tlira: Give it to wright when you are done, she looks like she will need it too. CO: Everyone else seems able to work sir, call if you need me again i am going to do surgery on Cdr Harper
(22:38:24) VAdmBlackthorne: *Heavy* Lead Tzenkethi cruiser, this is Admiral Blackthorne of the Federation Starship Atlantis. I am prepared to accept your surrender.
(22:38:43) VAdmBlackthorne: TAC: So much for that. :: guns it to full impulse away from the heavy :: Aft quantums.
(22:38:49) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Notices the enemy ship coming toward them.:: CEO: The shields wont be able to take that though....
(22:39:04) SCI_LtJG_TLira: :: doesn't mention the half-healed wound on arm, just passes the regenerator to Wright. There's work to be done here and it doesn't look all that bad. ::
(22:39:26) SCI_LtJG_TLira: <and the wound doesn't>
(22:39:27) MED_Ens_DrSlade: :: Rushes off the bridge to the TL:: TL: Sick bay
(22:39:56) Captain_Tchzkun: @::scowls at the tiny image on the viewer:: *Blackthorne*: Die, Federation scum! This is for my Father's father! ::slams his fist into the console, overloading the engines and setting off a chain reaction in the core::
(22:39:57) TAC_Cadet_Randen: CO: Oh, what do you know? There are a couple in there... :: fires the quantums from the aft at the severly damaged heavy cruiser ::
(22:40:16) CEO_LtQuinn: Well, what a petty creep must be steering that thing.
(22:40:25) VAdmBlackthorne: ACTION> The quantums hit as the stubborn lizard blows his core and BOOM
(22:40:57) TAC_Cadet_Randen: CO: Enemy Heavy Cruiser destroyed, Sir.
(22:41:01) VAdmBlackthorne: ACTION> A nice shockwave buffets us, but we're far enough away.
(22:41:19) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Redirects power to the aft shield to soften the blow::
(22:41:25) Captain_Tchzkun is now known as GM_James
(22:41:40) MED_Ens_DrSlade: :: Reaches sickbay :: Medics/Nurses: Prep Cdr Harper for surgery now she has a subarachnoid hemorhage
(22:41:51) VAdmBlackthorne: TAC: Mop up the two remaining raiders.
(22:42:19) NAV_Cdr_Harper: :: trippin' balls in her head ::
(22:42:42) SCI_LtJG_TLira: :: logs the enemy patterns and finds noted similarities to previous reports ::
(22:42:44) TAC_Cadet_Randen: :: fires at the raiders and makes them blow up like popping popcorn :: All: Popcorn anyone?
(22:43:02) SCI_LtJG_TLira: TAC: Pardon?
(22:43:03) MED_Ens_DrSlade: :: Goes into the surgical bay and starts prepping for cranial decompression and neural regeneration
(22:43:06) VAdmBlackthorne: ACTION> Atlantis and Discovery easily make quick work of the two remaining raiders in a withering crossfire.
(22:43:58) VAdmBlackthorne: *CEO* Damage report.
(22:44:10) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Takes a deep breath. Takes a moment to look at the wreckage of exploded consoles.::
(22:44:14) VAdmBlackthorne: :: fully aware of the understatement ::
(22:44:57) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: CEO: EPS relays will need a full overhaul sir.
(22:45:30) MED_Ens_DrSlade: :: Stands over the Commander with a birrage of tools next to him, breaths a slow breath, and starts to cut into the unconcious navigators head to try and save her life. Every second the pressure in her skull increasing and pushing her brain against the boney cranium::
(22:45:47) CEO_LtQuinn: :: Sighs ::
(22:46:04) CEO_LtQuinn: +Blackthorne+ You ever lick a high voltage fence, sir?
(22:46:15) VAdmBlackthorne: *CEO*.... no.
(22:46:42) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Looks at the list of damaged systems.:: Self: Oh my.
(22:47:25) CEO_LtQuinn: +Blackthorne+ Yeah, there's a reason for that. I can keep us limping. But I'm projecting...ugh, at least two full days to restore full functionality.
(22:47:46) CEO_LtQuinn: +Blackthorne+ On the plus side, shields are still up, sir.
(22:47:55) VAdmBlackthorne: *CEO* Understood. Perhaps we can make use of resources at the colony to aid in repairs.
(22:48:10) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr: ::Looks at Quinn with the notion of it taking 2 days::
(22:48:12) VAdmBlackthorne: *CEO* Well done on that end. The Tzenkethi love to send boarding parties, which we avoided.
(22:49:57) CEO_LtQuinn: +Blackthorne+ Thank you, sir. I'll pass that along. If you can get me a list of what the colony has, I promise you a report on what we can use within the next hour.
(22:50:12) VAdmBlackthorne: *CEO* Understood. Blackthorne out.
(22:50:13) VAdmBlackthorne: PAUSE SIM
(22:50:14) VAdmBlackthorne: PAUSE SIM
(22:50:15) VAdmBlackthorne: PAUSE SIM
(22:56:37) SCI_LtJG_TLira left the room (quit: Quit: ).
(22:57:17) ENG_LtJG_Ilaihr left the room.