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(21:29:29) GM_James: Summary
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(21:30:29) GM_James: The Atlantis remains in orbit, watching as the subspace vacuole enlarges and their plan begins to unfold. Will it be enough? Only time will tell, and the danger could be insurmountable. Meanwhile, an odd discovery has the Sickbay buzzing, and Doctor Tav works hard to unravel his own mystery.
(21:30:49) GM_James: <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Resume Mission >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
(21:31:59) XO_Cdr_TKirr: :: having relayed their status to Blackthorne in the RR, walks back out onto the Bridge ::
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(21:32:24) VAdmBlackthorne: :: walks out onto the bridge with T'Kirr ::
(21:32:37) CSO_Lt_Wright: :: is doing the calculations to determine the optimal phase variance ::
(21:33:12) MED_Cadet_TylerSlade: :: Reading the screen of the computers scans proved dissapointing it was not strong enough to differentiate the wave patterns:: Crewman: excuse me a moment crewman I will be right back
(21:33:56) ENG_Ens_Ilaihr: ::Looks up from his PADDs, noticing the commotion. Standing up, looking over concerned.::
(21:34:46) MED_Cadet_TylerSlade: :: walks over to the observation bag where Ensign Ilahir sits in his bio bed:: ENG: ensign I have a favor to ask and I know that you are not my biggest fan but it will help a crewman will you help?
(21:34:56) VAdmBlackthorne: Bridge: Are we ready to begin the descent?
(21:35:15) ENG_Ens_Ilaihr: MED: What appears to be the problem doctor?
(21:35:17) CSO_Lt_Wright: :: calculations complete, she turns and nods ::
(21:35:25) SCI_LtJG_TLira: :: attempts to calculate a way to transmit the destruct code to the probe without causing any more harm. ::
(21:35:55) NAV_Cdr_Harper: CO: Descent parameters calculated. The shields will hold for atmospheric entry.
(21:36:37) XO_Cdr_TKirr: :: stands off-center, eyeing the main viewer warily before sitting and consulting her arm console ::
(21:37:03) MED_Cadet_TylerSlade: ENG: Our Biobed scanner is not strong enough to differentiate the two different wave patterns within Crewman Edward brain, I need you to boost the energy capacity to that Biobed so that we can see where the second brainwave is coming from.
(21:37:05) VAdmBlackthorne: XO: Take tactical, T'Kirr. :: always avoids alliteration ::
(21:38:14) XO_Cdr_TKirr: :: glances up from the small console, nods curtly, then stands and walks to Tac ::
(21:38:35) ENG_Ens_Ilaihr: MED: You detect two brain patterns within know body? I can modify the biobed... but I believe I can help in another way.
(21:39:07) ENG_Ens_Ilaihr: MED: Who is the patient? And what do you know of the second pattern?
(21:39:16) VAdmBlackthorne: NAV: Begin descent when the timing is optimal.
(21:39:31) VAdmBlackthorne: XO: Inform the crew that things may get a bit rough.
(21:41:08) MED_Cadet_TylerSlade: ENG: It is Crewman Edwards and the brainwave pattern is almost identical to her own, but slightly changes from time to time. It uses her natural brainwave as a carrier for the second. I have seen some similar waves in joined trill but never this identical and never from an un joined person
(21:41:57) MED_Cadet_TylerSlade: ENG: what do you suggest ?
(21:42:00) ENG_Ens_Ilaihr: MED: Then I think we have work to do Doctor....
(21:42:48) MED_Cadet_TylerSlade: Computer: computer lower force field in observation bay one
(21:42:51) NAV_Cdr_Harper: :: selects a point in their orbit a bit ahead of the target :: CO: Two minutes to deorbit maneuver.
(21:43:02) XO_Cdr_TKirr: :: goes to Yellow Alert :: +Atlantis+ All hands, prepare for inertial instability.
(21:43:17) MED_Cadet_TylerSlade: ENG: thank you ensign's :: begins walking back to the Crewmans Biobed with the ensign::
(21:43:50) ENG_Ens_Ilaihr: ::Nods and runs over to Edwards as the forcefield drops.:: MED: For the record... I told you it would be you to drop the forcefield.
(21:44:01) SCI_LtJG_TLira: :: adjusts her stance so as to not be thrown around when the Atlantis descends ::
(21:44:33) GM_James: ACTION: The lights onboard the ship dim down, yellow bars appears on consoles while non-essential crew head back to quarters and safe ears as they're trained to do. The Atlantis begins to drop her orbital velocity to move into position under Harper's delicate hand.
(21:44:39) NAV_Cdr_Harper: :: applies reverse impulse power to cancel out enough of their orbital velocity, and the ship begins to decend ::
(21:45:04) VAdmBlackthorne: XO: Configure shields for atmospheric flight.
(21:45:21) ENG_Ens_Ilaihr: ::Latches onto the biobed, and begins modifying the energy input, before the ship rocks::
(21:45:32) XO_Cdr_TKirr: :: tap, tappity-tap :: CO: Shields modified.
(21:45:54) MED_Cadet_TylerSlade: :: smiles remembering that the Ensign's premonition was correct infact: ENG: If we can make this work ensign I will suggest to Lt. Tav that you be allowed to return to light duty in engineering as long as Lt quinn will allow it
(21:46:34) VAdmBlackthorne: :: thinks this ship is ending up in entirely too many atmospheres lately, as the entry shock heating begins to appear on the main viewer ::
(21:47:11) GM_James: ACTION: The sleek Sovereign-class vessel descends, touching the outer atmosphere as it moves lower, red patches appearing on the shield as it counters the heat buildup from friction
(21:47:25) ENG_Ens_Ilaihr: MED: We can worry about that later doctor.... I'm going to give the bed everything I can, but I don't believe it will work alone.
(21:48:38) MED_Cadet_TylerSlade: :: nods at the ensign and thinks for a moment:: *Engineering*: Sickbay to engineering
(21:49:16) GM_James: <or not friction>
(21:50:59) ENG_Ens_Ilaihr: ::Tweeks the biobed as much as he can.:: MED: The problem isn't just the power... its pattern recognition, the scanner may not be sensitive on it's own.
(21:51:32) MED_Cadet_TylerSlade: :: awaiting the response from engineering Crewman Edwards begins to seize in the Biobed:: Nurse: I need Ativan now
(21:52:02) ENG_Ens_Ilaihr: MED: You'll need something to make the other pattern distinguishable.
(21:52:19) NAV_Cdr_Harper: :: guides the ship through different trajectories to shed energy ::
(21:52:27) MED_Cadet_TylerSlade: ENG: what do you sugges ensign :: as the nurse hands him the hypospray he primes it and injects it allowing he seizure to subside::
(21:53:02) MED_Cadet_TylerSlade: ENG: what ever it is I think it knows I'm looking for it so we need to work fast
(21:53:22) ENG_Ens_Ilaihr: MED: How familiar are you with Vulcan mindmelds my boy?
(21:53:41) XO_Cdr_TKirr: :: has set the phaser beam emitters to their narrowest configuration and watches the shield dynamics as they descend ::
(21:53:44) GM_James: ACTION: The Atlantis drives deeper into the atmosphere, Harper guiding her back and forth in something of a serpentine motion. Onboard, the inertial dampeners can't keep up, sending people rocking at their seats or against their consoles, the odd spark emitting for effect.
(21:54:13) MED_Cadet_TylerSlade: ENG: I have only seen it twice sir, but how will hat help differentiate the patterns?
(21:54:47) SCI_LtJG_TLira: :: monitors what feed is coming from the probe and isn't exactly enthusiastic about the readings on the vacuole. ::
(21:55:17) ENG_Ens_Ilaihr: MED: If the secondary is using her as a carrier wave, we need to add an interference wave....
(21:55:19) VAdmBlackthorne: :: holds on to his chair arms ::
(21:55:46) MED_Cadet_TylerSlade: ENG: I'm listening
(21:57:07) NAV_Cdr_Harper: Bridge: Peak heating should be ending soon. Altitude 55 kilometers.
(21:57:29) ENG_Ens_Ilaihr: MED: Its been many years since I melded with a Human.... I will require a neural stimulator... and will need to monitor the brainwave very precisely.
(21:58:23) ENG_Ens_Ilaihr: MED: If the secondary is sentient it may attempt to attach to me.
(21:58:49) XO_Cdr_TKirr: NAV: Standing by for a range of ten kilometers.
(21:58:50) ENG_Ens_Ilaihr: MED: And in doing so it's pattern will have to change.
(21:59:04) GM_James: ACTION: With a final rumble the Atlantis pushes through the worst of it, entering the atmosphere fully and levelling out, heading towards their destination of the underground complex.
(21:59:22) NAV_Cdr_Harper: Bridge: Altitude 40km, descending in regular flight toward the target.
(21:59:44) MED_Cadet_TylerSlade: :: Grabs a neural stimulator and places in on the Ensign's temple:: ENG: I will monitor the wave form change and when it's dofferentiats from Crewman Edward I can isolate the wave brilliant ensign
(21:59:56) VAdmBlackthorne: :: knows Harper knows what course to fly, doesn't even bother ::
(22:00:38) XO_Cdr_TKirr: :: takes her focus off the shields and concentrates on acquiring the target ::
(22:00:57) SCI_LtJG_TLira: CO/XO: I recommend caution. The vacuole is now large enough that the gravity it is generating is causing damage on the other side. I do not know what will happen when it is destroyed.
(22:01:28) VAdmBlackthorne: NAV: 10 kilometers from target and no closer.
(22:01:33) VAdmBlackthorne: SCi: Understood.
(22:01:53) ENG_Ens_Ilaihr: ::Nods at the doctor. And step behind the Crewman. He breathes a heated breath onto his hands and rubs them.::
(22:01:59) NAV_Cdr_Harper: CO: Aye sir, altitude level at 20km, approaching target.
(22:02:05) MED_Cadet_TylerSlade: ENG: I have calibrated the neural stimulator
(22:02:19) MED_Cadet_TylerSlade: ENG: ready when you are sir
(22:03:24) MED_Cadet_TylerSlade: :: increasing focus onto the brainwave on the monitor isolating the Crewman and the Ensign's brain activity as well as monitoring their vital signs
(22:03:31) MED_Cadet_TylerSlade: ::
(22:03:53) XO_Cdr_TKirr: CO: We're descending within range of the antiproton flushbacks. I recommend Red Alert as they will collide with the ship.
(22:03:59) GM_James: ACTION: As the ship approaches the underground facility - or what remains of it - the wake from the antiproton flushbacks begins to rock the ship once more.
(22:04:02) ENG_Ens_Ilaihr: MED: Thank you. There a few methods of melding.... ::Thinks for a moment. Before placing his hands into a comfortable configuration::
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(22:04:26) VAdmBlackthorne: Red Alert.
(22:04:33) XO_Cdr_TKirr: :: Red Alerts ::
(22:04:50) MED_Cadet_TylerSlade: :: falls to the floor as the ship rocks::
(22:04:53) ENG_Ens_Ilaihr [] entered the room.
(22:05:12) NAV_Cdr_Harper: :: drops down to 16.4km in an attempt to find smoother flight ::
(22:05:17) SCI_LtJG_TLira: :: hangs onto her console for dear life. ::
(22:05:30) XO_Cdr_TKirr: :: grips Tactical and manages to hang on ::
(22:05:41) CSO_Lt_Wright: :: braces at her console ::
(22:05:43) VAdmBlackthorne: All: There's that inertial instability she warned us about.
(22:05:57) mode (+v ENG_Ens_Ilaihr) by GM_James
(22:06:03) VAdmBlackthorne: XO: Standby phasers.
(22:06:14) XO_Cdr_TKirr: CO: Standing by.
(22:06:17) GM_James: ACTION: The ship rocks harder as it closes in
(22:06:25) CSO_Lt_Wright: :: sends optimal phase variance data to Tactical console ::
(22:06:43) MED_Cadet_TylerSlade: :: struggles back to his feet to reach the Biobed monitor:: ENG: you have successfully connected ensign now change the pattern so I can isolate
(22:06:52) MED_Cadet_TylerSlade: :: holds on for dear life::
(22:06:58) NAV_Cdr_Harper: CO: Approaching 10km to target.
(22:07:07) VAdmBlackthorne: NAV: All stop once we get there.
(22:07:18) SCI_LtJG_TLira: :: clings to her console while trying to read the telemetry from the probe and only half-succeeding at the former. ::
(22:07:24) NAV_Cdr_Harper: CO: Aye sir. :: gets to 10km out and puts her in hover ::
(22:07:25) XO_Cdr_TKirr: :: takes a deep, slow breath after the last flushback while checking the shields and, using Wright's data to acquire the target, readies her hands at the Tactical panel ::
(22:07:36) ENG_Ens_Ilaihr: ::Closes his eye and focusses:: Edwards: My mind, to your mind, my thoughts to your thought, our minds are merging, across the inifinite of space and time.... space and time....
(22:07:48) NAV_Cdr_Harper: CO: I am holding as steady as possible under the conditions.
(22:07:55) VAdmBlackthorne: XO: Fire when ready.
(22:08:27) ENG_Ens_Ilaihr: ::His eye move rapidly as he tries to increase the strength of the bridge::
(22:08:34) XO_Cdr_TKirr: :: fires all facing phaser banks on narrow beams into the target, using logic to avoid the power grid, of course ::
(22:08:46) MED_Cadet_TylerSlade: :: watches the monitor as the two brainwaves intertwine::
(22:09:01) ENG_Ens_Ilaihr: MED: I need more...
(22:09:31) GM_James: ACTION: The Atlantis holds position over the facility, shaking and rocking back and forth as the immense energy being put out by the flushbacks disturbs the air as well as subspace. With a roar of coalescing energy a bright orange beam lances down from the forward array, striking the ground and boring through to the centre of the facility and the rip in the fabric of time.
(22:09:52) MED_Cadet_TylerSlade: ENG:More power or more from Edwards?
(22:10:29) XO_Cdr_TKirr: :: struggles to hang onto Tactical with one hand ::
(22:10:44) VAdmBlackthorne: ::still holding onto his chair arms ::
(22:10:53) ENG_Ens_Ilaihr: Edwards: Open your mind to me. ::Searches through the mental realm:: MED: More power...
(22:11:04) MED_Cadet_TylerSlade: ::Wraps his arm over the Biobed ::
(22:11:07) SCI_LtJG_TLira: All: The vacuole's rate of increase is beginning to slow, but only by a small amount.
(22:11:13) NAV_Cdr_Harper: :: fights to stay in the helm and hold their position ::
(22:11:30) VAdmBlackthorne: All: Keep it up!
(22:11:31) MED_Cadet_TylerSlade: *Bridge* Sickbay to bridge
(22:12:03) VAdmBlackthorne: *MED* Blackthorne here.
(22:12:08) GM_James: ACTION: Consoles spark and gush smoke on the bridge, the MSD showing little lines of red on some subsections and unimportant systems
(22:12:22) MED_Cadet_TylerSlade: *Bridge* I know we are in a tight spot right now but I need any extra power to sickbay now sir
(22:12:26) CSO_Lt_Wright: :: coughs ::
(22:12:43) VAdmBlackthorne: *MED* None is available! Bridge out.
(22:12:44) ENG_Ens_Ilaihr: ::Switches position of his fingers, moving his little fingers to behind the brainstem:: Edwards: You.... cannot hide from me....
(22:12:56) XO_Cdr_TKirr: :: keeps at it, cycling the array as Atlantis drifts slightly ::
(22:13:30) MED_Cadet_TylerSlade: ENG: dig deeper ensign there is no more power, you have to connect on your own
(22:14:04) VAdmBlackthorne: :: glances the MSD, sees that she's holding together ::
(22:14:07) SCI_LtJG_TLira: :: ends up on the deck and tries to get a grip on the station to haul herself back to her feet, only managing to get to a stable crouch/awkward leaning forward position. ::
(22:14:10) ENG_Ens_Ilaihr: ~Edwards~: Crewman Edwards.... come into the light, to the sound of my voice....
(22:14:31) XO_Cdr_TKirr: :: jerks her head away as Tactical sparks at her face ::
(22:14:48) XO_Cdr_TKirr: CO: I'm losing phasers!
(22:14:49) NAV_Cdr_Harper: :: puts a leg on either side of the chair so she doesn't slide out and keeps as stable as she can, daring the helm to fail her ::
(22:15:00) MED_Cadet_TylerSlade: :: watches the screen and sees the wave fluctuate:: ENG: There it's changing, she is there ensign
(22:15:05) ENG_Ens_Ilaihr: MED: There is something else in here with me.
(22:15:12) VAdmBlackthorne: :: comms engineering and yells for more power to the phasers ::
(22:15:24) CSO_Lt_Wright: :: falls halfway out of her chair as a bump hits while she is coughing smoke out of her lungs ::
(22:15:25) ENG_Ens_Ilaihr: ~Edwards~: Take my hand child.
(22:15:26) VAdmBlackthorne: OPS: Divert any remaining power you have available.
(22:16:07) XO_Cdr_TKirr: :: glances at the power feeds desperately, attempting to keep the array active ::
(22:16:07) CSO_Lt_Wright: :: rights herself and taps at her console :: CO: All available power is diverted.
(22:16:28) MED_Cadet_TylerSlade: :: tapping on the screen isolates the wave:: ENG: that is not a human brainwave
(22:16:37) GM_James: ACTION: The phaser beam intensified, the array it's firing from glowing white hot under the sheer power being launched towards the surface.
(22:17:01) SCI_LtJG_TLira: CO: I recommend rerouting power from all nonessential systems to the phaser arrays.
(22:17:16) ENG_Ens_Ilaihr: MED: I can nearly see it.....
(22:17:31) VAdmBlackthorne: SCI: It already better be there.
(22:17:37) ENG_Ens_Ilaihr: MED: It is young.....curious.
(22:17:44) CSO_Lt_Wright: CO: It seems to be working! The vacuole is closing!
(22:18:08) SCI_LtJG_TLira: CO: The artificial gravity systems are at full power, so I believe some power may still be available.
(22:18:11) MED_Cadet_TylerSlade: :: the waves begin to seperate ::
(22:18:25) ENG_Ens_Ilaihr: ~::Holds out both hands:: All: Take each hand.~
(22:18:47) VAdmBlackthorne: SCI: Divert those then, half a G ought to be enough. All: Keep it up, steady...
(22:18:48) MED_Cadet_TylerSlade: ENG: they are separating ensign
(22:18:54) MED_Cadet_TylerSlade: :: grabs hand::
(22:19:25) NAV_Cdr_Harper: NAV: I could use some of that power to attitude control.
(22:19:26) XO_Cdr_TKirr: :: wipes at her face, but winces as it burns and ignores it ::
(22:20:00) SCI_LtJG_TLira: CO: Aye sir. :: begins diverting power from the artificial gravity generators and on a whim, pulling some from the temperature control systems. Just a bit. ::
(22:20:13) GM_James: ACTION: More consoles start to pop and explode, warning lights going off everywhere.
(22:20:17) NAV_Cdr_Harper: :: is NAV, said that to SCI instead ::
(22:21:05) MED_Cadet_TylerSlade: :: the crewman remains secured to the closed Biobed, my feet begin to leave the floor from the lack of artificial Gravity::
(22:21:26) SCI_LtJG_TLira: NAV: I am diverting 45% of available power to the attitude control now. XO: 55% of power has been diverted to the phaser array.
(22:21:32) GM_James: ACTION: All at once, a sheer white light bursts from the surface as the vacuole closes and the tear seals up. In Sickbay, a brief sphere of blue light slips from the centre of Crewman Edwards' forehead and floats off, shimmering and disappearing as it leaves her body
(22:21:38) ENG_Ens_Ilaihr: ::The non-physical mental realm is dark. Ilaihr standing under a lone streetlight, a vague glimpse of Edawrds one side, the alien another::
(22:22:28) VAdmBlackthorne: XO: Cease fire!
(22:22:44) XO_Cdr_TKirr: :: stops firing and grips the console with both hands ::
(22:22:51) MED_Cadet_TylerSlade: :: the same vision passes through his mind at the moment the ensign sees it and then in a flash the alien figure dissapeared::
(22:23:26) ENG_Ens_Ilaihr: ~::Fizzled amongst a think aether, he still cannot quite make out the lifeform::~
(22:24:10) MED_Cadet_TylerSlade: ENG: was that a child ensign?
(22:24:15) ENG_Ens_Ilaihr: ~All~: Please, both of you, take my hand.
(22:24:31) VAdmBlackthorne: :: looks around the bridge :: All:Status?
(22:24:34) CSO_Lt_Wright: CO: Aside from the fact that it's emitting a lot of chronotons, I'm not getting much in the way of data from the rift anymore. It's definitely closing.
(22:24:47) ENG_Ens_Ilaihr: ::Is completely unaware of the doctor at this point:j
(22:25:24) MED_Cadet_TylerSlade: :: still holding the Ensign's hand awaiting some type of response::
(22:26:03) ENG_Ens_Ilaihr: ~::The alien has gone. Edwards is left laying there in the aether. Ilaihr runs up to check on her::~
(22:27:01) ENG_Ens_Ilaihr: ~Edwards~: Crewman, are you alright my dear? Can he hear me?
(22:28:10) GM_James: ACTION: With a sudden snap, a feeling like the entire crew has just been pulled backwards by their skin, hair standing on end until there's a flash of the deepest darkness, then light as if coming out of a tunnel. The Atlantis is back on course, speeding through spde under her newly repaired Quantum Slipstream drive and running her tests, Sickbay is empty except for Ilaihr and the
(22:28:10) GM_James: Doctor, and there's a lush, green planet on sensors.
(22:28:10) VAdmBlackthorne: XO: Damage report.
(22:28:14) MED_Cadet_TylerSlade: :: releases the Ensign's hand and stares at the monitor, watching as the Ensign's brain wave wraps around Crewman Edwards::
(22:28:22) VAdmBlackthorne: (or not)
(22:28:32) GM_James: <Put the ACTION after those two lines>
(22:29:09) VAdmBlackthorne: All: I.... will need more than a damage report.
(22:29:30) ENG_Ens_Ilaihr: Self: Most intriguing
(22:29:31) MED_Cadet_TylerSlade: ENG: where is the crewman ensign?
(22:29:50) NAV_Cdr_Harper: CO: We are... in slipstream flight, on our previous heading before encountering the flushbacks.
(22:29:55) CSO_Lt_Wright: CO: We... appear to have moved backward in time?
(22:30:33) MED_Cadet_TylerSlade: *Bridge* sickbay to bridge I can't believe I am saying this but I think we have a man overboard
(22:30:38) CSO_Lt_Wright: CO: I'm getting an incoming transmission... from the planet. A Dr. Lik'en wishes to speak with you.
(22:30:39) ENG_Ens_Ilaihr: MED: I believe we may have just experienced a temporal flux...
(22:30:40) VAdmBlackthorne: CSO: What IS the time and date?
(22:30:42) SCI_LtJG_TLira: CO: It appears as if we have reverted back to the time before we began noting the flushback waves. Most peculiar.
(22:30:54) GM_James is now known as Doctor_Liken
(22:31:05) VAdmBlackthorne: CSO: Put `em on screen. :: shrugs ::
(22:31:12) CSO_Lt_Wright: :: tap tap on screen ::
(22:31:23) ENG_Ens_Ilaihr: ::Pats Slades shoulder, and smiles::
(22:31:38) MED_Cadet_TylerSlade: Computer: Computer locate crewman Edwards
(22:32:10) MED_Cadet_TylerSlade: :: completely confused by the events that just took place::
(22:32:11) Doctor_Liken: ACTION: The image of a pretty young scientist flashes up on screen, looking much like the one from the original message.
(22:32:39) VAdmBlackthorne: :: recognizes her, although she appears to be much less about to be dead ::
(22:32:52) Doctor_Liken: *Blackthorne*: Captain....I'm not exactly sure how to say this, but...I think we have to thank you, for something that you....didn't do? Or that you did? We still don't quite have a handle on it.
(22:33:09) XO_Cdr_TKirr: +Slade+ Can you elaborate?
(22:33:28) ENG_Ens_Ilaihr: MED: Time and time again my boy... time and time again.
(22:33:38) VAdmBlackthorne: Liken: Believe me, few languages have a verb tense to express what may or may not have happened.
(22:34:00) MED_Cadet_TylerSlade: *XO* Commander Crewman Edwards just disapeared from the Biobed in sick bay
(22:34:28) MED_Cadet_TylerSlade: *XO* and the computer does not show her on board
(22:34:35) Doctor_Liken: ::nods a little gratefully:: *Blackthorne* We have some coded transmissions here, sensor readings and information that came from you, about us...or rather, where we should have been. Or could. But...what we do know is that we owe you a debt of gratitude.
(22:34:40) XO_Cdr_TKirr: :: perks an eyebrow ::
(22:35:25) VAdmBlackthorne: Liken: Glad to assist. I trust everything is alright there now?
(22:35:27) ENG_Ens_Ilaihr: MED: Did she even really exist doctor?
(22:35:41) XO_Cdr_TKirr: +Slade+ Thank you, Doctor. Keep...looking for her. I'll need a full report.
(22:36:09) MED_Cadet_TylerSlade: ENG: Ensign she was right in front of you why do you ask that? :: completely confused::
(22:36:29) Doctor_Liken: ::nods again:: *Blackthorne*: Much, and on behalf of the Icena people we would like to offer you our hospitality. I've got six different government officials who are putting together six different feasts, so you have a choice.
(22:36:39) MED_Cadet_TylerSlade: *XO* Understood commander, sickbay out
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(22:38:00) VAdmBlackthorne: :: smiles :: Liken: Thank you, but celebratory feasts aren't necessary. Let's just use this as the start of a long friendship between our peoples.
(22:38:00) ENG_Ens_Ilaihr: MED: No reason doctor. Call it a hunch.
(22:38:42) MED_Cadet_TylerSlade: ENG: Ensign, I will keep my word and request your light duty release, but I will need you to submit a report on this as well if you don't mind
(22:39:31) VAdmBlackthorne: Liken: But, again, we all have been through a shared ordeal and some relaxation could be warranted.
(22:39:43) ENG_Ens_Ilaihr: MED: Am I even still injured?
(22:40:01) mode (+v SCI_LtJG_TLira) by Doctor_Liken
(22:40:07) Doctor_Liken: ::positively beams:: *Blackthorne*: I will notify them of your arrival. We're all looking forward to meeting with our newest friends!
(22:40:43) VAdmBlackthorne: Liken: Thank you, and we share your anticipation. Atlantis out.
(22:40:48) ENG_Ens_Ilaihr: ::Smiles:: MED: I have a feeling there will be things do to besides engineering.
(22:40:54) VAdmBlackthorne: NAV: Drop from slipstream flight.
(22:41:00) MED_Cadet_TylerSlade: :: opens a tricorder and scans the ensign, and looks up with a shocked face:: ENG: well I guess light duty isn't required
(22:41:34) NAV_Cdr_Harper: Aye aye. :: transitions the ship to normal space and sets a course for the repaired planet ::
(22:41:40) MED_Cadet_TylerSlade: ENG: I don't even see a sign of having surgery :: taps perplexed on his tricorder and scratches his head:
(22:42:18) VAdmBlackthorne: NAV: Take us to the feast, Commander.
(22:42:40) NAV_Cdr_Harper: :: grins :: All: I hope they have bacon. :: hits the regular warp drive ::
(22:42:51) ENG_Ens_Ilaihr: ::Puts his arm around the confused doctor:: MED: Come doctor Slade, we have much to discuss.
(22:43:07) Doctor_Liken: ACTION: The Atlantis drops out of slipstream, turning to make way for her heroes welcome at Icena
(22:43:14) MED_Cadet_TylerSlade: ENG: This is going to be a normal thing to happen on this ship isn't it sir? :: he basked the ensign still disheveled::
(22:43:17) Doctor_Liken: <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< End Mission >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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