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(21:25:57) VAdmBlackthorne: BEGIN SIM
(21:25:58) VAdmBlackthorne: BEGIN SIM
(21:26:00) VAdmBlackthorne: BEGIN SIM
(21:33:33) CEO_Lt_Quinn: :: By this point, having finally worked a good deal of excess energy out if his system and drunk about as much as he cares to for awhile, Quinn is finally just taking it easy. Beach chair, beach umbrella, an ice cold lemonade, and a technical schematic for a proposed power system upgrade they're kicking around back at Utopia Planetia. Bliss. ::
(21:34:35) VAdmBlackthorne: :: standing on a windy cliff, overlooking a vast panoramic view of a bay with waterfalls feeding into it ::
(21:36:58) CSO_Lt_Wright: :: stands in the balmy afternoon sun in a light sundress, gazing down the street completely lined with shops and stalls, the shopping district bustling with people. She takes a deep breath and turns to Kate :: Kate: Okay. I want to buy some clothes and some things to decorate my quarters. This is my mission. How about you?
(21:37:31) VAdmBlackthorne: :: turns to T'Kirr :: So, what do you think?
(21:39:22) XO_Cdr_TKirr: Ian: It's beautiful. :: peeks over the edge :: And high. In this instance, I'm grateful for the wind.
(21:39:46) NAV_Cdr_Harper: :: in a light green dress that hangs off one shoulder, a floppy hat, and sunglasses :: Lexy: That is an admirable mission. I think I shall join you and attempt it myself!
(21:41:15) VAdmBlackthorne: :: turns to check out the hang glider one more time, a large orange delta wing :: T'Kirr: It does help when you're about to do what we're about to do.
(21:41:53) CSO_Lt_Wright: Kate: Then let us go forth... and shop! :: throws her shoulders back and walks confidently into the nearest shop, which happens to be a clothing shop ::
(21:43:59) CEO_Lt_Quinn: :: Skimming down the padd :: Subspace tranceivers all throughout, mimicking a comm system. FTL power transfer, theoretically bypassing burnt out relays. I'll believe that when I see it. Still...
(21:44:40) NAV_Cdr_Harper: Lexy: Let's! :: hair-tosses and enters the shop, shedding the hat and sunglasses ::
(21:47:28) CSO_Lt_Wright: :: wanders amongst the racks of clothing, looking at everything but not really sure what she is looking for ::
(21:49:15) VAdmBlackthorne: T'Kirr: So are you ready to give this a try?
(21:49:39) NAV_Cdr_Harper: :: browses idly, hat and glasses tucked away in her bag, dipping her hands into racks for a few seconds at a time to move clothes around ::
(21:51:22) CSO_Lt_Wright: :: pulls out a gauzy red dress cut in the local style with a jeweled belt cinched around the waist and holds it up against her :: Kate: What do you think of this?
(21:51:31) XO_Cdr_TKirr: :: nods to Ian, preparing herself ::
(21:52:47) VAdmBlackthorne: :: gets in the harness and lifts the glider, beckoning her to take the front spot ::
(21:53:33) XO_Cdr_TKirr: :: slips in and fastens it securely, taking in the wingspan and willing her trust into it ::
(21:54:23) VAdmBlackthorne: T'Kirr: OK, remember, it's all in body weight shifting, so move with me.
(21:54:50) XO_Cdr_TKirr: :: peers back at him :: Ian: Are you sure you don't want to take lead, then?
(21:55:01) NAV_Cdr_Harper: :: looks :: Lexy: I think that would look great on you!
(21:56:00) VAdmBlackthorne: :: nods :: T'Kirr: Yes, this is a better configuration given the balance.
(21:57:53) CSO_Lt_Wright: :: grins :: Kate: I'm gonna try it on. :: drapes it carefully over her shoulder and continues looking at the racks ::
(21:58:33) CSO_Lt_Wright: :: reconsiders and drapes it carefully over her arm, not her shoulder ::
(21:58:45) NAV_Cdr_Harper: Lexy: You definitely should. :: browses ::
(22:00:25) XO_Cdr_TKirr: Ian: All right. :: realizes she's putting just as much trust in him as she is the glider ::
(22:01:05) VAdmBlackthorne: T'Kirr: OK, the wind is good. We're going to take a running stride right off the cliff. Are you ready?
(22:02:42) XO_Cdr_TKirr: :: grips the bar tightly :: Ian: Ready.
(22:03:19) VAdmBlackthorne: Let's go! :: starts off in a run ::
(22:03:53) XO_Cdr_TKirr: :: runs, for once towards the edge of a cliff without stopping ::
(22:04:42) NAV_Cdr_Harper: :: pulls out a sheer white dress, also locally styled, and holds it up :: Lexy: What do you think of this one?
(22:05:19) CSO_Lt_Wright: :: nods eagerly :: Kate: It suits you!
(22:06:25) NAV_Cdr_Harper: :: smiles :: Then I shall try it on. :: drapes it and keeps looking ::
(22:08:14) VAdmBlackthorne: :: runs off the edge, and the glider catches an updraft almost immediately, with only a slight drop beforehand ::
(22:10:26) XO_Cdr_TKirr: :: makes the leap of faith, and except for the wind in her ears and the cliff having fallen immediately away, the slow-moving distance makes it feel like they've gone nowhere at all ::
(22:11:22) VAdmBlackthorne: :: angles a bit to the right to steer over land as they climb ::
(22:11:34) CSO_Lt_Wright: :: chooses a few other garments and drapes them over her arm as well, and then goes looking for a shop employee ::
(22:13:08) NAV_Cdr_Harper: :: finds a forest green dress with crossed lacing and adds that to her pile ::
(22:13:34) XO_Cdr_TKirr: :: finds gliding eerily quiet without the usually accompanying sound of an engine ::
(22:15:01) VAdmBlackthorne: :: cancels his lean to straighen out as they're now soaring over land :: T'Kirr: What do you think?
(22:16:09) CSO_Lt_Wright: Employee> Ah, hello, miss. It pleases you to try these on?
(22:16:28) CSO_Lt_Wright: Employee: Yes, please.
(22:17:01) NAV_Cdr_Harper: :: shows up behind her as Lexy begins talking to the employee, looking expectant as well ::
(22:17:52) CSO_Lt_Wright: Employee> You as well, miss? Please follow me, please follow me. :: guides them to a row of curtained dressing rooms ::
(22:18:30) NAV_Cdr_Harper: :: smiles :: Employee: Thank you.
(22:19:41) CSO_Lt_Wright: ::also smiles :: Employee: Yes, thank you very much. :: pushes aside the curtain to one of the dressing rooms and enters, closing the curtain behind her ::
(22:19:43) XO_Cdr_TKirr: :: looks all around as they soar over the beautiful vista :: Ian: It's...dangerous and freeing. Wonderful!
(22:21:06) NAV_Cdr_Harper: :: goes into the adjacent room and closes the curtain, then changes into the white dress ::
(22:21:32) VAdmBlackthorne: :: smiles, it being rare to get such a reaction :: T'Kirr: I thought you might like this. Just us and the wind.... :: turns left, feeling the wind change ::
(22:25:55) CEO_Lt_Quinn: :: At length, concludes he's just not quite convinced. Yes, it is of course entirely possible to transfer energy through subspace. Technically, a comm signal IS radiant energy. But for a system like this to be practical in anything other than a lab setting, a degree of efficiency is required that he's just not sure would actually be attainable. Then again, he's never tried it himself. ::
(22:26:18) XO_Cdr_TKirr: :: experiments tentatively to steer the glider, noting how responsive it is to the wind, and contemplates the aerodynamics of its shape ::
(22:27:00) CEO_Lt_Quinn: :: Grins and writes up a quick request, that he then sends on to Blackthorne's desk. If approved, the testing should certainly prove interesting. ::
(22:27:15) VAdmBlackthorne: :: shifts into following her leans instead of leading ::
(22:27:43) CSO_Lt_Wright: :: pulls on the red dress and fastens the jeweled belt around her waist, turning and looking at all sides of herself in the mirror, before pulling aside the curtain and stepping out ::
(22:28:36) CEO_Lt_Quinn: :: Reaches over and takes a long sip of his lemonade before reaching for the next tech manual. ::
(22:28:46) NAV_Cdr_Harper: :: emerges in the white dress after a mirror check ::
(22:29:15) CMO_Lt_Tav: :: pulls himself atop Targ, the horse he has rented for the day. He shakes his head at the name... Apparently, this horse can be somewhat wiley. Whatever; Tav begins to ride into the woods just ahead ::
(22:30:34) CSO_Lt_Wright: ::claps her hands upon seeing Kate :: Kate: You look great! Turn around, let me see.
(22:31:17) NAV_Cdr_Harper: :: twirls, the dress flaring out ::
(22:31:33) CSO_Lt_Wright: Kate: Lovely! You have to buy it.
(22:32:13) NAV_Cdr_Harper: Lexy: I think I will! But the green one must be seen as well. Now, as for you... :: leans back and takes in the red dress she's wearing :: You do not wear such things often, no?
(22:32:42) XO_Cdr_TKirr: :: makes use of the air currents whipping up the jagged higher ground and wonders at where they should aim for landing ::
(22:32:57) CSO_Lt_Wright: :: feeling a little shy under scrutiny :: No, not really. Is it too much?
(22:33:28) VAdmBlackthorne: :: senses the fleeting thought through their bond :: T'Kirr: The beach, I would think.
(22:34:03) NAV_Cdr_Harper: :: steps up to her and does the Zoolander to her hair ::
(22:35:11) NAV_Cdr_Harper: :: then leans back again :: Well, you should. You are beautiful and I do not think you know it.
(22:35:45) CSO_Lt_Wright: :: blushes fiercely! ::
(22:37:09) CSO_Lt_Wright: Kate: So... what you're saying is... that I should buy this dress?
(22:37:34) NAV_Cdr_Harper: Lexy: It would be criminal not to!
(22:39:17) CSO_Lt_Wright: :: still blushing, but also smiling :: I was thinking about wearing it to the holiday party. Would that be... appropriate?
(22:39:33) XO_Cdr_TKirr: :: steers around some more and takes in more of the slow and steady changing panorama ::
(22:40:09) NAV_Cdr_Harper: :: nods :: Lexy: I think so. Especially if you go with me, and I wear this. :: holds up the green dress ::
(22:40:39) VAdmBlackthorne: :: follows her lead with a gentle direction preference for the eventual beach landing ::
(22:41:00) CSO_Lt_Wright: Kate: I want to SEE the green dress! You put that on, and I'll put on something else. :: ducks back into the dressing room ::
(22:42:03) NAV_Cdr_Harper: :: smirks, returns to the dressing room, and doffs the white dress in favor the green one, lacing up the bodice imperfectly due to time and lack of experience ::
(22:43:26) VAdmBlackthorne: T'Kirr: Almost like dancing, isn't it? One leads and the other follows, but both must be in sync.
(22:43:37) XO_Cdr_TKirr: :: keeps their landing area in mind, and as their eventual end draws nearer as altitude drops, everything is now "moving" much faster ::
(22:44:46) XO_Cdr_TKirr: Ian: That is a good analogy.
(22:45:26) NAV_Cdr_Harper: :: emerges, the dress having white lacing and gold accents in trim, almost looking like something from a fantasy game ::
(22:46:15) VAdmBlackthorne: T'Kirr: And in either case, the music or the wind are really the ones in charge. :: smells the salt air as the beach looms closer, their approach over land ::
(22:46:20) CSO_Lt_Wright: :: pulls off the red dress and pulls on a light blue knee-length A-line dress with lacy accents around the edge of the skirt, sleeves, and neckline, quickly checking herself in the mirror before stepping out ::
(22:47:30) NAV_Cdr_Harper: Beautiful! :: is the one clapping this time ::
(22:48:34) XO_Cdr_TKirr: :: catches movement ahead of them as a flock of alien gulls take off from the sand and fill the air all around them ::
(22:48:50) CSO_Lt_Wright: Kate: Hmmm. May I? :: steps forward and adjusts the lacing on the bodice, then steps back and looks, smiling and nodding :: Kate: Very elegant! I like it very much!
(22:48:51) VAdmBlackthorne: :: laughs ::
(22:49:58) NAV_Cdr_Harper: Lexy: Thank you! For the party, I think this dress for me and the red one for you, yes? The white one was a bit too sheer for Starfleet functions. :: smirks ::
(22:51:04) CSO_Lt_Wright: Kate: Maybe, but it was still gorgeous!
(22:51:40) XO_Cdr_TKirr: :: finds the sand racing below as the gulls clear :: Ian: How do we pull up?!
(22:51:42) NAV_Cdr_Harper: Lexy: Oh I did not say that, because I am certainly buying it.
(22:52:06) VAdmBlackthorne: T'Kirr: Lean back and raise the angle of attack to increase drag.
(22:52:35) CSO_Lt_Wright: :: grins :: Kate: What do you think of this? :: spins around and lets the skirt flare out prettily ::
(22:53:33) XO_Cdr_TKirr: Ian: That's what I mean, how do we do that? :: attempts to drop but the air holds her up ::
(22:53:53) NAV_Cdr_Harper: Lexy: Gorgeous! It picks up the blue in your eyes.
(22:54:28) VAdmBlackthorne: :: leans back to show her forcing the nose up ::
(22:54:53) CSO_Lt_Wright: Kate: It's a lot more conservative than the red one, much more my usual style... it's not too boring?
(22:55:33) XO_Cdr_TKirr: :: is relieved as the glider slows ::
(22:55:37) NAV_Cdr_Harper: Lexy: Not at all! If that is your style then run with it. You used the word elegant, which fits this dress on you.
(22:56:52) CSO_Lt_Wright: :: grins :: Do you have anything else to try on?
(22:57:01) VAdmBlackthorne: :: they pitch up first but begin to slow and fall, lacking wind, and he sticks he feet out ::
(22:57:11) NAV_Cdr_Harper: Lexy: I do not, do you?
(22:58:50) CSO_Lt_Wright: Kate: Nothing I need to try on!
(22:59:41) XO_Cdr_TKirr: :: connects with the sandy ground and runs off their horizontal energy until they come to a stop ::
(23:00:08) VAdmBlackthorne: :: Flintstones to a stop ::
(23:00:22) NAV_Cdr_Harper: :: buys the dresses with a quick transfer ::
(23:00:37) XO_Cdr_TKirr: Ian: I sure am glad you weigh something.
(23:00:42) CSO_Lt_Wright: :: does the same, as well as a shawl and some other accessories ::
(23:01:15) VAdmBlackthorne: T'Kirr: Well, I don't think I've put on any weight... :: chuckles and extracts himself from the glider ::
(23:01:17) VAdmBlackthorne: PAUSE SIM
(23:01:18) VAdmBlackthorne: PAUSE SIM
(23:01:20) VAdmBlackthorne: PAUSE SIM
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