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(21:25:07) VAdmBlackthorne: BEGIN SIM
(21:25:10) VAdmBlackthorne: BEGIN SIM
(21:25:12) VAdmBlackthorne: BEGIN SIM
(21:26:14) SCI_Ens_Bradley: ::stands at the Science station on the bridge, eyes flickering across the screen as he monitors the descent of the station::
(21:26:58) VAdmBlackthorne: :: on the bridge, looking at an azure sky on the viewer that once contained a mining station, and is now filled with ships of all shapes and sizes, including some of our shuttles :
(21:27:53) OPS_Ens_Emeric: ::taps quickly at the Operations console, coordinating traffic and prepping the shuttle bays for the crush cans::
(21:28:07) MED_Ens_Velis: ::coordinates the medical team to look over all the current evacuees, assess injuries, visible or not::
(21:28:28) SCI_Ens_Bradley: ::taps at the screen with a quiet frown on his face, unable to think of much except all of the people trapped on the station, his eyes watching the altitude counter clicking downwards metre by metre::
(21:28:52) CSO_Lt_Wright: :: having given up her station at OPS, is now in the lab, pacing while she thinks. ::
(21:29:14) VAdmBlackthorne: :: looks to Ops :: Ensign... Emeric. If we don't have enough to physically fly the shuttles out of our bays, then get anyone aboard and have the autopilot do it.
(21:30:00) OPS_Ens_Emeric: ::glances nervously at the Admiral:: VAdm: Yes, sir. Um... Yes.
(21:30:08) ENG_Ens_Ilaihr: ::Enters the shuttlebay, takes a brief second to feel the moment, to smell the air, knowing that there is work to be done::
(21:30:57) OPS_Ens_Emeric: ::starts assigning security personnel to shuttlecraft::
(21:31:17) CdrHarper: :: holds Atlantis steady, the ship much easier to control without a station hanging off her ::
(21:33:01) CEO_Lt_Quinn: :: Stands in holodeck 1, a cadre of engineers behind him, looking over a computer generated crush can assembled from schematics that were sent over there way. :: Okay, folks. Take notes, make videos, whatever. Because we're only going to have a chance to practice this once before we're swamped by the real thing.
(21:33:52) OPS_Ens_Emeric: VAdm: Shuttle bays are clear and ready to receive crush cans, Admiral.
(21:34:31) VAdmBlackthorne: :: nods to Emeric :: Signal them that they're clear to land.
(21:34:57) OPS_Ens_Emeric: VAdm: Aye, sir. ::sends the go-ahead for the cans::
(21:35:20) SCI_Ens_Bradley: ::directs the lateral sensors towards the crush cans, keeping a close eye on their current position::
(21:36:11) CdrHarper: :: continues to hold steady to make approach and landing as easy as possible for the cans ::
(21:36:26) CEO_Lt_Quinn: :: Abusing the hell out of the hologram theme, is further studying a miniature floating depiction of said fake crush can, illuminated in red at a couple of spots toward the rear. :: Okay. Normally, these plates are designed to collapse inward, but it looks like they can be removed without screwing the, here and here.
(21:36:29) CSO_Lt_Wright: OPS: Ops, can you tell me if we are still capable of communicating with the station?
(21:38:23) CdrHarper: ACTION> Crush cans start to arrive in the shuttlebays.
(21:38:41) OPS_Ens_Emeric: ::sends a ping signal to the station:: CSO: Affirmative. There's some degradation in the signal, but we should be able to get our points across.
(21:38:42) CEO_Lt_Quinn: McKnight> ::As a certified shuttle pilot, the resident marine is doing a bit of multi-tasking, relaying the tricorder readings he took of that bomb before it almost blew up in his face to both the relevant Atlantis departments and the League of Xe representatives. ::
(21:39:38) ENG_Ens_Ilaihr: ::Rubs his hands in anticipation of getting his hands dirty on the cans::
(21:41:37) SCI_Ens_Bradley: ::moves over to the main science console, facing the viewscreen, unable to keep his eyes from watching the swirling azure clouds while his hands work on autopilot, running off scans and passing them to the relevant departments::
(21:41:49) CSO_Lt_Wright: Computer. Analyze station and determine whether station is capable of generating a subspace field around itself.
(21:42:47) CSO_Lt_Wright: Computer> CSO: Analysis complete. Station is capable of generating subspace field to stated parameters.
(21:43:06) CEO_Lt_Quinn: :: Pokes around for a minute and finds some sort of manual release set into the panel. Following the holographic tutorial hovering in front of him, he enters a few commands into the alien console, revealing a hand valve. A hard clockwise turn later, the panel comes loose, and clatters down to the deck. ::
(21:43:21) SCI_Ens_Bradley: ::frowns down at his panel, then looks back over towards the command circle:: VAdm: Sir, the station is about 15 minutes from neutral bouyancy within the planet's atmosphere. She's still sinking slowly, but that'll start speeding up the closer she gets to the core.
(21:44:08) CEO_Lt_Quinn: Okay! Once you have that one loose, it's like an arch missing its keystone, and we can remove the others. It'll be slow and a pain in the ass, but as long as we put them back on right, this one especially, it should be pretty simple. Questions?
(21:44:41) VAdmBlackthorne: :: frowns at Bradley :: If it slips below where it'll be neutrally bouyant, the rate of descent won't really matter.
(21:45:11) VAdmBlackthorne: Hopefully they don't lose any more balloons...
(21:45:50) ENG_Ens_Ilaihr: *CEO*: Lieutenant Quinn, the crush cans are beginning to arrive in the Shuttlebay.
(21:48:31) SCI_Ens_Bradley: ::quickly begins running a few geological scans of the gas giant's inner core:: VAdm: If the station loses another...::quickly taps out on the console for the results::...four of her twelve remaining balloons, the bouyant effect will no longer be sufficient to counter gravitational pull of the planet's core.
(21:49:05) SCI_Ens_Bradley: <twelve=eight>
(21:49:37) CSO_Lt_Wright: Computer, model station at likely position 5 minutes from now. Then generate station's maximum subspace field output around station. Confirm that this reduces the station's inertial mass.
(21:50:09) VAdmBlackthorne: I am unfortunately well aware of that, Ensign Bradley.
(21:50:14) CSO_Lt_Wright: Computer> Confirmed.
(21:51:44) CSO_Lt_Wright: Computer, is the loss of inertial mass sufficient to reduce the rate of descent?
(21:51:45) SCI_Ens_Bradley: ::opens his mouth for a second, looking at the viewscreen, then closes it:: VAdm: Yes, Sir... I was just....the numbers...doing my job...::peters off into mutters, wondering where the Lieutenant is so he wouldn't have to be talking to the Admiral any more than absolutely necessary - the man was imposing::
(21:51:55) CEO_Lt_Quinn: *ENG* Lovely. I'll meet you there, uh...sorry, I'll buy you a drink once this is over to make up for forgetting the name. And I'll meet you at the bay. Just finishing up a tutorial here. Hang back for medical and security to do their thing, then it's our show.
(21:52:47) OPS_Ens_Emeric: ::glances over to the science officer, but says nothing::
(21:53:02) VAdmBlackthorne: :: had his hands clasped behind his back, now smacks his fist into his left palm as he sits down in the center seat ::
(21:53:50) CSO_Lt_Wright: Computer> CSO: Affirmative.
(21:54:31) ENG_Ens_Ilaihr: *CEO*: Aye sir. And its Iliahr. I'm just taking preliminary scans of each of the cans as they come in, to make sure they havent sustained any micro-fractures. And i'll take a Vulcan Brandy.
(21:55:02) VAdmBlackthorne: ACTION> One crush can arrives towing another that appears to be powered down.
(21:55:47) CEO_Lt_Quinn: *ENG* Aren't Vulcans a bunch of teetotalers? Never mind. Good job. Quinn out.
(21:56:27) OPS_Ens_Emeric: ::takes a brief moment to gently rub her eyes; still getting used to being back at Ops::
(21:57:51) CdrHarper: :: sees things calm down enough in the local area to at least set the ship to auto-stationkeeping ::
(21:58:02) ENG_Ens_Ilaihr: ::Chuckles at the thought that people think he's a Vulcan until they notice his anntennae and get to know him::
(21:58:23) CSO_Lt_Wright: :: already on her way to the Bridge :: *VAdm* Admiral, I think I have a way to slow the station's rate of descent. I'm on my way to the bridge now. :: Enters the TL :: TL: Bridge.
(21:58:52) CEO_Lt_Quinn: McKnight> *Emeric* McKnight to OPS. I've found a parking space for shuttlecraft Seaborg that keeps it out of the traffic. Requesting permission to turn it over to computer control and beam back over to resume regular duties.
(21:58:52) VAdmBlackthorne: *Wright* That's some good news, lieutenant.
(21:59:32) ENG_Ens_Ilaihr: ::Begins to scan the powered down crush can with a tricorder, whilst looking for someone to ask 'what the hell happened'::
(22:00:07) OPS_Ens_Emeric: ::checks the data from McKnight:: *McKnight*: Looks good. Permission granted.
(22:00:28) VAdmBlackthorne: Pilot of the crush can that towed it in> :: hops out of his ship :: Ilaihr: Caught it falling off the station as she sank, figured I'd grab it with the tractor.
(22:01:39) CEO_Lt_Quinn: McKnight> :: Permission received, locks down the shuttle controls, engages computer control, and steps back onto the transporter pad, programmed to take him straight to Shuttlebay 1. :: Computer, engage.
(22:01:57) ENG_Ens_Ilaihr: ::Pats pilot on the shoulder:: Pilot: Excellent work my boy, she looks a bit scratched and dented but we'll get her ship-shape.
(22:02:26) VAdmBlackthorne: Pilot> Ilaihr: Oh she always looks like that.
(22:02:42) CSO_Lt_Wright: :: arrives at the Bridge and relieves Ensign Bradley :: Vadm: Admiral, my computer models show that if we can get someone on the station to use their deflector to generate a subspace field around the station, we could lower their inertial mass such that their rate of descent would decrease by 20%.
(22:02:59) ENG_Ens_Ilaihr: ::muses to himself:: Self:: Ah, just like Betty
(22:03:08) SCI_Ens_Bradley: ::looks very grateful to the Lieutenant and moves back to his station near the rear of the bridge, monitoring the cans once again::
(22:04:00) VAdmBlackthorne: :: stands and turns toward the science station :: Yes, that could work.
(22:04:10) CEO_Lt_Quinn: McKnight> :: Beams in not long after a squad of black clad marines march in, rifles at the ready but not yet levelled, and fan out to assume control of the bay. Seeing this in place, McKnight nods to one of said marines, recognizing the man despite the lack of a face visible behind the helmet. :: Danning, tricorder.
(22:04:46) CSO_Lt_Wright: VAdm: Permission to try, sir?
(22:05:16) VAdmBlackthorne: :: nods:: Get a message down there and see if there's anyone left aboard who can do that.
(22:06:46) CSO_Lt_Wright: Adm: Aye, sir.
(22:07:08) CEO_Lt_Quinn: McKnight> ::Tricorder in hand, nods to Ilaihr in passing as he approaches the miner pilot. :: Welcome aboard. We just need to get a quick scan before we go any further. Do you need medical attention once we're done?
(22:07:31) OPS_Ens_Emeric: ::hails the station, working to shore up the connection:: *Station*: Atlantis to station.
(22:07:55) VAdmBlackthorne: Pilot> McKnight: No, I'm alright.
(22:08:41) ENG_Ens_Ilaihr: ::Nods back at McKnight, before getting back on with the scans of the cans. Feeling uneasy about the heavily armed marines::
(22:10:45) CEO_Lt_Quinn: McKnight> ::Nods and commences his scan.:: Alright, then. No active components, no traces of accelerants on your skin or clothes...congrats. Looks like you're not our bomber.
(22:11:12) VAdmBlackthorne: Pilot> Coulda toldya that. ::snorts::
(22:12:53) CEO_Lt_Quinn: McKnight> You may get your chance. We'll be coordinating with your authorities to try and put together a picture later. For now, I'd say helping us sort out this mess is proof enough.
(22:13:12) ENG_Ens_Ilaihr: McKnight: He also brought us a present. This top of the range crush can, complete with an assortment of dents and bangs.
(22:13:42) CEO_Lt_Quinn: McKnight> ::Hands Danning back his tricorder.:: Let engineering do their job, but get a scan from everyone, and let me know if you come up with anything. I'll be in C&C.
(22:13:44) OPS_Ens_Emeric: ::checks the connection:: *Station*: Atlantis to station, please respond.
(22:13:44) VAdmBlackthorne: Pilot> :: leans on his crush can :: Well, I'll be ready to fly down there when you get that tank off. Can't take both ships down though.
(22:14:51) CEO_Lt_Quinn: McKnight> ::Stops short and glances over the "present".:: Bet that thing handles like a drunken pig down there, am I right? No offense.
(22:15:25) ENG_Ens_Ilaihr: Pilot: Well, they need all the pilots they can get, I would volunteer to pilot one if thet asked me.
(22:16:01) CEO_Lt_Quinn: Miraak> ::After several long moments, a weak transmission finally comes back.:: Atlantis? Yes, this is Telthis! The signal's bad, but I can hear you!
(22:16:14) VAdmBlackthorne: Pilot> Not sure what a pig is, but I get drunken, and yep, that's right.
(22:16:35) ENG_Ens_Ilaihr: McKnight: Hey, laddy, the old dented ships are the best. They have character, and not only get you to where you're going, but put a smile on your face too.
(22:17:40) ENG_Ens_Ilaihr: Can: And when we're done with you, you'll whistle in the high pressure atmosphere, before you make us proud.
(22:17:41) OPS_Ens_Emeric: *Telthis*: Station Telthis, stand by for our Chief Science Officer. ::nods to Wright::
(22:18:14) CEO_Lt_Quinn: McKnight> ::Glances back at Ilaihr.:: That's...that's great, ensign. Anyway, I think I have your solution.
(22:18:19) VAdmBlackthorne: :: recognizes the voice :: Miraak.
(22:18:54) CSO_Lt_Wright: *Telthis* Is that you, Miraak? This is Wright. Listen - do you have anyone onboard who can use your deflector dish to generate a subspace field around your station?
(22:19:11) ENG_Ens_Ilaihr: McKnight: I'm all ears, and antennae.
(22:20:34) CEO_Lt_Quinn: McKnight> ::Slaps his comm badge.:: *Blackthorne* McKnight to bridge. If you can spare Commander Harper up there, I think something just opened up down here that she'd be ideally suited for.
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(22:21:41) VAdmBlackthorne: *McKnight* There's not much flying to be done up here right now, what is it?
(22:21:54) CEO_Lt_Quinn: Miraak> *Atlantis* Um...maybe? There are a couple of maintenence techs down here. But why?
(22:22:31) CdrHarper: :: turns to look at the Admiral ::
(22:22:58) CEO_Lt_Quinn: McKnight> *Blackthorne* We've got a crush can down here, short one pilot,. And apparently, these things aren't for amateurs at depth.
(22:23:22) MED_Ens_Patches: ::pulls over a medical cart and begins mixing up hypos of triox::
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(22:24:03) VAdmBlackthorne: +McKnight+ Right up her alley, I'll send her.
(22:24:16) VAdmBlackthorne: Get down there, Kate.
(22:24:28) CSO_Lt_Wright: *Telthis* If it can be done, we can lower the inertial mass of the station and reduce your rate of descent.
(22:24:39) CdrHarper: Aye sir. :: secures the helm and enters the TL, directing it to a shuttlebay ::
(22:25:04) ENG_Ens_Ilaihr: ::Feels slightly dejected:: McKnight: I could have flown the old girl.
(22:25:35) MED_Ens_Patches: ::turns as the next batch of survivors beams into his little medical bay, dragging the cart with him as he checks the first, the other medical staff moving to their designated beds:: Self: Let's see here. ::grabs a the tri-ox compound and injects a small 2cc dose before putting the hypo back, then grabbing a tricorder and beginning scans::
(22:25:59) CEO_Lt_Quinn: :: With a swish of the great double doors opening, Quinn makes his appearance, two dozen gold shirted engineers in tow. They've done the job all of once with a factory finish replica, meaning they're about as close to experts at this operation as they have time to become. Fortunately, the Star Fleet engineer thrives under pressure::
(22:26:19) CEO_Lt_Quinn: Somebody order a couple of warp plasma monkeys?
(22:27:29) MED_Ens_Patches: ::checks off a few scans on the tricorder and drops it to the cart before grabbing an osteotractor and setting it up at the foot of the biobed and another hypo of metorapan::
(22:27:30) ENG_Ens_Ilaihr: CEO: About damn time. I was starting to think, I was the engineering staff.
(22:27:30) CdrHarper: :: had hoped to get a look at one of these things, but not quite under these circumstances ::
(22:28:08) CEO_Lt_Quinn: McKnight> ::Looks back to the new officer with a sigh.:: And I'm sure you're a fine pilot. But Harper;s better. Besides, I kinda suspect you'd be missed here, Ensign.
(22:28:09) ENG_Ens_Ilaihr: ::Walks over to Quinn, and holds out hand:: CEO: Its good to meet you Lieutenant. Welcome to the party
(22:28:36) MED_Ens_Patches: ::sets the dosage to 25ccs and presses the the hypo to the wounded crewman's nect, visually going over the injuries. She was unconscious, but synaptic patterns were steady and cranial scans came back negative escept for a mild concussion::
(22:29:33) MED_Ens_Patches: ::sets the osteoregenerator and then grabs a final hypo of neurozine, setting it for 2ccs and pressing this one to the crewman's arm to keep her under::
(22:30:08) CdrHarper: :: arrives in the shuttlebay and walks up to one of the crush cans, eyeing it with curiosity ::
(22:31:09) CEO_Lt_Quinn: :: Visibly a bit befuddled by the reception, but recovers quickly as he takes the hand. :: Yeah, I've actually been here a couple years now. But thanks. Good to have you aboard. What can you tell me about our first patients?
(22:34:10) MED_Ens_Patches is now known as GM_James
(22:34:12) ENG_Ens_Ilaihr: CEO: I see you arent used to an Ilaihr greeting, very few are. Its good to be aboard, new job, new ship new lease of life. Our first shipment of goodies is a bit banged up, nothing we cant fix. ::Extends a hypospanner out of his sleeve:: CEO:I havent noticed any substantial damage though.
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(22:34:47) VAdmBlackthorne: Pilot> :: pipes up :: Of course they aren't damaged, what do you think we are, barbarians?
(22:35:05) CSO_Lt_Wright: *Telthis* Telthis, do you read?
(22:35:45) CdrHarper: :: walks up to the pilot that's hanging around and engages him in conversation about how to fly these things ::
(22:36:18) CEO_Lt_Quinn: Miraak> *Wright* Barely. Something about making us lighter? :: Looks off screen. :: Does that sound right? Can we do that?
(22:37:42) ENG_Ens_Ilaihr: ::Stands back and stares at the cans from an objective perspective:: CEO: Something about them reminds me of old Suliban pod ships
(22:38:04) OPS_Ens_Emeric: ::borrows some power from the long-range sensors to boost the signal::
(22:38:12) CEO_Lt_Quinn: ::Makes a sweeping gesture toward the crush can in question, running a quick scan. A moment later, a 3D holo-image of the craft erupts up around him from the combined tricorder/holo projector device mounted on his wrist, and he looks around, squinting.:: Yep. Slight deformations, but nothing that will throw off the fit. We should be able to slap this
(22:38:13) CdrHarper: :: disappears into the cramped confines of a cockpit with said pilot to get a systems demo ::
(22:38:17) CEO_Lt_Quinn: thing back together after we take it apart.
(22:39:09) CdrHarper: :: and also starts to learn a bit more about their language from reading the displays ::
(22:39:55) VAdmBlackthorne: PAUSE SIM
(22:39:57) VAdmBlackthorne: PAUSE SIM
(22:39:58) VAdmBlackthorne: PAUSE SIM
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