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(21:07:53) The topic for #USSAtlantis is: Last time, we'd just finished off the last of the murdering wee horde, and we're all on Thorin's lawn. The next step is to find whoever or whatever ruined our drinking, and stab it in the face.
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(21:09:29) Melinda: Ok, apparently Mike's gonna be a while. I guess for now I'll have to NPC him.
(21:10:01) Melinda: In any case, where did you all leave off last week?
(21:11:26) Gwaethyr: Morning after all the fighting, meeting at the caravan (I think) to go do heroic things.
(21:11:40) Cheswyn: Yeah was a bit confused
(21:12:09) Melinda: Okay, well, we'll start at the caravan. Lemme set the scene.
(21:12:14) Melinda: *ahem*
(21:12:27) Melinda: WHEN LAST WE LEFT OUR HEROES....
(21:14:07) Melinda: After a long night of fighting what seemed to be a freak attack of undead fairies, our heroes have met up again at the Haven caravan to plan their next step!
(21:15:15) Melinda: The little creatures have dispersed as mysteriously as they came, and the Haven elders, as well as many of the townspeople want answers.
(21:15:50) Melinda: But how will they find them? And where? And will this exposition ever end??
(21:16:10) Melinda: Find out, this week on....GENERIC FANTASY GAME!!
(21:16:19) Melinda: BEGIN SIM
(21:16:22) Melinda: BEGIN SIM
(21:16:25) Melinda: BEGIN SIM
(21:18:40) Esme: (So wait, you just said we're at the caravan, but the channel title thing says we're on Thorin's lawn)
(21:18:49) Esme: (Where are we actually?)
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(21:18:54) Gwaethyr: doh
(21:18:55) Cheswyn: ((Just wasn't updated))
(21:19:14) Melinda: (We are at the caravan. Like I just said.)
(21:19:15) Gwaethyr has changed the topic to: After a long night of fighting what seemed to be a freak attack of undead fairies, our heroes have met up again at the Haven caravan to plan their next step!
(21:20:32) ***Gwaethyr returns to the caravan, having spent the rest of the night at the Inn so she could get the rest of her stuff. She arrives with a proper seasoned leather traveling pack and deep green cloak.
(21:21:26) Cheswyn: :: having scouted the edge of the forest for signs of the fairies early in the morning, enters the caravan sipping an elegant glass flask of water from a nearby brook ::
(21:22:01) ***Esme steps out of her wagon looking rested and made up and nicely dressed as she hadn't been up half the night killing murderous fae.
(21:22:59) ***Melinda sits at her station on the caravan, cleaning her rifle and looking out to the forest.
(21:24:18) ***Gwaethyr finds Melinda and approaches with a smirk. "Reporting in for work, properly this time."
(21:24:41) ***Shard seems to wander aimlessly around town, interacting lightly with the townfolk... but a wizard is never aimless, and rarely light in action.
(21:25:21) Cheswyn: :: looks for a familiar face and finds Esme at the front of her wagon ::
(21:25:41) ***Esme fluffs her hair, looking around to see what's going on in the camp.
(21:26:38) ***Melinda quirks an eyebrow, glancing from Gwaethyr to the forest. "Last night's duty seems proper 'nough. Though 'nother pair'a eyes'll be welcome. We're puttin' t'gether a huntin' party, see if we can't find out where th' little buggers came from."
(21:27:59) Gwaethyr: Something must have driven the fae to do this.
(21:30:24) Melinda: Aye, but I'm not sure them what attacked us were th' livin' sort, if ye follow. Had business with faeries in th' past, an' they looked...different. Still, only way t'figure this one out's t'go an' find where they came from.
(21:31:17) ***Esme notices the elf approaching and smiles broadly in welcome.
(21:31:35) Gwaethyr: Well, I'm ready to travel when you are.
(21:33:53) Cheswyn: :: having taken a walk early, her first musings of the day had prompted her to leave and continue her quest on her own, but upon further reasoning she had to admit that her meeting these people felt more the stuff of destiny, despite the uneasiness of mingling with other races. She smiles softly back to Esme ::
(21:35:41) Melinda: Aye, well, we'll need a few more. Thorin's comin' with us, but he's nay so much good at huntin' as he is makin' things explode. It'd be good t'have someone what has some magic know-how along.
(21:36:50) Gwaethyr: Well, there was that wizard from last night...
(21:36:54) Esme: Velcome to ze caravan, friend elf. Please be of forgivink, but I do not zink ve vere of properly introduced last night. I am Esmeralda s'an Tempest, Master Bard, if it pleases you. :: makes a graceful curtsy ::
(21:37:14) Esme: Please to call me only Esme.
(21:37:21) Melinda: There was. Ye seen him this morn?
(21:37:31) Thorin [] entered the room.
(21:37:49) Gwaethyr: Briefly as I left town, not sure what he was up to though.
(21:37:58) Melinda: (Hey hun. We're just starting to form a hunting party)
(21:37:59) Thorin: (Hey. Sorry, even I don't know how it took that long to make a damn salad. Apparently I have no idea what I'm doing.)
(21:38:01) Gwaethyr: (Hiya Mike)
(21:38:32) Shard: (Evenin!)
(21:39:09) Melinda: Well, mehbeh volume'll help us rather'n subtlety in this case.
(21:39:23) ***Melinda stands on the tallest barrel she can, and yells as loud as she can.
(21:39:42) ***Gwaethyr winces.
(21:39:48) Cheswyn: :: bows her head respectfully :: Well skilled in your profession, I'm sure. I am Cheswyn Riverpath. You would probably consider me a druid.
(21:40:30) Melinda: Oi! You what want t' come hunt the little buggers that attacked last night, get yer arses over 'ere! We're leavin' in ten! And if you've seen that funny-lookin' wizard fella, grab him as well!
(21:41:23) Cheswyn: :: turns at the shouting halfling ::
(21:42:48) ***Esme is distracted momentarily by the shrill shrieking of one Melinda, then turns back to the elf. "Jeswyn. I am pleased to be of meetink you. Should we be of goink to see vat ze yellink is for, and to join battle party?
(21:43:40) Cheswyn: :: nods to Esme :: Very well. Yes.
(21:43:43) Melinda: There, that ought get attention.
(21:44:19) ***Esme smiles and leads the way through camp to Melinda's perch.
(21:45:56) Gwaethyr: Oh, no, not at all.
(21:47:01) Melinda: Ooh, sass, was that? I like ye already. You got trackin' experience, by th' by?
(21:47:12) Thorin: :: Is presumably about and conspicuous, seated above the fray but visible in his heavily armed monstrosity. The armored overlay is, for the moment, suspended above where it usually conceals the cockpit to let in some air until protection is needed. He's halfway through a cold mug of beer. It can get a bit hot in there, after all. ::
(21:47:24) ***Esme comes to a halt before Melinda's barrell, smirking up at her while shading the sun from her eyes with her hand. "You screamed?"
(21:47:34) Gwaethyr: Some, yes.
(21:47:44) Melinda: Good.
(21:48:13) ***Melinda looks to Esme with a small frown, hopping down.
(21:48:34) Cheswyn: :: was looking at Melinda eye level, now looks down ::
(21:49:12) Gwaethyr: :: turns as Esme and Cheswyn arrive :: Good morning.
(21:49:30) Melinda: Aye, an' fer good reason. We're goin' inta th' wilds t'find where our attackers came from. Find out what caused th' attack, if there's any left t' worry about, an' such.
(21:49:46) ***Shard turns a corner and notes a vendor who is just opening shop. Huh. This late in the day.
(21:50:11) Melinda: T'do that, I need more than me own eyes t' look out. An' a few good warriors.
(21:50:53) Cheswyn: :: nods to Gwaethyr, seemingly more gracious with her due to their earlier understanding, but listens to Melinda ::
(21:51:34) ***Esme flashes a smile at Gwaethyr. "And good mornink to you." She then looks at Melinda. "Yes, you can be of counting on me. Zis is Jeswyn, who also I am zinking vants to join." She indicates the elf standing next to her.
(21:52:36) Melinda: Aye?
(21:52:42) ***Esme nods.
(21:53:02) ***Esme smiles encouragingly at Cheswyn.
(21:53:10) ***Melinda looks Cheswyn up and down, seeming to measure her before extending a hand.
(21:53:23) Cheswyn: :: nods to Melinda :: I have been tracking the fae. I am familiar with their homeland, but not how they have come into such disease.
(21:53:42) Cheswyn: :: returns her own hand ::
(21:54:07) Melinda: Cap'n Melinda Tavrey, Haven guard. Good t'know we've someone more familar with 'em. Diseased, ye says?
(21:55:01) Melinda: (brb, bathroom)
(21:55:16) Cheswyn: Whatever has befallen them. It's certainly nothing like their natural state. The condition is not just behavioral, but you can see the change in them.
(21:55:44) Gwaethyr: :: nods in agreement, since they talked about this last night ::
(21:58:13) Esme: Ze Ancient Songs are of speakink of somezing like zis. Creatures made into somezing different and are of beink controlled maybe.
(21:58:41) Melinda: (back)
(21:58:58) Cheswyn: :: considers this :: Certainly something unnatural as this.
(22:01:14) Esme: I vonder if maybe vizard has heard of.
(22:01:27) Melinda: Sounds good. Or...bad, rather. Still, ah think we're most together. If th' wizard bloke's 'round town, we'll run into 'im on our way. Right, best t'get movin'.
(22:02:10) ***Melinda hoists a pack onto her shoulder, and strings her rifle across the other, looking to the others before heading into the bulk of town on the way to the woods.
(22:02:35) Cheswyn: :: is eager to continue her quest and moves along swiftly ::
(22:02:58) ***Esme taps her bracelets together and pulls out a small flute, playing it seemingly idly as she follows along with the group.
(22:03:27) Gwaethyr: :: follows along, eyes scanning for any more danger ::
(22:04:37) Cheswyn: :: smiles to herself, judging right at Esme's skill. She's no Elven bard, but it's charming and a welcome variation, and she looks down and behind her at Esme :: You play well.
(22:05:55) ***Esme smiles up at Cheswyn and gives a gracious nod, the best she can without stopping her song.
(22:06:34) ***Shard turns another corner onto the main road through town.
(22:07:01) Thorin: :: Watches the group start off, but hangs back a moment. It's one thing to knock them back quickly, but a drink should never truly be rushed. It just ruins the flavor, So he takes his time before tipping back the tankard and draining the dregs, then tossing it away off to the side. His longer stride soon has him caught up. ::
(22:07:15) ***Melinda turns a corner, spotting a familiar figure in the thoroughfare. With her normal social subtlety, she calls out.
(22:07:24) Melinda: Oi! Wizard!
(22:08:46) ***Shard doesn't turn Ah, I was wondering when you would come looking for me. There you are! /me turns to Melinda.
(22:09:01) Shard: (Hmm. Well, that didn't work like I hoped it would)
(22:09:25) Cheswyn: ( INT fail )
(22:09:42) Shard: (Fail, and crash and burn)
(22:10:37) Shard: Are we ready to depart?
(22:10:59) Melinda: ...Er, yes, well I do actually have a job tha's a little more important than babehsittin' wizards. Captain 'a th' guard an' all. In aneh case, we're goin' huntin' fer undead faeries. An' yes, we are.
(22:11:13) Cheswyn: :: hears Thorin catching up and glances back at his machine, turning away in distaste--she just doesn't understand such things ::
(22:11:50) ***Esme notes Cheswyn's distaste for the ... thing, and is glad it isn't just her.
(22:12:08) Thorin: It'd be a queer time for a damn parade.
(22:12:12) Shard: Undead. Ah. So you know what those fae were. Very good. And yet very bad. It is a curse to be or meet the undead. It's an activity I have come to... dislike.
(22:12:23) Gwaethyr: :: idly thinking of some texts she'd read on the fae, their history, and most importantly, their artifacts ::
(22:13:29) Melinda: Aye, well, I don' right fanceh it meself, but we don't have much choice, ye ken? And Thorin, if someun tries t'have a parade, shoot 'em. Got enough nonsense as 'tis.
(22:14:42) ***Melinda turns with that, and heads towards the woods, an experienced hunter's step in her stride.
(22:14:43) Cheswyn: :: peers at Esme, quietly :: What did she say?
(22:16:17) Melinda: (Ha! :-P)
(22:16:20) Gwaethyr: :: follows along, wanting to do a good job regardless of the clanking monstrosity or its potential to shoot someone ::
(22:16:41) ***Shard smirks, but not in any sort of condescending way. It's just a smirk. He follows Melinda toward the caravan.
(22:17:16) Melinda: (Away from the caravan. We're heading in the opposite direction)
(22:17:58) Shard: (magic edit) does NOT follow Melinda and joins the caravan.
(22:18:29) Shard: (Magic edit that magic edit)
(22:18:31) ***Esme stops playing and replies quietly. "Nozing important. She is not liking undead zings but zat is vat ve are dealink vith so ve have no joice. Ze bit about parades vas of beink nonsense."
(22:20:06) ***Esme resumes providing capital B Bardsong.
(22:20:49) ***Gwaethyr easily rests her right hand on her sword's hilt as she walks, the other hanging off her pack strap.
(22:21:16) Melinda: >> GM note to those with magical abilities: As you travel deeper into the woods, you begin to sense the work of another magic-worker.<<
(22:23:14) ***Shard turns to Esmerelda. "Do you feel that?"
(22:23:26) Thorin: :: Makes his way toward the front of the pack. Having the high ground and all, it seems likely he's set up to spot any surprises up ahead first. And he's got the loudspeaker to warn folks. In the meantime, he looks down at Mel. :: If things get hairy, you may want to get behind meā€¦and check the legs. Got a few goodies tucked away incase I have to bail.
(22:23:36) ***Esme feels uneasy, like there's an itch under her scalp. It starts off almost unnoticeable, but she grows more certain of what it is as they progress. She looks at Shard with cautious eyes. "Yes."
(22:23:40) Cheswyn: :: frowns, feeling something but not recognizing what it is ::
(22:23:45) Gwaethyr: :: oblivious ::
(22:23:52) ***Melinda grins towards Thorin.
(22:24:33) ***Esme puts down her flute again. "Melinda."
(22:24:34) Shard: This is no ordinary magic. It is very dark. Very...
(22:24:48) Thorin: Just don't touch the big one with the shoulder strap. That one's special. And not what you'd call a precision tool.
(22:24:50) Melinda: You know meh, Thorin. If things go hairy-like, I'll be too busy makin' it decidedly less so.
(22:25:08) Gwaethyr: :: turns to her companions :: Is something wrong?
(22:25:11) ***Melinda looks behind her, indicating for the group to stop.
(22:25:32) ***Esme makes the signal for magic-user.
(22:25:59) Cheswyn: :: stops, confused ::
(22:26:07) Shard: Yes. Very wrong.
(22:26:10) Melinda: Which way? ::unholsters her rifle::
(22:26:42) ***Esme shakes her head. "I am not of knowink. We are gettink closer and closer."
(22:26:44) Shard: It is similar to what happened before the attack, and yet somewhat different.
(22:26:45) Gwaethyr: I'll be nearby. :: draws two daggers, leaving the sword sheathed, bustles her cloak around her, and disappears into the woods ::
(22:27:03) Thorin: Ah, well. Sun and breeze just makes ye lazy anyway.
(22:27:24) Gwaethyr: :: keeps a parallel course, but from concealment ::
(22:27:42) Cheswyn: :: watches Gwaethyr disappear and silently places her hand to a nearby tree ::
(22:27:42) Esme: (I wish I could consistently type my accent.)
(22:27:51) ***Melinda nods to Gwaethyr, keeping an ear out.
(22:28:29) ***Esme resumes playing the Bardsong that should improve everyone's ability to find danger before it finds us.
(22:28:42) Thorin: :: Pulls a lever off to his right, at which point twin, overlapping metal plates close over the cockpit with a great CLANG. The two glass eyes up top light up with their golden glow as the periscope lowers over Thorin's face to provide vision of the outside world. ::
(22:29:00) Cheswyn: :: jumps at Thorin's cockpit ::
(22:29:20) ***Shard reaches into a pouch on his belt and pulls out a bit of dust. He slowly releases it into the air, where it begins to fall upward and turn black. "Very bad."
(22:29:45) Cheswyn: ( Ooh I like that, "fall upward")
(22:29:46) Melinda: A'right, weapon's out, eyes an' ears open. Thorin, ye take point. I'll take th'side Gwaethyr didn't head t'ward.
(22:30:03) Melinda: Wizard- ye got a name?
(22:30:21) Cheswyn: (Please can we just call him wizard for months lol)
(22:30:38) Melinda: (Heh)
(22:30:43) Shard: Aye. Of course I have a name. Doesn't everyone have a name?
(22:30:45) ***Esme sidles away from the... metal thing and toward the trees, noting the strange dust that Shard used, and tries to make herself as inconspicuous as one can possibly be while playing a flute.
(22:31:58) Melinda: ...Right. 'Course. We run 'cross this other magic user, hit 'em and hit 'em hard. We won' have much of a chance 've surprise, so we'll have t'rely on force.
(22:32:57) ***Shard nods. "With what I am sensing, that would be a good course of action. Shard."
(22:33:02) Thorin: :: The head isn't built to nod. Instead, Thorin's affirmative is signaled by twin hatches opening up on the back of the bipedal war machine, revealing two identical long rectangular boxes hoisted up over the shoulders by mechanical arms. :: Got it covered.
(22:33:18) ***Melinda then proceeds to step to the opposite side of the group from where she saw Gwaethyr head, and while she doesn't disappear, she seems to just blend in with the rest of the forest as if she's just another animal.
(22:33:52) ***Esme increases the volume of her Song so the forward scouts will still be able to hear and benefit from it.
(22:34:40) Melinda: >> Within a matter of minutes, the forest suddenly gives way to a barren patch of circular earth. Burned into the soil are arcane and dark symbols that make the entire area suddenly reek of death<<
(22:35:13) Gwaethyr: :: stops at the forest's edge and evaluates the area ::
(22:36:43) ***Shard walks right to the edge of the circle, pulls some more dust and blows it into the circle. It floats into the area, turning black like before... and then drops as though it weighs thousands of pounds.
(22:36:44) Cheswyn: This...isn't right. :: quietly :: I know this place. There's something missing here.
(22:36:50) ***Esme gives up after a few minutes, realizing the forward scouts are too far away, and dismisses her flute. She resumes the Song with only her voice, which is not as loud but leaves her hands free for the weapons they are now holding.
(22:36:57) Thorin: :: Regards the sudden change in terrain with conflicting feelings. Most dwarves are about as sensitive to magic as a loaf of stale pumpernickel, but his nose works just fine, and even he can appreciate the wrongness of this scene. Still open ground. Clear lines of sight. Advantage, Thorin. ::
(22:38:21) Thorin: This still a problem, whatever it is? Or is it damage done and done with?
(22:38:41) ***Esme can hardly resist the temptation to scratch her skull, the itchy wrongness of the magic almost unbearable.
(22:39:30) Esme: (Are we all together, or are only certain people up at the badness?)
(22:40:03) ***Shard watches the dust particles that has gained weight and fallen to the ground... which then catch fire. Well, it's a fire that only those with magic sensitivity would be able to see.
(22:40:26) ***Esme notes the fire, then looks at Shard questioningly.
(22:40:47) ***Melinda is perched on a tree branch along the perimeter of the circle, but drops when she doesn't find any enemies in the immediate area.
(22:41:43) ***Shard walks along the perimeter of the circle, reading the symbols that are burned into the ground.
(22:42:17) Cheswyn: Faeries should be here. Just a small colony, but they had a tree, there! It's just gone! ::pointing at the burnt circle ::
(22:42:23) Gwaethyr: :: stays concealed at the forest's edge, not having much to offer in evaluating the dark magics here, but ready in case an enemy appears ::
(22:42:23) Cheswyn: :: pointing ::
(22:42:48) Esme: :: quietly, to Shard :: Ve should be of disruptink zis circle, yes?
(22:43:05) ***Shard turns to Esme.
(22:44:09) Shard: Yes. Absolutely. However, we need to do it carefully. Here we have a necromancy spell. Here is a tracking spell.
(22:45:08) ***Melinda approaches Cheswyn, lightly resting a hand on her...well, she can't reach a shoulder, so it'll have to be her back.
(22:45:09) ***Shard walks over to the tracking spell and blows some more dust over it. The dust flows through the air toward the caravan
(22:45:27) ***Esme gasps.
(22:45:59) Melinda: We'll find them what did this.
(22:46:18) Thorin: Any chance of an explanation for those of us who don't speak flying dust?
(22:46:19) Shard: These necromancy spells are very powerful. Very powerful indeed. Anything that was here when these were placed would have been killed, and then not.
(22:46:24) Cheswyn: :: looks from Melinda to wizardry Shard is performing :: Yes, we certainly will.
(22:46:27) ***Melinda 's face falls to dread immediately when she sees the dust track back to her home.
(22:46:49) Melinda: ::Then, realization dawns::
(22:46:54) ***Esme really hates fighting necromancers.
(22:47:09) Melinda: Esme! The kobolds. All th' odd attacks on th' caravan.
(22:47:31) Thorin: (Ah, are we still close enough to see the caravan and the dust going back to it?)
(22:47:41) Gwaethyr: :: figures the chance for an ambush has passed and approaches from the edge of the area, frowning ::
(22:47:45) ***Shard turns to Thorin, pointing to the necroglyph. "Someone killed the fae who lived here, then brought them to a nether state, one you might call, 'undead'. Then, they gave them a track to follow. As you saw in the dust."
(22:47:49) Melinda: (We'd be able to identify the direction.)
(22:47:51) ***Esme turns wide-eyed to Melinda. "You zink some evil vizard is of attackink us!?"
(22:48:16) Cheswyn: :: steps forward and crouches at the edge of the black circle. She places a hand to the ground, and moss sprouts up from the surrounding forest and creeps into the black, only to immediately wilt and die ::
(22:48:25) ***Shard notes something in the tracking spell that he had not seen before.
(22:48:37) Shard: Why, it even says, 'Haven".
(22:48:52) Melinda: Ah think someone's been doin' it fer some time. Only they've ne'er shown their face. Bloody coward!
(22:49:17) Gwaethyr: :: sheathes the daggers and looks around with a different eye, trying to remember if she'd read about anything like this ::
(22:49:27) Shard: Aye. Only a coward uses magic to attack someone without facing them.
(22:49:35) Cheswyn: Do you know of who your enemy could be?
(22:49:41) Esme: But who vould do zis?!
(22:49:43) Cheswyn: :: turns her head towards Melinda ::
(22:50:10) ***Esme has obviously stopped Singing.
(22:50:26) Cheswyn: (The cool Bards can do both at once)
(22:50:35) Gwaethyr: (Songtwist!)
(22:50:39) Melinda: Wizard, or anehone else fer that matter. Can ye track where this magic comes from? We know them that did this followed us north, but they're keepin' their distance.
(22:50:52) ***Esme is a cool Bard but is freakin' out right now, yo.
(22:50:52) Shard: I don't yet know who this culprit is. But within this spell is their signature.
(22:51:15) Esme: I can try to Detect Magic.
(22:51:17) Melinda:, I can't think've anehone. We've our enemies, but none like this.
(22:51:41) Gwaethyr: :: looks around for any non-magical tracking sign ::
(22:51:42) Melinda: Aye, ye should do that. safe.
(22:51:53) ***Shard continues to walk around the circle, looking for clues as to how it was made, and who may have made it.
(22:52:17) Esme: (ehe.... can someone remind me the roll command again?)
(22:52:23) Melinda: >> There's some footprints that wander around the circle, then out to the west, then disappear. But, they do appear to be human.<<
(22:52:24) Gwaethyr: `roll 1d20
(22:52:24) GameServ: Gwaethyr rolled 1d20: 7 <Total: 7>
(22:52:35) Esme: `roll 1d20
(22:52:35) GameServ: Esme rolled 1d20: 5 <Total: 5>
(22:52:36) Gwaethyr: Captain.
(22:53:08) Cheswyn: This is death... :: stands :: I cannot feel death, but just the emptiness it creates.
(22:53:40) Cheswyn: No, that's not it. It's...the absence of creation.
(22:53:41) Melinda: >> Esme, it's pretty hard to discern anything in the circle, what with all the residual magic already there. Might have a better chance outside it.<<
(22:54:26) Melinda: >> Okay, if we're doing dicerolls...Cheswyn, want to roll to see if you can detect where the absence goes?<<
(22:54:49) ***Esme pouts somewhat cutely in frustration. "Let me try from furzer avay." She retreats about 20 yards from the circle.
(22:54:57) ***Melinda looks to Gwaethyr. "Aye?"
(22:55:02) Gwaethyr: It's not magical, but perhaps our culprit wasn't as versed in hiding physical tracks.
(22:55:07) Esme: `roll 1d20
(22:55:07) GameServ: Esme rolled 1d20: 13 <Total: 13>
(22:55:08) ***Gwaethyr points out the tracks heading to the west.
(22:55:22) Cheswyn: `roll 1d20
(22:55:22) GameServ: Cheswyn rolled 1d20: 14 <Total: 14>
(22:55:28) Cheswyn: (how...)
(22:55:33) Shard: Our wizard was a novice at best. There are things within his spell that no one who knows what they are doing with magic would do. Like this. He left an artifact in this symbol that made the nether fae relatively easy to defeat. And this here...
(22:55:42) ***Shard shakes his head
(22:56:00) Cheswyn: (Oh I did it hah)
(22:56:39) Cheswyn: (What roll is success?)
(22:56:56) Esme: (say 13 say 13 say 13)
(22:56:59) Melinda: >> Okay, cool. Esme, Cheswyn, you both can feel the trail of a sorcerer's magic trail some distance west, then stop. It's as though he just stopped existing<<
(22:57:12) Melinda: (Also, that would be telling :-P)
(22:57:13) Shard: This leads to another circle much like this one. Perhaps a daisy chain so that he could control this one from very far away.
(22:57:27) Cheswyn: (Ah np)
(22:57:35) Esme: Ve need to go to ze vest.
(22:57:45) Melinda: >> Oh, Shard, can I get a roll from you?<<
(22:57:45) ***Esme has rejoined the group.
(22:58:06) Shard: 'roll 1d20
(22:58:15) Shard: `roll 1d20
(22:58:15) GameServ: Shard rolled 1d20: 5 <Total: 5>
(22:58:35) Shard: (Did I just die there?)
(22:58:51) Melinda: (No no, I don't kill characters like that)
(22:59:00) Shard: (whew.)
(22:59:19) Shard: So if he is this novice about how he built this spell...
(22:59:24) ***Shard keeps walking
(22:59:36) Shard: Then I should find...
(22:59:44) Gwaethyr: Yes, the physical tracks also go vest. Er, west.
(22:59:50) ***Esme starts following the trail to the west.
(22:59:51) Melinda: >> Shard can't help but feel as though he's heard of some kind of spell that would let someone walk long distances with a single step. Almost through dimensions. Hint.<<
(23:00:06) ***Shard keeps walking around the edge of the circle, until he is on the southwest side of it.
(23:00:08) Shard: This!
(23:00:31) ***Shard reaches down to touch a point on the circle, causing it to instantly vanish.
(23:00:36) ***Melinda can't help but smile a little at that last bit, and covers Esme as she magic-tracks.
(23:00:53) Shard: Well. Now he knows we know about him.
(23:01:09) Melinda: Oh, grand. We needed that.
(23:01:11) Cheswyn: (What vanished, the circle?)
(23:01:22) Thorin: Well, thank Vaaltan we brought you, then.
(23:01:23) ***Shard looks around and sees that everyone else seems to be moving.
(23:01:39) Cheswyn: :: isn't moving yet ::
(23:01:45) Shard: (Yeah, sorry. It. The circles, the spells.)
(23:01:45) Esme: (Vestvard ho!)
(23:02:10) Cheswyn: :: smiles at Shard :: Thank you for ridding the forest of that foul thing.
(23:02:33) ***Shard looks to Cheswyn, a dark look on his face.
(23:02:54) Shard: I have rid this forest of this drawing. But there are more. Possibly many more.
(23:03:24) Cheswyn: :: her smile slips :: I...feel there is something missing. :: points after Esme :: The way she's going.
(23:03:34) Cheswyn: We must hurry!
(23:03:52) Gwaethyr: :: follows along, preparing to slip into concealment again ::
(23:03:53) ***Shard narrows his eyes at Cheswyn. "What is it that you can feel?"
(23:04:23) ***Esme has her dress and petticoats hiked up as the trucks single-mindedly to the west, once again Singing.
(23:04:32) Cheswyn: It's like...:: narrows her eyes as she begins to walk, presumably Shard follows ::
(23:04:40) Esme: (as SHE trucks)
(23:04:41) ***Shard does.
(23:04:55) Melinda: >> Esme, Shard and Cheswyn can sense magic building up in the west, as if it's static about to shock someone. There is a spell in motion, and it's close.<<
(23:05:17) Cheswyn: :: ...looking at a clearing where there shouldn't be one. Does that make sense? A meadow, where you remember forest.
(23:05:27) ***Esme instinctually stops in her tracks and ducks.
(23:05:29) Melinda: >> The rest of the party, on the other hand, can start hearing an...oddly shrill and old-sounding voice chanting in the distance.<<
(23:05:48) Melinda: Aw, feck.
(23:05:58) Gwaethyr: :: draws her daggers and disappears into the forest ::
(23:06:28) Esme: (Static description very nice)
(23:06:42) ***Melinda scales a tree to get a good roost.
(23:06:47) Melinda: (Thanks :-) )
(23:07:09) Esme: Melinda, somezink is... comink. Bad magics.
(23:07:20) Cheswyn: :: is confused by the nature of the attack and hugs a tree ::
(23:07:29) Esme: (lulz)
(23:07:44) ***Shard stares into the side of Cheswyn's head even as he walks alongside her. "Interesting." He looks forward. "Dark magic requires a void."
(23:07:49) Melinda: (Save the trees! Wipe your ass with an owl! )
(23:07:52) Thorin: :: Sighs and follows along for now. From the sounds of things, the attack on his home was simply collateral damage rather than any affront meant for him personally, but the injury was done all the same, and will be returned. And Mel's okay, which further suggests this spell slinger needs some good, honest steel delivered at muzzle velocity. So, onward
(23:07:59) Thorin: toward whatever the hell that is in the distance. ::
(23:09:04) ***Shard turns to the now audible chanting, the words of which are a variation of the spells they saw behind. He brings a clear crystal talisman up to eye level, and it turns a dark shade of red, almost black.
(23:09:10) Esme: (I'm just picturing this elf going "I'm so confused! Hold me, tree!")
(23:09:18) Thorin: I think I'm getting the hang of these controls. I'm gonna eat up some ground. Should find whoever it is nice and distracted when you put a knife in him.
(23:10:10) Melinda: >> Things build further, and as you get closer to the chanting and magic, things just start to feel wrong. you have trouble focusing, and your steps become more and more uneven, until finally, you come upon a clearing easily ten times the size of the first one. And in it's center, a robed figure sits hovering above the ground, blackness expanding out from
(23:10:22) Cheswyn: (It felt right at the time lol she may be sensitive to magic but it's not natural)
(23:10:40) Melinda: under him. The caster looks up to reveal his face....<<
(23:10:44) Melinda: .....
(23:10:46) Melinda: ....
(23:10:48) Esme: ....
(23:10:56) Melinda: >> IS THERE ENOUGH TENSION YET???<<
(23:11:01) Esme: .................!!!!
(23:11:04) Gwaethyr: :: steps at the edge of the clearing and ::
(23:11:06) Gwaethyr: ...
(23:11:21) ***Shard places the talisman back in its holder, just in time to lay eyes on this wizard. He looks deeply into this other caster's eyes, and steps right up to the clearing and the symbols.
(23:11:22) Cheswyn: :: assumes they're all at the clearing now, and has not taken the tree with her ::
(23:11:38) Melinda: >> And it's a miserly-looking old man. There is an upset-looking cat sitting in his lap.<<
(23:12:07) Esme: (MESMERIZED BY KITTY)
(23:12:19) Melinda: Sorcerer>> Gah!
(23:13:00) Melinda: >> Suddenly, the spell and magic stops, and he falls with an unceremonious thump onto the ground<<
(23:13:15) Melinda: >> And with that....<<<
(23:13:17) Shard: It's you.
(23:13:20) Melinda: PAUSE SIM
(23:13:22) Melinda: PAUSE SIM
(23:13:24) Melinda: PAUSE SIM
(23:13:28) Cheswyn: :: pauses ::
(23:13:31) Esme: :: || ::
(23:13:36) Thorin: :: Paused ::
(23:13:39) Shard: :: pauses ::
(23:13:40) Esme: HOW ARE YOU GENTLEMEN
(23:13:44) Gwaethyr: :: paused ::
(23:14:05) Melinda: So...we're nearly done!
(23:14:10) Esme: <3
(23:14:24) Gwaethyr: HA HA HA
(23:14:24) Melinda: All we need to do now is beat up an old man.
(23:14:27) Melinda: Oh, wait.
(23:14:31) Gwaethyr: How hard can that be.
(23:14:37) Esme: I think the cat is controlling him
(23:14:44) Melinda: Er, I mean...A SPOOKY DANGEROUS SORCERER.
(23:14:50) Esme: Feline Necromancer
(23:14:50) Melinda: AND HIS SPOOKY CAT.
(23:14:53) Cheswyn: I see the cat with slowly rotating swirly designs in its eyes
(23:15:04) Gwaethyr: Like Hypno-Toad, but
(23:15:06) Gwaethyr: efb
(23:15:15) Esme: efb?
(23:15:22) Gwaethyr: edit: fuck; beaten
(23:15:34) Esme: victory is mine
(23:15:40) Cheswyn: lol
(23:16:56) Esme: That was good!
(23:17:04) Esme: I look forward to the SHOCKING CONCLUSION
(23:17:08) Cheswyn: Agreed
(23:17:11) Gwaethyr: Yes, very well done!
(23:17:35) Melinda: Why thank you. We'll finish up next week!
(23:17:37) Shard: No tazers allowed. I am enjoying this storyline as well.
(23:17:40) Gwaethyr: You GM quite well.
(23:17:40) Esme: I haven't eaten dinner yet and I wasn't sitting here looking at the clock
(23:18:05) Esme: concur
(23:18:19) Melinda: Aw, thanks. I've been enjoying doing it.
(23:18:39) Melinda: In any case, my belly is sadly giving me trouble, so I need to go lie down.
(23:18:54) Esme: Aw, take care of your belly
(23:18:59) Cheswyn: Thanks for sticking and playing with us.
(23:19:06) Esme: Yes
(23:19:43) Esme: I'm going to go heat frozen lasagna to put in my belly because I am hongry
(23:19:45) Esme: <3
(23:19:48) Esme: See y'all next week
(23:19:51) Melinda: No prob. G'night all!
(23:20:11) Esme left the room (quit: Quit: HydraIRC -> <- The alternative IRC client).
(23:20:14) Shard: Good night everyone
(23:20:17) Melinda left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
(23:20:25) Cheswyn: Night
(23:20:27) Shard left the room.
(23:22:17) Gwaethyr: Night folks
(23:23:45) Cheswyn left the room.