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(20:58:43) Esme: Hellos
(20:58:47) Esme: Welcome back, boss
(20:59:02) VAdmBlackthorne: Thanks!
(21:00:17) CdrTKirr: Oh hey!
(21:00:31) CdrTKirr: I meant to send you the logs before sim
(21:00:39) VAdmBlackthorne: Y'all have fun?
(21:01:00) Esme: Honest answer?
(21:01:06) VAdmBlackthorne: :V
(21:01:30) Esme: I mean yes, of course, boundless fun!
(21:02:29) Esme: ^__________^
(21:02:40) VAdmBlackthorne: LOL
(21:04:19) Esme: Did you know our fantasy world involves guns and electricity? I did not know that.
(21:04:45) VAdmBlackthorne: Really?
(21:04:49) CdrTKirr: It went sorta steampunk
(21:04:50) Esme: Yup.
(21:05:02) CdrTKirr: With electricity
(21:05:12) Esme: Electropunk?
(21:05:15) VAdmBlackthorne: Hm, well, I did get that vibe from Mike originally, regarding the dwarves
(21:05:19) Thorin [] entered the room.
(21:05:44) Thorin: Hey, folks.
(21:05:55) Esme: Hi there.
(21:05:55) VAdmBlackthorne: Hiya
(21:06:38) CdrTKirr: Hello. =)
(21:06:49) Thorin: Rachel is in Connecticut. Faire starts this weekend, so preparations. She said she may be here later on, but not at first.
(21:07:58) Esme: So will you be running the game in her stead, tonight?
(21:08:40) CdrTKirr: Bryan's in Atlanta, not sure if he's staying up
(21:08:56) VAdmBlackthorne: Atlanta/Atlantis, can't be too much difference
(21:09:04) Esme: The man has a point
(21:12:20) Thorin: Okay, just got off the phone with Rachel, actually.
(21:12:53) Thorin: So scratch what I said. Looks like she needs the time, and won't be able to make it.
(21:13:18) Esme: Ah. Well, is that a yes or a no on you running the game in her stead?
(21:13:50) CdrTKirr: Have we actually chosen someone to "run" it?
(21:13:57) Thorin: It's a yes in this case, and a no on assuming I'll be doing that by default.
(21:14:05) CdrTKirr: Rachel just sort of started with the fairy thing, and we wanted her to finish...
(21:14:24) Shard [Bryan@166.205.yi.rsv] entered the room.
(21:14:24) VAdmBlackthorne: Fairy thing?
(21:14:43) Esme: The evil undead fairy assault that started the last sim you were here
(21:14:43) Thorin: The horde of killer zombie fairies.
(21:14:56) Esme: Hey Shard
(21:14:58) Shard: Hello. Hiya. Greetings from the guy who sunburned his head and isn't gonna get a lick of sympathy from his wife.
(21:15:13) Esme: Shoulda worn sunscreen
(21:15:17) Shard: By the way, this is the first she is hearing of this.
(21:15:49) Shard: I shoulda. Didn't know where to find it. And I decided to take MARTA across Atlanta. Shoulda drove. Next time I will know, and I will take care of all that stuff
(21:16:02) CdrTKirr: Hahaha
(21:16:23) VAdmBlackthorne: Oh, right
(21:16:28) Thorin: MARTA?
(21:16:28) Shard: And next time I will drive. But my car is safely in a garage 100 feet below me.
(21:16:44) Shard: The train. Transit.
(21:16:54) Esme: metropolitan atlanta rapid transit a-something?
(21:17:17) Shard: Yes, Authority.
(21:17:27) Thorin: Ah.
(21:17:40) Thorin: So how was Hawaii?
(21:17:41) Shard: I wanted to see the control system. It was so sad; they're all completely automated after the engineer closes the doors
(21:18:03) VAdmBlackthorne: It was wonderful :D
(21:18:15) Shard: Maui, right?
(21:19:31) VAdmBlackthorne: Nah, Kona on the Big Island
(21:19:51) Shard: Oh yeah! Kona!
(21:20:02) Shard: Did you go to Kona Brewing Company and have a pizza?
(21:20:18) VAdmBlackthorne: Yes, but instead I had BBQ.
(21:20:29) VAdmBlackthorne: And muchos cerveza.
(21:20:33) Shard: BBQ works
(21:20:43) Shard: Don't stop that party!
(21:20:57) Thorin: I will warn you that there's a slight danger of me dropping out. I'm using a borrowed IPad, on account of my tablet's charger cable being buried somewhere in the storage unit along with my laptop. I'm not sure how efficient these things are.
(21:21:30) Thorin: It still has a 70% charge, so I don't anticipate a problem. But still.
(21:21:49) Shard: iPad at 70, what program are you using? LimeChat?
(21:22:52) Thorin: I have no idea. I went to the site, and clicked the link. You know by now, I know nothing about how any of this works. I just cross my fingers, and hope it does.
(21:23:13) Shard: Ah, okay. At 70% you should last as long as we go here.
(21:23:21) Shard: Just don't fire up Auralux
(21:23:35) Thorin: Yeah, it seems to be holding steady enough.
(21:23:35) Shard left the room (quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer).
(21:24:30) CdrTKirr: His Internet at the hotel is crap apparently
(21:24:30) Shard [Bryan@166.205.yi.rsv] entered the room.
(21:24:34) CdrTKirr: WB
(21:24:40) Shard: Aight. Well, that was fun.
(21:24:44) Thorin: Looks like I'm not the one having the problems tonight.
(21:24:55) Shard: Yay for hotel wireless and a bad WNIC
(21:25:53) VAdmBlackthorne: OK, so it looks like not much happened while I was away
(21:26:48) Esme: accurate
(21:28:17) Thorin: No, we missed a couple sessions. Scheduling stuff on our end, essentially. It's been kind of a crap month. Hopefully, that's drawn to a close.
(21:28:50) Thorin: But this time, Rachel did give me some very general notes to muddle my way through.
(21:30:14) CdrTKirr: Well we finished with the fae thing she started, so we can move on how we choose
(21:32:12) Thorin: We'll, that's not entirely true.
(21:33:37) Thorin: Obviously, you can choose, but she DID have a cause behind the sudden appearance of killer undead fae.
(21:33:54) CdrTKirr: Okay well she told me she was winging it
(21:34:26) Thorin: And she was. But she had a very loose framework.
(21:35:42) CdrTKirr: All right, well she said because she was not reliable to GM, that we could go on without her, last I remember
(21:37:39) CdrTKirr: So you will run tonight, Thorin?
(21:38:31) Thorin: Okay. Well, I'm saying she had a resolution in mind. Straightforward, but enough for a sim, I'm guessing. And yes, she asked if I could run it for her. So unless someone else wants the job, it's me tonight.
(21:39:09) VAdmBlackthorne: Sounds good to me
(21:40:24) Thorin: Okay, then.
(21:42:24) Thorin: Huh. That was odd. One moment.
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(21:44:25) Thorin has changed the topic to: Last time, we'd just finished off the last of the murdering wee horde, and we're all on Thorin's lawn. The next step is to find whoever or whatever ruined our drinking, and stab it in the face.
(21:44:34) Thorin: Questions?
(21:45:32) Gwaethyr: I like stabbing things. In the face.
(21:46:18) Thorin: I shall take that as a no.
(21:46:29) Thorin: BEGIN QUEST
(21:46:33) Thorin: BEGIN QUEST
(21:46:37) Thorin: BEGIN QUEST
(21:47:03) ***Esme is brushing dirt from the front of her dress with some obvious annoyance.
(21:47:13) ***Shard remains at his seat, looking around, studying the sounds and the people around him as theiy either recover from their fear.
(21:48:25) ***Gwaethyr is still on alert for more of the little things, stalking around the perimeter, sword and dagger still in hand.
(21:48:59) Thorin: :: Has, in pretty short order, divided his attention between the unexpected visitors who narrowly escaped meeting a grisly and well done end courtesy of his security system, and his now hunched over metal creation as he gives it the post use once over with an engineer's eye, ::
(21:49:25) Thorin: So, right then. Welcome, welcome, and what are you doing here?
(21:49:47) Shard: (MAGIC EDIT: ADD TO PREVIOUS), recover to their normal activities, or help clean up from the fight.
(21:50:00) Esme: Vell, ve came for to help, but.
(21:52:21) Thorin: :: Looks away from his work, his gaze drawn to the strange speech, and scrunched up his brow as he takes a moment to recognize the speaker. :: Aren't you the glee woman. From the tavern?
(21:52:43) ***Gwaethyr notes the conversation starting up, sheathes her weapons, and makes her way to the crowd.
(21:52:49) Thorin: ( Imagine an extra question mark in there. )
(21:52:55) Cheswyn: :: is waiting inside Thorin's place with his nephew, hoping the attack will end soon with whatever Dwarvish contraptions he is using ::
(21:53:05) Cheswyn: (( Don't remember if second nephew was inside ))
(21:53:24) ***Esme gestures with a flourish. "Ze same."
(21:53:42) Thorin: ( He is. Just haven't had him talk yet. )
(21:54:39) Thorin: :: Vaca seems already to have forgotten there was ever any fuss at all, and is fixedly rummaging through the cupboards for some food to complement the beer. ::
(21:57:12) Thorin: Surkan> Looks all quiet out there. No more unusual movement past the door. Mind you, I'll keep my boomer at the ready.
(21:58:14) Thorin: :: Chuckles :: No offense meant, lass, but these little bastards seemed bad tempered past remedy of any diddly or limerick. All the same, appreciate the gesture.
(22:01:57) Esme: *sticks out her chin* None taken. I'm used to being underestimated by the small-minded. No offense.
(22:03:30) Thorin: :: Gives the thick metal skin of the flank a great thwack with a wrench he produces from somewhere about his person. Some slight scorching aside, he sees no great ill effect from the brief onslaught of lightning. Still, he should do a proper check of the mechanicals. ::
(22:03:31) Cheswyn: ((Ouch?))
(22:04:24) Cheswyn: :: watches Surkan, sitting near the window with her legs drawn up in her arms ::
(22:04:32) Gwaethyr: So... those were fae folk, but unlike any I've even heard about. Anyone have a clue what happened?
(22:07:18) Thorin: :: If he heard, much less processed Esme's dig, he gives no indication. But he does look back at her after a moment,
(22:08:28) Thorin: :: Well, if I know Meli here, you wee folk will have plans for after you lick your wounds.
(22:08:57) ***Esme nods.
(22:10:15) Thorin: These little shits attacked my home, is all. No hard feelings. They're dead, I'm not. But I'm still obliged to fuck up theirs, and any who ever shared a drink with 'em. Just basic dwarves hospitality. You can all tag along, if you like.
(22:11:11) Esme: Zey attacked ze caravan as well. And ze city.
(22:12:50) Thorin: That's on the caravan. And the city. Still, guess I owe someone a few extra licks for my watering hole. Big Mick alright?
(22:13:00) ***Esme shrugs.
(22:13:25) Esme: We do not know.
(22:14:22) Cheswyn: ((Somehow I'm not following at all what's being said))
(22:14:25) Esme: My point is zis is of more zan just your fighting.
(22:14:34) Thorin: Surkan> :: Opens up the door, drawing the immediate attention of his uncle. ::
(22:15:33) Esme: (( Thorin says he's gonna go beat up fairies and we can tag along if we want. I'm asking who made him boss. ))
(22:16:03) Cheswyn: :: jumps off her perch and takes a step towards Surkan ::
(22:16:33) Thorin: Oy! Get your brother! The tall boy needs restocking. And I need a word with the elf, if she's still in one piece!
(22:17:07) Cheswyn: :: hears her "name" and steps out around Surkan ::
(22:17:40) ***Esme looks appraisingly at the elf who has just appeared.
(22:17:42) Gwaethyr: Something must have done this to the fae. Whatever could actually do something like this is the actual threat.
(22:19:09) Thorin: :: Looks back to Esme. :: So that's a "yes", then. Swell. I mean to head out in the morning.
(22:19:14) Cheswyn: :: takes a look around, first with an eye for faes and seeing none in the air, takes in the crowd of people ::
(22:20:29) Cheswyn: :: looks to Gwaethyr :: I agree, and I've been unable to determine what has upset them so.
(22:20:37) ***Esme turns turns Gwaethyr. "Vell, zis is a good point. Vat is of causing ze fae crazy?"
(22:21:32) Thorin: :: Nods to the newly re-emerged elf. :: You alright, then?
(22:21:35) Gwaethyr: :: looks at the elf newcomer and nods :: I don't know, I've never read about anything like this happening before.
(22:22:51) Cheswyn: :: nods to Thorin ::
(22:23:43) Esme: (( How do I make a Bardic Knowledge check? :P ))
(22:24:01) Cheswyn: :: again looks to Gwaethyr :: And my people have not heard of anything quite like it, either.
(22:24:27) Thorin: Good. You said you came on the trail of these things. Can you show us to where they'd be found? On a normal day, I mean?
(22:24:38) Gwaethyr: (Go DING! and cock your head sideways as you recite something odd)
(22:26:14) Thorin: ( If you want to chip in with something useful, I'd normally say go ahead. But if you prefer, feel free to do a dice roll. Um...anything over a 12, I guess?)
(22:27:20) Esme: (( well I want to know if I know anything useful, only the storyteller can actually tell me what it is ))
(22:27:23) Thorin: ( 16 if it's something particularly obscure. )
(22:28:03) Esme: (( and what's the die roll command again? ))
(22:28:13) Cheswyn: :: turns her head to Thorin :: I can show you where I begun following them, and I have a good idea of the area they come from.
(22:29:58) Esme: (( anyone? ))
(22:30:41) Gwaethyr: (Trying to find it)
(22:33:01) Shard: (( Hey guys. I need to go to bed. Early morning, and a class where I need to be able to pay attention until about 18:00 tomorrow night ))
(22:33:41) Esme: (( okays ))
(22:33:57) Shard: (( So good night, everyone. See you all next week. ))
(22:33:59) Thorin: ( Ah. Well, sleep well then!)
(22:34:02) Gwaethyr: (G'night!)
(22:34:03) Cheswyn: ((Thanks for showin', sleep well.))
(22:34:17) Shard left the room.
(22:35:01) Esme: Vell, ze Songs speak of creatures who are of controlled by greater being, zis is can be ze reason maybe?
(22:37:50) Gwaethyr: `roll 1d20
(22:37:50) GameServ: Gwaethyr rolled 1d20: 14 <Total: 14>
(22:38:01) Gwaethyr: (THERE, finally)
(22:38:15) Thorin: Magic, you mean? This is why my people don't trust the stuff unless it's bound up in hammer and forge. Give me grease and gears any day. Whatever it is, it still tried to kill me.
(22:38:23) Esme: 'roll 1d20
(22:38:24) Thorin: ( Works for me. )
(22:38:39) Esme: `roll 1d20
(22:38:39) GameServ: Esme rolled 1d20: 19 <Total: 19>
(22:38:57) Esme: (( THERE I rolled 19 ))
(22:40:29) Cheswyn: (( Bard win ))
(22:41:28) Thorin: ( Okay. In the interest of moving things along a little, I suggest a time skip to the next morning?)
(22:41:46) Esme: (( Acceptable ))
(22:42:00) Cheswyn: (( Good ))
(22:44:43) Thorin: ACTION> Okay. The next morning, anyone planning on joining the party/hit squad is gathered. If you were sleeping around Thorin's place, it may not have been the best night's sleep, at least for the first few hours, as his workshop was alive with the sound of hammer clanking and boiler hissing. But there's been time for any preparations.
(22:46:57) Thorin: :: Looming above all around it, Thorin's steam powered Goliath flexes its various limbs. The pilot is simple doing a last check, but it does somewhat resemble a man doing his morning stretches, ::
(22:47:06) Cheswyn: (( I'm sure people could return to caravan ))
(22:47:24) Esme: (( could and did ))
(22:47:58) Thorin: ( Sure. I said if. )
(22:48:14) Cheswyn: (( Yep ))
(22:49:02) ***Gwaethyr returned to her room at the Inn to gather the rest of her things, since she left in a hurry last night.
(22:49:18) Esme: So I vas of remembering stories of Revenants. Ze livink dead.
(22:52:30) ***Gwaethyr returns to Thorin's with a proper traveling pack and cloak, and possibly some sleep.
(22:53:20) Cheswyn: :: finds herself sleeping on the outskirts of the caravan near something leafy ::
(22:53:45) Thorin: :: Everything seems to check out okay, and so after Vaca has opened the gate, Thorin begins a test of a new sort. Piloting this damn thing on uneven terrain. He has a couple close calls and frantic pulling of levers as the descent downhill proves slightly more challenging than he'd imagined, but so far so good. ::
(22:55:32) Cheswyn: (( So everyone from town is going back to Thorin's? ))
(22:57:08) Esme: (( I guess so, since that's what he said ))
(22:59:13) Gwaethyr: ((Well if someone wanted to come with me they were welcome to, I just thought I was the only one at the inn)
(23:00:08) Cheswyn: :: Well many are at the Caravan, yes? Both halflings, Shard probably, me ::
(23:03:04) Thorin: ( We can gather at the caravan. )
(23:03:45) ***Gwaethyr heads to the Caravan instead of Thorin's, then.
(23:04:30) Thorin: ( Although I should ask, how much longer people want to keep playing. It does seem to be about that time. )
(23:06:14) Cheswyn: (( I wouldn't mind calling it a night ))
(23:06:16) Gwaethyr: (Does seem to be about that time)
(23:08:11) Thorin: ( Okay, sounds good. Been tired myself. Not sure I'm entirely recovered from work/move out. See you next week, then. )
(23:10:26) Gwaethyr: (G'night all!)
(23:10:36) Thorin: ( Night. )
(23:10:39) Thorin left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
(23:11:41) Cheswyn: Good night.
(23:12:01) Esme: G'night, you guys
(23:12:02) Esme: <3