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(9:01:51 PM) Cheswyn: Hey. =)
(9:02:14 PM) Esme: hihi
(9:04:22 PM) Cheswyn: Shard will be here in a few
(9:08:10 PM) Cheswyn: Dunno about the others, haven't heard
(9:08:32 PM) Thorin [] entered the room.
(9:09:14 PM) Cheswyn: Hey
(9:09:19 PM) Thorin: Hey.
(9:09:31 PM) Melinda-ST [] entered the room.
(9:09:52 PM) Melinda-ST: Hello everyone.
(9:10:28 PM) Cheswyn: How is everyone?
(9:10:52 PM) Melinda-ST: We're alright. I need to make an announcement, though.
(9:11:09 PM) Esme: I'm ok.
(9:11:46 PM) Esme: How are you?
(9:12:11 PM) Cheswyn: All right also. Could be worse. =P
(9:12:26 PM) Cheswyn: Don't worry, I'll catch Shard up when he gets here.
(9:12:32 PM) Melinda-ST: Okay.
(9:12:55 PM) Cheswyn: What's up?
(9:14:35 PM) Melinda-ST: First off, I'm sorry I couldn't be here last week. Things came up, and I just wasn't capable. But I want to make it understood that the past few weeks, and possibly a couple in the next few months, are likely to be chaotic on my part for storytelling, simply because there's too much going on. Mike and I have to be out of our apartment in 3 days, I'm out of
(9:15:57 PM) Melinda-ST: state a third of every week because of the faire I work, and I'm also suffering from withdrawal because of my meds being switched. I don't always have access to a computer, but when I do, if I can't be here, I will let you know. I love storytelling, and I'd forgotten how much, but life happens.
(9:16:42 PM) Melinda-ST: So...yeah. Basically, I'll be here when I can, but when I can't, I just want you to know that its not because I'm blowing you guys off.
(9:17:25 PM) Melinda-ST: And that's about it.
(9:17:44 PM) Cheswyn: All right, well it certainly sounds busy. You're up for tonight, though?
(9:18:21 PM) Melinda-ST: Yeah, I'm up for tonight. Might take a little bit to get fully in swing, but I'm up for it.
(9:18:54 PM) Cheswyn: I suggest we get through the part you were leading, then, so that when you can't be here, we can still sim.
(9:19:48 PM) Shard [] entered the room.
(9:20:05 PM) Shard: Gah. Sorry I am late, everyone
(9:20:50 PM) Melinda-ST: Good idea. Although I've been mostly making things up as I go along, with some semblance of an idea of where it's going.
(9:21:37 PM) Cheswyn: Yeah, we didn't want to take over your baddies though
(9:21:38 PM) Melinda-ST: So I don't mind if, when I can't make it, things get run by someone else and get taken in a different direction.
(9:22:04 PM) Melinda-ST: Oh, okay. I understand that, but I have no problem whatsoever with you taking over my baddies.
(9:22:43 PM) Melinda-ST: Just for future reference.
(9:22:50 PM) Melinda-ST: ANYWHO.
(9:23:10 PM) Melinda-ST: WHEN LAST WE LEFT OUR HEROES....
(9:24:08 PM) Melinda-ST: Evil undead fairies attacked! It was shitty! Luckily, our heroes beat them back with the clever use of fire, bits of iron, stabbing, and magic!
(9:24:13 PM) Melinda-ST: BUT FOR HOW LONG?
(9:26:01 PM) Melinda-ST: (Ladies and gentlemen, kindly establish your whereabouts and....begin!)
(9:26:54 PM) ***Esme is at the camp, looking around menacingly at any evil fairies that might still be lingering
(9:27:38 PM) Cheswyn: :: was in the midst of fending off a cloud of fairies outside Thorin's home as he did whatever it was that dwarves did with mechanical means ::
(9:28:44 PM) ***Shard staggers into the camp, looking for a place to rest.
(9:30:50 PM) ***Melinda-ST goes around the inner circle of the firewall (haha) stepping on any charred fairy corpses that so much as twitch. And those that don't. Honestly, she's had it in for fairies for a while.
(9:32:15 PM) Thorin: :: Dwarves did all manner of shit by mechanical means. When last we saw Thorin...well, we didn't see him at all, because he was somewhere inside a 14 foot tall vaguely humanoid bipedal machine. Which now raises both arms toward the direction of where evil undead fairies are at their densest, at which point twin clouds of superheated steam are sent forth via
(9:33:44 PM) Thorin: pipes that can double as either an emergency pressure relief mechanism, or just a really nasty way to inflict a grisly death. In this case, it does the latter. Fortunately, he's aiming well above Cheswyn. ::
(9:35:41 PM) Cheswyn: :: is granted reprieve as the fairies attacking her stop and look at the destruction, and she looks with them ::
(9:36:59 PM) Melinda-ST: ST> The odd fairy still floats around the camp, but they mostly seem to have been eliminated. It's difficult to tell from the flames, but it looks as though the outside fairies may have found an alternative target. Far off, the sound of steam and mechanics can be heard, however.
(9:38:13 PM) ***Esme looks around at the guards, wondering what happens next.
(9:38:25 PM) Thorin: :: And hidden right around where the stomach might be if this thing had organs, Thorin grinned at the captive audience. Unmoving fairies were an easier target, and he can see it all via an onboard periscope, the glowing golden "eyes" serving as the lens. Those arms remain outstretched, even as the jets of steam die, terminated before he expends too much to
(9:40:04 PM) Thorin: keep this behemoth running. Instead, a great many metallic gun barrels extend outward from each forearm in rotating circles. :: If this is what nature has to offer, it's all yours, lass.
(9:40:43 PM) Thorin: :: And with that, the shrapnel starts flying, each metal tube essentially a fully loaded blunderbuss. ::
(9:42:58 PM) Cheswyn: :: hurries out of the way, appalled at what a creation such as this would be built for, but having served an immediate purpose, doesn't voice it ::
(9:43:43 PM) Cheswyn: (( Rachel your type is a bad color ))
(9:43:58 PM) Melinda-ST: (Blue is a bad color?)
(9:44:17 PM) Esme: (( not for me, everything is on a white background ))
(9:45:38 PM) Cheswyn: (( To me it's a very light blue against white ))
(9:45:48 PM) Melinda-ST: (I can go back to black. Sorry about that.)
(9:48:24 PM) ***Shard finds a bench next to the fire pit and has a seat, watching the life of the camp take place around him.
(9:50:12 PM) Cheswyn: :: watches as the fairies drop from the projectiles, and mourns for their loss ::
(9:50:28 PM) Melinda-ST: :: The guard maintains a perimeter, but encourages the civilian population to take their rest. Warily, they watch through the flames for signs of danger.::
(9:50:31 PM) Thorin: :: Also does that first one. ::
(9:51:34 PM) Melinda-ST: ::With unnatural cries, the fairies burn from the steam, and are torn apart by the shrapnel. Their tiny bodies bleed black ichor into the soil.::
(9:52:29 PM) Melinda-ST: :: Strangely, however, none of them flee. Some turn to attack Cheswyn, but self-preservation is obviously not an instinct they have::
(9:53:20 PM) Thorin: You should get inside! :: This advice is relayed, even over the weapon fire, via a loudspeaker. :: I should have enough goodies left to keep them off of you.
(9:54:08 PM) ***Melinda-ST Looks up from her position, analyzing the situation. For the moment, things were quiet. Hopefully these were creatures that dawn would remove, and they could do what they can for the town then. She looks to Shard, and nods.
(9:54:51 PM) Melinda-ST: "Thanks fer the help. Ye can stay here 's long as ye need if y'don't mind th'company."
(9:55:12 PM) Cheswyn: :: swats at the nearest fae and jumps up, deftly vaulting towards Thorin's home as instructed, without a word ::
(9:57:22 PM) ***Shard feels the attention and returns Melinda's look. In a moment Shard is on his feet, heading to a place where he might be able to assist the dwarf in the metal suit.
(9:57:49 PM) ***Esme decides that the danger has passed and sheathes her knives, bending to brush dirt from the hem of her dress.
(9:58:04 PM) Thorin: :: Turns and sweeps gunfire across the courtyard, projectile death nipping at Cheswyn's heels. A little close for comfort, but it creates a small safe zone directly behind her that mostly keep the fairies off of her. He's riddling his own place too, of course, but fixing up property damage is nothing new to him. ::
(9:58:39 PM) Esme: Vat vas that?
(9:59:27 PM) Cheswyn: :: makes it inside, welcomed by Thorin's brothers, who shut the door behind her ::
(9:59:39 PM) Thorin: (Nephews.)
(9:59:46 PM) Cheswyn: (( If I may presume ))
(9:59:51 PM) Cheswyn: (( Yeah, those ))
(9:59:54 PM) Thorin: (The curious one who wanted to see the world, and the moron. )
(10:00:33 PM) ***Melinda-ST looks to Esme.
(10:01:46 PM) Melinda-ST: "That...I've no idea what that was. Fairies, I think? What with th' iron workin' an' all. But I've seen fairies afore this, an' they weren't anythin' like this.
(10:01:48 PM) Melinda-ST: "
(10:02:09 PM) Esme: Vell yes, but just now I thought I heard somezing... out there. :: waves toward the night ::
(10:02:25 PM) ***Melinda-ST looks towards the way she was pointing.
(10:02:45 PM) Melinda-ST: "Oh...damn. Thorin."
(10:02:58 PM) ***Melinda-ST gestures to four of the guards.
(10:03:13 PM) ***Shard seeing what Thorin's suit is doing, realizes he has the situation now well in hand. After watching a moment at the dwarf's creation that almost copies the magic he (Shard) is able to channel, turns and returns to his seat.
(10:03:57 PM) ***Esme is immediately next to Melinda with knives again in her hands. "Is more trouble?"
(10:04:20 PM) Thorin: Surkan> :: Welcomes her indeed, to a point. Under the circumstances, turning anyone away would be a serious dick move. But that's not to say he doesn't regard the stranger with a certain wariness as he keeps one eye and his blunderbuss to the door. ::
(10:05:18 PM) Thorin: Surkan> Welcome. You're safe as can be in here. These walls are built to withstand both uncle's imagination, fidgety locals' lack of it. But where in stone and sky did you come from?
(10:05:24 PM) Melinda-ST: "You, you, you, an' you. Yer comin' with me. We've a...rescue t'enact. Th'rest of you lot, guard the borders, an' as soon as day breaks, sweep th'town fer survivors. Thorin'll be at his place, no doubt, an' we need 'im."
(10:05:40 PM) ***Melinda-ST turns to Esme.
(10:06:22 PM) Melinda-ST: "Remember th'dwarf from last night? He's the lad we came t'see here. An' his place is on th' outskirts of town. An' his body armor sounds JUST LIKE THAT."
(10:08:30 PM) ***Esme nods grimly at Melinda.
(10:08:34 PM) Esme: I am vith you.
(10:08:48 PM) Cheswyn: :: perches onto a chair made for one smaller than herself, but manages just fine :: The forest. I followed the faes, and when I discovered that they meant to attack, this was the closest settlement I could find.
(10:13:08 PM) Melinda-ST: "Right. Guards? Lower a bridge fer us."
(10:13:30 PM) Thorin: ..huh.
(10:14:25 PM) Melinda-ST: >> ::A couple of guards grab a piece of what looks like metal siding, and drop it on the firewall, making a gap.
(10:14:50 PM) ***Melinda-ST runs over the bridge, gun hopefully not blazing because that would mean it was on fire, and that's not good for rifles.
(10:15:18 PM) ***Esme hops lightly across the bridge.
(10:17:32 PM) Thorin: :: After a bit, Thorin finds himself in a bit of a predicament. He's in no danger, judging by the ineffectual thumping and scratching he hears against the chassis of his creation, but on the other hand, most of his remaining offensive features are meant to hit man sized targets...or halfling, at least. ::
(10:18:25 PM) Thorin: Thank Vaaltan for the dwarven bladder.
(10:19:26 PM) Thorin: :: Makes a mental note to find somewhere to install a bathroom on this or some future design. ::
(10:20:07 PM) Cheswyn: :: listens to the tiny dark sounds of the faes and the metal monster Thorin controls outside :: What is that thing the dwarf is using?
(10:20:44 PM) ***Esme shadows through the night toward the clanking noises, her eyes peeled for evil fae.
(10:22:23 PM) ***Esme ghosts through the night as well, as that was the verb she was looking for.
(10:23:47 PM) Thorin: Surkan> Uncle's been tinkering with that thing for months. Hasn't had the opportunity or the excuse to test it until now. He hopes that'll be just the thing to get us our old kingdom back from the green skins.
(10:25:45 PM) Cheswyn: :: thinks on who the green skins must be ::
(10:27:37 PM) ***Melinda-ST runs at the head of a wedge formation, raising and firing her rifle as the little beasties come into sight once more near Thorin's compound.
(10:28:36 PM) Melinda-ST: "Th' compound's likely t'be trapped, so watch yer step! Paranoid man, Thorin."
(10:28:55 PM) ***Esme casts a spell with a fierce whisper, mezmerizing some of the creatures to make them easier to shoot.
(10:28:55 PM) Cheswyn: (( I don't remember who took dwarven land, but I imagine Cheswyn would know of them ))
(10:30:12 PM) Thorin: ( Technically, they still have some of it, but they've been fighting the orcs/goblins/etc underground for centuries. They've been very slowly pushed back. )
(10:30:33 PM) Cheswyn: (( Ah all right ))
(10:32:32 PM) Melinda-ST: "Thank 'ee kindly, Esme."
(10:32:51 PM) Cheswyn: : turns to the present threat, presumably out a window if there is one :: This is very unlike fae folk. Whatever is tormenting them is terrible indeed.
(10:33:04 PM) ***Melinda-ST shoots three fairies in succession, before finally paying attention to the mechanical sounds.
(10:33:07 PM) ***Esme nods without looking, casting again to mezmerize a second group.
(10:33:29 PM) Melinda-ST: "Waitaminute....that's a hell of a lot louder'n his armor usually was..."
(10:34:02 PM) ***Melinda-ST then turns a corner, coming upon the metal beast being pelted with fairies.
(10:34:05 PM) Thorin: Surkan> I'd feel a lot sorrier for them if they weren't trying to tear us apart.
(10:34:10 PM) Melinda-ST: "....Holy shite."
(10:35:05 PM) ***Esme takes cover behind a tree and hisses at Melinda, "Vat IS zat zhing!?"
(10:37:17 PM) Cheswyn: :: turns her thoughts to what could be done, but relents to the fact that she must simply wait inside until the threat has passed ::
(10:37:22 PM) Thorin: :: Suddenly finds his attention drawn not by the arrival of the newcomers themselves, but its result. One of the guards steps on a seemingly ordinary cobblestone just past the inner gate, and moments later, tall metal rods begin to rise from their hiding places around the perimeter, wreathed in strange coils that, accompanied by an ominous hum, begin to glow
(10:37:36 PM) Thorin: ::
(10:38:10 PM) ***Esme thinks that's probably bad.
(10:40:29 PM) Thorin: Oh, for the love of...GET DOWN! Face to the stone, NOW!
(10:41:05 PM) ***Esme obeys the voice because she likes being alive.
(10:41:14 PM) Cheswyn: (( lol ))
(10:43:57 PM) Thorin: :: Smart girl. At that, the towering metal monster begins to stomp and clank its way toward the prone group, along with its entourage of homicidal fairies still trying in vain to rip it apart. After all, lightning tends to strike the tallest thing around. Like the lightning that those coils, having had their time to charge up, begin to violently spew. ::
(10:44:35 PM) ***Melinda-ST drops, quickly, and the rest of her men and women follow suit.
(10:45:16 PM) Esme: (( not a lot of halfling victims of lightning strike, I'd wager. ))
(10:46:03 PM) Melinda-ST: >> The fairies quickly get zapped into about a billion tiny bits, almost like a cloud of dust suddenly forming after someone punched an old pillow.
(10:46:22 PM) Thorin: :: Now, Thorin again thanks Vaaltan. This time, for what human scientists will one day refer to as the Faraday Cage. ::
(10:47:03 PM) Thorin: Hah! Okay, pointy. I'll give that one to nature! Lightning's not bad.
(10:47:55 PM) Cheswyn: (( :: eyeroll :: ))
(10:49:40 PM) Melinda-ST: "Damnit Thorin, they're dead! Turn that bloody thing off!"
(10:50:17 PM) Melinda-ST: (10 minute warning)
(10:52:30 PM) Cheswyn: :: is sheltered to the point of not being able to tell quite what's going on outside, although she could tell there was a great deal of electricity involved as it passes through the earth below, and begins to feel cramped and claustrophobic within the dwarven dwelling ::
(10:52:52 PM) ***Esme waits on the ground until she's sure the bloody thing is indeed off.
(10:56:08 PM) ***Esme watches a bug crawl by.
(10:56:20 PM) Melinda-ST: (Mike's in the bathroom. He'll be back in a sec.)
(10:57:58 PM) ***Esme watches the first bug crawl back in the other direction with bits of dead faerie.
(10:58:47 PM) Thorin: ( Back. Gimme one second. )
(10:59:17 PM) Thorin: Huh? Oh, right. Heh, don't go anywhere.
(11:01:27 PM) Thorin: :: Clank stomps his way over to a smaller structure adjoining the main house/lab complex, and the metal behemoth abruptly sinks into a kneeling position, after which point an armored panel in the front slides open, exposing the cockpit and allowing Thorin to jump free and scurry inside. A moment later, the lightning show peters out. ::
(11:02:57 PM) Thorin: :: And he comes out grinning. :: You know, I wasn't sure that would work. Still, well timed trespassing, there! What can I do for you?
(11:03:19 PM) Melinda-ST: (I think that's a good place to stop for the night)
(11:03:25 PM) Melinda-ST: PAUSE SIM
(11:03:28 PM) Melinda-ST: PAUSE SIM
(11:03:30 PM) ***Esme gets the impression that it's safe to stand up now and does so, pointedly brushing dirt from the front of her dress.
(11:03:35 PM) Melinda-ST: PAUSE SIM
(11:03:39 PM) Esme: :: || ::
(11:03:48 PM) Cheswyn: :: pauses ::
(11:03:48 PM) ***Shard pauses.
(11:03:52 PM) Thorin: Paused.
(11:04:22 PM) Melinda-ST: Cool. Again, sorry for the low energy. Should improve next week, since the moving stress will be over.
(11:04:50 PM) Esme: Good luck with all the moving stuff.
(11:05:07 PM) Esme: I'll catch y'all next week
(11:05:09 PM) Thorin: I should be slightly more with it as well. Unless there's a schedule change, Wednesday will be a day off. A REAL day off.
(11:05:13 PM) Esme: <3
(11:05:33 PM) Esme left the room (quit: Quit: HydraIRC -> <- It'll be on slashdot one day...).
(11:06:00 PM) Cheswyn: Yeah, moving is SO tiring.
(11:06:15 PM) Shard: So I have some confusion. What is the nature of this fantaasy world? If we have firearms, what is the place of magic?
(11:07:49 PM) Shard: We never quite defined it before now.
(11:09:44 PM) Thorin: There's nothing mutually exclusive about magic and firearms.
(11:10:24 PM) Thorin: You've got magic, and you've got technology. Different influences, different ways of looking at and dealing with the world, co-existing.
(11:11:05 PM) Shard: I
(11:11:05 PM) Cheswyn: Yeah, lots of fantasies do it...from Final Fantasy to today's latest MMOs
(11:11:15 PM) Shard: Alright.
(11:11:46 PM) Cheswyn: See you next week. =)
(11:11:56 PM) Thorin: Later!
(11:11:59 PM) Shard: Night
(11:12:03 PM) Shard left the room.