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(20:57:59) VAdmBlackthorne: Hiya
(20:58:06) Esme: hii
(20:58:09) Thorin_Hammerhelm [] entered the room.
(20:58:21) Thorin_Hammerhelm: Hoy.
(20:59:57) CdrTKirr: Hello.
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(21:00:47) Thorin_Hammerhelm: So, lot of stuff going on over here, but I HAVE begun to throw some stuff together for that character page. Might have something up tomorrow.
(21:00:54) Gwaethyr: Very cool.
(21:01:22) Gwaethyr: I saw our resident elf has made one. I'll get a link to a new section up for them soon.
(21:02:50) CdrTKirr: Cool. =)
(21:04:00) Melinda [] entered the room.
(21:04:10) Gwaethyr: Hi shorty
(21:04:16) CdrTKirr: Shard will be along shortly.
(21:05:28) Shard [] entered the room.
(21:05:52) Melinda: Hiya. Just fyi, I think I either had a panic attack in my sleep or immediately as I woke up from a nap, so I'm not at a hundred percent
(21:06:04) Gwaethyr: Ooookay
(21:06:06) Shard: Bounce in your seat for a moment
(21:06:09) Shard: ?
(21:06:14) Shard: That will wake you up?
(21:06:29) Shard: Wait. I read that wrong, and what I said came out completely callous
(21:06:33) Melinda: Er, its not that I'm not woken up.
(21:06:41) Melinda: Ah, okay. It's cool.
(21:06:56) Shard: Yeah. Sorry. Totally misread what you said
(21:07:03) Melinda: It's cool.
(21:08:30) Gwaethyr: Well the gang's all here!
(21:09:12) Melinda: Indeed!
(21:10:16) CdrTKirr: Yay!
(21:10:20) Gwaethyr: What're we doin?
(21:10:34) CdrTKirr: Picking up where we left off? Ish?
(21:10:44) Esme: With a Vulcan?
(21:10:50) Melinda: Sounds alright by me.
(21:11:26) Melinda: Minus the Vulcan. We'd have to classify you as some sort of outsider.
(21:11:29) Melinda: :-P
(21:12:25) Esme: hint hint CdrTKirr
(21:12:42) CdrTKirr: what
(21:12:50) Esme: your name
(21:12:52) CdrTKirr: Am I?
(21:13:07) CdrTKirr: Damn it's my local setting again
(21:13:10) Shard: You ping as CdrTkirr
(21:13:11) CdrTKirr is now known as BigMick
(21:13:12) Shard: TKirr
(21:13:32) Gwaethyr has changed the topic to: Everyone is in the bar!
(21:13:37) BigMick: Hurry the plot along I don't wanna be a guy anymore =P
(21:13:53) BigMick: Or big
(21:14:06) Shard: So you can become NinyNikki?
(21:14:26) ***Shard runs to the house next door
(21:14:53) ***Esme is on the stage, poised to begin on the next verse of the song she was singing before.
(21:15:50) ***Melinda is finishing the dredges of her drink, enjoying the pleasant light-headedness and throat burn that come with it.
(21:16:17) ***Esme is frozen in time because nobody said to start yet.
(21:16:28) Gwaethyr: (Oh lol)
(21:16:32) Gwaethyr: BEGIN SIM
(21:16:32) Melinda: Oh right!
(21:16:33) Gwaethyr: BEGIN SIM
(21:16:37) Gwaethyr: BEGIN SIM
(21:16:50) ***Melinda drinky drink drink
(21:17:27) ***Esme surreptitiously studies all of the people in the bar as she continues playing on auto-bard.
(21:17:29) ***Gwaethyr sips at her water and listens to the music... and the other conversations.
(21:17:31) BigMick: :: serve serve serve ::
(21:19:15) ***Shard takes a slow sip of ale from the mug in his hands, still sitting in the corner, taking in the music and watching the interaction, waiting to see the effects of whatever huge amount he increased the strength of that dwarf inventor's drink.
(21:20:29) Thorin_Hammerhelm: :: Gathering up his various pieces of parchment paper, and in no p[articular order stowing them in a leather satchel bag he brought with him. He's not quite firing on all cylinders tonight, which is good. Otherwise, his thoughts would be coming far too fast for him to prioritize the ones that may mean coin. ::
(21:20:33) BigMick: (( You did what ))
(21:22:53) Thorin_Hammerhelm: :: Also, a goodly dwarven belch accompanies his descent to the ground, as he has to brace himself against the table a moment against the unexpected swaying as the room shifts a bit. :: Gotta hand it to ya, Mick. Whatever keg you tapped for that last one, it tasted like turpintine, but the coin stretches here for once.
(21:22:54) ***Esme immediately marks the wizard in the corner, his magical ability resonating faintly against her own. She also notes the young woman sitting alone, wisely drinking something non-alcoholic and casually eavesdropping on everyone else.
(21:25:35) ***Shard bemusedly turns from the swaying dwarf and gives the musician a knowing look in the eye.
(21:26:13) BigMick: :: offers Thorin a bushy eyebrow as he busily cleans a mug--they're always needing cleaning :: It does tend to add up as the night gets on.
(21:27:08) Gwaethyr: :: considers some of what she's heard as she feels her coinpurse ::
(21:28:19) ***Esme pretends not to notice the wizard's look, sweeping her eyes across the room and fixing her gaze on various different people to draw them into her song.
(21:28:34) ***Melinda places payment for her drink on the bar, stepping down with a jovial "Whee".
(21:29:16) Melinda: (Agh I am catted)
(21:30:39) ***Gwaethyr notes the halfling that was complaining earlier and makes a decision. She swiftly rises to her feet and approaches the bar as Melinda puts her money down.
(21:30:51) Gwaethyr: Hello.
(21:31:33) Thorin_Hammerhelm: :: Speaking of which, Thorin begins sifting through his coin purse, swiftly growing a bit irritated as discerning the correct payment proves a tad difficult with a cottony head and unusually thick fingers. Ultimately, he simply slaps a silver down on the bar. ::
(21:31:43) Thorin_Hammerhelm: Fuck it. I'll let you work it off next time.
(21:33:28) ***Melinda strains her neck to look up at the human..
(21:33:43) Esme: :: singing :: And the man from Mulhaney / went down that old lane, he / went down that old lane and / he never looked back; His little wife Goldy / would wait and grow old, she / would wait and grow old and / forever wear black.
(21:33:48) Melinda: "Hullo. C'n I do somethin' fer you?"
(21:34:23) BigMick: :: grunts in amusement at the dwarf and slides the silver noisily across the bar :: I don't doubt it. Take care of yourself, you hear me?
(21:36:00) Gwaethyr: I couldn't help but overhear your troubles with kobold attacks and the like on your caravan. Perhaps you'd be interested in hiring on a bit of extra security?
(21:37:05) Thorin_Hammerhelm: :: Sees the amused grunt, and raises Mick a snort. :: Vaaltan made us sturdy for a reason. But I'll give it my best.
(21:39:07) Thorin_Hammerhelm: Now, apparently I need to go invent the better wagon.
(21:39:19) ***Melinda looks the woman up and down with a discerning eye
(21:39:43) Melinda: And what is it ye can do?
(21:39:45) Thorin_Hammerhelm: :: Starts muttering as he shuffles toward the door. :: Sure there's something the lot of ya overlooked. Took us stone folk just to think of bloody luggage on wheels.
(21:40:58) Gwaethyr: I'm skilled with both short and long blades, and favor finesse over brute strength. I'm a fair shot with a long or crossbow, as well.
(21:43:04) ***Esme breaks out into "The Magister's Sister" now with a meaningful nod toward the sullen wizard and his corner.
(21:43:13) BigMick: :: peers around his bar as Thorin makes his way out, anticipating the departure of others as the night is indeed getting on ::
(21:43:44) Melinda: Hmmm...what's yer fightin' background? Soldier, merc? Thug?
(21:45:21) Gwaethyr: I guess you could call me a mercenary. Seems to be what I'm up to right now, at least.
(21:45:55) Gwaethyr: At least by definition of the word... but I'm not really a mercenary. Just a skilled blade in need of some coin.
(21:46:47) ***Shard takes a special enjoyment in the current song as he continues to watch the entire scene
(21:47:33) Melinda: An' that's lasted how long? Have t' understand, we don't take just anyone on. Life on the road's not easy, and we're most always on th' road. Need a solid line o' defense, an' that means knowin' everyone who's on watch.
(21:48:47) ***Esme sees Big Mick looking like he's ready to close up for the night, and signals to him that she'll play the closing song next.
(21:49:50) Gwaethyr: Oh, a few years now I've been traveling about, taking such jobs when I need to. Though I don't just work for anyone that's hiring, either.
(21:50:20) Melinda: Oh? Good.
(21:50:30) BigMick: :: nods in acceptance to Esme and resumes his nightly rituals ::
(21:50:31) Melinda: Wha's yer name?
(21:50:48) Gwaethyr: I'm Gwaethyr.
(21:51:10) ***Melinda nods, contemplative for a moment.
(21:52:20) Melinda: Right, I'm Melinda. Most folk on the guard call me Cap'ain, though. Can't guarantee anythin', but if ye come t'the Caravan in th' mornin', we'll see if we can't find somethin' fer ye to do.
(21:52:30) ***Melinda extends a hand to shake.
(21:52:55) Gwaethyr: :: leans down to shake Melinda's hand :: Thank you.
(21:53:14) ***Esme finishes "The Magister's Sister" and moves smoothly into the traditional song that ends the night and encourages patrons to tip their serving girls.
(21:53:55) Melinda: Nay problem. Anywho, 's about time I made me rest fer th' night. Got a busy day in the mornin', an' all. So good even', and I'll see ye on the morrow.
(21:55:06) Gwaethyr: Aye, that you will.
(21:56:01) ***Melinda nods in that almost bow way, meets eyes with Esme to make sure she knows Melinda's going, and makes her way out into the night.
(21:56:25) Thorin_Hammerhelm: :: Stepping out into the night, Thorin sniffs appreciatively at the slight chill in the air, and with a soft grunt, pulls his long coat closed to the sound of a soft jingling. A distracted mind, he's been forced to admit in the past, may at times overlook the obvious. Chainmail will not. ::
(21:57:52) ***Esme finishes the song, stows her instruments with a click of her bracelets, and bows to the dwindling crowd with a flourish.
(21:58:44) ***Gwaethyr collects her pack and applauds the bard.
(21:58:50) ***Shard stoicly, but loudly applauds
(21:59:01) BigMick: :: just grins ::
(21:59:11) Shard: (stoically)
(22:01:17) ***Esme collects the few coins that were placed on the stage. They seem to disappear from her nimble fingers; a casual observer would not see what kind of coins they were or where she put them.
(22:02:59) Gwaethyr: :: notes the bard, having gleaned that she's also a member of the caravan, and heads out into the night toward the Inn ::
(22:03:42) Esme: :: hopping down from the stage, makes her way to the bar and slides a silver coin toward Big Mick :: Thank you for your hospitality. Many blessinks on you and yours.
(22:05:17) Thorin_Hammerhelm: :: Shakes his head a bit as he approaches the town outskirts and he dimly notes his path gradually starting to take him uphill. :: Throwing a dwarf. Never figured Mick had it in 'im. 'less someone slipped me a...
(22:05:35) Thorin_Hammerhelm: :: Begins to chuckle harder than merited as the stupid pun occurs to him. ::
(22:05:38) BigMick: :: waves a large hand towards the small woman, declining the money :: The pleasure's mine. You're welcome back anytime, Miss.
(22:06:32) BigMick: (( *groan* ))
(22:07:34) Melinda: As the travelers return to their homes and inns, an ill wind passes through the town. The hairs on their head stand on end, as if keenly aware that they're being watched...
(22:07:55) Thorin_Hammerhelm: ( Blame your husband. )
(22:08:08) Melinda: (Oh I do)
(22:08:24) Melinda: (Oh wait, not about that :P)
(22:08:43) Gwaethyr: :: hurries on as the wind picks up ::
(22:09:25) Esme: :: sees that insisting will get her nowhere and palms the coin :: Then, good night. :: turns toward Wizard Corner and calls out :: I am thinkink I will see you tomorrow, wizard. You know vhere to find me.
(22:09:31) Gwaethyr: :: does get the feeling that things aren't quite right ::
(22:09:42) Thorin_Hammerhelm: :: Looks around in confusion at the ominous wind. :: Somethin' dun feel right.
(22:10:02) Thorin_Hammerhelm: :: Farts loudly into the darkness. ::
(22:10:09) Thorin_Hammerhelm: :: Keeps walking. :: Better.
(22:10:29) ***Esme swishes into her cloak and goes out into the night, her smile immediately fading as something seems... off.
(22:10:58) Gwaethyr: :: hurries on into the Inn where she already has a room ::
(22:11:08) BigMick: :: looks up as Esme says the word 'wizard' and looks to whom she is addressing ::
(22:12:56) Melinda: In the forests along the outskirts of the village, something almost like fairy lights flicker occasionally. But the movement is wrong somehow, staggered and sharp. Something that could be a bird cries out, it's calling echoing across the land as seemingly every other animal sound goes quiet.
(22:13:13) ***Shard seems to the casual observer to appear next to Esme, though he can sense she probably would have noticed as well had she not been so lost in her thoughts.
(22:13:29) Shard: It seems that something is afoul. You feel it, I can see that you do.
(22:14:05) Gwaethyr: :: retires to her room and makes sure her gear is ready for tomorrow ::
(22:14:16) BigMick: :: hadn't noticed the wizard, but is glad to see he's not into blowing up his bar, and instead shakes off a sudden feeling of hopelessness and dislike for the setting of his establishment. It's odd to him, as the behavior of his patrons aren't the source, and he can't place it ::
(22:14:32) Esme: :: without looking to see who it is :: Yes. Somethink is very wronk. Were you hearink that cry? Now even crickets are silent.
(22:14:44) ***Melinda turns, sniffs the air, listens for a moment, and heads back towards the Foxhole, looking for Esme.
(22:15:45) ***Esme has daggers in her hands that seemed to appear from nowhere.
(22:16:06) BigMick is now known as Cheswyn
(22:16:31) ***Melinda turns, seeing Esme armed, and looks relieved.
(22:16:46) Thorin_Hammerhelm: :: Isn't quite so drunk as to miss the lights in the distance, though he's no expert in what would be "wrong" for such things. Like many of his kind, among whom magic in the wizardry sense is exceedingly rare, he shares a certain pride in thumbing his nose at it in favor of more "dependable" arts. Even so... ::
(22:16:46) Melinda: Esmerelda, we need to get back to Haven. NOW.
(22:16:54) ***Esme sees Melinda coming around the corner...
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(22:17:16) Esme: I agree. Wizard, you are comink vith us, I think.
(22:17:34) Thorin_Hammerhelm: :: Fishes a brace of flintlocks out of his bag, and thumps the butts of said pistols against his reinforced coat. :: Steel is still iron, you glowy fucks!
(22:17:44) ***Shard simply looks around, observing silently, as silent as the night, but with no malice in his silence.
(22:17:59) Melinda: Good idea. Somethin' queer's about, an' a little magic wouldn't hurt t' have.
(22:18:24) ***Esme gracefully closes the distance between herself and Melinda, as if simply expecting the wizard to follow.
(22:18:59) ***Shard turns and follows, still observing.
(22:20:17) Melinda: Suddenly, the lights erupt from the forest, sweeping into the town. A sharp eye would see the fae-like creature inside them, but it would chill the bones to look, for their mouths are stretched to horrific proportions, with only hunger in their seemingly dead eyes.
(22:22:29) Thorin_Hammerhelm: :: Suspects that he owes much of his relative calm to whatever it is he drank back there, but he'll take it regardless. Either way, calm or panicked, the rational response to the sudden invasion from the forest seems the same. He continues on toward his fortified home, in the closest approximation he can manage to a run. ::
(22:23:01) ***Esme stashes her daggers and instead pulls out throwing knives from somewhere on her person and flings one at one of the approaching creatures.
(22:23:08) Gwaethyr: :: looks out the window in her room :: What the-?
(22:23:10) Thorin_Hammerhelm: How many times does a sensible dwarf need to tell these damn long legs? Nothin' good ever came out of the fuckin' woods!
(22:24:38) Melinda: Blast it- RUN!
(22:25:39) ***Shard turns toward the oncoming lights. He pulls out a talisman and begins to gather aether from around him into a glowing orb of raw power. As the first light comes close, he enhances his vision to see it and what is inside. He half turns but only for a moment, long enough to make eye contact with the bard, a look of great intensity, with one thought behind it: RUN!
(22:26:06) ***Esme sets off toward Haven at a dead sprint, slinging blades at the creatures that draw near.
(22:26:10) ***Melinda turns, raising her rifle with practiced precision, and fires, downing one of them.
(22:26:13) Gwaethyr: :: decides that discretion is the better part of valor and stays in her room ::
(22:26:39) Thorin_Hammerhelm: ( "Screw you guys. I'm going home." )
(22:28:30) Esme: ( "Screw you guys, I am home and already took off my bra." )
(22:28:58) ***Shard blasts a flame into each of these lights that he can see as they whizz by.
(22:31:33) Melinda: As they are hit, each fae-thing seems to either explode or leak with black ichor as it screams...and then seems to fade from reality. Out of the forest, the swarms thicken, attacking every living creature in sight or sound.
(22:31:41) Thorin_Hammerhelm: :: Curses in native dwarvish as he notes that, while most of these monsters are attacking the town, a few do indeed break off from the swarm. They take note of a long figure, and their wings are more than a match for the short legs of an inebriated dwarf. Thorin does have some consolation, of course. His mental or physical state have little bearing on
(22:32:03) Gwaethyr: :: on second though, loads her hand crossbows and opens the window, looking for a target ::
(22:32:05) Thorin_Hammerhelm: whether he hits anything as he fires off his pistols. ::
(22:32:50) Melinda: Peasants run into the streets, screaming in pain as three, four of the things latch on and start ripping off flesh in bites.
(22:34:48) ***Shard increases the size of his orb of fire and magic, and thereby increases the speed with which he can attack each individual light.
(22:34:53) Gwaethyr: :: fires two bolts, one from each crossbow at two different "things" ::
(22:36:24) Thorin_Hammerhelm: :: Predictably, the pistols do precisely jack and shit, but as two of the queer things descend to try and take a bite out of him, they swiftly recoil in agony for their trouble. :: Ha! What'd I tell you? Nonthin' like dwarven craft, you poncy, flutteriin'
(22:36:26) ***Melinda as they run, tries to grab anyone who's run onto the streets, yelling at them to make for the Caravan. Turning once more to fire, she yells clearly into the air, presumably to the Caravan itself and any guards in the area.
(22:36:46) Melinda: Circle the wagons, brothers! Form the wall! We're under attack!
(22:37:31) Thorin_Hammerhelm: :: Stops short as he actually gets a good look at one of them. :: Stone cracked, you're fucked up. Vaca! Surkan! Someone get off your worthless ass and open up the gate!
(22:38:57) Gwaethyr: Oh, blast it all...
(22:40:04) ***Gwaethyr scrambles into her studded leather vest and gloves, and then buckles on her swordbelt as quickly as possible.
(22:40:29) ***Gwaethyr slides out the Inn's door into the street, being all sneaky-like.
(22:41:16) ***Melinda spots Gwaethyr as she passes the inn, pointing to her.
(22:41:47) Melinda: Gwaether, or whatever yer name is! Screw what ah said t' the stickin' place, yer hired!
(22:41:56) Cheswyn: (( LOL ))
(22:42:12) Gwaethyr: :: smirks :: Weirdest job interview I've ever had...
(22:43:10) Gwaethyr: :: spies one of the creatures that she believes she can get the drop on, and draws two kris-bladed daggers ::
(22:43:19) Melinda: Yeah, :: fires another shot, dropping two lights that were lined up unwisely:: well consider this yer trial by fire! Speakin' 'a which....
(22:44:44) Gwaethyr: :: jumps up on an awning, then drops behind the creature and stabs with both daggers ::
(22:44:52) Melinda: As they approach Haven, the wagons have indeed been circled, and the guard is doing their best to fight off the onslaught while some laborers dig a small trench around the encampment, and still others bring oil casks to pour into it.
(22:47:17) ***Shard has been making his way back toward the caravan and finally arrives, continuing to fight the onslaught. He's becoming more effective, now destroying five or ten of these demonic creatures at a time.
(22:48:00) Gwaethyr: :: drops that one, and having reloaded the crossbows, she fires both at another creature ::
(22:50:43) ***Esme lets the others get ahead of her and turns back to face the oncoming monsters, waiting for a large group of them to get close to her, then unleashes a mighty Shout to kill them. She quickly turns and sprints toward the wagons before any others get too close.
(22:50:51) Melinda: Oddly, the weapons seem to be working better than magic, which it appears they have some resistance to. With every cut, a hiss draws a fae-thing away, making it pause a moment before it is compelled to attack again.
(22:51:42) Gwaethyr: :: jumps back up onto an awning and then to a rooftop ::
(22:53:07) Gwaethyr: :: ends up above a fae-thing and drops down on it, jamming both daggers into what's probably its head ::
(22:54:41) Cheswyn: :: grips the trunk of a tree, which shudders and swiftly bends, its mass of leafy branches effectively swatting at the few dark faes chasing Thorin and catching them up in twining twigs ::
(22:55:00) Esme: Takamvir! Where is Takamvir? :: goes running off into the crowd of Caravan folk ::
(22:55:12) ***Melinda joins the guard's line as soon as the others have passed by the ditch.
(22:56:54) Melinda: Get the torches ready! Back line, bring the extra rifles and rounds! Let's put these little fecks down on th' ground where they belong!
(22:57:16) Gwaethyr: :: makes her way toward the wagon circle, stabbing faces as she goes ::
(22:57:36) Thorin_Hammerhelm: The hell?
(22:58:07) Melinda: A put-upon and very paranoid looking halfling turns at his name. "Eh?"
(22:58:17) Cheswyn: :: noting the faes caught in the tree, crouches and places a hand to the ground. The faes scream and change, and when they drop unconscious to the ground, one who knows what to look for would observe no more trace of corruption in the creatures ::
(22:58:41) Esme: Takamvir, you are still havink iron dust for trading?
(22:58:50) ***Shard thinks a moment, and instead of fire, tries a spell that causes the creatures hearts to turn to ice.
(22:58:51) Thorin_Hammerhelm: :: Points one of his pistols first at the tree, then the elf he sees a moment later, brandishing the weapon as though it were not, in fact, empty. :: I'll relax me usual standards a tad. Not a foe?
(22:59:03) Esme: tradink*?
(22:59:13) Melinda: " 'Course I got some. What you want wit' it?"
(22:59:22) Gwaethyr: :: sheathes a dagger and draws her sword, in her left hand, for better slicing and dicing ::
(23:00:12) Esme: We fight fae creatures. Iron can be harmink them, Takamvir. We are needink all of iron dust you are havink.
(23:00:40) Cheswyn: :: looks up at Thorin as she gracefully stands to her full height and shakes her head :: Not a foe.
(23:01:09) Melinda: " fine. But only 'cuz ah dun wanna die." :: Opens his caravan, bringing out several heavy bags of the stuff::
(23:02:07) Esme: :: unleashes her most winning smile :: You will please help me to carryink bags to guard post? :: bats eyelashes ::
(23:02:14) Melinda: (Fair warning, got about 15 minutes of this left in me)
(23:02:16) Gwaethyr: :: slices a creature that was charging the guard line ::
(23:02:38) Thorin_Hammerhelm: :: Lowers his pistol and nods before his attention is drawn to a fresh group of still corrupted fae approaching, evidently drawn by the screams. :: Right. Then, come on, long ears. Unless you still prefer to be out among all of nature's fuckin' bounty tonight.
(23:03:30) Melinda: "....Yer lucky yer cute." He mutters, hoisting a couple bags over his shoulders and heading toward the guard wall.
(23:03:34) Gwaethyr: :: spins into the guards, figuring they'll recognize her as not One Of Those Things ::
(23:03:43) Thorin_Hammerhelm: :: Without waiting for the response, dashes through the now partially opened gate, and barks instructions to his kin/assistants.:: Right! Grab blunderbusses, and join me at the garage!
(23:04:02) Cheswyn: :: looks over her shoulder at the approaching enemy and responds to Thorin's invitation by simply dashing to follow him ::
(23:04:12) ***Melinda looks to Gwaethyr, then to the other guards.
(23:04:35) Melinda: She's with us! Let 'er through the line, then light the fire!
(23:04:38) ***Esme picks up a single bag and awkwardly carries it, scurrying a bit to get ahead of Takamvir
(23:05:06) Esme: Melinda! Melinda!
(23:05:34) Melinda: Aye? What's that you got?
(23:06:12) Esme: :: drops the bag at Melinda's feet :: Iron dust!
(23:06:29) Gwaethyr: ::: ducks behind the guard line and catches her breath a minute ::
(23:06:36) Thorin_Hammerhelm: :: Doesn't bother with the open gate for now. No use against vreatures who can fly, anyway. He'll have to revisit that design oversight another time. For now, batting away a couple of monstrous fae who get too close, he throws up the wooden beam barring the great double doors, and begins pulling them open. ::
(23:07:13) ***Shard sees that the ice is not working any better than the fire and tries pure, unadulterated magic.
(23:07:20) Melinda: Iron dust? But that's only fer.....
(23:07:29) ***Melinda her expression goes dark
(23:07:36) Esme: Fighting the fae! Yes?
(23:07:39) Melinda: ....fairies.
(23:07:58) Melinda: Aye, ye dun good!
(23:08:28) Melinda: Lads, fill yer rifles, but pack 'em with this stuff instead 'a bullets. Mind yer eyes, though!
(23:08:40) Esme: We also can throw!
(23:08:42) Cheswyn: :: as Thorin works at the door, she turns in an attempt to ward off the approaching fae ::
(23:08:47) ***Melinda holds up a pistol for Esme
(23:08:54) Esme: Takamvir graciously offered to donate.
(23:09:38) Gwaethyr: :: loads her crossbows again, and takes a place on the line, keeping the creatures at bay ::
(23:09:52) Melinda: Mighty nice of 'im. Get anyone not armed t' get handfuls of th' stuff. Y'might find that the spray in this thin' might work better than throwin', though.
(23:10:49) Cheswyn: :: flinches away from a fae, but it latches onto the shoulder of her white fur mantle ::
(23:12:20) Melinda: The trench now finished, and filled with oil, men and women run out to it with torches, lighting a controlled wall of fire that surrounds the caravan.
(23:12:30) Thorin_Hammerhelm: :: Presently, they're joined by two more dwarves, visibly younger than Thorin, hastily decked out in sturdy plated leather frocks and crudely made helmets that protect the face. A requirement for working in Thorin Hammerhelm's workshop, and both armed. ::
(23:12:50) Thorin_Hammerhelm: Vaca, shoot! Surkan! Man the crank!
(23:13:34) Cheswyn: :: throws her shoulders and flings the fae to the ground, but it instantly flies back up at her as she tries to stomp on it ::
(23:14:51) Gwaethyr: :: watches the firewall closely to see if any of the things make it through ::
(23:15:45) Melinda: (Oh no! Spyware!)
(23:16:58) Thorin_Hammerhelm: :: As Cheswyn fights and Vaca tries his best to assist her by shooting at the most tightly clustered of the intruders, a great deal of racket starts up behind them. Some of its source will be obvious, as the building's roof splits in half and slides open. But added to this is a great deal of odd clanking and a long, loud hiss. ::
(23:18:51) Cheswyn: :: is frightened by the unusual sounds coming from the house, but her current situation prevents her from giving it any attention ::
(23:20:30) Esme: :: slightly awkwardly holds the pistol before her ::
(23:20:44) Thorin_Hammerhelm: :: That may be for the best, if Cheswyn is unnerved simply by the sounds. At first, all she'd see is two orbs of golden light in the darkness, roughly fourteen feet off the ground. But as the clanking got louder and carried out into the moonlight, she'd find it hard to miss the source.::
(23:22:57) Gwaethyr: (Y'all wanna pause? I don't think it's my place anymore to decide, but it's getting late)
(23:22:59) Thorin_Hammerhelm: :: What emerges from that workshop is vaguely humanoid in shape. That is to say, if has legs, arms, a head, etc. The golden lights, we see, are its eyes. But in addition to its monstrous size, it's made all of metal, one of its "hands" is a great bearded axe, and a giant armored boiler is carried on its back. ::
(23:23:00) Melinda: Lads and lasses, fire when ready! You see a glowy little bastard, you put 'em down! Bloody fairies.
(23:23:23) Melinda: (Almost)
(23:23:36) Cheswyn: :: other than her mantle, has nothing to fend the biting creatures off but leather-clad arms ::
(23:23:40) ***Shard sees that the pure magic is working better than the fire or ice, and tweaks it slightly.
(23:24:34) Thorin_Hammerhelm: :: That's okay. All manner of grisly looking weaponry begins to deploy from every nook and crevice. :: Stand back, lass. I'm gonna try science.
(23:24:46) Melinda: :: PAUSE SIM::
(23:24:54) Melinda: :: PAUSE SIM::
(23:25:00) Melinda: ::PAUSE SIM::
(23:25:05) Gwaethyr: :: pauses, weapons at the ready ::
(23:25:09) ***Shard pauses.
(23:25:11) Esme: :: || ::
(23:25:23) Gwaethyr: Fun!
(23:25:30) Melinda: I'm glad :-)
(23:25:40) Thorin_Hammerhelm: Totally paused. But next time? Guns. Lots of guns.
(23:25:48) Cheswyn: :: pauses ::
(23:26:13) Cheswyn: Nice GMing
(23:26:27) Gwaethyr: Indeed!
(23:26:28) Shard: I agree. Great storyline flow
(23:26:36) Esme: ^_^
(23:26:47) Melinda: Why thank 'ee!
(23:26:57) Melinda: I...kinda came up with it on the fly.
(23:27:11) Thorin_Hammerhelm: I shall offer my congratulations offline. Possibly in the form of hugs.
(23:27:24) Melinda: HUGS?! OMG AWESOME. :-P
(23:27:38) Cheswyn: Haha
(23:27:44) Gwaethyr: And with that, I'm out for a few weeks.
(23:28:11) Melinda: Alrighty. Have a good one!
(23:28:28) Melinda: Aw crap, right. Your wedding!
(23:28:33) Gwaethyr: Wedding's on Monday, and this time next week we'll be on our way to Hawaii.
(23:28:43) Esme: Happy Summer Weddingu!
(23:28:56) Cheswyn: You're gonna have a great time!! I'm so happy for you both. =D
(23:29:04) Gwaethyr: Week after that I'll still be there. Same for the week after that, but flying home that day. So no simming for me.
(23:29:17) Shard: What island are you visiting?
(23:29:32) Melinda: Let us know if there's anything on your registry that you don't end up getting? I'm afraid we can't afford the trip down. And sorry for sucking about RSVP.
(23:29:34) Gwaethyr: Big one, again. More scuba training and dives
(23:29:54) Gwaethyr: We didn't register anywhere, too much stuff as it is, but thanks :)
(23:29:55) Shard: Hilo or Kona side?
(23:29:59) Gwaethyr: Kona
(23:30:05) Shard: Awesome!
(23:30:25) Cheswyn: I wanted to go =/
(23:30:33) Shard: Make sure you visit the Hilton Waikoloa. They have some pretty cool stuff there.
(23:30:51) Esme: I didn't get an invitation, but I still love you ;)
(23:31:01) Melinda: Have tons of fun!
(23:31:09) Gwaethyr: Well I didn't figure you'd fly out from the left coast anyway
(23:31:19) Esme: <3
(23:31:23) Melinda: Also, say hello to the sharks for me? I hear there are some pretty sweet sharks there.
(23:31:31) Shard: I was really hoping we could make it. But alas, I didn't finally get my business moving enough to be able to take Liz :(
(23:31:37) Gwaethyr: Last time we saw a 12 foot tiger heading out on the dive boat
(23:31:38) Esme: Have so much fun, it goes so fast, try to hold on to the seconds :)
(23:31:49) Melinda: Ee!
(23:31:53) Gwaethyr: Thanks y'all, Liz, please send me the chatlogs so I can put them up
(23:32:07) Gwaethyr: The guides recognized the shark. "Oh, that's just Laverne"
(23:32:15) Shard: Ha!
(23:33:43) Gwaethyr: As for my character, figure I'm along, just quiet and guarding :V
(23:34:05) Cheswyn: You saw a tiger shark on a dive boat? *gasp*
(23:34:05) Melinda: Sure thing.
(23:34:26) Cheswyn: And yep np
(23:34:28) Gwaethyr: Yep, in the harbor
(23:34:38) Cheswyn: Was it driving?
(23:34:47) Gwaethyr: No, it had been drinking
(23:35:40) Melinda: Oh no!
(23:35:45) Melinda: Drunk tiger shark!
(23:35:55) Melinda: ...why do I feel the need to hug such a thing
(23:35:57) Melinda: ?
(23:36:01) Melinda: I'm so confused.
(23:36:31) Gwaethyr: who is driving? Shark is driving! HOW CAN THIS BE
(23:38:29) Cheswyn: Well I wish you both the best of times. We'll hold the story together while you're gone. =)
(23:38:55) Melinda: Alrighty, well, I need to head out, take some pills. Have an awesome wedding!
(23:38:56) Gwaethyr: I have no doubts :)
(23:39:01) Gwaethyr: Thanks all, good night!
(23:39:11) Melinda: G'night!
(23:39:14) Melinda left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
(23:39:16) Gwaethyr: (and don't forget your character pages!)
(23:39:18) Esme: I look forward to pictures!
(23:39:34) Esme: <3 :D
(23:39:40) Esme left the room (quit: Quit: HydraIRC -> <- s0 d4Mn l33t |t'z 5c4rY!).