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(20:58:27) VAdmBlackthorne: Hiya
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(20:58:32) Esme: hi
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(21:00:07) CdrTKirr: I mean
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(21:01:07) Shard: Greetings, fair travelers.
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(21:01:37) Cheswyn: We're rockin' the y's
(21:03:08) Cheswyn: Sec
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(21:07:12) Thorin: Hey. Sorry I'm late.
(21:07:36) Gwaethyr: Hiya
(21:07:53) Shard: Aye. Do we forgive him, or is it off with his head? Or is that a different century and universe?
(21:08:20) Gwaethyr: :: casually sharpens a dagger as she eyes the dwarf ::
(21:10:30) Cheswyn: :: narrows her eyes at the human :: Forgive, of course. Are we not allies?
(21:10:38) Shard: ...
(21:10:47) Shard: I suppose.
(21:10:58) Cheswyn: Actually...I don't know what we are.
(21:11:09) Esme: :: calmly applies another coat of laquer to her fingernails ::
(21:12:08) Shard: (In a Peter-Griffin-pontificating voice) I am a wizard. Therefore, Lois, it is my duty to remain distant and direct.
(21:12:28) Melinda [] entered the room.
(21:13:00) Melinda: Hoy!
(21:13:09) Cheswyn: Heya
(21:13:53) Gwaethyr: Evening!
(21:14:38) Melinda: Fair warning, I've had a nasty bout of insomnia, which led to a panic attack, which led to Ativan and conking out. So I'm a little fuzzy headed at the moment.
(21:15:04) Cheswyn: as usual =/
(21:16:15) Melinda: *sigh* Yeah, pretty much.
(21:16:31) Melinda: But a little more so.
(21:16:42) Cheswyn: * attempts a healing spell on Melinda *
(21:17:26) Esme: If it makes you feel any better, I carry a bottle of Ativan in my purse too.
(21:17:38) Melinda: *interprets that as pain killers and massages, purrs*
(21:17:55) Melinda: Yeah, Ativan and Tramadol. Weee!
(21:19:20) Melinda: But hey, upside, when I'm particularly fuzzy-headed my inhibitions are much less. Which means...more authentic RP?
(21:19:25) Gwaethyr: OK so the gang's all here!
(21:21:07) Thorin: Indeed.
(21:21:27) Melinda: Yarr.
(21:22:01) Esme: :: holds her hand up to inspect her handiwork, then gingerly caps the bottle and puts it away before blowing gently on her nails ::
(21:22:53) Cheswyn: (*thinks Holly probably has polish on her keys*)
(21:23:43) Esme: (I actually don't paint my nails, too lazy. Esme is painting hers.)
(21:24:11) Melinda: :: Is sorely tempted to toss dirt, because she is a bitch that way::
(21:24:49) Melinda: (Melinda, not me!)
(21:25:28) Esme: :: casts a dark glance at Melinda, because she knows Melinda is a dirt-throwing bitch ::
(21:25:55) Cheswyn: ( lol )
(21:26:13) Gwaethyr: :: idly cleans under her nails with the dagger's tip ::
(21:27:26) Thorin: Right. So, do we just want to launch into sitting at a bar and see what happens, or do we need to discuss more? I mean, technically we don't actually have a villain or anythingbyet. Unless one of you has pitched one, and I wasn't there.
(21:28:08) Cheswyn: I've heard no mention.
(21:28:51) Esme: :: switches to blowing lightly on the other hand, assuming that is a sufficient gesture of her indifference ::
(21:29:13) Cheswyn: Should we perhaps create the setting as one of a particular hardship caused by an overall that they eventually get to combating with smaller stories along their journey?
(21:29:14) Melinda: I figure the villain can come later.
(21:30:20) Cheswyn: Such as...villages particularly poor due to excessive tax, a magical climate enforcement, etc
(21:30:49) Cheswyn: It could make their interactions and reasons for crossing more interesting
(21:31:06) Cheswyn: Crossing paths, that is
(21:31:11) Esme: A series of episodes leading up to an overarching conflict?
(21:31:53) Cheswyn: Yeah, the sub plots can sorta happen as we figure our way towards the end goal
(21:31:55) Esme: I like that concept.
(21:32:01) Melinda: Sure.
(21:33:36) Thorin: Yeah, no problem with that.
(21:33:43) Gwaethyr: I'm game
(21:34:52) Cheswyn: Guess we need ideas then lol
(21:35:48) Cheswyn: Perhaps something pertaining to the Dwarf or Halfling race, since we have multiples with seemingly the richest history described
(21:35:49) Melinda: Okay, well...I would assume that Melinda only started traveling with Esme's caravan fairly recently.
(21:36:06) Esme: Actually, Esme moved to this caravan only recently.
(21:36:10) Melinda: Oh.
(21:36:13) Melinda: Okay, that works.
(21:36:28) Shard: How long has the caravan been in existennce?
(21:36:30) Melinda: So it's a caravan Melinda's been working on for a while, then.
(21:36:50) Melinda: The caravan's probably been in existence for generations.
(21:36:52) Esme: The route she was on would have been shared with her former teacher and she does not want to be known as the apprentice forever.
(21:37:01) Melinda: Ahhh, I see.
(21:37:02) Esme: So she's striking out on her own.
(21:38:47) Melinda: Okay, well, how about this for us two, then. The caravan's been being attacked a lot more frequently lately than normal, and some of the creatures doing it aren't typically raiding sorts.
(21:39:09) ***Esme nods
(21:39:26) Esme: Attacked by..... faeries.
(21:39:38) Esme: :: makes woo woo scary motions at Melinda ::
(21:39:42) Cheswyn: Strange creatures, I approve.
(21:40:08) Melinda: We're stopping in this town because the caravan has had dealings in the past with this Thorin guy, who they know builds some pretty serious defense stuff. Melinda's hesitant for it, since she knows this guy from a while back and he's kinda a loose cannon, but the caravan's safety comes first.
(21:40:31) Esme: When the fae folk attack, something be fuckin' wit some shit.
(21:40:46) Melinda: Aye.
(21:40:51) ***Shard tests an idea for a new fire spell on a rock off in the distance.
(21:41:13) ***Esme immediately pictures Shard as Tim the Enchanter from now on
(21:41:20) Cheswyn: Who
(21:41:37) Melinda: So...various denizens of the caravan...which we could call Haven for right now, maybe? are settling in the bar getting some much-needed R&R.
(21:41:40) Esme: Monty Python Holy Grail weird guy with horns who blows up rocks for no apparent reason.
(21:41:51) Melinda: And is terribly afraid of rabbits.
(21:41:56) Melinda: DEADLY rabbits.
(21:42:07) ***Shard doesn't have horns.
(21:42:11) Esme: Not me... I'm working. :: caresses her harp gently ::
(21:42:14) Esme: You do now.
(21:42:19) Cheswyn: Cheswyn's more likely to be found outside of until then I could NPC townsfolk
(21:42:19) Esme: In my head.
(21:42:28) Melinda: Oh, right, bard.
(21:42:37) Cheswyn: Because as you know, you always pick up party members on the way.
(21:42:46) Cheswyn: Never all at once.
(21:43:02) Cheswyn: I realize it could be a month before we even LEAVE town... lol
(21:43:03) Melinda: So you're working your trade, we're settling down for a drink.
(21:43:30) Melinda: Oh, hey, Thorin's place would probably be on the outskirts, so we could meet you on the way.
(21:43:55) Esme: You could be coming in specifically to trade with the caravan.
(21:44:07) Cheswyn: Perhaps you cross through the town to Thorin's on the other side, stopping at the bar along the way? Or you wanna start coming in
(21:44:10) Esme: it's how news travels across the continent, too.
(21:45:32) Melinda: Okay, well, let's just set up the setting, and the particulars will come out natural. A halfling caravan is entering the town. Thorin's is on the outskirts. It's a fairly standard mixed-race town, so markets and tavern and blacksmith's and all that.
(21:45:47) Melinda: Put yourself where you'd like to be, and we can start from there.
(21:45:53) Melinda: Although we need a name for the town.
(21:46:11) Cheswyn: Podunk.
(21:46:18) Gwaethyr: I figure Gwae could be hired on as additional security
(21:46:36) Melinda: *nods* definitely a possibility. Good motivation for interaction.
(21:47:13) Cheswyn: Money may work for Gwae, I'll have to find a different attraction for Ches
(21:47:24) Thorin: Maybe something pastoral?
(21:47:30) Esme: news trade
(21:47:40) Thorin: You know, like...well, Oakvale would be a direct theft.
(21:48:02) Esme: Poraknell
(21:48:05) Gwaethyr: Money's not her only motivation.
(21:48:09) Cheswyn: Perhaps simply just noticing the strange behavior of creatures and trying to find its cause
(21:48:21) Cheswyn: Don't lie
(21:48:28) Esme: elves are tight with Fae
(21:48:37) Cheswyn: J/K Gwae
(21:49:06) Thorin: Deepwater? Built around a spring?
(21:49:27) Cheswyn: What about Highwater
(21:49:36) Melinda: Sounds good to me.
(21:49:42) Thorin: Yeah, sure.
(21:49:43) Esme: Like the pants? :P
(21:49:49) Melinda: Shhh!
(21:53:36) Thorin: But yeah, okay. Yeah, Thorin owns some land outsite town. Let's say atop a small hill. Bit rocky, less desirable for local farmers. But he's got kind of a walled compound thing going.
(21:53:56) Esme: Rock Springs.
(21:54:07) Thorin: That way, he's got that place that townsfolk are always glancing up at nervously, wondering what the hell he does up there.
(21:55:10) ***Shard has come to Highwater, a fellow nomad, and has been in town for a short time when the caravan comes in.
(21:57:11) Melinda: Okay, so...shall we get started?
(21:57:40) Cheswyn: Sounds great.
(21:57:42) Thorin: Sure. Worst that can happen is we bumble through it for awhile until something clicks!
(21:58:10) Melinda: Cool. Jay, would you like to do the honors?
(21:59:13) Gwaethyr: Heh, alright
(21:59:43) Gwaethyr: BEGIN FANTASIM
(21:59:43) Gwaethyr: BEGIN FANTASIM
(21:59:45) Gwaethyr: BEGIN FANTASIM
(22:00:24) Thorin: (Hey, if you're doing that shit, at least let me step out of the room.)
(22:00:46) Thorin: (Oh, fantaSIM. In that case...)
(22:01:33) ***Melinda winds her way through the caravan's settle down/ set up shop process. Her rifle is in hand, though not readied, since she's familiar with the town.
(22:01:48) Thorin: :: Okay. Thorin is, of course, at the local watering hole, which I shall call...does the Foxhole work for folks? ::
(22:02:46) Cheswyn: ( sounds perfect )
(22:02:49) ***Shard sits on a stool in the corner of the tavern in Highwater, the Foxhole. He quietly, bemusedly watches the drinkers and other patrons of the establishment, appearing lost in thought.
(22:03:46) Melinda: Right, right! Make sure the youngin's are settled and watched over in the wagon circle. Two guards to every wagon watch, and don't ye fall asleep on me! Anythin' goes missin', it's on yer heads! You off-shifters, be back in six hours, or it's yer guts I'll be cookin' fer dinner t'night!
(22:04:20) ***Esme is dolling herself up for the night's work.
(22:04:30) Cheswyn: BigMick> :: towels off another glass and places it carefully under the bar ::
(22:06:05) Melinda: Ye got all that? An' everyone's in their place? Right, I'm off t'pub. See you lot in six.
(22:06:24) Thorin: :: Thorin, for his part, is at his usual seat, at a table close to the establishment's fire place. In front of him lies a stack of parchment papers, upon which he's sketching with a charcoal pencil while his other hand holds a large mug of the house ale that he remembers from time to time. Much more frequently, he will trade the pencil for a lump of wax, to
(22:06:42) ***Melinda gives the whole security setup another once over before heading for the Foxhole.
(22:07:17) Thorin: erase some bit that he's decided is unworkable or just doesn't please him. From time to time, once the page has become too smudged, he shakes his head, crumples the whole thing up, and tosses it into the fire before moving on to a new page. ::
(22:07:57) ***Gwaethyr enters the Foxhole and approaches the bar.
(22:09:46) Cheswyn: :: looks up over at Thorin distractedly as he tosses the paper, but his focus is on what's left on the table :: Hoy Thorin, mind you don't make me have to rub the stuff out of that wood again.
(22:10:00) Cheswyn: Totally BigMick> ---^
(22:12:04) Thorin: No, no...that'll just get clogged up in a fortnight. "less I work it harder, so it burns that crap off, of, what?
(22:12:16) Cheswyn: BigMick> :: turns as he notices a customer, his face brightening in a polite but appreciative smile as he beholds Gwaethyr :: Hello there, lass. What can I get ya?
(22:12:25) ***Shard quietly turns his attention to BigMick, whose antics have entertained him for the time he's been in town.
(22:12:26) Thorin: :: Looks over at BigMick. :: Gotta make you work for the tip, don'
(22:12:29) Gwaethyr: :: cracks a half smile :: Got anything to eat?
(22:13:32) Thorin: t I? The work you take no pride in is the work that merits none. Or do you think I pay a premium for the ambience?
(22:13:57) Thorin: :: Takes a swig, and shakes his head in bemusement. :: Or the rich, malty aftertaste?
(22:14:31) Gwaethyr: :: only halfway settles on a barstool ::
(22:15:16) ***Esme is humming softly to herself as she shrugs into a brocaded gown of dark blue velvet to match the color of her eyes and fluffs her mane of luxurious black curls. On her wrists she wears the silver bracelets that mark her a master of her trade and the silver bangles that mark her clan.
(22:15:39) ***Melinda steps into the tavern, hands on her hips. She COULD be doing some perfectly good flirting right now, but NO. She has to find that idiot again. And she spots him at the bar, drawing things and drinking. "Bloody great," she thinks, "Alcohol and explosive engineerin'. Tha' makes fer GREAT fun."
(22:16:06) Melinda: Oi! Thorin, ye bastard!
(22:16:19) Cheswyn: BigMick> :: waves Thorin off before addressing Gwaethyr and points to the cauldron behind :: Boiled cabbage and potato stew. I'd normally offer you fresh fowl in it, but the pens at the Kentin's have been raided clean, haven't they?
(22:16:47) Cheswyn: BigMick> :: shakes his head ::
(22:16:51) Gwaethyr: That'll do!
(22:17:10) Gwaethyr: :: turns her head to notice the loud halfling at the door ::
(22:17:29) Cheswyn: BigMick> :: nods and turns to spoon up some stew, deftly placing the stone bowl before her ::
(22:18:11) Gwaethyr: Water too, please.
(22:18:39) Cheswyn: BigMick> :: gets the lady a water in a clean glass ::
(22:18:51) Gwaethyr: :: notes the clean glass :: How much do I owe ya?
(22:19:00) ***Esme waits until twilight falls, then sweeps her cloak on over her shoulders and - head held high - exits the caravan with a nod to the guards and makes her way to the only establishment of note in this settlement.
(22:19:21) Cheswyn: BigMick> One forty-five, miss.
(22:19:51) Gwaethyr: :: fishes out a silver and a half from her coinpurse :: Keep th' change.
(22:21:00) Cheswyn: BigMick> Thank you kindly. :: takes the money while glancing sidelong at Thorin as he responds to the boistrous walk-in ::
(22:21:19) Thorin: :: Casts his gaze over toward the door. For the moment, he trades the mug for a pipe he's had sitting in its tray over the the far end of the table. :: Mel! I was just saying this place didn't have enough foul mouthed ankle biters. Time to try 'n swindle me again already, is it?
(22:22:15) Gwaethyr: :: takes her bowl and glass to a corner table, sits down, and fishes a scroll out of her pack ;
(22:23:49) Cheswyn: BigMick> :: takes the dishes as someone leaves the bar and begins washing them while surreptitiously keeping an eye on what had best remain friendly relations ::
(22:24:04) Cheswyn: (( ffs ))
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(22:24:10) ***Esme calmly and slowly walks through town, letting the townsfolk take note of her bracelets and cloak and start to head toward the Foxhole ahead of her.
(22:24:48) Gwaethyr: :: unrolls the weatherd-looking scroll and studies it, then pulls out another and lays it beside the first on the table, as she eats the stew ::
(22:27:49) Gwaethyr: :: compares the two, green eyes intently darting between them ::
(22:29:01) Melinda: Don' think swindle's the right word when the goods in question are just as like t'blow up in yer face as shield ye, but I don' have a say. AS USUAL. Haven's elders' wisdom dictates tha' I need t' speak with ye.
(22:30:19) ***Melinda makes her way over to the bar, unshouldering her rifle and placing it against the bar as she notes the sketch Thorin's working on. Her tone becomes less aggressive, and more put upon.
(22:30:31) Melinda: Well, tha' looks horrible. What's it s'posed t'do?
(22:30:31) Gwaethyr: :: looks up again at the loud halfling, taking note ::
(22:30:38) ***Esme enters the Foxhole and glances around for a moment, turning toward the large human behind the bar.
(22:31:12) Esme: Pardon me, sir. You are beink ze owner of zis establishment?
(22:32:54) Thorin: :: Rolls his eyes and blows a cloud of smoke toward the roof. :: Well...technically, it explodes. But constructively!
(22:34:49) Thorin: You wouldn't get it, I think. Or don't wanna. Either way...what do you and your terribly wise old farts want with me this time?
(22:34:54) BigMick: :: turns to Esme, but finds he has to lean somewhat over the bar to see her properly :: Big Mick of the Foxhole, ma'am, that's me. How can I help ya?
(22:35:30) BigMick: ( apprently nick didn't hold... )
(22:36:21) BigMick: BigMick> :: upon second look, notes Esme's dressy state, and gives her his full attention ::
(22:36:42) ***Esme curtsies and offers the traditional bardic salute, displaying both of her bracelets. "I am Esmeralda p'an Tempest, Master Bard traveling with the Sha'anri halfling caravan. I have come to offer my gifts to you and your guests this evening, if you wish them."
(22:39:12) ***Melinda briefly glances over at Esme, then averts her eyes, sighing.
(22:40:30) BigMick: BigMick> :: grins halfway through her speech, putting it together before she finishes :: You can give it a go, sure. Show me what you got. Just tips, though, I'm afraid. :: motions with his head towards the studious patrons :: I trust you're discerning, be sure to entertain and not be a bother.
(22:40:37) Gwaethyr: :: looks up again, noticing another halfling that's somewhat fancier ::
(22:41:36) Melinda: Grand, just what I needed. :: she says in a hushed voice to Thorin:: Gettin' all fanceh an' speakin' the native tongue. Bit pointless when none o' the patrons know it, but ah guess it sounds nice.
(22:42:52) BigMick: ( local alias override...sec resetting )
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(22:43:27) Gwaethyr: :: goes back to comparing the two scrolls and eating ::
(22:43:55) Esme: :: smiles :: Please, do understand, is gift from my people to yours, though of course I am happy to take gifts in return. I am thinkink you vill be pleased. You can provide me with small stool on your stage area?
(22:44:16) Melinda: Anywho, we've been havin' some defensive troubles. The wagons've been attacked an awful lot this season, an' the elders don' trust th' guard t' take care of it all. Person'lly, situation seems off t'me. Just last week, we were attacked by kobolds. Kobolds, fer godssakes! Rare t'see them outta the hills, let alone raidin'!
(22:45:01) Gwaethyr: :: looks back up at the mention of kobold attacks ::
(22:45:43) BigMick: :: nods and comes around the bar, heading to a corner by the humble side platform to pick up a stool and setting it on top for Esme. He then lights the lamps on either side, lighting the stage more properly ::
(22:49:07) Esme: ACTION thanks the large human with a demure nod, then arranges herself on the stool. She surreptitiously eyes the crowd and sees that while some are looking at her expectantly, others are engrossed in conversation or other things, and decides to be inobtrusive. She presses her wrists together, the bracelets touching one another, and her harp appears in her hands as she pulls them apart. She begins to play softly, a light and lil
(22:51:25) Thorin: :: The look that settles upon his face as he leans back in his seat and takes another drag on the pipe isn't quite a smirk. Dwarves don't smirk. And if they did, the beards would hide much of it.'s not quite anything else. :: Aye, we've had a touch of that here as well. Kobolds, ghasts, ghouls...the fuckin' green filth, who can say? Word of
(22:52:35) Thorin: somethin' or other rustlin' in the dark. Don't trouble me much. Much as you wee folk spurn 'em, a wall's a fine thing. But, being such as you are, where you are, something that explodes may be in demand, eh?
(22:53:18) ***Esme continues to play a light and lilting tune, without cutting off.
(22:54:42) BigMick: :: makes his way to a couple of empty tables on the way back to the bar to collect dishes and notes his establishment busier than usual, must be the caravan in town, he thinks ::
(22:56:00) Gwaethyr: :: goes back to studying, taking in the music appreciatively ::
(22:56:31) ***Esme begins to sing the Ballad of Ginny O'Leary, a popular song in towns like this about an attractive farmgirl with more suitors than she knows how to handle.
(22:57:15) ***Shard listenes as this performer takes the stage, listening for the magic in what she is playing. There is always magic in music... Magic that makes up for Shard's utter lack of ability to cast anything remotely beneficial for anything onto which he casts his spells.
(22:59:29) BigMick: ( when do we want to break? )
(22:59:59) Gwaethyr: (Whenever y'all want to_
(23:00:22) Esme: (don't curr.
(23:00:24) Thorin: Ah, it IS just about that time, isn't it? I dunno, another 15 minutes, unless people need to turn in?)
(23:00:25) Esme: )
(23:00:54) Melinda: Much as I hate t'say it, aye, 'tis. Though somethin' that defends'd be better, in me own opinion. Our rifles work fine, pr'vided the guard what uses 'em c'n shoot straight. But you know it don't take much t'take out a wagon wheel, even them that's dwarven-made. An' every time we lose a wagon wheel, 'r worse, it costs us.
(23:00:56) Shard: (No rush here)
(23:01:00) BigMick: ( I'm good )
(23:01:25) Melinda: (I'm good, too. Just not Lawful :-P)
(23:01:54) Esme: (I just gotta go get ready for karaoke here in a few minutes)
(23:02:03) Melinda: (Okay)
(23:02:45) Esme: (because my rather shy and reserved husband asked if we could go to karaoke tonight, how could I say no)
(23:04:22) Thorin: :: Snorts. :: A good dwarven wheel should hold up just fine. Not our fault if a wheel's only as good as the rubbish axle it's saddled with. You got something specific you want from me?
(23:05:13) Thorin: :: Chuckles as he switches back to the ale, finishes it off, and then shakes it in the air to request another. :: Or are things so bad out there that you're askin' me to just let my mind wander a spell and see what happens?
(23:06:29) BigMick: :: catches Thorin's familiar motion and draws from the keg into a new mug ::
(23:06:46) ***Melinda takes a hissing, stressful breath, before raising her hand to Mick to indicate ordering.
(23:07:33) BigMick: :: brings the mug to Thorin, then looks Melinda expectantly ::
(23:08:11) Melinda: One of yer harder liquors, Mick. Somethin' that'll strip th' varnish off've a table, if ye know what 'a mean.
(23:08:22) ***Melinda turns to Thorin.
(23:10:21) Thorin: :: Mercifully changes the subject instead of dragging the admission from her, and instead bobs his head idly in time with Esme's song. :: Your friend's good. Little...daintier in fashion than would make for a proper dwarven celebration, mind you. But good.
(23:10:47) BigMick: :: raises his big bushy eyebrow at Melinda's description and goes right for the strong stuff ::
(23:10:51) Thorin: And thank'ee, Mick. It may be watered down, but I enjoy how you do it.
(23:11:18) ***Melinda smiles tiredly
(23:11:20) BigMick: :: grunts at Thorin ::
(23:12:05) Gwaethyr: :: finishes her soup and washes it down, then rolls up the scrolls and puts them away ::
(23:12:52) Melinda: Truth be told, she's a wee bit daintier than most 'a my folk'd consider a proper celebration. But she plays a pretty tune, an' tells a better tale. New to Haven, that one, and a lifetime landlubber t'boot. Bit of an oddity.
(23:12:55) Thorin: :: Jerks his thumb up at the much taller man. :: Reminds me of the stone faces back home, this one.
(23:15:41) BigMick: :: brings Melinda her small drink :: Why thank you.
(23:15:46) Gwaethyr: :: sips at the water now and then as she listens to the music and eavesdrops ::
(23:18:06) ***Melinda takes the drink, taking a good long drink, savoring.
(23:18:14) ***Shard watches the events with the dwarves at the bar, and decides they need some entertainment. He directs some energy into the dwarven man's cup, and increases the alcohol content quite significantly.
(23:18:18) Melinda: An' thank ye, Mick.
(23:18:59) Thorin: :: Shrugs :: Land ain't so bad, if you gotta be down low to in the first place. Anyway, so long as you're willing to pay for the better wagon wheel, you know where I live. I'll let one of the assistants know to let you in. If I don't have something lying around the workshop I've forgotten about that'll do the trick, I imagine I can whip it up.
(23:24:31) Melinda: (Just fyi, I'm starting to wind down, so I'll probably need to stop in 10 or so.)
(23:24:34) Gwaethyr: (Pause? No one has said anything in a while)
(23:25:21) Esme: (I don't have much else to say)
(23:25:27) Gwaethyr: PAUSE FANTASIM
(23:25:36) Esme: ||
(23:25:59) Thorin: :: Takes a long pull of the ale, and when it comes away, he has to put it down for a moment, as he goes momentarily cross-eyed. :: Where you been hiding this stuff, Mick? I ain't payin' extra!
(23:26:08) BigMick: :: pause ::
(23:26:15) Thorin: (Okay, just had to get that out. Paused now.)
(23:26:16) Shard: :: pauses ::
(23:26:18) Melinda: ::Pause::
(23:27:15) Gwaethyr: That was fun :)
(23:27:48) Melinda: I concur!
(23:28:42) Shard: That was quite fun.
(23:29:03) Thorin: Yeah, absolutely! I'm looking forward to exploring Thorin's workshop next time!
(23:29:15) BigMick: Yeah.
(23:29:42) BigMick: We gonna have Gwae and Shard follow, or...?
(23:29:57) Gwaethyr: I might have her approach Melinda about a job.
(23:30:34) Shard: This one Shard was off in the corner, watching, as wizards are apt to do.
(23:30:59) BigMick: Well yes, but if they're up and leaving for the workshop
(23:31:29) Melinda: Not immediately. Gwaethyr could overhear and approach as they're heading out.
(23:31:49) Melinda: And Shard...well, he's a wizard. He goes where he wishes :-P
(23:31:54) BigMick: All right, I'll be Mick for another sim
(23:33:12) Thorin: Well, yeah. Something we'd need to let play out in game. Thorin isn't just going to throw open the doors to two humans he's never met without a reason. But I'm sure we'll figure something out.
(23:34:08) BigMick: Okay cool. Until next time!
(23:34:13) Esme: <3
(23:34:17) Gwaethyr: I'm gonna try to get something y'all can edit for your characters up on the website
(23:34:20) Esme left the room (quit: Quit: HydraIRC -> <- s0 d4Mn l33t |t'z 5c4rY!).
(23:34:28) BigMick: Sweet.
(23:39:54) Shard left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 240 seconds).
(23:39:54) BigMick left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 240 seconds).
(23:40:04) Shard [] entered the room.
(23:40:20) Shard: Well all right. Our internet went out for a few moments
(23:40:36) Shard: I guess that's better timing than during the game
(23:41:53) Gwaethyr: Yup
(23:42:10) Gwaethyr: See y'all next week!
(23:42:18) Shard: Well, good night everyone. I am guessing Liz might have gone off to bed or something. I'll check, but I imagine I am saying good night on her behalf as well
(23:43:16) Gwaethyr: G'night!