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(20:50:36) ChanServ has changed the topic to: New Year's Eve 2392! The party is in holodeck one, in a snowy mountain village on an unnamed planet. Cozy cabins are arranged around a village square, where a roaring bonfire lights up the night! Jack is keeping bar nearby, of course.
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(21:01:32) VAdmBlackthorne: Hiya
(21:01:35) CdrTKirr: Hiya
(21:02:45) LtAlexisWright [] entered the room.
(21:02:54) VAdmBlackthorne: Evening
(21:03:11) LtAlexisWright: Hallo Bosses!
(21:03:33) CdrTKirr: Hey ^_^
(21:04:09) LtAlexisWright: :: points to her shiny pip and gives a thumbs-up
(21:04:43) VAdmBlackthorne: The new nick looks good on you.
(21:04:52) LtAlexisWright: Thank you. :: preens ::
(21:05:14) LtAlexisWright: Did you got my email with updated bio?
(21:05:45) CdrTKirr: =)
(21:06:14) VAdmBlackthorne: Yeah, I'm apparently a lazy-ass and haven't put it up yet.
(21:06:26) LtAlexisWright: Still <3
(21:06:54) LtAlexisWright: Yesterday was mah birfday, I'm 33 now and it's been pretty awesome so far.
(21:07:34) VAdmBlackthorne: Merry birfmas.
(21:07:47) LtAlexisWright: Sankyu.
(21:08:23) LtAlexisWright: You're older than me, right? Any tips on how to be awesome while 33?
(21:09:00) VAdmBlackthorne: Never apologize for your own existence.
(21:09:14) LtAlexisWright: But I'm REALLY GOOD atthat.
(21:09:31) VAdmBlackthorne: You asked for a tip, that's my tip.
(21:09:33) ColDougMcKnight [] entered the room.
(21:09:44) LtAlexisWright: Is a good tip. I take to heart.
(21:09:44) VAdmBlackthorne: Evening
(21:09:53) CdrTKirr: Happy Birthday. =)
(21:09:56) LtAlexisWright: Hallo, Colonel
(21:10:00) LtAlexisWright: Thanks ^_^
(21:10:02) ColDougMcKnight: Hey, guys. Sorry I'm late. Ran a little long doing some grocery shopping.
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(21:10:22) VAdmBlackthorne: Percy!!!!
(21:10:29) LtCmdrBusard: Hello!
(21:10:30) LtAlexisWright: omgit'saPercy
(21:10:50) LtCmdrBusard: It IS a Percy. You are correct there.
(21:11:08) LtAlexisWright: :D
(21:11:13) LtCmdrBusard: :-)
(21:12:08) DoctorTav [] entered the room.
(21:12:14) DoctorTav: Yo
(21:12:28) LtAlexisWright: Word
(21:12:29) VAdmBlackthorne: Evening Doc
(21:13:32) CdrTKirr: He spilled Cheerwine on his keyboard.
(21:13:46) CdrHarper [] entered the room.
(21:13:54) LtAlexisWright: dafuq is Cheerwine.
(21:13:55) LtCmdrBusard: Oh MY. Does that mean it's especially cheery?
(21:14:16) DoctorTav: It is a wonderful soda.
(21:14:27) LtAlexisWright: A very misleading name.
(21:14:32) VAdmBlackthorne: :: clears his throat as he dusts off the Ancient Whistle of Earsplitting Doom +22 ::
(21:14:42) DoctorTav: Oh, gawd.
(21:15:05) DoctorTav: :: slumps over ::
(21:15:14) LtCmdrBusard: ::explodes::
(21:15:14) LtAlexisWright: By the Power of Greyskull! Is that getting louder every time?
(21:15:21) LtAlexisWright: :: AA ::
(21:15:28) VAdmBlackthorne: It goes up to eleven.
(21:15:32) LtCmdrBusard: :: AA nonetheless::
(21:15:35) ColDougMcKnight: :: Pulls out his earplugs with the wave cancelling inertial dampeners. :: Yes, yes it is.
(21:15:39) ColDougMcKnight: That said...
(21:15:41) ColDougMcKnight: :: AA ::
(21:15:52) DoctorTav: :: stands up, shakes his head, and AA ::
(21:15:55) CdrTKirr: :: narrows her eyes at Blackthorne ::
(21:17:00) VAdmBlackthorne: What.
(21:17:12) CdrTKirr has changed the topic to: An away team has landed on Vrissk as Stho'Ka and "Reth" run towards them to say hi. You know who you are.
(21:17:31) CdrTKirr: Questions?
(21:17:32) DoctorTav: WHAT?!?! :: looks around, confused ::
(21:17:48) CdrTKirr: You don't know who you are, but everyone else.
(21:17:59) DoctorTav: HUH?
(21:18:03) ColDougMcKnight: Nah. Shoot it if it gives me an excuse. Same as every week.
(21:18:53) CdrTKirr: All right.
(21:18:57) CdrTKirr: BEGIN SIM
(21:18:58) LtCmdrBusard: WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!?! JK, asking Mike.
(21:18:58) CdrTKirr: BEGIN SIM
(21:18:59) CdrTKirr: BEGIN SIM
(21:19:19) SthoKa [] entered the room.
(21:19:55) VAdmBlackthorne: :: in the holodeck, with the rest of the collective "Reth" ::
(21:19:55) LtAlexisWright: Reth> :: slows slightly and points ahead :: I see them. Do you see?
(21:20:54) SthoKa: :: loping ghost-like towards the Away Team, her voice wary :: I see.
(21:21:56) ColDougMcKnight: :: Not only sees, but has a precise range, thanks to telemetry from "Reth" on his HUD. Recommend warning fire if they haven't slowed to a walk by 10 meters out.
(21:22:10) ColDougMcKnight: ( :: After HUD. )
(21:22:59) CdrTKirr: Ten meters is quite close to be running. Agreed.
(21:23:15) LtAlexisWright: Reth> Let us approach as friends. :: abruptly reduces speed, falling behind in the blink of an eye ::
(21:23:21) LtAlexisWright: :: to Quinn :: NOW!
(21:24:27) ColDougMcKnight: ( Oh, the switch over to her directly pantomiming? Did we not do that already? )
(21:24:35) SthoKa: :: quickly reacts to Reth's suggestion, her ethereal nerves on the proverbial pin's edge :: Friends, yes!
(21:24:47) VAdmBlackthorne: Syvek> :: keeps his rifle in its rest position, but can have it shouldered in a blur ::
(21:25:03) LtAlexisWright: (( nope, we stopped just as we were about to switch ))
(21:25:07) CdrTKirr: (( I remember you wanting to wait until stopping ))
(21:25:30) LtAlexisWright: (( because I didn't want to try to run my ass off in the holodeck! ))
(21:25:39) ColDougMcKnight: (Right.)
(21:25:46) SthoKa: :: slows to a trot, nervously eyeing the aliens for any quick movements ::
(21:26:12) ColDougMcKnight: :: Activates the switchover, causing the holographic image planetside to flicker as the inputs are reset. ::
(21:26:19) ColDougMcKnight: ( ^ Quinn )
(21:27:08) ColDougMcKnight: Quinn> Fair warning, I'm still going to have to make my best guesses what the tail should be doing. There's no way to properly control that with butt swishing.
(21:27:25) VAdmBlackthorne: :: almost smirks ::
(21:27:36) ColDougMcKnight: Quinn> :: Pauses awkwardly as he considers how inappropriate that sounded. :: Uh, ma'am. Congrats, by the way.
(21:28:03) CdrHarper: :: has the bridge, but isn't sitting center seat, instead monitoring the ship and the away team from the Helm console, with Ops tied in ::
(21:28:07) CdrTKirr: :: takes in a calming breath as the lizard wraith approaches ::
(21:28:18) LtAlexisWright: :: nods absently to Quinn and begins a walk next to the shimmering image of Stho'Ka, hopefully seamlessly ::
(21:28:31) DoctorTav: :: watches on, perhaps a little less on-guard than he should be ::
(21:28:44) SthoKa: :: is most definitely NOT focusing on Reth ::
(21:28:58) ColDougMcKnight: Quinn> :: Holography is his specialty. Once the switchover has completed, it's pretty seamless. ::
(21:29:19) LtAlexisWright: Reth> :: walks forward with arms out-stretched in a gesture of non-violence and calls out :: Peace, strangers! We approach you.
(21:30:16) LtCmdrBusard: :: Busard looks on, and wonders if Quinn just hit on Wright. She quirks an eyebrow.::
(21:31:07) LtAlexisWright: :: is doing science and therefore oblivious ::
(21:31:12) SthoKa: :: takes Reth's lead, taking in the strange aliens, anger raging through her to strike out but her mind determined to give them a chance, studying them really for the first time ::
(21:31:48) ColDougMcKnight: :: Frowns as they approach to two meters. :: Further recommend that's close enough, Commander.
(21:32:34) LtAlexisWright: Reth > :: slows to a stop before getting too close, sensing Stho'Ka's wariness :: Peace, strangers. We come before you.
(21:32:55) VAdmBlackthorne: Syvek> :: stoic and stone-like, rifle ready to jump at a moment's notice :
(21:33:28) CdrTKirr: :: takes one slow step forward, showing her rank :: Welcome, Vrissk. Thank you for meeting us.
(21:34:21) SthoKa: :: cocks her head :: You...speak. You speak Vrissk.
(21:34:46) ColDougMcKnight: :: Is grateful for his blackened and opaque face plate. It removes the need to not glare at this creature. ::
(21:35:00) LtAlexisWright: Reth> They have language magic. They say they learned from me.
(21:35:43) CdrTKirr: :: nods to Reth :: To honor the Vrissk, to help. We come in peace. Do you accept our help?
(21:36:24) LtAlexisWright: Reth> Strangers, this is my sister from another tribe. She is called Stho'Ka.
(21:37:03) SthoKa: :: hisses :: Why do you help? Hard to trust. Why?
(21:37:51) LtAlexisWright: ::Reth> Takes a small step back in deference to Stho'Ka ::
(21:38:13) VAdmBlackthorne: :: watches T'Kirr through Reth, an odd perspective ::
(21:40:01) CdrTKirr: :: holds her palms up :: We are many people, a tribe of tribes, called the Federation. We survive by showing others kindness and acceptance, to defend against those who would do harm to others.
(21:40:35) CdrTKirr: An ignorant and desperate people have harmed you. We show you this kindness.
(21:41:27) ColDougMcKnight: :: Is also thankful for his helmet's ability to sound cancel, allowing him to activate his comm in some privacy. :: +Bridge+ McKnight to...guessing that'll be Harper up there? Can you tell from the shuttle uplink if we're attracting any attention? Any more lifesigns incoming?
(21:41:42) LtAlexisWright: Reth> Strangers, do you know we have nothing to repay you with? We do not understand the value of this trade to you.
(21:41:59) LtCmdrBusard: :: Wonders what her personal butt-swishing would communicate. Probably not anything good, but is nonetheless entertained by the thought of attempting to communicate to Doug purely through that medium next time she's off duty.::
(21:41:59) LtAlexisWright: Reth> :: looks to Stho'Ka for approval ::
(21:42:13) SthoKa: :: turns her head to eye T'Kirr straight on :: You show weakness, have not asked us to prove ourselves. How is this strength?
(21:42:36) CdrHarper: :: does a quick wide-area scan of the area around the away team :: +McKnight+ You guessed correctly, Colonel. I am showing no approaching life-signs, or any signatures matching the one near you.
(21:43:49) ColDougMcKnight: +Harper+ Good. Thanks.
(21:44:56) CdrTKirr: :: spreads her hands, indicating the team :: You see our strength. You are weak, but we can try to make you strong again. If we succeed, then you will be our allies. Then we will be even stronger. You see?
(21:45:08) CdrHarper: +McKnight+ I will continue to monitor and let you know if that changes. Atlantis out.
(21:45:29) SthoKa: :: looks to Reth ::
(21:46:07) LtAlexisWright: Reth> So you would reforge and control us? :: somehow, Alexis has conveyed that she wants an annoyed flicky tail ::
(21:46:53) CdrTKirr: You would not be strong if we controlled you. We would come to an agreement, and only then be allies.
(21:46:58) LtAlexisWright: :: on the holodeck, awkwardly but very seriously wiggling her bum at Quinn ::
(21:47:11) CdrTKirr: (( lol ))
(21:47:20) LtAlexisWright: Reth> What are the terms of your agreement?
(21:48:07) ColDougMcKnight: Quinn> know someone down there is wondering why Reth is shaking his hips around, right?
(21:48:50) LtAlexisWright: :: whisperyells @ Quinn :: It's the closest thing I have to a tail, dammit! Work with me here!
(21:48:59) VAdmBlackthorne: :: again, almost smirks, if not for the gravity of the situation ::
(21:50:32) CdrTKirr: :: hardens her voice :: You speak for your people, as their leader? You ask me my terms, as if you can make an agreement for them?
(21:52:36) ColDougMcKnight: Quinn> :: Um...right. You're the first person I've ever seen the Commander chew out, so...
(21:52:44) LtAlexisWright: Reth> ::a little apologetically :: Stranger, you must understand. My people are proud and strong. Asking aid from another, especially while offering nothing in return, is considered .... dishonorable.
(21:53:29) ColDougMcKnight: ACTION> Reth's tail begins rapidly swishing side to side in a manner suggesting agitation being restrained from blossiming into true panic with some ffort. ::
(21:53:37) ColDougMcKnight: ( effort, even )
(21:53:46) LtAlexisWright: :: is winging it here, hoping she's guessing right based on her interactions with Stho'Ka and chalking up cultural differences to their different tribes ::
(21:55:00) LtAlexisWright: :: notices that the away team is giving her strange looks :: Quinn. Quinn. Why are they looking at me funny?
(21:55:20) VAdmBlackthorne: You're overplaying it a bit, Lieutenant. Let the actual Vrissk speak.
(21:55:57) SthoKa: :: bucks her head towards Reth :: We are but messengers, brother. :: turns her head to T'Kirr :: Your traditions are...strange, but I do see how you think. My tribe is scattered. I cannot find my Chieftain, but you found Reth. Perhaps you can find him when I cannot. Will you come and speak your terms to him?
(21:56:11) LtAlexisWright: :: winces :: Yes, Sir.
(21:57:03) CdrTKirr: :: turns to look at McKnight, appearing to consider Stho'Ka's words ::
(21:58:42) DoctorTav: :: watches the HUD more closely than he is watching the action in front of him, though he finds it strange when Reth seems to attempt... a smile? He shakes it off and continues watching the telemetry, hoping to find signs of physical life left in Stho'Ka ::
(22:00:02) CdrTKirr: You will take us to your Chieftain. If he lives, we will find him and speak of peace.
(22:02:05) LtCmdrBusard: :: Snickers:: I am...really not sure that any record of this side of the operation is not going to be hilarious.
(22:02:35) SthoKa: :: bows her head, a gesture of acceptance, and crawls forward on all fours towards T'Kirr's feet :: We make covenant of peace for our journey...
(22:02:40) LtCmdrBusard: Incidentally, Wright, after this, drinks are on me.
(22:02:49) LtCmdrBusard: Because I will be making butt jokes.
(22:03:09) LtAlexisWright: This is why I like lab coats.
(22:03:18) LtCmdrBusard: Good point!
(22:03:29) LtAlexisWright: Reth> Mimics Stho'ka's actions
(22:03:43) LtAlexisWright: :: ::
(22:04:45) SthoKa: :: scratches the dry ground near T'Kirr with her sharp claws, but the dust doesn't react, and hisses in frustration :: Forgive me, the land no longer responds to me. Scratch here to seal our covenant!
(22:05:44) CdrTKirr: :: crouches down, running her gloves hand over the spot, only managing to dislodge a few pebbles ::
(22:06:31) CdrTKirr: :: rises, seemingly satisfied, and checks with Reth ::
(22:06:40) CdrTKirr: (( That was Stho'Ka ))
(22:06:49) VAdmBlackthorne: :: starts to wonder, based on the desolate lifeless planet, if the Vrissk can be relocated should we be able to help them ::
(22:08:19) LtAlexisWright: Reth> :: also rises, still doing the mimic thing ::
(22:08:19) LtCmdrBusard: :: Wonders if getting a doctorate is worth the satisfaction of people having to call her "Doctor Commander"::
(22:09:21) CdrTKirr: I am T'Kirr. What is your name?
(22:09:44) SthoKa: Stho'Ka.
(22:09:55) CdrTKirr: (( Damn I do seem to have a thing with apostrophes ))
(22:10:21) CdrTKirr: :: gestures forward :: Lead us, Stho'Ka, in peaceful and swift journey.
(22:11:11) SthoKa: :: looks to Reth again, who apparently just looks back, and turns :: This way!
(22:11:37) SthoKa: :: bounds away ::
(22:11:56) CdrTKirr: :: raises her voice :: Not that swift!
(22:12:22) SthoKa: :: slows down, watching their speed ::
(22:12:33) ColDougMcKnight: We COULD just have the shuttles give us a ride. She can sprint all she likes.
(22:13:11) ColDougMcKnight: You know, if looking weak may be a concern.
(22:13:51) CdrTKirr: It will be faster. As much as I don't wish to overwhelm her, she appears to trust us enough that we can risk it.
(22:14:07) VAdmBlackthorne: :: hears that through Reth and actually does smirk, as if the powered armor wasn't a dead show of strength ::
(22:14:13) SthoKa: :: stands and waits while they talk ::
(22:14:41) LtAlexisWright: Reth> It seems like they are trying to find a way to match our speed.
(22:15:11) SthoKa: Their legs are weak.
(22:15:49) LtAlexisWright: Reth> ::nods in agreement ::
(22:16:39) CdrTKirr: Go, Stho'Ka! We will track you and meet you outside your village.
(22:17:17) LtAlexisWright: Reth> I am ready, sister. Let us run together.
(22:17:31) DoctorTav: (( Hey guys. I have a very early morning, and need to get some sleep before then. I need to go, and it looks like I shouldn't be doing much tonight besides running. Good night, everyone. ))
(22:17:42) LtAlexisWright: Quinn... you've got to take away direct control, because I can't run that fast.
(22:17:58) LtAlexisWright: (( bai2u ))
(22:18:06) VAdmBlackthorne: ((Night doc!)
(22:18:08) SthoKa: :: appears wary, but doesn't see she has much choice at this unusual method :: Outside my village, yes. :: looks to Reth, and they take off together ::
(22:18:15) ColDougMcKnight: :: Gets on his comm again. :: +Shuttle 3+ McKnight to Pelican Gamma. Park it. We've got a pair of lizards to catch.
(22:18:23) ColDougMcKnight: (Night!)
(22:18:26) DoctorTav left the room.
(22:18:46) CdrHarper: :: notes the activity ::
(22:19:14) ColDougMcKnight: Quinn> :: Grins. :: Oh, I dunno, ma'am. You seem to be pretty fit.
(22:19:42) LtAlexisWright: :: glares over her shoulder at Quinn ::
(22:20:18) CdrTKirr: (( afk bio ))
(22:20:21) ColDougMcKnight: Quinn> :: Pushes a holographic button. :: Wow, tough room. Assuming direct control.
(22:20:33) VAdmBlackthorne: ((Oh no! Harbinger!))
(22:21:14) LtAlexisWright: :: stops her sprint and stands in the middle of the room, leaning down with her hands on her knees and panting ::
(22:21:29) VAdmBlackthorne: Well done, so far.
(22:21:50) ColDougMcKnight: ( I MAY have used that wording on purpose. )
(22:22:27) LtAlexisWright: (( :: brow :: ))
(22:22:40) LtCmdrBusard: Dear lord.
(22:23:54) VAdmBlackthorne: Now when we meet their chieftain, hopefully Stho'Ka will help with the persuasion.
(22:24:00) SthoKa: :: feels herself tiring, not through muscle but of her very essence, driven on only by the importance of her mission ::
(22:24:20) VAdmBlackthorne: Assuming we can help them, we'll need to find a new home. That planet is ruined.
(22:24:44) LtAlexisWright: Computer. Arch. Replicator access. A glass of water, cold.
(22:24:57) LtAlexisWright: :: gulps ::
(22:24:58) ColDougMcKnight: :: Hops into the shuttle as the shuttle's rear hatch opens. :: So, I say we wait until Stho'Ka gets to the edge of our detection range, then zoom in to catch up. That'll make an impression.
(22:25:18) VAdmBlackthorne: Syvek> :: follows McKnight into the shuttle ::
(22:25:32) CdrTKirr: :: follows in after McKnight :: If you must.
(22:25:41) ColDougMcKnight: Quinn> I suppose the Prime Directive IS out the window, sir. The Horathians pretty much put a stop to any natural evolution.
(22:27:34) VAdmBlackthorne: Indeed.
(22:27:53) ColDougMcKnight: I think it's the best way. She seemed amenable, but these people don't strike me as putting much stock in simple words. If we want them to believe our strength is equal to their problem, we should prove it.
(22:27:54) LtCmdrBusard: (There aren't any Horathians in the room, right?)
(22:28:24) LtAlexisWright: (( no, we hates them. ))
(22:28:30) LtCmdrBusard: (oh good)
(22:28:40) LtCmdrBusard: Funny how attempted genocide does that. Assholes.
(22:28:50) LtCmdrBusard:, pardon me.
(22:28:57) VAdmBlackthorne: Syvek> :: agrees, but does not speak up as it is not his place to do so :
(22:29:14) VAdmBlackthorne: A fair assessment, I think.
(22:29:43) CdrTKirr: Agreed. Their aggressive nature suggests they respect a show of strength rather than fear it.
(22:30:07) ColDougMcKnight: Quinn> I'd heard nobody was particularly happy with how that left off. But you know, technically, if the Vrissk wind up joining the interstellar community, they could always lay charges against them.
(22:30:17) ColDougMcKnight: Quinn> Not like they won't have witnesses to back it up.
(22:30:58) CdrTKirr: (( lol we charge you with genocide of our once-dead-and-now-resurrected-species ))
(22:31:04) VAdmBlackthorne: Prime Directive aside, I bet they still have a few thousand years to go.
(22:31:24) VAdmBlackthorne: If we can help them, we'll give them a new planet, but warp drive is right out.
(22:31:55) ColDougMcKnight: :: Closes the hatch behind them and pounds the bulkhead to signal all aboard. :: Spinoza, you get that? Wait until the readings on the real one gets weak, then floor it!
(22:33:17) LtCmdrBusard: Yeah...I think that's really for the best.
(22:33:39) ColDougMcKnight: Quinn> Huh, you figure that's how it'll play out, sir? Drop them off, and hope they eventually forget all this after a few dozen generations?
(22:34:34) CdrTKirr: :: finds a seat and shifts her suit a little ::
(22:34:38) VAdmBlackthorne: It will likely become a legend after a few generations, and eventually fewer and fewer of them will believe it, if other civilizations are any indication.
(22:34:48) SthoKa: :: just runs ::
(22:35:33) VAdmBlackthorne: We'll keep an eye on them, of course. Cloaked observatories and such. Maybe some day, when they get the technology, some fancier of the old stories will try to find us.
(22:37:20) LtCmdrBusard: That doesn't mean, however, that consequences can't be given to the Horathians. I think they still have a LOT to learn before they get much more from the Federation than what's been offered.
(22:38:55) ColDougMcKnight: :: Tracks Stho'Ka via the drone, right up until he's forced to shift a little to keep his footing as the shuttle lifts off and begins rapidly climbing. ::
(22:38:56) VAdmBlackthorne: Oh yes. Word from the Council is that this situation has caused much consternation.
(22:39:14) CdrTKirr: ACTION> Stho'Ka approaches the outskirts of her village.
(22:40:14) LtCmdrBusard: Oh GOOD.
(22:42:07) LtAlexisWright: :: resumes position, ready for puppet mode again ::
(22:42:53) ColDougMcKnight: :: Walks toward the cockpit. :: Don't bother landing, Spinoza. Just hover for a second so we can jump out, then get your elevation back and be ready to cover us. Just in case.
(22:44:13) CdrTKirr: :: listens to McKnight's instructions, saying nothing ::
(22:45:24) ColDougMcKnight: Spinoza> You got it, Colonel. Now hold on to something. You want razzle dazzle, you're about to get it.
(22:49:11) ColDougMcKnight: ACTION> The shuttle fires up its impulse drive. Nowhere near maximum, but when you're comparing your speed to an organic creature on foot, you don't need much. The shuttle goes screaming right past Stho'Ka a few hundred feet up and proceeds to circle around the village, flying in reverse by the time it comes to a relative stop about six feet off the ground.
(22:49:42) CdrHarper: :: notes the shuttle's display from the console :: Nice.
(22:50:22) SthoKa: :: stops and ducks in shock as the shuttle zooms past, staying that way for a few moments ::
(22:50:28) CdrTKirr: (( Ten minutes ))
(22:51:04) LtCmdrBusard: ((And just like that, half of the Vrissk tribes rooftop fiddlers were slain...))
(22:51:14) LtAlexisWright: (( snerk ))
(22:52:28) SthoKa: :: looks to Reth ::
(22:53:06) LtAlexisWright: Reth> :: shrugs at Stho'Ka :: Strong?
(22:54:13) SthoKa: :: looks back to the shuttle and hisses, moving on into the village, attempting to shake off the anger at the memory returning of their first encounter and the defensive feelings that accompanied the event ::
(22:55:38) CdrTKirr: (( Five ))
(22:55:58) LtAlexisWright: Reth> :: follows, looking around with interest, apparently unruffled by the actions of the strangers ::
(22:55:58) ColDougMcKnight: That'll do, Spinoza. Open the hatch.
(22:58:21) ColDougMcKnight: :: Hops out as soon as the order is obeyed, landing in a crouch and instinctively surveying the new ground. :: Move, marines! Re-establish the perimeter!
(22:59:12) CdrTKirr: PAUSE SIM
(22:59:12) CdrTKirr: PAUSE SIM
(22:59:13) VAdmBlackthorne: Syvek> You heard him, go! :: ushering out Marines :
(22:59:13) CdrTKirr: PAUSE SIM
(22:59:16) VAdmBlackthorne: :: paused ::
(22:59:27) LtCmdrBusard: :: paused::
(22:59:46) LtAlexisWright: :: || ::
(23:00:17) CdrTKirr: Seemed like a good spot.
(23:00:22) VAdmBlackthorne: Yarp
(23:00:50) CdrTKirr: Next week we hunt for the Chieftain
(23:01:04) VAdmBlackthorne: Chieftain> I am right here.
(23:01:11) CdrTKirr: Oh no you don't
(23:01:26) VAdmBlackthorne: Chieftain> Oh yes I do!
(23:01:35) CdrTKirr: :: cattleprod ::
(23:01:52) VAdmBlackthorne: Yowwwwww
(23:02:20) LtAlexisWright: :: moves wiggly butt awaaaaaay from cattleprod ::
(23:03:25) LtAlexisWright: Okay, time for byebyes
(23:03:29) LtAlexisWright: <3 Next week!
(23:03:41) LtAlexisWright left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
(23:03:59) CdrTKirr: Good night =)
(23:04:03) SthoKa left the room.
(23:04:13) VAdmBlackthorne: G'night!
(23:04:43) LtCmdrBusard: G'night!
(23:04:45) LtCmdrBusard left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
(23:05:54) CdrTKirr left the room.
(23:05:58) CdrHarper left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).