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(20:59:43) The topic for #USSAtlantis is: Atlantis made history with a quantum slipstream flight to Gencodia, reducing a trip of weeks to a matter of fifteen minutes. While we analyze the data from that flight, we're investigating a class-M planet on long-range sensors that's no longer class-M at all!
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(21:01:23) ColDougMcKnight [] entered the room.
(21:01:45) VAdmBlackthorne: Hiya
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(21:02:30) ColDougMcKnight: Evening.
(21:02:33) ColDougMcKnight: Evening, T'Kirr.
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(21:02:48) CdrTKirr: Greetings.
(21:02:51) ColDougMcKnight: Harper, hoy.
(21:02:58) LtLedaHarper: oyyy.
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(21:04:26) CdrTKirr: Tav's on his way...he'll be a little late.
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(21:07:23) VAdmBlackthorne: Hiya Wright
(21:07:24) LtJGAlexisWright: Sorry I late
(21:11:13) CdrTKirr: Glad you're here. ^_^
(21:12:08) VAdmBlackthorne: :: dusts off an ancient whistle, from a bygone era :: TWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET! Attention to orders!
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(21:12:26) LtJGAlexisWright: :: AA ::
(21:12:38) ColDougMcKnight: ::AA::
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(21:14:43) CdrHarper: ::AA::
(21:14:54) LtKuari: :: gargoyle ::
(21:15:11) LtLedaHarper: :: Present but somewhat sidetracked by work stuff. ::
(21:15:39) CdrTKirr has changed the topic to: Atlantis is in orbit over a planet long-range sensors' distance from Gencodia, a planet clearly once supporting life that is now lifeless. T'Kirr leads an away team into what once appears to have been an inhabited primitive small town, along with Wright, McKnight, Harper, and Syvek.
(21:15:47) CdrTKirr: Questions?
(21:16:46) LtJGAlexisWright: Where all the white wimmin at?
(21:17:17) EnsUrist: :: Present but at a loss since there's still no CE to terrorize ::
(21:17:29) VAdmBlackthorne: :: mutters to T'Kirr that this - this is what he has to deal with ::
(21:17:47) CdrTKirr: No? Not hearing anything. Okay.
(21:17:49) CdrTKirr: BEGIN SIM
(21:17:50) CdrTKirr: BEGIN SIM
(21:17:52) CdrTKirr: BEGIN SIM
(21:19:06) ColDougMcKnight: (She should at least be able to make it next week, if that makes you feel any better.)
(21:19:07) LtJGAlexisWright: :: collecting samples and scanning with her SuperTriCorder, rather oblivious to whatever else is happening around her ::
(21:19:28) VAdmBlackthorne: Syvek> :: alert, but finding no threats ::
(21:19:54) CdrTKirr: :: directs her tricorder at a stone frame, a calcified structure of what once was wood appearing to barely be perching atop it ::
(21:20:02) ColDougMcKnight: :: Still looking around with his ordinary tricorder powered tactical display, frowning at the lack of any life sign readings, even though he has no reasons to expect anything else. ::
(21:20:52) CdrTKirr: :: looks up at the horizon, just listening, musing to whoever happens to be in earshot :: It's strange to see evidence of a civilization, but hear no life. Not even insects.
(21:20:54) ColDougMcKnight: So are there any fancy scan blocking minerals about? Any point to an up close search for...well, anything, I suppose.
(21:22:15) VAdmBlackthorne: Syvek> :: nods in agreement with the Commander, but says nothing ::
(21:22:47) CdrTKirr: Not that I can detect.
(21:23:56) ColDougMcKnight: :: Nods :: Syvek, Harper, fan out and look for anything that passes for shelter nearby. Not that it did the locals much good, but until we know what did this, I'd like to have a worst case fallback spot ready.
(21:25:05) ColDougMcKnight: Comm if you spot anything of interest. Check in every ten minutes otherwise.
(21:25:22) LtJGAlexisWright: :: wanders deeper into the village, staring perplexed at her tricorder as it starts beeping strangely and softly at her ::
(21:25:25) VAdmBlackthorne: Syvek> Yes sir. :: nods in a direction :: I will go this way.
(21:26:55) LtLedaHarper: "Yessir." Harper glances to Syvek, then taps the side of her helmet before heading out at an angle from his choice. Her stride is cautious and measured, boots crunching on lifeless, fragmented earth.
(21:27:07) CdrTKirr: :: points her tricorder up at the cliffside, directing the beam further out from the village, looking at the mineral composition ::
(21:27:39) VAdmBlackthorne: :: walks, even more alert now that he's... alone... and a low ranking security officer :::
(21:27:45) VAdmBlackthorne: Syvek^
(21:28:11) LtJGAlexisWright: :: stops and turns in tiny increments this way and that, her brows knitted in what is decidedly confusion bordering on concern ::
(21:29:07) ColDougMcKnight: :: Looks to T'Kirr. :: If and when they DO find any reasonably cozy spot, I recommend we also have emergency camp supplies beamed down there. Rations, additional oxygen, and a vacuum seal shelter. Probably just being paranoid, I know, but this place gives me the creeps.
(21:29:08) LtJGAlexisWright: Commander, I... think I might be seeing something weird happening here.
(21:29:52) LtLedaHarper: + Syvek + "Keeping a channel open for you, Lieutenant. Sing out if you spot anything entertaining."
(21:30:05) CdrTKirr: If we decide there's anything worth studying here at all, I agree with you, Colonel.
(21:30:08) VAdmBlackthorne: Syvek> +Harper+ Indeed I shall, lieutenant.
(21:30:30) CdrTKirr: I'm not sure how much more we could find here to warrant a stay.
(21:30:54) LtJGAlexisWright: Well, Commander, if I'm seeing what I think I'm seeing, you might change your mind.
(21:31:39) CdrTKirr: :: shows McKnight her tricorder readings :: I find nothing curious about the composition. All we can really study is the weathering patterns. That data doesn't take long to collect.
(21:32:01) CdrTKirr: :: turns to look at Wright :: Lieutenant?
(21:32:04) ColDougMcKnight: :: Looks over at Wright, brow knitted in concern at the possibility that it's already too late for such preparations. :: Ready for elaboration. In layman's terms, if possible.
(21:33:35) LtJGAlexisWright: Well, I started doing a scan for routine energy signatures, considering the possibility of abandoned or hidden equipment, and at first there was nothing... but then my tricorder started to pick up something ... unexpected.
(21:34:04) VAdmBlackthorne: Syvek> :: head on a swivel, also watching his HUD ::
(21:34:15) LtJGAlexisWright: :: looks down at her tricorder with surprise as it begins beeping more loudly ::
(21:34:18) CdrTKirr: :: frowns and taps her tricorder ::
(21:34:27) ColDougMcKnight: :: Instinctively tightens his grip on his rifle, his not being a profession where the unexpected tends to be pleasant. ::
(21:35:17) LtJGAlexisWright: I tried to follow the first energy signature, but then realized it was moving. And I just got another pop. I now have two energy signatures I can't explain, mobile, in range of my tricorder.
(21:36:04) LtJGAlexisWright: Try turning up the sensor gain to maximum for energy residue.
(21:36:19) ColDougMcKnight: :: Frowns even frownier. :: High yield? As in possible weapons present?
(21:36:45) CdrTKirr: :: peers at her tricorder, checks which way Wright is facing, then aims at the other one and takes a few steps, tapping ::
(21:36:47) ColDougMcKnight: :: Starts fiddling with his scanner via a small computer in his left bracer. ::
(21:37:04) LtJGAlexisWright: I don't know, sir. I've never seen a signature like this before. One was scientifically interesting, but two in completely different directions is a bit alarming...
(21:37:40) CdrTKirr: And moving. :: looks up :: Yet I see nothing. According to my scans, it's twenty-three meters in this direction.
(21:38:44) ColDougMcKnight: + Syvek, Harper + Be advised, marines. Lieutenant Wright seems to have spotted some activity here after all. Uploading the scan specs you'll need to implement now. As of yet, we have no reason to assume danger of any kind, but all the same, be ob guard.
(21:38:48) ColDougMcKnight: (on)
(21:38:58) VAdmBlackthorne: Syvek> :: still unable to find any sort of shelter :: +McKnight+ Acknowledged, sir.
(21:38:58) LtJGAlexisWright: :: waits for someone with a big gun to go in front of her ::
(21:39:08) VAdmBlackthorne: Syvek> :: was already quite on guard ::
(21:39:58) CdrTKirr: :: checks her scan and looks again into the distance :: It's moving...quickly now, towards Harper.
(21:40:13) ColDougMcKnight: +Syvek, Harper+ And consider your exploratory orders on hold for now. Until we know what's going on, we re-group. Double time it back here.
(21:40:34) ColDougMcKnight: :: He, meanwhile, takes off at a run after the energy signature. ::
(21:40:37) CdrTKirr: ACTION> A soft hissing sound permeates the air, clearly not the wind.
(21:40:43) VAdmBlackthorne: Syvek> +McKnight+ Yes sir! :: pivots and doubletimes the way he came ::
(21:40:47) LtLedaHarper: +McKnight+ "Got it." Harper briefly slings her rifle and makes the suggested changes, then pivots and breaks into a full run towards the officers.
(21:41:05) LtJGAlexisWright: The other signature is ... wait, do you hear that?
(21:41:33) ColDougMcKnight: (DO we hear it? No atmosphere, sealed suits and all that?)
(21:41:42) VAdmBlackthorne: (Atmo, but not breathable)
(21:41:48) ColDougMcKnight: (Ah, gotcha.)
(21:42:01) LtJGAlexisWright: Either my gear is leaking, or...
(21:42:08) CdrTKirr: ACTION> A bluish glow materializes on Harper's six, hissing loudly. What appear to be arms glow brighter, slashing at Harper!
(21:42:20) LtJGAlexisWright: :: checks the status of her gear ::
(21:42:31) LtJGAlexisWright: (Can we see Harper from where we are?)
(21:42:35) ColDougMcKnight: It's not you. As soon as one of you can tell me if I should be shooting, that'd be awesome.
(21:42:43) CdrTKirr: :: peers as the tricorder readings strengthen, attempting to work out what she's seeing ::
(21:43:48) LtLedaHarper: Harper shouts into a full-open com. "COMPANY! Hostile at my back - " She springs out ahead, barely, moving far faster than an average human would, rifle nestled into her arm as she scans for cover. "Energy form - " There's not much to duck behind, so she just flat-out runs.
(21:44:21) LtLedaHarper: The hiss is sharp enough to carry through as a dim echo on her comline.
(21:44:23) JorvanTav [] entered the room.
(21:44:52) LtJGAlexisWright: Holy... that sounds bad! :
(21:44:59) VAdmBlackthorne: Syvek> :: turns toward where Harper is on his HUD ::
(21:45:05) CdrTKirr: ACTION> The other energy reading, as if taking the other's cue, materializes near the main group, hissing and slashing, forming into the ethereal shape of a mostly bipedal creature, spikey-headed and tailed.
(21:45:07) VAdmBlackthorne: Syvek> :: runs like hell ::
(21:45:39) ColDougMcKnight: +Harper+ Acknowledged! Enroute to- ah, hell.
(21:45:42) LtJGAlexisWright: :: drops her sample container and pulls out her phaser, sweeping it around toward the energy reading that is currently attacking ::
(21:45:47) CdrTKirr: :: stares in disbelief and reaches for her phaser ::
(21:45:51) JorvanTav: (( Hi everyone. Sorry for being late. X_X ))
(21:45:57) LtLedaHarper: (Hi Tav!)
(21:46:17) CdrTKirr: (I had to wait for him!)
(21:46:27) ColDougMcKnight: :: Jumps out in front of the other two to take the hits, soldier style as he raises his rifle and attempts to blast the thing with the default stun setting. ::
(21:47:03) VAdmBlackthorne: (Better to have the doctor around before hurting people, yes)
(21:48:29) JorvanTav: :: notices the jump in everyone's vitals and realizes things are not going well ::
(21:48:30) CdrTKirr: Phantasm Two> :: screams as the energy beam penetrates, but it goes right through and it keeps moving, its claws becoming more solid and slashing at McKnight and catching him on the arm ::
(21:49:18) VAdmBlackthorne: Syvek> :: approaching Leda's position and raises his rifle, seeing the energy signature on his HUD ::
(21:49:33) CdrTKirr: Phantasm One> :: attempts to slash at Harper's leg but doesn't connect, continues to chase and slashes down on her shoulder, burning into her skin ::
(21:49:41) LtJGAlexisWright: Have any pulse grenades? Might dissipate the energy pattern, but I have no idea how long it'll take to rematerialize. Phasers don't seem to be effective...
(21:49:45) VAdmBlackthorne: Syvek> :: sees that and fires at P1 ::
(21:50:03) ColDougMcKnight: (So how much should that slash hurt through the armor?)
(21:50:16) ColDougMcKnight: (Sorry, missed the above.)
(21:50:19) CdrTKirr: :: fires at P2 in small bursts, attempting to ward it off McKnight ::
(21:51:02) CdrHarper: Detecting weapons fire on the surface.
(21:51:18) CdrTKirr: ACTION> All energy blasts illicit a wail from the phantasms, but do not seem to slow or harm them.
(21:51:25) VAdmBlackthorne: +T'Kirr+ Blackthorne to T'Kirr!
(21:51:44) CdrTKirr: +Atlantis+ Atlantis, emergency beam out!
(21:51:58) LtLedaHarper: Harper spots Syvek at more or less the same second and leans into the run, turning what might have been a really nasty blow into a glancing one. She grunts through clenched teeth, vaults a modest boulder and rolls, snapping up to fire back the way she came.
(21:52:03) VAdmBlackthorne: Do it!
(21:52:10) LtJGAlexisWright: :: grabs her sample container as soon as she hears "emergency beam out" ::
(21:52:19) CdrHarper: :: locks on to the away team and beams them out! ::
(21:52:49) CdrTKirr: (( Mike if you wanna respond before they go up go ahead ))
(21:53:01) ColDougMcKnight: :: Bellowing in pain from the contact, he reels back and switches to wide beam, sweeping it all over the attacker in hopes of hindering it more. He's still firing when the transpoter beam grabs him, so it's a good thing weapons can be deactivated in transport! ::
(21:53:19) VAdmBlackthorne: Syvek> :: appears on the transporter pad, weapon still raised ::
(21:53:47) CdrTKirr: ACTION> All AT members are safely aboard, more or less.
(21:54:23) CdrHarper: We have them all, Admiral.
(21:54:37) CdrTKirr: :: inspects her people :: Injury report.
(21:55:09) LtJGAlexisWright: :: grabs a rapid-collect container and jumps at Harper, sweeping it over her shoulder to collect any energy residue before it dissipates :: Sorry, Harper, forgive me for this.
(21:55:19) ColDougMcKnight: :: Lowers his rifle in relief as he sees the more familiar surroundings of Atlantis around him...then promptly winces as the arm continues burning. :: Fuck. That's marine for
(21:55:25) LtLedaHarper: Harper, disoriented, phases in on one knee and glances sharply around to get her bearings before tearing off her helmet. The rifle gets set down respectfully. Then she's clawing at the shoulder armor, hissing softly in pain. "Tagged, sir. Not too bad, but it burns like hell." Wright earns a brief glare.
(21:55:27) ColDougMcKnight: "I'm fine.". I think.
(21:56:09) VAdmBlackthorne: Syvek> I am uninjured, Commander.
(21:56:16) LtJGAlexisWright: :: tosses another rapid-collect container to the Colonel :: Could you pass that over your arm as soon as possible, please, sir?
(21:56:45) CdrTKirr: :: peers at Harper :: I don't see any damage to your armor.
(21:56:47) LtJGAlexisWright: I don't know if we'll be able to get anything from these, but it doesn't hurt to try.
(21:57:27) ColDougMcKnight: :: He catches the device, and it's just as well that the faceplate on his helmet hides the look he gives her before he complies. :: Sure, Lieutenant. That's exactly what I'd like to do.
(21:57:59) LtLedaHarper: "Didn't feel it tear through, no." Harper has to lose a glove before she can usefully get through the seals, scattering armor like bits of beetle carapace on the transporter pad.
(21:58:01) VAdmBlackthorne: +T'Kirr+ Blackthorne to T'Kirr, report.
(21:58:17) LtJGAlexisWright: :: shrugs helplessly at the Colonel with an apologetic smile ::
(21:58:37) CdrTKirr: You both appear mobile. Report to Sickbay immediately. Lieutenant Wright, report to the Bridge and begin analyzing our scans.
(21:59:07) JorvanTav: +T'Kirr+ Sickbay to T'Kirr. Nice to have you all back. Anything I should know about? I saw some pretty interesting readings from everyone's stats.
(21:59:48) LtJGAlexisWright: Aye, Commander. :: grabs the two rapid-collect containers along with her sample case and departs immediately for the Bridge ::
(21:59:57) LtLedaHarper: "Yessir." Harper glances worriedly to McKnight, gathers up armor and rifle, and heads for the hallway at a brisk trot. She's only made it down to the undersuit, which is as unmarked as her shoulder armor was.
(22:00:10) CdrTKirr: +Blackthorne+ I'm on my way to the Bridge with Wright. McKnight and Harper are on their way to Sickbay with injuries. I'll fill you in when I arrive.
(22:00:26) VAdmBlackthorne: +TKirr+ Understood, bridge out.
(22:00:55) LtJGAlexisWright: :: holds open the TL door for T'Kirr ::
(22:01:02) ColDougMcKnight: :: Pulls off his helmet, looking more pissed than agonized as he keeps pace with Harper on the way to the lift. ::
(22:01:20) CdrTKirr: +Sickbay+ McKnight and Harper will be arriving shortly. The nature of the injuries are so far unclear. Report to me when you find out.
(22:01:35) CdrTKirr: :: hops on TL, nodding to Wright ::
(22:01:55) LtJGAlexisWright: Bridge.
(22:02:26) JorvanTav: +T'Kirr+ Of course, Commander. I await their arrival. Sickbay out.
(22:02:28) LtLedaHarper: "Sir, one more thing." Harper manages to juggle her armor around until she's got it all cradled in the crook of her uninjured arm. "That thing took two swipes at me. I could have sworn that the first one got me on the trailing leg, but no hit. I wasn't even jostled."
(22:03:10) CdrTKirr: :: peers down at Wright's container :: When you're done uploading the data and do your first analysis, take your samples to the lab. Make sure you relay any pertinent info to Doctor Tav.
(22:03:18) ColDougMcKnight: Deck 15.
(22:03:36) LtJGAlexisWright: Aye, Commander.
(22:04:12) LtJGAlexisWright: :: silently relaxes, as she feels much more at home in the lab than she does on the Bridge ::
(22:04:16) ColDougMcKnight: :: Looks to Harper, unclasping his breastplate as the lift descends. :: ...huh. That's probably meaningful. I have no idea how right now, but that doesn't tend to mean much.
(22:04:26) CdrTKirr: :: stares at the lift wall, pondering what she's seen ::
(22:05:50) CdrTKirr: :: arrives at the Bridge and steps out, projecting to Blackthorne ~private, now~ ::
(22:05:54) LtLedaHarper: Harper leans against the wall, breath evening out, and at length cracks a small smile. "That's why we had the science gang along." The lift bings helpfully, and she heads out into the hall. "I'll mention it to Wright."
(22:07:26) LtJGAlexisWright: :: steps out onto the Bridge to her favorite science station and begins uploading tricorder data
(22:07:28) LtJGAlexisWright: ::
(22:07:28) VAdmBlackthorne: :: turns on T'Kirr's arrival to face the TL ::
(22:08:21) ColDougMcKnight: As soon as Tav takes care of the after effects of...assault by ghosts, feel free.
(22:09:01) ColDougMcKnight: Ten years on this boat, and that's still a new one. Fought some whackjob's imagination once, but no ghosts.
(22:09:18) JorvanTav: :: is standing peering at a computer when McKnight and Harper arrive. He turns and instinctively looks at their armor to find out where the injuries are, and finds the armor peculiarly undamaged. He scowls lightly, and directs his patients to two biobeds, side by side. ::
(22:09:54) LtLedaHarper: "Didn't feel ghosty, did it?" Harper rounds the corner into Medical, dipping her chin to Tav, and obediently heads over to the indicated bed. She drops what armor she's managed to strip with a clatter and gets to work on the rest of it, still wincing.
(22:10:23) LtJGAlexisWright: :: starts paging through the preliminary data from each of the tricorders, paying special attention to interaction with the energy signatures ::
(22:11:04) LtJGAlexisWright: :: eyes still scanning the data :: +Tav+ Wright to Tav. Have the patients arrived?
(22:11:36) CdrTKirr: :: heads for the RR ::
(22:11:51) JorvanTav: :: Tav activates the biobed scanners from his computer station, listening to the conversation, and then walks over to Harper and McKnight :: What's going on? :: Once close enough, Tav pulls out a medical tricorder and begins closer scanning, noting the injuries to McKnight's arm and Harper's leg, but that there is no visible damage to their armored suits.
(22:11:54) JorvanTav: ::
(22:11:59) ColDougMcKnight: :: Hops up on the bed, gritting his teeth and suppressing a pained hiss as the movement briefly puts weight on his arm, then after a moment, goes back to unclasping the armor. ::
(22:12:19) VAdmBlackthorne: :: immediately heads to the ready room :: Kate, you have the bridge.
(22:12:26) CdrHarper: Aye sir.
(22:12:39) LtLedaHarper: (The leg's fine, Tav, she took a swipe there but not a speck of damage. Harper got it in the shoulder.)
(22:13:17) JorvanTav: (MAGIC EDIT: Harper's shoulder, not leg)
(22:14:20) LtJGAlexisWright: +Tav+ Wright to Tav. Do the patients have physical wounds?
(22:14:24) LtLedaHarper: "Ow. Ow." Harper sheds the rest of her breastplate, undoes a zip and peels very cautiously out of her heavy undersuit, extracting the injured left arm with exaggerated care.
(22:14:31) LtLedaHarper: (we may know in a minute!)
(22:14:53) LtJGAlexisWright: (( Alexis is being impatient. ))
(22:14:57) VAdmBlackthorne: :: enters the RR and turns to T'Kirr :: What the hell happened?
(22:15:04) JorvanTav: +Wright+ I am looking at that now. Their armor is completely undamaged, but I am reading injuries on their upper bodies. They are still removing their armor. Stand by.
(22:15:52) ColDougMcKnight: (BRB. Gotta feed kitties.)
(22:16:43) CdrTKirr: :: as soon as the doors swoosh closed, she meets Blackthorne's eyes :: We were attacked. Two...beings. They were made of some sort of energy.
(22:16:45) LtJGAlexisWright: +Tav+ Standing by, but could you please have orderlies collect the appropriate armor in pouches and have them delivered to my lab? And could you please gather whatever samples you can from physical wounds, if they exist, and have those delivered too? Or I could pick them up. Just, y'know. If you could get those for me.
(22:17:26) CdrTKirr: :: shakes her head :: There was a hissing sound as they approached...phaser fire didn't slow them down.
(22:17:41) LtLedaHarper: Harper rolls eyes, catching Wright's commentary on the com. "I'll hand myself over to you once we're patched up a little, Lieutenant."
(22:17:50) VAdmBlackthorne: :: relieved that she's unharmed, but still concerned about the injures :: How are McKnight and Lt. Harper?
(22:19:01) LtJGAlexisWright: +Tav+ Damn, she heard that? :: sigh :: Just tell her I'm trying to get as much information as I can without anyone else needing to go back down there.
(22:19:08) CdrTKirr: They sustained possibly moderate injuries, McKnight to his arm and Harper to her shoulder. We won't know more until Doctor Tav reports.
(22:19:22) JorvanTav: +Wright+ This is certainly interesting. I will have those sent your way in a moment. :: Seeing the wounds for the first time, Tav orders two stasis containers for the armor, and has one of the nurses place the armor into the chambers as quickly as it comes off of Harper and McKnight, then continues to scan their injuries. ::
(22:19:32) VAdmBlackthorne: :: nods :: Any idea as to what they are?
(22:20:26) LtLedaHarper: "Don't sweat it, Wright, glad you're obsessing this since the armor doesn't seem to have done any damn good."
(22:20:51) ColDougMcKnight: Even so, I want it back ASAP.
(22:20:52) CdrTKirr: :: looks Ian dead in the eye :: They're NOT ghosts.
(22:21:13) VAdmBlackthorne: Obviously.
(22:21:18) CdrTKirr: Ghosts don't exist.
(22:21:22) LtJGAlexisWright: :: nods distracted satisfaction to herself at Harper's comment, becoming more and more engrossed in the data analysis ::
(22:21:33) VAdmBlackthorne: Agreed.
(22:21:54) CdrTKirr: :: crosses her arms :: Perhaps Wright can tell us once she's analyzed the data.
(22:22:16) CdrTKirr: :: looks away ::
(22:22:34) VAdmBlackthorne: Noncorporeal energy beings, then?
(22:22:45) CdrTKirr: Indeed.
(22:22:48) LtJGAlexisWright: (( and perhaps I'm the Queen of France... but I digress. ))
(22:23:03) VAdmBlackthorne: Alright, so, how did they get here in place of what used to be here?
(22:23:39) CdrTKirr: There doesn't appear to be any evidence of what used to be here. So far, we have no evidence of where they came from.
(22:24:36) JorvanTav: :: is confident that Harper's injuries are not that bad, so he passes her off to Doctor Nolan who is standing by; Harper's injuries are a glancing blow, a flesh wound. However, when he finally gets a good look at McKnight's arm he is, needless to say, perplexed. :: It appears that you have plasma burns to your skin and muscle. In fact, it appears to have damaged everything but the bone. Can you move your fingers?
(22:26:11) LtJGAlexisWright: :: reads through a particular piece of analysis, then reads it again. Then reads it one more time.... and then activates the main sensor array and starts atmospheric scanning ::
(22:26:51) VAdmBlackthorne: Well, we do need to figure it out, since I doubt there's a natural explanation for what happened. These beings could be a threat to Gencodia.
(22:27:16) LtLedaHarper: Harper watches McKnight worriedly, leaning around Dr. Nolan as necessary, which earns her a quiet admonishment.
(22:27:18) CdrTKirr: :: looks to Ian in surprise :: You believe they're space-faring?
(22:28:09) VAdmBlackthorne: We don't know, and that's the problem. If they're noncorporeal, then they certainly have no atmospheric needs, and subspace travel would not be out of the question.
(22:28:19) CdrTKirr: Nolan> :: grips Harper's opposite shoulder, steadying her so his dermal regenerator finds its mark ::
(22:28:44) ColDougMcKnight: (Sorry, give me one second.)
(22:29:11) LtJGAlexisWright: :: quickly reads through the results, refines and scans again... and then activates long-range scanners and begins sensor sweeps ::
(22:29:21) ColDougMcKnight: :: Frowns. :: Yeah. It's not pleasant, but I can.
(22:29:45) JorvanTav: :: Thinks for a second, and turns back to Harper :: Doctor Nolan, before you stitch her up, let me take a couple scans. :: Tav continues to peer at Harper's wounds, completely fascinated. It appears that while fairly shallow and a glancing blow, the burn did make it all the way to the bone on her shoulder, but did no damage to the bone itself. Tav looks back to McKnight's arm, noting how the flesh on both the upper and undersides of his ar
(22:29:54) CdrTKirr: :: nods in agreement :: I'm perplexed as to just how little our scans initially showed us. The area we surveyed until they arrived was just as we can see from here. Lifeless.
(22:30:20) CdrTKirr: There is evidence of a small village, but no remains.
(22:30:59) JorvanTav: arms are badly damaged, but the bone is completely unharmed. He scans McKnight's ulna to be sure, and finds the marrow completely unscathed, even though all of the flesh around it is damaged at the cellular level ::
(22:31:44) VAdmBlackthorne: I would imagine there would be an energy signature of some sort.
(22:32:34) ColDougMcKnight: So, fascinating as I'll take your word on this being, how about we make with the part where you wave the glowing thing at me and fix this?
(22:32:50) LtLedaHarper: Harper braces hands on the edge of the biobed, leaning forward obligingly for the inspection. "This is starting to hurt," she adds. "Quite a bit, actually."
(22:32:58) JorvanTav: :: looks up to McKnight's face :: Well, it's not often that I have to say this, but for you today, things may get quite a bit more painful before they get nicer. I have to almost completely rebuild your forearm between the wrist and elbow. But the bone is fine.
(22:33:22) JorvanTav: :: looks over at Harper and scowls :: How so?
(22:34:12) LtLedaHarper: Her brows rise. "This is basically a bone-deep burn, right? The nerves around it are finally starting to fire up. If you're going to leave me unrepaired so that Wright can take her scans, no problem, but could we please get her in here?"
(22:34:20) ColDougMcKnight: Well, yipee.
(22:34:20) ColDougMcKnight: :: Refrains from adding that from what he's heard, Tav either says or demonstrates that reality to patients on a regular basis. Yay, professional decorum! ::
(22:35:05) LtLedaHarper: "I hope," dryly, "that you're not going to have to rebuild anything on ME."
(22:35:06) CdrTKirr: Lieutenant Wright scanned for energy readings and that's when she discovered them, right before they attacked.
(22:35:36) JorvanTav: :: moves over to Harper, grabs a hypospray and loads it with a Viciodin-type medication before pressing it to her jugular and releasing the contents :: This should help.
(22:35:41) VAdmBlackthorne: That may be our lead, then.
(22:36:16) LtLedaHarper: "Mnagh." Harper tilts her head back just in time, then closes her eyes in brief relief. "Thank you, Doctor."
(22:36:22) LtJGAlexisWright: :: pulls out her PADD and starts making notes for her report, which is getting longer and more interesting by the second - plugs new parameters into the main sensor array and initiates a global sweep
(22:37:41) ColDougMcKnight: :: Brings up his uninjured hand, and activates the comm badge on his discarded armor. :: +Syvek+ Lieutenant, are you back in security now?
(22:37:44) JorvanTav: :: turns back to McKnight :: Would you like some too? There's more where that came from. :: loads up the hypospray for another shot and holds it toward McKnight in offeratory form ::
(22:38:02) CdrTKirr: Agreed. There was nothing of value to us geologically.
(22:38:07) ColDougMcKnight: :: Looks at the hypo. :: How does it react with alcohol?
(22:38:20) JorvanTav: :: cocks his head at McKnight :: What?
(22:39:52) CdrTKirr: :: replays the attack in her mind, attempting to make sense of how such a being could exist ::
(22:39:55) ColDougMcKnight: :: Smiles patiently, his mood deteriorirating as the arm starts to feel like it's been stuck in a blacksmith's furnace. :: The drug. Is there any medical reason why, in light of the fact that I'm obviously not going anywhere, I can't have a drink after I take this?
(22:40:07) JorvanTav: :: thinks for a second about what McKnight is asking, then lifts the hypospray to his throat and injects him :: Synthehol should be okay. Stay away from anything else.
(22:40:57) LtLedaHarper: Harper chuckles quietly, turns her head as Nolan instructs, and starts to gingerly take off the remaining gauntlet.
(22:41:04) LtJGAlexisWright: :: stares in surprise at the results of her planetary sweep and the confirmation sweep, and then boggles in even more surprise at the results of her long-range scans and confirmation scan ::
(22:41:14) JorvanTav: Besides, this is more fun than alcohol anyway. Much more effect. You should be getting it... Now. ::
(22:41:38) ColDougMcKnight: :: Files that advice away to ignore it the first chance he gets. :: Gotcha. Thanks.
(22:42:01) VAdmBlackthorne: Then I suppose all we can do is treat our wounded and await the scientific analysis.
(22:42:11) ColDougMcKnight: You obviously know way less about drinking properly than a guy with multiple lifetimes has any excuse to, but thanks.
(22:42:23) CdrTKirr: I don't suggest we return to the planet unless we know more. It's too dangerous. Marine armor did nothing. Phasers did nothing. We're depending on the data we collected.
(22:42:31) LtJGAlexisWright: +T'Kirr+ Commander, I ... believe I am ready to deliver my preliminary report. But it's a doozy. I'm ready at your leisure.
(22:42:56) VAdmBlackthorne: Get her in here.
(22:43:20) JorvanTav: :: nods to McKnight :: Any time. Now, lie back. It's time for me to get to work. :: discharges another hypospray with a local anesthetic into McKnight's arm, but after that last comment, not *quite* enough for what he's about to do to him ::
(22:43:24) CdrTKirr: +Wright+ Report to the Ready Room, please.
(22:45:00) LtJGAlexisWright: .... +T'Kirr+ Aye, Commander. :: makes a few more quick notes, self-consciously straightens her uniform, and walks over to the Ready Room, entering to find the Commander and Admiral waiting for her ::
(22:45:15) VAdmBlackthorne: Lieutenant.
(22:45:57) LtJGAlexisWright: :: stands at attention :: Reporting as requested, Admiral. Commander.
(22:46:01) CdrTKirr: :: gives Wright her attention ::
(22:46:15) CdrTKirr: Your report.
(22:47:00) LtJGAlexisWright: :: bobs her head, approaching the desk :: Please bear with me. Parts of this still don't make a lot of sense yet.
(22:47:01) VAdmBlackthorne: At lease.
(22:48:46) JorvanTav: :: takes another scan of McKnight's arm, and notices that the flesh seems to be continuing to burn :: Colonel, can you still move your fingers? :: The question was asked as Tav was moving away from the bed to grab a nitrogen cooler ::
(22:49:19) LtJGAlexisWright: So first, the beings that we encountered. They definitely appeared hostile and manifested as energy signatures, but became visibly more solid when they attacked. They are roughly human-sized, bipedal, with clearly reptilian characteristics.
(22:50:01) CdrTKirr: Nolan> :: finishes up with her shoulder and clicks the instrument off :: There you are. Eight hours of rest, report back then and we'll see how you're doing, all right? :: flashes Harper a smile ::
(22:50:38) LtLedaHarper: Harper's caught the brief conversation over at McKnight's bed, and looks over there warily. "Ah - you sure about that?"
(22:50:39) ColDougMcKnight: :: Tries it, and regrets it. :: Yeah. Harder now.
(22:50:56) CdrTKirr: Reptilian?
(22:50:59) JorvanTav: :: walks back, nitrogen cooler wrap in hand, and activates it. :: Lift your arm.
(22:51:09) LtJGAlexisWright: They move and react in a manner consistent with living beings. They were not deterred by energy weapons. They attacked with their own appendages rather than carried weapons - claws - and were able to severely damage organic tissue while passing through armor without damage or resistance.
(22:52:31) CdrTKirr: :: absorbs the information, calculating :: What you're saying suggests they were once physical.
(22:53:07) VAdmBlackthorne: :: strokes his chin with three fingers, in thought ::
(22:53:11) LtJGAlexisWright: :: nods :: Yes, that's my scientific opinion. Their movements and vocalizations were most similar to reptilian creatures. And I'm not sure if they were once physical, or if they're able to move between a physical and energy state at will. But - and this is the bigger deal...
(22:53:31) ColDougMcKnight: :: Does so. :: You didn't use enough of that last stuff.
(22:54:29) JorvanTav: :: places the wrap pad under McKnight's lifted arm and aligns it under the injury. :: You may want to brace yourself. This may hurt a bit. I need to cool the burned flesh down, it appears to still be burning. Oh, and I did use enough. I am, after all, the doctor here. :: Tav slowly lowers McKnights arm onto the pad and then quickly wraps it ::
(22:54:42) LtJGAlexisWright: I used our scans to define what a settlement looks like, and was able to run a planetary sweep and found them scattered across every continent. But I also scanned for this energy signature these beings gave off... and found them scattered all over the planet too, concentrated at the locations of these settlements.
(22:55:08) ColDougMcKnight: So I keep hearing.
(22:55:43) LtJGAlexisWright: They're everywhere down there, Commander. In fact, we were only in a small settlement, but I'm surprised we only ran in to two of them.
(22:56:17) CdrTKirr: A lifeless planet, populated by noncorporeal energy beings.
(22:56:20) JorvanTav: :: waits for it ::
(22:56:41) VAdmBlackthorne: So the big question is, how did they get that way?
(22:58:00) LtJGAlexisWright: So... this is the part I'm not certain what to make of. I also, given the data from our scans, was able to detect a unique particle - one I am unfamiliar with, anyway - concentrated in the upper atmosphere. Once I isolated the characteristics of this particle, I did a long-range scan... and found more of it further out in unexplored space.
(22:58:05) JorvanTav: :: prepares a hypospray with a proper amount of local anesthetic as he waits ::
(22:58:24) VAdmBlackthorne: Then we have a lead.
(22:58:33) LtJGAlexisWright: I'm not certain that the energy beings and this particle are connected. It could be coincidental.
(22:58:39) CdrTKirr: :: perks up ::
(22:58:59) CdrTKirr: I suggest we follow it. There's little more we can do here for now.
(22:59:35) VAdmBlackthorne: Agreed. Lt, work up a course and get it to Commander Harper.
(22:59:54) ColDougMcKnight: :: Does NOT give the spotty bastard the satisfaction of any vocal reaction to having freezer burn added to the rest of it. :: I, of course, am just a jar head with field medic training. But I HAVE performed battlefield surgery for plasma weapon burms more than once. And unless you're using something unorthodox AND useless, you didn't use nearly enough. \
(22:59:58) VAdmBlackthorne: It's all we have for now.
(23:00:23) ColDougMcKnight: But hey, when I file a complaint about willful malpractice, I'm sure the medical board will give your perspective its due consideration. You are, after all, the doctor here.
(23:00:25) LtJGAlexisWright: Aye, Sir. After that, I'd like to report to the lab and start analysis on our physical samples I'm hoping to learn more about the energy beings from residue collected from Harper and McKnight's wounds.
(23:00:39) VAdmBlackthorne: :: nods :: Dismissed.
(23:01:13) LtJGAlexisWright: :: nods, then pivots and exits the Ready Room, heading directly over to the helm ::
(23:02:05) JorvanTav: :: quickly dispenses the local anesthetic into McKnight's arm, followed by another hypospray with the future vicodin :: Colonel, this is not necessary. I did not want to overmedicate your wound, which was continuing to burn. Had I applied the local anesthetic too early in the process, it could have caused more damage.
(23:02:41) LtJGAlexisWright: Commander Harper, may I approach? The admiral wishes me to collaborate with you on setting a course into unexplored space.
(23:02:54) CdrHarper: Of course, lieutenant.
(23:03:04) CdrTKirr: (( Five minutes ))
(23:05:09) LtJGAlexisWright: :: approaches the helm, transferring the long-range scan data to Harper's console :: So we found a unique particle in the atmosphere here, and then I found it again on long-range scanners. It's a ways out, but it's definitely there. This is our only lead at the moment. How can I help?
(23:05:13) JorvanTav: :: unwraps the arm and takes a scan, noting that the burns have stopped burning. However, the damage is severe, more than anything that a mere dermal regenerator will fix :: I am going to need to operate. It shouldn't take long. Let's get you over to the surgical bay ::
(23:05:15) ColDougMcKnight: :: Closes his eyes as the proper amount of numbness sets in. Under the circumstances, it's close enough to a win for him to let this go. For now, at least. :: Ah. That's a new one to me. Maybe I should do some reading while I'm in here. Wouldn't want my certification out of date.
(23:05:42) ColDougMcKnight: Surgery. Right.
(23:05:55) ColDougMcKnight: :: Pushes himself up with the good arm. ::
(23:06:00) CdrHarper: What is the particle's signature?
(23:06:23) JorvanTav: :: nods to Doctor Nolan :: Come on over. :: assists McKnight to the floor ::
(23:06:47) LtJGAlexisWright: :: taps at her PADD to transfer this to Harper's console as well :: it's a weird one. Have you ever seen anything quite like it?
(23:07:13) CdrTKirr: Nolan> :: nods and heads to the surgical bay, retrieving a cart ::
(23:07:34) CdrHarper: :: studies it when the data comes over :: No, never... :: her science background surfaces for a moment in curiosity ::
(23:07:48) LtJGAlexisWright: (( I don't want to go on the cart.... I feel happy..... I feel happy!!!! ))
(23:08:20) ColDougMcKnight: One second. Is there a recovery period? How long will I be in here?
(23:08:22) CdrTKirr: Nolan> :: passes by Harper's bed on his way to grab something :: Bed now. :: points to the door ::
(23:08:43) JorvanTav: :: stays next to McKnight as they make their way over to surgical, and looks to one of the orderlies as he passes by :: Lt Wright is waiting for the armor over there. :: points :: Would you take it to the lab for her?
(23:08:45) CdrHarper: Configure long range sensors specifically to scan for this particle.
(23:09:26) LtJGAlexisWright: Already done. Scans are in progress. You should have a copy of the preliminary data there, and I'll transfer the rest to you as it comes in.
(23:09:32) JorvanTav: :: turns back to McKnight :: The surgery shouldn't take long, and recovery shouldn't be too terrible, but the pain killer you're on is gonna knock you out of service at least for several hours ::
(23:09:38) CdrTKirr: PAUSE SIM
(23:09:39) CdrTKirr: PAUSE SIM
(23:09:40) CdrTKirr: PAUSE SIM
(23:09:49) VAdmBlackthorne: :: paused ::
(23:09:50) JorvanTav: :: PAUSES ::
(23:09:55) LtJGAlexisWright: :: || ::
(23:10:02) LtLedaHarper: :: Sleeping on stomach apparently ::
(23:10:34) VAdmBlackthorne: :: brings out the ancient whistle again, marked property of K. Stecker :: TWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET! Attention to orders!
(23:10:42) JorvanTav: :: AA ::
(23:10:55) LtJGAlexisWright: :: whAA? ::
(23:11:33) VAdmBlackthorne: LtJG Jorvan Tav, front and center!
(23:11:34) ColDougMcKnight: ::AA::
(23:11:44) JorvanTav: :: steps forward ::
(23:12:08) JorvanTav: Sir!
(23:12:24) VAdmBlackthorne: Lieutenant, now DOCTOR Tav... which is it? If Tav is even your real name? Who are you supposed to be anyway, barging onto my ship all spotted and stuff?
(23:12:42) CdrTKirr: Spotty.
(23:13:13) VAdmBlackthorne: Quite.
(23:13:28) JorvanTav: :: smiles slightly, and shrugs ::
(23:13:28) LtJGAlexisWright: They're pretty.
(23:13:33) VAdmBlackthorne: :: eyes Tav :: Well? WELL? Account for yourself, man!
(23:14:06) JorvanTav: :: I am Tav, Sir. I have had many hosts. All of them had spots, sir!
(23:14:08) VAdmBlackthorne: :: zaps Wright for speaking while at attention ::
(23:14:24) VAdmBlackthorne: If all of your hosts jumped off a cliff, would you?
(23:14:29) JorvanTav: :: wonders where the cattle prod came from so quickly ::
(23:14:39) LtJGAlexisWright: :: didn't even notice that she'd said it aloud... the shame! ::
(23:15:08) JorvanTav: :: looks around as if that would help get an answer :: Uh, no, sir.
(23:15:20) VAdmBlackthorne: Exactly. There is only one solution. :: looks to T'Kirr ::
(23:15:24) VAdmBlackthorne: PUNISHMENT.
(23:15:42) CdrTKirr: :: spins on her heel ::
(23:16:23) CdrTKirr: :: brings The Jar ::
(23:16:38) LtJGAlexisWright: :: quietly daydreams about connecting dots ::
(23:17:01) VAdmBlackthorne: Lieutenant, though you are no Ensign, this is your first prom-, er, punishment aboard Atlantis, so, Tradition Must Be Upheld.
(23:17:04) JorvanTav: :: eyes the jar, already beginning to make a selection ::
(23:17:12) JorvanTav: Aye, sir.
(23:17:22) VAdmBlackthorne: :: eyes the assembled officers, standing at attention ::
(23:18:11) VAdmBlackthorne: You All Know What To Do!
(23:18:20) CdrTKirr: Eat a bug.
(23:18:35) LtJGAlexisWright: :: doesn't know what to do ::
(23:18:37) CdrHarper: Eat a bug!
(23:18:45) LtKuari: o.O
(23:19:03) LtLedaHarper: :: somewhat grudgingly :: Eat a bug.
(23:19:14) CdrTKirr: Eat a bug.
(23:19:19) JorvanTav: :: thinks back to the worst promotion ceremonies he has experienced in the past, none of them in several lifetimes quite comparing ::
(23:19:30) LtJGAlexisWright: :: hoping it's the right answer :: ... Eat a bug...?
(23:19:34) VAdmBlackthorne: Eat a bug!!
(23:19:43) EnsUrist: EAT THE FUCKING BUG
(23:19:56) CdrTKirr: :: grabs the prod and zaps Urist for breaking tradition ::
(23:20:00) JorvanTav: :: steps up to the jar, wondering how the Admiral manages to keep these things alive ::
(23:20:06) VAdmBlackthorne: :: nods approvingly to T'Kirr ::
(23:20:10) VAdmBlackthorne: Eat a bug!
(23:20:24) CdrTKirr: :: squints at Urist ::
(23:22:17) JorvanTav: :: peers into the jar and picks out a squishy turquoise one with no shell, places it in his mouth, bites down, and turns to the other officers and smiles with bug bits in his teeth before finally swallowing the horridly-flavored thing, and turning back to the Admiral, and clearing out his mouth with another swallow:: Sir!
(23:22:42) VAdmBlackthorne: :: nods :: Tradition Has Been Upheld!
(23:22:48) CdrTKirr: :: golf claps ::
(23:22:59) VAdmBlackthorne: :: extends his hand to T'Kirr, palm up ::
(23:23:00) LtJGAlexisWright: :: ponders ritual entomophagy ::
(23:23:25) CdrTKirr: :: hands him The Box ::
(23:23:46) VAdmBlackthorne: :: produces a gleamingly sharp pip from the box, and removes the half pip from Tav's collar ::
(23:24:48) VAdmBlackthorne: :: stabs him with the new full pip, drawing blood :: Jorvan Tav, for consistent excellent performance, by the power vested in me by some damned fool, I hereby promote you to the rank of Lieutenant aboard the USS Atlantis! Congratulations on your promotion, sorry about your luck, and drinks are on you!
(23:25:07) JorvanTav: :: winces as the pip pin pierces his skin :: Thank you, sir!
(23:25:22) CdrTKirr: :: claps some more ::
(23:25:24) VAdmBlackthorne: :: claps ::
(23:25:35) LtJGAlexisWright: :: applauds! ::
(23:25:44) VAdmBlackthorne: :: stops clapping and applauds instead ::
(23:25:48) LtKuari: :: glomps Tav in a spinning roll ::
(23:26:16) JorvanTav: :: is knocked completely off his feet, chastising himself for not expecting the glomp ::
(23:26:17) ColDougMcKnight: :: Claps grudgingly. :: Congratulations.
(23:26:23) LtLedaHarper: Welcome to heck, Doc.
(23:26:26) ColDougMcKnight: :: Mutters :: You body hopping quack.
(23:27:17) CdrTKirr: Well done, everyone. Next week, the mystery continues...
(23:27:28) VAdmBlackthorne: Alright, that's it for this week! Congratulations Lt. Tav!
(23:27:30) LtJGAlexisWright: :: suspense music ::
(23:27:36) LtJGAlexisWright: Congratulations!! :D
(23:27:49) JorvanTav: Will McKnight leave Sickbay with all his fingers? Find out on the next... Atlantis!
(23:28:03) VAdmBlackthorne: If he doesn't, I bet he leaves with some of yours...
(23:28:18) CdrTKirr: I'm sure Harper can hook him up with a good prosthesis.
(23:28:36) CdrTKirr: Badass robo-arm
(23:28:45) LtLedaHarper: ....uh. Yeah. I know the right people.
(23:28:49) LtKuari: :: lets Tav up ::
(23:30:13) JorvanTav: :: sits up on the floor of (wherever we are during this ceremony) and starts having drinks prepared, making sure Jack knows to only give McKnight synthehol for now ::
(23:33:14) LtLedaHarper: Aight, back to work here unfortunately, y'all have a lovely evening. And congrats, Tav. Have fun butting heads with the Colonel.
(23:33:27) LtLedaHarper left the room.
(23:33:27) ColDougMcKnight: Night, Harper!
(23:33:52) JorvanTav: And thank y'all.
(23:34:45) LtKuari left the room.
(23:35:39) VAdmBlackthorne: G'night all, see you next week!
(23:35:43) CdrTKirr: Good night. =)
(23:35:46) JorvanTav: Good night!
(23:35:50) CdrTKirr: *poof!*
(23:35:51) CdrTKirr left the room.
(23:35:55) JorvanTav left the room (quit: Quit: Leaving).