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(20:59:05) The topic for #USSAtlantis is: Last time, while assaulting one of Ashexana's distribution hubs, we detected a huge pirate fleet en route. Orbital fighting has wrapped up, but the ground operation has changed its mission to destroying the place before that fleet arrives to turn us into slag.
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(20:59:12) VAdmBlackthorne: Hiya, folks
(20:59:15) DrTav: There's the Admiral
(20:59:22) LtJGAlexisWright: Hiyo
(20:59:26) LtKuari: Hello.
(20:59:44) CdrTKirr: Greetings.
(21:05:01) VAdmBlackthorne: We'll give the stragglers some time....
(21:05:55) DrTav: :: plays Jeopardy Theme ::
(21:06:19) CdrTKirr: Well, Tav and I are home in Florida again, so we've got our own comps again and don't have to fight for keyboard time. =P
(21:06:46) EnsignJohnTChance [Mibbit@50.10.ypw.ptg] entered the room.
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(21:07:04) CdrTKirr: Aaand he's restarting.
(21:08:36) CdrTKirr: Hi Chance =)
(21:08:53) EnsignJohnTChance: Good evening, Commander
(21:10:03) LtKuari: :: lurks in dark corner ::
(21:11:14) EnsignJohnTChance: Lieutenant! Don't hide in the corner! Come out and say hi!
(21:13:39) LtKuari: :: comes out :: Drat, you saw me.
(21:15:29) LtLedaHarper: I don't think Kuari is the 'hide in corners' type.
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(21:17:08) DoctorTav [] entered the room.
(21:17:12) LtLedaHarper1 is now known as LtLedaHarper
(21:17:15) DoctorTav: Back!
(21:18:45) LtKuari: :: cocks her head at Leda :: You don't?
(21:18:59) LtLedaHarper: Wings
(21:18:59) LtLedaHarper: Tail
(21:19:02) LtLedaHarper: Rifle
(21:19:11) DoctorTav: Check!
(21:19:15) LtLedaHarper: Teeth.
(21:19:19) LtLedaHarper: Claws.
(21:19:23) LtLedaHarper: I feel sorry for that corner.
(21:19:26) DoctorTav: All very important
(21:19:53) EnsignJohnTChance: Yeah, but she's cool. Unless she doesn't like you, of course
(21:20:28) LtLedaHarper: I'm not tasty. Honest, I'm not.
(21:20:29) LtKuari: :: ears wilt :: Just because I'm big doesn't mean I can't hide. I'm very good at hiding, thank you.
(21:24:20) VAdmBlackthorne: Well folks, we're kinda stuck again without McKnight.
(21:24:27) LtLedaHarper: grah.
(21:24:47) CdrTKirr: He's very important to this plot. >_>
(21:25:52) LtLedaHarper: GRAH!
(21:25:55) LtLedaHarper: But yes.
(21:26:23) VAdmBlackthorne: All we could really do tonight would be to stretch out the flight time to Vinland, which I'd planned to fast forward through.
(21:27:50) CdrTKirr: Where was everyone at this point? My memory fails me.
(21:27:58) LtLedaHarper: On board, scattered to various corners.
(21:28:08) DoctorTav: Someone text him that we are actually holding our breath, and that Wright just passed out.
(21:28:18) LtLedaHarper: Ooh. Not good.
(21:28:52) DoctorTav: Well, once she passed out, she did start breathing again
(21:29:13) LtJGAlexisWright: But then I regained consciousness and held my breath again.
(21:29:50) DoctorTav: So I guess the question is, how much do they care about Wright?
(21:30:04) LtJGAlexisWright: Very little.
(21:30:29) LtLedaHarper: I'm not the one causing the breath-holding!
(21:31:07) DoctorTav: On something said before, if Kuari doesn't like you, you are a very, very bad person
(21:31:20) LtLedaHarper: ....I'm not a bad person.
(21:31:30) DoctorTav: So Kuari must like you, right?
(21:32:30) LtLedaHarper: I sure as hell hope so.
(21:32:54) LtKuari: Guys. :: sits down, still eye-level with most :: I'm right here.
(21:33:17) VAdmBlackthorne: Alright, looks like we're boned for tonight. We'll try again next week.
(21:33:49) LtJGAlexisWright: ;_;
(21:34:05) VAdmBlackthorne: Thanks for coming, everyone.
(21:34:28) LtLedaHarper: Bummer. Thanks, Admiral.
(21:34:29) LtJGAlexisWright: Okays, bye!
(21:34:39) LtJGAlexisWright: Have a lovely evening ^_^
(21:34:41) DoctorTav: Good night, everyone.
(21:34:42) CdrTKirr: Yes, thanks for showing up. Apologies, ecetera. >_<
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