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(21:00:04) VAdmBlackthorne: Hiya
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(21:00:12) VAdmBlackthorne: Hiya
(21:00:29) CdrTKirr: Good evening.
(21:00:37) LtJGAlexisWright: Ahoy.
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(21:00:52) VAdmBlackthorne: Hiya
(21:00:55) ColDougMcKnight: Hey.
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(21:01:26) VAdmBlackthorne: Hiya
(21:01:29) LtJorvanTav: Hiya, everyone.
(21:01:30) ColDougMcKnight: Looking like no Rachel tonight. She's just had a tough day, and needs to get a little extra rest.
(21:02:06) ColDougMcKnight: Can't promise I'll be all here either, to be honest. I'll keep an eye on the chat, of course, but I'm scrambling to try and prepare for a job interview of sorts tomorrow.
(21:02:39) VAdmBlackthorne: Hm.
(21:03:01) VAdmBlackthorne: Well we're kinda dependent on you for this plot, sooooooo ideas?
(21:03:47) CdrTKirr: Hm, ideas not dependent on McKnight...
(21:04:06) CdrTKirr: Already did a party
(21:04:21) CdrTKirr: We could do... party after the party
(21:04:39) VAdmBlackthorne: That's a party.
(21:04:44) CdrTKirr: One where McKnight drank too much and has already passed out
(21:04:51) LtJGAlexisWright: I think it's technically and afterparty.
(21:04:52) CdrTKirr: And Percy, too...
(21:04:55) LtJGAlexisWright: an, even
(21:05:01) CdrTKirr: Mm.
(21:05:05) CdrTKirr: Tav?
(21:05:10) LtJorvanTav: And the good doctor seems to be taking an extended leave of absence.
(21:05:20) ColDougMcKnight: Are you? We already talked about leaving Gerard behind for this next phase. You have a pirate to chase, sure, but whether or not you catch him isn't something I'd need to steer, especially.
(21:05:25) CdrTKirr: Probably went on vacation somewhere free
(21:05:30) LtJGAlexisWright: We have a good doctor? I thought we just had Roxy.
(21:05:35) LtJorvanTav: Ah. She didn't take us?
(21:05:41) LtJorvanTav: I guess she's not good then
(21:05:51) LtJGAlexisWright: She's naughty. Very naughty.
(21:06:20) VAdmBlackthorne: I'd still definitely need my tactical officer for when we catch the bastard.
(21:06:22) LtJorvanTav: Okay. So then, is there a side plot that we could do, like that one where we all went insane?
(21:06:33) CdrTKirr: So maybe we're in the process of catching =X
(21:06:38) CdrTKirr: No catchy tonight
(21:06:56) LtJGAlexisWright: We could do a "hey, remember that thing that happened a while ago that we didn't flesh out? Let's do it now" episode
(21:07:05) LtJorvanTav: Or maybe like that other side plot where we all went crazy.
(21:07:16) CdrTKirr: As opposed to insane.
(21:07:18) CdrTKirr: Gotcha.
(21:07:22) LtJorvanTav: Of course.
(21:07:22) LtJGAlexisWright: Or we could all go nutso
(21:07:27) LtJorvanTav: I make a lot of sense when I've had rum
(21:07:44) CdrTKirr: Best plot ever, Wright. Shoulda seen it. =P
(21:07:55) LtJorvanTav: I would much rather be rummed up than coughing all over you =/
(21:07:59) CdrTKirr: Oh wait, you CAN
(21:08:07) VAdmBlackthorne: True!
(21:08:08) CdrTKirr: Me, too.
(21:08:15) LtJGAlexisWright: Wait, what?
(21:08:21) CdrTKirr: *hears crickets for first time in two months*
(21:08:40) CdrTKirr: Logs.
(21:08:42) LtJorvanTav: Is that how long it's been since I was here to make bad jokes?
(21:08:49) CdrTKirr: No, I mean the coughing.
(21:08:53) LtJorvanTav: Ah
(21:08:54) LtJGAlexisWright: orite.
(21:09:17) VAdmBlackthorne: I wrote a highlight about it too as Harper, Pi-D
(21:09:20) LtKuari: :: sniffs around along the edge of the room for the plot ::
(21:09:23) LtJorvanTav: We could always do the ever-overly-cliche thing of going back in time
(21:09:28) VAdmBlackthorne: Oh god no.
(21:09:49) LtJorvanTav: You responded so fast that I didn't think you were responding to me
(21:09:53) LtKuari: Same lol
(21:09:55) VAdmBlackthorne: No, it was just that fast.
(21:10:01) LtKuari: He hasn't had rum.
(21:10:09) VAdmBlackthorne: Time travel. Just no.
(21:10:16) CdrTKirr: I count five seconds. One of them was typing.
(21:10:16) LtJorvanTav: Well, then there's forward in time, at a one-to-one ration
(21:10:17) LtJGAlexisWright: Rumballs? Wright family recipe?
(21:10:19) LtJorvanTav: ratio
(21:10:25) CdrTKirr: No, just rum.
(21:10:33) LtJorvanTav: But I do want the rum balls
(21:10:36) LtJGAlexisWright: Oh. That's less entertaining.
(21:10:45) CdrTKirr: In root beer it's not bad
(21:10:48) LtJorvanTav: I would like to see more of a drunk Rucara
(21:10:54) VAdmBlackthorne: I had some great bourbon balls over Christmas.
(21:10:55) LtKuari: O_o
(21:11:10) LtJGAlexisWright: You would? I found it kind of alarming.
(21:11:13) LtKuari: :: resumes sniffing ::
(21:12:56) LtJorvanTav: Well, this conversation seems to have stopped
(21:13:01) CdrTKirr: No ideas. =/
(21:13:02) LtJGAlexisWright: Parallel universe? Dream sequence? Holodeck accident?
(21:13:15) LtJorvanTav: Holodeck accident? Hmm...
(21:13:21) LtKuari: Oh noes, Lost Harbor is... lost!
(21:13:30) VAdmBlackthorne: Once, there was an entire year of sims that were in a parallel universe.
(21:13:31) LtKuari: With Wright in it! Dun dun DUUUN
(21:13:49) VAdmBlackthorne: Well, eight months
(21:14:00) CdrTKirr: That's 'cause we slack
(21:14:12) CdrTKirr: But slacking's cool.
(21:14:16) LtJorvanTav: So after the party, we are all stuck in the holodeck
(21:14:18) CdrTKirr: Except with logs =X
(21:14:27) VAdmBlackthorne: :: coughs :
(21:14:45) LtJGAlexisWright: and the safety controls are off and we have an extremely drunk Rucara.
(21:14:49) CdrTKirr: Hey, I just finished another book, okay?
(21:14:49) LtJGAlexisWright: WE ALL GOAN DIE
(21:15:04) LtKuari: :: seamonster ::
(21:15:17) LtJGAlexisWright: :: flee ::
(21:15:31) LtKuari: :: moves like clay ::
(21:15:38) VAdmBlackthorne: Alright, here's the dealio
(21:15:41) LtJorvanTav: And Rucaras have this cute little thing that alcohol takes a very long time to actually feel the FULL effects of alcohol
(21:15:57) LtJorvanTav: And I repeat myself, but then I would be redundant
(21:15:59) CdrTKirr: Psst! Don't make me tweet.
(21:16:05) LtJGAlexisWright: :: breaks a heel :: :: breaks the other heel :: :: somehow gets her shoes back and breaks ANOTHER heel ::
(21:16:12) VAdmBlackthorne: We'll continue the plot, hopefully with a few choice lines here and there from McKnight when needed?
(21:16:29) LtJGAlexisWright: Soldier onward, aye Sir.
(21:16:51) LtKuari: :: salute :: Owait I'm not in the plot.... :: wanders away, tail between legs ::
(21:16:58) VAdmBlackthorne: After all, it's been too long.
(21:17:02) ColDougMcKnight: I...I'd like to, but the more I think on it, the more I realize, I just critically need this time. It's actually pretty important.
(21:17:04) CdrTKirr: It really has.
(21:17:13) CdrHarper [] entered the room.
(21:17:48) LtJGAlexisWright: But then the animator suffered a fatal heart attack.. and the beast was no more.
(21:18:14) CdrTKirr: And we chased the pirates down... and we caught them... and we won.
(21:18:21) CdrTKirr: There, that was easy!
(21:18:22) LtJGAlexisWright: Yay us!
(21:18:54) LtJGAlexisWright: :: high-fives T'Kirr ::
(21:19:18) VAdmBlackthorne: Scratch that then, I'd rather just wait and do it right next week.
(21:20:01) CdrTKirr: 10-4
(21:20:03) LtJorvanTav: In the meantime...
(21:20:16) LtJorvanTav: Drunk Rucaras...
(21:20:18) LtJGAlexisWright: So there's this holodeck accident in a parallel universe...
(21:20:22) LtJorvanTav: Well, just one
(21:20:23) LtKuari: :: sits down heavily :: No plots here. =/
(21:20:32) VAdmBlackthorne: We could just continue the party where we left off, at the bonfire.
(21:20:35) ColDougMcKnight: For the record, I'm feeling stressed enough that I wouldn't have my head in the game anyway. So I'm gonna go, try and grab a short nap myself or...something. Sorry, and I'll see everyone next week.
(21:20:38) VAdmBlackthorne: There was baconing to be done.
(21:20:49) LtJGAlexisWright: Good luck, McKnight!
(21:20:52) LtKuari: Good luck tomorrow. =)
(21:20:57) VAdmBlackthorne: Break a leg.
(21:20:57) LtKuari: Don't stress, you'll do great!
(21:21:06) LtJorvanTav: Baconing, and McKnight has drunk himself stiff. Good luck, man
(21:21:11) ColDougMcKnight: Thanks. Night, everyone.
(21:21:14) ColDougMcKnight left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
(21:23:25) LtJorvanTav: We could all play poker. I think I have a holodeck program of Cdr. Data somewhere.
(21:23:38) VAdmBlackthorne: That wouldn't be fair, I'd win.
(21:23:47) LtKuari: What's poker?
(21:24:00) LtJorvanTav: Well, I know who'd lose\
(21:24:10) VAdmBlackthorne: Telepathic fighter jock = automatically poker king
(21:24:17) CdrTKirr: LOL
(21:24:19) LtJorvanTav: True that
(21:24:46) VAdmBlackthorne: Well, shall we just resume where we left off last week?
(21:24:51) LtJorvanTav: Well, we could always have a starship crew from the future come watch us, because all our crew is is a holodeck simulation of a past event. Boo ending of Enterprise
(21:25:00) CdrTKirr: That's what i said in the first place! Party after the party!
(21:25:18) CdrTKirr: Omg, no time travel. TIME TRAVEL. OUT.
(21:25:32) LtJorvanTav: That's not time travel. And it's not Riker.
(21:25:38) CdrTKirr: But yeah, that episode never happened.
(21:25:44) LtJorvanTav: Agreed.
(21:25:56) LtKuari: What's poker?
(21:26:18) LtJGAlexisWright: It's a long pointy thing.
(21:26:30) LtKuari: :: puts head down, raising her horn up :: Like this?
(21:26:35) LtJorvanTav: I don't think that she was asking in the pornographic sense
(21:26:45) LtKuari: What's pornographic?
(21:27:04) CdrTKirr: Ahh... the opposite of me.
(21:27:32) CdrTKirr: I think we've been watching too much Improv'a'ganza
(21:27:40) CdrTKirr: With rum
(21:27:50) LtJorvanTav: The show where, I can't believe I am about to say this, but Drew Carey is actually funny
(21:27:57) CdrTKirr: Once in a while
(21:28:05) LtJorvanTav: Yes, from time to time
(21:28:06) CdrTKirr: It's more funny what people do to him
(21:28:07) VAdmBlackthorne: Alrighty then, let's get back to the luau. There was a bonfire with a buffet and a drunk Rucara.
(21:28:20) CdrHarper: And baocn.
(21:28:22) CdrHarper: BACON.
(21:28:32) LtJGAlexisWright: Uh... I meant like a fireplace poker. You guys are naghty.
(21:28:34) LtJorvanTav: But that's more than he ever was on the Drew Carey show, Whose Line, Sounds Dangerous or any other venue I've seen him in
(21:28:36) LtJGAlexisWright: naughty, too
(21:28:38) VAdmBlackthorne has changed the topic to: LUAU 2: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO
(21:28:39) LtKuari: :: takes place facing the bonfire her tail still to the ocean ::
(21:28:50) VAdmBlackthorne: RESUME PARTY
(21:28:52) VAdmBlackthorne: RESUME PARTY
(21:28:54) VAdmBlackthorne: RESUME PARTY
(21:28:59) LtKuari: :: shakes like a dog, flinging water ::
(21:29:10) LtJorvanTav: :: gets sprayed by the Rucara ::
(21:29:22) LtJGAlexisWright: :: having dropped into the sand just at Kuari's feet, gets very wet ::
(21:29:24) CdrTKirr: :: is gratefully on the other side of the bonfire ::
(21:29:26) VAdmBlackthorne: :: has turned away from the bacon to face the bonfire with T'Kirr, arm around her ::
(21:29:27) LtKuari: :: then flaps wings ::
(21:29:34) CdrHarper: :: bacons ::
(21:29:43) LtJGAlexisWright: :: sand gets kicked up by wings to stick to the wet
(21:29:46) LtJGAlexisWright: ::
(21:30:39) LtKuari: :: is careful not to get her hands in the sand, sways just a bit after shaking off ::
(21:30:47) LtJorvanTav: :: walks over to the pig and picks off some choice meat ::
(21:31:51) LtJorvanTav: :: walks back over and plops down next to Kuari :: You're done flinging water?
(21:32:06) CdrHarper: :: has a plate full of ham and bacon ::
(21:32:54) LtKuari: :: thinks a moment :: Yep.
(21:33:21) VAdmBlackthorne: Jack> :: has the staff move things out to the outdoor bar, quickly sets up shop ::
(21:33:25) LtKuari: :: glances down at Tav, notices his hair, then drags her giraffe-like tongue through it ::
(21:34:30) LtJorvanTav: :: is nearly bowled off his butt by the strength of the drunk Rucara's tongue ::
(21:34:31) CdrTKirr: :: leans into Ian, enjoying the warm ::
(21:34:56) LtJGAlexisWright: :: attempts to brush herself off, standing ::
(21:35:04) LtKuari: :: catches Tav ::
(21:35:38) LtJorvanTav: :: having been steadied, grabs a piece of pork off his plate and bites into it ::
(21:36:04) LtKuari: :: eyes the bacon for a moment before reflexively turning away ::
(21:36:20) LtKuari: :: pork, bacon, same thing ::
(21:36:42) VAdmBlackthorne: Ever toasted a marshmallow?
(21:37:18) CdrTKirr: No. I've heard it mentioned with campfires before. :: cranes neck to look up at Ian ::
(21:37:29) LtJorvanTav: :: raises his glass :: Sure, I'll toast anything, but what is there about a marshmallow to toast?
(21:37:48) VAdmBlackthorne: :: groans at Tav :: Stay right here.
(21:38:08) VAdmBlackthorne: :: ducks back to the table, finds a couple conveniently placed marshmallows and a couple of skewers ::
(21:38:32) VAdmBlackthorne: :: the skewers, thankfully, are wooden and not metal! ::
(21:39:31) LtJGAlexisWright: :: gives up getting the sand off of her and plops down into the sand, watching the fire ::
(21:39:36) CdrTKirr: :: stays ::
(21:40:01) LtJorvanTav: :: looks over to Wright and her failure at getting the sand off :: Hey, it's holographic anyway. No need to worry.
(21:40:32) LtKuari: :: wanders towards the bonfire ::
(21:40:47) VAdmBlackthorne: :: brings back the skewers and stay-pufts ::
(21:40:56) VAdmBlackthorne: :: hands her one of each ::
(21:41:21) CdrTKirr: :: takes them and watches him ::
(21:41:58) VAdmBlackthorne: :: skewers a marshmallow then approaches closer to the bonfire ::
(21:42:07) LtJGAlexisWright: :: blinks at Tav :: Tell that to my bum.
(21:42:09) LtJorvanTav: :: after finishing his piece of pork, sets the plate to the side, leans back and contemplates the stars ::
(21:42:20) CdrTKirr: :: gets momentarily distracted, watching Kuari move and notices how similarly it is to the Krutaan of Vulcan ::
(21:43:01) CdrTKirr: :: sticks her marshmallow and gets in next to Ian, extending her marshmallow into the fire ::
(21:43:35) LtKuari: :: picks up a flaming stick from the bonfire in her mouth ::
(21:43:52) LtJGAlexisWright: :: watches Kuari :: Er.
(21:44:11) LtJorvanTav: :: quickly stands up and backs away from Kuari ::
(21:44:52) LtKuari: :: takes off down the beach, the stick flame roaring along in a streak of orange light ::
(21:45:14) LtJorvanTav: :: thinks for a moment :: Good thing the safeties are on.
(21:45:39) CdrTKirr: :: mentally shrugs off the flaming dragon and concentrates on her sweet treat starting to melt off her stick ::
(21:45:49) VAdmBlackthorne: :: toasty! ::
(21:45:56) LtJorvanTav: :: turns to Wright :: Why did you give her three rum balls?
(21:45:57) CdrTKirr: :: picks it up and blows on it ::
(21:46:42) LtKuari: :: the orange dot rises into the sky ::
(21:47:08) LtJorvanTav: :: turns back toward the now flying fireball and shakes his head :: I hope she doesn't decide to come pillage the village.
(21:47:29) VAdmBlackthorne: ;: eyes the toasty stay-puft ::
(21:47:33) LtKuari: :: said orange dot suddenly plummets downwards and bounces before being snuffed out ::
(21:47:41) LtJGAlexisWright: :: shrugs at Tav while moving to place Tav between herself and Kuari :: I didn't think she'd take them all!
(21:48:36) LtJorvanTav: :: notices the now lack-of-fire, and becomes slightly alarmed, running down the beach toward where the fire snuffed out ::
(21:49:02) CdrTKirr: :: tests the marshmallow gingerly between thumb and forefinger :: Is it supposed to be... squishy?
(21:49:06) LtJGAlexisWright: Gah! :: follows a few steps behind ::
(21:49:23) VAdmBlackthorne: :: grins :: Yep.
(21:49:32) LtKuari: :: lands with a thud next to Tav :: Whew! Now I'm dry.
(21:50:08) LtJorvanTav: :: is surprised by Kuari's landing next to him, and on his next step crashes into a roll in shock ::
(21:50:27) LtKuari: :: looks at their faces :: What? Did you expect me to hold the stick until it burned into my mouth? It burns very fast when you run with it.
(21:51:19) LtJGAlexisWright: :: trips over Tav and plows face-first into the sand :: Mmrrphghg!
(21:51:23) CdrHarper: :: finishes baconing, and contented, rolls up to the outdoor bar and orders another pina colada ::
(21:51:39) LtKuari: :: wilts a little :: You're mad at me.
(21:52:31) CdrTKirr: :: gently nibbles the softened edge of the marshmallow, finding that was a bad idea ::
(21:52:45) LtJorvanTav: :: stands up and wipes sand from his tongue :: No, I am not mad... I just got concerned when I saw the fire fall. You sort of had a lot of alcohol.
(21:54:01) VAdmBlackthorne: Watch out, they're gooey.
(21:54:36) CdrTKirr: :: licks frantically, attempting to unstick the goo from her mouth ::
(21:54:41) LtJGAlexisWright: .....Phhrrnnmph.
(21:54:53) CdrTKirr: :: eyes Ian helplessly ::
(21:55:25) LtKuari: :: notices Wright's plight and quickly goes over and lifts her face out of the sand ::
(21:55:31) LtKuari: Sorry...
(21:56:11) LtKuari: :: cranes her long neck to Tav :: That was a lot of alcohol? It seemed so... small.
(21:57:14) LtJGAlexisWright: :: sees stars :: Did someone get the number of that truck?
(21:57:16) VAdmBlackthorne: :: leans in and picks the goo off with a chuckle ::
(21:58:52) LtKuari: Yeah. The truck's number is eighty-five. :: grins :: That's how old I am!
(21:59:01) LtKuari: :: face falls :: Sorry.
(21:59:05) LtJorvanTav: :: glances at Wright, then back to Kuari :: It was... concentrated.
(22:00:40) LtJGAlexisWright: Thassokay, Kuari. I think I'm fine now. :: attempts to stand up, but falls on her behind in the sand :: Or maybe no. But I'll definitely be fine. Maybe I just need bacon.
(22:02:01) LtKuari: I'll bring you to bacon. :: hauls Wright over her back and shifts her into place with her wings, then takes off again ::
(22:02:10) LtKuari: :: on foot, by the way ::
(22:02:24) LtJGAlexisWright: Oof.
(22:02:49) LtJGAlexisWright: :: is carried ::
(22:03:47) LtKuari: :: skids to a stop at bacon, Wright smacking into her :: Oops, sorry. That's never happened before.
(22:03:54) LtJorvanTav: :: watches as Kuari carries Wright away toward the bonfire, and slowly follows ::
(22:04:02) VAdmBlackthorne: You've gotta either eat it all at once, or pull it apart and eat half at once.
(22:04:20) LtJGAlexisWright: Whoof. :: is bounced around haphazardly ::
(22:04:24) VAdmBlackthorne: :: makes sure his is cool enough and pulls it apart, then leans his head back and drops the gooey thing in ::
(22:04:26) CdrTKirr: :: watches Ian intently :: Show me.
(22:04:46) CdrTKirr: :: raises eyebrows and copies him ::
(22:05:20) LtKuari: :: sets Wright down carefully :: Um... have some bacon. Away from... me. You'll feel better.
(22:05:41) LtJGAlexisWright: Wha? Don'goway.
(22:05:52) LtJGAlexisWright: :: pulls at bacon ::
(22:06:04) VAdmBlackthorne: :: offers her the other half :
(22:06:29) LtKuari: :: jerks back as the bacon is shoved in her face ::
(22:06:52) LtKuari: :: Crap sorry I thought that was Wright! ::
(22:07:50) CdrTKirr: :: Helps if you read, stupid dragon :: :: shakes her head and watches Ian ::
(22:08:15) VAdmBlackthorne: :: glomps it ::
(22:08:58) LtJorvanTav: :: finally catches up to the scene of Wright and Kuari, and sits down a very short distance away ::
(22:09:20) LtJGAlexisWright: yanno,Kuari.... You mightlikea mushmellow.
(22:09:31) LtKuari: :: looks back at Tav, eyes him suspiciously ::
(22:09:31) LtJGAlexisWright: :: awkwardly noms on pork ::
(22:10:01) LtKuari: What's a... marsh.... Tav wants to steal your pork.
(22:10:12) VAdmBlackthorne: Jack> :: hands Kate another pina colada, this one in a coconut shell, and leans back to watch ::
(22:10:42) LtKuari: :: eye twitch ::
(22:11:10) CdrTKirr: :: watches Ian with interest :: It's... too sweet.
(22:11:24) LtJorvanTav: :: looks alarmedly at Kuari :: What? I don't want her pork! What do you ...
(22:12:00) LtKuari: :: takes off zero to sixty in three second and makes a flying leap into Tav, somersaulting them across the sand ::
(22:12:04) LtJorvanTav: ... Oof!
(22:12:08) LtJGAlexisWright: :: protectively cradles pork closer to herself, glaring accusingly at Tav:: Mushmellows good. Basically concentrated sugar.
(22:12:25) LtKuari: <sorry, delay my statement =)>
(22:12:30) VAdmBlackthorne: Ah well, at least you've toasted a marshmallow now.
(22:12:49) LtJGAlexisWright: (( my bad, type slow.))
(22:13:15) CdrTKirr: :: hears an 'oof' and looks ::
(22:13:16) CdrHarper: :: wanders up to the baconing in progress ::
(22:13:27) CdrHarper: :: coconut full of colada in hand :;
(22:14:21) LtKuari: :: once rolled to a stop, attacks Tav with heavy-lipped bites around various limbs and tailwraps anywhere in reach ::
(22:14:47) LtJorvanTav: :: after three sommersaults, finds himself flat on his back being play attacked by the Rucara ::
(22:14:58) LtJGAlexisWright: :: watches with wide eyes, gnawing on pork ::
(22:14:58) CdrTKirr: :: raises eyebrow and ignores the drunk dragon again, favoring Ian's company :: Don't get me wrong, I like it. I just don't want more than one.
(22:15:24) CdrTKirr: (Wright you're hilarious lol)
(22:15:34) VAdmBlackthorne: Shouldn't eat more than one anyway, or Dr. Carre will lecture.
(22:15:40) LtJorvanTav: ( I get the feeling Wright is just glad it's not her this time )
(22:15:41) CdrTKirr: Really?
(22:15:49) LtKuari: :: growls ::
(22:17:26) LtJorvanTav: :: attempts to fight back, but is pinned to the sand ::
(22:17:37) LtJGAlexisWright: :: without taking her eyes off Kuari and Tav, reaches over and grabs a handful of marshmallows and shoves them in her mouth, chewing slowly with huge puffy cheeks ::
(22:18:02) VAdmBlackthorne: Oh yes, they're pure sugar.
(22:18:25) CdrHarper: :: watches Wright, impressed :;
(22:18:53) LtKuari: :: unpins Tav's limbs and starts gnawing on his leg :: Om nom nom...
(22:19:50) LtJorvanTav: :: quickly sits upright and tries to escape. Once on his feet, he returns the ambush ::
(22:19:54) CdrTKirr: Yes, they are. I understand sugar is very digestable, but it's... too much in such a concentration.
(22:20:33) VAdmBlackthorne: It's a nice occasional treat.
(22:20:40) LtKuari: :: takes the ambush in stride and meets Tav's attack, tussling in the sand ::
(22:20:54) CdrHarper: :: then turns to watch the wrestling match! ::
(22:20:58) LtJorvanTav: :: finds himself once again under Kuari ::
(22:22:39) LtJorvanTav: :: fights his way out of her grip, only to find that she was repositioning... ::
(22:22:46) LtKuari: :: fits her mouth over Tav's head for a moment before deciding it best not to suffocate her crewmate and goes for his arm ::
(22:23:13) CdrHarper: :: turns to Wright :: A bar of latinum on Kuari.
(22:23:53) LtKuari: :: flaps wings around on the sand, trying to keep her balance as Tav struggles ::
(22:24:09) LtJorvanTav: :: rips his arm out of Kuari's jaws and makes a run for it down the beach, even managing to make it an impressive distance away before... :
(22:24:11) LtJorvanTav: ::
(22:24:11) LtJGAlexisWright: :: looks at Harper, then at Tav, then back at Harper :: Mrrr uum! :: with a nod and thumbs up around a mouthful of marshmallow ::
(22:24:23) LtKuari: :: eyes go narrow :: Chase. :: takes off like a shot ::
(22:24:53) CdrHarper: :: has no idea what that means ::
(22:24:54) LtKuari: :: flaps a few times to gain air and glomps, rolling again ::
(22:26:35) VAdmBlackthorne: They're certainly getting spirited.
(22:27:02) CdrTKirr: Indeed. I believe Lieutenant Wright offered Kuari rum balls.
(22:27:03) LtJorvanTav: :: in the roll, grabs at what he can and finds Kuari's horn in his hand. What the hell, it's something he hasn't tried yet, so he pulls the horn toward himself ::
(22:27:06) LtJGAlexisWright: :: rolls her eyes and swallows the marshmallowmouthful as fast as she can. :: I SAID, 'You're on!'
(22:27:26) CdrHarper: :: grins :: You are seriously betting against the dragon?
(22:27:35) LtJorvanTav: :: (along his body, that is, not like through him) ::
(22:28:10) LtKuari: :: yelps and stops as Tav has her by the horn, unable to move her head, swiveling her eye in his direction in surprise ::
(22:29:10) LtJorvanTav: :: as shocked as Kuari at the fact that he has suddenly taken control, uses this new knowledge to his advantage and pins the dragon ::
(22:29:40) LtKuari: :: is pinned to the sand, tail thwapping Tav in the back as her feet scramble in the sand ::
(22:29:45) LtJGAlexisWright: I seriously am. I think Tav can take her.
(22:30:06) CdrHarper: Looks like you may be right... but she is a Marine, she will come through in the end.
(22:30:58) LtJorvanTav: :: sits up to his knees, keeping Kuari's horn tightly against the sand, unfazed by the tail thwapping him ::
(22:31:21) LtJGAlexisWright: But if you think about it, it's really two against one.
(22:31:31) CdrHarper: Ah, because he is Trill?
(22:31:47) LtKuari: :: finding no relief, wraps tail around Tav's thin middle and squeezes like an anaconda ::
(22:32:32) LtJorvanTav: :: feeling the tail wrap, Tav realizes if he doesn't change something he will lose, and so lifts the horn to waist height, barely giving Kuari a chance to follow it, and certainly not comfortably ::
(22:32:34) VAdmBlackthorne: This could be science in the making, then. The effect of rum on Rucara.
(22:32:50) LtJGAlexisWright: :: nods at Harper ::
(22:33:04) LtKuari: :: screeches into the holodeck night and manages to get her wing out from under Tav's knee and thwaps him in the head with it ::
(22:33:22) CdrHarper: When I see the symbiont get out and fight, then I would agree.
(22:33:44) LtJGAlexisWright: :: snorts with laughter at that mental image ::
(22:34:05) LtJorvanTav: :: realizing that pain is just part of the process, allows Kuari to thrash around all she wants. He has control ::
(22:34:10) CdrTKirr: :: just watches ::
(22:34:14) CdrHarper: :: grins and drinks from her coconut ::
(22:35:05) LtJorvanTav: :: manages to get next to Kuari's neck and keep her on all fours, so that she can no longer reach him with her wing, and keeps the horn at such a level that she must keep her feet on the ground to not lose balance. ::
(22:36:14) LtKuari: :: shouts in frustration and uses the only thing she has--speed--and just run s::
(22:36:33) LtJorvanTav: :: takes a tighter hold of her horn and stops Kuari short ::
(22:37:28) VAdmBlackthorne: The plot thickens.
(22:37:48) LtJorvanTav: (( shouldn't that follow ACTION> ?))
(22:37:52) LtKuari: :: stops fast as a jerk on a horse's reigns, losing her sense of equilibrium and rears, eventually falling backward ::
(22:37:57) LtJGAlexisWright: :: surreptitiously crams another handful of marshmallows in her mouth ::
(22:37:58) VAdmBlackthorne: (Nope, Ian said that)
(22:38:06) CdrHarper: How do you DO that?!
(22:38:18) LtKuari: ((rofl!))
(22:38:39) LtKuari: ((Can I call her rabbit-cheeks?))
(22:38:46) LtJGAlexisWright: :: looks up at Harper and shrugs, grinning around her marshmallows ::
(22:39:05) LtJorvanTav: :: forces Kuari back to all fours and eventually to just her hind legs, then triumphantly, and somewhat slowly, walks Kuari back to the bonfire ::
(22:39:18) CdrHarper: Your cheeks are like that of a squirrel!
(22:39:47) VAdmBlackthorne: :: applauds Tav ::
(22:40:21) VAdmBlackthorne: :: whispers to T'Kirr :: Better not tell McKnight that one of his marines just got bested by a science officer.
(22:40:46) LtJGAlexisWright: :: swallows marshmallows and holds her left hand out to Harper :: Pay up.
(22:40:48) LtJorvanTav: :: walks Kuari up to Blackthorne with a gleam in his eye :: Sir, what would you like me to do with this prisoner ::
(22:41:01) LtJorvanTav: *prisoner?
(22:41:04) LtKuari: :: blinks inner eyelids to dislodge sand from her large eyes so she can blink properly :: Meh.
(22:41:12) CdrHarper: :: pulls out a little bar of latinum from her bra and deposits it in Wright's palm ::
(22:41:37) VAdmBlackthorne: Consign her to the briny deep!
(22:41:40) CdrTKirr: (Wow, what else does she keep in there?)
(22:41:50) CdrHarper: (It was a little bar!)
(22:42:10) CdrTKirr: (Next time we see each other I'd like to see you try it))
(22:42:15) LtJorvanTav: Aye, sir! :: manhandles Kuari and leads her to the water ::
(22:42:32) LtKuari: !
(22:42:33) CdrHarper: (I'm not wearing a bra)
(22:42:49) CdrTKirr: (I know... ignore me... drink)
(22:42:57) CdrHarper: (wow)
(22:43:16) LtJorvanTav: ( Too much watching Ryan Stiles )
(22:43:22) CdrTKirr: (Or that)
(22:43:44) LtKuari: We're going... swimming?
(22:43:47) LtJGAlexisWright: :: tucks her newly-acquired bar of latinum into her own own bra ::
(22:44:27) LtJorvanTav: :: reaches the water, leads Kuari to waist depth, and shoves her under the water :: Enjoy Davey Jones' Locker! :: tosses Kuari toward the deeper water ::
(22:44:45) VAdmBlackthorne: :: idly wishes he had a plank for someone to walk ::
(22:45:02) LtKuari: (Um, create one?)
(22:45:06) LtKuari: :: is tossed ::
(22:45:18) VAdmBlackthorne: (I'd have to make the whole ship!)
(22:45:31) VAdmBlackthorne: Dunk the Dragon.
(22:46:02) LtKuari: :: finds herself bobbing easily to the top of the water and horn-free, narrows eyes at Tav, gator-like ::
(22:47:05) VAdmBlackthorne: :: Waits for it ::
(22:47:12) VAdmBlackthorne: :: waaaaaaaaaits for it ::
(22:47:23) CdrTKirr: :: hums Jaws ::
(22:47:40) LtJorvanTav: :: turns back toward shore, blissfully unaware of what is about to happen... ::
(22:48:31) CdrTKirr: :: flaps until she's airborne and lands neaty on Tav, dragging him underwater and out to sea ::
(22:48:43) CdrTKirr: ((That's... so kuari))
(22:48:48) LtJGAlexisWright: :: tries to call a warning to Tav :: Mrrrphh!! :: curses her mouthful of marshmallows ::
(22:49:10) CdrHarper: :: palm up back toward Wright ::
(22:49:19) LtJorvanTav: :: finds the wind knocked him as he is knocked to the sand under the water. On his stomach, with Kuari behind him, there is no way to get to that horn, if he was even able to think that far right now ::
(22:50:14) LtJorvanTav: :: feels himself being dragged by the feet, unable to respond, unable to fight back for a few key seconds ::
(22:50:24) VAdmBlackthorne: I wonder if we'll see them again...
(22:51:14) LtJGAlexisWright: :: shakes her head :: I'm not ready to give up on Tav yet...
(22:51:36) LtJorvanTav: ( I think the actual match you were betting on is over )
(22:52:10) LtJGAlexisWright: (( I think so too, but Lexy isn't tough enough to argue with Kate. ))
(22:52:20) LtKuari: :: finally breaks the surface, not concentrating on swimming down and not weighing enough, and lets him go to take stock of what's going on ::
(22:52:23) CdrHarper: :: smirks :
(22:52:31) VAdmBlackthorne: (We'll pause at the hour, bw)
(22:52:33) VAdmBlackthorne: (btw)
(22:52:52) LtJorvanTav: :: after what seems like an hour, feels himself brought to the surface and is now, finally, able to take a breath and regain his surroundings LL
(22:52:53) CdrTKirr: (Oh, so I've got some time)
(22:52:54) LtJorvanTav: ::
(22:53:52) LtJorvanTav: :: now able to think again, takes stock of the situation, and the fact that the water is much deeper than where he could touch bottom. But he doesn't think that'll be a problem ::
(22:54:03) LtKuari: :: homes in on Tav's gasping like the true hunter she is and pounces again ::
(22:54:09) LtJorvanTav: :: realizes he has a problem ::
(22:55:27) LtJorvanTav: :: fights to turn and face his attacker, but realizes that that will place him face-up underwater. ::
(22:55:49) CdrTKirr: :: suddenly disappears underwater, leaving the water calm around Tav ::
(22:55:58) CdrTKirr: ((damn it))
(22:56:02) LtJGAlexisWright: :: stands up to get a better view ::
(22:56:13) LtJorvanTav: :: realize this newfound peace is NOT a good thing ::
(22:57:01) LtJorvanTav: :: looks around panickedly for the submerged dragon. He realizes there is no way he'll see her until too late, but he won't go down without a fight ::
(22:57:21) LtKuari: :: finds Tav's foot and yanks him under ::
(22:57:32) LtJorvanTav: :: to those watching from the shore, suddenly disappears under the waves ::
(22:57:36) CdrHarper: Just like that movie I saw on Earth....
(22:58:27) LtKuari: :: tussles in the depths ::
(22:58:32) LtJGAlexisWright: :: directs a questioning glance at Kate ::
(22:59:41) CdrHarper: About the shark? Um... Claws.
(22:59:52) CdrHarper: No that makes no sense, sharks do not have claws.
(23:00:19) LtJorvanTav: :: drags himself up onto the shore minutes later, barely past the water's edge, and collapses to the sand, struggling for each and every precious breath ::
(23:00:20) LtJGAlexisWright: Um. Teeth?
(23:00:51) LtKuari: :: emerges from the surf after him on all fours, head and tail down, then slumps onto her belly next to him and stays ::
(23:01:00) VAdmBlackthorne: PAUSE SIM
(23:01:02) VAdmBlackthorne: PAUSE SIM
(23:01:03) LtJorvanTav: (( Aw, that makes me sad... I rode the ride at Universal on its last day ever in operation ))
(23:01:04) VAdmBlackthorne: PAUSE SIM
(23:01:19) LtKuari: :: pauses ::
(23:01:25) LtJGAlexisWright: :: || ::
(23:01:27) LtJorvanTav: :: pauses, but keeps panting ::
(23:01:40) LtJGAlexisWright: I'll just be warming this bar of latinum in my bra for a while. MUAHAHAHA
(23:03:12) CdrHarper: It was my emergency supply :(
(23:03:34) VAdmBlackthorne: That was awesome, enjoyed the fight!
(23:03:40) CdrTKirr: We could tell. =P
(23:03:44) LtJorvanTav: Good thing you guys don't actually need money except when we go to DS9 or Ferenginar
(23:03:44) CdrTKirr: It got real quiet.
(23:03:52) LtJGAlexisWright: It's okay, I'll buy you a drink.
(23:04:18) CdrHarper: :: eyes the coconut, which is mostly empty, and shrugs ::
(23:04:25) LtJorvanTav: I didn't think we'd entertain everyone quite that way :)
(23:04:37) LtJGAlexisWright: It was kind of like our own MMA bout
(23:04:44) VAdmBlackthorne: You never know what can come out of these random aside sims
(23:05:16) CdrTKirr: I had a blast
(23:05:21) LtJorvanTav: Next week, we invite the "wrestlers" from Impact
(23:05:27) CdrTKirr: Been wanting to do that forever, honestly
(23:05:34) CdrTKirr: Although sand and water weren't a part of it...
(23:06:10) VAdmBlackthorne: Makes it more interesting.
(23:06:43) LtJorvanTav: And now we need some way to protect Kuari's horn when in combat
(23:07:07) LtJGAlexisWright: :: sticks a boxing glove on it :: Done.
(23:07:15) LtKuari: Psst, don't draw attention to it o.O
(23:08:02) VAdmBlackthorne: WEDNESDAY, WEDNESDAY, WEDNESDAY!
(23:08:38) LtJGAlexisWright: We'll sell you the whole seat BUT YOU'LL ONLY NEED THE EDGE!!!!
(23:08:50) CdrTKirr: hahaha
(23:09:28) LtJorvanTav: The really funny thing when you go to those events is the people who think it is real. Meanwhile, I was taken by a friend who works at the event, and he was telling me how the wrestlers, when he comes into work, are all out in the arena, around the ring, practicing their scripts.
(23:09:38) LtJorvanTav: Hope I didn't just ruin it for anyone
(23:10:04) LtJGAlexisWright: OMG RASSLIN IS REEL
(23:10:24) LtJorvanTav: TV Wrestling: The only place where wearing spandex underwear and girly boots makes you more manly.
(23:10:47) VAdmBlackthorne: I haven't watched that since the glory days of Hulk Hogan, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Sgt. Slaughter, and those cats
(23:11:00) LtJorvanTav: Ha ha!
(23:11:10) LtJGAlexisWright: Me neither. and MACHO MAN RANDY SAVAGE
(23:11:27) CdrTKirr: Wow... these names sound so familiar yet I know nothing
(23:11:28) VAdmBlackthorne: OH YEAH
(23:11:32) VAdmBlackthorne: SNAP INTO A SLIM JIM
(23:11:46) LtJGAlexisWright: (And let's not forget Andre the Giant)
(23:11:51) LtJorvanTav: Yep, Hulk was there the night I went. If I had to pay, I wouldn't have gone. It was kinda fun to think there are a bunch of people paying $35 per TV to watch it, and I was seeing it for free. To be fair, I spent most of the time geeking out over the stage tech and cameras
(23:11:58) LtJGAlexisWright: Yay growing up in the 80s <3
(23:11:59) VAdmBlackthorne: (Solemn head bow)
(23:12:35) LtJGAlexisWright: My berfday is Sunday, I'll be 32. :/
(23:12:59) LtJorvanTav: You be about a year ahead of Liz and me. Happy birthday!
(23:13:19) CdrTKirr: Happy Birthday!
(23:13:22) LtJGAlexisWright: Thanks! Jason is still older than me =^_^=
(23:13:31) LtJorvanTav: You should come to Disney World to celebrate
(23:13:38) LtKuari: :: glomps Alexis ::
(23:13:40) LtJorvanTav: We'll even get you into the park if you make it here that day
(23:13:53) VAdmBlackthorne: Must you remind me.
(23:13:53) LtJGAlexisWright: Disney World is about the furthest away place you can get from me in the continental US :P
(23:14:08) LtJorvanTav: Lemme guess: Portland.
(23:14:13) LtJGAlexisWright: Oregon <-------------------------------------------------------------> Florida
(23:14:24) LtJGAlexisWright: Eugene. About 2 hours south of Portland
(23:14:57) LtJGAlexisWright: You used to live here? In Portland?
(23:15:08) LtJorvanTav: My grandmother (by adoption, meaning when my Grandpa married her we adopted her) lived about a mile from U of O. We are originally from Tigard, and will be back THIS MARCH
(23:15:34) LtJGAlexisWright: Well, you should make a trip down to Eugene and I'll buy you both lunch. :)
(23:15:41) LtJorvanTav: To visit, that is. And take T'Kirr's brother back to Florida with us
(23:15:53) LtJorvanTav: Actually, we need to go to Winston anyway.
(23:16:17) LtJGAlexisWright: Winston...?
(23:16:24) LtJorvanTav: My aunt and cousin live there. Just outside Roseburg
(23:16:29) LtJGAlexisWright: Ohja,
(23:16:39) LtJGAlexisWright: So you'll have to pass through! <3
(23:16:46) LtJorvanTav: is there
(23:16:53) LtKuari: KIDNAP
(23:17:19) LtJorvanTav: So we will meet up, fer sher.
(23:17:31) LtJGAlexisWright: Yes please! I really will buy you lunch.
(23:18:01) CdrTKirr: About bloody time i had your number
(23:18:08) LtJorvanTav: Where in Eugene are you? Where from the Beltline?
(23:18:10) LtJGAlexisWright: I do better with texts than calls.
(23:18:26) LtJGAlexisWright: We on Goodpasture, right off Delta Highway near Valley River Center.
(23:18:34) LtJGAlexisWright: We LIVE on.
(23:18:37) VAdmBlackthorne: Ack now I have to edit the chatlog
(23:18:48) LtJGAlexisWright: Sorry >>;;
(23:19:05) LtJorvanTav: My Grandfather used to live walking distance from Valley River Center. I know how to get right there. We used to go there and the walking trails around the river all the time.
(23:19:06) CdrTKirr: Because of the phone number? lol
(23:19:17) CdrTKirr: BLEEEEp
(23:19:18) VAdmBlackthorne: Yeah
(23:19:29) LtJGAlexisWright: Our apartment complex is right on the river trails. :) But we are house shopping.
(23:20:19) CdrTKirr: Thing is... we won't have transportation in Oregon, unless our family drives us
(23:20:38) CdrTKirr: Nevermind, he can borrow his family's car
(23:20:53) LtJorvanTav: As it is, I have business I want to do there so we have to come back more often anyway
(23:21:01) LtJGAlexisWright: I was going to say, transportation could be arranged if necessary :)
(23:21:07) CdrTKirr: I have two other online friends who live there. Meh.
(23:21:19) CdrTKirr: WHY OREGON
(23:21:22) LtJorvanTav: Coast Starlate?
(23:21:24) CdrTKirr: Why did we leave... OWAIT
(23:21:45) LtJGAlexisWright: Why DID you leave?
(23:21:49) LtJorvanTav: I would rather take the Amtrak Cascades
(23:21:57) CdrTKirr: Disney. <_<
(23:22:07) LtJGAlexisWright: Srs?
(23:22:53) CdrTKirr: Yup.
(23:23:01) LtJGAlexisWright: Work or play?
(23:23:02) LtJorvanTav: Yup. I spent almost two years driving Monorails
(23:23:57) LtJGAlexisWright: toot toot
(23:24:15) CdrTKirr: And I drive a boat. Almost 4K hours behind the helm of my own Boston Whaler.
(23:24:23) LtJGAlexisWright: VROOM VROOM
(23:24:33) LtJGAlexisWright: Sounds like fun ^_^
(23:24:56) CdrTKirr: Best pilot on the water ^_~
(23:24:56) LtJorvanTav: Most of the time
(23:25:03) CdrTKirr: HAY
(23:25:23) LtJGAlexisWright: I'd smack him, if I were you.
(23:25:49) LtJorvanTav: I meant that referring to the fun part, not the best part
(23:25:51) CdrTKirr: I'm just being incorrigable.
(23:26:03) LtKuari: zzzZZZ
(23:26:06) LtKuari left the room.
(23:28:54) LtJGAlexisWright: Okay, I go now. <3
(23:29:08) VAdmBlackthorne: Night folks
(23:29:15) LtJGAlexisWright: Goodnight! Wish me luck trying on wedding dresses on my birthday >_<
(23:29:56) LtJGAlexisWright left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).