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(9:51:09 PM) ChanServ has changed the topic to: Renzik's forces are on the ropes. Only the two heavy cruisers remain, the station's reactor has just been destroyed, and he has a rather smug pirate in his secret office. Not good for any slave-running operation, no, not at all.
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(10:00:35 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: ahoooooooy
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(10:01:12 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Hiya
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(10:01:24 PM) Percy: Hoy
(10:01:53 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Hiya
(10:02:11 PM) ColDougMcKnight: Evening.
(10:02:40 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: Hihi
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(10:04:08 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Hiya
(10:04:08 PM) ColDougMcKnight: So, tonight we do the celebratory drinks and the like, I presume!
(10:04:16 PM) ColDougMcKnight: Or that lame cleanup stuff. Whichever.
(10:04:17 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Wrap-up
(10:04:20 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: We have no warp drive :V
(10:04:35 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Tons of injuries, survivors from the other ships
(10:05:11 PM) ColDougMcKnight: Oh, very well.
(10:05:40 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Oh, and I don't think the situation on the station has been figured out yet.
(10:05:51 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Wright may have detected a transport at the end of last sim?
(10:06:12 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: Jes.
(10:07:19 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Oh good, I did put the sim log up
(10:07:28 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: A masked transporter signature that I almost missed, yes. *strokes chin*
(10:07:43 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: >>;
(10:08:48 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Alrighty then, let's get going!
(10:09:48 PM) Percy: Just a warning, to be fair. I AM on heavy painkillers at the moment, and may be a bit silly or woozy because of that.
(10:10:02 PM) Percy: *stares into the engine for an hour*
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(10:11:47 PM) VAdmBlackthorne has changed the topic to: Tonight we have to clean up the mess we made. Warp drive is offline, sickbay is full of wounded, and there are survivors spread across the fleet from our lost ships. Also, Renzik's whereabouts are presently unknown....
(10:12:35 PM) CdrTKirr: Apologies... friend just left, going through a difficult time.
(10:12:46 PM) CdrTKirr: :: TWEEEET :: Attention!
(10:12:49 PM) ColDougMcKnight: ::AA::
(10:13:02 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: :: AA ::
(10:13:20 PM) CdrTKirr: Oh right, the summary comes after that.
(10:13:52 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Questions?
(10:14:10 PM) ColDougMcKnight: Not really.
(10:14:18 PM) Percy: ::AA::
(10:14:56 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: BEGIN SIM
(10:14:57 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: BEGIN SIM
(10:14:58 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: BEGIN SIM
(10:15:52 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: :: as we're flooding the station with reinforcement troops :: T'Kirr, I need a damage report from all ships.
(10:16:06 PM) ColDougMcKnight: ACTION> Before I forget, about this time, Blackthorne's office computer chirps, signalling he's received a message. If he's so inclined to run a trace later, it will be readily apparent that said message originated from within the ship itself.
(10:16:18 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Especially mine. :: pats the chair arm ::
(10:16:39 PM) ColDougMcKnight: (INDEED!)
(10:16:52 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: Admiral! I'm ... I'm detecting a masked transporter signature. I...
(10:17:19 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: It was there, and then it was gone... I know I saw it.
(10:17:33 PM) Percy: :: Working feverishly at repairs in central Engineering, whilst attempting to coordinate repair teams on several decks:: Okay, now that plumbing systems are back online I imagine people will be MUCH happier. Good work, Franks.
(10:17:42 PM) CdrTKirr: :: looks up from her hurriedly collected reports to process the new information ::
(10:17:53 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Trace what you can from recorded sensor data.
(10:18:38 PM) Percy: :: Turns to the warp drive:: deal with you. You've been entirely uncooperative, and as a lieutenant commander of the Federation, I just won't stand for that.
(10:18:50 PM) Percy: Warp Drive> ::Silence::
(10:19:07 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Warp Drive> :toot:
(10:19:24 PM) Percy: :: Frowns:: Yeah, I didn't think that'd work. :: Swan dives into machinery::
(10:19:42 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: Already on it. *taps* Two... two life forms. The transport originated from the depths of the station
(10:19:55 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Destination?
(10:22:04 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: It looks like they programmed an array of 5 locations, but the correct one...
(10:22:07 PM) ColDougMcKnight: ::Back on the station, the remaining pirate soldiers who have not managed an escape at least from the room are now at last disarmed and being lined up against the far wall:: McGann, pick out a squad and stay here, weapons to maximum stun. Any one of these assholes so much as looks at you funny, drop them all.
(10:22:52 PM) ColDougMcKnight: (For reference, the destination was a ship waiting. But it's cloaked and already underway.)
(10:24:45 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: I believe they have beamed to a vessel hidden in the nebula nearby. I'm redirecting fleet sensor arrays to detect engine signatures.
(10:25:26 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Get the Colonel on the comm.
(10:25:47 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Inform him that our quarry has likely escaped.
(10:26:01 PM) CdrTKirr: Aye, Admiral.
(10:26:04 PM) ColDougMcKnight: ::Points teams of two to cover the exits:: The rest of you, with me.
(10:26:19 PM) CdrTKirr: + McKnight+ Atlantis to Colonel McKnight.
(10:26:44 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: :: sits down and sighs :: Tracking a cloaked ship is almost impossible as it is, but in a nebula?
(10:28:08 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: :: bares her teeth in what might be a grin and what might be a grimace :: Doing my best to prove you wrong, sir.
(10:28:18 PM) ColDougMcKnight: ::Directing marines to join the sweep of the station as he himself approaches what they believe to be the holding area for the "merchandise" when it's not being viewed:: +T'Kirr+ McKnight here. Go ahead, Atlantis.
(10:29:02 PM) CdrTKirr: +McKnight+ We detected two lifeforms transporting off the station to a hidden vessel in the nebula. We're attempting to track them now.
(10:30:17 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: +Percy+ Wright to Percy. I need to pick your brain.
(10:31:15 PM) ColDougMcKnight: + T'Kirr + Wonderful. Do you have the beam out site? I'll dispatch a team there immediately...not that it's likely to do much good.
(10:31:28 PM) Percy: +Wright+ You know I have a last name and I outrank you, right? *sighs tinnly* Busard here. Pick away.
(10:31:58 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: (Ohhhhh snap)
(10:32:15 PM) CdrTKirr: :: looks to Wright, seeing if she overheard McKnight ::
(10:32:32 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: :: passes coordinates to T'Kirr for McKnight ::
(10:33:00 PM) CdrTKirr: :: nods approvingly :: I'm sending them to you now. :: taps away at her arm console ::
(10:33:07 PM) CdrTKirr: + +
(10:34:34 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: +Percy+ Sorry. I should've said "Lexy to Percy". Asking my friend and fellow science nerd. You can flog me later. Listen, if you were an extremely sneaky bastard trying to mask an engine signature in the most extremely sneaky bastard way you could think of, what would that be?
(10:34:35 PM) ColDougMcKnight: :: Nods as the location in question is displayed on his HUD as a red dot at the correct location on the schematics.:: Philips, Grisold, double time it.
(10:35:03 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: :: calls up the Discovery :: +Santiago+ Blackthorne to Santiago. Given the size of your ship compared to the rest of our fleet, we're consolidating the survivors aboard Discovery.
(10:36:29 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: CptSantiago> Aye Admiral, preparing to receive them now.
(10:36:37 PM) ColDougMcKnight: + T'kirr + Oh, and so you know, I'm coordinating progress reports as we speak. We've secured the command and control center for the station's surrounding defenses. We should have the mines deactivated in a few minutes, at which point the front door will be wide open for us to leave through.
(10:37:31 PM) CdrTKirr: +McKnight+ Very good. Keep us posted. T'Kirr out.
(10:38:41 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: :: turns to T'Kirr :: Have all our refugees moved to the Discovery.
(10:39:26 PM) Percy: :: Thinks on it:: Well, I suppose I'd probably use a cloaking device, since they exist and all. And I'd probably keep systems activity as low as possible to avoid detection by scanning for power buildups.
(10:39:44 PM) Percy: And...wait, I've DONE this before.
(10:40:45 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: :: broadcasts that order to the two Akiras as well, since they have even LESS room ::
(10:41:16 PM) Percy: And I cycled the ship's exhaust several times so that its quantity and density were greatly reduced. Of course, in a nebula, that'd make the ship damn near untraceable.
(10:41:25 PM) CdrTKirr: :: nods to Blackthorne and comms the bays temporarily holding the people before Sickbay ::
(10:42:13 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: +Percy+ What kind of particles should we look for. Negatively charged? Positively charged? Should I be looking for disturbances in the dust clouds?
(10:42:31 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: (Disturbances in the force)
(10:42:52 PM) ColDougMcKnight: Philips> +McKnight+ We're here, sir. I guess someone was in a hurry. There's a short access tunnel here. Obviously designed to be hidden, and it doesn't appear on the schematics that Stone got us. But someone just left the door open.
(10:43:01 PM) CdrTKirr: ( Percy am I to assume warp drive is down? )
(10:43:06 PM) Percy: +Wright+ Disturbances would be a pretty good indication, though a really good pilot could navigate around that.
(10:43:37 PM) Percy: (For now, yes. Sorry if I missed something. Foggy-brained :-/)
(10:43:50 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: +Percy+ Let's say the Pilot we're talking about is... Mister Stone.
(10:43:59 PM) CdrTKirr: ( Nah just inferring from your text )
(10:44:03 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: +Percy+ For the sake of argument. Call it a hunch.
(10:44:03 PM) Percy: Mister Stone?
(10:44:09 PM) Percy: Oh
(10:44:51 PM) CdrHarper: :: could totally navigate that ::
(10:44:54 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: +Percy+ You know, the guy who led us here...
(10:44:55 PM) Percy: Well, if it were that sumbitch, either he'd really know his way around the nebula, or he'd crash into everything ever because he's a dumb drunken idiot.
(10:45:17 PM) Percy: Yes, well, I don't get out much.
(10:46:13 PM) ColDougMcKnight: + Philips + Move in and secure the place. I'll be down there in a minute.
(10:47:20 PM) Percy: And, seeing as you haven't found him yet I'd assume the first to be true. So in that case, you may have to go retro and ping the bastard. That might not even work, but it's the only thing I can think of.
(10:47:39 PM) CdrTKirr: :: after Blackthorne gets off the comm :: Warp drive is down, but it's top priority. Everything else is online, more or less. We're still having minor problems with the ODN system. The Discovery, Soyuz, and Gemini are in better condition.
(10:47:53 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: :: sends pictures to Percy :: Well, my best guess is this faint trail... Wait, ping?
(10:48:36 PM) CdrTKirr: :: passes over a PADD, voice subdued slightly :: This is the most recent crew account for the Newark and Minotaur.
(10:49:17 PM) Percy: Yeah, as I said, retro. Send out a wave of, say, light, and see if you find any physical disturbances that can't account for themselves visually.
(10:49:32 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: :: nods and takes the PADD :: Excellent, thank you.
(10:50:01 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: :: frowns as he looks at the padd, but it's not as bad as it could be ::
(10:50:16 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: +Percy+ I could kiss you. Lexy out.
(10:50:25 PM) Percy: Ew.
(10:50:37 PM) CdrTKirr: :: watches Ian's face ::
(10:51:41 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: :: hopes this was worth it ::
(10:51:46 PM) Percy: :: Wonders if that's crossing the line of inter-chain of command relations. Then again, she reminds herself, she's dating a Colonel.:: But that's different, damnit. Marine ranks are weird. ::Notes the strange looks others are giving her:: Back to work.
(10:52:03 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: :: does the light 'ping' as described by Percy and looks for something fishy ::
(10:52:28 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: ACTION> Nothing fishy. Except a dead fish, presumably from a destroyed ship.
(10:52:41 PM) Percy: (lmao. Well done sir)
(10:52:46 PM) CdrTKirr: ( Dead fish suck. Into my prop. )
(10:53:01 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: (Imagine what they do in a bussard collector!)
(10:53:20 PM) Percy: (Oh goddamnit you just had to say it :-P)
(10:53:23 PM) CdrTKirr: ( fizzZZT )
(10:53:33 PM) ColDougMcKnight: + T'Kirr + McKnight to Atlantis. Are you reading me?
(10:53:38 PM) Percy: (Percy> Who the fuck's been collecting me?)
(10:53:54 PM) CdrTKirr: +McKnight+ Affirmative, Colonel.
(10:54:44 PM) Percy: :: Back in pile-o'-warp core:: What the hell? Is this a sandwich?! PUDDINGTON.
(10:55:16 PM) Percy: Puddington> :: Wets self two decks away, flailing about:: It wasn't me! I was framed!
(10:55:17 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: :: frowns, then sends her data, including the faint particle trail that might be nothing, over to T'Kirr :: Commander. Any thoughts?
(10:56:49 PM) ColDougMcKnight: + T'Kirr + Oh, good. I'm just about positive we've found some kind of panic room. It's pretty heavily shielded, but I'm patching into the station's comm. And I can confirm the beamout was to a waiting ship, if you haven't spotted any corpses floating 2 miles out in hard vacuum. I'm transmitting the exact coordinates now.
(10:57:19 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: (Where are we going? Where they went. Suppose they went nowhere? Then this'll be your big chance to get away from it all!)
(10:57:55 PM) CdrTKirr: :: glances at Wright before she directs her attention to her beeping console ::
(11:00:06 PM) CdrTKirr: :: studies the scan results from Wright :: +McKnight+ Excellent. I've got them. We'll get back to you. T'Kirr out.
(11:01:54 PM) Percy: :: After a couple of minutes, she raises her sonic screwdriver in triumph:: Ah HAH!
(11:02:20 PM) CdrTKirr: :: looks to Wright :: Do a detailed scan of those coordinates. It may give us a better idea of whether this is an actual trail.
(11:02:42 PM) Percy: +Bridge+ Busard to Bridge. I have some good news, and some bad news. And...technically some more bad news.
(11:03:03 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: :: figures T'Kirr is busy enough :: +Percy+ Bridge here, go ahead.
(11:03:15 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: Aye, Commander. :: scans.... ::
(11:05:27 PM) Percy: +Bridge+ So, good news is that the warp core isn't broken. The hit that knocked it out sent a power surge through its connecting conduits. Technically the warp core shouldn't have shut off at that, either, because not ALL of the conduits blew, but the drive systems have a safety protocol that causes it to automatically shut down in a situation where a repeat
(11:05:52 PM) Percy: occurrence would cause it to selfdestruct.
(11:07:01 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: +Bridge+ Understood, go on.
(11:07:43 PM) Percy: First bad news is that there ARE damaged conduits, which will take at least two hours to repair. And the second bad news is that even after that, the drive itself has to run a full diagnostic before it will come back online fully, which will take a little more time.
(11:07:58 PM) Percy: So...we can use it, just not for a little while.
(11:08:00 PM) CdrTKirr: :: brightens subtly ::
(11:08:22 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: +Percy+ Alright, get to it and let me know when we're ready to fly. Good work.
(11:08:35 PM) Percy: +Bridge+ Will do. Busard out.
(11:09:02 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: :: slow grin as the scan completes :: Commander. My trail is good.
(11:09:14 PM) Percy: :: Gathers technicians to get to work on the conduits, and places the charred remains of the sandwich on a desk::
(11:09:48 PM) ColDougMcKnight: Quinn> ::Stops on his way to a frayed ODN conduit he's tasked with repairing, the sandwich corpse catching his eye:: Hmm, uh...hey, that wasn't a sweet onion chicken teriyaki, was it?
(11:09:59 PM) CdrTKirr: :: nods :: Can long range sensors project its course?
(11:10:28 PM) CdrTKirr: ( rofl! )
(11:10:29 PM) Percy: I...have no idea. :: Looks at him carefully:: Whhhyyy?
(11:10:52 PM) Percy: Puddington, 2 decks up> Framed I tell ya!!
(11:11:40 PM) ColDougMcKnight: Oh, because if so, that totally wasn't me. I'm all about the peppers. Fucking Puddington, what can you do? I'm just gonna go do that thing with the...bye.
(11:11:52 PM) ColDougMcKnight: Quinn> ::Walks off briskly::
(11:12:08 PM) Percy: :: O.o ::
(11:12:21 PM) CdrTKirr: ( haha )
(11:12:37 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: (owned)
(11:13:16 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: :: provides the long range sensor data to T'Kirr :: Here's what I've got!
(11:13:28 PM) Percy: Note to self, annual psych evaluations are coming up. Make sure everyone goes. :: As she looks at some diagnostics:: Except me.
(11:13:37 PM) CdrTKirr: :: narrows her eyes at Blackthorne :: I don't suppose McKnight would mind if we ventured away from the station in pursuit?
(11:14:36 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: We're not in any condition to pursue anyone without warp drive.
(11:15:34 PM) CdrTKirr: We don't require warp drive in a nebula.
(11:15:57 PM) Percy: Bernie> Hey, Chuck, you think they'll catch us?
(11:16:50 PM) CdrTKirr: Unless you want to send the Gemini after it.
(11:16:51 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: They've likely cleared the nebula, and even if they haven't, full impulse is full impulse.
(11:16:54 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: I'll dispatch the Soyuz and Gemini, they're reporting that the refugee transfers are complete.
(11:16:58 PM) ColDougMcKnight: Coburn> ::Glances at Renzik out of the corner of his eye as he mans the helm:: Well, I hope not. Acceleration depends on the mass being pushed around, so if we see Atlantis on our sensors, we may have to lose some weight.
(11:17:14 PM) Percy: Renzik> ::Wets self::
(11:17:24 PM) Percy: (It's a theme!)
(11:17:27 PM) CdrTKirr: :: nods agreement ::
(11:18:08 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Send them the coordinates. +Soyuz, Gemini+ Pursuit course on coordinates being sent, you're after a cloaked ship.
(11:20:05 PM) CdrTKirr: :: sends ::
(11:20:19 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: ACTION> The two Akiras zip off like hungry sharks.
(11:22:07 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: :: gestures down at the PADD from T'Kirr, to her :: What's this transfer request?
(11:22:25 PM) CdrTKirr: :: frowns at it ::
(11:22:33 PM) Percy: Sharks> :: :-(::
(11:22:59 PM) CdrTKirr: From the Discovery.
(11:24:23 PM) CdrTKirr: I apologize, I haven't taken the time to look it over in detail. There have been more pressing matters.
(11:24:53 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: That much is certain.
(11:27:11 PM) CdrTKirr: A pilot. I see no reason to turn it down.
(11:27:22 PM) CdrHarper: A pilot?
(11:28:40 PM) CdrTKirr: ( Fail. I meant the Gemini, not the Discovery )
(11:28:57 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: (Noted!)
(11:29:03 PM) CdrTKirr: ( =( )
(11:29:54 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: ( Well, I knew what you meant. Discovery has no fighters!)
(11:30:22 PM) CdrTKirr: :: meets Harper's curious expression :: Asha Min, one of Gemini's finest fighter pilots, or so the request claims. :: somewhat amused :: Interested?
(11:31:17 PM) CdrHarper: Of course!
(11:32:09 PM) ColDougMcKnight: +Bridge+ Uh...Atlantis, McKnight here. This panic room gets feeds from every security camera on the station...including one watching the access corridor immediately outside. We've found some footage you may want to see.
(11:32:16 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Our Sharks must have impressed her.
(11:32:32 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: +McKnight+ What's on it?
(11:32:44 PM) CdrHarper: :: turns back forward, smug ::
(11:33:46 PM) ColDougMcKnight: +Blackthorne+ Well, apparently Mr. Stone was on a first name basis with Renzik...assuming Gorn even have last names. Also, contrary to what we all assumed, it wasn't a mullet under that hat.
(11:34:31 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: +McKnight+ I could have sworn it was...
(11:35:01 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: +McKnight+ Well, we know what happened to him then. Damn. Damn damn damn.
(11:35:59 PM) CdrTKirr: :: searches aimlessly with her eyes in thought ::
(11:36:59 PM) ColDougMcKnight: + Blackthorne + Yeah, well, we're still going through all this hoping it gives us a clue just why he did all this. If he was out to screw us...well, he did it, but he passed up quite a few chances to do us a lot worse, I'm thinking.
(11:40:01 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: :: considers for a long moment. :: +McKnight+ We've still destroyed Renzik's operations.
(11:41:28 PM) CdrTKirr: :: stamps approval on transfer request and quickly resumes more important matters ::
(11:42:06 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: (Three minutes)
(11:43:39 PM) ColDougMcKnight: +Blackthorne+ Damn right, we did. And we've liberated a fair few slaves, in good condition, considering. We certainly paid enough for it, so I'm calling that a damn good day's work, whatever Stone's angle was.
(11:43:52 PM) ColDougMcKnight: (Oh, and Blackthorne should totally read his mail before we break!)
(11:44:33 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: (No time!)
(11:44:44 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: +McKnight+ Agreed. Good job, Colonel.
(11:45:43 PM) ColDougMcKnight: (He could read it off his chair console?)
(11:48:15 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: :: glances down at the waiting message on his chair arm ::
(11:48:42 PM) ColDougMcKnight: "Admiral Blackthorne. We're unlikely to converse face to face again any time soon, so let me just take this oppurtunity to apologize for some unkind and unjust words of mine on the occasion of our last encounter. Your SHIP is a classy lady, and you're lucky to have her. Cordially, Captain Charles Coburn."
(11:49:28 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Son of a bitch.
(11:49:30 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: PAUSE SIM
(11:49:31 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: PAUSE SIM
(11:49:33 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: PAUSE SIM
(11:49:35 PM) CdrTKirr: :: pauses ::
(11:49:39 PM) ColDougMcKnight: My thanks, sir.
(11:49:43 PM) ColDougMcKnight: Also, paused.
(11:50:01 PM) Percy: Teehee'
(11:50:05 PM) Percy: :: paused::
(11:50:39 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Good job tonight! We'll GTFO out of this nebula next week and move along to a new story!
(11:51:03 PM) CdrTKirr: Sounds good.
(11:51:04 PM) Percy: Woohoo!
(11:51:14 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: /cheer
(11:53:24 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Nice letter, Mike, I lol'd.
(11:53:46 PM) ColDougMcKnight: Thank you, thank you.
(11:54:38 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: It's hard to even be mad when he said such nice things about the Atlantis.
(11:56:36 PM) Percy: For the record, Bernie still thinks the ship's a dirty slut.
(11:56:44 PM) Percy: Just thought I should clarify.
(11:56:54 PM) Percy: And with that, it is food and then sleep time for the me.
(11:57:24 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Haha
(11:57:25 PM) CdrTKirr: Night Percy.
(11:57:28 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Night Percy. :)
(11:58:04 PM) Percy: G'night all!
(11:58:06 PM) Percy left the room (quit: Exit: ajax IRC Client).
(12:06:21 AM) VAdmBlackthorne: Night all