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(9:45:07 PM) ChanServ has changed the topic to: Tonight, we are all being treated to a Thank-You dinner on Refuge, hosted by Venya Kashar, for solving their seismic issues. Anti-Orion Pheromone shots have already been given out, of course.
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(10:01:28 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: ciao
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(10:03:13 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Hiya
(10:04:18 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: 50% of the management team at my work has been fired in the past two days
(10:04:36 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: everything is a bit of a clusterfuck at the moment.
(10:04:43 PM) CdrTKirr: Oh no. =(
(10:05:53 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: Eh, no big for me in the long run :) just going to be bumpy for the next couple of weeks while we try to figure out how to make sure all the stuff they did still gets done
(10:06:13 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: Mostly I was just explaining to Jason why I bailed on raid last night :)
(10:06:42 PM) CdrTKirr: Ah.
(10:07:04 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: I'm firing on like half a cylinder, so bear with me
(10:07:49 PM) CdrTKirr: So no sim-breaking decisions for Wright, got it.
(10:07:49 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: that would be wise. *nodnod*
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(10:09:11 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: CdrHarper: :: has had all the bacon she can bacon :: Keith_Stone: ::Looking on in admiration as Harper shovels in the dead pig:: "Dayum. Were my heart not now and forever claimed by another, that'd be my kind of woman."
(10:09:25 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: My favorite lines from last week's log. ^_^
(10:09:36 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: I particularly approve of the usage of bacon as a verb.
(10:09:49 PM) CdrTKirr: Hehe just watched a few DS9, go go Bajorans
(10:10:23 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Heh, thanks :)
(10:10:40 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: I can't think of anything else that it works with quite so well as bacon.
(10:10:50 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: I've had all the watermelon I can watermelon? No.
(10:11:00 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: All the tacos I can taco? Not doing it for me.
(10:11:21 PM) LtKuari: What is a taco?
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(10:11:48 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: It's a meaty yummy thing with meaty cheesy yummies inside a crunchy.
(10:12:25 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: I find that not raiding while simming helps with that, Brat.
(10:13:26 PM) LtKuari: Ooo... crunchy.
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(10:13:27 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: hellos, I r late.
(10:13:27 PM) CdrTKirr: And right now, Carre is wonder what Wright just described. =P
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(10:13:27 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: Nah, she'd figure it out pretty quickly if she removed her mind from the gutter long enough to do so.
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(10:13:35 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: But she likes the gutter. She's put up curtains and called it home.
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(10:14:08 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Hey you two
(10:14:23 PM) Keith_Stone: (Hoy.)
(10:14:33 PM) CdrTKirr: Ew, who let him on board
(10:14:50 PM) LtKuari: *growls low*
(10:14:52 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Our redneck quota was vastly low.
(10:15:28 PM) Keith_Stone: Besides, you were already taking animals.
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(10:15:40 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: Oh snap.
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(10:15:51 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Alright, let's get going
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(10:16:07 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: We've had all the bacon we can bacon.
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(10:16:34 PM) CdrTKirr: :: TWEET :: Attention!
(10:16:45 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: :: AA ::
(10:16:52 PM) LtKuari: :: gargoyle ::
(10:17:02 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: aa ::
(10:17:34 PM) Keith_Stone: ::AA::
(10:17:43 PM) LtCmdrBusard: ::AA::
(10:17:51 PM) ColDougMcKnight: ::AA::
(10:17:57 PM) VAdmBlackthorne has changed the topic to: Tonight, we begin with senior staff in a meeting with Keith Stone as we approach the base of operations of the pirate slaver, Renzik.
(10:18:19 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Questions?
(10:18:49 PM) CdrTKirr: Is it possible to OD on meetings?
(10:19:06 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: If it were, I'd be dead about 200 times over.
(10:19:19 PM) CdrTKirr: Okay just checking
(10:20:09 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Alrighty then
(10:20:18 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: BEGIN SIM
(10:20:19 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: BEGIN SIM
(10:20:21 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: BEGIN SIM
(10:20:44 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: :: listening attentively ::
(10:21:08 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: ACTION> A 3D tactical map of a nebula is projected above the conference room table, with other starships in various positions.
(10:21:10 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: thinks of experiments while she appears to pay attention ::
(10:21:58 PM) CdrTKirr: :: studies the 3D display ::
(10:22:12 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: :: reaches into the display and adjusts a few ships ::
(10:24:04 PM) Keith_Stone: ::Munching on a sandwich, which he periodically washes down with lite beer. From a can:: Well, shoot. That there's prettier than a 20 latinum strip...uh, amusement park. I was thinking amusement park.
(10:24:06 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: :: leans over to Carre and whispers a lame joke about things being nebulous, indicating the display with a pointed finger ::
(10:24:25 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: I'm sure you were.
(10:24:39 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Please, the defenses, Mr. Stone.
(10:25:27 PM) CdrTKirr: :: turns her attention to their "guest" ::
(10:25:43 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: tries not to smile, winks at Alexis ::
(10:26:37 PM) CdrHarper: :: studying the display, looking for the role of the Sharks in all of this :;
(10:26:42 PM) Keith_Stone: ::Wolfs down the rest of his sandwich with a grumble:: Fine, fine, if this is what your fancy Federation hospitality comes to.
(10:27:10 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: At the end of the day, this is a military vessel.
(10:27:48 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: (But before the end of the day, it's the Love Boat?)
(10:28:20 PM) Keith_Stone: ::Reaches into his saddle bags. Yes, you read that right. And he pulls out an isolinear chip, which he hands to Blackthorne:: Probably not state of the art on this fancy ship, but it's your technology. Can you access it?
(10:29:21 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: :: hands to T'Kirr :: I'm sure.
(10:29:41 PM) CdrHarper: (Bacon Boat!)
(10:29:52 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: (Oh, right.)
(10:31:42 PM) Keith_Stone: (Once the chip is accessed, its data can be superimposed over the nabula image, dividing it up into a series of curved partitions of utterly random size and shape.)
(10:32:42 PM) Keith_Stone: (nebula, even)
(10:33:31 PM) CdrTKirr: :: takes and glances briefly before interfacing it and tapping at a panel ::
(10:34:50 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: :: notices the protostars that have appeared in the nebula as well ::
(10:36:37 PM) Keith_Stone: ::Follows his gaze:: Yeah, you've seen the heart of it. Nebula's not just a cloud of pretty gas, after all. Stellar nursery's still the right word for it, right?
(10:37:35 PM) CdrTKirr: :: takes notes on a PADD ::
(10:37:36 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: :: nods :: Those can work to our advantage.
(10:39:53 PM) Keith_Stone: ::Snickers:: Got it ass backward, Blackthorne. You're looking at the biggest pain in the balls you're likely to find this side of a Denevian cat house. Whole region's a maze of shifting gravity distortions that can rip even this tub apart if you're not careful.
(10:40:21 PM) CdrTKirr: :: perks eyebrow ::
(10:40:24 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: :: looks to T'Kirr::
(10:41:25 PM) CdrTKirr: :: looks from Blackthorne to Stone, slowing her speech as she goes :: There are certainly anomolies to be avoided, but as you say, we'll be "careful".
(10:41:35 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: wonders how many casualties SB will be looking at ::
(10:42:09 PM) Keith_Stone: ::Points to where the curves indicate a somewhat twisty but still viable corridor through said distortions, and follows it to where it ends.:: Never gone down the rabbit hole myself, but pretty much everyone knows Renzik's set up shop somewhere in here, because this here's the front door. Safe path through the soup. Won't help you though.
(10:42:27 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: looks up gravitational disorders on her PADD ::
(10:42:58 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: He'll expect an assault from that direction.
(10:43:39 PM) Keith_Stone: (BRB)
(10:45:17 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: :: reaches up and rotates the map a few times, looking for another way in :;
(10:45:20 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: Why is it that we keep having to solve gravity puzzles to get to this guy!?
(10:47:12 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: It could be worse, lieutenant. They could be time puzzles.
(10:47:42 PM) ColDougMcKnight: :: In Engineering, making sure the ship doesn't explode.::
(10:47:47 PM) ColDougMcKnight: :: In Engineering, making sure the ship doesn't explode.::
(10:48:05 PM) CdrTKirr: ( Noticed that, yeah. )
(10:48:07 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: When we're dealing with THIS level of gravitational interference, time might certainly become a factor.
(10:48:11 PM) ColDougMcKnight: (Sorry about that)
(10:48:19 PM) LtCmdrBusard: (Pretend that was me)
(10:48:58 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: Intense gravitational fields distort time, of course, but I'm sure that's something we all knew.
(10:49:54 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: :: still rotating the map :: There. :: points :
(10:50:53 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: :: leans in and peers at the indicated location dubiously ::
(10:51:02 PM) Keith_Stone: ::Grins:: Local chatter is, guy's an up and coming pirate lord. Do I need to explain that one for you?
(10:51:54 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: He's watching his back and his back's back and the backs of the people next to him just so he has a few seconds of warning if something gets them?
(10:54:06 PM) Keith_Stone: Uh...sure, I guess. I was more getting at him being an asshole. The established order doesn't much like him, but with his safe stronghold and the profits he makes from his slaving operation, he's getting to press a pretty strong claim. Couple have tried putting him down. Hasn't gone well, and now they figure finishing him would leave them too weak.
(10:54:33 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: Oh. :: looks crestfallen ::
(10:54:59 PM) Keith_Stone: ::Takes a deep breath to finish triumphantly:: Then again, those sumbitches didn't have me. I took a good long look around that nebula. Found myself a little safe harbor of my own. If Renzik even knows about it, he doesn't have anything there to watch it.
(10:55:13 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Point it out.
(10:57:44 PM) Keith_Stone: ::Fumbles with the holographic diaplay for a bit before he works out how to shift the image like Blackthorne did.:: There. 20 million k out, safe as a cow in a Calcutta stockyard. Plenty of time for you and your egg heads to take some readings without being spotted, and work your way through the back door.
(10:58:00 PM) Keith_Stone: Now you tell me that's not some damn fine work, Starfleet.
(10:58:28 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: :: studies it and decides he has to give credit where credit is due :: Big enough for several ships.
(10:58:35 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: :: smiles, appreciating the historical reference ::
(10:59:15 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: :: thinks this guy can't be as uneducated as he initially appears ::
(10:59:47 PM) Keith_Stone: Yup. And some cargo, in my case. Great place to duck in and wait for one of Renzik's patrols to pass by so I can continue on my way without paying any damn "protection toll".
(11:00:05 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: :: moves the other ships to those coordinates ::
(11:01:20 PM) Keith_Stone: So. Did Venya come through for you, or didn't she?
(11:03:02 PM) CdrTKirr: :: plugs in the coordinates of the "safe harbor" on her PADD, intending to study any references if any in the database later ::
(11:03:12 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: I'll answer that question when I verify all of this with my own eyes, but so far, so good.
(11:03:56 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: :: ponders belatedly whether she is 'senior staff'. If she wasn't supposed to be here, someone would tell her to leave, right? ::
(11:05:34 PM) LtKuari: ( You're chief science, of course you're senior =P )
(11:05:38 PM) Keith_Stone: Yeah, well...soon as I get you past the outer pickets, you can do just that. Renzik's on the rise, but he doesn't have the goods to keep the whole area buttoned down yet. So...we done here?
(11:05:46 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: What sort of defenses does he have in place?
(11:12:30 PM) Keith_Stone: ::Shrugs:: Like I said, it's not exactly a place I'd go if I could help it. But I know he's got ships in there. You'll need that task force of yours. I hear the poor bastards who tried the front door found the approach mined, too. And unmanned defensive batteries. Hefty ones, too.
(11:12:59 PM) Keith_Stone: He IS parked in a star's crib, after all. Powering anything he wants isn't really gonna be a problem.
(11:13:20 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Alright. Further planning will be done at the Marine and Squadron levels for a multi-pronged assault.
(11:15:40 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Commander T'Kirr, ensure the rest of the task force has the coordinates of the safe harbor and the approach to it. We'll rendezvous there.
(11:16:14 PM) CdrTKirr: :: nods and makes more notes ::
(11:17:00 PM) LtCmdrBusard: :: After having laughed at Puddington accidentally getting stuck in an access panel twice, Percy relieves him and then heads up to the bridge once Quinn arrived on his shift.::
(11:17:01 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: So, we're certain that these are the same pirates you guys encountered before?
(11:18:12 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: No, they aren't, but this area is getting cleaned up and pirates are pirates in that regard.
(11:18:14 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Dismissed.
(11:18:53 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: :: nods to herself and files out of the room with the others ::
(11:19:28 PM) CdrTKirr: :: stands and starts for the Bridge ::
(11:20:13 PM) LtCmdrBusard: (Crap. Okay, I missed the message where we were all in the office for a meeting. Extremely durr)
(11:20:17 PM) CdrHarper: ;: takes Helm on the bridge and diverts to the new coordinates ::
(11:22:49 PM) Keith_Stone: ::Falls in step behind Blackthorne, staying close so as to speak to him softly:: So...this worth a drink, sir? I figure if anyone onboard has something better than the replicators make, it's you.
(11:23:01 PM) CdrTKirr: :: finds a panel and goes about distributing the memo to the task force and while awaiting verification, looks up the coordinates in the database and transfers both processes to her mini panel and seats herself ::
(11:23:16 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: :: nods to Stone :: Alright. You have the bridge, T'Kirr. :: passes through to the flag office ::
(11:23:40 PM) CdrTKirr: :: nods to him and eyes Stone doubtfully before turning her attention to her armrest ::
(11:24:17 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: :: goes to the bridge and sits at her Science station instead of going back to the lab... what the heck, change of scenery. ::
(11:24:51 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: heads back to SB to prepare for incoming ::
(11:25:08 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: :: crosses to the assortment of bottles in his office :: I don't have any canned beer, but what can I get you?
(11:25:32 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: Commander, permission to run some long-range scans on the nebula, while we're here? Or would that tip us off the the pirates?
(11:25:58 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: Tip the pirates off that we're here, I mean?
(11:26:08 PM) Keith_Stone: ::Meets her gaze without looking away until he passes into Blackthorne's office and the door closes behind him:: Guess I don't make much of an impression, do I? "Fraid I'm not used to talking to impress, spending all that time riding solo. But I know my job, you'll see.
(11:27:13 PM) Keith_Stone: As for what you about I get myself the Coke, you provide the rum?
(11:27:22 PM) CdrTKirr: Keep scans passive. The data from Stone's chip, if accurate, is enough to go on for now.
(11:27:45 PM) Keith_Stone: "Course, if you can recommend anything better...
(11:28:36 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: Yes'm. :: uses her console to work on some of her backlog of data analysis instead ::
(11:29:18 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: :: chuckles :: I can do that. :: retrieves a bottle of Krakken Spiced Rum, almost black ::
(11:31:59 PM) Keith_Stone: ::Gets his drink from the replicator, a glass of Cola, about three quarters full, ordered up almost ice cold, but no ice.:: get you anything, Admiral?
(11:32:29 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: :: has poured himself a nice single malt, neat :: I'm good, thanks. :: hands the rum to Stone ::
(11:36:49 PM) Keith_Stone: ::Fills up the last quarter of the glass, then stirs it a moment to mix. Taking a nice long pull, he takes a moment before grinning widely and raising his glass in salute:: That's some quality hooch, sir. I won't lie, I was getting worried I'd climbed aboard a ship captained by a tightass. But in my experience, no one's ever all bad who
(11:36:54 PM) Keith_Stone: keeps the good stuff on hand.
(11:37:29 PM) CdrTKirr: :: finishes looking over the data and sends it to Science :: Ms. Wright, I'm sending you what little data our database contains concerning our destination. Cross reference it with any other entries relating to the nebula itself, if any.
(11:38:13 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: :: raises the glass :: Thank you. :: takes a pull ::
(11:39:50 PM) Keith_Stone: ::Sits back:: Cutting the bullshit, I am sorry if I've stepped on your toes. Truth is, while your average starship tends to be a little spit and polished, a little sterile for me, I got nothing against Starfleet. In fact, there was a time I hoped to sign on myself.
(11:40:47 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Now that, I admit, is hard to imagine.
(11:44:47 PM) Keith_Stone: Guess you're not the only one. Just wasn't Fleet material, I guess. It's okay, though. Better this way. Out here...well, I reckon I've seen my share of new stars and the like, much as you have even. Get to do it on my time, my terms...still, hard not to imagine now and then, what if, y'know?
(11:45:30 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Ohhh, believe me, I know. :: briefly thinks about what could have been had he retired before the war, as planned ::
(11:45:32 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: PAUSE SIM
(11:45:36 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: PAUSE SIM
(11:45:37 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: PAUSE SIM
(11:45:59 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: paused ::
(11:46:19 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: :: defiantly refuses to pause ::
(11:46:55 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: :: zaps Wright ::
(11:47:24 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: :: dies ::
(11:47:31 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Whoops. Zapped too hard.
(11:47:38 PM) LtJGAlexisWright: Tsk.
(11:48:03 PM) CdrTKirr: :: pauses ::
(11:48:05 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Next week, this plan goes into action!
(11:48:32 PM) CdrTKirr: Wohoo
(11:50:24 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: Night guys.
(11:50:29 PM) DrRoxanneCarre left the room (quit: Exit: ajax IRC Client).
(11:50:46 PM) CdrTKirr: Got momentarily distracted. Found a fifth DT Who audiobook. =X
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(12:00:35 AM) VAdmBlackthorne: G'night all