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(10:00:26 PM) The topic for #USSAtlantis is: Atlantis heads deeper into the unexplored frontier beyond Vinland, with two captured Orion pirates on board.
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(10:00:33 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Hiya Doc
(10:00:40 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: Hiyas
(10:00:46 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: I'm EARLY~!
(10:00:57 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: zomg
(10:01:12 PM) Eraya_Gallagher [] entered the room.
(10:01:17 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Hiya Kiley
(10:01:21 PM) Eraya_Gallagher: hiya
(10:01:32 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: Hellos!
(10:03:55 PM) ColDougMcKnight [] entered the room.
(10:04:35 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Hiya Mike
(10:04:55 PM) ColDougMcKnight: Hey.
(10:08:52 PM) Percy [] entered the room.
(10:09:00 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: There we go!
(10:09:12 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: No T'Kirr tonight, but McKnight keeps a backup whistle of death, I'm told.
(10:10:02 PM) Eraya_Gallagher: doh
(10:10:29 PM) Percy: Argh, the whistle of death.
(10:18:05 PM) LtSyvek [Mibbit@] entered the room.
(10:18:43 PM) CdrHarper [CdrHarper@] entered the room.
(10:20:18 PM) ColDougMcKnight: :: TWEEEEEEEEEEET! ::
(10:20:26 PM) ColDougMcKnight: ATTENTION ON DECK!
(10:20:40 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: aa :: (Ow my ears!)
(10:20:41 PM) Percy: BLARGH.
(10:20:43 PM) Percy: ::AA::
(10:20:45 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: :: nods, impressed at such a whistle ::
(10:22:02 PM) VAdmBlackthorne has changed the topic to: Tonight, it is hoped that our Orion prisoners can provide useful information on the nature of their operations in this area of space, so that we can put a stop to them. Meanwhile, we travel farther out...
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(10:23:37 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Such a whistle that it knocked Kiley off the internets.
(10:24:34 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: We'll get going anyway, if there are no questions.
(10:26:10 PM) Percy: Will there be cake?
(10:26:18 PM) Percy: Are they cake pirates?
(10:26:32 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Cake.... pirates.
(10:26:38 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: That'd mean they're out to steal our cake.
(10:26:50 PM) ColDougMcKnight: They're out to steal 40 cakes.
(10:26:53 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Which is probably worse than what they're already doing.
(10:26:53 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: Yarrr! Gimme yer frosted cakes matey!
(10:26:54 PM) ColDougMcKnight: That's as many as four tens.
(10:26:58 PM) ColDougMcKnight: And that's terrible.
(10:27:18 PM) Eraya_Gallagher [] entered the room.
(10:27:23 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Alright then, let's get going.
(10:27:25 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: BEGIN SIM
(10:27:26 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: BEGIN SIM
(10:27:27 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: BEGIN SIM
(10:27:30 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: (WB Kiley)
(10:27:31 PM) Percy: Haha Superdickery.
(10:27:35 PM) Percy: (Whoops)
(10:27:41 PM) Percy: (WB!)
(10:28:08 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: :: in the interrogation room, watching the prisoners through the one-way glass ::
(10:28:20 PM) LtCmdrVLarus [] entered the room.
(10:28:20 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: writing up medical reports on the Orions, noting to check and see if the one that had brain lasering displays any personality changes ::
(10:29:21 PM) CdrHarper: :: on the bridge, playing solitaire at helm ::
(10:29:57 PM) Percy: :: Wondering why there have been so many bathroom maintenance requests lately.::
(10:30:02 PM) Percy: ....Maybe it was the chili.
(10:30:54 PM) ColDougMcKnight: ::Arrives in the viewing area as well, PADD in tow.:: Admiral. I take it by your presence here, you are even now contemplating how best to extract the most information from these men, with the highest degree of truthfulness?
(10:31:08 PM) ColDougMcKnight: (D'oh. Really thought I had the right tab. That was V'Larus.)
(10:31:36 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: ( NAMEHERE> is your friend....)
(10:32:01 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: :: nods to the Vulcan :: Yes, Commander. I think they would be willing to trade intel for a deal.
(10:33:29 PM) LtCmdrVLarus: ::Checks the exits, satisfied that no one is within earshot.:: In that case, I suggest now may be the time to discuss that private matter I spoke of before. The sooner this is on record, the sooner Captain Santiago and his crew can go about their jobs.
(10:33:32 PM) Eraya_Gallagher: :: in her office, looking over reports::
(10:33:45 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: As you wish.
(10:33:55 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: EnsNamehere> :: Stumbles into sickbay ::
(10:34:27 PM) Percy: :: Wonders if there are enough ensigns for her not to have to touch someone else's toilet. In general, Percy's anxieties have lessened significantly since joining Altantis...but touching where someone else's butt has been still lingers on the top of her Hate list::
(10:34:55 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: watches the body splat on the floor :: Medic!
(10:35:16 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: EnsNamehere> I'm your I'm your, I'm your f-f-f-fFRIEND!
(10:35:57 PM) Percy: Shut UP Ensign Namehere. And make yourself useful. ::Hands him a plunger::
(10:36:06 PM) LtCmdrVLarus: ::Hands him the PADD:: By all means, take your time with it. I am, of course, at your disposal to summarize, if you prefer.
(10:36:34 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: :: skims through the hundreds of pages of legalizes :: Yeah, executive summary, please.
(10:36:40 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: *legalese
(10:36:57 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: EnsNamehere> :: is presently drunk on sickbay's floor, not engineering! ::
(10:37:12 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: (But he looks good with a plunger!)
(10:37:40 PM) Percy: (I was obviously talking about his cousin, Ensign Enteryour Namehere.)
(10:37:57 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: (That guy's a troublemaker.)
(10:38:24 PM) CdrHarper: :: notices she has the bridge, and after winning the solitaire game, she goes to sit in Ian's chair ::
(10:38:56 PM) ColDougMcKnight: Essentially, this detail's the direct response by the Judge Advocate General's office, as well as that of the admiralty in general, to your statements made to Admiral Steele. Specifically, the part where you spoke of a JAG officer's lack of actual authority.
(10:39:00 PM) Percy: (Which means he gets to clean his toilet with an eyebrush)
(10:39:09 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: Leans over for a look at the body on the floor and is amazed by the fumes rolling off the body :: Someone give this guy a hypo of Alcanon and drag him into special room 1a, face down please.
(10:39:13 PM) ColDougMcKnight: (Not one word.)
(10:39:18 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Yes, yes, I'm a right ass, get to the point.
(10:39:30 PM) Eraya_Gallagher: :: sets her reports down and heads out of her office to find the bridge::
(10:39:47 PM) Percy: (One word!)
(10:39:53 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Namehere> :: barfs ::
(10:40:19 PM) LtCmdrVLarus: ::Sighs:: As you wish. I am empowered to terminate your command at any time I should deem it warranted.
(10:40:29 PM) LtCmdrVLarus: I am, of course, at your disposal to elaborate, if you prefer.
(10:40:30 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: &^%$(#*@ NOT ON THE NEW CARPET!
(10:40:58 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: :: stares :: As long as you only would deem it warranted should my actions break the law, then there's no need.
(10:41:11 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: Makes a note on her PADD that EnsNameHere is on report. ::
(10:41:14 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Namehere> :: looks up at Carre :: I barf'd.
(10:41:34 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: Yes, and you'll be sorry you did...
(10:41:34 PM) CdrHarper: :: wiggles around a bit to erase his buttprint ::
(10:41:35 PM) Eraya_Gallagher: :: steps out of the turbolift and onto the bridge::
(10:41:47 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Namehere> So will, so wil, so will you!
(10:41:55 PM) Percy: Cubit> :: whirrs in disgust and goes to get a mini mop::
(10:42:07 PM) CdrHarper: :: sees Eraya :: Hiya Doc, nice bit of flying the other day.
(10:42:36 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: sighs :: Believe me, I already am sorry. Computer increase air through put to 90%.
(10:42:39 PM) Eraya_Gallagher: :: chuckles:: Hiya Cmdr
(10:43:21 PM) Percy: :: Decides it is time to take her daily reports up to the Bridge. Which is conveniently away from toilets. Away she goes!::
(10:43:38 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: hypos NameHere and motions for a couple of orderly's to drag him into the padded room ::
(10:43:54 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Namehere> :: is dragged away into joke NPC heaven! ::
(10:44:21 PM) Percy: Rubix> :: Post-It in hand, follows Percy, trying to mimick her stride and failing horribly. But she's got her Post-It Note, damnit, and it's IMPORTANT!::
(10:44:24 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: sends a 'cleanup in Sickbay aisle' note to engineering ::
(10:44:24 PM) CdrHarper: :: leans back in the center seat, remembering that the chair used to be hers on beta shift :: Been settling in good, yes?
(10:45:09 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: marks it urgent ::
(10:45:17 PM) LtCmdrVLarus: ::Nods deliberately in lieu of addressing Blackthorne's qualification specifically, then turns back to the one way glass:: By all means, sir, keep that PADD. All I require is your thumb scan, which shall immediately be placed remotely on record.
(10:45:20 PM) Eraya_Gallagher: :: takes a seat:: Yep
(10:47:56 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: decides its a perfect time for a cup of coffee, heads out to visit Jack ::
(10:48:41 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Let me make it clear that if you do anything to undermine my authority, especially in front of my crew, while I'm acting in accordance with Starfleet code, then this cozy little arrangment ends. But for now, we'll play ball. Clear?
(10:49:25 PM) CdrHarper: That's good to hear. Check your locker when you get a chance, your helmet with Jhu'rhia on it is ready.
(10:49:45 PM) Eraya_Gallagher: :: chuckles:: Already, eh? That was quick
(10:49:54 PM) CdrHarper: I take care of my own.
(10:50:31 PM) JackCahalan [Mibbit@] entered the room.
(10:52:40 PM) LtCmdrVLarus: ::Turns back to him, meeting his gaze, without the overt passion that would constitute the traditional challenge.:: Yes, sir, let us be clear. I have been sent here to do a specific job, one that the Commander, Star Fleet personally deemed necessary. And that duty, I will perform to the letter. In the entirely hypothetical event I am found either
(10:53:30 PM) Eraya_Gallagher: Still didn't expect it so quickly. So, where is the Captain?
(10:54:01 PM) CdrHarper: Down in the brig, I believe, talking with our guests.
(10:54:25 PM) Eraya_Gallagher: Guests, eh?
(10:54:49 PM) LtCmdrVLarus: negligent or...over-ambitious, I will of course be subject to re-assignment, or any other disciplinary action appropriate. But I feel it important that you understand this point. The assignment of a representative from the JAG office to this ship comes directly from your superiors; whether it be me or another officer, that presence is not contingent upon
(10:54:49 PM) CdrHarper: The mission we flew before you qualified, we took two Orion prisoners.
(10:55:14 PM) LtCmdrVLarus: your consent. And Admiral Rhee is unlikely to tolerate further instances of you applying that interpretation.
(10:55:25 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: enters the bar looking for Jack, slides onto a barstool :: Hey Jack
(10:55:35 PM) JackCahalan: Hiya Roxy.
(10:55:38 PM) JackCahalan: What can I get you?
(10:55:51 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: A nice cup of coffee please, and some information.
(10:56:22 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Admiral Rhee isn't here. You and I are, and it's imperative for you to understand that I am in charge on this ship. Is that clear?
(10:56:44 PM) JackCahalan: :: pours her a cup ;
(10:56:47 PM) JackCahalan: What kind of information?
(10:56:49 PM) LtSyvek left the room (quit: Exit: ajax IRC Client).
(10:57:11 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: Why is there a drunken Ens in my sickbay?
(10:57:43 PM) JackCahalan: :: chuckles :: Hey, it wasn't me!
(10:57:50 PM) Eraya_Gallagher: ahh, okay
(10:58:27 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: I didnt suppose it was, but thought I'd ask on the off off chance. :: grins ::
(10:58:34 PM) LtCmdrVLarus: Entirely, sir. So long as I, acting in her stead, continue to judge you fit to hold that office.
(10:58:43 PM) LtCmdrVLarus: And yes, sir, I mean LEGALLY fit.
(10:58:53 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Ensure that your judgement is sound, Commander.
(10:59:55 PM) JackCahalan: No, I don't serve people if they're that hammered, you know that.
(11:00:40 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: It also gave me an excuse to get some good coffee and away from the mess on my Sickbay floor.
(11:00:54 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: I usually answer when opportunity knocks.
(11:01:00 PM) Percy: :: Enters the Bridge, leaving the PADD with her reports in it's correct spot before heading to the Engineering console there.
(11:01:10 PM) Percy: ...Presumably to play pong. It was a slow night.::
(11:01:19 PM) CdrHarper: Oh! I forgot. :: fishes in her pocket and pulls out a pair of the gold starfleet wings, engraved with Atlantis and 42nd wing info :: Here, you've earned these. :: hands them to her :: Wear them with pride.
(11:01:25 PM) Percy: :: Y'know, besides all the toilets.::
(11:01:44 PM) JackCahalan: Fresh coffee is always an excuse over the replicated stuff.
(11:02:03 PM) Eraya_Gallagher: :: catches the wings and pins them on her uniform :: Thanks
(11:02:20 PM) CdrHarper: :: sees Percy and nods :: Commander.
(11:03:13 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: I agree, and yours is some of the best.
(11:03:14 PM) Percy: :: Nods back:: Commander. :: She's silent for a moment, before chuckling.:: And I thought Engineering was quiet tonight.
(11:03:24 PM) Percy: I really hope Carre's not making up for all this.
(11:03:55 PM) CdrHarper: It's been so dead up here that you could hear a hen drop.
(11:04:39 PM) JackCahalan: Well thanks, always a pleasure.
(11:05:24 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: I dont suppose you have any idea what got into EnsNameHere, other than vast quantities of alcohol?
(11:05:37 PM) Eraya_Gallagher: that's a good thing, isn't it?
(11:05:41 PM) JackCahalan: Probably a bad case of comic relief.
(11:06:02 PM) Percy: ...Are hens quiet when they drop?
(11:06:04 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: You think so? I hear thats terminal!
(11:06:22 PM) CdrHarper: Are they? It does not make much sense.
(11:06:26 PM) Percy: I would have thought they'd make more of a squak then splat noise. Audible, really.
(11:06:39 PM) Percy: Oh! Oh...right. I think you meant "pin" there.
(11:06:59 PM) Percy: And here I thought you were being all ahead of the times or something.
(11:07:06 PM) CdrHarper: :: stares at the wall :: Of course, writing utensils are quiet when they fall, that makes so much more sense.
(11:07:13 PM) Eraya_Gallagher: Yeah, it means that we aren't being blown up
(11:07:23 PM) Eraya_Gallagher: lol
(11:07:23 PM) Percy: ...Um, right.
(11:07:32 PM) Percy: I guess they don't make much sense after all.
(11:08:01 PM) Percy: :: Considers cleaning toilets.::
(11:08:13 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: Alrighty, I better go track down someone who can get my carpet fixed. I'm not going to be dealing with that all day.
(11:08:19 PM) CdrHarper: Unless I am confusing a pin with a pen again.
(11:08:20 PM) Percy: Rubix> :: Does a dance!::
(11:08:22 PM) LtCmdrVLarus: :: Turns back to the one-way glass once more, focus on the matter at hand seeming more productive than focus on a superior officer's condescension.:: I will do so starting now. How do you mean to proceed with these prisoners?
(11:08:32 PM) JackCahalan: :: chuckles :: Enjoy the coffee.
(11:08:55 PM) Percy: Eh. They're similar shaped.
(11:09:04 PM) Percy: So...uh...Orions, huh?
(11:09:27 PM) Percy: That must have been exciting. ::Remembers her last run in with Orions with a brief and passing frown.::
(11:09:31 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: Thanks I will! :: checks for Percy's location, heads to the Bridge ::
(11:09:51 PM) CdrHarper: I would have preferred to face them while still in my fighter.
(11:10:11 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: :: signs off with his thumbprint and hands the PADD over :: Commander, I intend to use your presence here as an asset. We're bringing law to a lawless region, and with you here, I'm the convening juridictional authority, able to bring charges up for trial.
(11:10:16 PM) Percy: Yeah, yeah, I understand that. Those guys throw a mean right hook.
(11:10:27 PM) Percy: ...And left hook. And knee.
(11:10:32 PM) Percy: :: Winces::
(11:10:51 PM) CdrHarper: They don't do so well when a ceiling collapses on them, though.
(11:10:58 PM) Percy: Hah!
(11:11:20 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: I'm appointing you to defend these two again charges of piracy and murder.
(11:11:38 PM) Percy: :: Makes note to self on console. In case of danger of being beat up: Drop a ceiling on them.::
(11:12:03 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Offer them a deal for information. I don't really care about nailing their asses to the wall; they're minor scum. I want a lead up the organizational chain.
(11:13:33 PM) CdrHarper: Serves them right since they shot that ship down in the first place.
(11:14:34 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: enters the bridge :: This is where everyone is hiding!
(11:14:48 PM) Percy: Damn right. Stupid jerks. But hey, at least here they have all the comforts of prison. I hear they've been fed honest to god gruel every day.
(11:15:04 PM) CdrHarper: Roxy! Welcome to the party.
(11:15:05 PM) Percy: ...That might have been a joke at the time, but I choose to believe it's true. Doctor Carre!
(11:16:39 PM) Eraya_Gallagher: Hiya Doc
(11:17:46 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: smiles :: I have an urgent clean up in Sickbay...can you send someone Percy? I need to get Eraya in for her physical and I dont want to go back until the mess is cleaned up.
(11:18:42 PM) LtCmdrVLarus: ::Arches an eyebrow:: Offer them a deal, sir? As defense, it is not for me to offer terms on behalf of Starfleet, but for the prosecution. Once such an offer is made, however, I will of course convey it to my clients, and advise them as best I am able.
(11:19:35 PM) Percy: Oh! Yeah...hold on. ::Sends a message for Unlucky Ensign #45 with the following text: Urgent maintenance work in Sick Bay. Bring a mop.::
(11:20:04 PM) Percy: Should be there in a couple of minutes...or else.
(11:20:20 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: Thanks, and make sure they dont use that sanitizer that smells like already reeks in there.
(11:20:25 PM) LtCmdrVLarus: Between the two of us, however, I would suggest any deal offered be reasonably generous. As their defense, I can state with reasonable confidence based on my understanding of the incident which led to their incarceration that murder will be a difficult charge to prove.
(11:20:37 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Consider me the prosecution at this time since I'm bringing the charges against them.
(11:21:24 PM) Eraya_Gallagher: Take your time Percy, I would like some talk to talk with the good doc
(11:21:31 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: I know that, Commander. I'm scaring them with the charges to get them to talk.
(11:23:32 PM) LtCmdrVLarus: Of course, sir. As defense, however, it will be my duty to inform my clients as to the full extent of their prospects and protections under Federation law. Truthfully. I am, of course, sympathetic to your overall aims, but my duty stands unchanged.
(11:24:18 PM) LtCmdrVLarus: Piracy, of course, remains a serious charge, worth a compromise to all parties. So, before we begin to seek out judge and jury, let us consider hypotheticals once more.
(11:24:24 PM) Percy: :: Adds to the message: Also, pine sol.:: Sure thing. Also, that sounds ominous.
(11:24:33 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: Eraya, I'm going to send EnsNameHere to you for evaluation. He showed up in Sickbay intoxicated, I want to make sure hes not having some deep personal issues.
(11:24:35 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: They'll take the deal. Piracy's an easy one to prove and that's a long prison term. Offer them a year in minimum security and protection for continued intel.
(11:25:17 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: adds psychological evaluation note on the Ens chart via her PADD ::
(11:26:46 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: smiles at Eraya :: Did you want to talk here or shall we go somewhere more private?
(11:30:36 PM) Eraya_Gallagher: :: chuckles:: Somewhere more private
(11:30:37 PM) LtCmdrVLarus: ::Considers a moment.:: Agreed. So long as that protection be extended as necessary. Their fellow pirates deliberately abandoned them to the likelyhood of capture by Federation authorities. Provided they actually know anything of particular use, Federation space proper may well be the only safe place remaining for them to live out their lives.
(11:31:09 PM) CdrHarper: My thoughts exactly.
(11:31:15 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: (d'oh)
(11:31:18 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: Sure, your office or one of the conference rooms?
(11:31:20 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: My thoughts exactly.
(11:32:14 PM) Eraya_Gallagher: my office will be more comfortable
(11:32:46 PM) LtCmdrVLarus: ::Nods:: Very well. I shall attempt to convince them this is their best course of action. I require some time to confer with my clients, then...privately.
(11:33:47 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: As you wish. See, Commander, your presence here will be an asset. This could be the end of a large Orion operation.
(11:34:45 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Let me know when they've decided.
(11:34:47 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: Sure, lets go. Ladies I'll see you later for the evening tournament.
(11:34:59 PM) CdrHarper: :: grins :: Wouldn't misss it.
(11:35:02 PM) LtCmdrVLarus: Yes, sir.
(11:35:08 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: :: exits and heads for the TL ::
(11:35:46 PM) LtCmdrVLarus: ::Checks to make certain his uniform is straight, before entering. Surprise, surprise, it's spotless.::
(11:36:10 PM) Eraya_Gallagher: :: stands and heads to the turbolift
(11:36:40 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Orion2, who is now known as Orion1, AKA the one who didn't have his brain fixed> A Vulcan. :: scowls ::
(11:36:48 PM) Percy: :: Nods, seeing them leave. She can't help but be a little anxious about the prospects of a psych evaluation at this point, but hey. Maybe she'll magically not be on the list. Maybe.::
(11:37:32 PM) CdrHarper: :: surreptitiously yawns and reclines again ::
(11:37:42 PM) LtCmdrVLarus: ::Takes a seat:: Indeed. Will that be a problem?
(11:37:47 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: Follows Eraya out :: I havent been to your new office yet, are you liking it?
(11:38:25 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Orion1> Depends on what you have to say.
(11:39:53 PM) Eraya_Gallagher: Yep, I've got it all nice and cool looking
(11:40:20 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: (Five minutes)
(11:40:56 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: Guaranteed to put a troubled mind at ease?
(11:42:14 PM) LtCmdrVLarus: Very well. Then let me simply present the facts. When next you meet Admiral Blackthorne, he will threaten to "nail you to the wall", or "put you on ice", or whatever particularly droll Terran colloquialism occurs to him at the time.
(11:43:04 PM) LtCmdrVLarus: The charges will be piracy and murder. If it comes to that, the murder charge will not stand up. The piracy charge almost certainly will.
(11:43:35 PM) CdrHarper: This quiet is nice for a change, though I don't miss sitting here all night when I was on beta shift.
(11:45:21 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Orion2> We weren't the gunners, and they were all dead when we landed!
(11:45:37 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Orion1> :: backhands his companion :: QUIET.
(11:45:45 PM) Eraya_Gallagher: Definitely
(11:47:53 PM) LtCmdrVLarus: ::Leans forward, his expression outwardly unchanged.:: What you just told me will, of course, remain off the record. That you already admitted to Starfleet officers on a previous occasion that you were sent to scavange the hulk on behalf of pirates is, however, likely to work against you. I will, of course, present a counter-argument, but the odds of it
(11:48:12 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: (OK I lied, we'll pause after this conversation wraps up )
(11:49:04 PM) LtCmdrVLarus: actually swaying a jury are...well, I have long since discovered people rarely actually like to hear the odds. I doubt this case will be any exception.
(11:50:13 PM) LtCmdrVLarus: Your accuser, however, has offered you terms you may find far more favorable than the ones you are likely to receive if this actually goes to trial. Would you like to hear them, or shall we begin to prepare your case?
(11:50:35 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Orion1> Keep talking, Vulcan.
(11:52:01 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: They really put you in an out of the way spot didnt they?
(11:52:31 PM) LtCmdrVLarus: One year, at a minimum security facility yet to be determined. If you have some preference, I can attempt negotiation in that regard. For my own part, I can relate that I particularly enjoyed my last visit to New Zealand.
(11:53:01 PM) LtCmdrVLarus: In any case, the deal as stated encompasses both that, and an open-ended offer of protection.
(11:53:26 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Orion1> This is in exchange for the information I offered your Admiral?
(11:53:30 PM) Eraya_Gallagher: I requested it, actually Doc
(11:53:57 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: I suppose its good for people who dont want to be seen visiting here.
(11:55:02 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: Nice use of color, its very relaxing. :: sits in a comfy chair :: What can I do for you Eraya?
(11:55:52 PM) Eraya_Gallagher: :: takes a seat behind her desk ::
(11:55:55 PM) LtCmdrVLarus: In exchange for whatever you offered Admiral Blackthorne, and whatever else you may know of value to Starfleet at this or some future point.
(11:56:16 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Orion1> We find these terms acceptable.
(11:56:22 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: thinks that particular place to sit doesnt bode well for her ::
(11:56:29 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Orion2> But they're sending us to prison!
(11:56:45 PM) LtCmdrVLarus: ::Looks over to Orion 2:: That is correct.
(11:56:52 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Orion1> :: backhands his companion again :: They'll send us to a worse prison for a longer time if we're convicted, you idiot.
(11:57:08 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Orion1> Minimum security might as well be a resort. :: chuckles ::
(11:57:58 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Orion2> Oh. Okay.
(11:58:27 PM) LtCmdrVLarus: ::Refrains from correcting him. The ability to consciously block out objective reality seems to provide those not on the path to pure logic with comfort that borders on the surreal.::
(11:58:52 PM) Eraya_Gallagher: :: chuckles::
(11:59:33 PM) LtCmdrVLarus: ::And he nods.:: Very well. I shall pass your assent along to the Admiral. If there is anything you require, I can be reached at any time through the marines outside your cell.
(11:59:49 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: Please tell me I'm not here for a surprise brain inspection. I tend to fail those.
(12:00:17 AM) VAdmBlackthorne: Orion1> As you say, Vulcan.
(12:00:37 AM) LtCmdrVLarus: ::And after exiting, he flags down the nearest one of those marines.:: Sergeant, please see to it that the prisoners are escorted to adjoining, but physically separate cells.
(12:01:00 AM) VAdmBlackthorne: PAUSE SIM
(12:01:01 AM) VAdmBlackthorne: PAUSE SIM
(12:01:03 AM) VAdmBlackthorne: PAUSE SIM
(12:02:33 AM) Eraya_Gallagher: :: pauses::
(12:03:05 AM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: pauses ::
(12:03:44 AM) Eraya_Gallagher: Doc, wanna do a JL?
(12:05:01 AM) DrRoxanneCarre: Sure, as long as its not my brain we're sifting!
(12:05:41 AM) VAdmBlackthorne: Oh my.
(12:05:42 AM) Eraya_Gallagher: well, we do have the physical
(12:05:45 AM) Percy: :: Paused!::
(12:05:47 AM) Eraya_Gallagher: my aim is RhianaAiden
(12:08:48 AM) VAdmBlackthorne: Enjoyable sim, folks. Next week we either act on intel from our prisoners, or do something completely different!
(12:11:05 AM) CdrHarper left the room.
(12:11:20 AM) DrRoxanneCarre: Lets pick Harpers brain!
(12:11:29 AM) VAdmBlackthorne: Oh lord.
(12:13:59 AM) DrRoxanneCarre: You can find me through Blackthorne, I'm open thurs.
(12:27:30 AM) VAdmBlackthorne: Well, I'm gonna get out of here, see y'all next week!
(12:28:12 AM) DrRoxanneCarre: Night