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(9:53:41 PM) ChanServ has changed the topic to: After following a distress call indicating a pirate attack, we sent the Sharks down on a SAR mission to a planet we couldn't scan due to atmospheric interference. A huge, powerful storm has since moved in, placing our birds in danger!
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(10:06:01 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Hey you two
(10:06:16 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: Hiya
(10:07:22 PM) CdrTKirr: Hey
(10:13:11 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: Hmmm, looks like it just us tonight?
(10:13:25 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: I'll take pictures. >.>
(10:13:26 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Nah, Percy and Doug forgot
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(10:13:32 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Here they come!
(10:13:34 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: Bwhahaha
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(10:13:57 PM) ColDougMcKnight: Sorry we're late. We were ordering dinner, and lost track of time.
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(10:14:06 PM) Percy: Sorry guys!
(10:14:14 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: No worries. :)
(10:14:23 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: You got enough for everyone, right?
(10:14:41 PM) ColDougMcKnight: Everyone at this address, absolutely.
(10:14:53 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Alrighty then, let's get going.
(10:14:55 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: Great, I'll be right over...
(10:15:05 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: One internet to the person who can tell me what the topic refers to.
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(10:15:33 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: And no googling it!
(10:15:37 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: Kidding...
(10:16:21 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Time's up!
(10:16:25 PM) Percy: Crap! I feel as though I should know that./
(10:16:27 PM) Percy: *.
(10:16:47 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: It's the fate of Henry VIII's six wives.
(10:16:47 PM) ColDougMcKnight: You just think that, because it involves gruesome death.
(10:17:03 PM) Percy: ...Maybeh.
(10:17:16 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: Hell *I'm* not even old enough to remember that!
(10:17:27 PM) Percy: Well...yeah, I mean, that's obvious.
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(10:17:34 PM) Percy: But what about the survived bit?
(10:17:51 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: What about it?
(10:18:06 PM) Percy: Divorced, Beheaded, Survived?
(10:18:07 PM) Percy: OH
(10:18:07 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: He died...just ran out of time to do away with her.
(10:18:11 PM) Percy: Wait, never mind.
(10:18:18 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: His last wife outlived him before he could divorce or behead her. :V
(10:18:26 PM) Percy: No, I know that.
(10:18:33 PM) Percy: I just misread it.
(10:18:41 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Charming fellow.
(10:18:44 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Anyway, let's sim.
(10:18:51 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: I had an uncle like that, except instead of beheading they went crazy.
(10:19:05 PM) Percy: Huh.
(10:19:14 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: That explains some things.
(10:19:14 PM) Percy: He must have sucked in bed hard core.
(10:19:14 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: Serious looney bin stuff.
(10:19:31 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: No it doesnt.
(10:20:37 PM) CdrTKirr: :: TWEEEEEEEEET :: Attention!
(10:20:46 PM) ColDougMcKnight: ::AA::
(10:20:47 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: aa ::
(10:21:04 PM) Percy: ::AA::
(10:21:11 PM) VAdmBlackthorne has changed the topic to: Our downed pilots have pulled two Orions from the wreckage of the ship they wrecked. In the meantime, we've sent a runabout down through the eye of the storm on a rescue mission.
(10:21:14 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Questions?
(10:21:39 PM) ColDougMcKnight: Yeah.
(10:21:53 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Shoot.
(10:22:34 PM) ColDougMcKnight: So the runabout had successfully emerged from the heart of the storm when we left off? They're on the other side of it?
(10:23:14 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: They're halfway down.
(10:23:27 PM) CdrTKirr: We've got me, McKnight, Carre, Syvek... am I missing anyone?
(10:23:39 PM) CdrTKirr: Oh Percy
(10:23:54 PM) CdrTKirr: She sorta tailed her way in, if I recall
(10:24:11 PM) Percy: I...guess? I thought she just brought things to the hangar bay.
(10:24:13 PM) CdrTKirr: But didn't say anything once inside?
(10:24:18 PM) CdrTKirr: Maybe that was it.
(10:24:26 PM) ColDougMcKnight: Yeah, I don't remember her actually boarding the craft.
(10:24:38 PM) Percy: I think she's still on the Atlantis.
(10:24:49 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: It'd help if I was more diligent getting the logs up.
(10:24:50 PM) CdrTKirr: I had thought Blackthorne had ordered her along for something, but I'm probably not remembering correctly
(10:25:20 PM) CdrTKirr: Mission doesn't really call for an engineer huh
(10:25:40 PM) Percy: Yeah. Let's assume that she's on Atlantis.
(10:25:42 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: I checked, she didn't board the craft.
(10:25:45 PM) CdrTKirr: Sure.
(10:25:51 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: OK then, let's roll.
(10:25:53 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: BEGIN SIM
(10:25:54 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: BEGIN SIM
(10:25:55 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: BEGIN SIM
(10:26:07 PM) CdrTKirr: :: pilots ::
(10:26:44 PM) CdrTKirr: We're halfway through.
(10:27:02 PM) CdrHarper: :: rummaging through her medkit :: We've gotta get them back to the ships.
(10:27:42 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: grips the edge of her seat tightly but still has a smile pasted on her face ::
(10:27:57 PM) CdrTKirr: Our sensors will likely cut through the lower atmosphere once we've reached the ground, however our range will be limited due to our angle. It may take a bit of searching to find them.
(10:27:58 PM) ColDougMcKnight: ::Still standing up in the cockpit, grabbing a hold of some convenient handhold in case of sudden turbulence.:: Christ almighty. Here those lessons with your other half had me thinking I finally saw the appeal of flying for you Sharks, but this...I think I may just stick to the holodecks.
(10:28:33 PM) LtSyvek: :: watches the doctor with amusement ::
(10:29:58 PM) Percy: Sid> Alright. I'm no doctor, but I can tell they're hurt. Do you think we should try to make some stretchers or something?
(10:30:47 PM) CdrTKirr: :: makes a sharp course correction as the eye of the storm shifts towards them::
(10:30:57 PM) Chaka: ::Shrugs, knowing he needn't remind anyone that's not happening. Glancing once more at the tri-corner Ushaan-tor he still holds in his right hand, his gaze then briefly switches to the doorway.:: We could always give them the dignity of a quick death.
(10:31:05 PM) CdrTKirr: ( wall of the eye, rather )
(10:31:31 PM) CdrHarper: :: scans one with the medcorder :: Three of us, two stretchers. It would mean multiple trips.
(10:31:51 PM) ColDougMcKnight: Right. Well, let's just bleed off elevation as fast as we can, huh? Me and mine are pretty well useless up here.
(10:31:57 PM) CdrHarper: Chaka, no.
(10:32:05 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: turns a little paler after looking out the window ::
(10:32:20 PM) CdrTKirr: Understood, Colonel. :: distractedly ::
(10:32:24 PM) LtSyvek: Are you alright, doctor?
(10:33:17 PM) Percy: Sid> Then we'd have to carry them.
(10:33:33 PM) Chaka: Fine. We'll play it nice. But unless you're seriously entertaining the notion that this scrapyard's sickbay is still working, any spot down here is as good as another.
(10:34:09 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: Me? I'm just fine. :: pastes on a bit brighter smile ::
(10:34:58 PM) CdrHarper: If Atlantis sends a rescue party, they'd find our birds out there first. That's the best place to be then, yes?
(10:35:15 PM) LtSyvek: Indeed.
(10:37:40 PM) CdrTKirr: ACTION> The runabout emerges from the cloud cover into the calm, clear center with heavy rain, wind, and electrical activity in every direction.
(10:37:57 PM) Chaka: Sure. Except it means bringing out charity cases out into that storm.
(10:38:13 PM) CdrTKirr: Scanning the surface.
(10:38:20 PM) CdrHarper: We can't just leave them.
(10:38:59 PM) Chaka: ::Snarls:: And, all due respect and all that crap, I have no intention of being caught flat footed and arms full of pirate when the other two they've admitted are around somewhere pop out to give us another taste of Orion diplomacy.
(10:40:47 PM) CdrHarper: :: looks indecisive for a moment ::
(10:42:06 PM) CdrHarper: :: asks again in Orion if they're sure the other two died in the collapse ::
(10:42:48 PM) CdrTKirr: I'm not reading any signs of the Sharks, or any other wreckage. I recommend a search pattern, but we'll need to navigate away from charged clouds to avoid the possibility of becoming a convenient conduit from the ground.
(10:43:11 PM) Percy: Sid> ::Frowns:: So your solution is to leave the ones we know are ALIVE to die. That is very Federation of you.
(10:43:27 PM) CdrHarper: :: gets an affirmative answer, for whatever that's worth ::
(10:43:35 PM) CdrTKirr: I can't fly and monitor the scanners at the same time.
(10:44:41 PM) ColDougMcKnight: ::Nods and takes his seat, buckling in.:: Call me scanner guy, then.
(10:44:53 PM) CdrHarper: She's right. See what you can scrounge up, I'll do some more first aid.
(10:45:07 PM) CdrHarper: :: watches Chaka's face as she decides ::
(10:45:39 PM) LtSyvek: :: decides that it would not be wise to refer to the Colonel as scanner guy ::
(10:46:03 PM) CdrTKirr: :: lets the runabout hover for a moment on autopilot and shifts over to point out on McKnight's screen :: Look for build up on this monitor. Any higher than thirty-five and we should avoid the area. I'll need you to give me new bearings as we go to plot a path through.
(10:47:16 PM) ColDougMcKnight: ...Fine. But my blade stays out. And if I see provocation, I use it. That's Andorian. And that's a Federation founder, thank you.
(10:47:18 PM) CdrHarper: We're getting them out of here. :: closes some bloody wounds with the futuremed ::
(10:47:30 PM) CdrTKirr: ( Chaka right? )
(10:47:38 PM) ColDougMcKnight: (D'oh. Right.)
(10:48:08 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: thinks about asking scanner guy if we're there yet ::
(10:48:10 PM) CdrHarper: :: explains in Orion again to not do anything stupid and they'll get to live ::
(10:49:27 PM) Percy: Sid> :: looks around and grabs a couple of fallen support struts to use as stretcher poles, then goes about trying to find cloth to wrap between them.::
(10:50:36 PM) Chaka: ::Nods:: Make it 277, Mark 9. Ambient energy buildup doesn't top 20 as far as we can see thus far.
(10:50:37 PM) CdrHarper: :: scans the second guy, who has broken the equivalent of his femur ::
(10:50:45 PM) Chaka: (Fuck. That was McKnight.)
(10:51:02 PM) CdrHarper: :: looks to see if there's a futureboneknitter in the kit but there isn't ::
(10:51:27 PM) CdrTKirr: :: aims for the open space, trying not to get distracted by the flashing bolts all around them and the booming thunder that vibrates against the hull ::
(10:52:18 PM) CdrTKirr: :: fights a wind current to stay on course ::
(10:52:23 PM) CdrHarper: :: looks back and forth between the medcorder and the bloodclotter ::
(10:52:25 PM) Chaka: ::To his credit, he DOES contribute to the effort, coming back a moment later with a large wadded length of cargo netting.:: Hey. Cover me while I cut this up.
(10:54:09 PM) CdrHarper: :: stands and wipes her hands off, a futile effort, really :: I've done all I can for them anyway.
(10:54:50 PM) Percy: Sid> ::Covers him::
(10:54:55 PM) Chaka: ::Does a quick bit of power toggling.:: Here. I'm diverting power from out comm array, since it's virtually useless until we're at short enough range to find the crash site, and inertial dampeners, since we can't go to relativistic velocities in an atmosphere. it all to engines. See if that helps.
(10:54:57 PM) Percy: (IN NETTING!)
(10:55:11 PM) Chaka: (Not my night.)
(10:56:51 PM) CdrHarper: Guy on the right has a broken femur, or what passes for one. He's not walking. The other guy might be able to stand.
(10:57:03 PM) Chaka: ::Grumbles as he slices correctly sized strips of netting off of the net itself.:: And how are they responding to the sugar, spice and everything nice regimen?
(10:57:29 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: vows to find some reliable medical person to send on these away missions ::
(10:57:52 PM) CdrHarper: Surprise, so far.
(10:57:58 PM) CdrHarper: They're amazed we're helping them.
(10:58:00 PM) CdrTKirr: :: evens out :: That's working.
(10:58:17 PM) LtSyvek: :: checks his rifle again out of habit ::
(10:58:47 PM) Chaka: Imagine that.
(10:59:12 PM) Percy: Sid> With all due respect, ma'am, we may want to consider putting them both on stretchers. It expresses hospitality and doesn't give them a chance to backstab if they decide they're in that mood later.
(10:59:28 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: Do try to not end up in my sickbay Lt. I would dislike it if that should happen.
(10:59:38 PM) CdrHarper: :: thinks a moment and nods :: OK.
(11:00:39 PM) CdrHarper: If the supports are long enough, we could make two stretchers in one.
(11:01:08 PM) LtSyvek: I have been there before, you must remember.
(11:01:36 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: I do, I did not enjoy it though.
(11:01:49 PM) LtSyvek: I can not say that I did either.
(11:02:12 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: True, I mostly did not enjoy that you left against my orders.
(11:02:20 PM) Chaka: ::Setting aside what they need to make their stretcher, he then extends a thinner length of the netting to its utmost, nodding in satisfaction at the strength.:: You want to carry them both out at once? And count on trusting the mobile one to not make a fuss?
(11:02:26 PM) CdrTKirr: ACTION> After navigating the storm via a rather haphazard search pattern, the wreck and Mustangs appear at the edge of sensors.
(11:02:31 PM) LtSyvek: :: arches an eyebrow :: Would you rather I let the Klingons in?
(11:02:58 PM) Percy: Sid> ::Nods:: I think the supports may be long enough. Although I also suggest that you and I carry, as Chaka is undoubtably more skilled than we at close-in fighting, and seems to have a better honed instinct for danger.
(11:03:16 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: Not particularly, however we do have methods of dealing with intruders.
(11:03:34 PM) LtSyvek: I prefer my method of dealing with intruders.
(11:03:53 PM) CdrHarper: It would take all three of us. One in the middle.
(11:03:55 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: It did work out in the long run.
(11:04:26 PM) Chaka: :: Stroking the aggressive one's ego, huh? Sounds like good strategy to me! :: Then let me suggest a more efficient method of transit.
(11:04:35 PM) ColDougMcKnight: Hot damn! Got something.
(11:04:48 PM) CdrHarper: If we carry them both out at once, we don't leave someone alone guarding them.
(11:05:35 PM) ColDougMcKnight: :: But if one of them can walk, then I walk with him. His hands bound, mind you. And if any more friends they forgot about DO show up, then we have leverage.
(11:05:37 PM) CdrTKirr: :: looks over briefly out of habit, but returns her attention to flying ::
(11:05:46 PM) ColDougMcKnight: (Damn. Chaka.)
(11:06:18 PM) CdrHarper: :: looks back and forth between Chaka and Crazy Horse ::
(11:06:30 PM) ColDougMcKnight: Energy signature on long range sensors. Looks like...deflector shielding. And I'm picking up a large concentration of refined alloys in the same vicinity. Heading...255, Mark 23.
(11:06:39 PM) Percy: Sid> ::Thinks for a moment, before nodding:: The idea is sound.
(11:06:48 PM) CdrHarper: OK Chaka, we'll do that.
(11:06:52 PM) CdrTKirr: :: changes course and makes good time ::
(11:07:23 PM) CdrHarper: :: walks over to the Orion that she thinks can walk and says a few things ::
(11:07:51 PM) ColDougMcKnight: :: Smiles at the Orion as he makes a show of sheathing his ushaan-tor. :: It won't stay sheathed for long, but a LITTLE show of good faith can't hurt, even he'll admit.
(11:08:07 PM) CdrTKirr: ( Maybe you should... I dunno... go back to "Chaka>" =P )
(11:08:27 PM) Percy: (It is a little easier)
(11:08:29 PM) CdrHarper: :: gestures to Chaka sheathing the blade, and explains that he'll need to walk, and they're going to bind his hands for now ::
(11:09:30 PM) CdrHarper: :: not sure what the word for Andorian is so she calls him blueman ::
(11:10:12 PM) CdrTKirr: :: arrives close enough to get a visual on the rain pounding the Mustangs' shielding into brilliance :: Where do you advise we set down?
(11:10:56 PM) CdrHarper: :: the Orion considers for a moment, figures the odds are bad against him winning three on one, and nods in agreement ::
(11:12:11 PM) ColDougMcKnight: ::Takes a good long look at the screen, wreckage magnified significantly, and finally points to a gaping hull breach, about a hundred feet from the fighters:: There. Big enough for entry, I should say.
(11:12:34 PM) CdrHarper: :: helps the Orion to his feet :: Go ahead, bind his hands.
(11:12:40 PM) CdrTKirr: :: gets a fix and goes for the breach ::
(11:12:51 PM) Percy: Sid> :: Begins to load the worse-off one onto the stretcher:: So help me, if you shank me while I'm doing this...
(11:14:36 PM) Chaka: ::Stepping forward and quickly does just that, making sure the binding is tight, but not enough so to cut off blood flow or otherwise harm him unduly.:: That'll do. If you like, go ahead and warn him the blade is coming back out. He has my word, it will not be used unless I am so forced.
(11:14:55 PM) CdrHarper: :: translates that, which gets a nod from the Orion ::
(11:15:03 PM) Chaka: (I did mean entry for people on foot, not the runabout itself, in case that was unclear. We'll have to set down.)
(11:15:18 PM) CdrHarper: :: moves to pick up the other end of the stretcher :: OK, out into the rain with us.
(11:16:17 PM) CdrTKirr: :: navigates the runabout through the wreckage's breach and sets down at the closest stable point ::
(11:17:30 PM) LtSyvek: :: stands and readies himself, checking the armor's electronics ::
(11:17:50 PM) Percy: Sid> ::Lifts the stretcher on her end:: Woo. Hoo.
(11:18:14 PM) ColDougMcKnight: ::Rises from his seat.:: Nice flying, ma'am.
(11:18:40 PM) CdrHarper: :: trundles the lunky Orion out into the rain, across the rubble of the collapsed section ::
(11:20:16 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: peels her fingers from her seat bottom, sighs in relief, goes to get her medipacks ::
(11:20:24 PM) CdrTKirr: :: nods Vulcan-like and moves to the scanners :: I'm reading the bio-signs of our crew. :: looks to McKnight :: And those of two Orions.
(11:20:41 PM) Chaka: ::Keeps a grip on the Orion's forearm as the advance toward the birds.::
(11:21:10 PM) LtSyvek: :: primes his rifle at the mention of Orions ::
(11:22:18 PM) ColDougMcKnight: ::Opens the hatch, stepping out into a literal shower and winds that would be painful against his bare skin. Forfunately, that bare skin is covered by temperature regulated armor.:: So it WAS pirates, eh? Unfortunately, our helmet optics aren't as powerful as the runabout's sensors, because I don't see jack. Marines, switch to thermal.
(11:22:30 PM) CdrHarper: :: they finally make the roof on the other side ::
(11:22:33 PM) Percy: Sid> ::Hums a Bajoran traveling tune. Because they totally have that.::
(11:22:44 PM) LtSyvek: :: switches ::
(11:23:26 PM) CdrHarper: This is bloody heavy.
(11:23:33 PM) ColDougMcKnight: Commander, maybe see if you can raise them? Let them know to find some place out of the rain and sit tight?
(11:23:52 PM) CdrTKirr: :: nods and sends out a comm ::
(11:24:17 PM) CdrHarper: :: blinks when her badge chirps :: +T'Kirr+ Harper here!
(11:24:18 PM) Chaka: ::Grins, thinking she means the rain.:: Sure is.
(11:24:32 PM) Percy: Sid> ::Chuckles:: Good thing you didn't say that in Orion. Not very diplomatic to call people fat.
(11:25:02 PM) CdrTKirr: +Harper+ We've arrived at your location in a runabout. Find a space clear of the wreckage where we can set down and retrieve you.
(11:25:10 PM) Percy: Sid> :: Then looks at the guy in the stretcher and mutters:: Fatty McFat Fat.
(11:25:38 PM) CdrHarper: Orion d00d> :: looks confused ::
(11:25:39 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: smiles to hear Kate sounds alright ::
(11:26:13 PM) CdrTKirr: ( Ah you said OUT of the rain... magic edit )
(11:26:25 PM) CdrHarper: +T'Kirr+ We are entering the wreckage again at this time, actually. We have two Orion prisoners that require medical attention and are on our way back to the Mustangs.
(11:28:02 PM) CdrTKirr: +Harper+ We will intercept you. Stand by.
(11:28:24 PM) CdrHarper: :: as they duck back under the roof of the broken ship :: OK, let's stop here and wait.
(11:28:57 PM) CdrTKirr: :: secures the runabout and hangs back with Carre, following the marines ::
(11:29:20 PM) ColDougMcKnight: ::Meanwhile, McKnight is making his way through the bowels of the ship, bound for a few distant red shapes, leading a trio of humanoid shapes rendered by the helmet's programming in Starfleet blue.::
(11:29:32 PM) CdrHarper: :: puts the big lug down :: Ugh.
(11:30:02 PM) LtSyvek: :: following along, vigilant ::
(11:30:32 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: lugs medical bags along because "you just never know" ::
(11:31:34 PM) CdrHarper: :: leans against a wall, soaked :: Fun, isn't it?
(11:32:04 PM) Chaka: ::Grins at his charge.:: You'll like our brigs. You can take my word for it, I've had to sleep off a couple of wild nights there myself. Back in my wild and reckless Academy days, you understand. Before age and wisdom and all that good stuff.
(11:32:16 PM) Chaka: ::And yes, he's perfectly aware the guy doesn't understand a word.::
(11:32:46 PM) CdrTKirr: ( lol Carre )
(11:33:02 PM) CdrHarper: Other Orion d00d> :: says something in Orion back and snickers ::
(11:33:21 PM) Chaka: ...Your mom's a whore.
(11:33:47 PM) Percy: Sid> :: Snickers::
(11:34:01 PM) CdrHarper: OOd> :: says something else in Orion ::
(11:34:43 PM) CdrTKirr: ( pretend T'Kirr grabbed a couple pattern enhancers )
(11:35:02 PM) Chaka: (Oh, okay. I'd been figuring a couple of us had them strapped to their packs.)
(11:35:25 PM) CdrTKirr: ( That works too. I can scan stuff 'cause I'm good like that. )
(11:36:49 PM) Percy: (So's yer mum!)
(11:38:51 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: (they're strapped to the medipacks...its why they weigh so much!)
(11:39:04 PM) ColDougMcKnight: ::Eventually, because I can't think of anything else that may happen of note on the way, McKnight looks up at the sound of a rapid patter on his helmet, having arrived at the last drenching spot before the Sharks and their chosen cover. Rounding a corner, he's finally able to turn off the IR view and wave.::
(11:39:51 PM) ColDougMcKnight: :: But he IS totally making faces on his side of the one way faceplate. ::
(11:40:09 PM) CdrHarper: :: waves back at the Marines :: Our ride's here!
(11:41:39 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: starts medi-tricording before actually being close ::
(11:42:25 PM) Percy: Sid> Oh man. Does that mean...dry clothes are in the works? Wooo!
(11:42:46 PM) CdrHarper: Mmm, and maybe a bat nap!
(11:43:38 PM) CdrTKirr: :: hates rain ::
(11:43:44 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: Are we going to be able to beam back to the ship? Or do you want me to pack 'em for transport? :: seriously hopes for beamage ::
(11:43:59 PM) ColDougMcKnight: Picking a spot not far from their cover, he sets his pattern enhancer down on the ground.:: Refreshing to see you guys on the ground for once. Now let's get you home.
(11:44:14 PM) LtSyvek: :: puts down his pattern enhancer as well ::
(11:44:31 PM) ColDougMcKnight: ::Grins at Carre. He even "turns on his face" so she can see it.:: Via beaming.
(11:44:44 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: notes pattern ehancers and sighs with relief ::
(11:45:14 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: Thanks! :: with a truly happy smile ::
(11:45:18 PM) ColDougMcKnight: Syvek, please relieve Lieutenant Zh'dani of his guard duty. We'll begin beaming just as soon as Doctor Carre has looked the wounded over.
(11:45:39 PM) LtSyvek: Yes sir. :: assumes control of the walking Orion prisoner ::
(11:45:56 PM) CdrHarper: Colonel, good to see you. Here's some friends for you.
(11:46:52 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: Looks at the makeshift medical supplies. :: Nice job improvising!
(11:47:09 PM) CdrHarper: :: smirks :: It's been a while since first aid class.
(11:47:11 PM) CdrTKirr: :: helps maneuver an Orion into place for the doctor ::
(11:47:11 PM) ColDougMcKnight: So I see. We'll make them feel nice and welcome down in security. And maybe "Chaka" can even keep them company. Before we left the ship, I was informed there were some people from hydroponics looking for him.
(11:47:35 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: This one has a broken leg and can wait. :: hypo's him a bit happier ::
(11:47:59 PM) Percy: Sid> ::Looks at Chaka:: Oh?
(11:48:13 PM) CdrHarper: Hydroponics? What did you do.
(11:48:16 PM) CdrTKirr: ( hypos happier... hahaha )
(11:48:41 PM) CdrTKirr: :: checks the pattern enhancers and tries her combadge :: +Atlantis+
(11:48:50 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: +T'
(11:48:53 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: +jflaskjfslk
(11:48:55 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: scans the second one :: This one has some internal injuries and a ... :: looks in his eyes :: ...yep, a doozy of a concussion.
(11:49:02 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: +T'Kirr+ I read you, Commander.
(11:49:36 PM) CdrTKirr: +Blackthorne+ Our crew members are accounted for, plus two injured Orions. We're beaming them to Sickbay with Carre now.
(11:49:36 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: He can be transported to sickbay for care, also.
(11:50:09 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: panics for a second, then realizes everyones going to sickbay ::
(11:50:10 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: :: sounds quite relieved :: +T'Kirr+ That's great news.
(11:51:13 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: transport tags the Orions :: Ready whenever you are, patients are tagged.
(11:51:33 PM) CdrHarper: I've been ready, dry clothes await.
(11:52:46 PM) CdrTKirr: Energize.
(11:52:54 PM) CdrHarper: ACTION> Everyone shimmers up to the ship!
(11:53:01 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: PAUSE SIM
(11:53:03 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: PAUSE SIM
(11:53:04 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: PAUSE SIM
(11:53:28 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: shimmery pauses ::
(11:53:55 PM) CdrHarper: :: drips all over the transporter pad while paused ::
(11:53:59 PM) CdrTKirr: :: pauses ::
(11:54:31 PM) Percy: ::paused::
(11:54:38 PM) Percy: And Mike's doing Laundry
(11:55:18 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Alrighty then, nice sim folks!
(11:55:32 PM) CdrTKirr: Yay for reskue
(11:56:06 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: And we still have to get our Mustangs and runabout from down there.
(11:56:30 PM) CdrTKirr: There was nobody to shoot at... =/
(11:57:02 PM) CdrHarper: those Orions totally shot at us last week.
(11:57:33 PM) CdrTKirr: Yeah but they shot at pilots not marines =/
(11:57:43 PM) CdrTKirr: That's cheap
(11:58:06 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: So glad we got to beam up. :: beams a smile ::
(11:58:17 PM) CdrHarper: I'll ask them nicely next time to wait for the Marines!
(11:59:06 PM) CdrTKirr: Yeah, you do that. No shooting at the tissue paper. =/
(11:59:24 PM) CdrTKirr: You.
(11:59:33 PM) CdrHarper: Sharks, get her!
(11:59:34 PM) CdrTKirr: Paper tank.
(11:59:38 PM) CdrTKirr: o_O
(11:59:43 PM) Percy: The crap. She was in the Bajoran Resistance. Paper she is not.
(11:59:56 PM) CdrTKirr: Well she's wearing paper.
(12:00:12 AM) CdrTKirr: I see no plate gear.
(12:00:13 AM) Percy: Whah?
(12:00:18 AM) CdrHarper: I thought the idiom was paper tiger, yes?
(12:00:21 AM) Percy: Oh. Oh WELL.
(12:00:26 AM) CdrHarper: Or did I get that wrong again.
(12:00:32 AM) Percy: :-P
(12:03:51 AM) ColDougMcKnight: Whatever. At least I got to insult peaceful conduct for awhile. That was fun.
(12:06:30 AM) VAdmBlackthorne: Reminds me of Worf, talking about Hugh the Borg. KILL IT NOW.
(12:07:09 AM) ColDougMcKnight: Yeah, well, you weren't going to stick me with stretcher duty.
(12:07:57 AM) VAdmBlackthorne: Ah, the real reason comes out!
(12:08:35 AM) DrRoxanneCarre: Night guys...see ya next week! :D
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(12:10:04 AM) CdrHarper left the room.
(12:19:21 AM) CdrTKirr: Night, see you next week. =) Writing AALLL day tomorrow, so will be around to IM.
(12:19:55 AM) VAdmBlackthorne: Night!
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