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(10:02:43 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Hey you two
(10:02:49 PM) ColDougMcKnight: Evening.
(10:02:59 PM) CdrTKirr: Hey.
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(10:03:20 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Hiya
(10:03:23 PM) Percy: Yo.
(10:03:36 PM) CdrTKirr: Just watched the last Who... I wanted to wait, but Bryan insisted... *sigh*
(10:03:56 PM) CdrTKirr: Bit messed up right now >.>
(10:04:18 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Oh my
(10:04:35 PM) CdrTKirr: I'll be fine. =P Just a bit... distracted.
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(10:05:30 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: Hiyas!
(10:05:40 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Hiya Doc
(10:10:06 PM) ColDougMcKnight: So...what's on the agenda for tonight?
(10:10:17 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: We're getting the hell out of base.
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(10:14:19 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: And we might as well get rolling.
(10:14:31 PM) CdrTKirr: Ahem. :: TWEEEEEEET :: Attention!
(10:14:53 PM) ColDougMcKnight: ::AA::
(10:15:02 PM) Percy: ::AA::
(10:15:06 PM) CdrHarper: :: jumps, startled, then comes AA ::
(10:16:21 PM) VAdmBlackthorne has changed the topic to: Atlantis's scheduled departure is being moved up, as a distress call has been received, claiming another pirate attack in the relatively unexplored frontier beyond Vinland.
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(10:17:17 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Questions?
(10:17:30 PM) Percy: May I hum PotC music shamelessly?
(10:17:56 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Sure.
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(10:18:22 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: aa ::
(10:18:52 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: OK then!
(10:18:53 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: BEGIN SIM
(10:18:54 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: BEGIN SIM
(10:18:55 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: BEGIN SIM
(10:20:00 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: :: enters the bridge, PADD in hand with details of the distress call ::
(10:20:22 PM) CdrTKirr: :: looks up from her chair ::
(10:20:41 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Departure readiness status? :: looks to T'Kirr as he sits ::
(10:20:54 PM) Percy: :: In engineering, running her standard checklist through as they prep for departure.::
(10:21:00 PM) CdrHarper: :: quickly closes her game of Tetris as the Admiral walks in ::
(10:21:16 PM) CdrTKirr: The last of the departments should be checking in now.
(10:21:22 PM) CdrTKirr: Vinland has cleared us.
(10:22:22 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Kate, are we ready to fly?
(10:22:47 PM) CdrHarper: :: checks over everything :: Atlantis is as ready and raring to go. Helm officer is as ready as she'll ever be.
(10:23:56 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Transfer to internal power.
(10:24:04 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: double checks the PADDwork, sets up rotating shifts, pulls the files on new people and schedules them for exams, tries not to yawn ::
(10:24:15 PM) CdrHarper: :: hits the cutover, and the ship's hum noticeably changes as it takes the power load ::
(10:24:45 PM) CdrHarper: Transfer complete.
(10:25:27 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Clear all moorings.
(10:25:37 PM) CdrHarper: :: cuts the ship loose :: Aye sir.
(10:25:47 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Take us out, thrusters to the spacedoors.
(10:25:52 PM) CdrTKirr: :: observes contentedly ::
(10:26:24 PM) CdrHarper: :: deftly backs the ship out of her parking spot and points at the doors, then floors it in the sad pathetic manner that the thrusters allow ::
(10:26:36 PM) LtKuari: :: sits on her haunches in her quarters, listening and feeling with curiosity as the ship changes ::
(10:28:15 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: realizes they have left dock, gets up and checks status of her ongoing dragon experiments ::
(10:28:27 PM) CdrHarper: We've cleared the doors.
(10:29:25 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Set a course, heading two four three point two, mark six. Warp Nine.
(10:30:19 PM) CdrTKirr: :: looks to Ian ::
(10:30:31 PM) Percy: :: Smiles as she sees no inconsistencies in any of her data.:: Woo! Victory tastes so sweet.
(10:31:10 PM) CdrHarper: Course set and read.
(10:31:15 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Execute.
(10:31:18 PM) LtKuari: :: glares sourly at her replicator ::
(10:31:29 PM) CdrHarper: :: punches it ::
(10:31:52 PM) CdrTKirr: :: quietly :: We're in a hurry.
(10:31:58 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Distress call.
(10:32:22 PM) ColDougMcKnight: ::McKnight, meanwhile, is bouncing a tennis ball off his office wall, thus playing catch with himself. In all his time on this ship, there was only one instance of combat INSIDE a starbase, and as such, he usually hands off that station at departure to people who have annoyed him.::
(10:32:33 PM) LtKuari: +Sickbay+ Kuari to Sickbay.
(10:33:04 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: +Kurai+ Carre here.
(10:33:36 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: (i cant spel ur nam gud)
(10:33:55 PM) LtKuari: +Carre+ Doctor, it's Kuari. I was wondering... I know you're busy, but did you by chance have Engineering increase my replicator's allotment?
(10:34:31 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: +Kuari+ Increase? Um no, is there a problem?
(10:34:44 PM) LtKuari: +Carre+ 'Cause... well, it's breakfast and I've already met my daily cap. :: sadface ::
(10:34:50 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: ETA at warp nine?
(10:34:54 PM) CdrHarper: One hour.
(10:35:52 PM) LtKuari: +Carre+ I'd call them myself but I sort of need a Doctor's note.
(10:36:31 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: See what you can determine about that area of space on long range sensors, T'Kirr.
(10:36:49 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: +Kuari+ Oh! Hmmm....lemme see something :: checks the RDA for Kuari, adjusts it WAY up :: try now. I upped your RDA, someone left out a number when they transcribed it.
(10:36:56 PM) CdrTKirr: :: taps at her console ::
(10:37:18 PM) LtKuari: :: brightens :: +Carre+ Thanks!
(10:37:54 PM) CdrTKirr: There's a planetary system.
(10:38:02 PM) CdrTKirr: :: taps some more ::
(10:38:13 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: +Kuari+ You should now be getting plenty, I have to go chew someones butt. Carre out.
(10:38:36 PM) LtKuari: :: confused :: +Carre+ Kay.
(10:39:12 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Anything remotely habitable?
(10:39:13 PM) CdrTKirr: I'm not reading anything unusual at this range. :: looks to Ian ::
(10:39:52 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: tracks down the responsible ensign and chews their butt :: Really, I should cut your RDA for a couple of weeks and see how you do! :: stalks off ::
(10:41:00 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: +Kuari+ Carre here, can you meet me in 10 forward?
(10:41:47 PM) CdrTKirr: There appears to be one planet sustaining life. As to how well, I can't be sure.
(10:42:13 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: :: nods :: At least two pirate attacks since we've moved in. Interesting area of space.
(10:42:17 PM) LtKuari: +Carre+ Sure, Doctor. I'm on my way.
(10:42:30 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: I have to wonder if we'll be meeting our old friends, the Orion.
(10:42:36 PM) CdrTKirr: Indeed.
(10:42:44 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: +Kuari+ I'll be waiting for you.
(10:43:02 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Bring her up to warp 9.5, Commander.
(10:43:10 PM) LtKuari: :: gives her replicator one last wary look then trots out the door and down the corridor ::
(10:43:21 PM) CdrHarper: :: Accelerates :: Aye aye.
(10:43:46 PM) CdrTKirr: :: notes Atlantis holding well ::
(10:44:10 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: gets the on-duty-bartender-who-is-not-jack to make a HUGE banana split and a smaller chocolate shake, takes them to a table ::
(10:44:13 PM) CdrHarper: ETA is now twenty five minutes, present speed.
(10:45:49 PM) LtKuari: :: trots into Ten Forward, quickly spotting Carre and approaches her table :: Hi, Dr. Carre.
(10:45:51 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: :: gets a whiff of that thought and pats the chair arm ::
(10:46:18 PM) ColDougMcKnight: ::By now, McKnight has finally decided the wall has suffered enough, and wielding a mug of raktajino instead, taps his comm badge.::
(10:46:57 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: Hello! Have a seat, I feel bad, therefore I decided you needed to learn about ice cream and its mood-enhancing capabilities. It also has lots of calories.
(10:47:01 PM) ColDougMcKnight: +Bridge+ Admiral, Colonel McKnight here.
(10:47:29 PM) LtKuari: :: slides a chair over and sits in its place on the floor, peering cross-eyed at the ice cream :: It's melting.
(10:48:02 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: +McKnight+ Go ahead, Colonel.
(10:48:11 PM) CdrTKirr: :: listens ::
(10:48:18 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: Its true it does that, you can use a spoon but I prefer licking it, which would probably be easiest for you.
(10:48:46 PM) LtKuari: Is it like chocolate?
(10:48:59 PM) LtKuari: :: lowers her head close to sniff at it ::
(10:49:24 PM) ColDougMcKnight: ::Puts on his best "stern military man" tone:: +Blackthorne+ Admiral, I'm sure that at the moment, you're still getting underway, but at your earliest convenience, pursuant to out agreement, you're behind on certification for the Model 144 LRV.
(10:49:46 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: Well I picked out several different flavors, but one of them is chocolate, its cold so dont eat it too fast.
(10:49:49 PM) ColDougMcKnight: ::And he's glad that chat room smilies don't show up over the comm. It'd ruin the presentation.::
(10:50:00 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: +McKnight+ I'm unfamiliar with that model number, Colonel.
(10:50:04 PM) CdrTKirr: :: perks eyebrow ::
(10:50:49 PM) LtKuari: :: looks over at the bar :: Should I ask for the same kind you have?
(10:51:09 PM) LtKuari: :: remembers her manners, that it's not polite to eat other people's food ::
(10:51:27 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: Well you could, but that one is yours, I have a chocolate shake. :: sips :: Really, have a lick!
(10:52:09 PM) LtKuari: :: cocks her ears upward and draws her tongue over the ice cream, making half of it disappear ::
(10:52:22 PM) ColDougMcKnight: ::Frowns and sighs.:: The two fours are for 4 by 4. As in, four wheel drive.
(10:52:29 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: hopes she doesnt get brain freeze ::
(10:53:18 PM) LtKuari: :: shakes her head, really fast, like a bird having tasted something strange :: Woah.
(10:53:28 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: +McKnight+ Ah, yes, THAT agreement.
(10:53:54 PM) CdrTKirr: :: listens curiously, fixing Ian with a slightly amused expression ::
(10:53:58 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: Its not too bad is it?
(10:54:05 PM) LtKuari: :: licks the other half away ::
(10:54:12 PM) ColDougMcKnight: +Blackthorne+ That very one. An agreement I intend to hold you to, sir.
(10:54:19 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: +McKnight+ I'll keep that in mind and we'll update that certification ASAP, Colonel.
(10:54:48 PM) ColDougMcKnight: +Blackthorne+ Very well. Keep me posted. McKnight out.
(10:54:54 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: :: smirks ::
(10:55:03 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: motions for the bartender-who-is-not-jack to make another ::
(10:55:27 PM) LtKuari: You really like sugar!
(10:55:33 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: :: leans over to T'Kirr and says quietly :: He's gonna teach me to drive those wheeled vehicles in Lost Harbor if I teach him to fly my seaplane.
(10:55:51 PM) CdrTKirr: :: raises her head in understanding ::
(10:56:08 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Which reminds me, we've been remiss on your biplane lessons.
(10:56:21 PM) CdrHarper: Five minutes to coordinates.
(10:56:27 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: Its true, is it too much sugar for you? I think they have some fruit-based sorbets which you might like better anyway.
(10:56:36 PM) CdrTKirr: We'll have to remedy that situation as well.
(10:57:21 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Any signs of ships in the area?
(10:57:42 PM) LtKuari: It's all right. :: smiles :: I like sugar, too. I can't imagine so much for someone your size, though.
(10:57:43 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: thanks the BNJ when he delivers :: Could you also bring over one of each of the sorbets, we're having a taste test.
(10:59:00 PM) CdrTKirr: :: takes a closer look :: No ships as such. However...
(10:59:34 PM) CdrTKirr: :: looks to Ian :: There appears to be debris in orbit around the planet of interest.
(11:00:29 PM) LtKuari: :: stares at the empty bowl :: It makes me want to eat more!
(11:01:22 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: :: nods :: Scan that planet as soon as we arrive, maybe they went down.
(11:01:35 PM) CdrHarper: :: adjusts course slightly to arrive at that planet ::
(11:02:34 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: More is coming, if you'd like something else feel free to order it. I know you're probably hungry for some real food, which ice cream is not. However, I think it should be and I believe dessert should always be eaten first. :: sips more of her shake ::
(11:02:37 PM) Percy: :: Plays Pong on one of her monitors. She's losing to the computer AGAIN.::
(11:02:54 PM) LtKuari: Works for me! :: thumps her tail on the floor ::
(11:03:13 PM) CdrHarper: :: drops out of warp and impulses to planetary orbit ::
(11:03:17 PM) CdrTKirr: (psst Mike PM)
(11:03:20 PM) CdrHarper: :: would rather be baconing ::
(11:03:43 PM) CdrTKirr: :: frowns at her scans, running them and then running them again ::
(11:04:16 PM) CdrTKirr: There appears to be a great deal of interference. I can't get through to the surface.
(11:04:51 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Any evidence that they went down?
(11:06:06 PM) CdrTKirr: The debris is above the interference and scans easily. I would say it's very likely.
(11:06:37 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: See if you can pinpoint an engine trail so we can narrow the search area.
(11:07:13 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Commander Harper, ready the Sharks for SAR operations.
(11:08:07 PM) CdrTKirr: Trail located. Search perimeter set at the likely trajectory.
(11:08:12 PM) CdrHarper: Aye sir. +Sharks+ All Sharks, report to the assault bay.
(11:09:24 PM) Percy: Sid> +Harper+ Yes ma'am.
(11:09:41 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: I just wanted to apologise for the RDA screw up, I did chew the ensigns butt but I still feel bad, I though ice cream might make both of us feel better.
(11:09:54 PM) CdrHarper: :: secures her station and hands it off to Ens Pilot ::
(11:10:02 PM) CdrHarper: :: enters TL :: Assault Bay.
(11:10:33 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: What's that atmosphere like?
(11:10:46 PM) LtKuari: No need to feel bad, Dr. Carre. I know I have special needs. I don't want to be a bother.
(11:11:35 PM) CdrTKirr: Flying conditions aren't ideal. The Mustangs will get a lot of chop.
(11:12:50 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: Well, you just let me know if you have anymore issues, I'll do what I can for you, I realize its hard being away from everything you are used to.
(11:13:34 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Relay those coordinates to her Mustang and warn of the flying conditions.
(11:13:43 PM) Percy: Sid> ::Once in the locker room, suits up and heads for the hangar.::
(11:13:46 PM) LtKuari: :: smiles :: I appreciate it! You've been so much help already.
(11:13:55 PM) CdrTKirr: :: does so ::
(11:14:21 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: True, I do know just about every form chocolate comes in, I'm always glad to share that sort of knowledge. :: laughs ::
(11:14:53 PM) CdrHarper: :: gets her flight suit on and heads over to the Boudica ::
(11:14:57 PM) LtKuari: :: laughs with her :: It's certainly a very different environment, but it's such an adventure for me.
(11:16:00 PM) CdrHarper: :: realizes this is her first flight since being shot, pats the Boudica as she climbs in :: Hello old friend.
(11:16:51 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: I'd be happy to answer any other questions you might have, if I dont know I may know someone who does. Having you here is as much an adventure for us as it is for you.
(11:17:17 PM) CdrHarper: :: sits down and runs through preflight :: +Sharks+ Sharks, this is Firefly, commcheck.
(11:17:27 PM) LtKuari: :: looks down at her bowl again :: I'm not accustomed to dessert. I suppose the closest thing would be fruit.
(11:17:36 PM) Percy: Sid> :: Smiles at Harper:: It's been a while, huh?
(11:17:49 PM) CdrHarper: :: looks over to Sid :: I have missed this so much.
(11:19:53 PM) CdrTKirr: :: gets up from her chair and comes around the Science console, tapping away
(11:19:57 PM) CdrTKirr: ::
(11:20:01 PM) CdrHarper: :: gets all the commcheck responses :: +Sharks+ The mission is search and rescue. I'm transmitting everyone's assignments in the search grid now.
(11:20:21 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: Probably, and I'm not sure all that sugar is good for you but you should get a chance to try everything at least once.
(11:20:23 PM) ColDougMcKnight: Chaka> ::Comes rushing in, pulling on his flight suit with one hand as the other hand clutches a very old bottle of Scotch.:: Sorry, sorry. I managed to convince a couple of poor bastards from hydroponics that I didn't fully grasp this human concept called "poker".
(11:20:46 PM) CdrHarper: How roguish!
(11:21:02 PM) Percy: Sid> And yet, I'm still not surprised.
(11:21:32 PM) CdrHarper: SAR flight, Chaka. Your search assignments are already in your flight computer.
(11:22:00 PM) LtKuari: :: nods, then pauses :: I do have a question, now that you mention it.
(11:22:22 PM) ColDougMcKnight: Chaka> ::Hops into his own Mustang, putting the scotch away in a side compartment.:: Well, I do try. Not easy when people schedule flights right in the middle of my last hand. They don't usually let us out to roam this soon.
(11:23:11 PM) CdrHarper: :: smiles and closes her canopy :: +Sharks+ Stand by for launch, and the weather report is windy, so be ready for some chop.
(11:24:09 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: Okay, shoot!
(11:25:05 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Get some sensor data on the debris in orbit, see what kind of weapons hit them if you can.
(11:25:38 PM) CdrHarper: :: hits the go button and shoots out into space, then dives toward atmo ::
(11:26:24 PM) CdrTKirr: :: sidesteps from one console to another :: Already run them. Some fragments indicate plasma weapons were used. Some areas are even melted.
(11:26:42 PM) CdrHarper: The melting would indicate energy weapons to go with the plasma.
(11:26:45 PM) ColDougMcKnight: Chaka> ::Buckles in and runs through a quick equipment checklist. Green across the board, of course. Then, out after Harper.:: +Harper+ Are we expecting someone to take a shot at us? I would have figured shuttles, maybe a runabout or something for a scanning mission.
(11:26:45 PM) CdrHarper: (DOH)
(11:26:51 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: The melting would indicate energy weapons to go with the plasma.
(11:27:31 PM) CdrHarper: +Chaka+ Matter of numbers, Chaka. We have a large search radius, and there are a lot more Mustangs than shuttles.
(11:27:48 PM) LtKuari: :: looks at Carre's shake :: In the Academy, I noticed some cadets drink a lot of alcohol. It made them... well, silly, like they were about to fall asleep, but they wouldn't wake back up.
(11:28:29 PM) LtKuari: Other people called them "drunk". Do you know why they drank too much?
(11:28:55 PM) CdrHarper: :: hits atmo and immediately finds it rough ::
(11:29:43 PM) CdrTKirr: Mustangs are in.
(11:30:29 PM) CdrHarper: :: watches the heating of the air around her shields as the air thickens ::
(11:30:46 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Is the air down there breathable by our standards?
(11:31:27 PM) Percy: Sid> ::Frowns as she looks at her scanners and adjusts her controls from the chop.::
(11:31:49 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: Hmmm...well alcohol is actually poisonus, but it makes most people feel rather good in small amounts. Some people believe more is better, and others have a genetric predisposition to drink, so they tend to drink too much and get drunk.
(11:32:17 PM) CdrHarper: :: breaks through the area of intense heating and finds herself diving toward a stunning vista of open plains, dotted by copses of oddly blue forest, but pristine ::
(11:33:05 PM) CdrTKirr: Yes, however it's quite thin. I wouldn't advise it for an extended period of time.
(11:33:07 PM) CdrHarper: :: and is immediately fighting a monster wind :: Gagh!
(11:33:19 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: Mostly youth do this as they have not learned to control themselves. Some people do it in the belief it helps their pain, or sorrow or whatever is bothering them.
(11:33:25 PM) ColDougMcKnight: Chaka> ::Grins, and in fact even shouts a brief cheer over the comm as he's buffeted...not TOO badly, of course.:: You know, this is kind of fun. Not too often something really makes us appreciate the ride through inertial dampeners. I feel like I'm in a fighter, not an easy chair.
(11:33:37 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: So the real answer is, I have no clue why they do it.
(11:33:37 PM) LtKuari: :: nods sadly ::
(11:34:28 PM) CdrHarper: :: finds the right level of resistance against the controls to fight the wind and exhuberantly aileron rolls as she dives for visual range on the surface ::
(11:34:31 PM) LtKuari: Do they not tell others of their pain? Wouldn't that help?
(11:35:02 PM) Percy: Sid> Yeah yeah, well, I guess my ass is less padded than yours, 'cuz I'm gonna be walking funny when I get back. :: Adjusts for wind, and stares a little down at the blue foliage.:: Huh, not every day you see THAT.
(11:35:58 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: Sometimes they do, but they dont seem to be able to get over it, some sorts of emotional pain have no cure, alcohol dulls the senses so perhaps they get some small bit of relief from it.
(11:36:23 PM) CdrHarper: :: pulls up at about 400 meters above the surface :: It's quite a sight, and I'm just glad to be here! Let's get into the search pattern.
(11:36:44 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: :: eyes the cloudtops on the viewer ::
(11:36:56 PM) Percy: Chaka> Yeah, yeah, fine. Fun's over.
(11:37:25 PM) LtKuari: :: drops ears :: But wouldn't they have to deal with it when it wears off? I would help them!
(11:37:35 PM) CdrHarper: I didn't say that. :: grins and rolls upside down to get a better look at the surface ::
(11:38:08 PM) ColDougMcKnight: Chaka> ::Lays in his course, as per the programmed grid pattern, and activates the autopilot to allow him to focus on sensors...and his own eyes, of course. That, and it allows him to sample a bit of his winnings!::
(11:38:34 PM) CdrTKirr: (PUI!)
(11:39:03 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: Yes, but most of the drunks you saw were young people trying to have fun. If you havent ever been drunk its rather hard to explain. I suppose we could arrange to get you drunk. :: grins at the thought of a drunken dragon running around ::
(11:39:35 PM) CdrTKirr: :: is alerted to beeping and redirects her attention :: Admiral, I'm reading a pressure differentiation forming near the search perimeter.
(11:39:54 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: ACTION> An absolutely monstrous gust of wind hits the general area the Sharks are operating in.
(11:39:57 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: A storm?
(11:40:04 PM) LtKuari: :: looks horrified :: No, that's quite all right. I don't want to poison myself!
(11:40:26 PM) CdrTKirr: Yes.
(11:40:52 PM) CdrHarper: :: is pushed sideways several meters by the wind, suddenly having to fight the controls ::
(11:41:02 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: Its not toxic in small quanties, and it takes many years to die of the poisoning. I also have medication that reverses the effect, it would be quite safe.
(11:41:07 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Let them know, with the wind already like it is, a storm wouldn't be safe.
(11:41:24 PM) CdrTKirr: I can only pick up changes on the higher cloud cover. I can't penetrate the lower levels, so it's difficult to get an accurate forecast.
(11:42:31 PM) CdrHarper: :: loses her forward momentum entirely, hits the throttle at full to gain airspeed in the proper direction ::
(11:42:32 PM) CdrTKirr: +Sharks+ T'Kirr to Firefly. I'm reading a storm developing in your area. Extreme caution is advised.
(11:43:14 PM) CdrHarper: +T'Kirr+ Yes we just got an immensely strong wind gust... and I can see ominous clouds approaching.
(11:43:20 PM) ColDougMcKnight: ::Swears as the jolt forces a good deal more scotch into his mouth than he planned, causing him to cough furiously before he closes the bottle again. Thank God for screw on caps.::
(11:43:45 PM) ColDougMcKnight: Chaka> ::That was him. McKnight is, for once, not drinking on duty.::
(11:43:52 PM) LtKuari: Thank you, but I'll pass. I see no good reason to try it... not after what I've seen.
(11:44:16 PM) CdrHarper: +Sharks+ Everybody okay after that?
(11:44:36 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: Probably a smart move, a drunken flying dragon could be dangerous. :: laughs ::
(11:44:47 PM) ColDougMcKnight: Chaka> +Harper+ Yeah, I managed to save most of it.
(11:44:58 PM) CdrHarper: (Dibs on the first ride, it'd be like a rodeo!)
(11:46:19 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: (Five minute warning!)
(11:47:27 PM) CdrHarper: :: stares at the ground as it passes :: This is like looking for a beetle in a haystack.
(11:48:04 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: (Percy, IM)
(11:48:10 PM) ColDougMcKnight: Chaka> You're just doing that on purpose at this point, aren't you?
(11:48:17 PM) CdrHarper: Doing what?
(11:48:23 PM) CdrTKirr: I'm losing sensor contact with the Mustangs.
(11:48:40 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Do we still have communications?
(11:48:44 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: (OMG needle, its needle in a haystack!)
(11:48:46 PM) CdrTKirr: I believe so.
(11:49:29 PM) Percy: Sid> ::Looks down, and with a frown, gets on the comm.:: +Sharks+ Think I see something.
(11:49:38 PM) CdrHarper: Coordinates?
(11:49:46 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: (oh noes its a beetle!)
(11:49:48 PM) LtKuari: :: peers at Carre curiously :: Have you ever gotten drunk?
(11:50:06 PM) CdrHarper: (Or maybe a Beatle!)
(11:50:34 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: I have, I dont do it anymore, at least not intentionally. I do still have a drink or two on occasion.
(11:51:57 PM) Percy: Sid> +Sharks+ Sector 7G, to the northwest....provided that the poles on this planet are where I think they are.
(11:52:01 PM) LtKuari: :: nods again, looking satisfied :: I hope you don't get poisoned.
(11:52:29 PM) CdrHarper: Relay that to Atlantis, head tha - :: buffeted hard again ::
(11:53:06 PM) CdrHarper: ACTION> As the commchatter happened over discovering something, the dark clouds quickly set in and a hard rain begins to pelt them.
(11:53:33 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: No, my liver is in quite good shape, its what processes the liquor and creates the euphoric feeling. Some alcohol is actually good for the human circulatory system, taken in moderation.
(11:53:37 PM) Percy: Sid> Greeeat.
(11:54:00 PM) CdrHarper: :: flies over that area as she fights and confirms Sid's findings :: Confirmed, wreckage spotted. :: looks up to find a ceiling of black clouds :: +Sharks + Return to base!
(11:54:01 PM) LtKuari: So... like dessert? Just don't have too much?
(11:54:05 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: PAUSE SIM
(11:54:06 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: PAUSE SIM
(11:54:07 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: PAUSE SIM
(11:54:16 PM) Percy: ( Just then! McKnight runs over with a lampshade over his head!)
(11:54:19 PM) Percy: :: paused::
(11:54:33 PM) ColDougMcKnight: :: pauses::
(11:54:42 PM) CdrTKirr: :: pauses ::
(11:54:42 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: (YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MUCH DESSERT!)
(11:54:49 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: paused ::
(11:55:17 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: omg will the fighters make it back
(11:55:25 PM) CdrTKirr: omg
(11:55:28 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Find out next week on another exciting episode!
(11:55:29 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: in once piece?
(11:55:51 PM) CdrHarper: I'd prefer it.
(11:56:19 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: It would be strange if everyone made it back with no injuries...whats the chances of THAT happening?
(11:56:40 PM) CdrHarper: :: dies, uninjured ::
(11:57:19 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: :: stabs Kate for messing up her new/improved body ::
(11:57:20 PM) ColDougMcKnight: :: Chaka makes it back...with alcohol poisoning::
(11:57:29 PM) CdrTKirr: !
(11:57:37 PM) CdrHarper: omg fix me!
(11:57:42 PM) Percy: :: Sid makes it back...without a Mustang. Hell yeah!::
(11:57:46 PM) DrRoxanneCarre: I have drugs for that!
(11:57:49 PM) LtKuari: :: wrestles Chaka's bottle away ::
(11:57:59 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Impressive feat there, Sid.
(11:58:30 PM) ColDougMcKnight: ::Like hell she does. Chaka beats her into submission with a rolled up newspaper and goes off to drink the rest.::
(11:58:38 PM) Percy: Sid> Why thank you.
(11:58:58 PM) VAdmBlackthorne: Nice way to start the new year!
(11:59:36 PM) LtKuari: o_O
(11:59:41 PM) LtKuari: x_X
(12:01:24 AM) LtKuari: *twitch*
(12:01:28 AM) LtKuari left the room (quit: Exit: ajax IRC Client).
(12:01:46 AM) DrRoxanneCarre: Alrighty, night guys. <3
(12:01:51 AM) CdrTKirr: Night!
(12:02:05 AM) DrRoxanneCarre left the room (quit: Exit: ajax IRC Client).
(12:02:07 AM) Percy: G'night guys.
(12:02:11 AM) Percy left the room (quit: Exit: ajax IRC Client).
(12:02:33 AM) CdrHarper left the room.
(12:02:49 AM) LtSyvek left the room (quit: Exit: ajax IRC Client).